“If you are putting up Bella anyways just let her use the power. otherwise, she’s going to have the power for 2 more weeks”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – JAckson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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9:15 am Christie, Holly, and Sis
Christie – I am done with him (Nick) and Sam .. he can go f* himself.
Christie mentions Nick’s yesterday was to get Christie not to use the power and promise Bella would then trick Christie and ut up a shit shooter.
Christie – it’s probably Sam’s plan because NIck’s not too smart.
Christie – I can’t wait to call him out .. we need to get Bella on the block and after the veto meeting I’m going to rost him .. roast him
Christie – he told Kat about his master plan and Kat played along. She told me the whole thing

Christie – CLiff knows because they pitched it to him .. he said he’s not breaking his word.
Christie – I can’t wait to use my power.
Christie goes on about Nick wanting Tommy up “You’re (Nick) a scum bag you make jit sound like you and Tommy are so close ”

Christie – they’re trying to f*ing play me .. I can’t wait to give them the cold shoulder every day ..
Christie is going to tell Nick and Bella she’s using the power.
Christie – f* them
Sis – f* them

Holly – I don’t thin Cliff loves Jackson as much as Jackson thinks he does
Christie hasn’t heard anything but says Cliff is protective of Kat and he doesn’t like how Jackson rolls his eyes at her.
Holly – Cliff has talked mad sh1t about Kat to me and Jackson
SIS – I’m f*in pissed .. I’m F** F*** pissed.
Christie – nasty can only attract nasty (Nick/Bella)
Sis – I’m f*ing done dude
Christie says she had a dream and all this happened in this she gave Nick and Bella the cold shoulder. In the dream, Sam broke down and told them he’s not really married and his name isn’t Sam.
Christie – It’s symbolic I can’t trust him at all

Christie goes on about Nick and Bella trying to get one of their alliance members out this week. She brings up how Nick/Bella threw out sis’ name as a replacement to Jackson
Christie – they were trying to use me to take a shot at jack
Sis – that was stupid
Christie – stupid
sis – that was literally so stupid
Christie – like how dumb
Sis – that was really dumb

9:29 am
Sis – oh my god I want to f*ing rip Bella’s f*ing face-off
Christie – I do too
Sis – I hate that b1tch
They go on about Bella not having to even waste her breath campaigning
Sis – she’s f*ing done ..

9:22 am Jack and Jackson
Talking about Nick and Bella not being very good at this game.
Jackson – they’re like puppies they sh1t on the rug and you have to rub their nose in it they haven’t had that yet ..

9:37 am Cliff, Jack, and Jackson
Cliff said that Nick and Bella were trying to get him to promise CHrsitie he would put Bella up but then he would put her up .
Cliff – I’m not going to play a game I have to lie about something like that you all know I’m not going to do that
Cliff – If I did that none of y’all will believe me ever again
Cliff – my word is my bond
Jack – you’ve made yourself a pretty sweet deal (yeah good for you cliff)

CLiff – I took a shot it didn’t work no one would expect us working together if you all want to work with me instead of butting heads ..

Christie joins them.

Cliff says Bella won’t him up at 2:30 am. She’s got a great idea
Cliff – when it comes down to making the nominations don’t put you on the block put you, sis or Holly

Christie- that hurts me so much .. for someone to go back on a word
Jack – especially since that’s all we got in here
Christie – you are going to ask a man of integrity and character to shake on something .. I heard of that earlier Nick was trying to pitch this master plan
Jack now selling to bring Cliff in on working with them to get to a certain point in the game then “game on”
Cliff expresses all he wants is to find some people to work with
Cliff – it’s not personal I’ve been trying to find someone to rely on and work with

Jack and Christie go on about how Nick and Bella have should bad character (their shit don’t stink)
Christie says sam and Nick probably pitched this plan to Bella because she’s not a master ming

Cliff – you got my word I’m not going to break that. This is the path I need to take
Cliff – I’m not playing that game
Christie – I know I didn’t expect you to play the dirty game.
Christie goes on about playing a clean game and integrity

Cliff – I’m sure the fans may not like some of this but I don’t care
Christie – I think they love it to be honest

9:35 am Sam and Nick
Sam says everyone is up talking to Cliff. “Nicole said they are going to have Cliff admit to put Bella up because then she doesn’t have to use her power”
Sam – no sh1t she doesn’t have to use her power cause we’re doing her dirty work for her
Nick says Bella went up there and said “would you be cool with lying to them”
Nick – he said as long as he didn’t have to swear on anyone.

9:57 am Jack and Jackson
Talking about how many social media followers Tyler got last year and how to leverage all their social media exposure from the show into a clothing apparel business.
jack – you have a platform of 250 thousand people when you get out of here minimum
Jack – I would like to make a cost effect tall t-shirts
Jackson – tailored for an athletic build
Jack – quad blend ..

