Jessica “I feel like I’m going to get it soon (her period), its time”

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9pm Bedroom. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – I feel like I’m going to get it soon.. (her period) Cody – you feel it. Jessica – its time .. some time in the next 5 – 7 .. 8 days.. in theory. Cody – yeah. Jessica – I love you mister. They kiss. Cody – I was glad you were patient enough to wait for me. Jessica – I’ve got it bad for you. I love you a whole lot. Which is perfect because Big Brother was due for another big love. Cody – when was the last time. Jessica – Jeff and Jordan. Cody – when was Rachel and Brendon. Jessica – around the same time. Cody – that means we’re really written into the history books. Jessica – only if you put a ring on it. Cody – I told you I’d pay you back for that 500,000. Jessica – its going to be a big ring. Cody – about that.. I just want you to know that… Jessica – that you won’t skimp on the ring?
Cody – that there’s a study that shows that the smaller the ring. Jessica – is that the same scientist that disproved global warming? And dinosaurs? Cody – that the couple are more likely to stay together. So I will find the smallest possible… Jessica – laughs you put a sting on my finger… so the answer is no. Just buy me what you think I deserve. Cody – its going to be the smallest. Jessica – next, send me on the bachelor. Jessica – don’t worry about me I’ll just be the crazy girlfriend watching you (on the live feeds). Cody – I’ve always wanted a crazy girlfriend. Jessica – pulling 24/7 shifts

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9:10pm HOH room – Alex, Josh, Matt, Raven, Elena are talking about how Cody is anti-social. How he only has 1 friend. Raven – they’re the oddest pair.

9:45pm Hot Tub. Matt, Elena, Raven, Jason and Mark.
Elena talks about how she got pulled over and had to do 3 of the sobriety tests. Matt – you must not have done that well if you had to do 3 of them. Elena says that she was showing off Matt – how many drinks did you have? Elena – I had one beer at dinner awhile before. Matt – and? Elena – I was good. She says she was driving her sports car going 16 over. I didn’t get a ticket though.

9:55pm Mark benches all the weights. Mark – I AM POWER OF VETO!

10pm Big Brother shows the moon..

10:15pm Kevin and Josh playing pool.
Josh – where’s your girl at? Kevin – which one? Kevin – Christmas. Kevin – Imagine the oldest guy here, being the coolest guy here. Josh – man get this guy a

11pm Hammock. Jess and Cody.
Cody hears Josh talking- I am blasting him.

11:10pm Cody pushes Jessica out of the hammock.

11:50pm Cody tells Jessica I’m going to be a ball of f**king joy (after Jess gets voted out.)

12:10am – 12:50am Backyard Hammock. Paul and Kevin.
Kevin – are these cry babies getting to you? Paul – they’re getting on my f**king nerves. Kevin – all they do is ask you about last f**king year man. Paul – its just at that point where we’re half way and I’m just f**king beat man. They ask me the same f**King questions over and over again. Certain things are clear to me as a game player that aren’t clear to other people. I just feel like if I’ve done so much already. And then there’s the no napping rule. I didn’t come back for myself, I came back for other people. They talk about how weird Cody is and how he burps and farts around Jessica. Kevin – he’s doing that around her during the honeymoon phase..

Paul – If I did that around a girl my mom would murder me. Paul – I am realizing everyday that I can’t win. I am telling you that there is going to be a time when they gang up and say we’ve got to get out Paul. Kevin – They won’t say it to me. It won’t be me. Or Alex, or Jason. Paul – the blob (Josh) won’t either. They head inside.

1am – 1:40am
Kevin, Jason, Alex, Josh, Kevin are sitting around chatting about rodeos and other random things.

2:15am – 2:45am All the house guests sleeping.

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Raven has to win the game. She is the one playing the game with honesty and integrity. She deserves all the money.

Put a Ring On It

I’m so happy that she’s able to have an active and healthy sex life on the show, too ! Gives us all hope for the future!

Me, who else?

Yes, because, you know she is “terminal”.


Jess and Cody talking about periods and wedding rings…Barf!


