Raven – we heart Kevi.. Angel food cake because he’s a Angel.

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5:30pm Josh and Christmas in the HOH
Xmas is saying that Elena gets a vagina facial once a month.
Josh – She drives a Audi S5

Josh says Elena is always talking about her huge following.
Xmas – she has 30 thousand people on Instagram..
Xmas – did I tell you my followings.. BIG .. 400K on IG.. I have 1.6M followers collective on Instagram and facebooks
xmas – momma hustles hard

Xmas – I haven’t heard my name come up but I know people have a problem with me.. that’s OK.. i’m just sitting quiet gathering information.. Acting dumb
Josh – my group feels really good with you..
Xmas wants the final 6 to be Paul, Jason, Kevin, Alex, her and Josh. with Matt and Raven being final 8.

Xmas says the one reason she didn’t want him to put Raven up is because she will now not be the pawn later in the game.
Josh – I don’t give a f* I’ll put her up as a pawn again
Xmas – I really do think it’s the smartest move to get rid of Jessica
Josh – yeah.. yeah

Xmas points out how Mark doesn’t make his own food..

Josh – Christmas what the f*.. your following that’s huge.. how long did it take (Social media)
Christmas – 5 years.. my gym at 30k. . yeah Elena suck that.. my dog has 6k.
xmas – I love social media it’s so much fun..
Josh – your big time..
xmas – I’m low level big time
Josh – in cross fit you’re huge
xmas – yeah pretty big in Cross fit..

Paul joins them.. “I need a nap”
Paul about Elena – she has no game she’s just paranoid as sh1t..
Paul – we saw how she reacted when she was on the block.. she went f*ing nuts like berserk nuts..
Paul – as long as she feels safe she won’t react..

Josh brings up Elena lying within minutes to him
Josh – she tried to manipulate me
Christmas – she panicked
Paul tells them as long as Elena thinks she’s in the loop she won’t do anything.

Elena comes in.. “I have to pee”

Elena leaves..
Paul tells them how important it is that Elena feel safe.
Paul says mark and Elena are saying they separated but it’s bullsh1t.
Xmas says she looked into the have nots and caught them doing something, “Absolutely game talk”
Paul – that’s why they pass out throughout the day because they hang out all night.. they want to make it seem like they aren’t but at night when everyone is asleep they rekindle
Josh – he’s smart
Paul – no.. that’s all her..
Paul says they have to send Jessica out first because of the power couple but if it was anyone else other than Jess/Cody up he would want Elena gone.
Josh says there’s been people in the house that have been safe for 50 days not doing sh1t.
Paul talking about if they won HOH next week do they nominate Mark and Matt

Josh – Raven is f*ing rude..
Paul – she is.. she’s nuts.. and she came in here ate all your sh1t
Josh – Ate all my sh1t, I’m playing nice with them.. everyone is seeing it
Paul – we need to get Cody out during double eviction

5:57pm Kevin’s Meatball birthday Dinner

The Nicknames..
Alex Terminator X
Matt The Professor
Raven The Dancing Machine
Jason My Love
Elena Cover girl
Josh Miami Sound Machine
Paul Zombie
Christmas Wonder Woman
Mark Arnold Jr

Cody and Jessica are staying on the Hammock. They told Kevin their plan earlier in the day. They may feel the meal being meatballs was a slight against but people eat meatballs all the time. Kevin does invite them.

6:42pm Raven and Matt APSR
Going over the sounds they have heard..
Baby crying, Dogs barking, Jackhammer, Drums with cymbal and Lawnmower

Another broken foot in the making.

7:00pm Kitchen Kevin’s Birthday cake made by Raven.
Raven – we heart Kevi.. Angel food cake because he’s a Angel. he’s the sweetest man..
Raven – that’s homemade cream cheese..
She made like 4 different types of toppings. It’s pretty impressive.

Paul dripping some lotion on Jason’s face..

