Jason – His [Ole] balls weigh 5lbs a piece. he’s kicked me a thousand times.. kicked me, bit me, hooked me

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12:03pm Alex and Jason
Alex – you want to go to Blizzcon we can go to Blizzcon
Jason – I don’t have a clue what that is
Alex – it’s where they premiere like Video games
Jason – no I do not want to go there
Alex – You’re so lame

Jason – You want to go feed the bulls.. Because that’s not lame.. You can literally die at any second What the f* are you going to do at a “Blizzzzzz-CON”
Alex – It’s where everybody releases the games
Jason – and give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome and make your eyes go cross..
Alex – so not it’s Peta, the Hawaiians, the koreans, the chinese, the filipinos, and now Gamers.. You know Gamers troll the internets so good luck with that one on Reddit..
Jason well you’re doing a shitty job of representing them

Alex – OHHH am I. I got 2 of these for you
They go back to studying..

12:16pm Kevin and JOsh join them.. they start talking their lives on the outside..
Kevin asks if he’ll ever castrate Ole
Jason says no they go into a Bulls temperament conversation. Jason gives us said TMI about Ole.. “His balls weigh 5lbs a piece.. they’re that f*ing big each.. he’s kicked me a thousand times.. kicked me, bit me, hooked me”

12:24pm Showmancing
Cody talks about being fascinated with Reality TV early on especially Big Brother..
Cody says people respect Jessica for standing by him and not laying down.

1:09pm Joking around..
Everyone joking around.. Mostly Jason talking about his crazy life..
Jason – I once had to sh1t in my hat..
Everyone laughing..
Jason talking about Venture hats made the “Baddest asses hats”
Jason – heats bad for a hat.. you leave your hat in the pickup.. It’s done

1:38pm Raven and Matt HOH

Raven – If someone puts me on the block I’m not going to get in their face..
Raven – No it’s part of the game… I’m going to give them a hug and be like OK
Raven – I’m not going to get in someone face because they didn’t vote teh way I wanted

Raven – that’s not the game.. you know.. people can blindside each other.. it’s literally the game

Matt – if I go home next week fine whatever…
Matt – to think Cody will get a jury spot over Alex or Jason.. or Kevin.. someone that deserves to be here that has played a good game and done what they are supposed to do (LOL done as there told)
Raven – it’s upsetting
Raven use to want Jessica in the Jury house because she’s a fun girls but not any more
Matt – if she uses the Hex she’s sacrificing everyone’s jury spot
Raven – Yeah, I could care less
Raven – use the Hex that’s the final nail in your coffin with everybody.. it’s very selfish .. (using the HEX is selfish.. ZOMG)

Matt is saying that Cody “Suffers from PTSD”
Matt – that’s no excuse..
Feeds cut..

(Matt is telling a story about production)
Matt – it was funny yesterday, after we had that conversation in the rose room”
Matt – Jordan I apologize… Jordan called me into the rose room specifically to say. Matt if you have a conversation with Cody or Jessica please do not bring up actual physical violence in the conversation”
Feeds cut..

Raven – I’m sure Jessica and Cody got talked to when they got in people’s faces..

Matt says every game play move that Jessica and Cody made has completely fallen on its’ face. Matt lists all the failures in the game by Cody/Jessica.
Matt – I literally gave Cody the opportunity to be HOH.. and you…
Raven – disregard it..
Matt says Cody must be thoroughly embarrassed by himself.
Matt – Don’t call Josh a coward.. you have no class no tack..

2:47pm Jason and Mark
Mark says his number 1 priority is to win the HOH tomorrow so he can put up Jessica/Cody and clear his name.
Jason – I think you’re in trouble right now.. you’re not First.. that’s Jessica and Cody..

Mark – Paul and Elena are closer than me and Paul..
Mark – Alex is very hesitate with me
Jason – don’t do the game play that makes her super f*ing Leary
Mark – I never do the game play

Mark says once Cody and Jessica leaves he’s going to be public enemy number one.

