Big Brother 13 Headlines – Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-03-25)

Big Brother 13 is going to be awesome, it has to be the BB13 Gods know we’re due for a season more explosive than BB11, more raunchy than BB9, more strategic than BB10 and with a million more grenades then BB12. Big Brother 2011 is still a ways away but with the recent casting call flurry and the starting of crazy rumors (ie Russel from survivor) its safe to say that this season is officially starting up. The biggest thing in BB13 news this week was obviously the open Casting Calls times and locations being released, Heres the link to the casting calendar of the times/locations/map done up in Google calendar for your convenience. Except for the casting calls it’s not really a ground breaking week for BB13 news. All I know Charlie Sheen won’t be getting anywhere near Julie Chen thanks to her round the clock security commandos 😉

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Oh that would be great to have Russel in thier. Thing is, would he be looking for hidden immunity idols?

I was really disapointed with last years BB, so I hope this year will be so much better and exciting.