“Helen’s a ruthless warrior mom waiting with a samurai sword to chop your head off” -Andy

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


3:08pm bathroom Jessie, Aaryn and Andy
Jessie: “Still talking about me Aaryn”
Aaryn Yeah that’s all I do i’m so obsessed with you”
Andy tells them he did shout outs to everyones family in his HOH blog post.

3:11pm HOH Helen and Andy
Helen: “I really am sorry for all this happening.. part of what she’s doing is to take me down.. she’s so crazy”
Andy: “She doesn’t think she has your, Elissa and Aaryn’s vote.. She’s trying to make it a tie and have me break it but it’s going to be 6 to zero she just doesn’t know that”
Helen says she’s getting close to Aaryn and Helen thinks she’s great. She adds that Aaryn’s biggest worry is she’ll go out sixth.
Andy: “If you wont HOH who do you put up”
Helen says she would put up Spencer and Gm with the plan to Backdoor somebody.
Andy: ‘I knew you were ready to make that move..”
Helen: ‘its getting to the point.. there are some dangerous people in the game that have to go”

Helen says moving forward she’s not going to make any moves if McCrae and Andy were on board. She saying she’s 100% loyal to their final 3 deal.

Helen again mentions she likes Aaryn a lot and she wishes 4 people could make it to the end. (Aaryn, Andy, McCrae and her)

Helen says Aaryn isn’t coming after Andy and her so she has no reason to go after Aaryn.

Andy: “We just got to survive hurricane Jessie”
Helen: ‘I tried to say sorry” Helen adds Jessie was putting words in her mouth and called her a liar.
Andy says his HOH was the least peaceful so far. Helen apologizes again for it all blowing up on him. She really didn’t mean it.
Helen says Jessie always told her that her dream was to work at Facebook. Helen’s good friends husband is very high up in facebook and she was going to pass Jessie’s resume along for her. After last night Helen isn’t going to.
Helen: “I could never give her a job recommendation her judgment is so poor”
Helen asks about the fight with GM and Aaryn.
Andy: “they basically got in the worlds dumbest fight.. “
Helen: ”I’m not mad at her.. I feel sympathy for her.. I think something else is going on I think there was some sadness in her life”
Andy gets called into the Diary Room

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3:36pm backyard Elissa and GM exercising


3:50pm Kitchen Andy, Helen and Spencer
Andy says he wants to go up to the HOH but he can’t Jessie is in there. Spencer calls her grendel.
Helen saying she doesn’t know anyone like Jessie even at work. Spencer says the same with him.
Andy starts to tease Helen says she did tell him if he backdoored her she would have acted similarly.
Helen laughing: “I did I did I said I was going to come out shouting”
Andy to Helen: ‘Sometimes I think she’s just playing you” Andy goes on to joke that Jessie will start yelling “I got kids .. I’m a mom”
Andy says one of his tweets said “Helen’s a ruthless warrior mom”
Helen: “She’s sweet and she cleans the dishes little do you know”
Andy: “Waiting with a samurai sword to chop your head off with”
Andy: “You’re an amazing talented girl and if you don’t do what I want this week everyone is going to be gunning for you” (LOL)


3:53pm Aaryn and Amanda Hammock
Comparing notes about stuff Jessie is saying.
Amanda: ‘Who cares what the f**** she says she’s leaving”
Aaryn: ‘Why do you look pissed.. Has she said anything else”
Amanda says Jessie mentioned something about telling Amanda about a master plan of hers. \
Aaryn says the master plan of Jessie’s was brought up to Andy and Andy didn’t buy it. Jessie was clumping everyones names in on the plan but she never told anyone about it prior to telling Andy.
Amanda: ‘She’s just trying to stir up sh!t.. she’s trying to get me and McCrae’s vote.. it’s entertaining”
Amanda says Jessie is going there’s nothing she can do from here on in
Aaryn: ‘The sad thing is I actually felt bad for her and then she did this”


4:14pm HOH Aaryn, Spencer and Andy

Aaryn says stuff of hers is getting moved. Andy is worried Jessie will fling the door open when he’s in the shower. Andy gets called into the Diary Room.

