Janelle “I don’t play like that! The little snitchy snitchy raty raty!”

Head of Household Winner – Tyler
Have nots – Bay, Janelle and Enzo
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
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6:10pm – 9:03pm The live feeds return from being block. The announcer announces that Ian’s punishment is over and that he did NOT get the part.
Bathroom. DaVonne, Kevin and Janelle.
Kevin – Janelle are you going to start a fight? Make this house exciting? Janelle – I don’t do the whole .. I don’t play like that. The little snitchy snitchy raty raty. Like if you want to talk about me.. lets bring it! Don’t go in the corner and .. (in NicoleF’s voice) I don’t know you guys! NOO! Come to me! Tell me! DaVonne – that was hilarious! I didn’t expect her to say that. I think that is why everyone was in shock. Not that it was said but that it was said by her. Kevin – yeah. I still don’t understand the beef between you two. Janelle – it all stems from The Amazing Race when she back stabbed my friend. Kevin – what was it. Janelle – we were all in an alliance. What happened… Rachel (Reilly) heard from another team that they were going to back stab Victor and NicoleF .. and U-Turn them. Rachel being the nice person that she is went to NicoleF and said Team Fun is going to U-Turn you be careful on the next leg. And Nicole went immediately to Team Fun and said Rachel and Elissa said you’re after me. And so it was like holy f**k we need to get them out .. they’re starting things. And then she started her thing… the whole thing was these crying tears. All this little snake move stuff. I am not okay with that! Like whatever! I don’t trust her in this house because I know what she does. DaVonne – been there done that. Kevin – I keep forgetting your past. That doesn’t sound back stabbery. It sounds like she was trying intervene. DaVonne – no what she was saying was that it was cool that she fact checked but she was like lets go after them. Janelle – she flipped it on them. Kevin – you don’t think.. well lets cross that bridge when we come. Janelle – it sucks thats the reality we’re in. Its a good thing that you guys didn’t vote with us to put you in jeopardy and we obviously lost HOH. The fact is they have enough votes to control the vote. It sucks. DaVonne – if you end up there (on the block) this is what you do! Janelle – I will be so pissed if they put Bay on the block trying to back door me. It doesn’t matter whoever they put up and back door .. they have enough votes .. f**Ked! We tried though! Gave it an effort!

9:25pm Enzo, Memphis, DaVonne, Bay, Tyler
Enzo – whoever wins that sh*t (safety suite) tomorrow should give me that plus one and the punishment. I will make that sh*t fun as hell! My son gets a big kick out of me being crazy. My daughter is over it though.

9:35pm – 9:50pm Bedroom. Cody, Ian, Dani, Nicole.
Ian – an anti jokers sequence .. like really unlucky.. If Memphis wins it (Veto) and saves Kaysar or Janelle. Cody – I don’t think Memphis would save them. Also we should solidify.. Dani – yeah we need a name. Ian – I thought of something .. The Four Prime.. and then we can extend it if we bring in more people.. The Five Prime.. The Six Prime. They all like it and put in their four fingers. Ian – we should solidify things with Tyler. The other agree. Dani is The Total Package. Nicole is The Spice! Dani – it doesn’t even matter what happens even if one comes down the other is going. Nicole comments on how she regrets her confrontation with Janelle when the feeds were down.

Janelle talks about Memphis being a wild card. Kevin – don’t you have the ability to crack Memphis’s code. Janelle – he literally said I don;t want to be in an alliance with you. He said if we make it to the middle of the game and you’re done whatever you’re doing .. I will work with you but he said he would work with anyone at that point. Kevin – I am looking for angles.. You’re definitely someone I want to work with.

10:15pm Lounge room. Kevin and Janelle.
Janelle – I’ve got NicoleF talking sh*t about me! Are you kidding me!?!! I will f**king destroy her. Kevin – that almost seemed fake to me. Janelle – she needs to stay out of rooms when I’m there. Seriously! I will go off on her. She is so gross! Kevin – we want to keep bigger targets in the house. Janelle – I will spark up all week. Or the guys will be like the girls hate each other. I mean I can do that. Like when she (NicoleF) is cooking .. I’ll dump a bunch of garbage in her food.. a bunch of salt so it tastes like sh*t.