Now she is definitely getting a lot of vagina facials, that’s honesty


You can’t be serious


Swedish Dicks looks like it could be good . I read that Snoop and Timberlake are working on “Big Brother, The Musical”. Song titles include ” I didn’t come here to make friends”, “Nobody comes between me and my man”, ” You can bounce checks in this place”, “She’s just here for the dick”, ” You’re not Doctor Will” and “The queen of Instagram”. Neil Patrick Harris wants to play Zingbot. Sounds interesting.


I know! I heard Katy Perry has an option to do “All this and more” and “Grab a life jacket, floaters”. And that Robin Thicke wants ” Ten Foot Pole” and “Pi$$in in the shower, pi$$in in the pool” (Paulie’s Revenge).

R Kelly

Check me on YouTube doing James’ tune “They’re never 2 young for me”.


I have a part in the “Get to steppin’ ” chorus line!


I bet you do. Good to hear from you, BeeGee.


You’re smoking that good stuff ehh?


Spend some time on twitter if you really want to know the real raven and her idiot Mom. Classless people!
Try the hash tag #RavenExposedParty. Cant check out her Mom, her pages have been suspended for harrassing someone who said something about Raven. Even tried to get the girl fired and called CAS on her. Buncha nasty ass people.


And yet…
Your obsession with her conveys so much class…
WOW! stick to the game



stella smith

Hey Raven’s mom!

Team Cody

I’m so jealous of Jessica. I want Cody’s baby inside of me so I can trap him into becoming my husband. He is the hottest man alive with those yummy abs and big arms. Cody is DADDY and I want him to choke me hard 🙁


Honesty and integrity ?? That almost NEVER wins BB.. Silly squirrel …


This guy HAS to be joking


Raven like that Cody made her cry that’s not being honest


10:15pm and 11:10pm – you meant Cody instead of Josh, right? Because I bet Jess wouldn’t have laughed if Josh pushed her off the hammock.

Put a Ring On It

The Jody love is so beautiful! Just think, they may have made their first boy right there on TV! I’m getting misty now….I hope CBS shows their wedding, just like they do on The Bachelor!

your tripping. the bb troll

theres no way that gold digging bimbo is gonna tolerate a small ring under 4karats. and ya smaller the ring the more likey the relationship will last bc the chick who gets a small ring is prolly fugly as shit and the guy is prolly a broke ass loser who thinks his looks will keep the bitch in check. they are not getting married.i tell u that right now. and the reason big rings dont last is bc the chick is usually a trophy wife and the guys a balling player who has mistresses on the side. its a know fact that rich guys have mistresses or multiple gf’s bc they can afford it. and the trophy wives they pick usually dont give a shit really bc they are spending his money. driving his ferrari’s and banging a younger guy that just looks good on the side on the down low. dilusional you really are. put a ring on it. ya watch what happens a week after they get out of the house. slut shamer’s leave a comment and back me up. u know she’s a slut and a user. only whores have sex in the bb house bc they are such horny skanks they cant wait a few weeks to go to jury and bang. they must do it day 2. WHORE scarlet letter A

Fruit Loop Dingus

Come on let the ladies in the house have there fun. Look at what a sex tape did for the kardashians!!!!
Don’t hate cause you’re a prude!!!!


So you’re saying get a medium sized ring?!?!


Jessica is going to make him buy 3 rings. One for her finger, one for his nose and one for the small head.


Seems like the Twilight Zone version of “I Love Lucy” to me!


Raven is not a saint and she uses her illness to manipulate people. She is just as mean as the rest of them. They all lie and plot, except for Jody, that’s why tge house is against them. Jody will let you know that you are on their target list. Everyone else smiles and grins in your face . I would have taken a shot at Paul also. Look how Paul has them eating out of his hands.

Raven's Pacemaker

What is this whack mess I keep seeing between Raven lunatic and Grandpa Matt?? Why is she always screaming at him, slapping/hitting/shoving him, cussing at him, “mad” at him? Why does he take it all like an idiot? They suck so hard.

Put a Ring On It

It’s called LOVE….. jealous much?