10:07 am Sam, Nick, and Bella
Sam – it doesn’t look good they are all out there out in the yard just seems like .. there’s no way we get everyone round-up for nothing.
Nick – if this plan works it will be amazing
Sam leaves..
Nick – this is like season 19 where they did whatever Paul said ..
Nick – best chance for this game to actually be interesting now it’ll just be the Jack show.. so dumb .. s dumb

Nick – you still could get 5

10:19 am Cliff and Sam

Cliff says Christie is going to use the power unless he makes a deal to put Bella up (which he has)
Sam – if you are putting up Bella anyways just let her use the power. otherwise, she’s going to have the power for 2 more weeks .. flush it out
Cliff – theoretically I’ve been promised by Christie she would not use the power against us if someone happened it would be for herself;
Sam – she promised and swore up and down that everything will be great (if Michie and Jack were on the block and not her)
Cliff – I’m just trying to cut some losses and create goodwill on that side by doing something..
Cliff told Christie this morning he’s willing to do that. Put up Bella. “I told her I wanted to give you a heads up first because you and I have worked together before”

Cliff says the girls will all vote out Bella if she’s up against Jack
Sam – Kat’s on that side and Nick keeps talking to her
Cliff says no one wants to work with Bella or commit to keeping her in the game because of the Drama bella started with Kat and Jessica.
Sam – It sucks because there’s goes a number
Cliff – I know I don’t know if we can get it back or not. that’s why I was willing to take the shot and a gamble because I know how vital this is
Sam – bella has words and jack has game you are going to vote out someone who will beat you whos a beast at everything or a girl with words who can’t win anything it don’t make sense.
Cliff – she’s playing a personal and emotional game (Christie)
Clif says jack, Christie, and Michie are so very close he’s noticing it
Cliff – that’s the way it’s going to go and it kills me .. if had been 1-second faster.
Cliff – Kat worries me
They agree kat isn’t on their side.
Sam says he trusts Nicole and Cliff.
Nicole joins them. Sam making clear how much it sucks they are not even flushing CHrsitie’s power.
Cliff goes on about how Christie promised him she wouldn’t use her power against them.

10:45 am Cliff, and Christie
Cliff says Bella asking him to lie means she doesn’t know his character.
Cliff – I’ll tell you right now I will put up Bella make you that promise.. we’re all good

Cliff – water under the bridge
Christie – I’m looking forward to moving forward
Cliff – I’m not going to try and do some last-minute screw you job .. a promise is a promise
Christie – and I’m keeping my promise you are safe we are in this together going forward. Just rest that leg up because we’re going to need you soon
she laughs

Christie says Bella and Nick are playing “a dirty game”
Cliff says the only people this will make upset are Nick and bella. They need to make sure Nick understands if he didn’t do a deal they were going to use Christie’s power.
Christie – I really appreciate this
Cliff – I appreciate it as well it would have been very easy for y’all to say no he put us up that’s the dividing line
Christie – I want my power moving forward.

11:00 am Sam gives her a heads up she’s going on the block and the power isn’t being used.
Bella – wait what
Sam – Cliff made a deal he’s putting you up
Sam – dumb

12:12 pm Cliff and Nick
Nick says it would have been better if the got her to use the power, “We got three more weeks left it’ll be me, you and Sam”
CLiff – I know
Nick – we’re f*ed we’re f*ed either way
Cliff says Christie promised
Nick – she’s been lying the whole time
Cliff – I may be getting played the whole way through .. she was going to use the power and then all I am is enemy number one

Nick – we’re f**ed.. Jack’s going to win
CLiff – he may
Nick- I’m not mad at you .. they’re all so stupid this is Big Brother 19 all over again, Paul’s game again ..there’s no point to watch if you are life feeder.
Cliff – I’m not going to break my word this early
Nick – I know because you’re a better person
Cliff – there’s only two options which one saves my a$$ a little bit
Nick – do you think we can get the votes for her to stay
Cliff- no .. that’s the other problem we do not have the votes from the girls Kat
Nick – kat knew about the vote flip they told her
Cliff – really ..
Nick – I just found out yesterday
Cliff says Bella caused a beef between her, Jess and Kat.
CLiff – now they are saying we’re not voting to save Bella
Nick – that’s fine get her out next week .. we can get Jack out
Cliff – I know, I spent the last few days trying work with me
Nick – it’s not about her it’s about him
Nick – don’t trust kat any more .. I trust you Sam and Bella that’s it
Cliff – I know, I’m the same way. I don’t trust Nicole, Jess I don’t trust kat. I would like to use them but I don’t trust them (so join up with 6shooters)
Nick – you gotta do what’s best for your game I understand .. If we don’t we’re going to lose
Cliff – I’m not going to break my word I”m just not going to do that.

12:24 pm Feeds down for POV ceremony

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Big Brother Fanatic

What an idiot


This game has to be scripted.

Big Brother Fanatic

I hope Sam wins the next HOH, or even Nick at this point.


Me too, he seems like he’s the only one not checking his brain at the door. For Cliff to put up Bella if Christie doesn’t use her power is just stupid. Sam has it right, if he’s going to nominate Bella anyway then have Christie use her power. Good gosh, wth


What the hell is Cliff doing?!? I thought he was smarter than this.


He’ll plummet as soon as the feeds return from the ceremony. Unless he actually makes a smart move and that deal wasn’t it.