Aaryn says her and GM have made up they are fine now. Spencer says it seems like She didn’t want Aaryn talking to Jessie and stirring up trouble for herself. “Neither of you wanted to be told what to do.. I was like Ladies.. woman just chill out”
Aaryn: “We are girls because women don’t act like that”
Aaryn says she legitimately felt bad for Jessie but now I don’t.
Spencer: “she’s very sweet .. she leans to the sweet side.. but she’s so incredibly overwhelmed she doesn’t know what to do”
Spencer brings up how JEssie was listening in on the have nots room last night and when they opened the door she jumped on him like “Fu***ing Style” he told her “you gotta get out of my f***ing bed”


4:35pm HOH Spencer and Andy

Anady: “Helen hurt my game this week” one hour after he told her to smooth things over with Jessie she’s blowing up on her.
Spencer: “She pulled a Jerry”
Andy says he loves Helen so much but she’s gotta go and it will break his heart when it happens.
Spencer points out if Helen makes it to final two she’s played a hell of a game and will probably win it. Spencer says Andy has his vote in the end but he’s not sure about the majority of the house.

Andy says he’s already planning his final 2 speech and what he will say if he’s up against the other players. The one person he’s worried about is Helen she’s played such a strong game.

Spencer says they are going into next week in good shape. As long as Helen and Elissa do not win HOH they know Helen or Elissa will be the target.

Spencer says he doesn’t have a hit list but he knows what players have to go to make him safer.


4:46pm HOH Jessie and Andy

Jessie: “I’m trying to clear the air”
Jessie says that Aaryn came to her yesterday and told her it was best for her to go to Amanda and McCrae and make a deal because Helen/Elissa do not have her best interests in mind.
Jessie says she came to Andy and told him that she thought she was losing Helen/Elissa. Jessie knows that Andy went and told Hele/Elissa that she was switching sides and targeting them. Jessie camt to Andy about this because she really did want to work with him otherwise she would have just went to Amanda and McCrae.

Jessie says she doesn’t think Helen/Elissa/MC/Amanda have a final 4 deal anymore. She starts to go over the conversation with Helen neat the pool table where Helen stormed out on the conversation ran to MC and Amanda and started throwing her under the bus.

Jessie thinks the whole reason Helen stormed out on their conversation was because she thought Jessie was lying to her when Jessie said she had Helen’s back. This is because Andy told her Jessie was targeting Helen and Elissa.
Andy claims he was just trying to smooth things over with Elissa/Helen and Jessie he told them to start being nice to her. He slips up and says something like I told them to be nice to Jessie incase she stays this week and won’t be gunning after them
Jessie says if what Andy was trying to do was to smooth things over it did the exact opposite.
Jessie isn’t mad at Andy it’s just really hard to swallow everything that happened. She feels like if she didn’t go to Andy she wouldn’t have been in this positions now she should have just gone to Amanda and MC she feels he was using her and getting close to see where her head is at and get information.

Jessie mentions she really wanted to work with Andy that is why she went to him. Jessie: ‘This just goes to show that everyone tells everyone else everything”

Andy Says he needs to talk to people he doesn’t know that teh f** happened last night.
Jessie: “basically I had no other option.. I gave Helen a option to talk”
Andy wants to know what was said in the bedroom when Jessie was listening in.
Jessie says she heard Elissa/Helen/MC/Amdan/Aaryn saying she was always going home they just don’t need to be secretive about it.
Jessie tells him that Helen and Elissa re lying about their involvement in the plan to backdoor Amanda and they are throwing Jessie to the wolves blaming it all on her.

Andy: ‘What were Amanda and MC saying in the at conversation”
Jessie they were basically laughing… Jessie adds Aaryn told them everything she just spoken to her about minutes prior. Helen was in there lying through her teeth about her involvement.
Jessie: ‘I even remember Helen saying when we were first talking about it she wanted Amanda to go because she was MVP nomination and she thought the time was right”

Jessie: “I’m not making this up Helen was wanting Amanda out. “
Jessie says she trusted Andy and he betrayed her.
Andy says he went to Helen/Elissa and told them to start being nice to Jessie that is pretty much all he told her.

