Jess “I think we should all just grab Alex by the hair and then drowned her in the Jacuzzi..”

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9pm Backyard. Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – Julie is going to give me the hymen when I get out. I’m not shaking her hand, I’m hugging her. When you see Jess give her the hymen. Cody – the hymen? You mean the heisman. One’s a lady part and the other is a trophy. Jess – what’s a hymen? Cody – oh gosh I don’t want to explain that because I’m going to do it wrong. (Google it if you’re also unsure what it is) Cody – Ask Elena. Jess – point to it. You said its a lady part. Tell me! Tell me! Cody – no, the more you ask me the less I’m going to do it. Cody points to her Jess – would Mark know the answer to this? Hey Mark when you’ve got a second can you come here? Cody – its a scientific word. Jessica – its a scientific word to describe my v@gina. I don’t get it. Cody – Elena would have the very school worthy description. Mark comes over and Jess asks do you know what a hymen is? Mark – yeah a beer (lol heineken). Jess – no that’s a heineken. Jess goes to ask Elena.

Cody tells Mark – On Thursday I will hang out like a motherf**ker. Whatever it is, its got to be physical. Mark – I need you guys to win. And if I win, I’m drawing a line and there’s no need to be fake about it. I mean I can’t stand looking at her (Elena cuddling with Paul) right now. Cody – it goes against everything she’s saying about being in a showmance. Mark – I am just fuming bro! Dude it’s like pure disgust how I feel right now. Whatever you and Jess are thinking about me .. there’s no ques.. I am with you guys 1000%! Cody – we understand, we love you. Mark – there is no way that if I am in power that I could actively send you guys home. I just lost Dom and clearly I just lost Elena. I would f**king do anything for one of us to win on Thursday. Jess comes back and says yeah I don’t have that anymore, thanks for asking. Cody – are you keeping your distance for Elena or for the house? Mark – for the house until Thursday. Elena has made it very clear to me. But Alex is trying to tell everyone about my relationship with you guys. Jessica – she’s such a little tw@t! Mark – the last thing I want is for the three of us to be up on the block. Cody – if we don’t get HOH, then I am going for that safety.

Jessica – I think we should all just grab Alex by the hair and then drowned her in the Jacuzzi… and then we could all live happily ever after. …oh did I not say that in my head?! It’s going to take three of us though because her fake t!ts are going to hold her above water. Cody – Jessica! Jessica – I said it out loud again!? Cody – I just don’t want you to look b***hy to anyone. Mark – they’re terrified you’re going to win HOH. Jessica – as they should be. If we win HOH we’re going to clip them up by their toe nails and let them hang upside down for a week. Mark – if we can get two HOH’s in a row then numbers start to change and they start to turn on each other. Cody – I feel like they fear Jessica more than me. Jessica – I am more likely to take a sh!t on someones face… literally not metaphorically than have another conversation with them. Cody – conversations with them are brutal.

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9pm Hammock. Elena, Paul and Kevin.
Paul – if we even have a chance.. that she didn’t use it (hex).. then we vote her (Jess) out because you don’t want her to keep that power in. Kevin – oh she’s going to use it. Elena – then you need to tell the house. Paul – the house knows. I wasn’t the one that came up with that. The house collectively came up with that to vote her out. Its not that we’re upset that she’s standing up for her man… its that she’s standing up for a man who commits sh*tty actions. There isn’t anything respectable about that. Paul – he was saying Josh your a pu$$y. Paul – they’ve turned this into an emotional personal thing. They want to say and do things emotionally and personally … Josh you’re a coward, Josh you’re a pu$$y. Paul you’re character on the show. That has nothing to do with this and you’re going to attack my integrity in this game. Jessica comes over and asks what a hymen is? Paul – there is no way you don’t know what a hymen is?! Paul – its a thin layer of skin that when girls are virgins.. Jessica – that’s why Cody said I didn’t have one anymore.

9:35pm – 10:25pm Backyard. Christmas and Kevin.
Kevin – its got to get to people that this will be a dud week. Christmas – there’s got to be something more to the hex. There is a reason she doesn’t want to use it. Its like the comp, there is something positive and something negative to it. Kevin – I guarantee you she (Jess) isn’t going to be with him a month after getting out of this house. Christmas – no way! Kevin – I didn’t even know there were real cowboys in this world. Did you? Christmas – Oh yeah. Kevin – you did? Like you road a horse to work? Christmas – yeah.

9:36pm – 9:45pm Bathroom. Mark and Josh.
Josh – if you need someone to talk to. Mark – well Josh in our past there is a 50/50 chance what I say might be blown up in my face if I piss you off. Josh – it won’t, it won’t. Mark – yes, I understand not to f**k with you especially if you’re heated. Josh – there are things that we’ve spoken about that I have never said to anyone. Mark – I know that. There are all sort of relationships being developed and not developed. Who do you trust, who do you not trust. Who’s being real with you, who’s being fake. Its a lonely game. Josh – if anyone knows what you’re going through, I do. I felt alone in this game for a long time. Mark – this game is all mental. Josh – you’re a strong person mentally even after everything you’ve told me you’ve been through. Even though you’re not my favorite person in this house I am not going to give you a cold shoulder or isolate you or be a d**k to you because quite frankly we had our differences and we f**ked up. I don’t see you as a bad person. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you. Mark – thank you. Josh – I sincerely accepted your apology.

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11pm Hot tub chats and working out.

11:30pm Kitchen. Christmas, Elena, Josh, Kevin.
Elena – I would like to get HOH so that I can be off being a havenot. Christmas – here’s the question.. are you going to put up who we need to be put up? (Jessica and Cody) Elena – yes. Christmas – I really want Josh to do it. How pissed off would they be if Josh sent them home.

12am Hot Tub. Paul and Josh.
Josh – we don’t like him (Cody) at all. Outside this house you’re not having a beer with me. I’m not going to see him at the after party. Paul – you should have a beer with him. Josh – NO! Paul – that mentality is wrong. Josh – NO! Paul – this is a game. Josh – NO! I will not chill with Cody. Paul – outside this game you look at him and say I hope we can put all this behind us. This was all for fun and if he says no way Josh. Then you can go tell him to suck his d**k. Josh – if he won’t give me the respect to have a conversation in here why did he rally against me for a week on a personal note. Paul – this is all make believe. Josh – I don’t hold grudges. Paul – I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that this house is a bad environment for him and its bringing out his worst traits. Paul – they pick certain people..

1:05am – 2:30am Mark and Elena.
Mark and Josh finish their game of pool. Josh heads inside. Mark – I feel a certain way .. very strong about something and before I express it I want to make sure its how I feel and not just in the moment because I don’t like going back on what I said last week. Elena – well keep me posted. Elena brings up how some people were questioning Mark talking with Cody and Jess. Elena – I just feel like I keep having he same conversation with you and there’s ot a different result. Mark – are you kidding me. I am there for 10 minutes. Elena – I know that and you know that.

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253 thoughts on “Jess “I think we should all just grab Alex by the hair and then drowned her in the Jacuzzi..”

  1. Thank you Paul for not letting the showmances run this house. I have enough of showmances running the house on BB.

      1. Can’t believe I would ever wish for Branden/Rachel ever to come back, but I’d take them over Paul. Who has become unhinged and obsessed with Cody. Too bad none of the other HGs tell him to shut the hell up and move on. Clearly, Jess/Cody days are numbered. The whole house has been programmed by Paul to nominate them whenever/every time. Good grief!