I really don’t get it. He made a good deal for him. If he didn’t he’s enemy no.1 and is out next week. I think it’s a smart play on his part.


how is it a smart move for him? they offered him 3 weeks of safety that he already had as they target sam, nick, and bella and in exchange he gets nick pissed off at him rather than the 6 as the blood of bella’s nomination is on his hands instead of christie/jackson. there was nothing substantive in that deal for him.


You honestly think if Jack or Jackson had gone this week, he wouldn’t move to the top of the list? That’s asinine to think otherwise, sorry


They already evicted him once. He’s already at the top of the list plus he just nominated the two guys. Deals mean nothing in Big Brother except to people not willing to make people upset. Only one person can get the half million everyone else is going to get a bit upset.


Wow Analyse mouth is just disgusting everything she says starts with F*ck. She always calling people b*tches and threatening people. Her brain can’t be much bigger than a pea.

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m still trying to figure out what she is “over” as she hasn’t done anything!

Dalia Hobelman

And is a waste of space she brings nothing to game except riding coattails


Victoria 2.0 with a filthy mouth

King Silva

Don’t forget getting fu(((ed and potentially knocked up by Jack…a douche who would clearly pick his dog and or ex-girlfriend over his soon to be baby-momma/kid!


And Sis, Kat and Jess can’t put a complete sentence together without saying “like” or “literally”” ten times. Kat is the worst of all of them though. It’s so hard to listen to her speak.


At first I was mad that CBS and AT&T are fighting so I lost my ability to watch the show but after reading these updates and seeing what Cliff is doing, not missing much.

Hope CBS gets killed in their ratings due the lack of viewership and the terrible cast they assembled for this years show.


BB game will become passive and weak like it usually is 1st half of season, my thots


I fear a return to the days of everyone asking how the house is voting on Thursday so they know how to vote.


Really disappointed in Cliff.


Freaking pathetic


He is the worst bb player he can go…can there be a more stupid move sorry you are not a cool kid Cliff and you have ruined the season for sure now! How can character your word in any way go with the likes of ppl like Christy jack Jackson holly sis and tommy! Speak up Sam and Nicole even Nick you are all on your way out the door anyway! Cliff should put up Christy that would be playing big brother instead he wants to be liked by the unlike…ables. Just disgusted by weak game and weak people!


jessica and bella are both worse players than cliff this season alone. there are plenty of bad bb players. it’s frustrating cliff joined their ranks and couldn’t see that getting the blood on his hands for bella’s eviction does not help him in any way. he should have bare minimum forced christie to use her power. still, cliff’s not the worst player. just a bad one. but whatever. hopefully sam or nick win the next hoh.


He is the worst in my book…he brags he had the balls to put up the Jacks but now that one won the veto he is a coward. He had the chance to put Christy up by telling a lie or ie playing the bb game thus sending Jack or Christy home, but he not only saves all of the six he saves Christy’s power for her. Lame scared ball less move in my book! Get ready for the six to control the game and for clueless Cliff to be taunted and laughed at behind his back. Enjoy your moment in the fake cool kids club. If that’s what cool is these days have at it. They vote you out and banish you but now they are truthful playing with integrity all of a sudden right, Cliff. Yes the Kat’s and Jess players are clueless, but Cliff is the worst because he thinks he is actually playing the game.


It’s part of the game though.

Most BB fans loved when Dick and Danielle flipped on the F4 deal they made with Eric and Jessica to keep Dick safe vs. Dustin and the rest of the LNC. They loved it when Dan outright lied to Ollie, and put up Michelle as the renom. They loved his misting of Frank — and pulling the rug out from under Shane.

Fact is, it’s good game play to get someone to do your dirty work, whether or not you intend to keep your word, or break it. It’s good game play to lie — and seem somehow honest.

The difference here seems to be that most (all?) of the Six Shooters are unlikeable and gang up on the other side. All big alliances seem to do that — e.g., Paul’s Jonestown followers.

Fans seem to like the smaller alliances more — I do, too. Chilltown, Renegades, Brigade, Dick and Dani’s father-daughter alliance, etc. And whatever the one was that involved Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Andy and others.

Cliff should be flushing the power. But some of the six have done a good job on him, I guess.

We’ll see soon enough.


Andys’ alliance “Rat Patrol”

Big Brother Fanatic

He got to think he is in on the cool kid alliance.

An ornery mouse

You’re so right, he wanted to be in the cool kid alliance so badly that he threw the two most feared guys in the alliance up on the block.

The guy got totally screwed by a twist and is trying to make the best of a crap situation. We can debate what his best course of action is at this point (burning his word, making Christie burn the power, or trying to buy himself a couple weeks of safety), but the truth of the matter is no one knows the correct decision……

If Cliff actually had his way, Jack would be pounding sand this week. Kudos to him for taking the shot in the first place.

Big Brother Fanatic

Yes Kudos to Cliff for putting up BELLA without making Crusty use her power. WTH?


Very well said. I’m not a Cliffomaniac but he did do the best thing for HIS game….not for Nick or Sam’s.


