Jackson “The white whale is harpooned! Justice is being served!”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie picked), Holly (sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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4pm – 4:40pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly celebrate the win. Holly looks at Jacksons HOH key and veto around his neck – wow so much new bling! Killing it! For a guy that doesn’t win comps or vetos. Jackson – yeah we don’t win HOH’s or Veto’s right?! The white whale is harpooned .. we gonna do this thang! We gonna do this thang! Holly – the game is about to take a big turn! Jackson – Yes it is! Holly – Sis was saying something about it being personal. Jackson – its not. I could careless about her being on the block. I just want to guarantee Christie goes. Holly – she is a lot more sour than Christie is. I hugged Christie after the comp. She was fine. Sis still won’t look at me, hug me, speak to me. First of all.. I didn’t put her on the block. Jackson – that comp was hard. I am not going to lie I was pretty f**king nervous. That comp was right up Christie’s alley. I don’t even know how I did it. I really don’t know how I did it. I don’t win HOHs, I don’t win vetos… 2V2.. like what are they going to do!? Its not an arrogant cocky thing.. Justice is being served. Like finally things are balancing out in the world. Holly – things are balancing and you’re in control! Jackson – finally and I am righting some wrongs. Its not getting to my head. It is just so sweet putting people in their place because they haven’t been there in 60 days. Holly – its poetic justice. It really is. Jackson – you can’t write this sh*t. We have got to do some damage control with Sis after she calms down. Holly – I know. I didn’t know if I should go talk to her now. Jackson – no, let her fume.. Holly – let her hate you … hate me. Jackson – five days till Thursday. We don’t need to do anything. I am going to sit up here. Attitude wise I would rather see her (Sis) go .. gamewise I would rather see Christie go. Sis wants to create a villain.. wants someone to blame and I am that person. Jackson – Christie is being a good sport about this. I am so happy! Holly – I am so happy too. I am so happy for you. Most people don’t work on Saturday … but damn you put in work!

4:30pm Bathroom. Christie, Nicole and Jess.
Christie – its fine! No one should have to tip toe around me. I will get over it .. its fine! Its cool. I love you all like you know that.

4:50pm Bedroom. Sis, Christie and Nick.
Christie – come on big brother can’t you give us pandora’s box or something!? Nick – we were literally just talking about that. Christie – Cliff just said it.

5:20pm Jackson and Nick.
Jackson – I wanted to compete. I wanted to do this right .. no backdoors. This was not my comp to win .. I am not good with puzzles. I am glad everything worked out the way it did. This is not personal to me. And Sis is making it very personal. More so than Christie, I think?! Nick – I know. Jackson – which I don’t want .. I will talk to Sis at some point .. maybe tonight. Nick – I think everyone knew she was a pawn. Jackson – you didn’t win .. which was a good thing. Nick – that was one that I didn’t care about winning .. it just depended on who won. Jackson – worst case scenario is if Christie had won. I really didn’t want you or Tommy up there at all. Nick – going into this next HOH is the first time I know what I’m going to do. I feel so good. Jackson – I appreciate you saying that about me and Holly though. Nick – no bro .. you kept your word and you didn’t have to. Jackson – I gave you my word and I was not going to break it. I told you before the blow up and we were good after the blow up .. and we were good going into the HOH. I told you we were after the HOH and after the veto. They talk about the finale. Nick – I would rather lose 5-4 to you, than win 9-0 to Nicole. Jackson agrees. The conversation turns to talking about past comps.

Nick – Kat was running her mouth and saying we were working together.. this stays between us .. Kat told Christie not to trust me because I was working with you two when she left. Holly – Shut the f**k up! Nick – and she told Tommy too. Jackson – no she didn’t!! Why am I just now hearing about this!? Nick – I didn’t say anything because I just don’t care. That’s why I was just so upset with Kat. I was like are you f**king kidding me?! Jackson – I don’t feel so bad about Kat leaving anymore. Nick – she said don’t trust Nick because he is working with Michie and Holly. She was trying to blow up my whole game to Tommy. Jackson – f**k that! That really pisses me off. Nick – I was like I am good with them but I am not working with them.

5:30pm Bedroom. Christie, Sis and Nicole.
Christie – I literally had the hardest cry I’ve had in here. Nicole – why? Christie – because of Tommy. Sis – outside of this house I feel like Holly is a really great person and has a really great heart but I think inside the game started getting to her. But I think him and her together brought out the worst in each other.

