Jared “Its disgusting you manipulated Joel. He was in tears after you brainwashed him”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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11:30am Loveita tells Jared that she isn’t going to go to bat to fight for Kelsey. She says she didn’t have a hand in his nominations. She tells him that she hasn’t thrown any shots at him. Jared tells Loveita that its disgusting that you manipulated Joel. I watched Joel walk down the stairs in tears after you brainwashed him. Jared tells her she’s disgusting.
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Loveita heads into the HOH room. She starts crying and repeats what just happened with Jared. Loveita gets up and says that she’s going to go to the diary room and leave. I’m done with this. Joel suggests that he goes to get them (Jared, Kelsey, Raul) and tell them this was my decision. Loveita says I’m not going to be slandered on tv. He called you gullible. Joel goes and tells Jared in the bathroom that he made his own decision. I make my own decision. Kelsey says its not that. Its that she looked us in the eye last week and made a deal with us to go to jury together. She thinks she’s the puppet master. Joel says everybody has a mind of their own and makes their own decision. Joel leaves. Jared says well that f**ked us over. I was sticking up for him and now just because she’s in there crying I look like the bad guy.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-19 08-35-23-770

11:50am – 12:50pm HOH room – Joel heads back into the HOH room. Joel tells Loveita what he told Jared. Loveita says this is just breaking me down as a person and I didn’t sign up to be broken down. Cassandra says you’re in a tough situation, you won the first HOH and the third HOH. If you win next, I might be up on the block. You treated me like sh*t last week. People talk bad about everyone. People think that I’m a big dumb backstabbing.. Its all lies! We’re so engulfed in this world that we forget about the outside world. Loveita says I just want to go home. Joel says there are people that will fight hard for you and lobby for you to be here and I am one of them. Cassandra says you really f**ked up my game last week. Loveita says people say Joel is gullible. I am gullible. I am beyond this experience. I’m over it. Cassandra says girls gossip and guys fight it out and they’re over it. We need to cut it out. People talk so much crap about you and I sift it out. Cassandra says I want to get to the point where I don’t put you up on the block. I know an eye for an eye but I don’t want that. Loveita and Cassandra talk out their issues. Cassandra says you’re not an easy person to align with because you think too much but you’re loyal. Cassandra says if you and me do fight people will know its fake. Loveita asks her who she trusts. Cassandra says she trusts Joel and Tim. Loveita says she trusts Joel too. Loveita and Cassandra agree not to have any more fake fights. Cassandra tells Loveita that Tim voted for her go to make it look like it was a split vote. Don’t tell anyone.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-19 08-43-24-271

12:55pm Joel tells Loveita he is going to be counting on her for next week because I can’t play for HOH. Loveita says I pretty much have to win next week. I’m going to do whatever you want me to do. I will vote for how you want out of this game. You just sealed two votes in this game. Cassandra joins them again and then leaves. Loveita tells Joel I trust her because you trust her. I hate how I feel like they intimidate me. Like I feel like I can’t even get myself food. Joel says well that’s even more incentive to get them out. Loveita says Jared has a lot of hatred and anger. No that’s not nice to say. He holds grudges just like Kelsey. Joel says its better for my game if Kelsey goes home.

1:10pm Bathroom – Cassandra tells Jared about how Loveita came into the HOH room crying and cried for a half hour. Jared says crocodile tears. Cassandra talks about how she and Loveita talked this out and agreed to be civil. Jared leaves. Kelsey tells Cassandra that the brothers told Tim that they couldn’t work with him because he is friends with us but Jared was like I thought the brothers were working with us.

1:15pm In the kitchen – Jared tells Loveita I’m sorry for yelling at you. Loveita says I’m sorry. You were in the same position I was in last week. It wasn’t my intention going into that conversation. I’m sorry. Loveita says I’m sorry too. Jared and Kelsey head to the couch to talk. Kelsey says she is going to really miss Rual if he goes. Jared tells Kelsey she’s better at competitions. Kelsey says he holds his own.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-19 10-14-37-338

1:45pm – 1:50pm In the high roller room – Jared tells Kelsey he is very attracted to her. He tells her we’ve got to win. Kelsey says I feel like I should want it more. Jared says you should. Kelsey says some people plot and scheme all day and I’m just more lets see what happens and have fun. I feel like if I go home it will be all guys. Jared says I just hate being in our position. I hate being down. Kelsey says she hates being on the block, like try something new. Why are they scared of those people. Jared says I just view us as the nicer people in the group and them just like the a$$holes. Kelsey says me too. Kelsey says it feels like it was good against evil and they chose evil. Jared agrees. Kelsey says its nice that you apologized to Loveita but I’m just over her. Don’t say you want to work with us and then not the minute someone else is in power.