Jessie adds Aaryn is running around telling people everything she has ever told her.
Jessie: ‘I am extremely upset with Helen and Elissa because they will not own up to what they said.. they never did have my back they were lying the entire time”

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The men sure are enjoying watching the ladies go at it this week.


Jessie sure has a lot of fans on this site based on the massive support of thumbs up she’s been receiving today.

Am I missing something?


Simon, u do have a point on that one, lol

I can’t disagree with you.


Yes. You’re missing the point. She finally realized everyone’s been lying to her and she called them out on it. I admit she didn’t have a solid game in the past but she was loyal but they’ve all just used her and now she finally sees it. I’m glad she’s sticking up for herself and they all deserve her wrath.


Make sense. I get that.

big brother baby

I love wolves.


I don’t know about y’all but Jessie is a whiny hypocrite who is Chelsea 2.0. She has been a bully for quite some time. Y’all are treating her like a victim but she is has initially attacked her “friends” in the house calling Elissa dumb and airhead. She needs to grow up!!! She had NO gameplay and not great at comps, if she was I would have respected her a bit more. What I don’t get is how y’all can root for someone with such bad gameplay as Jessie She attacks the wrong ppl. And she cant piece things out! She is definitely NOT glassy and acts so whiny!


Not classy* autocorrect sucks

Dump Amanda

That makes two of you.


Wow! Jessie…I was rooting for you girl, she is crazy! She is a sore loser…..she is targeting wrong people and cant believe ppl is supporting her tirade…it wasn’t even funny….I actually pity her. She has said some pretty nasty things….and now she plays victim??? I don’t care if I get thumbed down…..I would have respected her if she played a better game, but sadly she didn’t…a few weeks ago no one even brought her name up! Bad game!!! I mean Janelle won comps. And she had a right to call ppl out! Jessie just played a bad emotional game

jesse wtf

Jessie this had such potential, you are going about it all wrong..stop starting crap with people..be friendly and tell people what you heard said about them, you are just making people tune you out, very immature..also, she should be telling people she will taint the jury house for the people that screwed her over, but not mention any names..


Ha ha! That’s funny, all of them have been whiny at certain times but you say Jessie is unstable?

Jessie: ‘This just goes to show that everyone tells everyone else everything” – to me that’s a statement from an astute, level-headed person aware of what’s going on around them. Can’t see any instability there unlike:

Helen: “I could never give her a job recommendation her judgment is so poor” – a statement from a person who lacks insight, consistency and good judgement herself. Seems a bit unstable to me!

And finally, Aaryn: “We are girls because women don’t act like that” – at least shows some self-awareness but you can’t be stable if you know you’re acting like a child but don’t correct your behavior.

That is all!


It must be the morning stretch crotch shots that she gave the camera that got her so many fans… she is dirty! jumping on McCrae thinking that he would want her, he’s already got his hands full, she must have some kind of death wish! good riddance dirty girl!


I find it funny how Jessie and Judd target Elissa when she doesn’t have any say! You should be going after Amanda and Helen! If ppl REALLY cant put TWO and TWO together….maybe they deserve to go home.


Elissa probably should not have accused her of being on drugs.


Wow…I don’t have the feeds so I never saw all that hate towards Candice until I saw it all on u tube. What a horrible experience for any person that goes through that kind of treatment. Those people are truly horrible.
What a shame that CBS did not put a stop to it. I mean come on pp…for ratings you let other pp act like that.
I’m in shock.


Youtube Reel of Bullying&Racism in the BB house. youtube.com/watch?v=8tyr5AOEzzc
Im ready for FINALE


Just finish watching it. As a black person, it made me cry


Wow someone is a little fuckin sensitive don’t ya think? As a black man, honestly…I laughed at these clowns. Get thicker skin, if you cried over this well you must really get upset when someone takes your parking spot. lol


OMG that was hilarious!!!


Ben, don’t know if thumbs up or down is the correct way to respond??? However that being said , as a human being I am ashamed and sorry- these people are disgusting.


I just watched it. It literally made me sick in my stomach. I just imagine if it affected me that much in a short video, what a hellhole it must have been for Candace and Howard being stuck in that house with no outlet for so many weeks. No one should be treated like that. Ever.