“I was dreaming about Ole drinking water.. He ran to the end of the pen I was like who let him out”


Mark and Elena kissing
Kevin, Paul, Jason, Christmas and Alex shooting shit
Matt and raven playing grab ass

8:37pm HOH Paul, Kevin,Jason, Josh and Matt
They were told not to “rough house”
They had another sounds this time is was a motor.
Alex and Raven have also joined them.. just Chit chat.

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Min O'Pause

What in the hell is a vagina facial? Aint they supposed to be wrinkly somewhat?

Min O'Pause

Why the hell are ya giving me thumbs down? I didnt invent em. Take it up with the Almighty.

Min O'Pause

In my day you didnt shave and pluck and wax. A quick tease out with a fro comb and you was good to go. Disco ball here we come.


hell yea the fluffier the better! Ah the big hair days 🙂



Min O'Pause

Maybe that is,why Elena has them funky Spock Vulcan eyebrows. She’s had her hoo hoo lifted and tucked one too many times.

It is shaped like a taco

I do believe that Matt and Cody are also getting vagina facials!


Man-ginas but I think you forgot Paul in that group, no wait forget it, he is just a pussy!


Did you know that Elena is Amanda ? She had her boobjob and lips done also she has contacts!! She is still a nasty one.


It says on her profile, that she had a breast reduction…..but she is nasty, shows her boobs and but all the time. and thinks she is the most gorgeous thing alive… NOT
I hope he puts her out this week, but Paul thinks he is HOH every week. I am sick of him. He wants to run everyone…


Okay, so what is a vagina facial? I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, but a vagina sloughing dead skin off my face? Umm…no, that’s just plain weird

.. and I agree, Kevin and Jason for the F2, the rest of the ahem….”competitors” don’t deserve to make it to jury.


Jessica and Cody couldn’t come celebrate for 10 minutes. Whichever one is left in the house after this week has got to start thinking about moving forward. Social game play will be key.


They’ve hidden out like this every single day – they deserve to go home. All they do is isolate themselves. It’s a social game…not just a sex game.


They can’t even go to the bathroom by themselves!

sunny dee

while lying in bed in self isolation, jessica says to cody about how BB was ‘due for’ another big romance, then goes on to suggest ‘like jeff and jordon’.

she thinks they are like jeff and jordan


more like amanda and mcrae at this point

Tiny dictator please go home

For better or worse, Cody is in it for revenge at this point. Once Jessica is gone and no longer vulnerable to vicious personal attacks, Cody will activate his antisocial game. I hope he burns the place to the ground (figuratively).

Team Raven

Raven is such an angel! So many haters out there will be weeping and gnashing their teeth while burning for all eternity for not luving Raven! #Pacerpower


Fuck off ravens mom

Raven is a saint.

Raven is a saint for raising the awareness of her disease.

Not sure why people are so prejudice against her.

Perhaps if they suffered like she has through life they would understand.

Team Raven forever!

Ravens vagina

Feed me. Feed me.


Get lost I gave to your last GoFundMe!

Team Minion

Anyone tagging their post with #pacerpower is obviously related to Raven.


I love Raven, she’s so hot. She always looks like a porn star ready for,….#bukkakepower


Have you seen her without makeup??

Whaaaat? (the original)

someone jacked my user name

Not Cool!

Ravens crazy mom

Are you her crazy mother? Go on YouTube and watch Ravens exposed party #bb19. The video is eye opening, guess what people she’s friends with Paul outside the house picture will show if

Raven you suck


Yea A arch angel!

Deep Thinker

Idk how they’re ever going to get Paul out of the house. No one is executing any sort of real strategy except for Paul. All kinds of embarrassing.

Pauls crabs

It is had to get rid of me when everyone is laying around with me


Do you this a lot? Talk to yourself, I mean? How many nasty personalities do you have in there anyways?

Chilltown 2.0

Nobody is ever gonna vote Paul out 🙁
You can just sense it.