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I’m so over Loveita and Kelsey and their crocodile tears. They are two sides of the same coin. They both need to go.


I truly hate Cassandra. Cannot wait until she gets evicted.


i don’t really hater her but getting tired of her princess act and i wish someone would stand up and tell her to get off her ass and start doing stuff on her own like making her own food its time she grew up


I agree. Hate is too strong an emotion and over what? It’s just a game.


I couldn’t agree more D. I’ve noticed since I started watching and following BB blogs (with BB16) that Big Brother attracts some nasty people.

People constantly post hate speech in the messages they leave here and on other boards. I may have HG that annoy me, but I’ve never called a HG a c**t for example. Seriously who does that?

These are people playing a game, and we know absolutely nothing about those lives outside of the game. People take this show way too seriously. This isn’t BB15 with a house filled with genuinely vile people.

If you don’t like how someone is playing the game (I personally can’t stand Loveita’s) that’s fine. But don’t sit here and trash people you don’t even know to make yourself feel better about the kind of person you are.


This season is pretty much BB15 all over again!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Loveita should be taken to the toilet and silently extinguished. Thank you


Finally some action this season. I don’t know what happened at the HN competition but I hope they show it, because it has kicked this group into playing the game. I hope this BIG twist coming up doesn’t screw things up.


I’m loving the idea of this potential Cassandra/Loveita/Joel teamup . those were good conversations. guess we’ll have to wait and see when things get crazy

Over sensitive HGs

I hate how entitled the Jared crew is like wtf just bc you thought your nonexistent relationship with Joel was great doesn’t mean it was and what do they expect they’re the closest group in the house and they constantly isolate themselves no one wants to be 4th or 5th in a solid group of 3. It’s not personal its strategy get over yourselves ugh


I agreed. I have never been so infuriated by an alliance. They don’t even want to play the game, they just want everyone to lie down and let them do whatever they want. All three of them walk around like peacocks and then blame everyone but themselves when they are very rightfully targeted. i like strategic players, not players who immediately think someone is an evil bitch for doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. I would hate for any of them to win.


I think what makes this week more comedic then anything else is that the twist for the DE next Thrusday is that it is a fake one and the people/person evicted will eventually come back into the house.

Joel will have shown his cards for no reason at all. Next week is going to be priceless.


Fake evictions are BS. They go against the basic premise of the game, which is win HOH and nominate 2 people to be evicted. It makes the HOH that week meaningless.The fake evictee is also often given the ability to listen and watch the of HGs while in exile, given them a definite advantage. It has been used a few times in BB UK. Once they were faced with a class action lawsuit (in the UK the public votes and are charged per call) for defrauding the public which they settled by refunding all the money and another it lead to the biggest fight in BB history which required security to come and physically separate the various parties. A good possibility with the temperament of this group now. Imagine if the noms stay the same and Kelsey was evicted only to return a week later. The forums would explode with accusations of fix!


Goes against what premise? BBUSA? This is BBCan and they have been throwing twist at their series since the jump.

This wouldn’t even be the first time in a BB North American series where a HOH’s noms have been rendered useless. Are we forgetting about Chima and Ash from last year?

This isn’t international BB where the public is paying to vote over the phone. Most voting takes place on the Global site for free..

In regards to people being outraged? Well they can speak for themselves only no? I for one wouldn’t be upset to see Kelsey return because I don’t think she’s remotely as bad as people want to make her out to be.

After seeing HG from BB15 I think people are being over the top with their condemnation of HG this year. I don’t hate, Loveita at all, but her hypocrisy annoys the heck out of me. But you don’t see me calling her a c word or making personal attacks to who she is outside of the house.

It is what it is at this point. They already put out a commercial. It’ll add more drama to the show which I’m all for.