Mark says Matt and Raven go wherever the numbers are.
Jason – they’re floating along..
Mark – you and Alex actually compete

Mark – how do you feel about Paul
Jason – Paul knows the game and he wants to win
Jason – Do I think I can beat Paul… no he’s got a ind like a steel trap

Mark says it f*ing kills him the way “Elena has hung me out to dry”
Jason says Mark and Elena is good for them because it makes Matt, Elena and raven a Super target.

Alex joins them, says Jessica used all the ice.
Jason says she does that on purpose.

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Go Elena.

I love that girls and the guts she has in this game.

Play it like a playa babe!


You mean she is playing like a whore looking for a $20 bill… Lost ALL respect when she jumped on Paul’s junk…


I hate double standards. A guy that jumps a girl is fine, but a girl jumps a guy and suddenly she’s a whore?


No, it goes both ways!! Smooching up on Mark and now rubbing all over Paul. If it was a guy I would say the exact same thing.

Art Vandaly

After Paul, she’ll be rubbing up on Josh.

George Costanza

I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Yes, yes, that’s how it works.


There are no real heroes this year. America’s favorite player will be the refrigerator!


I’m voting Josh for America’s Favorite Player; He’s an imbecilic genius.


Ummmm. Genius I am not sure is the proper way to describe Josh. At least I have never even seen an indication of that. It will be a miracle if he stumbles his way into the finale


Genius I am not sure is the proper way to describe Josh. At least I have never even seen an indication of that. It will be a miracle if he stumbles his way into the finale



Sir Loin of Beef

I’m voting for “Linda the Rodeo Chicken!” Cluck You Jason!


No, it will be zingbot as Americans favorite!


Zingbot has one heck of a cast to work with this year. They’ll have to make it a double show to fit all of the insults in.


Hi I hope Zingbot shame all of them over the coals for following Paul


I hope Zingbot makes Josh cry. Lol


This will 100% happen I would bet my life on it


If not Zingbot, can we please give it to Cameron !! That would really send a message to the cast and CBS.

Smitten Kitten

America’s favorite player will be Zing Bot.

I cannot wait to hear what he has to say about Raven, Matt & Josh!


I think the hero or heroine is in Jess’s belly. Not a joke, I think she’s pregnant or at least she is aware of the signs and is acting but doubt it.

Melissa please

Her lips are deflating – come on – show sympathy.


Totally agree ! So she’s seriously with Paul now ?? How disgusting ! Poor Mark ? Elena ….WOW


Trolling for thumbs down?

Susan limle

She is absolutely grotesque!! Her only value she can see in herself are those books of hers…sad.


She is one of the worst players ever, but that doesn’t say much when we look at this season’s cast.

Respect Jessica!!!

lol Cody no one in their right mind respects Jessica. You’re just trying to justify ruining her game. She’s awful. And you were right last night when u told her to stop with threatening to kill Alex because that’s not a good look for her but it’s too late. That’s who she is and you guys are perfect for eachother. Both b*tchey and crazy and way to aggressive


They only one I half way respect is Kevin and maybe Jason. BB has sunk to a new low with the house guests they selected this season. I couldn’t stand Paul last season, but this season he’s much worse. They should have brought Victor back if they insisted on someone.


Jason is a puppet with strings only does what Alex tells him to do


I’m starting to think that Cody is the one who will get abused and in jeopardy for his life when he and Jessica gets married. I think she’s a secret maniac who will get back at Cody and cause him all kinds of hell if he did hit her. Besides secretly thinking of ways to kill Cody in his sleep or in public, Jessica will eventually snap and take Cody out


I think it goes both ways. 50/50 both highly likely.

Your dumb

Lol Jessica and Cody Married. Like that could happen!!


Stupid is stupid does!


Let’s not forget how she would literally sh.t on someone’s face. Nasty girl


So…Cameron for America’s Favorite?


This is funny because right now, he may really be my favorite.

I hope you are seeing this Cameron. I don’t think the house underestimated you when they got you out. You are competent.


I’ve always felt they will bring the one and done people back for a season.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

That would be fun, if they evicted them all at the beginning and then brought in a new cast or all-stars.


It would be better than this season!