It’s called white trash

Judgemental Judy

I think she’s trying to be cute, or interesting. It doesn’t resonate.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Didn’t you pay attention to Jessica? Raven is unoriginal. She wore the bandanna because Jess made it cool and she’s hitting Matt because Alex made hitting guys cool.


I think it was Kevin who said it best. She thinks she’s putting on a great show for the cameras. She can’t walk by one without giving it some kind of look. She’s auditioning for her own reality show.


Big Brother should give Josh a Pandora’s Box and if he opens it all three should come off the block and he has to nominate two new candidates. How do I ask CBS to do this lol.


Can Raven stay on the block?


Maybe she can stay in the box.


Big Brother should give Josh a Pandora’s Box. If he opens it the 3 come off the block and he has to nominate two new house guest. How do I get this to CBS lol?

Xmas the in the closet lesbian. Real reason she cancelled her wedding

Kevin can’t win this game.

Think about it..even if he get’s to final 3 he is not going to win those final comps and get to choose who he takes to final 2. No one will take him because he will beat anyone in votes. Paul is only one who could come close in votes. Cuz some will give him votes becuz they are still fans of his. And some will vote cuz they think he played the best game.

Paul for sure wouldn’t take Kevin though. I think Paul has Elena or Xmas in mind as his f2. He knows Jason can get votes. He knows Josh could votes just because it would be incredible he got there. Matt And Raven will be gone. Mark gone.

Cody may be our only hope to win so Paul can’t. It would make watching this crap season worth it to see Paul lose again at the end..and to the person he was obsessed with, scared of, and felt inferior to the whole game.

Shitty season. Good ending. All Stars next summer. Vanessa Derrick Cody Andy Steve Jessica(hey you need eye candy) Pig Snout Derrick going to be bad enough to have to look at again.

Jessica would never make all stars. She through her game away to sleep with Cody all day.


Derek sucks

ravens go fund me

Raven will be in for a rude awaking when she gets out of the house. She will be outed as a fraud. Why is josh letting Paul high-jack his HOH? Let’s get Elena out! That was your goal stick to it!

Big Sister

Where was Christmas tonight? Everyone was outside and she was nowhere to be seen.
Elena needs to go. The sooner the better. She’s trying to get as much airtime as possible now, mostly by wearing very little clothing and parading around in front of the guys. I’m sick of looking at those fake, droopy boobs.
Raven is a fraud, and not a very good one at that. Every 10 minutes it seems she has another disease. Ugh. Just so over that.


Raven is sweet like fresh Georgia peaches picked right off the tree during the long hot summer days. Win that money Girl!


Raven is sweet like Georgia peaches if Georgia peaches are pretty happy ganging up on people in a group bullying exercise and screaming and carrying on when people have concerns over her actions. Raven is the most irritating person on the show.


That is derogatory to all of us Georgia peaches.

Put a Ring On It

Yes! Cody & Jessica for All-Stars Next Season! I want them on Amazing Race and Survivor too ! Please CBS… make this happen! Fingers and toes crossed!


I will give you “The Amazing Race” only because that is where relationships are tested and Jessica is too much of a princess for him


Instead of ‘The Amazing Race’, Jess should be on ‘The Amazing Waste of Space’

seriously, any ‘fan’ of that entitled biatch needs their head examined


I can’t believe people actually liked this comment.. not true big brother fans anyway.. they both played horrible games and are as interesting as staring at wall …


Before Jess goes I want her to push Cody to the point where he stops beating around the bush…..
Jess: I want a ring so big the reflection can blind people who stare too long on a sunny day!
Cody: you get a humble small ring to match my humble little pecker!
Jess: I want my diamond to weigh me down like the brontosaurus ribs Fred orders weighs down his car!
Cody: Listen.. ENOUGH! I am poor. Deal! If you love me as much as you claim you won’t care if I get you a fucking Cracker Jack ring or an onion ring when I get down on one knee and ask you the question there will be tears in your eyes. Tears of joy not disappointment. Kapeesh?!?!
Jessica: Okay! I guess now is as good of a time as any to come clean on what I really do for a living…

Paisley's Mom

Yeah…… the only one getting any of Cody’s money is Me!


