Big Brother Canada 4 – Live Feed LEAK of the Power Of Veto Competition Set!

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-19 13-21-02-286

4:20pm Cassandra tells Kelsey that she is not leaving this week. If its you and Raul up on the block people will want to get rid of you to break up you and Jared. We can’t let that happen. She (Loveita) obviously had something to do with it. We should get Joel to put up Dallas as the replacement. Who else would he put up? There aren’t many options. This would be a prime opportunity to backdoor Dallas. Cassandra says if you win it you have to use it on yourself. Kelsey says my fear is if Raul leaves and Jared leaves.. I’ll have no one. Cassandra says you’ll have me. Kelsey says I’m worried Mitch had something to do with it. Cassandra says we need to get Loveita out. Kelsey says I literally like can’t stand the girl. I’m so mad at Joel. Why did he do this? It is just so annoying!

Kelsey says that she and Jared haven’t made out yet. Even though I’m horny as f**k! Cassandra asks why!? Kelsey says I don’t want to be reckless with someone’s heart. I just want to be able to flirt with the brothers and not feel bad about it. There are some times when I want to jump his (Jared bones I’m so horny. Kelsey says I am a single 25 year old girl that is single by choice. Some times if I want to talk to boys other than (Jared) I will. Like I’m not your woman. I am but I’m not. Cassandra says I really want you, me and Jared to make it far in this game. Kelsey says and Raul. I would be crushed if he leaves.

4:40pm HOH room – Tim is having a bath while Joel and Loveita are chatting with him. Nikki joins them. Tim says I hope it (veto) doesn’t get used so you don’t have to worry about.. Joel says I just have to win it. Loveita says I am doing whatever Joel wants for the rest of the game. He has my vote. Joel says I can say it up and down. I was the one in the high roller room who pushed the button to put Kelsey up.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-19 13-37-38-387

5pm Ramsey fills a condom with water and brings it up to the HOH room where he hands it off to Phil. Ramsey says its really hard to hold it. When Phil passes it back to Ramsey it breaks. Phil and Ramsey leave. Tim says he kind of likes the idea of being a pawn. Tim says that’s when he’s at his best when he’s sh*tting his pants. I could be a pawn. Cassandra tells him no. She says she would like to see to guys on the block.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-19 14-04-32-883

5:15pm Mitch, Raul, Jared and Kelsey are in the high roller room. Mitch says I hope no one else is here when it goes off. (Jackpot) Jared says that’s why we’re here so if it does go off we’ll be in here. Jared says he feels so distant from Joel. Mitch says that Loveita was pitching this move. Joel and I were pitching Dallas and Maddy. Loveita was pitching you guys as an unbreakable threesome. Jared says that’s why I hate that she was saying she had nothing to do with it. Mitch says Joel and I both thought the same thing when we won it so I wasn’t pushing too hard. I am trying not to be mad at him. Jared says yeah me too. Mitch says it sounds like he wouldn’t backdoor you. Jared says yeah he said he wouldn’t. Mitch says if the veto is won by someone we just have to be the last to talk to him.

5:20pm The Jackpot lights and sounds go off and nothing happens. Soon after there’s a live feed leak of the power of veto competition setup in the backyard.

bbcan4 live feed leak

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-19 14-19-55-658

2:50pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds .. it might be time for the power of veto competition.

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everything about loveita is fake from top to bottom. cant stand this girl


I think levita is jealous of Kelsey; a lot of black women are jealous of white women because more and more black men are picking pretty, intelligent white women to be with.

And the award for most offensive & unnecessary comment goes to...

LOL.. WHAT????


You’re joking right? I can’t believe that it’s 2016 and people are still making stupid ass ignorant statements about race.