C’mon Simon, you know BB changes on a dime. Michie winning and the threat of Christies power, what’s he suppose to do? Make himself the target next week. At least he bought himself a couple more weeks


Yep…he showed his ba@%s with the nominations, I certainly didn’t think he had it in him. Then Michie wins. Now, at least he gets off the 6’s radar for a couple weeks…and has time to decide who likely is best to go to the end with…and work on that relationship.

Roll Tide

Jackson said to Christy that if he wins HOH next week, Cliff is gone.


AND screwed those who could have been on his side, now they are all out numbered! ARRGGHHH


What a frigging idiot.


Did you see on the feeds last night how awkward it was when Cliff had the selfie glasses on ? It was like he was trying too hard to fit in with the group, and they were basically ignoring him. I think he has officially drank the koolaid and will do anything at this point to fit in , which sucks to the highest degree !!


Is Sis ever in a good mood? Seems like she is always “F*ing Pissed” ?

Christie- that hurts me so much .. for someone to go back on a word!
Are you kidding me???? Isn’t that what they all just did to Nick? Guess it’s OK for Christie to do it. Can’t stand with people on this show have such double standards.


Totally agree bout Sis. I actually went back through the updates to see if she ever says something without a cuss word….or even something slightly fun or cheery. Nope…she really is a very sad and angry person who has either been wronged by someone BADLY…OR believes she has been wronged by someone badly. She really is just naaaassttyy!


Cliff, cliff, cliff. Smh. What a disappointment this week has turned into. I was so pumped to have someone from the 6s go home.

Please let Sam win HOH next week!

Greg G

Wow… Cliff is really stupid!!. So because he doesn’t want to keep the lie by saying he would put up Bella if Christine doesn’t use her power. He is trusting the same people who voted him out.

Jon Bon Ovi

I have a hard time believing that Cliff is this dumb. I am seriously wondering if production is not involved in this. This move makes no sense.


Personally I think it’s smart of Cliff. He is making a deal for HIMSELF. He is leveraging his HOH to stay off the block for the next 3 weeks. The six shooters will be after Nick, Sam, and Nicole.


I can see his logic because of Christie’s power he felt like he wasn’t going to get one of the six out anyway, but to trust them to keep their word after all they’ve done just blows me away. He should at least forced Christie to use her power .


I agree with you completely, there’s no way they are keeping their word to him. Zero. I thought at the very least that Christie would have to use her power. I was dreaming of a Sam or Nicole HOH and Christie up on the block against Jack and her having a meltdown about using her power for them and now SHE is on the block, instead we have this nightmare

The Corey's

The point is to make her use the power.

By allowing her to keep it he for some reason thinks it helps his long term game.

It doesnt. Hes a moron and he can go back to being a southern hick with his tail tucked between his legs

The worst part is he KNOWS everything and has the perception to see what hes supposed to be doing but hes gambling and all he gets is two weeks safety he likely already had anyway.


I agree. On the other hand, how stupid is Christie using her power on someone else. Now I really hope she gets screwed in the next 2 weeks and regrets using her power on Jackson.

Ovi's tongue

She didn’t use her power. Cliff did her dirty work and she didn’t have to do anything . She still has it.


I don’t believe she had to use her power


I still think he did the best thing he could for him…but maybe he could’ve said something like…”Christy…we flushed Jack’s power, we gotta flush yours too so we can all go forward with no powers and a clean slate.” I think the 6 are scatter-brained a lot..and with the way he’s handled this…he will be off their radar for 2-4 weeks…giving him time to decide who is best for him and get things going in that direction


How is it smart if he’s playing to lose? He needs numbers to beat them and it doesn’t matter if he personally doesn’t like Bella.


No deal is binding…they’ll see Cliff as more dangerous than Nicole and probably Nick. Sam might go next week but Cliff will be the backup if he’s not sitting next to him before the veto.

Guy From Canada

Great he got to jury, is he playing for second place and hoping to be dragged to the end with the big move taking the last minority out of the house back to back to back?


Jessica is Puerto Rican, so Bella is not the last “minority.”
And for everyone hellbent on labeling people – Tommy and Christie are gay, Cliff is old, and Sam is married.

I am so sick of this race card bs. David, is out because he couldn’t find his way out of the dark, literally. No one’s fault but his own.

Ovi is out because he blabbed about this game changing power and was kind of the king of the nerds there for a minute. That made him a threat and a target.

Kemi is out because initially she was so much of a bitch that no one wanted to work with her except, another bitch, Bella. But Bella was able to play nice to the point she was in the alliances, which helped her. Oddly enough, after seeing how she was screwed over by Bella, I felt bad for Kemi.

Jessica is a girl power crybaby who openly targets men. Uh, yeah, that makes her a threat and a target.

None of these have to do with race. It’s good gaming vs poor gaming.

Let’s not forget that the white, stereotypically blonde dim bulb Kat was also on the block, but had no superpower (or brain) to make her a threat. Nicole, white, and Cliff, white, were both on the block at the same time. Cliff won battle back in a competition where he had no particular advantage.

I don’t have live feeds so I don’t know every detail of their behaviors, but going by what I see on tv and read here, my gameplay wouldn’t be much different and I have no racial bias or malice.