        1. Oh NOOoooo, a female had sex?? How dare they!! Hurry, get on all social media right away, alert all the men that women should never have sex.

      1. Jessica has clearly f**ked so many men, it’s just a blur. Really not surprised she forgot her hymen. She was talking about being a little girl and coloring sitting in some boys lap and she got turned on. She’s something else

        1. Way to slut-shame. Everyone knows women don’t own their own sexuality, and should only have sex for breeding. Take your hateful opinions back to 1950.

            1. Poor guy. Recently dumped? Girlfriend cheat on you? Can’t get a girlfriend at all? I think you’re just jealous of “sluts”. If that makes Jess or me a slut….this slut is smiling A LOT! You’ll have to try a lot harder to offend this woman for having a lot of sex. Sex is awesome. The more the better!!! Now…..go get your sock and lotion.

              1. We’re not animals humping everything with a hole. I fought for ERA, Title IX, etc. It wasn’t so you could use the woman’s movement to disguise your shame. You are a slut, Get a vibrator!

                1. Women are equal under the law. The ERA and Title IX are both prime examples of women supposedly needing a finger on the scale so they can be “equal.” Guess what, in a game of one-on-one basketball — if you give me 50 points, and I accept it — we are both admitting that neither of us think I’m your equal. Truth is you don’t really believe women are equal. You think women need the cheats to compete in the game, because their “opponent” is superior.

            2. It never ceases to amaze me when I see the double standard used against women.
              When men count their conquests it acceptable but if it’s a woman she’s branded a slut.
              Why does it matter so much? If it’s a friend or relative and it becomes dangerous or self-destructive then it “Might” be ok to talk about it with them.
              Otherwise it’s really none of your business.

    1. Simmon how about you keep your opinion to yourself with your little comments here and there if i want some bullshit i’ll watch CNN

      1. First, you should spell his name correctly. Second you should realize it is his website, he can do whatever the F he pleases with it, third I personally love the added color commentary it is what makes the site the best IMO, last but not least you could always FO and not be missed

      2. Jesus what a dickwad. Simon the commentary helps as some of the material the house guest say is pointless and therefore the commentary adds to why i read this blog daily.

      3. One of my favorite things about this page is Simon and Dawes comments. They usually reflect how I feel and helps me gauge who is being truthful, by their sarcasm.
        Good Luck at CNN, fridge…lol

    2. It’s alright for Jessica and Cody to say things about the rest of the house like Alex, and Raven but about drowning her . The first week in big brothers house Cody was throwing around how they could just run the house to the end like you either do what we say or go home . That is being a bully because he acted like an alpha male. I can’t stand him I happy he served our country but his mentality is in question being in this game. Don’t think he should be playing ,look how he was about to go at Paul in HOH. Cody started it all and it has went downhill since he came back in. They should have not let him back in. Production should have done a different game all together when he competed with Cody. They gave Cody that advantage. If they had kept Dominique in there this stuff would have never happened. Everybody jumping on the other houseguest about going at him about military it’s a game if you can’t take heat get out the kitchen.

        1. Jessica went after Meghan like a dog with a bone. Made her cry and self evict. So Jessica gets upset when they try and get them to self evict. Calling the kettle black much.

          1. Does everybody forget Paul’s hand in the Megan Self eviction? He sat and talked about it to the camera during the live feed. We get it Jess and Cody are not the best people but they are for sure not the worst people in the house.
            Paul is so backtracking very hard and fast right now. I think he realizes he screwed up in the real world with his game play.

            1. It happens to some of Vets that come back in. Especially with the ones that became really famous with the community fans. They’re heads get too big and they become arrogant douches when given a second chance.

              During BBCAN5 one of the most popular players came back and was almost 100% universally hated by the fans for this.

              1. If you’re talking about Ika Wong, I agree totally!!! She was the epitome of a bully!!!! In her original season, she was horrible towards Heather who was the nicest and sweetest person ever and in BBCan 5 she was just as horrible towards almost everyone, but, especially to Jackie. What an example she set for her children!!!!! YEAH, RIGHT!!!

              2. It was neda bb Canada’s so called sweetheart they also gave her safety for 4 or 5 weeks . It backfired on them first they gave her great edits but they finally showed the true bitch she is.

              3. Hated neda this season and like Ika….i liked Paul better last season but would still compare him more to Ika for second chance….at least he is playing the game and has followers behind him;)

                1. Sorry, but Ika was a total bully And couldn’t understand why she was loved by people. Nada didn’t even come close in my eyes to be hated.

            2. Agreed. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading. Nice try tho….too late for that. “This is just a game…”, yea…whatever. That’s the kind of bleep people say when they’ve bleeped up, are trying to clean up their mess as well as people’s opinions of them. Clearly he has zero life experience to even think he can pull that off. This season and how he behaved will be his legacy and it truly is NOT a good one. He went from being the fan fav to the complete other extreme real quick.

              Personally I am sick of the bearded bastard and am ready to see him on the next thing smokin’ out of that house!

            3. True , People are focusing on Jessica trying to justify what paul and his minions did but forget that is wasn’t just jessica it was alex who was supposed to be megan’s friend who turned her back and did the same thing to megan that she did to Jody and josh was even worse, I haven”t liked him since the beginning because he was a horrible bully towards megan and cody too who wouldn’t even talk to to her. The worst thing is that people like alex and josh allow people like xmas and paul and jess lead them to make fools of themselves. If alex would have talked to megan they could have sorted it out but she decided to yell at her in front of everyone and make a scene because she was encouraged to. This cast is full of the worst kind of people.

            4. You say Paul instigated it, but Cody could have still be polite. Cody is just rude and Paul didn’t make Cody like he is just as Cody didn’t make Paul the way he is. Paul is playing the game. He is arrogant but he tries to be polite when he back stabs. You can’t survive in the game walking around slamming doors, blowing snot rockets and calling other people disgusting. With all that has happened 1 thing is clear…Cody has ruined the game for himself with his behavior and treatment of others. Jess and her finger probes tell her story

          2. Didn’t Josh scream at Megan that she was a terrible person? There’s plenty of bad behavior in this house. Outside of Kevin, I think every one of them has said something to be ashamed of.

            1. Jessica referred to Alex as Pao Pao from a previous season who happens to be Asian. On the tv show, Paul said it was because they were a lot alike, I don’t see it. Megan told Alex that Jessica said panda, Megan wasn’t part of the conversation so it’s possible she misheard.
              It’s sketchy to me referring to Alex as Pao Pao unless Jessica knows her because she didn’t last too long on her season…it may not be as blatant as Token on Southpark but I can see the racism in her name choice.

            2. No she didnt. Jessica compared Alex to the other Asian girl, Pao Pao. They all look the same right? They all act the same right? Why not compare her to another out spoken female HG from the past? She was looking for a laugh from the group. She was also jealous that Alex already had Cody’s attention. Jessica’s reaction to that was over the top b/c she KNEW she made a racist remark. Alex will want to apologize to Meagan for believing Jessica over her.

              1. She didn’t say she looked like Julie Chen, the most prominent Asian on BB, she said she looked like PaoPao, who she closely resembles. Racists see race everywhere. A lot of people say Mark looks like Wreck-It Ralph. They must be cartoonists. Definitely a case of cartoonism. People on here with their little nicknames for all the HG. Get a life, racists.