Is he paying child support? Seems like it might be hard to do when these guys won’t get paid until the show is over.


Elena is milking the camera for all it’s worth. Maybe Paul now too 😉
Raven is starting to show her real trailer park side. Matt just keeps on floating with zero skills. Get them out and it will start to get good. Love your website Dawg. First time poster here.


Elena will not get a decent job after the show. She has been using sex,nudity,vulgarity and sadist tendacies to mark while sucking paul off.


That got Howard Stern half a billion and a spot on America’s got talent…

Raven's Got This

This ginger haired beauty is by far the hottest girl in the house… one can beat her in F2


I feel bad for you. Yo/u only post these to feel important by the count of thumbs you get. You need a cause to give all of your troll time to.

Tyler Durden

You don’t know where my thumb’s been Mary-Anne you don’t know where my thumb’s been!!!!!!


Everyone rooting for Kevin does realize that his father was one of the biggest drug traffickers on the Eastern seaboard right? And before you say well that was his father not him, Kevin was indicted. Also he lost his house because it belonged to his father. Kevin has 7 kids and is a stay at home dad whose house was owned by his father. Why does everyone keep ignoring the fact that he is a step away from prison. He’s a bad guy and CBS really should be ashamed for even casting him.

The End of Jody

Who cares? Half the people on here are ex-cons.


i agree with you. he seems sketchy to me.

Sounds Like A Good Book

Kevin has a cool story behind him, he could write a book. Some people have fascinating lives in their past, but this is the HERE AND NOW. Who cares about Kevin’s past, that is why it is called THE PAST. Seems like you like living in the past, so why don’t you do all the detective work you can about the past. You’re doing exceptional work, unfortunately only you care about Kevin’s past. I will buy his book if he pens one!


I care about his past. I care about his criminal past. I don’t understand society’s fascination with the mob. Get over it. Killing innocent children (yes cocaine kills and destroys lives) is not acceptable.


Great place to be spending your energy fighting crime. On OBB?
To think of all the people you are helping is just staggering
Here is a medal !
Great work!


Yes,because cocaine arrives in children’s lunch boxes and people have a gun to their head to use it! Come on! People have free will and make choices. People destroy their own lives with their own decisions.


I really loathe “holier than thou” posts such as this one.

Thank you for passing judgement from your sanctimonious throne on high….. since I’m sure you’ve led an unblemished life.


Unblemished no, criminal free ABSOLUTELY! And I don’t appreciate losers like his family ruining society with their drugs and criminal activity. So since you’re one of his illegitimate progeny, I am uninterested in your story.


No I would def rather big corporations
Bad Teachers, unfit parents, the media etc… to keep the monopoly on ruining the world
Get off OBB and go do something then

Daenerys Stormborn

I ask you not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

I don’t ever recall reading that Kevin is the one who went to jail. Maybe he should stop being overlooked in the Big Brother house.


Key words: His father. That is not a reflection on the person he is. I know tons of people that are complete opposite of their parents, both bad and good.

Why you think Kevin shouldn’t be on the show because of his father’s actions is beyond me.


Oh for the love of God, he’s not any worse than the rest of them


Oh I’m not saying the rest are better. But he is a drug dealer. Ridiculous.


Dunno, I guess if he was convicted of anything he’d be in jail instead of BB. Get over it.


What is all this Raven love being posted by the same person using different names? It has to be the same person. The only thing Raven could win at this point is a “Betty Crocker Cook-Off”. That’s all she has done up to this point besides screwing Matt. She can’t even keep her accent straight. She also forgot to throw up 10 times a day too. As someone who has so much problem keeping food down, her face is sure blowing up. Its starting to look like a pie-plate right now. I wish this girl the best in life, but Ravens Got This, Winner and Squirrel, you have given me a good laugh anyway. Thanks for that.


Raven is the most unattractive (besides Vicschnozia season 16) to ever be on this show. I wish one of the girls would directly call her out on everything. She makes me want to hurl. She says nutrition is a very important part of taking care of her ‘disease’. This girl inhales everything – all junk food. You are what you eat ravin’ lunatic.