10:36pm – 10:45pm Tyler is in his HOH room. Kevin joins him. Tyler – I don’t want you to go home this week .. that would be freakin awful. You know what I mean.. so f**k that. Kevin – I like how when we moved in you were like.. Tyler – I like you, lets do this. Kevin – I’m not super connected in this house. Tyler – I am more on the outs than what people are planing in people’s heads. People aren’t trusting me as much as.. Kevin – okay. I haven’t heard that. There is a source of weird deception and I think everyone knows it. Tyler – cut those people that are making up rumors. Kevin – I really want to show .. there was a reason why we moved in together. The vibe has been really positive. You looked out for me. Tyler – we are chilling right now but soon these sides are going to start going after each other. You and I are going to be chilling in the middle so if we can start rolling through this and gaining power. Scooping people up. I think we can be good. Kevin – I’ve seen what you’ve done for me and I will return it 10 fold. Tyler and Kevin hug. Tyler – did you for for NicoleA to stay or go. Kevin – I voted for NicoleA to stay.. is that going to be a problem. Tyler – no. Kevin – like they (Janelle and Kaysar) did her dirty. They hug and Kevin leaves.

11:20pm Kitchen. Bay, Ian, David, Enzo, Day, Cody, Nicole, Christmas are all sitting around the kitchen table chatting about random things.

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“Nicole is the spice” which spice? Fucking salt? Jesus Christ these people


Starting to go kraken with these alliances hate to say it.

another name

i don’t even want to chart it.
and you know i love to chart.




Definitely. I was not aware that Nicole F and Janelle were involved in a “Reality TV War”


Hahaha, my gosh that’s funny. F these people, I’m team chaos! Janelle and Kaysar all the way, I hope they pull off a mf-ing miracle.

another name

Salt Peter
 was once thought to induce impotence, and once rumored to be in institutional food (such as military fare) as an anaphrodisiac.

Houka Inumuta

Ian is playing the best game in the house right now. He just made an alliance with nicole, dani and cody so he’s going to go far in the game.

Sadly Tyler is the HOH so he’s not leaving this week.

My prediction is Memphis is gonna leave on August 28.

Hoop Xak

Tyler is going to put up Janelle & Ian, then he’ll backdoor Kaysar before nominating him as the replacement.

BBAS2 baby

Memphis will most likely win the suite… why did everyone just easily use their passes??

Feeds Gold

dan confirms janellousy is real…

“janellousy has been around since season 6…there are people that wanna take down janelle…they see her…she’s got it all…she’s been so close to winning the game and they don’t wanna see it happen…janellousy is real”

Guy From Canada

His twitter comments…..he hasn’t posted anything on big brother for years and now suddenly has an opinion again. Yup Dan has the janellousy for sure.

Feeds Gold

hes very good friends with her

Smitten Kitten

The lone Nicole F. fan thumbs down every single post that’s complimentary towards Janelle, bahahahaha!

Feeds Gold

to all houseguests in there except kaysar and janelle…

fuuck y’all!

LO Live

1000000 percent!!!


You said it, Cornbread.


Many of the comments are way better than the show.


Ian is alright in my book too.

another name

Need someone to confirm:
My memory might be wrong.

the alliance people WERE worried that Memphis might actually pull something and backdoor them because of how much time Memphis and Janelle spent together, and because he wasn’t willing to nom her.

At least three of them were sketched out. Nicf and Christmas convos.
Cody Tyler Enzo Dani convos. There was a sketch factor.

Q: did i imagine that?


Why did it seem like David didn’t want to win that HOH? I want him to do well, but comps are not his thing!!

another name

And yet
I think from every comp i’ve seen him in… all 5 of them but still : that was him givin ‘er.


This is the same dude that lost to Cliff, twice, when his game was on the line.
Maybe next all stars can feature all the other first outers like Cameron and Joey, bring back everyone that we don’t want to see play again.

another name

To be honest… i’ve been saying bring back all the first boots for a redmeption season for a few seasons.
I’d like to see what they could do since they were usually pretty much out the door before feeds.


BB shouldnt have any pre-boots or battle backs.

Golden Gate Granny

He is just a super rattled rookie. They never should have put him in this situation. I feel bad for him.


I dont think the comps are the issue. David is. Yeah he was dealt a shitty hand the last time he played But…. he has the opportunity to actually play and doesn5 do crap. I was hoping to see good things from him but i doubt we will.