              2. Jessica actually did cause the Megan self eviction. The whole situation for Megan was disturbing. Jessica should have been evicted weeks ago because of it. People taking up for Jess after all her awful behavior is sad

            1. Megan thought Jessica said Panda when really she said Pao-Pao.
              I think it’s not as bad as Panda but at the least it’s borderline racist. Sort of like saying all Asians look alike.

            2. Jessica went crazy on Megan because Megan was 100% right. Luckily for Jessica, Megan heard panda instead of Pao Pao. When Alex watches that back, she will be pissed. I was cringing after Jessica called her Pao Pao. Dumbass dingbat trying to make her future boyfriend laugh. She knew what she was saying, she knew Cody was a marine and might find the “they all look the same” comparison funny.

        2. Everyone forgets so quickly. Josh is the person who started the whole Meagan thing. Also, if anyone accused me of being racist, I’d be in their face 5 seconds ago. Jessica’s reaction was normal. Josh’s, however, was unjustified antagonism based on nothing

    3. Cody bragged about being an alpha male before he got kicked out first time, but know Jessica has him on a dog leash to keep him from snapping again like he did with Paul up in HOH room. Really don’t think it safe for the people in the house if he stays in. He could possibly have issues with PTSD being in the service and all. Just saying I think it would be best and safe for other houseguest that are still in the house. (Worried watcher)

      1. Cody snapped at Paul and Josh only when the situation warranted and has exhibited much self control where most people couldn’t. Please stop diagnosing him as possibly having PTSD. It is very irresponsible because this label can have a detrimental impact on his life outside of the Big Brother house.

        1. If it is an issue for him he should not be in an environment such as this. He should be on outside getting help. Not playing a reality TV game .

        2. When the situation warranted? Paul calmly asked Jessica to lower her voice and Cody flipped the f* out! I won’t “diagnose” him but I WILL point out that self control is not his strong suit.

      2. I’m sorry but I would rather watch Paul than Cody any day. This is a game and Cody started it all when he made it a personal game and not a game. Big Brother should have not given that advantage to Cody with a choice of either game. Big brother should have done another game or let them play the last game him and Cameron played. Where it would have really been more of a equal opportunity game.

        1. I agree that the battleback comp was totally unfair. I was yelling at my tv at the time that in the very least Paul should have been given 5 or 10 minutes to practice but we all knew Cody was coming back in so our suggestions are moot.

  2. Mark is an idiot, Elena been rubbing on Paul all season, he seriously never noticed, or was his nose so far up Paul’s ass he didn’t notice? I wonder does anyone it was Kevin that unleashed Paul into the house? Hurry up Thursday, I wanna see what Production’s Hex does besides stop the eviction.

    1. The hex temptation curse is the competition they can choose to play in or not and if you come in last your automatically on block . That’s the curse for that temptation being accepted,

  3. Everyone went crazy over Paul and the other players going off on jessicA behavior because it was ‘bullying’ which is ridiculous because if you’re going to come at people with questions and accusations then you should be prepared for it. Especially after you’ve lied and schemed to get them out of the house.

    Anywho, I’m sure all you people will find a way to justify Jessica’s filthy comment about Alex. At least everyone else never talked and murdering her or Cody. Wtf. I used to think codys anger issues were the issue. And they still are but I no longer feel bad for jess because she’s just as messed up in the head. They deserve eachother. She’s so concerned with how’s she gonna look after this show and it’s not a good look on you. Not at all Jessica. Disgusting behavior.

    1. Jessica and Cody started the shit talking back in week 1. Jessica is just a mean hateful person at heart. She hates other women that she feels are superior to her. Cody is just not meant for civilian life God bless him. But they both starrted, back in week 1, talking shit about Josh calling him a bitch and pussy, about Paul, calling Chrismas a coward to her face, etc. That’s when everyone hated them. Once Paul flipped the script on them, these forgetful Jody lickers emerged. It’s so funny how fickle Jody fans are.

      1. Cody has not done anything to make me think that he is not meant for civilian life. He’s just not fake. The gang’s (Paul, Xmas, Alex, and Raven) behavior has not been very civil….

    2. Not a Jody fan. Jessica is pathetic. But props to Cody for telling her she looks like a bitch saying those things. But she just ignored him and continued. Aside from the game, I hope Cody hasn’t fallen for this chick, she said from her entrance interview she plans on manipulating a guy. There is no way she moves to small town Texas for him. No VIP clients there to purchase escort services from her.

      1. I think Jessica took a step back, when Cody told her that he had a 2008 and a 1995 truck. Those vehicles would not be up to her standard of life. I see Jessica preferring the finer things in life. This will never work out in the long run.

    3. Yes, they all – every one – trash talks. Jessica was expressing her anger and calling her names in private with Cody and Mark. No different than Alex has done (far more IMO) with Jason, etc. That is not the same thing as the “gang up” harassment (I don’t call it bullying) that Paul, etc. have done with Jessica and Cody.

      1. BS. Jessica and Cody say mean and disgusting things on the feeds all the time. It also seems likely kenshe is actively trying to get pregnant and they are waiting to see if she is. She didn’t come on the show for Big Brother, she came on the show to jump start her porn career. Telling Christmas to expose her vag to get more attention in TV. She is one walking advertisement for an STD. Having unprotected sex in the house with a guy you just met, she is a class act.

    4. How soon people forget! As disgusting it is to watch certain people be so mean to others, Jessica and Cody started it from day 1. I feel bad for them and then I don’t. They are acting as the victims now, when they were beyond mean too.

      1. Cody and Jessica also accused Josh of acting like a victim and here they are doing same thing acting like victims of bullying. I think they deserve what that get. Don’t like their attitudes and the way they play the game. Playing to personal from start of the game.

    5. 100% agree! Been saying this the last couple of days. Jessica is no sweetheart and is a total b****. There is not one girl in that house that would be considered a lady. Jess showed her try colors day one getting in Megan’s face. But everyone feels sorry for little Jess.

      1. While I’m not a huge fan of Jess, she didn’t get in Megan’s face for no reason. Megan was trying to paint her a racist to anyone who would listen. No one in the house is a victim and they are ALL hypocrites.

        1. Megan misunderstood what was said and took it to Alex as a friend. Jess and Alex did not let Megan explain themselves. But Jessica took it to another level and got in her face. None of that is right. So much for adults talking crap out. In your eyes, it’s ok to attack without talking. I see you were raised with the rest of the house.

        2. In Megan’s defense she really thought she heard her say that. After watching it back, I can see why she thought that. However, she probably should’ve known for sure before repeating it.

          1. But what the hell does “Panda” mean? Is that racist in any way? Isn’t that a big reach? PaoPao doesn’t even sound like Panda. Megan was trying to make something serious out of thin air.

            1. Panda’s are from China, Megan didn’t seem all that confident in it either. She asked Alex if it’s racist. I don’t know all the racist terms for all the minorities, it could be a racial term in some parts of the world, I don’t know.

              Maybe Megan was just trying to stir up trouble or maybe she was legitimately trying to nip some racism in the bud before it got out of hand. It quickly became a reason to attack Megan with Megan given no chance to explain anything. Jessica and Alex just lashed out at her.

        3. megan made an honest mistake. not a single person that i could see ever came up and told her that what she heard was Pao Pao, and not Panda.