Also, it would be awesome to give them all another chance, I mean if Paul got a second chance….


Jason is my favorite so far, with Kevin being next.


I’m on for that. Would send a great message.


? ? ?_? ?? CODY AND JESS TAKE MY ENERGY ? ? ?_? ??


Energy Vampire

You allow other people to take your energy? Wow that must be draining to allow others to affect you that much.


They need to stop seriously messing with the Dam Marine..he knows its a game..he said it himself tonight he does not think he can win how sad to knows everyone HATES him…. so what does he have to lose?.so why in the Hell are you constantly pushing his buttons..because we just might get a full on SNAP.TV.and i would not blame him..(CBS) ( ANTI BULLYING)nobody should endure all that bullying..

Matt's third shirt

I really love the fact that Paul has won HOH TWICE and has sent home ZERO people 😛


He did make Jessica use up her temptation though since it can only be used once. It will be interesting to see who takes out Paul, Cody, & Jessica because right now I do not see any of them lasting until the finale


No, he sent Cody home. Production brought him back. What I love is that. Jody won HOH twice, couldn’t get Paul out, and only managed to get rid of Jillian and Ramsey, two people the main group didn’t have any use for, lol. Now that’s hilarious


Correction: Cody has yet to be sent home. He was present for today’s attendance.


Sorry Cody don’t respect Jessica because all she has done is laid down.
Jody is soooo boring. Losing brain cells listening to them.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

I wonder what will happen first.
Thumbs up Matt wearing the third shirt again?
Thumbs down Paul getting HOH and evicting someone?

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Hmm…like Matt’s Third shirt this reply seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.


Get a t-shirt cannon and start lobbing them into the backyard. Just have Matt on all of them.




I dislike Jessica & Cody! Jessica is a sexual predator…sticking her finger in everyone’s a$$!
I think they are the bullies of the house..can’t wait for Jessica to go home , NOT to jury!!!


Sexual predator my ass!


That’s the spot she likes!


Why didn’t Paul and all the HG’s get Production to tell Jess to stop?

Sir Loin of Beef

With everybody’s head so far up Paul’s ass, I don’t see how there was any room left for Jess’ finger!

I like cheese

I wish I could like this comment more than once.


these people are so dumb, paul is schooling them all. jess and cody know this and matt an raven wtf they do nothing but bitch about cody an jess, pauls puppets!!!


I’ve never seen her do this. Can someone describe her tactic? Does she jump on them and stick her hand down their pants? Does she approach them in the shower or when they are bending over? Or when they were sleeping? I mean is she literally inserting her finger into a naked butt hole?

How is that fair?

Yes, she is literally inserting her finger. She’ll take it any way she can get it but her typical tactic is to come up behind them while their back is turned and slip it in while they are unaware of her presence behind them. Most of them have loose fitting shorts on so her hand slips down there with ease. A few people have told her they don’t like it but she continues to do it because this is her “signature” of sorts. I have been bullied and I have had a prostate exam…I’ll take bullying all day everyday as opposed to being penetrated. The only way you could think the bullying is worse is if you’ve never violated in such a manner. Well, unless you like that sort of thing but these guys say they don’t.

rlly tho..?

Jodys soo boring yet the house had FULL R-TARD mode not TOO long ago when Paul & the minionsn(this is how the rest of the guys nearly always gets described now…) were sitting around 24/7 wallowing on Paul’s nutsack waiting for his next order like lost lackeys.

How can you call the only real threats boring, useless & hateable..? I get not liking them to an extent or whatever but hating them over the confused vultures festering over Paul’s hypnotic short-man syndrome confuses me. Grow up! This show would suck without Jody. (For some reason this triggers you)

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Please, the rest of the house is frothing at the mouth to tear each other apart.


You grow up! They are sooooo boring on feeds. You may enjoy listening to them talk about baby names because she might be pregnant, or the biggest thing Cody is taking away from this experience is now he can take his shirt off at family barbecues.
I personally like strategic game play & these 2 have zero game unless you include sex.