Feeds Gold

jani: “the biggest wimp in the house nic f is talking shit to me? i will fucking destroy her!”

Marcie Roy

Yeah I love Janelle but that comment was brutal mean girl shit that I don’t like.


Just stop

BBAS2 baby

For f*** sake


Ahahaaaaaaaaa Go Janelle! Squash that little nasty rat!


Kevin to Janelle: “You’re definitely someone I want to work with.” Seriously, Kevin? You’re about two weeks too late and they don’t need your brain drain.

In other news… I like Tyler. In my perfect world, Tyler and Ian would join-up with J & K, but I know that’s a pipe dream.


That would be epic!!! It would totally redeem the season, but who are we kidding, it’ll never happen.

another name

His “reads of the room” and “fact checks” have actually added so much to the hate.
The hate was there, and would still be there, but his whispers in ears of exaggerated and just plain wrong statements and imaginary conversations? COMPLETELY spun what was already spinning.

Anita was definitely going for the shade. His entire illiterate book club took reading fantasy to a completely new low. what was he wearing, a broken swatch from 88, when he clocked nicf and janelle in an alliance together at the beginning of week 2? remember the response look when he said that one?

He’s already running to Tyler and Dani to drive a bus over Janelle.


Kevin has to be the worst player yet. He is absolutely f–king delusional ! And…I can’t believe Tyler is falling for his crap.

Not Your Usual Bear

The worst player ever is Memphis. He totally destroyed his game. Making it obvious he wanted to waste everyone’s Safety Suite swipes. Acting like he’s the king, bow down to his demands. Making it seem like a personal burn towards David, the guy who was targeted last year b/c he’s black. Alienating his own alliance by stupidly telling them that Janelle is after them, while refusing to act on it. If you’re going to play that game, then keep that info to yourself, dimwit.The big block of hyper-masculinity is going to make a really loud boom when he falls.


Looks like we have a BLM superfan

Not Your Usual Bear

Anita? The rest of your comment is now invalidated as driven by homophobia.

another name

anita is kevin’s drag persona that he says he channels when he is scheming.
Anita Veto.

Do you know if I’m straight or a part of the LGBTQ2S spectrum or an ally?
Do you know my views on the subject? Or any subject concerning equality and human rights?
Did you ask before throwing a judgement like that?
oh. you didn’t. who’s opinion is invalidated?
Take a second and ask somebody their views on a subject before throwing that kind of blanket accusation that you can’t take back once it’s thrown out there.


They need every number they can get. People who don’t understand this don’t understand Big Brother.


Is it possible to watch the live feeds in Canada? I’ve bought a VPN just not sure how to buy the live feeds with a Canadian credit card. Thanks!


You need an Amex gift card. I got one from Circle K. Created a new email address with VPN on and just used any US address to sign up.


US iTunes gift card works as well.

Jan Nan

I was so excited when the season started, but it looks like we may be in for a boring predictable season. I can stomach anybody but Nicole F. She just irks me. When she and Dani are on I don’t even want to watch. Uggg


The best way to show CBS that their show sucks if for everyone else to stop watching.

LO Live

OMG I need to see the peasant talk smack to the Queen she works my nerves so bad go away Nicole F … JANELLOUS.. team JAYSAR


?? Can’t wait for Janelle to REALLY give her something to whine about. She’s exhausting to listen to.


I do like Janelle, but she is kind of being an ass to NicoleF. I do see the Janellousy in the house, but I’m not seeing it from Nicole’s point of view. If someone is treating you poorly as soon as you get in the house, no wonder you’re going to want them out as quickly as possible. People say all she does it whine and complain about Janelle, but Janelle is doing that same exact thing. The whole Rachel/ Amazing Race crap being brought up is just ridiculous. I get that a lot of people have issues with Nicole, but she’s not some BB Villain, she’s not an Amanda Zuckerman or something. There have been far worse people to play and win Big Brother.

Also, does anyone else think it’s a bit ridiculous and wrong for DaVonne to vote strictly based on the race of the nominees? Only two weeks into the game and there’s been a ton of political and social commentary happening. From Julie even. “When it comes to being right or kind, always choose kind.” What?