          1. You don’t paint someone as a racist on live TV because of something you “thought” you heard from a distance. Especially in today’s political climate. You better be damn sure you heard what they said before you slander them.

            1. Jessica meant it to be at the least derogatory because Alex was hanging around Jessica’s boyfriend Cody and she was jealous.
              And the other housemates were teasing Jessica about it.

        4. The Megan situation was all a miss understanding, she misunderstood what was said. Jess didn’t even try to explain what she did say. the entire situation would have been resolved is she just clarified that she called Alex Pow Pow. Instead Jess just acted like she said nothing at all and Megan made up the entire thing. Also how is no one on here commented about how Josh is the biggest hypocrite. He is one of the rudest in the house yet he called everyone else out for being rude. He over reacts to every situation

      2. Dom is a Lady, and seemed to be the only Cast Member with some morals. At least she had class, can’t say that about the rest of them. You can’t ask for Respect, if you allow anyone to disrespect you from the start, and that means, having sex or anything close on National TV, Punching/hitting, accidentally removing your shirt and exposing your boobs to the Camera’s, running around with a g-string for so many to see, it’s soft porn at it’s finest, and if that’s the kind of attention they are seeking, then GOD help them. By allowing that you have already given permission to be disrespected by your actions, so don’t be shocked when you don’t get it in the end.

  4. Based on what Paul said to Josh, I think Paul is deep down a good dude. But at the same time, what he’s done in this game is absolutely pitiful, so I don’t know which Paul to believe. Oh, and before a bunch of Paul/Josh/Alex groupies jump on here and call jessica a bully, it was obvious what she said about Alex was a joke. The difference between her and 1/2 of the house is that she’s joking about that type of stuff. I can only hope now that Mark, Jess, or Cody win the HOH to start making a part of the other side of the house squirm like the snakes they are.

    1. The reason Paul said that is because he want to manipulate the audience to vote him as the favorites. Don’t be fooled by him, do you think he is really going to have a beer with Cody after all that he did to Cody?

      1. I don’t think that’s true. He said the same things about last season once the season was over. He said multiple times it’s time to have a beer together, whatever happened in the game it was just a game. I saw him on twitter after last season, and he had the same attitude.

        1. What he and the others did this year was not just game. He took it to an unacceptable level. He is trying to protect himself…nothing more.
          It’s too late Paul!

        2. I call that a self-inked “get out of jail free card”. Similar to that psychobabble saying: “I didn’t hurt you; you CHOSE to be hurt.” That doesn’t wash with me at all. What you say and do matters and speaks to both Paul’s character and BB “character”, whether in the BB game or not. It is a game, but it’s more than that too. People who can compartmentalize their behaviours (or say they can) that carelessly are not people I would have a beer with.

      2. This convo is also manipulating Josh to feel safe with him. If Paul wants a slam dunk at F2, Josh would be the ideal pick. I find little genuine about Paul in this game.

    2. The gnome is not a good person. He is a loud mouthed spoiler brat, instigator, promoter of some wannabe clothes line, and thinks we love listening to him. WRONG!! He was the loser of last season.

    3. All the houseguests have talked smack about each other. I don’t condone it and don’t like it but that’s the nature of being on a reality tv show. Even though the behavior this season has been deplorable I believe that is gameplay and not necessarily indicative of who you really are as a person. I think things went too far but the “mob mentality” comes into play and I do think sometimes when you are in a bubble you’re not self aware enough to realize you went too far.

      I’m really having a hard time finding anyone to root for. Kevin is a character but I’m not sure he’s really playing BB.

    4. Paul is only saying those things because he trying to get back into americas good graces. Don’t fall for his bullshit. We would never try to hang out with Cody on the outside.

    5. Jessica had said a lot more than just talking about drowning Alex. She has said a lot more than that. Jessica cries and threatens to walk out of the show and then she gets a temptation. I would let her walk out. Her and Cody both it would be a lot more watchable when them gone.

  5. This is the mouth of someone who plays the “victim” and then openly suggests that they should gang up on someone and drown them. Jessica is as fake as the extensions on her head and the amount of makeup she cakes on her face. I can’t wait to see this girl leave the BB house. Cody will do so much better without this conniving girl in his ears all the time.

    1. Jessica in the house has been far from perfect, but to see her as playing “victim” is not the case IMO. She stands up for herself, she does her own thinking, and works at solving her own problems. Your opinion on how she looks is irrelevant.

      1. Oh but it is irrelevant, JJT…!!! It shows how fake anc insecure she is. You don’t think there’s nothing wrong with someone who has to try reallllly hard to cover up what they really look like and then constantly talks about “dragging people around and kicking them in their faces or drowning them?!!” Oh and then cries about how she needs nice people!!! Yah okay?! Read in between the lines man! ?

        1. It shows she cares what she looks like and has a certain style she currently enjoys. It’s the current fashion for some. No more than that. Many people do care what they look like, and it’s not an indictment on her character, as you suggest. You’re making a broad assumption that because she wears some fake accessories, that her personality is fake too. I don’t read her that way; I find her quite genuine, psychological “warts” included. They ALL trash talk, and Jessica is no different. Are you okay with Alex’s violent talk, or Raven’s? And I’m not a man.

  6. If anyone hasn’t seen Mr. Abrahamian’s, how should I put it, “business” called Deadskull, I highly recommend it to get a little more understanding what our lovely boy is doing out there in the real world. The “Heartbreaker Thong” is a steal for $15, not to mention the “Fuck Working sit back and enjoy life” tees for $35. But hey, it’s all made in Los Angeles according to the website and not in some sweatshop in El Salvador.

    Bingo, so the guy actually is a misogynistic loser in real life too? Shocker. He is living by his philosophy.

    1. That’s silly. He’s had his own company since before he was ever on big brother. They sell all types of clothing from leather jackets to underwear. Lol Not sure how that makes him a loser?

    2. Paul knows his market, I guess (eye roll). I admit to being a bit biased against my perception of Paul’s “type”: entitled, neo-Hipster, all talk/no walk, and wants all the trophies. A good saying that summarizes how I perceive him: “Big hat, no cattle”.

  7. Simmon how about you keep your opinion to yourself with your little comments here and there if i want some bullshit i’ll watch CNN

      1. So do I!!!! I think it is that Simmon dude that is causing all the trouble. Hopefully Andrew puts him in his place soon!

        1. Simmon, Andrew and Justin are all pissing me off this morning. Andrew needs to win a HOH for once. Justin needs to stop being a floater and play the damn game, I didn’t want to see him playing grab ass all season. And Simmmon dear old Simmon what a creep.

  8. Simmon how about you keep your opinion to yourself with your little comments here and there if i want some bullshit i’ll watch CNN

    1. Obviously you are a troll because you use different names with the same comment, don’t even get his name correct, & forget that it is his website! If you don’t like what he says you can leave

    2. Channel 222 on UVerse so you don’t have to search for it. But you seem more like a FOX News person channel 221

      Who is Simmon? hmmmmm

      Simon, either Dawg is punking you or this site is getting trolled

  9. This season of bb is a dud, it’s getting really boring seems like forever since they have sent someone home even though it’s only been a week. The only people playing this game are Cody, Jessica and Paul. The rest of them are all sitting back and floating which is annoying. Is Kevin really that naive that he doesn’t know there are cowboys out there, for a man his age he seems like stupid in an odd sort of way. He knows nothing about bb but he’s on the show? Well I hope bb learns something about this season that they have to have more interesting people on, like why matt he has no personality and raven is way to loud and js using the sick card to try to win. I watch bb after dark and even then they are boring. Really they send people packing then they bring them back, and all these awards to save them it’s all getting really boring. Past seasons have been much better and more entertaining.