Pathetic pair

Free will

Hmmmm. Apparently you sat there anyway listening to their entire conversation. There is a concept you might want to try, it’s call Free Will. It entitles you to switch to a different camera and spend your time listening to teeney weenie Paul drone on and on and on about the couple you hate so much. Unless you prefer the screaming Ravin, filthy mouth Alex or man child Josh?


Simon/Dawg, after reading many comments from the last post, is it possible to stop all those that post from the same IP address that keep changing their names? Might be too time consuming, just curious.

rusty shackleford

You really are a fan of big brother…


It’s Paul’s sister posting over and over Trying to do damage control


As for the “curse” portion of this reward, it was the “Temptation Competition” being added to the game for the next few weeks. This is what that have on big brother network explaining what happens when someone took the hex temptation ( the curse is temptation competition. Why are the HG still thinking that when Jessica uses it this Thursday something is to be unleashed in house?


Cause Xmas likes the DRAMA. She is the Drama Mama of the house.


“Cody talks about being fascinated with Reality TV early on especially Big Brother..”

I would’ve never thought Cody watched the show after the mistake h made week one going after Paul, even anyone who watches the show knows Vets are protected the 1st few weeks, not always but power neither but DR manipulation, which seems to work A LOT in favor of vets & favorites.

“Cody says people respect Jessica for standing by him and not laying down.”

Don’t flatter yourself Cody, America always falls for the underdogs, it has absolutely nothing to do with respect, most of America didn’t like Jody until they were 2 against the entire house, a spot Jody put themselves in after week 1. And if it wasn’t for the hex Jessica would’ve laid down after Cody left again for good, another reason why Jody didn’t “crack” was because they knew they were safe this week.


cody’s mistake wasn’t taking a swing at paul, it was not cluing in his alliance (and then putting up xmas instead of someone they had discussed). putting up paul was salvageable if he talked to his alliance before or after, instead he just ran off to make out with jessica.


Favorite is my Kevin.
I am dumbfounded at what happened with Alex. She is not the same person that was in the house the first 2-3 weeks. I was totally rooting for her. She was completely against Paul, she didn’t seem so verbally aggressive and angry,, and she was a great competitor. Paul has made such a big deal about something that Cody said Week One, Alex has made a crazy big deal about her cat ears, and no one has called Alex out for her plotting against Paul…..yet. That revelation would be a fun one to watch.


It’s all part of Alex’s master plan.

Alex – “we’ll move into their collective and we’ll annihilate them”

July 13, 2017 Simon Big Brother

BB fan 4real

Yeah Kevin

BB fan 4real

Jessica and Cody make want to retch.They aren’t playing a game they are only getting laid!


But Matt and Raven getting laid is OK with you cause they’re playing a phenomenal game?

Same Ol Same Ol

Wasn’t that Nicole’s strategy last year?

Big man dance

Matt and raven shut up. Ramses is ranked ahead of you two on the ranking grid and he’s not even in the game lol.

Sick And Tired

I can’t wait until a few of Paul’s minions start having whispered conversations that start with, “Ya know, if we don’t get Paul out, he’s gonna win this thing.” I’d hoped that Alex would be the one leading the charge but now she’s just another mindless Paul worshiper.


i think kevin and jason realize this. maybe matt. but i think alex, josh, xmas, and raven have no clue.

Judgmental Judy

I thought Elena was a smart girl. Not understanding her fascination with Paul. I agree and think perhaps Kevin & Jason are biding their time. I”d include Matt in this but he’s with Raven, so….


Alex said “none of us can win the game without Paul” she’s useless and snotty

BB fan 4real

White trash Jessica and dumb dumb laying all over each other WOW what great players.Take your thumb out of his ass and try using your brain stupid! BORING!

The Brain Called

So you are claiming someone else use their brain, while you still use words like “white trash” and “dumb dumb”….maybe you should look in the mirror first before you go around judging others use of their brain.


Why do you have a brain? Doubt it

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Please excuse my language but who in the hell is giving Raven any votes on the ranking grid? There is no one, absolutely no one, that even comes close to being as despicable as she is. Raven should be rock bottom on the grid.