Very well said! I totally agree. I did not like Kemi in the beginning at ALL…and then I changed and really liked her. People are having difficulty understanding that sometimes people are worse players or make poor decisions in front of people in power…etc. And others are able to conceal their deceptiveness. I feel like race is brought into everything, everywhere…BB was always a fun outlet for me…and I never wanted to see it consumed by race issues as well. Obviously if someone is a blatant racist…like that Aaron from a few years back…that’s a diff story.

J e t s jets jets jets

You’re right about a lot of this except one part. It was Jackson that I’m pointing my finger at not the whole house.


he is Trump Hogg


I don’t know about that, but ole Cliff Hogg just dropped a big stinky log on his HoH

King Silva

Idiotic voters = idiotic players!


his deal doesn’t help him though. bella and nick are worth keeping in the house as shields. that’s two weeks safety right there. get christie to put up bella via using the power or he should put up kat and then he only needs to sell jess on forcing a tie (which should be possible as if jess is truly all “girl power” she should vote out jack over kat). furthermore putting up kat doesn’t really reneg on his deal with the 6 and forces kat to rethink her playing the middle strat.


They won’t honor this deal with him though so it’s not a good deal for himself, he is siding with those who won’t keep their word and keep him, and alienating the others who COULD have had his back and now won’t be loyal to him down the road as he isn’t being loyal to them now! it’s a dumb ass move that he will regret in the coming weeks I’m sure!


But after that he has no one and will be up against Jackass 1, Jackass 2, Christie, Tommy and what’s their names (Holly and Sis, whatever). The 6 were shooting for Nick and Bella and Sam. He had a good 2 or 3 weeks anyway. What a loser. Could have flushed out a huge power, gotten the biggest a-hole out and the fans would have loved him. I’m embarrassed for him. Sorry, this guy is a waste of space. We are stuck with the six for the summer. Puke.


Trust me, Jack and Jackson will put Cliff up.
Those douche bags have no morals and integrity


I think the biggest reason this season has been a huge let down with terrible game play is because everyone has reverted back to high school and no one is capable of mentally rising above it. Every season brings back a feeling of childish school cliques, but the twist is supposed to be that they are adults who have already been through that and won’t succumb to that trend again.

But every so often you get a dud of a season like this where “the cool kids” team up, make fun of, lie to, and toy with the “outcast” while slowly getting them to turn on each other one by one, all while the “outcast” are too busy trying to get in with or be a “cool kids” and are happy to watch others be picked on as long as it’s not them..until you know, it’s too late. I’m looking at you [Cliff, Jessica, Nicole, Ovi, Nick (early on), Bella (early on) & Sam (early on)].

At least Kemi and David understood where they stood, but David never had a shot to play and Kemi tried too hard, too early and talked to way too many of the wrong people (Bella & Jess come to mind), plus I just don’t think she was that good of a player unfortunately. Ovi is your most classic example of a nerd who wants to fit in so bad and was so desperate for their approval that it made him worthless. Nick & Bella were in with the cool kids until the whole school caught them talking behind their backs, then they tried to cover their tracks by lying to everyone else in the school and so now nobody likes them. Sam, reminds me of someone who’s family isn’t wealthy and he’s not really in the “it crowd” but he played sports and so he’s friendly and social with all of them but they don’t really like or trust him all that much. Nicole is the nice, sweet and honest girl who thinks being honest to the popular kids will keep them from noticing her and they’ll be just nice enough to her that she’ll do their homework or let them cheat on a test, but as soon as she turns her back they’ll bury her. Jess is worthless and delusional, thinks she’s a “cool kid” but they just like using her dads pool in the summer. Cliff…oh cliff. I had hope for you; today destroyed that. You went from possibly cool dad, to dad who thinks he’s cool and funny with lame jokes. The kids laugh and smile and say “you’re so cool, I wish my dad was like you” then amongst themselves, “can you imagine having a dad like that? It’d be so embarrassing.” The outcast have all fallen back into their high school trends and I don’t really see any of them winning now. Maybe Sam, but only if he comp beast it, makes it to the 6Shooter split and somehow comes out on the side with numbers.

As for the “cool kids” aka 6shooters + Kat. They are shallow, vain and quite honestly pretty crappy people (except, I kind of like Kat, she’s funny). I think they could all be summed up with the moto “if you’re not doing it for Instagram likes then why are you even living?” I hope they all lose, but honestly they’re the only ones really playing the game right now and I’ve given up and no longer like any of the outsiders really, so we’ll see what happens.

It’s a crazy season, the only two people I actually like and think I’m rooting for now are Sam & Kat. How the heck did that happen? Haha.

I know not everyone will agree with all or maybe any of what I’ve said, but if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!

J e t s jets jets jets

Could it be that production wants Bella out because of her bullying.

Big Brother Fanatic

Have you not seen the Jack’s bully? Bring back Evil Dick and Dan please.

Roll Tide

Both of the Jack’s are racist and bullying the girls. Jackson got caught eating food in the shower today. Isn’t breaking the have not rule an automatic nomination to be on the block?
The Jack’s think being on BB is going to open doors and they will get a clothing line. They treat women like dirt. Both are horrible people, but Jackson is a little bit worse. Just a tiny bit worse.