HOH room. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – I don’t want Nick to get Jess out. I think she a good person to keep around especially with the target on our back. This next week Sis is going to be gunning for me. Regardless of our relationship outside of here. Especially because I don’t know anyone that would put her up. Jackson – I put her up. Holly – yeah but she isn’t your target. Jackson – you. Holly – I don’t want to have to do that. Jackson – is she a threat to your game? Holly – yup! Jackson – there is your answer right there. Holly – Cliff might.

6:40pm – 7:25pm Bedroom. Cliff, Nick, Nicole, Sis, Jess, Christie are chatting about random things. Meanwhile up in the HOH room. Jackson, Tommy and Holly chat about past comps. Jackson – I was upfront and brave enough to put both of them up at the same time. Christie does not want to go home but she respects the game play. That’s what I was hoping for both.. but Sis is taking it more personal but then again Sis doesn’t handle losing well. I hate that she thinks its a personal attack but its far from that. It is strictly doing what’s best for my game. And what was best for my game included her being on the block. It was not for her to go home. Tommy – no I know that. Jackson – I tried to tell her that in our one on one. I said trust me and have some blind trust in me. I don’t want you to go home. Cliff joins them.

7:53pm Christie, Sis, Nick, Tommy and Cliff gaming..

8:22pm Nicole, Christie and Sis are putting Vaseline on the dresser drawers and door handle of the bedroom. Its meant for Cliff but Tommy ends being the victim.

8:35pm Sis pleads the they backyard camera – America, I’ve been so good in this game and haven’t done anything bad. Please grant me a power! Please!

8:36pm Hammock. Nick and Nicole.
Nicole – That’s my conflict ..like I want to f**king win but I also don’t know where I stand in relation to people so I don’t want to.. Nick – Well I assume that Tommy and Sis won’t put you up next week. They would want to go after Jackson and Cliff. Tommy probably wouldn’t put up Jackson and Holly though. He would probably put up Cliff. I am assuming Sis would put up Michie and Holly. This stays between us .. don’t speculate to Kat. Nicole – I will try not to. I would probably put up Jess and a pawn. I like her personally but gamewise she is coming for me. She has said it vocally .. and I have to get her out. I don’t know what Cliff would do. I might talk to him after the veto meeting. I don’t want to stir anything up and get myself put up by saying something stupid. I wouldn’t go after him (Jackson). Nicole – what about Holly or do you just consider that an extension of him. Nick – I do like Holly but I don’t think she would go after me right now so I wouldn’t put her up. I am just going to win this week and whatever I am going to have to do I am going to do. If Jess gets out of the house I would feel better.

8:55pm – 9:17pm Jackson to Holly – if America can listen .. why can’t I?! (Cue photo below) (Jackson referencing eavesdropping on the others conversations)
Jackson – the fact that she (Christie) respects my moves and she respected the things I did..it is so reassuring. They way she handled things.. it was like you did the right thing this week. It worked out well and she is handling it well. I don’t want to upset people in this house. The way that Sis it handling it is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Holly – that’s why I don’t want to be the one to take a shot at Sis because it will definitely not be a good jury vote. Ideally I don’t want Nick to win because he would put up Jess. Ideally I don’t want Tommy to win because he would put up Cliff and Jess. Holly – I don’t want Jess to go either. Did you not realize that Tommy gave us new info… that the plan was to throw it?! Holly – yeah I heard it. Everyone was too scared to take the shot! You have an army of 6 against 2 .. and all 6 of you are too scared to take the shot at us?! I am sorry .. if its only me an her .. what are we going to do about it!? I don’t have respect for that.

9:40pm Jackson and Cliff.
Jackson – I know that Christie and Sis were talking to Jess out there. Sis said I never said a bad word about him… not once.. and I could have .. I could have. And I also know that they were saying in the RV its a really good poker face to say that we’re all good. Cliff – I heard her say that. Jackson – never lied to Christie, never lied to Sis. Cliff – I never heard Christie say that Sis did. Jackson – I told Sis .. I don’t want to see you go home. I said I need you to have some blind faith in me. Cliff – being a pawn is unfortunately a part of this game and if there was ever a pawn that wouldn’t go home its her this week. Cliff – I did hear Christie telling Sis that she should talk to y’all and try to smooth things out.