We are here to talk about the great game of Big Brother, not throw around our beliefs and opinions on matters that lie outside of it. I do not want to make this political, but this comment is completely foolish and saddens me greatly. On what grounds to you hold this belief? I am black, female, and extremely proud of it. I do NOT want to be anyone else (black OR white,) and I will continue to rise above the ideas and expectations people like you have of me and other African-Americans. Your comment is dangerous because it generalizes (and thereby marginalizes) an entire people group – one that struggles to progress in many areas of society. If you have nothing constructive or unifying to add to this forum, please keep your ignorant, hateful comments to yourself. Have a nice day.

Caren n Canada

On behalf of the ignorant I would like to apologize for that comment! I guess some were not blessed with the proper upbringing that the rest of us were! You would think, In my world there is only one race, and tat is the human race!


Thank you Caren! Your kind words and support are much appreciated (by me at least) 🙂 It’s hard to believe that as an eighteen year – old in Canada I have experienced so many instances of ignorance and bigotry, but I can’t let the haters get me down! I just hope this anon doesn’t feel like he or she has been ganged up on, and can learn from this experience to make more positive choices and say kinder things in the future.

Caren in Canada

You are very welcome my friend! Continue to hold your head high, your destiny awaits! Sometimes I think those who insult others, have insecurities of their own! And I can only hope they find their way as well!

Caren in Canada

You are very welcome my friend! Keep your head high, your amazing future awaits you! I often think those that feel the need to insult, deal with insecurity issues of their own! So let us just hope there is help out there for all!

Caren in Canada

SS for double post Dawg and Simon. my bad! Wont happen again, I did not realize there was wait for it too post! )


That’s absolutely ridiculous! I am a proud black woman and I wouldn’t be a white women if you paid me enough! They’re are other black women that I’d rather be jealous of or trade places with than to be white. Please! You’re ignorant!




You are an idiot…. That is all



I’m a black woman but for some reason I literally laughing with glee at this. It is so RIDICULOUS! like… too ridiculous to be mad at!
As a side note: Considering that black Canadian girls don’t live in the same culture as African-Americans, there’s a good chance she is not even overly partial to black men. Black men are beautiful, but as an African-Canadian I have never dated a black man and connect more with white males usually … it’s mainly upbringing and circumstances…. MEANING.. we don’t even care WHO they like. More power to whoever our brothers end up with as long as they’re happy.



You must be a very unhappy person with low self-esteem.


Her ass aint fake it’s perfect. I think we should have a poll on who’s ass is hotter Loveita or Kelsey. Now that would be a fair fight!


Both asses look pretty good. I think it’ll be a draw :))


After watching levita, topaz and other black women on realty shows, I now understand why handsome, decent ,wealthy black men do not want to marry them.


This comment only shows that you’re an ignorant person who will judge half a race based on 4 women you saw on t.v. Intelligent!!


Where does it say 4 women? Intelligent you’re not. I have also spoken with many many black men about this subject. You lose idiot!


I have Black friends and that is unfair. And last time I checked we (I’m Korean) we are taking your white men too as well as hispanic women taking white men. White men date the most out of any race in America at a much higher rate than white women and black men combined. So technically due to your logic, because of white women like Kelsey and Maddy, that is why wealthy and attractive men are coming to us and Hispanic women. I mean let’s not forget a lot of the most successful men are with Asian women. My boyfriend is very wealthy and he always talks about white women not being feminine enough (which I don’t think is true), but I have heard this from all the white men that I dated. They always say white women are not feminine enough and that Asian women are, which I can’t blame them because we are. We’re petite, age well, (Asian don’t raisin haha), we take care of our bodies, I mean how often do you see an overweight asian woman? Not often, right? Now how often do we see overweight white women? ALL OF THE TIME, hahaha. Bottom-line, let’s not bash each other. Black women are pretty, white women are pretty, Asian women, we are pretty, hispanic women, and etc are all pretty. LET’S ALL STOP GENERALIZING, OUR SOCIETY WOULD BE SO FAR BETTER. Anyway, my best friend is a black woman, so your comment offends me.