Xmas ? Nope
Josh? Nope
Elena ? Nope
Mark? Nope
Raven ? Nope
Ravens Grandpa ? Nope
Jason ? Nope
Kevin ? Nope
Alex ? Nope


What about Andrew ?


I see they set a place of meatballs for Andrew.


Andrew was too busy getting a vagina facial


Maybe Andrew will.

And today my husband told me “Amber” was put up, so maybe Amber too. ha ha. (He meant Raven).

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! Sorry you have to spend it with a bunch of dumb clucks. I hope that cake Raven made was edible.

The Bad Seed

Ravens like that little creepy girl in ‘The Bad Seed” most of you youngsters probably never saw it. Hummmm let’s hope they don’t start feeling sick after eating the cake. I thought I heard Raven giggling in the corner:-0


Child of Chucky! She has a mouth just like him! lol


I wouldn’t touch that cake with a 10 foot pole! I sure hope scammer washed her hands after giving Gramps a handy.


All you guys hating on Jess’s gameplay need to realize she tried her best, so did Cody. The house is full of morons, and quite honestly if a whole house bullied and ganged up on me, I would not want to sit at a dinner table for Kevin’s birthday and be fake as f*ck with people who are total minions and so far up Paul’s asshole no one has a mind of their own. This season is a huge FLOP and don’t blame Jody for that.


But Cody and Jessica isolated themselves since the first week. When Cody left, Jessica integrated herself back into the house and did a great job socially. When Cody came back, they went right back to isolating themselves. Their own fault.

Mrs w

…Because they were personally attacked by more than half of the house. I don’t blame them one bit for isolating themselves. That said they’re still playing BB and unless Cody can basically win HOH or POV back to back the rest of the season he’ll be voted out.


They were personally attacked after week 1? Because they’ve been isolating themselves since week 2. Last time I checked it was Jody personally attacking people week 2 after they didn’t get their way.


They didn’t isolate themselves anymore than any other couple, AT FIRST!!! A lot of people think that they alone chose that for their game. Some of you seem to forget that when ever they tried to talk to the others (after week 1), the remaining house guests would berate and harass the people who only talked “life” with them. The were told NOT to talk to them because then they would be seen as working with them and targeted along with them. People avoided them. And I don’t know about you, but even playing BB, after so long I wouldn’t want to socialize with them either. And if I did it would be very minimal.

Judgmental Judy

This is true. But it’s done Mark and Elena no good sucking up to the “cool kids”. They talk about them being fake, liars, traitors, they’re next. Every time one of them come into a room just to hang, they call them “shady as f” the second they walk out. In the beginning Jody definitely made social mistakes, but I think they realize now it would be a complete exercise in futility & they’d still get cut so why waste any time apart with fakes & liars (aka ALL BB House Guests).


Nicole and Corey isolated themselves and she won.


Nicole and Corey didn’t isolate themselves in the first week.


The production is strong with that one.

Just sayin

They’d be there to support Kevin, they wouldn’t have to be fake to anyone. They could say, “F you, F you, F you, you’re cool and happy birthday”


Nailed it


Must be fun living in LaLa Land, send us postcard s.

After week one Cody chose to spaz out on people he chose not to disclose his plans(backdooring Paul) to further pushing them away from him. Had Cody told them they would’ve voted Xmas out. Jody isolate d themselves from the house during week 2, Jessica was getting back with the house salvaging her game, until Cody returned, then right back to isolation they go.

Jessica’s HOH & POV win, she against her gut chose to not attempt to backdoor Paul. She knew nobody would really do what she demanded.

Jessica chose not to hold onto her hex for herself, after Cody pleaded yo her to let them vote him out so she can play the game. Therefore sacrificing $500,000 for a showmance that she knows most likely will never work on the outside.