10:30pm Hammock. Cliff and Tommy.
Cliff – Michie is a competition beast. Another week, another battle. Tommy – we’re at the point where I feel like I have to win every single one. Cliff – its not so well defined as it used to be and there aren’t as many targets as there that you can ever take it personally. Yeah, no I feel the same way. I think that is why we’re mentally exhausted because there is no one feeling like they have protection right now.

10:55pm Havenot room. Sis and Jackson.
Sis – sorry for being so pissed off and down lately it just really sucks to be against your best friend in the house. I know when you were up against Jack ..it sucked but we still had a power and there were so many ways we were able to go .. it didn’t seem that bad. But now we’re kind of in a sh*tty position where f**k like there is really nothing that we can do. But I just felt so blindsided because right before you literally told me Sis I trust you.. and you just made me feel safe so I was like okay I don’t think I am going on the block. Jackson – Because you are. Sis – I know but if you wanted to use me as a pawn I literally would have respected it way more …like I respect your game plan .. its smart but I would have respected it way more if I knew I was going up. Like I honestly .. even the whole house was shocked. Everyone came up to me and was like wow I didn’t know you were going up. I just would have preferred to know I was a pawn. Jackson – I understand. Sis – it just sucked. I didn’t make the deal. I was just a part of it. It was just to get me past a week. Jackson – in my mind and even now, I am still good with you. There was one person that wasn’t in that room. Sis – Christie. Jackson – yeah.. I am good with you and Tommy. After everything that happened on day 44… after all the personal sh*t that was said about me ..after how everything was handled the past couple weeks .. after hearing what I heard in this room. I was made clear after hearing about the deal .. not necessarily to come after me and Holly but there were only 3 people left out of that deal. I was cast out to no mans land. For me I was like I don’t owe anybody anything before these nominations. I was going to be on the block this week. I won this HOH. Sis – I mean if I won ..you weren’t going to be on the block. Jackson – I know .. I just want you to hear me out. In my position it was like I didn’t disclose my position to anyone for a specific reason. There was a lot of different options for me. I was doing what was best for my game. When I talked to you these nominations are going to piss people off, I trust you and I need you to have a little blind faith in me. And I need you to know something .. I would not put you on the block if I thought there was a chance you would go home. Sis – I just never thought me.. like I didn’t get that. Jackson – it was never to intentionally deceive you but you were an option with a few other people. I wanted to ensure that she goes home. If I put Tommy up there was a good chance people could choose this might be a good time to get out Tommy. If I put Nick up .. there is a lot of people that don’t like Nick. And Christie could pitch a good pitch against Nick. Sis – Nick, I love Nick. And you have a good relationship with Nick after he is the one that created the deal!? Jackson – but I am also not the one that is voting. Sis – I know but you’re keeping someone in the house that created the deal to get you and Holly out?! Jackson – what I am saying .. is my biggest target is Christie. Not Nick right now. Jackson explains why hearing the conversation in the havenot room confirmed that he needed to get Christie out. You are only up there because you are one less vote for Christie. I don’t want you to go home. Sis – what if I might?! Jackson – if you keep this attitude up .. I am afraid you just might. Christie is not going to flip a vote against you. I don’t want you to go anywhere. I understand why you are upset. I love you to death .. personal and game. I trust you and want to work with you. I was told I am on my own .. so I had to be selfish. I had to do what I had to do and it was never about you. There are two seats to fill. I know its sh*tty to say but I didn’t owe an explanation to anyone. What do I owe to someone that says I have nothing?! No one has a never to take a shot at Christie. Sis – its sucks because I love you and Holly. Even after this week there are still people saying they would go after you. You still have the veto. Jackson – Sis you aren’t going anywhere. I didn’t want it sneaky or a blindside. It was a good a$$ game move. Jackson – I have your back and I trust you. Sis – I am not scared that I am going home. Sis brings up how she felt like Holly knew she was going up and said that she didn’t. Jackson – I wanted her to have plausible deniability. This was me being about me. I was being selfish. I didn’t tell anyone.

11:35pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly.
Jackson – I talked to her for awhile and at the end she was laughing and smiling .. I know she is a little butt hurt but she said she trusts me but ..she brought up you. She said she has her own issues with you that are separate .. that you were very disingenuine about her being nominated and that it was very forced and that you knew about it but you didn’t. And she just wanted a warning. And I was like I didn’t owe you or anyone anything. I didn’t even tell Holly about my nominations. She was like you’re telling me her boyfriend didn’t tell her about anything about the nominations? And I was like no I didn’t. I internalized it all. I wanted her to have plausible deniability. So take that to your grave. We both need to be on the same page that I didn’t tell you. So you didn’t know nothing. I didn’t want you to have to lie to anyone if they asked you.