Ravens Phony

Ravens mother


“Matt says every game play move that Jessica and Cody made has completely fallen on its’ face. Matt lists all the failures in the game by Cody/Jessica.”

Well Matt, it’s better to try and fail then to never try.


Well, he has been able to eat cereal on a daily basis without spilling anything on his shirt(s). For Matt, that is an impressive accomplishment.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Is there absolutely no self awareness in these house guests? Its like the Twilight Zone Season of Big Brother, everything anyone says about another house guest, they actually mean themselves. CBS and Big Brother no longer chooses house guests to accurately represent society, they just want to cater to 20-somethings that have no self awareness. These people are on camera 24/7 and I believe most of them are clueless to themselves and what they are doing/saying.


I think after being chastised by production, they are trying to reinvent history and make themselves look better.

I really think it would have been a better season if Paul hadn’t returned. Futile but interesting to think how the strategies would be different if they hadn’t let Paul control the game.

Judgemental Judy

I love all the character assassination & PTSD diagnoses from the house guests on Cody. All Cody said to Paul in the HOH room was “FU, Paul!”. He didn’t strike a blow, it wasn’t nearly as explosive as Josh since day 1, the insult of coward has been thrown around from Josh to Cody, from Josh to Mark, from Paul to Cody, from Christmas to Cody, I can’t keep track. They slut shame Jessica, but not Raven? They rile Josh up to do their dirty work (& I do think he’s a moron); they claim Jody bullied Josh; they talk about Josh like a dog behind his back… No self awareness.


Why do these people think they are “owed the JH”? If you want the JH you should have to play the game! Laying around is not playing the game.
Jess is allowed to play her HEX………for what she thinks will benefit “her” game. Jess is being selfish………really! This year are way too many delusional people laying around.


i’d love an america votes in who makes the jury house system. matt and raven would be screwed while cameron and ramses would be in.

Jessica Is So Selfish (EyeRoll)

Seriously have we hit a new low in game play when other house guests feel that the other house guests “owe” them something, like making it to jury? Jessica is selfish because she received a temptation from America.

Wow this is an all time new low of game play and self entitlement from the house guests this year, like another player in the game owes you jury? What am I watching, this is no longer Big Brother, should be called Big Entitled Adults, do they not realize they have to actually play or is this just CBS summer camp?

Judgmental Judy

Right, and if Jessica’s being selfish by using her hex, then Paul was selfish for using his 3 week protection from the block. And Raven is selfish for having 2 hearts. And Matt is selfish for having 2 shirts. And Elena is selfish for having 2 Showmances. And Josh is selfish for having 2 brain cells.


LOL! 2 shirts! Love it


What has Matt and Raven done in this game to make them think they deserve jury?

Jessica Is So Selfish (EyeRoll)

If you look at it from a different perspective Matt and Raven have done a lot in this game. A lot of self entitlement talking that is…..

This season may just crush the Big Brother franchise as it is very poorly casted and scripted.


Think of the showmances the last few seasons and even the ones this season.

Cody and Jess are to me the most real of any the last several seasons. They honestly seem to care about eachother. Most of u dnt see it but Jess is down deep maybe the sweetest girl with brains that has ever been on the show. And Cody is socially awkward but loyal as fk. If I’m to have a beer with 2 dudes in that house it’s Cody and Kevin.

Pauls whole game this season is saying “I have played this game before and I have intel I can’t say but will use later if I need to” and everyone but Jess, Cody, Kevin and Jason are like “whoah we better follow his every word he has that experience and intel he can get me far” His game was strong second half of last season. This season he a joke and I promise you he won’t win. He also says that often to manipulate ppl. “I know I can’t win” when he damn well thinks he is going to win. But all his minions think he will get me to F2 then I will beat him in votes and win.




Im no Jessica fan, but it would be stupid for her not to use the Hex. Matt is delusional. The hex gives Jess and Cody another week in the house and possible longer if they win HOH. This is a game, all about how long you last and it can change every week. Jess and Cody are 2 people that have already won HOH’s each, so they could stay longer if they keep winning HOH back to back.