    1. I don’t dispute most of what you’re saying – except about Kevin :) – he’s just being silly I think. But the season is far from a dud and quite entertaining IMO. Ridiculous entertainment, to be sure.

      1. Kevin is smarter than he lets on I think he is being a sly sneaky player. He has great memory and I heard him say why put yourself out their if your not in any trouble right now.

    2. I agree! I understand big brother’s motto is expect the unexpected, but this is ridiculous! Usually when people play a game there are rules ahead of time. This is like playing a game with someone and every time you get close to winning someone yells timeout, New rules, start again!

    3. i think arguments can be made that kevin and jason are playing. also it might get interesting if paul gets cody, jess, mark, and elena out and then bungles picking his next target, but i’m not holding my breath on that one. losing paul, who cody and jess will go after if they win the next hoh (which they have a pretty good shot at considering how useless everyone but paul is at comps and he can’t compete) might save the season. even just putting paul on the block next to one of his minions and forcing him to campaign against him/her might have that effect. imagine paul and alex on the block next week? that’d be pretty awesome and certainly noms jess would consider.

    1. How long can jess talk about Alex then?

      Cody has been talking crap about Paul since day 1. So quit it. And jess has been jealous and anti Alex since she noticed Cody interested in aligning with her.

      1. This is so true shes hated Alex since the start because Cody wanted to keep her safe and had respect for her something he doesnt seem to have for himself Jessica or his daughter for that matter. The man has talked horribly about women bullied Josh in the start. Told Meghan he didnt like her without even knowing her. Having unprotected sex on live TV (GREAT EXAMPLE FOR HIS LITTLE GIRL BTW) made rude comments about the mother of is kid. Got in peoples faces when voting didnt go his way lmao i mean GTFOH he doesnt even play the game he has ZERO personality i’m so over the two of them they need to go and I hope Jessica goes first leaving him in the house ALL ALONE

  10. Paul is running scared. He is desperately trying to change how we perceive him by downplaying what he and his herd did to Cody and Jessica.

    1. But Paul can’t undo what he did. It is like he just killed jessica and then tell Cody “I am sorry for your loss”

    2. I disagree. I think he is just changing tactics. Remember, he does not have Victor this season to reign him in before he goes overboard with an idea

  11. So im waiting for all the Jess fans that will be trying to defend her telling people she wants to murder Alex by drowning her. And laughing about it! Now that is beyond bullying and straight up pyscho! To want to murder someone because of a game is digusting and sick!! That is the most hateful comment I have heard in this house. Her own boyfriend was shocked, not cuz it was sick but worried about her reputation. Smdh! Bet that doesnt make tv either. What happened last night does not excuse that comment. Not a paul, jess, or cody fan. Anyone else winning is better than those 3.

    1. The other day’s “bullying” session of 2 grown adults was apparently the worst moment in BB history – if you ask the snowflakes that comment on this site. But I bet they try to down play spoiled bimbo Jessica’s remarks about killing Alex. Simon, where’s your smart mouth comments in parenthesis next to Jessica’s remarks about Alex?? Wait, you don’t have any?? Condoning remarks about killing another HG isn’t a good look for your site.

      1. Hate hypocrites, I generally agree with you. But your usage of the term snowflakes is a bit hateful. You disagree with people so you call them names?

    2. Alex talks shit about Jess 24/7 actually. Jess makes a comment and Cody tells her to chill out and that’s terrible. What Alex has said about Jess and ofy is way way worse. Alex attacking them yesterday personally was really messed up.

      1. Alex say she she wants to punch Jessica and stick her head in the toilet everyday. Are y’all serious right now??? Alex also calals Jessica a slut, whore, and other names all day, everyday. So please GTFO with this bs trying to defend Alex and attack Jessica over what she said.

        1. Apparently you failed reading comprehension. The comment was about condoning Jessica’s remarks about Alex. There have been plenty of opinions from Simon in parenthesis next to Alex’s comments when she is being hateful. Nothing was said after printing what Jessica said.
          I am challenging stupidity here, its a lost cause.

          1. I was the one that did the post about what Jessica said, not Simon. I dont always put in my side comments. It doesnt mean I condone what the house guest says.

            1. ,you and Simon are so appreciated for all you do! I’ve been following you guys for at least 10 years.
              Thank you! THANK YOU for all you do.

                1. Simon and Dawg give up a lot to have this web site. We are taking them away from their families. We need to appreciate every thing they do for us.
                  If you don’t like it leave, don’t leave nasty comments. Just don’t come back.
                  Simon and Dawg work had for us!

            2. How dare you and Simon not be identical in everything you do! Although if the little side comments really bother a person, I suppose you should leave them out so we don’t offend some random person on the internet who could get a more bland version of the facts elsewhere…that’s how we handle things now right? We cave to the first person who complains…

              Well, then keep on with the little asides which I enjoy from time to time=)

          2. Do you feel smarter than all of us right now? Do you feel powerful by your condescending words?

            Just curious, and my Name never changes so you always know who I am

    3. And the simple fact is she’s just jealous of Alex bc she knows deep down Cody really likes Alex. Alex doesn’t want anything to do with Cody romantically speaking. She should’ve dumped Cody instead of taking it out on Alex. Typical.

      1. First of all Cody does NOT have feelings for Alex, he said in an interview (after he was evicted) that he just respects her as a competitor since the first HOH challenge when it was just the 2 of them left……And second, maybe in the beginning Jess was a little jealous of Alex with Cody wanting to work with her BUT a lot has happened since then that has made them both not like each other so I think the jealousy ship has sailed.

        1. First of all, I don’t care what Cody “says” in any interview. It’s obvious he had a crush on Alex, just like it’s obvious Elena has a thing for Paul. Will she admit that in an interview? I doubt it.

          You don’t slip up and call your “showmance” another female players name simply because you “respect” that player. It’s not rocket science. Jessica has disliked Alex from day 2 simply because of Codys behavior toward Alex and the way he protected her, Aka jealousy.

    4. Clearly the comment was said in a joking term. I can’t believe that is the most “hateful comment you have heard” …You clearly have not been watching the feeds in the past week….

    5. This is why I was never team Jesssica or a fan. I can see her evil side and it’s not pretty. Seriously, They are going to hand over money to this terrible person so she can continue living a thirsty escort life, but now with money to buy boobs and flashy things.

    6. Jessica was trash talking, just like everyone else does – constantly. Check out how Alex talks about Jessica. They genuinely don’t like each other. Who cares? It’s all meaningless blah blah.

      1. All the “bullying” comments defending Jessica is bs in my opinion – she talks about “punching people in the face” and the drowing comment. What a massive biotch.

    7. Yes, because every time someone says they’re gonna “kill” someone else, it should be taken in the most literal sense and that person should be thrown in prison. Because hyperbole doesn’t exist.