Ben, as a white lady who grew up around prejudice in the south (I’m 67), it also made me cry. I’ve never had any type of prejudice directed at me and it’s just disgusting to watch! Nobody should ever be made to feel this way.

Candice is Ghetto

I saw the video and Candice acts like a ghetto bitch. She is ugly as well and she was Miss Louisiana competing against other negros lol

Everyone hates Candice

You must be a loser pageant girl too! Hey if it makes you feel better about yourself, go for it! BASH CANDICE!! LOLOL


Did you really just say negros?


I watched that video and I immediately became physically ill.
One thing I found very odd is how the HG’s constantly made references to Candise’s hair-texture, race, and buttocks.
The Hat fiasco was fabricated by Spencer who made it up to spark controversy and even giggled and admitted he did it for sport.

Why would production put a former beauty-queen and NFL cheerleader into a household with unemployed immature girls and think the Nazism wouldn’t come out?


I wish I had watched this before I voted for least favorite. YOu have just reminded me why I disliked Aaryn in the first place. I find all the rest of the house unlikeable. I wihs the season was over and we had a whole different group of people. They all stood by and listened to Canidce be bullied and then blame it on Candice herself. I really do hope all these people get hired from their jobs when they get out.


Seriously, you watched that and Aaryn is the one you disliked the most. Sorry, but wow is that wrong the sickest ones in that were by far Gina Marie, Amanda, and Kaitlin that called Candice the N word, a monkey and made comments about her being adopted. But then again maybe it was Helen, Judd, Spencer, Jessie, Andy who sat on the couch and made fun of Candice being adopted. I actually think that wow Aaryn was not the biggest biotch to Candice which blew my mind when I watched it. Spencer probably was the most offending to me because he was the one that started the whole mess.


Okay, just watched the clip and feel as if going to throw up! I watched the entire thing and Spencer should for one be horse whipped for starting the thing with the hat lie and BB should be ashamed for not clearing that up right away but guess RATINGS are all that mattered. Would not be surprised if production did not tell him to do it to start a problem to boost ratings which is SICK. After watching it yes Aaryn did say things but I was horrified by the things Amanda, Kaitlin, GM, Spencer, Jessie, Judd, Helen said. I do not think Aaryn was the worst because wow Amanda and GM were like Satan on Steroids. I was truly horrified by Elissa laughing behind the door, and Andy, McCrae and Judd’s comments about Candice. I mean these people acted like they were her friends to her face and then laughed behind her back or made horrible comments about her behind her back. Candice is going to be so hurt when she finds out what her “so called” friends were saying about her. Seriously CBS and BB are making Aaryn out to be the worst but wow they need to show that on the air because she definitely is not the worst of these disgusting people. They are all disgusting but got to say Candice did not go out without a fight. They all need to apologize to the entire audience that is watching this garbage.


Is’nt it just like chicken shit Elissa to hide and snicker ab0ut it all and pray she doesn’t get rubbed off on?? their awful behavior oh yeah they r badly behaved and miss goody two shoes is such anice person right? What a crock of Oreilly shit that is married already but husband probly cheats on her with a overweight but happy girl. I’d have to put a sack on that head ew what a fake bitch.

Confused Parent

Is Andy delusional! Does he still think Jessie doesn’t know that she’s going home with a unanimous vote.


dear confused parent, Is Andy delusional yes hes drinking his own koolaid let’s talk about ole Andy I was prepared to be wowed Cool a Professor I thought some body has a brain and can speak and remember things and be a expected favorite (for Me) no No no sorry you get Andy the boy who dresses like a child in primary colors and and geranimal outfits. Really a professor I keep double checking cause I can’t believe it. What the Hell could anyone learn from him he’s not even believable he nods his head and aha and oh really? He’s as committed two directions just in case right? and seems to have no preference what a loser. I would never vote for him his HOH was supposed to be a determining factor in outcome no not close just more of wheat the house(sic) wants.

Darn why did that have to be Gina Marie

I was wondering who was exercising with Ellissa when I was looking at the photo.Even though those were great photos I would have to be paid to think about getting with Gina Marie, or if she was the last woman on earth maybe.