Seriously, enough with the Raven bashing! Grow up and get a life. Go to a different forum or blog it somewhere else. You people have so much hate to just sit here all day and bash Raven, what on earth did she do to you? Don’t donate to her fund if it bothers you so much… go report her, do something about it. I’m here to read about the updates and game advice/theories, – you wonder why people kill themselves over computer shit talking!! And stop clicking your own like button!! It’s pretty obvious and redundant.

Self Awareness

People only speak about others how they feel about themselves, its psychology 101. People only bash another because they themselves feel inferior to others. It is all self awareness and an understanding that what you put out into the Universe is the energy you get back. Many people are asleep at life right now, they just follow what they see, not being about to think for themselves.

Thumbing Myself

Why does it bother you that other people like themselves?


“Jessica – I’ve got it bad for you. I love you a whole lot. Which is perfect because Big Brother was due for another big love”

Big Love? Is that the new code for “Constant Bad Gameplay”? I like how they mentioned Rachel & Brendon & Jeff & Jordon… Jeff & Jordon was genuine, Brendon was scandalous on Skype with another girl..

Kim G

I hate the showmances,,except for Jeff and Jordan because they were the only ones who had enough respect for themselves and each other not to have sexual relations on the live feeds. The rest , especially Brenchel were just gross. Shame on CBS for promoting all these poor role models to young girls to think these skanks are to be admired. Cody has abuser written all over him. The red flags are so obvious and CBS is portraying him as the hero. DISGUSTING!


So it looks like Josh is letting Paul and Christmas run his HOH….. Sad as I wanted to see Paul’s face when he said that Elena was going and not Jess.

I don’t get Kevin…..Who is he really loyal too? Paul? Jason? because it seems to me that he is all over the place trying to get in good with EVERYBODY so no one will target him BUT who is his real ride or die?


IMO this is brilliant gameplay on his part. He doesn’t know big brother, but he knows people and how to work them.


We are led to believe he doesn’t know BB. I think it’s all an act executed very well.



A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Kevin is his own real ride or die.


Recorded BBAD TURNED it on and the first five minutes it’s the Cody and Jessica bashing. It’s amazing to me how many people talk about what Jessica says about others when these two POS, Raven and Alex talk more shit than Jess ever does. Alex with her freaking Rosaries at night calling someone a slut, really? How’s that Catholicism working out for you? Raven calling Jess a “C”. I hope that your students and parents see you for who you really are.


Just JOKES, like Jessica joking about murdering Alex by way of drowning her.. All I seen this season is bad jokes. These people fucked in the head this season…

The End of Jody

Maybe it’s time you stopped watching then.


Apparently you missed all the times Jessica has bashed everyone in the house. Cody does it too but not to her level.

You can’t pick and chose who to bash for trash talking when they ALL do it.


And still she (Jess) just lays around wondering about her ring, period, kids names. Not a game player at all. If it was me I would be spending the week exposing Paul’s game (she appears to understand what he is doing?) Hell it may even help people want to work with Cody and make a move on Paula. They both suck at BB


@Dan… what game are you watching? These idiots don’t want to talk, they can only see one thing, Paul is taking them to the promise land. There is no talking to a bunch of mindless people who have taken the koolaide in their veins. I’d be f’ing off too… what good is it when you can’t budge these idiots.


Exactly what she should be saying as loud as she can as often as she can. That is what I would do anyway. Calling them out for being idiots, drinking Paul’s smurf juice. Asking who in here thinks they are final 2 with Paul? As I said at least plant some doubt and stir the pot no?

is running the show and no one is doing anything about it. Now is the time for Josh to put Paul up on the block

I agree. I keep for people to get together and talk about Paul. If they don’t soon gang up on him he is for sure going to win the money. I would love it if somebody would stand up in front of everyone and say don’t you see that what we are doing is handing Paul the money he has alliances with everyone here and no one sees it. He is running the show and no one is doing anything about it. Now is the time for Josh to put Paul up on the block

Uncle Teddy



I with uncle Theodore


But…can Paul get the votes??