    8. She’s just one of those people who likes to vent by saying the most extreme thing she can think of the moment. Somehow it makes her feel better. Obviously it’s not a good idea to do that on national TV but I think they forget about that for periods of time. I know I can say some terrible outlandish things to my closest people when I’m really angry. They know I don’t mean it and fluff it off. Maybe it’s not the best way to release anger but it doesn’t mean she’s a psycho murder. Most people who know me think I’m sweet and kind. So I dunno…ibet there are others out there like that too. She’s clearly not going to drown the girl.

  12. Who is that in the last pictures above in bed in the dark? Is that Paul and Xmas or Paul and Elena? Is it Kevin and Xmas?

      1. It appears you have the same name as me. I don’t post often but I have used “OhBrother” for many many years on this site. Perhaps great minds think alike or ???

          1. Here’s to great minds!!! Yours has an apostrophe and mine doesn’t….so let’s just carry on. :) Cheers….

  13. Paul is backtracking so much. Jess and Cody were never my favorite but due to Paul’s, Christmas’s, Raven’s and Josh’s actions, i have started to root for Cody and Jess. Since day 1 i didn’t like or trust Raven, she seems to be putting on a sweet girl act. Alex is cruel about Jess, its is understandable why Jess would joke about drowning Alex due to pent up rage from the other day but i don’t think in any way Jess meant it seriously. i do not like this cast very much, Paul is going to waltz right to the final. Christmas should have been removed when her foot broke and is a very mean person. I would like Kevin to win as i cannot stand the majority of this cast and if not Kevin then Jess, Cody, or mark.

  14. If you really paid attention to Jess and the comments she made you’d realize she is really into violent tendencies. She has mentioned several violent things she’d like to do to this person or that person. So, I don’t think she is this little sweet little girl like she would like to portray to the minions.
    Now as to Paul and the mention of his statue. Paul has said he is 5′ 9″ tall to which Kevin said, “You are 6″ shorter than me.” If he is that height than he is 1/2″ shorter than the average American male. He has also commented about his shortcomings in the male anatomy department. Said he doesn’t have much manhood at all. Thus the Napoleon complex comes into play.
    He is a closet bully also only coming out when he feels slighted. In reality he is very insecure about a lot of things. People who are insecure will oftentimes belittle others to make themselves appear to be better/stronger/braver, etc.. It’s the only way they can make themselves feel good about their shortcomings in life. Paul is actually a coward and is totally intimidated by Cody. He’s never admit that in a million years but I guarantee he is totally intimidated. That is why he is putting up Josh to do his dirty business because he is afraid of Cody. Watch him tell others about how he put Cody in his place when in fact he did not do that. Cody isn’t the least bit scared of Paul and would rip him a new a**h*** if they fought. Paul is a big chickensh*t and he’s proving it on tv and the feeds. He is also afraid of Jess but acts like he isn’t. Totally has been intimidated. Not used to people standing up to him and he lashes out like he is doing behind his foe’s back. He can’t belittle Cody to his face but he claimed to his minions he backed Cody down. What a joke that is. Just my 2 cents…

  15. Comparing her joking in a conversation to a group of 8 people plotting to push another gamer to the point of violence is laughable.. Come on guys get real.. You can tell that production told the gnome the reaction he was getting from the live feeds. All of them were told what was being said, that is why they stopped.. If it was not for that Josh would still be beating pans, Paul would still be taunting them, Alex & Raven would still be screeching, Xmas would still be telling them we are doing this for the greater good.. I was team Jalex or Kevin, but they are mindless drones who worship the gnome..

    1. They weren’t trying to get him to become physically violent. They knew there was a small possibility that it might happen because he has an unstable personality but the true purpose of the taunts was to make the house so uncomfortable for him that he’d want to self-evict or leave during the vote on Thursday. Some of you were hearing the words “make him snap” and came to your own conclusions about what that meant.

  16. Can someone tell me if Jason and Mark still have a final 2 deal and if you think Jason will have Mark’s back? I haven’t watched 24/7 lately,but when I do I’m confused on those two.

    1. I don’t think so. . .I think Jason’s planning on F4 with Alex, Josh and Kevin. But, it’s hard to tell with this group.

      1. agree that all 4 of those people want that as a final 4 (but i think paul is better off making a final 3 with matt and raven). i think jason wants alex as his final 2, it’s the only reason he’s cutting her so much slack for her terrible gameplay (targeting dom? putting jess on the block instead of reeling her in? wtf?).

  17. Elena turns my stomach. I think she loves what she is doing to Mark. She is getting the type of attention she needs, to fulfill her desire to be wanted. I think this is something she does all the time. She gets a man hooked then teases and ignores them. She gets a thrill out of making men jealous and acts like she doesn’t know she’s doing it. Mark doesn’t know how to handle it.

    Someone needs to get into Marks head and point this out. I think he is logical and if they show him, he will feel used but, get over it. He’s holdingn on tothe hope that she will want him after the show. That is not going to happen.

    1. It might be a set up for paul so mark is mad at paul and turn. We don’t see everything so I say maybe jess and Elaine plan this. I could be wrong but who knows.

    1. My final 4 too. It would be interesting to see what Paul does when he doesn’t have all these people to protect him. Also love Alex, and Kevin. I just started liking Jason more, especially after his DR session last week about Cody threatening him. And the fact that he doesn’t want to “get or go to jury”. He said screw that, I want to win it all or just go home lol

  18. Oh give it up.

    Jess is laying with Cody and talking about the whole house against them and says “can we just drown alex” and laughs and Cody takes it as banter with a friend and moves on. Was said with no malice at all. Never said to Alex directly as a threat. Also keep in mind Alex has all season made similar comments about Jess. And was one of the main participants in the bullying show that was DIRECTLY to Jessicas face and not said laughing.

    What “the house” did to Cody and Jess was beyond not ok and was a non stop gang up barrage of vile low cuts and yes indeed threats. Trying to compare the two you yourself need to consider getting help.

    1. Seriously? Cody commented that she sounded bitchy he didn’t laugh it off. Her response oh that ship has sailed in terms of keeping her nasty comments to herself shows what type of person she is. Her comments towards her high school friends gaining 6 pounds and they are so fat now and how that makes her happy shows what type of nasty pathetic girl she is. She is a bully in real life as well as the game. She feels better when she puts others down. Stealing a clients credit card to get a bigger tip. Ugh she is so disgusting. She has told Cody she is just in the house to get exposure and air time. Please she is no BB player, she spent the first part of BB on her back in bed with Cody. I much prefer others who are there to actually play the game. I noticed on BB after dark how Cody kept clenching his jaw when he saw Jessica talking to Paul, he has seems controlling and angry all the time. The other house guests see his anti social behavior and want the negative energy gone. If I were Jessica, I would not continue a relationship with him outside of the house. He is just creepy.

      1. She won’t. They might try for a few months, but once she gets a taste of his life in a small town in Texas, she won’t be able to get back to LA and her VIP “clients” fast enough.

        1. There is money in Texas, but the cliental she is use to probably aren’t in Cody’s home town. And once Cody finds out what she really does for a living, he’s not going to keep her and he can’t keep her without $$$. It’s sad, because she is a pretty girl when you take the fake lashes, extensions and caked on makeup off. But when you are ugly on the inside it comes out and shows. She does not need a boob job, her body is just fine. She is very insecure and thinks all that gets you further in life. Wait until he gets knocked up and no daddy around.

          1. What exactly do you know about what she really does? Stop slandering the women for no reason, it’s disgusting and has nothing to do with the game.