Attack Attack

No Jessie do not stop you have to keep going go out with a bang exposé Andy,Amanda and Mccrae on your way out NOOOOO :(


You see! That’s the things she isn’t smart enough to have known they were closer than everyone thinks!!! She doesn’t know Andy is full with Amanda and Mcrae….she wasn’t as smart as Candice when she found out Moving Company


Jessie you are not the only person this has happen to. Get over it.


I feel bad for Jessie she should have done what Candice did call a house meeting and repeat everything that what’s told to her and let them fight it out amongst themselves. Jessie babe this is not too good, I have to go along with the others; poor game (sweet nice person) but poor game play.

Where did CBS get these people? I’m hoping near the end when it gets down to at least three people, they bring back Candace or Judd as HOH and give them the power to put up one of the “idiots” and let “America” vote who gets the money (that would be EXPECT the UNEXPECTED).


Unfortunately, if employers are watching BB, Jessie has become unemployable. She is emotionally unstable and untrustworthy. Sure, it would be nice for the house to get shaken up, but what she is doing is hurting her for when she leaves the house. People are rooting for her to ENTERTAIN them, even if it hurts her future prospects, not just for employment. Who’d want to be with an emotional wacko like this? She is every guy’s worst nightmare.


That is so ridiculous. I seriously doubt this will affect her employment options once she is out of the house. This is a reality show where you’re forced to live with strangers with no outside contact. It’s a pressure cooker and totally understandable that anyone would blow up at some point or another. I’m sure Jessie’s going to do just fine. As for what guy’s want, really? Who cares? She’s in her 20s and has plenty of growing up to do just like everyone else at that stage in life. She’ll find the right guy eventually.



Helen No way would you be Americas player

Yesterday Helen asked the viewers to vote her as America player( you remember like Eric get prizes for doing stuff America wants them to do) Anyway no way would America vote you as Americas player, that is all.

give me a break

I wish Candice left the whole game completely….that house was F*cking toxic.. …check out
The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bullying Candice Edition

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

These people ( I.E. Amanda ) will be absolutely devastated if Helen or Rachel’s Shadow win and they decided to get rid of Jessie who is outing the two bitc*** for who they truly are in this game.

Even though it does not make sense for most people to keep Jessie because of where they believe they stand in the house Jessie could be a huge asset plus she got heart !!!

I hope she stays somewhat sane but cripples these people by Thursday !!!

Go Jessie LOL


What heart? She hasn’t won ANYthing! Someone who has heart doesn’t act like a child. If she really had heart she would do everything she could to strategically throw Spencer under the bus. Not smart. She could have had a chance.


i hope jessie goes around banging pots and pans. that would be so funny to see.

continue to troll the house.


Helen should be at the top of the “least favourite houseguest” poll. She’s soooooooo annoying. But then again so is Andy.. and Amanda.. and Spencer.. and GM… and Aaryn.


“Spencer brings up how JEssie was listening in on the have nots room last night and when they opened the door she jumped on him like “Fu***ing Style” he told her “you gotta get out of my f***ing bed””

I thought she did this to McRae or was it Spencer?? I wish it was McRae just to see the look on Amanda’s face. And McRae sure does want those smokes…

You So Funny

Spencer should have taken advantage of the situation because his soon-to-be unemployed @ss aint neva gonna get a chick like dat again.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

BTW its not that I or the other people rooting for Jessie right now agree with what she is doing or her stability as a person BUT ….. this is the first time since Nick and Jeremy that the house has had some sort of excitement. Weeks of predictability and spineless people can get boring.

As a McPizza fan I thought the game was fun but regardless of how well he is sitting the game is boring because house votes are boring..



So happy Helen got cut, she is sooooooo anoying!!

Jordan Rules

Jessie is going home this week. Helen will be going home next week unless she wins HOH or POV. She will jump in the arms of the HOH but will be shocked when she goes home.

The Grimy Floyd

This season is beyond worthless. I’ve been watching BB since season 2, so I was spoiled with watching BB master Will and expected every following winner to be as brilliant as him. Only Dan and Evel Dick can be in the conversation with Will in terms of upper-echelon game play and entertainment. But Will is still #1 in my opinion, while others think Dan is #1, and that’s fine. I think at this point it’s debatable.