Smitten Kitten

At least Amanda didn’t deny being mean… a major problem I have with Nicole is that she tries to act all innocent or worse, like a victim… yet she’s completely manipulative and snake- like behind the scenes.

Nicole needs to just own who she is and people will have a lot more respect for her.

And your Da’Vonne comment… sigh.
I’m gonna guess that you’re white, which is why you think it’s “ridiculous” for her to want to see someone of color go far (especially since nobody of color has ever won the game).


I agree that Snakeole is one of the fakest people in the house and I don’t enjoy watching her
“acting” like she gives a damn about anyone in the house but herself.

As far as DaVonne using the house as her personal racial platform…and she has voiced numerous times that that is what she is doing…I think that Production should show her the door. Yes, I am white, but that doesn’t influence what I think of her being racist. People like her are what keeps racism alive and I will not support it.

Verdella Fisher

Please educate yourself on the definition of “racism”. Meanwhile, do you not have a problem when people say they’re loyal to Long Island, or they’re not evicting another Jersey boy? There is do much reluctance to understand where Day is coming from.


If it’s ok for Day to say she won’t vote out anyone black or the guys to say they won’t vote out anyone from Jersey or Long Island, are you ok with me as a white lesson saying I’ll never vote out a white person?


Of course they arent, they are just BLM hypocrites per usual.

Marcie Roy

Sounds like you just don’t get the movement. I see her point and she can vote to save whoever shes wants for whatever reason she wants.I too would like to see a person of color win one day. This world needs to change and that would show some progression in America.


By voting for terrible players?
You need to watch the Chris Rock skit on OJ.
“We won, we won. What did I win? No one gave me sh*t.”


I see what you’re saying about Nicole, but I don’t know, maybe I’m not watching enough to seen her snake-like behavior.

To the second part, I may not be black but I’m not white either. It’s not a white or poc issue. To me, it does seem ridiculous to do what Da’Vonne did. I don’t think the game should be played that way. Making it a thing of race just isn’t right. The race of players/winners shouldn’t matter in any way, nor should it be brought into the game, in the way Da’Vonne has, or in the hateful way past players like Amanda/Aaryn/Michie have. Ultimately, it just kind of says, “Hey, lets get a poc to the end, more specifically a black person, and have them win to fight racism in the BB house.” Like how many boxes need to be checked before BB is consider just and fair. Black winner, black female winner, Asian male winner, etc.

From a game point of view, I don’t even see David returning the favor. I see him cutting ties to her and Bayleigh in a heartbeat, and throwing the pair under the bus. And what a smack in the face to Nicole. Sorry, you’re a white girl sitting next to a poc, you gotta go now, get to stepping.

The Beef

I wish I could up vote the first two paragraphs of your post and down vote the last paragraph.

I GET IT that a black person has never won Big Brother. That doesn’t make it right to vote to keep someone who is black simply because they are black. There are 100 reasons to come up with to keep somebody in the game, and skin color should be the last one that is ever used for doing so. It is also the last reason that should ever be used for voting a player OUT of the game. Why? It is racism, pure and simple. Doesn’t matter which way it is used or which race is using it, it’s still racism, and has no place in the game, and no place in our society today, although we all know we are still struggling to totally rid ourselves of it’s ugly presence. To use it though to try to reverse some perceived prior seasons “slight”, is not a good look, and does nothing to advance your cause, but instead just makes you look like the people you most hate and the ones you have been fighting against for all of these years. Why would you do that?

Gecko Mafia

Wow you used race as a REASON someone should win, not great game play. ?. Sit down.


Have you forgotten Tamar Braxton won???

Marcie Roy

I had thanks for the reminder.


Were you watching from the start? J was trying to work with NicF…NicF began putting Janelle’s name out there.