            1. First off, there was nothing said that was slandered. She is a VIP Concierge. Her title to her job. She has said it herself, she entertains rich men. Cody would not be happy with those men around her. So, you assumed the worse when nothing of such was said. She brought the info into the game, so yes she will be talked about.

  19. Some Mom’s these days like to compare vibrator brands with their childrens girlfriends/boyfriends.

    1. I teach my children to be open and accept themselves no matter what! It is astonishing how many people get uncomfortable around people that can talk and be open about anything these days. Its crazy to thing some people go around getting upset at other people because they can’t be as free in mind/body/spirit!

        1. Those are the type of girls that have self respect and respect for others and are their own person, don’t need approval of others and could care less what others think of them. They are extremely happy and positive girls! Happiness comes from the inside, not the outside!!

          1. Keep believing that. Those often are the girls who pretend to be pansexual, lust after anime images, and want to kill themselves every other day when the world doesn’t make them “happy.”

            1. That is an interesting perspective you have but not at all descriptive of their chosen life…but even if they did choose to be pansexual and wanted to be lustful then that is THEIR choice. The love life and see everything as a gift and are grateful!!

  20. I am not a fan of anyone in that house, but in all reality, if Paul & Cody teamed up secretly (and kept it a secret!) They would definitely go to the end together. I think it would work for Jessica & Alex also. No one would suspect a Cody/Paul, or Jessica/Alex alliance. Especially since Jessica mentioned wanting Alex dead!

    1. In theory yes. But neither duo, Paul/Cody (Pody) or Jess/Alex (Jex) could see beyond their selfishness to compromise.

  21. Can we get something straight people? Jessica was NOT bullied!!!! A person who is being bullied does not start calling people out and screaming at the bullies. I’m sorry but if you approach a group of people and start calling them names, you better be prepared to get it right back. Hmmnmn?? What a thought?

  22. Lots of people attacking me for lack or inclusion of Side comments in my posts.

    There’s two authors on this blog and they both do updates differently. Look at the Author at the top to find out who wrote it.

    Side comments are just for fun .. if you don’t like them I’m sorry but they are meant to be funny. Maybe this style isn’t for you.

    I own 3 cats now that means cat people lay off me ;)

    1. Is is different people? Saw the same exact comment multiple times just with a different name attached. Could be the same person

        1. Fridge
          August 2, 2017 at 12:41 am

          Yo Mama
          August 2, 2017 at 12:40 am

          Here is 2. It seems they were posting around 12:40 this morning

          1. Yeah they’re the same person.. Thanks for pointing it out. You’re right looks like a copy paste. So far I haven’t run into someone running multiple accounts to back their points up.

    2. Simon and Dawg … the side comments are one of many reasons I come to this site and have I from the start … this is by far the best BB Spoiler site out there! Thank you for your dedication … it must be crazy for you both having families, work and this site (and cats too!) … please keep the side comments going! Actually put more of them in! Love … love … love you guys!

    3. I love all the side comments you and Dawg make. (I don’t always look at the beginning of the recap to see who’s writing it but I can tell the difference in your humor when I’m reading a side comment) Truth is most of them I’ve already thought in my head and if you follow all the recaps, it’s obvious why the side comments are being made.

    4. Too bad this is happening this morning. I do believe they are baiting us and you. It seems to be a copy/paste post with different names. I hope there are not more you are not posting, because you all don’t deserve this.

      For the life of me, I don’t understand how they can have enough extra tine int he day to single someone out this way.

      Be blessed guys!!!

    5. Dear Simon (and Dawg),

      I love your site. You take the time to transcribe the feeds and recap the events of the house. Which is severely time consuming.

      You post all opinions. As you can easily just not post any that you don’t want to post. Even for those criticise your work you still post.

      I thank you.


      Now with that being said…(turning and looking at the joker making a fuss)


      (Stepping down off my soap box…)

    6. Hopefully, I can speak for others and say we enjoy your side comments, Simon. I know they make me laugh. :) Keep up the great work you do for us! And, thanks for sitting through and watching that debacle the other day. (I couldn’t do it.)

    7. I like the side comments, it’s gives the reader insight to see through the bullshit. Side Note: It’s illegal to have more than 2 dogs or 2 cats in the city in which I currently live; You sir, would be an outlaw.

    8. Simon, you and Dawg are fantastic and humorous in transcribing the live feeds for us. Those who do not appreciate the additional commentary can shove it! Thank you both for all the hard work you do in providing us all with a bit of entertainment. And, yes, that includes the comments that I find to be rather hilarious and incredibly pertinent to the house-guest’s respective conversations. Keep up the excellent work!!

    9. Simon you and Dawg are doing a wonderful job. I have been coming to your site since I found it years ago. I have tried other sites, but IMO, they are not on the same level as your site. You guys are #1. Don’t allow a troll to make you think otherwise. Love your input……………please keep it up.
      I also do not believe that Kevin is as naïve about BB as he wants others to believe.

  23. Ok….laughed for about 5 minutes. Jessica-give me the hymen. Cody-you mean the Heisman? Wish Kevin had been around to hear that conversation & explain what the Heimlich maneuver is. He would have tears coming out of his eyes like me. HA! LOL! LMFAO! That was the best! SMH ;)

    Kevin FTW!

  24. And again Paul brings up Cody’s “character in a TV show” comment.

    It’s really eating away at him. He knows he’s playing up to a character (almost a caricature), and he’s been called out on it. Evidently, it really hurts.

  25. Why is it that every season there is only ONE person controlling the entire house??? The last time more than just one person was running everything was with Helen and Amanda. I wish there were more strategic people in this game going for the 500K rather than those who only want to be loved by America and get some jury cash

  26. I just want the little gnome and his four little lap dogs to go! They make it hard to watch! Paul is just a ugly person inside and so insecure! WHy did Grodner not bring back Victor as he would of at least made the house fun instead of little Hitler Paul?

  27. MTV use to have in the early 1990’s The Real World – that was 25 years ago. This is pretty similar only they didn’t vote each other out on that show and they could leave the premises. But hey sure had some crazy TV moments. Back then everyone thought that was cutting edge. Now it’s 2017 and we have BB in prime time – it’s a game show that you are all watching, they are all naughty, they all have major potty mouths, they are locked in a house from dust to dawn, and like all people related shows, they are chosen based on certain traits people that will ensure drama. AND of course they are going to go crazy, gang up on each other, and hear/see things we might not on the feeds. It makes for good TV (bad press is good press). Pick a side, any side….pick a player, any player. Paul said it best (if you are an avid BB watcher you should know this) it will get worse before it gets better. In the meantime if the show is causing you anxiety and you are frustrated maybe you should turn the channel and stop watching the feeds, stop name calling each other, and please stop beating up on Simon who works really hard to try and keep us in the now with this site. No one is going to do what you want them to do even if you think you have powers of telepathic nature. Love or hate how this season is set up or love or hate Paul. The fact is – he has a lot of you talking about him and he is kicking butt (my 2 cents). Cody and Jessica – oye. I’m more impressed that Kevin has remained in the house considering in the past (my recollection) the young ones always boot out the mature adults (talking age here). Paul, Alex, Kevin to the end – may the best person win. (Again just my 2cents).

    1. Real World is still around. And it’s only gotten worse. Difference is, they aren’t in the house for $500k and can leave if they want which has happened when all the people start ganging up on each other.