Lmfao you basically just wrote an entire paragraph dissing white women & then you say that we should stop generalizing? Practice what you preach. Literally all I got from that was that you think all Asian women are perfect and white women are all fat & masculine?The best part is when you laughed about it at the end lmfao. ANYBODY can have the same flaws as everyone else regardless of what race you are, smarten up.



Loveita is not even a typical black girl if you want to stereotype which is VERY difficult to do especially with Canadians.

Loveita is weird! She is more like Vanessa from BBUS than a typical black girl. Lol you are crazy!! This is too much.

Kelsey annoys me and I, as a black woman, am usually very pro black PLUS I do not find blondes that attractive. That is, they are not my fav type of white girl. I prefer dark hair and blue eyes. BUT my point is… I really do like Kelsey more than Loveita. Loveita is very weird…. like.. she’s very high on herself but in a very weird way…

and I DON’T think she is jealous of Kelsey lmao! Not at all.

sunny dee

seems like some kind of cowboy veto comp, which to mean sounds like some kind of comp designed specifically for kelsey and jared to excel at, over the others.

i am not a fan of mitch continuing to throw loveita under the bus to the 3, i don’t see the value in that because right now he is clearly showing he has influence over joel if joel was listening and conversating with him. i suppose he is trying to deflect a rumour that he was controlling joel’s HOH, which of course clearly he was making every effort to force joel to put up maddy and dallas, but he was literally arguing against joel’s already made up mind and loveita’s ‘really?’ type comments because obviously she didn’t see the reason to put them up, and still leave the 3 intact when if you think about it, they already lost a 4th, in christine going so their numbers are already down.


There’s nothing wrong with attraction and sexual desire, but Kelsey is using it for the game which to me is tantamount to being a hooker (even the guys who do it). Flirting or using sexuality to win money or get money from a John is equivalent to me. Just sayin’ It didn’t work with Joel so now she resents him.


You calling Kelsey a hooker? Sounds like you have experience at that.


well she does work in a bar so i could understand her wanting to flirt with the guys after all she is use to flirting for tips and she isn’t the first to use this as strategy JMO… what gets me is how she plays victim after she’s done some of the same things she’s cry about to other ppl like laughing when Lov and Sharry where on the block and now that she’s on the block again its oh poor me


Y.T. what up!

sunny dee

shocking lack of understanding about how sex workers work.

They don’t have to flirt and seduce, they put up an ad, they offer a service, guys read the ad, and if the service and rates are OK with them, they make the call. No flirtation required, no deceit, no trickery.

Sex workers leave the tricks and fakery to the bartenders/wait staff who need it to make a decent living thru tips.


personally i think Mitch is just trying to save his own ass as well as Joel’s ass. floaters have to stick together, and if that’s by the means of throwing a high key player under the bus, then so be it. its a game people, you can’t trust ANYONE


I’m seriously jelly of the competition design team for Canada. BBUSA please take note! And while you’re at it, make the house bigger. I feel like it’s been the same lot for seasons. How are HG suppose to plot and scheme when people can see them talking to each other constantly lol?


Also I find it weird how everyone is bashing the black girl, when all of the white girls are fake too. Hahaha how are you going to talk about one being fake without talking about the others? Everyone in the house is pretty much fake, why? BECAUSE that is Big Brother. Wow Black people really do deal with racism, sad. My friend is right, not that I didn’t believe her, but the racist really do come out on the internet in droves, sad.

Good Grief Eh

There are many comments about Kelsey, Cassandra and Maddy that are negative too. It isn’t race related. Please don’t try to make it so.


Nothing ever is race related and yet this thread and the experiences of so many says otherwise.I feel so bad for the people who felt they even had to respond. You don’t have to defend yourselves. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. But back to you…I ask…do you know what it’s like to have to almost mentally prepare yourself to read or hear racist comments even about something as silly as a reality show? I come here for the fun..the escape..just like everyone else.It is exhausting..truly is

Good Grief Eh

Yes I do know! As a proud First Nations Female I am well aware of how hurtful ignorant and racist people are. On a daily basis. So feel free to check yourself.