Raven- “use the Hex that’s the final nail in your coffin with everybody.. it’s very selfish”.

What planet is she from?



Sarah Huckabee Sanders wonky eye

Arkansas, eh? Was that her Dad that has been arrested for trespassing onto his neighbors property in order to sexually assault their donkeys? charged with four counts of bestiality, four counts of criminal trespassing and four counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals. True story!

Sir Loin of Beef


Game Playa

All these HG suck. Makes me think production purposely picked the worst players to help guarantee a Paul win.


If Cody or Jessica win this next HOH then it is rigged not unless it’s a crap shoot.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Paul can’t play and all of his slaves suck at comps. Unless it is a crap shoot there’s a pretty good chance Cody or Jess will win without a fix.


cody, jess and Paul are the only ones playing this game with the hands they are felt. The rest are just spectators.


The bb casting director needs to get evicted next.

Paul's Sister

I’m actually enjoying the cast.


(Just saw your name)

…or says the casting director.

A Big Brother 20 Suggestion

Here is a suggestion for Big Brother 20. Lets say they do 16 house guests again, CBS should have 2-3 cast members that while not making the Big Brother show, sit already in the jury house with the chance to get into the game.

How would they get in the game, well let fans vote and if a certain player that is in the BB house is not playing at all or just being a floater can be evicted by the viewers and swapped with a person waiting on the sidelines. If the house guests knew this was a possibility to be voted out by the viewers, you can darn well assure it will motivate players in there to will not just try to make it to jury.


I’m dying to know what side mark is really on.


So is he.

Sir Loin of Beef



Do all of the JODY lovers forget how they abused Josh? They deserve everything they are getting, they are truly bullies.


“Matt – Jordan I apologize… Jordan called me into the rose room specifically to say. Matt if you have a conversation with Cody or Jessica please do not bring up actual physical violence in the conversation”

Looks like a “production coverup”? ?

No Cover Up

It’s not a cover up, BB is scripted and production influenced. Just go on Youtube, there are countless videos describing how production influences the show, influencing house guests to vote a certain way or for the HOH to nominate a certain way. BB in no way is random anymore and it seems production doesn’t even try to hide this fact anymore.


More likely production is talking to them and trying to dial down the aggression before someone gets violent or walks out of the game. Imagine if 3-4 folks walk out then production will have to scramble to fill out the season.

Damage control

They constantly cut the feeds to hide the hate and nasty comments about Cody and especially comments on his military service. Trying to cover up so production can edit to make them look good. Ugh


Are we still talking about the Hex? That’s so over. Next!


Hey could someone answer my question…. last episode I watched, Mark was in an “alliance” with Jessica & Cody or at least not feeling Paul and the rest of the house. What happened? Is he playing Jason? Or is he really against Jessica and Cody again?
Thx !


As much as I love BB.. I feel like this season has just been a blur of blushering drama. I was Paul’s biggest fan last year… I am rallying for him this year but at the same time… come on BB… let’s chill on these showmances… it waters it down so much… if I wanted to watch the bachelor, I would. I feel like this isn’t a game anymore. It’s a hook up and whose hook up can last the longest…

PLEASE start playing the game

I’ve been watching BB since I think BB8 and this season is TERRIBLE !!!!! I’ve been pushed before to the point that I get tired of watching…..but still continue, Now, I am sooooooo close to just saying “screw it I’m done” I have always watched the show and BBAD. now with these idiots I’m turning off BBAD most every night cause I am so sick of this cast. No, I dont like Jess and Cody just laying in bed,it’s boring,. BUT the other houseguests are so under Paul’s thumb that Jess and Cody couldn’t talk to anyone anyway. Paul wouldn’t allow it. I’m hoping for Jess or Cody to win the HOH and put Alex and Paul up. Once Paul leaves I THINK we can actually see the game of BB being played again. and… THE REASON EVERYONE WANTS THEM OUT IS BECAUSE PAUL CAN’T CONTROL THEM ( Like Ramsees ) and they’re the only ones that would put him up. Anyway if something doesn’t happen soon I’m outta here …..never cared.