  28. Not defending jess only. But what people say in this house isn’t as big of a deal as it’s made out by people. So many people must be perfect in their lives I guess. Have you ever been annoyed with someone in your life Or mad at something and then made a rude comment to your friend? I’m sure you have. Only difference is we don’t have cameras on us 24/7. When you’re filmed all day you’re going to end up saying some bad. Wether it be what jess said or what Alex said (something about smashing her head on the toilet or something along that line). What I don’t like is a bunch of grown adults taunting someone and making comments about their military service and trying to actively get them to crack. That is different. This is a game. People will always be “bullies” when they have power, they will always talk crap about each other. but the other day was too much. And in all honesty after that day, if i was jess I probably would have said A LOT worse

  29. After a few days of largely favorable sympathy, Jessica is again displaying her cattiness and arrogance that put her in such disfavor with viewers for the first month.

  30. Simon and Dawg. I have been coming to your site for many years….love your site and love your comments Simon.

  31. I would not want to get concierged by Jess. There are plenty of better looking women in Vegas who will concierge you for $50. I think she mostly concierges Chinese guys.

  32. I think Paul was telling the truth about not hating players outside the game. He is very good friends with Nicole didn’t she say in an interview she talks to him like everyday! I don’t think he is friends with everyone from his season last time but I definitely don’t think he hates anyone or bullies them outside the game. I think for Paul he draws a line in the house he thinks he can do whatever and treat people however, but outside the game he doesn’t act like that. With that being said I don’t think he will be Cody’s best friend but he will be civil and have conversations with him outside. Paulie last year was similar to Cody this year in Paul’s brain and I never heard him talking c*ap about Paulie outside the game. I used to like Paul last season and while I think most of his “meanness and bullying” this season are mostly game I don’t really like the strategy as I think it goes too far. Although I go back and forth as I feel like Paul would already be out of this game if he didn’t do some crazy antics as he has been doing as I believe it’s all to get the focus off him even if it’s not really his true self! And as a vet you must do something or you are out real quick!

  33. Yesterday morning, Jody were talking and Jess said she will be in the BB house for 51 days (figuring out the $$$). Cody then said something along the lines of, “And I’ll be right behind you. No way I’m staying here without you.” Just wondering if anyone else caught that. It seemed to me that he was talking about self-evicting. . . ?

  34. I would love for once to have production not step in and let the next HOH comp play out however the chips fall. It would be great to see someone like Kevin or Jason to win HOH and see what moves they make. Jason listens to Alex yes..but still knows only 1 person can win. And Kevin has been secretly doing his own thing all season. It would be nice to not have to watch the Paul/Jess/Cody show for a week!

    1. Kevin has no incentive to win HoH, Don’t think Jason does either as both of them are far from targets right now. Those two will wait a bit before making a move.

  35. I think anyone who is a fan of “JODY” should be excited.

    I hate to think anything is rigged but RATINGS are RATINGS and no question “JODY” or Mark and I even think Elana adds tons of drama for them in this rather BORING Season.

    Having Paul, Alex, Christmas, Raven on the block or any combo with Paul being possibly back doored will make for good television and maybe switch up the dynamics enough to make this interesting,

    I would think the show is actively thinking how they should play this week after the Hex is used and wouldnt shock me if producers have giving not so subtle clues to certain players to anticipate to make certain game moves to make this happen.

    You should expect that everyone will be able to compete in the HOH competition the same way Chima in season 11 was allowed to play for HOH when Jeff used the Cou[ D’Etat power and got to totally wipe out Chima’s HOH.

    With that being said fully expect the HOH comp to be endurance but endurance involving athleticism, like sliding across a slippery floor for hours trying to fill up a tank of juice with a table spoon. I full expect them to really give Cody a more than a shot up against so many other house guests.

    So IMHO Jody fans should be excited for next week.

  36. Are you people crazy! I don’t want the bullying to stop on either side. Jessica and Cody have said all sorts of terrible things and Paul and the minions have done the same and others are to afraid to say something to either side even when they know it is going too far. How are you not entertained? I love it. I can’t pick someone I like this year at all. Let them go at it. Don’t tell CBS to stop them. This is amazing to watch. I don’t care what life is like for them outside the show. They signed up for this show. This is like the Stanford Prison experiment. Let us see how far both sides will go and how low people can sink for half a mil. BTW this is my first ever post! I can’t wait to see how CBS cuts it. Does anyone remember how they had to cut the season when there was a writers strike? I still laugh about it. Long live BB!

  37. I have my opinion just like everyone else.
    I feel what Paul did was completely in the wrong and far worse than anything Jessica said or Cody said or the both of them have done !
    Paul wanted a mob to go after Jessica and Cody to break them down all at once in that House. Verbally attacking them aggressively every chance they got. First it started with Mark and when the DR told Josh to stop with Mark then Paul turned his attention to Jessica and Cody. When Jody ignored everyone it got even more personal and they attacked Cody’s military record and status – Which if you know any Veterans ( and Xmas does ) You never attack a Vets Service in the Military EVER !!!
    So what if Jessica and Cody insulted others in the House ?! Every single person in that House has insulted someone in that House at some point with Vile things. But Jody doesn’t gang up on people 6-2 or 10-2. I don’t condone what Jessica said about Alex but Alex has said some hateful things about Jessica like the head in the toilet – so Tit for Tat !!! Alex is no saint.
    And people need to stop using Jessica’s work, VIP ( whatever ) as a reason she should be thinking less about herself or her Mom should be ashamed of her ! Really ?? How Sad !!! How do you know what she does for a living ??? You look like asses in the process. Who cares, if she wants to suck a D**k while pouring The Krug Clos d’Ambonnay Champaigne – all the more power to her, that’s her business !
    The more pressing matter is, since the blow up with Paul and his minions in the backyard the other night going after Cody’s military record, Twitter has been blowing up at CBS !
    They have been calling out CBS and telling them to Evict Paul and also telling them to not give Paul a good edit for Wed. or Thursday’s show. They are mad as Hell on Twitter and people have been cancelling subscriptions to the Live Feeds. ( Not to mention a ton of Vets posting tweets )
    So I ask you – With CBS trying to go to more of an online presence and social media being so big these days, will they get the message from Twitter and other social media outlets like FB that Paul isn’t liked much right now ?? Because if they don’t it may hurt CBS in the long run.

    1. Nothing bad was said about the military or serving in the military. Simply questioning someone’s service in the game of Big Brother (where people lie about everything including their occupations) is really not that big of a deal. All these people that are getting offended are really giving us vets a bad name. We can fight our own battles. What happened the other night was NOT a battle. Please quit making us seem like whiny pu$$ies by “defending our honor” and calling CBS. I served for 8 years…people can question it all they want and I can handle it without getting on twitter.

  38. Josh is so manic, one minute he’s going off on Mark and the next minute he’s his BFF. It really is very sad, the kid needs meds very badly.

  39. Ok first I love the side comments. I do not have the live feeds so I feel the side comments help at times to understand what is going on. Second I am looking forward to seeing what happens next week. Assuming the hex is used this Thursday it will be interesting to see how the house deals with it during this next week (ie If it causes some of the house guest to flip or not).

  40. Ok first I love the side comments. I do not have the live feeds so I feel the side comments help at times to understand what is going on. Second I am looking forward to seeing what happens next week. Assuming the hex is used this Thursday it will be interesting to see how the house deals with it during this next week (ie If it causes some of the house guest to flip or not).

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