I don’t like what the house did to them last week, but that don’t take away Jody’s constant bad gameplay. Paul love him or hate him is playing a steller game when compared to everyone else in the house Jessica said that too. But let’s completely ignore the fact that had Cody got Paul out week 1, Jody would’ve had the same control over the house. Cody’s one bad move gave Paul the power to manipulate the entire house. Cody gave his alliance “Dom,Raven,Elena,Mark,Xmas,Jason,Alex,Kevin” to Paul.

Judgmental Judy

They are all talking crap about Elena & Mark for continuing to talk to Jody. And Kevin and Jason promptly got tattled on & interrogated for talking with Cody this morning. BTW, as the Mayor of La La Land, we don’t welcome small people who can’t handle differing opinions. Get off my rainbow and suck it.


Part of BB is social game play. She thinks herself to good for a lot of people in the house. Her social game was better without Cody but she can’t get out from under him long enough to see that. She came into the house for exposure not to play (she has said this many times). Cody controls her actions even if she can’t see it. He was the one that is isolating them but she is allowing that. I don’t feel bad for her at all.

Captain Kirk

AMEN Nikki, the only and I mean only thing Cody ever did wrong was trying to take out a HUGE Threat which was Paul and all the Paul Groupies thought Cody had done crimes worse than say, Manson. I for One Applaude his tenacity and he truly is the only a handful (Paul, Jess) that are trying to win the game and just not make it to Jury so they can give the 500,000 to Paul!

Another broken foot in the making

Haha!! That’s greatness!

I am the world!

Does Christmas know any other word besides “I”?

This is so wrong

You can all hate on Jody. They might suck in the game but the way they look at each other you can see it’s the real thing. They are happy with each other and money just can’t buy you that. I hope Cody can take out some big targets now that he is alone. I know this is going to get a bunch of thumbs down. Go ahead I can take it. Wishful thinking but how great it would be if Cody sends Paul home. By the way thanks Judge Judy and I forgot anonymous 461 I think. Thanks for the prayers. I am a fighter and will get through this unlike Raven. What a bunch of stupid stupid people. With Cody being a free agent I would work with him to get some big targets out. He is the only one who doesn’t mind blood on his hands. I would keep him as a silent partner for as long has I could. Anyone who goes back to Paul to tell him that is an idiot. Why am I not surprised.


She completes him! And he’s going to start jumping on couches declaring his undying love…wait didn’t we already see this play out?

What ever happened to that couple?


I don’t blame them for isolating themselves, every time they’ve attempted to be part of something it’s been held against them and people have attacked them. They explained to Kevin early in the day that they would not partake of the meatball party. Let’s be real here, Kevin talked to Cody today and Paul called him on the carpet for it after Matt reported it to him. In this house you’re not allowed to talk to Jessica and Cody, it’s PAUL’S rule. Anyone who speaks to them gets called out or talked about and puts a target on their own back.


yes because paul is afraid Jessica will rat him out and he dont need his minions catching on to anything. that is too scary for paul. why do you think he would rather knock out Jess instead of Cody. Jess is onto the puppet master and that really scares him.


I’m ready for it to be down to people who actually want to play big brother. I just dont know if theres anyone in the house who wants to play the game. Paul is “running” the house only because everyone else is scared to play. I understand he’s a vet but these people have seen the show and know what its about. This cast just sux. I’ve never not had a favorite this late into the season. Pray it gets better soon.

Carlos Grullon

If Jessica really leaves this week I’m done with bb how are they going to allow suck a disappointing season coming production save jess from eviction

My God You All Must Be A Joy at Parties. Smh.

It’s Tuesday. Damn you people act like u never watched the show before or saw the house flip on a dime. Paul isn’t the owner of CBS. You act like this dude can walk on water. Yes there are some morons in there. They are his sheep. They pick morons for a reason so they can manipulate the game with ease. Anything can happen. That’s why you watch.