I feel like whoever wins the next HoH ( hopefully Cody or Elena ), needs to get rid of Christmas. Put her up against Raven and if either of them win the Veto throw another player up like Paul to ensure one of those girls goes home.
Christmas is a SNAKE that slithers through the House and gathers info and uses it to her advantage. But if you notice Paul never has a bad word to say about her. He is planning on taking her to F2 because he knows he will win with her because of her broken foot. She won’t be able to compete when it’s final 3.


Elena should show us her breasts more – my bad – I meant to say bras. She does have a face for radio


Elena is a cross between Anna Nicole and Honey Boo Boo!

Paisley's Mom

Since no one is going to state the obvious, I will. How disgusting and irresponsible of Cody to have sex with someone he just met WITHOUT A CONDOM! Forget about her- she’s trash and has no one that gives a crap about her, watching her on the feeds… But Cody? Is this the ‘making history’ part you are talking about to show your daughter? What a gem. And don’t even compare yourself to Jeff & Jordan or Brenchel! Those are past winners AND they fought their assets off to stay on the show and win comps! Don’t even!

Bored This Year

Usually at this point in the game, I’m glued to the feeds or forums. This year however, I don’t feel like watching or could care less about what is going on anymore, other than to come here and read the awesome post.

Is anyone else feeling this way? very curious. Thumbs up if you do and down if you’re still watching optamistally and enthustically.


I agree. Stopped watching the feeds Sunday through Thursday night. Too boring and there’s always some tease to try and keep you interested that never happens. Not falling for that any more. But I do check in here regularly all week. Even after Thursday’s eviction, I’m forced to switch cameras every time I see the focus on either Paul, Raven or Christmas cause they just put me a bad mood.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I’m doing the same thing you are. I check this website and read the posts (love the comments) but that is all. Kind of bored with this season. Kudos to OBB. It saves me a lot of time.

My 2 cents

Rather than reiterate what everyone else is saying I will just comment on how terrible Marks hair is lol I mean what is going on with that thing? Mark if he were groomed properly) might be attractive but he is such a sad wimp that is big for no reason.. the way he pines for Elena when she is nowhere near as affectionate with him as she is with her “pal” Paul. Emasculated Mark is perhaps the least attractive man in big brother history.. just saying


Just reading the re caps here and not seeing the convos live you can very much get things twisted.

Jess and Cody play around and joke back n forth cutting on eachother. Jess was laughing joking when she said I would say no if it was small ring. And it must be big. Then Cody says something to the affect “you aren’t good enough for huge ring” Also laughing and they obviously were joking. But if your read those things in the recaps and didn’t see it live you would say “god she is a shallow bitch” and “see Cody is just a real mean person and doesn’t love her”

Some of you get so obsessed with cutting down a houseguest that anything that may look even close to positive about them you spin it to negative no matter what? Why? I think maybe you are not happy in life and can’t stand seeing anyone enjoying theirs.




I so agree. Things can be taken way out of context if you don’t see the actions accompanying them.

Beware of Dog

Thanks for telling me what my perceptions are.

Could it be that Raven is so dumb (stating the obvious) that she doesn’t know that the cameras are also outside on the hammock. When she and her stinky boyfriend (who seems to only wash himself in the kitchen sink or huttub), are on the hammock she talks like the grifter she may actually be; but as soon as she goes indoors, she does her Mathew stop it/smacking him/throwing things at him, etc. routine and looking at where the camera is pointing. It’s weird. And why does one eye only blink at a time with her? Is it a rare illness?


If you’re not familiar, Raven may have a terminal illness and could, like, die any second. The blinking thing could be individual brains cells convulsing their last breaths in an effort to get it over with because they don’t want to stay around either. Like many cast members, Raven is on the show to promote herself as a brand. It’s all about trying to get paid to be who they are and never get a productive job.


That’s hilarious. Very much enjoyed your post!


BEST COMMENT EVER! Thanks for the laugh…I needed it!