This season I stopped watching about 8 episodes in when it became apparent that everyone in the house was worthless, and Nick got booting for playing too hard, too fast ala Brian from season 10.

This show for me has been on an accelerating downhill slide since the season 11 debacle of the most utterly worthless final 3 in BB history of Jordan, Natalie & Kevin. And then to sit here and read all the johnny come latelys who think BB started with Rachel’s “floaters grab a life vest” quote makes the whole experience even more comically intolerable. And to hear her be referred to as BB “legend” is just flatout laughable. Yeah, having a Pandora’s Box followed up by a POV comp that was a re-run of the first HOH she won is quite legendary!

Too many gimmicks, too much BS, too much production interference. You watch the early seasons of this show and they are absolute gold. Now it’s just garbage. BB needs to get back to basics or get scrapped altogether. As a 14 season long dedicated fan of this show, it just really sucks to see how far it’s fallen.

You So Funny

And still you comment.

You So Funny

Just can’t imagine how GM will act when she’s in Jessie’s shoes, what are the odds the producers will yank her out of the house before eviction night?

Teri B

I totally agree with you. I haven’t been watching as long as you (not by a long shot) but I’ve watched a few seasons on YouTube and the early ones are totally the best. It makes what they’re airing now look like crap……and that’s because it IS crap.


At least Jordan was likable, not like these worthless f*cks.

Dump Amanda

I’m surprised that Andy was so low in the least favorite poll. Amanda, Helen and Andy are my least favorites.


Andy the Rat hopes he gets caught soon.

You So Funny

Might as well go out with a bang.
When Rachel acted crazy they gave her more screen time, brought her back into the house and another show. This type of behavior increases the odds of adding to your 15-minutes, she should have been acting like this since day one.


I think it’s funny that most people hate Helen and Amanda so much. Yeah they’re no saints, but they have everyone eating out of their hand. That’s pretty impressive in my eyes.

Either way, this season is pretty crappy compared to others collectively.


Whoa whoa whoa what the hell happened to terrorizing the house? This bitch can’t commit to ANYTHING! So disappointed in Jess.


I think Helen win next HoH so she can easily put up Amanda & Aaryn on the block

The Bark Bark

Sorry Cap, but you’re off on Helen’s plans if she wins hoh. She’s already been laying the ground work for it, and even mentioned it to Andy today…she’s going to nominate Gina M and Spencer, then manipulate someone into using the pov, then back door Amanda. She thinks its time to make the move because she doesn’t want mcranda to take the first shot at her, AND since she has a final 3 with McRae and Andy, she has to separate mcranda. She has even mentioned that if mcranda won the veto, they could manipulate them into using it by telling them they want to back door Arynn, then after they use it, put a “big player” aka Amanda, up. Helen is too smart while simultaneously does not have the balls to put Amanda and Arynn up. Amanda’s social game scares her, and Aryan’s competition game scares her (hence why she has been kissing her ass for over a week now). No matter what though, the game will start getting real next week, and the best part is, despite Julie telling them that the jury members are still in the game, they keep playing this stupid game of trying to blindside everyone, which with the 3 people who will be in the jury after this week (Jesse, Judd, and Candice), I guarantee will come back to haunt them. Those three will have such a hate-on for the remaining houseguests for how they went out, it will make for great tv when they’re remaining role in the game gets revealed. I know everyone, including me, has complained about this season, but I sincerely believe BB Fans, next week will be the beginning of real game. It’s a shame it took this long, but the good news is its finally here. Rejoice, one and all! Well, maybe not yet, but soon…


Why are you keep as I’m sorry? Helen has already plan to get rid of Amanda. Beside, if Elissa got evicted after Amanda. She will target Aaryn.