J e t s jets jets jets

My point exactly. The pretty white boys can break the rules and not be punished.


i hope when christie’s power does get used, cliff is the nominee.

The Corey's

Cliff secured the number 1 spot of worst player in less than a week. Good for him.


crap like this happens almost every season. last year you had fessie putting up scotty and the year before that jessica putting up ramses.


Omg my dumb sweet Fessie, he may finally be let off the hook for his dumb play if Cliff does this BS


The Hive is about to get another member, Cliff

King Silva

He is an honorary member.

I just hate prison bitches. Go down swinging and finish making big moves…


who flipped?

Big Brother Fanatic

Foute 2.0


Would it be funny if Christie uses her power, all excited and poor Jackson says for all the pain you’ve caused I’m putting up Holly ???
Is that bullying for his eating issues or just frustration for taking M&Ms out of Ovi’s hands

Thea Nine

This is that moment most everyone is yelling at the screen for the actor not to go into that room — then he does and his bloody head comes rolling out.

another name

Devil’s Advocate:
In a parallel universe, Cliff breaks the promise to Christie. He puts up one of the six. A member of the six leaves.
The misfits have numbers, sort of. We know the next comp is endurance. We know the four people most likely to attempt a fight in an endurance are on slop. They don’t know that.
In this parallel universe, Cliff is now public enemy number one to 5 people. He may even surpass Nick and Bella in boot order because Christie is going full on banshee about betrayal, the replacement nominee or Jack is pissed. His attempts to crack the alliance consolidate them with one mission: end Cliff. They also give Cliff the full Kemi. You know what I mean.
In order to put his faith in the misfits, he has to trust they would support him. Will Jessica fight for him? oh. goodie. Will Nick fight for him? NO. Nick will fight for himself and Bella. Will Bella fight for him? uh… have you met her? She’ll pour gasoline on the fire.
So. You are Cliff and you’ve got 5 people after you. you have the numbers, but they are useless to backstabbing in their value and nature.
We want Cliff to make a move that in short term would be great for us, but would have us in long term saying oh well Cliff, you’re leaving, but at least you took out a douche first.
I’m reaching for the fences here, knowing i’m going to come up short, attempting to be devil’s advocate when you would prefer the big move isn’t easy.

Bullies SUCK

Really, he is in a no win situation. None of them truly cares if he lasts one more week. Depending on who wins HOH, he may make it to jury, but that’s it. He is expendable. Honestly, I am not sure why CBS brings in the token old guy. He is always on the short list to exit. He’s never pretty, or buff, or cool, or desirable. They give us an underdog to pull for only to watch him get cut off at the knees, every year.

I agree with your assessment. Essentially this move is a better guarantee of a couple more weeks of safety. Maybe. He will be completely ignored next week. Most likely lied to about being “the pawn”. They will all shed tears for him as he walks out the door in a unanimous vote while the girls cry about how sweet the old guy was and how they wish he could stay longer.

“I regretfully vote to evict Cliff.” No win situation.


every once in a while you get a player like kevin in bb20 that makes a deep run and honestly was probably a comp win or two away from winning.

another name

there was a kevin in bb20? was he the d/r guy sam thought was her boyfriend?
wait…. kevin from bb19?

An ornery mouse

Introducing ‘Douche Duds T-Shirts’ by the BB Jacks. Now available in cocky cyan, misogynistic maroon, smug salmon, vain violet, and insufferable indigo.


You forgot Aryan Aquamarine

King Silva

DEAD at the color choice most popular with the Trump supporter..


And …. this is why Cliff won’t win BB and be on the block again next Week. This is why the old ones never last. I have no sympathy for him if that happens. But at least Nicole will be off the radar, and frankly I like her game better.


nicole is in an amazing spot. she can coast to 8 pretty easily at the moment. she needs the 6’s number whittled down as she gets there though to be able to do anything (and until at least a couple of their numbers go, she can’t really take shots at anyone).

Season Six - Yes Please

So wish Cliff could see the writing on the wall. Christy single handedly was the reason he left and had to come back(his own fault, but ohh well).

So disappointing in the turn of events

Dalia Hobelman

Cliff is a dumb ass sorry he is letting Christine control his hoh might as well be hers she won’t STFU watch big brother after dark she goes in every room wheeling and dealing he’ll she may be the winner this year.


christie is easily in the best position to win the game presently. people should be targeting her but for now she has the jackholes as shields.


Thank God for BB Canada! Year after year, BB US is such a disappointment. I find it really hard to believe Robyn Cass is in charge of casting both shows when about 90% of the U.S. cast are always total assholes. I guess they’re supposed to appeal to some demographic that I’m not a part of but in my opinion, it doesn’t make for a very interesting show or watchable feeds. There have to be some attractive, photogenic people out there who have actually seen the show before and aren’t disgusting human beings. If any of you reading this qualify, please apply for the show. I don’t want Big Brother to go the way of the Celebrity BB U.K.

Season Six - Yes Please

I really enjoyed US BB20 honestly. I think this year is the worst in the last 5 or so seasons.