Many rude comments have been made on this and other sites about many of the house-guests. No one race is being picked on exclusive to the others. People are being rude because they can be, but they are not exclusively picking on one race. As such, I stand behind my comment that this isn’t a race issue so please don’t make it one. Complain about the rude comments, but don’t think that only Loveta is being picked on!


Yas!!! I am a black woman but I love the phrasing of your comment! First of all I am very pro F.N. so hey girl! I am also, of course, very pro-Black. HOWEVA.. (Cardi B voice) I DON’T think people are annoyed with Love because of race.

I DO think that Shar and her would not have gone up together if they were not both black. If Shar was white I doubt they would have been so adamant that she was Love’s right hand woman .. it would have gone something like ,..”Shar does hang with Loveita a lot, but I trust her and am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.” Or some shit.

I think subconsciously the second week was a bit racial.

However. Loveita is annoying!! She is… insecure..but not…mean..but not. She just rubs me the wrong way. \

I liked your comment because you recognized that it sucks to have to brace yourself to read a racist comment everyday and in fact, when it comes to F.N. people Canadians are open about it like it ain’t no thang. It’s so bizarre and disturbing. That has angered me since childhood.


In my eyes Cass is still spoiled and two faced. Kelsey is still spoiled and falsely entitled. Tim is still an entertaining snake. Jared is still mr. polite integrity shell over mr. jerk duplicity character.
Loveita is still trying to have two alliances. Mitch is still trying to have two alliances.
The brothers (lets just call them Phil because Nick isn’t actually allowed to play) are still thinking they run the game.
Nikki still doesn’t care that there is a game.
Maddy and Dallas? Loud mouth, no spine so far.


Loveita says she did not take a shot at Jared. False. Nominating his most trusted ally and potential showmance was taking an indirect shot, therefore that nomination was well deserved. She was the one that struck first so she’s not so innocent. Yes I say this and I’m Team Loveita

Jared pissed at Loveita saying she’s the puppetmaster…. like hello, she was HOH last week and did not put your a$$ up what does she need to do to prove she at least is not coming after you short term?

Joel telling Jared he makes his own desicions. Don’t know what to make of that. Maybe he should have let them think he’s gullible so he would never be their target.


Simon/Dawg, are some(most) of these comments from the same person?


Doesn’t look like it.


Everyone is underestimating Loveita, thinking she is clueless when in reality she is playing the best game with the worst execution. She knows that “a middle group” exists and has positioned herself with all 3 groups, even though no one in each group likes her. She is the only one in “the middle group” that is aware that one day “there will no longer be a “middle group” and she is trying to collect the numbers in her favor.

She is trying to align herself with people who can actually win competitions. If Kelsey goes home, she will pick up Jared AND will have Dallas in her good graces. If Raul goes home, the only person she has to worry about is Cassandra who cannot really win a competition but has influence on others to paint a target on Loveita.

Mitch and Joel think they are running “the middle ” but in actuality, they are running their mouths too much without really giving thought behind the effect of what will happen after 2 weeks when 1 of the two sides is weakened: who will the “survivors” gravitate toward and what will happen when they are forced to choose a side in which they will be “at the bottom”. The weaker floaters will make it far, but the stronger floaters (Phil/Nick, Loveita, Ramsey) will be the ones that will ultimately survive the fallout in the war between the 2 sides of the house.


The comment about black women being jealous of white women is untrue, ignorant, racist, prejudice and any other word that describes this pos comment! I am a beautiful, strong successful black women with a handsome, strong and intelligent black man! I wouldn’t trade places with a white women if you paid me enough because I’m proud of who I am. You sir can go eff urself!


Racist: Your favorite word??