i belive elssia will win hoh this week so helen in her could stay safe cause we all know that it going to be elssia helen vr amanda macre at the end watch

i belive that spencer or aryan going home next probaly arayn


Big Brother has simply lost its charm and that’s all there is to it. Today’s BB is nothing like the past. Aside from the lack of gameplay, there has been too much consistency with the competitions, to the point where each and every houseguest can correctly guess which competition is coming up next and prepare themselves accordingly. Houseguests no longer have any respect for “production” – none this year. At all. From the production standpoint, you know it sucks because these houseguests know about the tricks and mindf*cking that production uses in the diary room in order to get what they want to happen. Now, the HGs are all like, “Haha they’re so desperate reaching for a storyline. DR’s trying to get me to evict so-and-so.” And that’s not to say that them being aware is a bad thing, because for their own individual gameplay, it’s good. But in terms of the behind-the-scenes tricks we use to see, they are no more. They also have no respect for the rules of the game. So far, I’ve witnessed a shit ton of HGs eating reg. food as have-nots, taking hot showers & not a thing has been said. That’s not to be a d*ck as I can only imagine how hard being a have-not is but if you’re going to be in the BB house, at least respect the game, especially if this is your first time out of the entire game being a have-not. This season trashes production like no other because in the end, they know they can. Production has let these houseguests get away with everything this year, or is it just me? Has it always been like this?


Production is not only letting them get away with all this stuff, Demanda is always talking about her “friends” in production so we know they are feeding her info. The more I watch more I think it is rigged for Demanda to win.

give me a break

F*CK….Aaryn, Amanda, and G.M……TRASHY ASS GIRLS…..


I see that Elissa is #2 for favorite left in the house? Why?? She doesn’t do shit. I’m not a Rachel hater but c’mon Elissa isn’t playing her own game. I’m campaigning Jessie for America’s Favorite Player. She’s wanted Amanda out ever since America put her up on the block but nobody wanted the play the game with her. Judd is stupid for not wanting to play with her. Judd is a superfan but he didn’t want a showmance to ruin his game? I think Chilltown would disagree.


No mystery. Judd’s gay.


Aaryn is the best

DR Hacker

What do you people want? This week was so boring until Jessie went off, now everyone is saying she is crazy. I like what Jessie is doing…why should she now out gracefully when everyone is lying to her face and Helen and Elissa have turned their backs on her because she was the only one with the balls to try to flip the house. Sorry that she is going after the angelic Elissa. Speaking of Elissa, lets see how well she takes her next time being on the block, because last time she did not get her way (when the house wanted to vote out Kaitlin instead of Aaryn) she did not take it so well. What do you want???

Jessie…do your thing, you have my vote for America’s Favorite Player because you at least tried to do something!


I agreed whole heartily I’m just glad something is happening anything better then nothing. I thought these people came from the twilight zone. Land of the dead. With that said, there is one key point Jessie should start talking about: her conversation with Gina and Spencer. If she was smarter she should be able to guest that they would not inform them (helen, amanda, etc. )that she would give her vote to them. Not so much to stay in the game, but to stir the pot more. Play up the 2 in the Jury and how she will explain to them how Andy was a rat. Remember Candice put trust in Andy.

Andy was trying to stay on the down low with Jessie, have her evicted and then act surprised. Blame it on the house. Helen saw to it that did not work. Lol
Jessie just need to think more before she speaks.


I don’t blame Jessie for her frustration with the house, we the viewers are frustrated. She knows that nothing will change anyone’s mind, so why not let off some steam. After what she overheard her so called friends say about her she has every right to feel used by Elissa, Helen, Andy and even Aaryn. The only person to survive a planned eviction was Aaryn and it wasn’t just because she offerd her HOH to the house, it was because Judd helped her with his lie. No one will help Jessie and she knows it. Next week will prob. be Spencer or GM, but I hope someone wins HOH that will put Helen up so she can see how Jessie feels in a new light. You know Helen I love you you know, but you gotta go you know!


I really hope Jessie stays acting a damn fool. It’s scaring the other people because they hear all of their secrets coming out. We all need to vote her as Americas favorite. Her and Candice could have been clowning on these hoes.

Jim 64

That’s it Jessie if you are go out you might as well go out with a bang
Call them all out especially two face Helen and rat face Andy .


Hey all- I have a random question?? How old is Elissa’s son?


I think I heard tell someone her son is 8 years old.


Thank you cc!