It’s funny to me how Cody and Jess get singled out for the shit they do when ALL the other HG’s do the SAME thing…….
I happen to think that Jess and Cody are cute together. They really seem to care about each other. I don’t know if they will make it after the show….and I don’t really care.
On a game level – Cody’s social game sucks, I think we can all agree on that BUT he is fighting his ass off to win comps to keep them safe. Jess is playing a little different and she seems to be playing with her heart rather than her head but I think these people have burned her in the past and it’s hard for her to trust any of them…..She knows if she is going to win she will have to do it on her own….. I really hope that the houses gets turned upside down this week and Raven or Elena go home…… I don’t think this will happen but a girl can dream.

Bolt Uprite.

Neither one of them suffers fools gladly, in a house full of fools.


Cody should get a ring that is comfortable for him. The reason for this is because it will be in his nose. He is not even out of the house yet and is totally pu$$y whipped already.Jessica may as well order a leash for him as well. Jessica gives me the impression that she is more interested in a big bank account than a big member,although she is currently okay with the latter since they cannot leave the house to go to the bank and check the account balance. Tight quarters and limited social contacts cause people to confuse lust with love.


Please BB, make it a 7-person jury this year. Need to see these floaters sweat some more…


I love Raven. She is the best houseguest since Paulie from last season. I hope she wins and if not her then I would like Josh or Matt to win.


Everyone should get in the same room and the decide that Paul should go up on the block that he is running the show and has alliances with everyone Cody or Jessica should call him out in front of everyone and tell Josh that now is the time to put Paul up and get him out and if they don’t they just hand him the 500,000. They have nothing to lose by calling out The players.


Rewatched Jessica’s intro trailer when she entered the house. Showed her dressed up in a restaurant with girlfriends. All attractive girls sitting drinking and talking about customers they had dealings with that day. Jessica at one point getting out of a hot tub in beautiful surroundings. This is not Codys environment at all. His trailer shows in out in the woods shooting at targets in camo gear. Two people couldn’t come from any different environments. Which one would have to give up their way of life for the other? I can’t see it being Cody. He is totally uncomfortable just being in the house with other people. Jess likes money and nice clothes, good restaurants etc., and there is nothing wrong with that. I really can’t see them together for long. It is unfortunate but I think this relationship is doomed.


Cody has the personality of a piece of cardboard…….production thinks we all like watching them swing in hammock or lay in bed……talk about their delusional selves! I didn’t sign up for the feeds to watch that sh**

Obb og

First of all Ravens sucks I don’t know why people aren’t talking about getting rid of her while she’s on the block I wouldn’t want to be in jury with her she’s annoying AF. And Jody instead of staring in to each others eyes contemplating engagement they should be engaged in some game play discussing reason why jess should stay. I can’t stand when people do that It’s big brother you have nothing to lose make a deal for your safety or some thing start talking to people.


I don’t have the feeds but I did hear that Raven sucks (and quite often they say) When she don’t suck she is a real jerk. Boyz-2-Shirts plays dumb but he put his finger on it already


Jessica proclaiming they are the next big couple, after Jeff & Jordan, gross! They aren’t even on Amanda and McCrea’s level! But I still hate Paul more than either of them individually.


Simon or Dawg

Is there a link for Thursday night eviction? We in the east are being forced to watched pre-season football.


we can post some on Thursday they can be hard to find. Best thing is the Feed subscription with a VPN in New York then you can watch it streamed from CBS. They Stream the episode live depending on where you are located geographically.


Can’t get dipsh*t in the West Indies. Heck, even our cable company pirates what we receive.


Not sure where you are in the East, but in the Boston area CBS is airing the Thursday episode live on their “sister station” which is “TV38” Channel number 814 on Comcast. Hope you are able to find an alternate channel near you.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

East coaster here. They usually show it around 1am or 2 am.

Is it Rigged?

We will know if the Big Brother live audience is reallly deliberately filled with CBS employees on Thursday is Jessica doesn’t get booed when she walks out. this will prove clearly if the show is rigged beyond reasonable reality tv standards. Then there will no longer be any difference between this and Jerry Springer.


Why would she get booed??