another name

Within the first minutes of Nicf’s appearance on feeds this season she was talking about not trusting Janelle, about wanting Janelle out. about Janelle not liking her.
Her entire bawling her eyes out thing after the week one safety suite? It wasn’t because she was tired. It was because all of her plans to badmouth Janelle and whine about her weren’t going to get Janelle evicted week one. She feared it would get out that she had been going from room to room saying the same thing behind Janelle’s back. Which leads us to actual bawling again while complaining about Janelle not having to wear her costume and Janelle getting called to the d/r more than her and Janelle obviously getting more story than her, and Janelle always getting good edits.
Her response to Janelle talking to her and saying “we’re friends Nicole, what’s going on? We should be working together”, was to leave the room, and tell the first person she saw how Janelle was intimidating / sketchy / fake / lying.
Anyone that has watched her on feeds in 16, in 18, or watched her on Amazing race and now on season 22 feeds knows this is a running pattern with Nicf. She whispers about and plants seeds about the other women, whines to the men about the women not liking her, and waits for people to placate her because she acts like a defenseless toddler with a speech impediment. Then backstabs, cries and whines about being the victim. Check her history in game with Amber, Brittany, Zakiyah, Tiffani, Davonne, Brigid, Meech, Natalie, the Reilly’s, Janelle, NicA and now Da’vonne again in terms of the passive aggressive gaslighting victim routine that she commonly uses. pretend to be friends, while at the same time whine, tell people they scare her, hate her, make her uncomfortable. backstab them, pull tears. whine more exaggerate or outright lie whine some more until everyone else dislikes them and thinks poor sweet nicf. I don’t respect or like her.

Let’s be clear. we’ve heard nicf call Janelle a bitch. repeatedly. and now that she’s retelling the confrontation: I was called the b – word.
really? She’s used the words bitch and bully when describing Janelle repeatedly. Now it’s b – word when she can infantalize herself for sympathy and to look innocent?

Just wait, because of her “image” she’ll be pulling the whole oh i feel bad about our confrontation. an up front argument in front of others she’ll tell everyone she’s regretting while she’s right back to the behind the scenes whispering and telling specifically men that she feels intimidated at the very same time and maybe in the very same sentence. If she hasn’t already done it, it’s coming. By Monday she will use the phrases scares me and makes me uncomfortable at least 5 times. To every man.
I could most likely just write what she has said EVERY other time, and it would magically be the same speech, just with a new name.

If you aren’t seeing it on feeds this season, just play back annnny other season and she’ll be doing the same thing.
She’s THAT woman.


Janelle has a legitimate gripe


I finally turned feeds on and the first camera was Shitmas eatIng… it was disgusting. Flipped to next camera and Of course it was Whining Ratcole and Dani bad mouthing Janelle. They seriously are overwhelmed with jealousy..they can’t talk about anything else. Obsessed. No sign of Janelle? .

LO Live

Lol the names!!!

Gecko Mafia

Talk about jealousy Fizzie!


Awesome post!

Feeds Gold

apparantly mccrae is doing a gofundme for a banner to be flown over the backyard haha…


some suggestions i think should be considered…

america loves jaysar
america hates snakeole
dani will always be a catty mean girl
snakeole talks about jani 24/7
dick says danis game is shit
kevin, day, xmas are rats
snakole, dani, xmas are jelly of jani
jani lives in your heads rent free
fists of fury snakeole gave cody a hj
what up kaysar!
snakeoles using ian (fake f2)
bay blow your fucking nose!
day votes based on race
dani says ian uses autism as strategy
dani says jani is a bad mother
bay is a fake friend to jani
bay is codys minion puppet
cody, snakeole, dani have 10 alliances
derrick ruined the season (pregaming)
cody is derricks bitch
snakeole wants f5 with 4 guys
tyler hates dani and memphis
tyler, angelas upset youre against jani
bay, swaggys upset youre against jani
this season is a snoozefest
memphis/cody have f2
enzos gettin played yo, thats it!
everyone except jaysar…fuck y’all!
dani/snakeole will never be queen of bb
jani will always be queen of bb
dan agrees janellousy is real


Do you by chance have a timestamp for Dani saying Janelle is a bad mom?

Smitten Kitten


I apologize if I missed a previous clarification, but can you please briefly explain what the below conversation was about? Thank you!

– Kevin – Janelle are you going to start a fight? Make this house exciting?

– Janelle – I don’t do the whole .. I don’t play like that. The little snitchy snitchy raty raty. ike if you want to talk about me.. lets bring it! Don’t go in the corner and .. (in NicoleF’s voice) I don’t know you guys! NOO! Come to me! Tell me!

– DaVonne – that was hilarious! I didn’t expect her to say that. I think that is why everyone was in shock. Not that it was said but that it was said by her.