I really hope that the moderators of this site will remove these offensive comments about race and certain types of races on this website. I visit this site on a daily basis (sometimes 5-6 times a day) and read the comments, not to be offended, but because I am a big fan of this show :/ These comments aren’t even about the game. I hope we can all just be fans of this show and realize that it is a game, and people are here to win. That is all. Nothing should be judged based on race. Thanks.
P.s., to be honest, I have a feeling that these comments are only here to irk people on (a.k.a., troll), more reason to remove them.


My issue with the brothers mostly centres around Phil. I don’t care about how the brothers interact. If Nick allows himself to be treated like a moron, that’s on him. If Phil treats his brother like a moron, that’s on him. Don’t care.
Phil mentioned he likes Nikki because she’s rich and has condos everywhere. He knows she gets a lot of attention from cameras and production because, well, production has always taken Sabrina bbcan2’s words to heart: you go with crazy, you don’t go against crazy. Totally being a social climbing star-f***er wannabe.
Phil noted in his bio that he wants to be the villain of the season (hmmm, maybe because the villain is remembered and gets more airtime).
Phil is your usual moron that thinks he’s smarter than he is. He believes Cassandra’s final two deal. Lets count those. Cassandra has final 2 deals with Joel, Tim, the brothers; final four deal with Jared, Kelsey and Raul. After it’s been revealed that she is two faced, he still believes her.
This is as stupid as Tim and Cassandra’s first big um what that i’ve seen in the game. They believe that they can get Joel to renominate Dallas or Loveita if the veto is used. Joel is analytical. He chose a side to target. why would he risk having both sides angry, or getting rid of a vote in his pocket next week? No sense to that one. The entire reason the Jared side is the target is to split the voting block and test Cassandra’s loyalty.
Last thought, I might not play down Loveita being a puppetmaster if I were Joel, but I would most certainly remember it and hold a grudge and tell Mitch to stop pushing the puppet theory. If he gets to the end, he’d have a hard time in final two if everyone believes him to be a puppet. You can’t take credit for actions if you let others give the credit away. If Mitch doesn’t stop, it shows that he’s trying to damage Joel’s reputation in the end game as much as help it in the short term.


think Dallas might have won the veto…


As much as Jared Kelsey and Raul say they would never have put Joel on the block (ahem, they discussed the possibility in order to weaken or get rid of Loveita) there is a counter argument. I’m surprised Joel has missed it. They might not nominate him, but if he was put on the block, even as a pawn, against one of them he would be losing two votes no matter what. Joel vs. Jared or Kelsey or Raul on the block means the other two vote to save their third and pawn Joel goes home. Add Mitch and the brothers and Cassandra that have voted with them weekly (white lie because he’s tied to them too), and due to their social ties, anyone on the block against one of the three that has weaker social ties goes home. They can’t refute that logic.


Sounds like Dallas won POV.


Kelsey complaining that Lovieta is to blame for Christine going home.
Yup, you VOTED for her to go home Kelsey.


Dallas has won the POV, Kelsey is looking very chirpy, whereas Raul is very upset. Does this mean that Dallas has made a deal with Kelsey and Jared to take Kelsey off the block and play together? If Dallas uses the VETO to save Kelsey, he is an imbecile.


After reading all the comments I just want to say, let’s not forget about all the issues we all face in the world today but let’s put them a side. I really wish we could all live together as one in PEACE AND HARMONY and not be judged by the color of our skin, religion, culture, ethnic background, minority, majority in Society, etc…. I know this is wishful thinking but I hope we can all work towards this and achieve this before the end of mankind. But, THIS IS BIG BROTHER!!!! We all watch the show when it airs on tv, live feeds, and any other sites that we can find especially online big brother???? To locate spoilers and the latest info about the show, Because we love the show and the game it represents!!! Let’s not forget, but not let’s put it aside and not include it in this discussion here. There is appsolutely no valid reason to bring up or include this topic in this discussion board!!!! In my option, if any body on here no matter where you come from or who you are. IF You don’t have anything to say about the game or anything related to big brother keep your thoughts to your self and don’t post a comment that could offended or hurt someone that doesn’t need to be shared????
With sincerity, big brother fan.