What has BB US have to do with it? In BB Can you compete for HOH which gives you the privilege to nominate 2 HGs for eviction. The 2 HGs left nominated after POV are then voted on by the other HGs and the one with the most votes is evicted. That is the premise of the game.

Good Grief Eh

No, that is the fallacy of the game. The premise of the game is that Big Brother is in control. Period.
Big Brother has changed it’s format many time. At one point, there was no POV in BBUSA. When it was introduced, I have no doubt people complained about how unfair it was for the HOH that one of their nominees could be saved blah blah blah. . . . now it is a staple of the game and people would complain if it was removed.


I was wondering what this talk about a fake eviction was! I know Im probably alone in thinking this but I like Jared/Kelsey. I dont like how sometimes kelsey is to entitled but I think their both really good competitors and I would rather watch good competitors battleing then all the good ones be gone and then the same side keep winning and run the game! If it has to be one of the three id rather it be Raul because he doesnt contribute much to the game and It will create more drama if Kelsey is still there! I hope this week is a fake eviction.


Too bad Cassandra just snowed Loveita. Just like Tim told her to in the bathroom last night before Tim entered the HOH to play a fake game of wind Phil up with a lie. That was so contrived I thought he’d start laughing when Phil got all heated. Just like he wanted. Phil even thanked him for squashing the rumour that Tim himself just started. Clueless.
Jared’s the guy that told Kelsey he liked playing sneaky and deceitful week two. This was while Kelsey was batting her eyelashes and flipping her hair at him all doe eyed and saying she doesn’t know how to be manipulative. Notice the way he talks about the brothers behind their backs, or Dallas, or anyone in the house that isn’t one of his small group. The entire polite up front game is his deceit. That’s his character in the game, and editing so far is promoting that. The reality is he’s petty and entitled. When he drops the act and shows his true colours, arguments like the one at the have not competition (his teams losing so the petty sore loser comes out, sure it’s supposition but Jared himself said he started the argument), or the one with Loveita and his reaction (blame mixed with crocodile tears accusation showing lack of empathy and responsibility) happen. I’m thinking the two faced comments behind people’s backs and the petty arguments show the real personality.
I’d actually really hate to see the trio remain together after this week. Technically it could happen.


LIKE I hope LIKE Kelsey hits the road LIKE this week ! LIKE she’s LIKE super LIKE annoying !


Jared and Kelsey are genuinely gross, cruel, degenerates. They’re coming off like insecure grade 10 bullies trying so hard to put others down and prop themselves up. I hope they’re both booted before jury.


well jared raul and kelsey are the least liked players in the house

Caren in Canada

I regrettably have to agree with you! I have not been a fan of them, but I did not speak down about them either! Like it or not they are strong competitors! That being said, when they went off last night about being noms, and how the were the good in the house and all others were the evil I was very disgusted in them both! They have tried to push their weight around, and rule the roost! And as hard as it has been (and as much as I wanted too) I still said good things about them against better judgement! I truly think that those two need to go before the contaminate the entire house!


I’m still worried about Nikki’s comment to Phil that she will be there for his birthday because she’s not leaving until the 23rd.
If Joel tells Tim he’s to be the pawn, how much Tim tries to manipulate Joel, and Nikki ends up the casualty. Just a thought. But if it happens what does that mean about the season?
Another thought. Why does it matter so much to Tim which of the threesome groups gets hit first? He and Cassandra seemed pretty determined to get Joel to put Dallas up as the renom right now, not knowing Tim is the pawn. If the middle has the votes next week, it shouldn’t matter which three gets broken. Oh, is it that Tim is covered by the Jared group by his connection to Cassandra, while pushing the floaters unite idea at the same time.
I still can’t believe the majority of the house can’t read the duplicity that Tim and Cassandra are using. Their body language and eye movements alone show when they are lying. When Cassandra is gaming someone she runs her hand through her hair and stops making eye contact. Her blinking increases dramatically. Tim’s eyes move upward and left. His microexpressions show as well when he’s spinning a yarn. His upper lids raise widening his eyes while the lower lids tense, his lips pull back more with one side of his mouth rising higher than the other. He only makes that expression when he lies. It’s a brief expression change, but it always happens when he lies.