Feeds Gold

so it will be 23 or 30 straight days of janelle bashing depending on when she leaves…then they will still probably keep it going right up until finale, she will be the #1 discussion topic every day even when not in the house

this season reminds me so much of bbcan5 when the returning players hated cass, and wanted her gone from day 1…this bb22 also is shades of bb19 where the house was against cody/jess

if jaysar are targeted by the entire house to this extent and go out back to back i hope theres a battleback for them both to return or if not i think i would rather janelle go first so shes not there alone with everyone being fake to her face whilst hating her behind her back, and also she can see her kids earlier (she makes the same money either way)

enjoy likely the last ever week of kaysar and janelle

be sure to send a message to the houseguests and for americas favorite player vote for janelle…that will end up being better than 2nd place($50k) as she would get $40k for season fee and $25k for afp, so $65k total for janelle

Gecko Mafia

How about I just choose someone I like instead of the Ice Queen?


Battlebacks make the show even less reputable


Tyler is going to lose again – way too many alliances. What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Oh yeah, insanity.


Youre right but hes okay. Hes got the Angela-bang thing happening.

Ms. Taz

Janelle and Kaysar are the best. The entire house knows it and are doing everything to take them out.
Will production let that happen??? What twist and turns do they have in store for the power couple!


Janelle is just so god damn charming. I first got into big brother at season 12 but whatever station I was watching it on was playing re runs of season six and I remember just being completely mezmerized by her.

Anyway, if Nicole and Dani get their wish this week and Janelle is evicted, that will make her the 3rd woman in a row, leaving only 5 women left in the game vs. 8 men.

Given everything we’ve seen in previous seasons of bromances and guys alliances and the women on the fringes of these alliances being used as sacrificial lambs, I don’t understand how any of the women in the house think this is a good idea.

They are loyal to the Bros, but ultimately the Bros will be loyal to each other. And several of the women left have a history of turning on women and revelling in being honourary members of the boys club. Which is lame, predictable, and boring. Looks like another year of two Bros in the final 2.

If Janelle goes, I doubt Kaysar will remain the primary target and the sub alliances will begin to turn on one another and every woman in that house should be nervous. Though ultimately it seems like they’re digging their own graves at this point.

If Janelle is evicted, with the exception of Dani, none of the remaining women have impressive comp track records. Leaving the men to steam roll through the comps and ultimately hold all the cards.

Christmas *might* be able to win some shit but I can see her having loyalty to men over women, so even the female members of her alliance(s) shouldn’t feel safe.

If Kaysar or anyone else goes, Janelle will remain the target. And she will likely remain the primary target as long as she is in the house.

I’m not just saying this because i love Janelle, but the Janellousy is toxic and lame and boring and is ruining (along with other things I won’t mention) what could have been a great season.

It’s just disappointing to see the same thing season after season of these stupid bro alliances and the women of the house obliviously doing their dirty work by taking out the other women.

In 21 seasons, only 7 women have won, and in a house that is usually pretty equally divided in terms of gender, those are horrible odds. A woman has sat next to a man in the final two 8 times with only 2 wins.

I’m not proposing the women all have to work together in a girls alliance (we’ve seen how well those work out) but if they could just stop actively targetting each other for petty bullshit and doing the dirty work for the men who will inevitably cut them without second thought, that’d be great.


Sadly it looks like J/k will be going out soon 🙁 I guess I will have to tune in just to see Nicf and Dani get voted out at least that will be satisfying .

Marcie Roy

How did Janelle do Nicole wrong? She was campaigning for her to stay. I don’t get it, did I miss something?

another name
  1. Kevin fed the already existing Janelle energy in the house to NicA, amplifying NicA’s tendency to accept group think as truth.
  2. Janelle said she was good with Memphis because Janelle thought she was good with Memphis. Therefore Janelle betrayed her because she went on the block.
  3. Janelle campaigned for her which must mean Janelle was backstabbing her because the house hates Janelle so if Janelle wants it the house will want the reverse
  4. Da’vonne told NicA she was just a number to Jaysar and they didn’t care.

NicA asked everyone to vote her out before the live show.

  1. Janelle did her wrong if she voted to keep NicA after NicA asked to be voted out.
  2. Janelle did her wrong if she voted to evict NicA because she should have voted to keep her, she obviously didn’t care and was using poor NicA.

This is the actual running logic.