The Canadian

I second you on that one!

another name

Upon examination of the casting model of bbcan since season 4 and bbus for a while now:
Considering the casting process has become recruitment, then second hand recruitment (going through social media contacts of original recruits and recruiting suitable numbers from that group) and the applicant quotient is tertiary (meaning by the time they get to actually casting from applications, they’ve already filled 9-12 spots), it really doesn’t matter how many people apply. The casting department and the producers already have their stereotype roles and models they are filling. The only way to actually create a change in the process is to make production and casting aware that such crap isn’t acceptable. Even then, they probably won’t listen.
There is a reason why so many people cast in big brother know each other by one or two degrees of separation or are connected on social media. Lazy casting and hopes that casting people with familiarity will make their interactions seem more intimate and free form. They are trying to skip the getting to know you phase.


how about CBS casting people that actually watch & know the show so they will have people actually playing-that aren’t there for their bump in Instagram followers or their “career”-I’d rather watch Rockstar or whatever her name was for a whole season than these egoistical douche wads-just saying lol


I wonder if Tommy who is joined at Christie’s hip, ever says to her…”For the love of God, PLEASE SHUT UP. He hears the same stories over and over and over


He’s playing Big Brother which is a numbers game. Unfortunately not a popular move but a smart move for his game plus Bella leaves.


I have a question. (Bear with me, I hope this makes sense)
– If Christie doesn’t use her power this week
– and she is put on the block next week
– someone else wins the power of veto and chooses not to use it
-can Christie still activate her diamond power of veto and make the veto holder use it?

Cynthia Shoemaker

Veto has to be used before Christy can activate her DPOV


It’s official, Cliff sucks

Tommy Sucks

If the Six-shooters win the next HOH there will be no point in watching anymore.

Curt Da Vet

I think that Cliff’s move allows him to buy time in the house and I do think he will play ball with the 6. The main problem for the outcasts is they suck at comps.. Jackson let Kat win her veto… I want Cliff to go far but he will need help. Jess is going where the wind blows and is the biggest floater of the season. Nicole is weak minded and too nice for the game. To go far you need backup. Nick and Sam will not have his back. Nick had his shot but blew it and wants Cliff to do it. Nick and Sam will be on the block next. The girls hated Bella. Got to trust teammates or move on. 500k on the line you buy time when you can.


OK so I see it says Bella is now a Nom, is that for sure? or just what you think is going to happen?


It’s for sure and Christie didn’t even use her power


I mean….seriously Cliff went from hero to zero, he just did a belly flop for his HoH

Tammie Davidson

Cliff should put up Christie and they would vote her out and her power out

Tammie Davidson

Cliff should put Christie up and really rock the house and they can vote her and her power out


He’ll be taking Bella’s spot soon enough

King Silva

Hopefully his stupid ass keeps dropping.


Cliff should have forced her to use her power. That way it’s flushed out and the blood isn’t on his hands when Bella leaves

Feeds Gold

cliffs not playing for anyone but himself

hes gone from his entire game outed via cliff notes eavesdropping and an outsider/pawn blindsided evicted to battle back, win hoh and join a strong 8 in 4 days

sam continues to ruin his game pushing to save bella

bella: “i feel like sis will be the new bella”…no she will utilise her position/connections alot better than you


You really think they’ll let Cliff in the fold, come on give me a break. They’ll get him out as soon as possible, as they should. Unlike Cliff playing with his morals and deciding not to lie, the 6 play with no morals- they’ll lie, cheat, steal to win. Cliff is a patsy, he could’ve flipped the game, instead he let Christie walk all over him, making him look like a putz.

Feeds Gold

ive listened to six shooters this morning…they appreciate his trustworthiness and loyalty…hes in a much better position now…if he can get to 8/9, bigger targets will go before him at that point


Let’s see how it sits Thursday…Cliff’s name will be tossed about as a “pawn” if not the target.


Cliff’s in the cool kids club and the Jackholes aren’t douches. I can almost guarantee Cliff is once again relegated to the fringes and will be cut quick.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sis never has an original thought. The empty vase.

King Silva

It is official Cliff is a stupid weak little prison bitch of a man..

And of all people to make him their bitch it was Christy with her giant strap on lol.

I can’t wait for him to get evicted now. 🙂


Cliff should have flushed the power, put up Christie and say that’s for outing the Cliff Notes. Cliff has no one, so he should have just done something big because 2 more weeks isn’t going to get him the the end with no one to work with. Then he would have gotten Christie or Jack out of the game. But the way he played makes you think production stepped in and is saving Christie and her power. Oh well, so now the 4th evicted is Asian, so what does that say about this group?


It’s sad that you can only see Bella as Asian.

