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Remember Michelle Noonan from Big Brother 11? she was the scientist that made it to final 5 with Jeff, Jordan, Natalie and Kevin. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she was the first and only PhD to be on the show. Michele has definitely changed a bit since Big Brother she now has a site called “Scientifically proven tips for better living from America’s favorite scientist”. In it she writes about beauty, life, money, health.. pretty much everything.

Dr.Michele’s Tips

Michele has shared with us on a slew of great tips to people planning on getting cast on Big Brother. I suggest Big Brother hopefuls give it a read.

Here a summary of some of the tips from Michele
1) Don’t show up in a costume (don’t be chicken George)
2) Don’t tell them you want to be on big brother to be a actor/actress
3) Back up everything you say (treat it like a real interview don’t lie)
4) Be prepared for long line ups, get their early
I figure if Michelle was able to get on Big Brother 11 she must know how to do it, She definitely broke the mold for that season.

Use Craiglist to get on Big Brother 14

Earlier in the week on Google+ Michelle shared with me exactly how she got on the show, this is what she said
“I answered a craigslist ad posted in the science jobs section looking for outgoing quirky female scientists. I was cast pretty much last minute. Not too many scientists are willing to pretty much quit for 3 months.”

I never thought that they would try and cast in this specific way, so it looks like Craiglist is a solid source for Big Brother Casting information. When Big Brother casting is looking for a particular type of person and there casting calls bring up nothing but Duds give Craiglist a look you might get cast at the last minute.

A quick search on Craiglist LA for Big Brother Casting yields the standard casting ad. However as we get closer to the end date for casting I’m sure desperate Big Brother Casting will be posting for specific types that are lacking through the regular casting process.

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16 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Casting Tips by Dr.Michele

  1. This is really helpful for people audition trying to be themselves. However, trying not be more pretending or lying in front of interviewers.

  2. It appears we have two schools of thought for Big Brother Casting. On one side there is Dan who says you must present yourself as a certain character. On the other side you have Michele who says to be yourself and if they want who you are then your in.

    I figure if you can pull Dan’s method off then that would be your best bet but I’m sure most people would have trouble doing this in a interview.

    1. She did a “reality” show called foursome on the playboy channel. There was some other strange things on youtube with her in it.. She may have done other things.

      1. Ozzy from Survivor was also on foursome and because the other guy on the show didn’t like either girls Ozzy got both:)

  3. I did this on Facebook, guess I should do it here. Dr Will Kirby was the first PHD on Big Brother. After four years of undergraduate school he would have had to get a three year PHD in medical science, followed by two years in medical school and two years of as a medical intern to be a medical doctor. More for specalists.

  4. Dr. Will has a B.S.Degree in Science from Emory University. He went to Medical School for 3 more years and became a M.D. and then he went to school for 3 or 4. more years of Medical School to specialize in Dermatology. As far as I know, he has a M.D. degree, not a PHD degree.

  5. I think In Canada you can become a MD with a 4 year bachelor and 3 years in medical school anther 3 years gives you a PhD. Not sure how universal this is

    1. In U.S. You get a 4 year degree in anything that you want but usually it is a Bachelor of Science Degree or Bachelor of Arts Degree. Then you take the MCAT(Medical College Admissions Test) to apply for Medical School. After you have been accepted in to Med School and completed your 4 years, you get your degree of Doctor of Medicine, M.D…After you get your degree you are still required to do what is called residency in order to practice on your own, and that may be an additional 1 to 3 years. If you want to specialize in one particular area of medicine, let’s just say Anesthesiology, it would require and additional 4 years of training–thus making it 12 years.

    1. tonight.. all about every ones favourite Jessie.

      I’ve been really busy building our new iPhone app and Dawg is working on some exciting stuff for Reality Rally.

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