Pandora's Box

Andy should get a Pandora’s box – one of the good ones where he’s locked in the room for an hour getting money or something. Meanwhile, the other HGs are called into the living room and treated to an hour long video montage entitled “Andy’s Reign as HOH” which would showcase his gameplay for the last week. It would be epic. Because almost everybody has a final two/three deal with Andy, and when it comes to selling out your closest ally, all the HGs seem to feel Andy is the right person to confide in.

Dump Amanda

“Backyard Elissa and GM exercising.” Nice picture Simon!

Advantage Elissa


One of the all-time great asses!!!!


say simon your opinon who you think going to win the next hoh after andy in who going home


Helen ain’t making no moves. She just helped evicted everyone who would have helped her do it! And now, Jessie is going. Who exactly is going to go after Amanda now. Whatever, Helen is going home probably before Elisa! Oh, and she left all the most prejudiced or obnoxious people in the house and thinks they are going to be in an alliance with her. LOL


Thank you Simon for answering me! I love your blog! You & dawg are the bomb. I just wondered because I know they have only been married like a year or so I didn’t know. I give Helen & elissa props I couldn’t be away from my kids that long.


You find it admirable to leave your children behind for 3 months to lie, backstab and manipulate people? Your standards are pretty low.


Woah no need to get aggressive…I meant as in the fact of being strong enough to be away from them that long. If you had kids you would know exactly what I meant. On a side note I never said I was their number one fans.


yarn! :/


Interesting! I was rooting for Jessie for entertainment value. This show has no players with redeeming qualities and she was my last hope, that is until today… Why does everyone, that has a chip on their shoulder, take it out in Elissa? Is it because she is an easy target that won’t fight back? Even McCrae spoke of Elissa stating how that he couldn’t wait to blow up on her, what a pu&&y! For what? Am I missing something? Is it because she won’t fight/argue back? I’m not seeing the monster they make her out to be… She isn’t the greatest player and her awkward moans when she speak, can become annoying, but do they validate this type of anger and hostility, I think not.


say simon when is wee going to see ponobox


I use to like Helen in the beginning for getting out the strong guys in the house. However now I can’t stand her anymore especially the comments she makes how her Husband is a high ranking administrator at Facebook and how she was gonna try to get Jessie a job there.

Who cares about your Husband or what you can or not do for Jessie. I hope they vote Helen out next week, just sick of her with the same crap every day in house.


She said her friend, not her husband. I believe she is married to a judge.

Butters Mom

My all time favorite thing to happen on BB was when Brittany went ape shit on the giant teddy bear after learning she was being betrayed by her alliance…. I just want something as worth watching to happen like this…. PALEASSSSSSSEE! lol

Pretty trickster

Give jessie the diamond power of veto!! Lol


I really want to see Helen yelling Julie how much she loves everyone in th house. and Julie says : you really are full of sh*t!


Do you think it is possible for there will be a Pandora’s box this week?
I really hope so!!!

The white man says

Helen’s family must be from North Korea


I think she did say they are from North Korea.
I though she also said her Dad escaped around time of the Korean war.
That would make him pretty old, unless he was a child at the time and escaped
with his family.
She was talking about it a few days ago, I tune her out so much though I could not
pinpoint which date and time.


Please don’t stop now Jessie, I feel you’re just getting started! Tell everything girl including what Spencer and gm said! F them all. Remind them you’re headed to jury where I will tell all I know there too. I say keep attacking them on a personal level, you have nothing to lose at this point. No sleeping either cause I would bang pots n pans all night especially on the night before eviction day! Helen needs to get off her high horse with her fake a$$, if you’re so worried about the mental state of others in the house why sign up for a crazy cut throat game like BB. If you ask me u need a little crazy side to deal with the B.S.


I think they should add “America’s Least Favorite Player” to the finals and instead of giving them more money have a $5000 deduction from their money.


i am so down for them going after helen or elissa next week! spencer, amanda, aaryn, gm, even mccrae would probably all backdoor either helen or elissa. whoever takes out helen will have a huge notch on their belt when it comes to jury votes i think. i hope those two do not win hoh next week!! even if they do, they’ll prob put up spencer or gm and if pov isn’t used, one of those two will go, which is great too!