Calm down. Do you get your panties all in a bunch when your other fav TV drama has suspense and the unexpected happens? Or if it doesn’t go the way u want? Let the week and game play out. Enjoy it for what it is. A TV show. If you don’t like it turn it off.

Now that's what's up

Amen!! You’re speaking truth up in here!!


Raven “That is homemade cream cheese” Matt ” it is delicious” Me “I am not that hungry”


“The Cream Cheese is Homemade”… As she re-moistened and wrung out Matt’s towel in the bowl….
Also, too many a week “safe” this season. Half of these people aren’t “regular Joes”, but wannabe actors who took a casting call. Just like to see a season where 80% of the houseguests sole purpose isn’t for more SM followers or air time but simply the game.

Excuse me...

while I go yack in the sink. Oh my gosh, Matt’s towel, homemade cream cheese, this is the stuff nightmares are made from!


Simon and Dawg, you two are so on the ball you probably already know this, but just read a release from CBS stating that by next years BB all excess will be available in Canada! If you check out CBS Corp, the article was released today! Just thought you could share that with other Canadians for next year!


thanks for the info!
i wish it would start now! we used to be able to buy the feeds up until a couple years ago!


I swear Paul likely going to make it to the end and Win…..

always seems like when a returning player or players come back; they win…..

….It’s Paul’s Turn…..

….nothing anyone can do about it…. so suck it up:(

Why so bleak DI?

Paul is going out within the next 3 evictions, mark my words. Kevin is a smart cookie, he’ll make it happen. It’s not personal, it’s business baby.


Couple things, apparently Elena needs some kind of helper monkey to dress her or keep her clothes on or at least teach her how to wear them, we may need to get a gofundme set up for that.

Also, Cameron for America’s Favorite House Guest. I think he’s the only one who I haven’t wanted to slap like a panicky lady in a 70’s movie.


Fuck Paul.


Tell us how you really feel


The women could have controlled the game.
This week’s noms show how the females allowed the males to bamboozle them.
The females on Survivor seem to be much more savvy.
The BB females are clueless.


BB females regularly get snookered.
Survivor females are savvy.
This year BB females could have eliminated the males, one by one.
Yet, BB females coupled with males to their detriment.
Sad 🙁

sunny dee

and yet, finally this year one of the first the females haven’t been the number one target by the all guys alliance that usually spring up early in the game.

i don’t think there was ever going to be that kind of talk among them when three of them paired up week one, and one of them clearly loathes and attacks all other females (jessica)

Paul's Mouth

Ah, I think you mispelled ALEX!!!

Elena's Bathing Suit

I am wanting to throw up now watching Elena hanging out of her purple bathing suit in the hot tub! She’s teasing Mark by standing in front of him jiggling. The boobs don’t look natural and look like tennis balls stuffed in her bathing suit!

Put your glasses on

Either you can’t see or you don’t know what tennis balls are! Elena’s boobs are ginormous, if you said volleyballs or basketballs I’d understand but tennis balls????

Elena's Bathing Suit

You’re right, I put my glasses on now and they do look more like volleyballs:-)

Put your glasses on

Whew, I’m glad! I was legit worried, lol

Grizzlenut and Mole

If they were smart they would get Paul out during double eviction. Lets start playing some real BB!


All the people who say they are going to stop watching big brother after Jessica and Cody leave remind me of all the people who were going to move to Canada after the election.

For real

I hope Raven wins. She deserves it. She is a honest and genuine person.

My ego is bigger than hers!

Can Christmas and Elena get over themselves please!


Big Brother should give Josh a Pandora’s Box, if he takes it all three nominations will be removed from the block and he would have to put up two more. Not Cody or Mark because they won not to be nominated. How do I get this idea to CBS before Thursday?


Raven needs to win in order to survive. She is America ‘s sweetheart. Such a beautiful person. Give her the check now CBS, please.

Elena's Chest

How about some support for us? After all, we are doing most of the heavy work!

Elena's Chest

We’re so depressed becuase there is no support for us!