Curt Da Vet

Buying time allows him to build a better team…. all about timing. Big moves too soon usually crash and burn. A lot of game left. Christie is the strongest girl at comps and I do believe she will try to keep Cliff around. They can let the macho Brothers take out each other then work on floaters…. a bunch of games to play

another name

As Nick talks to Tommy and tries to pin things on Kat, I’m wondering: Does Nick truly not realize that he never just says things to one person? Nick’s plan to get Cliff to nominate Tommy or Sis in order to get rid of Jack was said to Kat, Cliff, Sam, Nicole, and Jessica. He repeated his plan on three different occasions. Does he truly not realize that he’s been walking around with a shovel since second day of feeds when he turned to Tommy and Sam and said ‘if we get rid of Jackson, Jack will be ours, and he’ll be our shield.’ Nick thought he and Jack came up with the alliance. Nick was… fifth recruit? to an alliance of 8. Nick thought getting rid of Jackson would put him back in a leadership role with Jack (a leadership role he never had). Then Sis came into the picture, and Nick resented that Jack was mancing her. Is Nick truly lacking in self awareness to that much of an extent? He likes to say Christie turned him against Jack. He was already upset that Jack and Sis were flirting. He had mentioned Jack as a target to Sam the day before.
He’s got to realize that he is loose lipped. Doesn’t he?
What Nick doesn’t realize. Everybody that he told his plan to told somebody else.

another name

he’s talking to the camera. Nick believes:
Christy started the flamin five (nope. Sam Nick and Tommy were plotting a sub group on first day of feeds. It was originally intended to be five guys. Sam and Nick and Bella wanted the flamin five, approached Christie and Tommy. Sam named them).
Nick was a leader before he started saying too much (nope. he was a provocateur from the get go).
Nick brought Bella into the 8… that stemmed from the 6 Bella was in that stemmed from the final three deal on day one with the 2 jacks and Bella. (Not even a little bit).
Nicole was pushing for the Kemi save (Sam and Bella were the original authors, so another nope).
Nick says he doesn’t like to LIE….. uh someone else cover that one, i’m too busy laughing. He’s lying to himself about lying to the feeders about lying to the houseguests… really??? Day one Nick: i’m going to lie about my profession. doesn’t like to lie… oh my.
I guess we now know. Nick has NO self awareness.


Yep…he is loose-lipped, just like Bella and he’s blinded by his lust/love for her. I don’t think he’s been thinking right for awhile

The Canadian

I am so disappointed in Cliff…..
The Jacks and their pack of minions are coming after him as soon as they get rid of Bella and Nick….
What is he thinking?
I had hope for some good action, for a different BB game, for something…
Now it’s all gone 🙁


Just when I thought this game was gonna get good and cliff had brain, he goes and puts up Bella and didnt even force the power from Christie.


Thanks a lot Cliff you just pissed off all the fans here. I agree if Bella-bully was going to go up anyway why not let Physco use her power so its out of the way. Cliff we were rooting for you and now nothing but a disappointment. Waster of HOH/waste of come back. You are next to leave sir or maybe

Curt Da Vet

I have faith that his action bought him more time and better teammates. Nick lies to himself and is weak minded. I like Sam but he had way too much faith in Bella for the gameplay she was playing. Thought him smarter than than that. The girls are weak as hell this year. Christie will keep Cliff around and sell him to the 6 as a benefit for them. She is too emotional to make it all the way but can help Cliff go farther. Nick / Sam will be going after Jacks and vice versa… hate that floaters do not go first as they have zero game. Holly and sis Jess and Nicole should not have been casts. Holly is smart but playing too timid a game.

Feeds Gold

nick now saying he will put up jack and christie if he wins…he would also need him or sam to win veto to avoid christies power rick rolling the renom


Someone needs to flush the power when it’s least advantageous for Christie…this week would have been good.

Ovi's tongue

I have to wonder what Nicole is feeling now that after pledging herself to his everlasting support he sold her out. All the people he rallied to his side and he just folded like a cheap suit.

BB Viewer

I am from Texas. All Cliff had to say, “In Texas, a man’s handshake is as good as his word and you can take it to the bank. Last time, I looked around we aren’t in Texas but in sunny Southern California. Christie, the only woman I want to have a power over me is my lovely wife! So, kindly take a seat!” There is always a point in Big Brother where you can’t stand the production manipulation. We are there!


I am from Texas. All Cliff had to say, “In Texas, a man’s handshake is as good as his word and you can take it to the bank. Last time, I looked around we aren’t in Texas, but in sunny Southern California. Christie, the only woman I want to have a power over me is my lovely wife! So, kindly take a seat!” There is always a point in Big Brother where you can’t stand the production manipulation. We are there!

another name

This is the point? I was having difficulties with the image fix and making the houseguests aware of first week public perception, and the entire false edit syndrome in the second and third week as being ridiculous. Heck the more houseguests talk to each other about knowing one another or being connected to each other on instagram, the more i’m thinking we’ve been duped from the beginning. The season to this point has been an exercise on how to make a douche look like a golden boy. Now golden boy has been in danger but managed to win out, get veto and save himself. Next stop the sympathy card. Oh that mean girl made fun of his body image, never mind he was looking for an excuse to ditch her because she wouldn’t have sex on command. If any of that reaches the air, it will be allllll about poor Jackson was once a fat kid. Nope, won’t be any mention of how he denigrates the appearance of others. nope. It will be all about poor Jackson.
The entire farce that is the veto meeting this week will be spun. We know this. It’s more of the same and exactly what would be expected. I expect more than a couple Jackson d/r where he will be given credit for the plan, even though part one didn’t work out his way, but how he rallied and somehow got Cliff to come to the right conclusion with creative edits of snips of conversations.