Jessie Godderz: Wrestling cards and Bodybuilding Mags. Abs-solutely Pec-tacular


Big Brother Alumni Mr Pec-Tacular AKA Jessie Godderz is once again making his mark in the Professional Wrestling/ Bodybuilding world. Earlier in the month TMZ caught him at New York’s LaGuardia Airport after his win at FWE no limits and now we’re finding him all over the place. Jessie Wrestling trading cards, Jessie in Magazines, Jessie on OVW Television, Jessie everywhere..

Mr Pec-Tacular TNA Wrestling Trading cards

TNA wrestling makes a whole series of Pro cards like TNA Reflexxions, Signature Impact, TNA Xtreme and TNA Icons. Checking out their website shows the full line all featuring everyone’s favorite Pro Wrestler Hulk Hogan on the cover. Earlier today Jessie Tweeted that he will be featured on his own wrestling card with the TNA Summer release.

URGENT NEWS: Just found out my SPIKE TV IMPACT Wrestling TEN-acious TRADING CARD comes out this summer! PEC-TACULAR™!

Cover Planet Muscle Bodybuilding Magazine

In the April edition of Planet Muscle Jessie talks about his early rise to pro bodybuilding at the young age of 20. Jessie states he’s the “most famous and recognizable reality show stars in the country, having appeared for a record-breaking four consecutive years on the CBS mega-hit series, Big Brother”. (that would be BB10 to BB11 as a player and BB12 to BB13 as a Pandora’s Box Penalty)

Jessie then goes into his Workout regime, diet and the difficulties of being a pro wrestler. Jessie also stresses how he’s always was and always will be 100% natural saying he’s never considered steroids.

The April edition of planetmuscle ( is on sales at news stands. Contrary to what the website states I could not find a online copy.


Cover of MuscleSport Magazine

Featured in the Spring issues of MuscleSport magazine Mainstream Muscle Jessie Godderz talks about his numerous bodybuilding victories, Wrestling career and “tens of millions of fans”. Jessie also adds that last years workout DVD sold 60 thousand copies. The full article is available here

Featured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated

His interview in Pro Wrestling Illustrated is of course all about wrestling…
“Still somewhat green on the mat Godderz who possesses a remarkable physique, still has a way to go before he’s ready to assume a recuring spot on impact Wrestling” Get your copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated here. images from the article are available through his site Here and here

Wrestling Developmental Division at OVW Television

you can catch Mr. PEC-Tacular every week on OVW Television where he’s the 1/2 Southern Tag Team Champion.. “He’s The Man, The Myth, The Legend…Mr. PEC-Tacular!”

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That’s ab-tastic for Mr pec-tacular.
I think Jesse is in his right place now.


I think he would have to be an All Star, there isn’t a bigger personality from BB.
I have wanted for a long time to replace the Chen Bot with Dr. Will, she is so dull and dry but now if I had my choice for anyone to replace her it would be Jesse.
It might only last one season but he would stir the pot and never be boring.

BB King

It appears that Julie Chen slept her way to the top. She began dated and later married her boss, Leslie Moonves who is the president of CBS. So she sill never lose her role as a host unless Moonves retires or is replaced by someone else.

Beyonce fan

So lame i never like him and he ugly

Beyonce fan

Why we dont have a post on the people line up for the casting calls?

BB King

As I said before, Jessie was about to win BB 11 until d-bag Jeff fans screwed him over with the coup twist. As Jessie rightly said in his exit interview (I paraphrase): Imagine you’re playing chess, you’re winning and you have all your pieces lined up to declare checkmate. Suddenly, someone comes and throws your chessboard to the ground and declares that your opponent has won the match against you. Would that be fair?

Any rational minded person would say NO! I say Jessie was about to win because he had the best alliance protecting him and he and his alliance could dominate in comps. Jessie was great at physical comps winning two HOH comps back to back (keep in mind that back to back does not mean consecutively which is impossible in BB). When Jessie could not win the physical comps, Russell would compensate in his absence. Ronnie and Chima were great at winning mental comps (the irony is that Chima is a mental case!) and Natalie was a good social player who could play both sides of the house.
But d-bag Jeff fans had to ruin this structure, not through an equal-level playing field but rather through sabotage.

Beyonce fan

But he did not win get over it


i think jesse’s hot, not really his face much, i agree with you on he should be wrestling now, i hated him on bb any season he was on but whatever good for him, he made his way so gotta give it to him!..

cant wait for new season and checking this website everyday again!


I am a HUGE Jessie fan and just got two new big pieces of news…

First, as you know, Jessie currently is a member of SPIKE TV’s IMPACT Wrestling Developmental Division called OVW TV and he just won their world-renowned Southern Tag Team titles for a RECORD 3RD TIME (at the 42:30 mark).

Next, I just found out that Jessie is in yet ANOTHER major feature in another magazine on newstands right now:

Exercise & Health Magazine (pages 66-72)

Finally, in case you missed it, back in February, Jessie appeared on TMZ TV once again: (