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Melvin McKinney

Lol the white whale is harpooned!! Pretty amusing there Jackson..

Keepin It Real!!!

That’s actually disgusting but hey that’s your boy ego mainiac, racist, jackson! Oh and for those not saying its not rigged for jackson this just proves it!


smh only a racist would think white whale is racist.. not to mention the fact you think jackson winning veto “proves” its rigged perhaps your a tad bit emotional about your feelings towards jackson guess we can all cut you some slack in these trying times lol

Just sayin

I don’t believe they realize Jackson is referencing to the ‘white whale’ in Moby Dick that was harpooned?? Not racist at all.


Open a book once in a while before screaming racism!

Joe Kerr

If you read a book, you might get that what that means. But it’s none of my business.


Wow I guess none of you know the book Moby Dick. That’s pretty embarrassing some of you can’t even catch a literary reference. Sad when Jackson proves to have more brain cells than the people commenting.

J e t s jets jets jets

The “white whale” is from Moby Dick dumbass.


If it was rigged for Jackson then last week both the HOH and the veto were clearly rigged for Tommy, and the week before the Veto was rigged for Jessica, come on a non-athletic veto when Jess is HOH? Jackson said this wasn’t his competition he’s not good with Puzzles and Christie says this was my competition, I should have won it.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Did you forget that Jackson is white?


And this is why he becomes more likeable…when people keep hammering him for being racist when he’s not…and people keep talking bad about him non-stop, while giving others a pass. People don’t realize that in their lust to crucify him…they are just making him look more like an imperfect human who does imperfect things.

CJ Thomas

Agreed! I also would point out Cody BB19. This was the exact treatment he got. He is a good guy who doesn’t take shit. It’s ridiculous how ppl try to make someone something there not because they want to create drama so they have purpose in life!

John Doe

All of you “quit playing the race card” idiots need to STFU. You were quick to pounce on KIR as playing the race card, but he/she did not say the white whale comment was racist. He/she said it was disgusting. Jackson has said and done plenty of other ish independent of this comment to be considered racist (and ego maniacal), so KIR’s comment is not unreasonable. By being so quick to jump on any comment that mentions race, YOU are playing, or at least perpetuating, the race card. Your misreading of the comment shows that if anyone needs education, perhaps its you — learn to read critically. Reading a book doesn’t mean squat if you don’t understand what you are reading. SMDH.


They’re idiots because they’re shining the light on people who inaccurately use race to demonize and divide, therefore diluting the ugliness when true racists spew their ignorance. You seem very angry when people catch on to others who are deliberately trying to stoke racial tension and create segregation. Let’s set aside misogynistic or egotistical comments or w/e other nasty comments Michie may have said or not said. I’ve been waiting for examples of racism. He has been repeatedly called racist and I just want to see examples…that’s all. I truly believe that mis-labeling someone a racist is one of the worst kinds of character assassination.

John Doe

I had trouble following your post until I realized your first sentence was intended to be a question and not a statement (correct me if I’m wrong). If so, your question is misguided because as I spell out in my post, how could OP be stoking race in this instance if OP did NOT call the comment racist or call him racist because of the comment? OP called the comment disgusting.

OP correctly labeled Jackson as a racist because Jackson has made racist remarks (after seeing the example, I’m sure you’ll agree the label is fitting…maybe not): https://twitter.com/powerofcheeto1/status/1146981809546117120

The people here trying to stoke racial tension and create segregation are the people who pounced and accused OP of race baiting when OP’s wasn’t even about race. They in fact injected race and played the race card. And after re-reading the comments, I believe the bashing was intentional and mean spirited (and took on a mob mentality).

And let’s not set aside Jackson’s other egotistical because OP also called him an ego maniac. Notably, none of the responders rationalized “he can’t be an ego maniac because he was merely using an oft quoted literary reference.” Why? Because their intent was to make it about race. This is what makes me angry.


Maybe we are reading a different quote. In the quote that I am responding to, KIR called Jackson racist. Go re-read the comment. Your evidence is from twitter and I have heard the recording and do not believe Jackson was using the N-word. CBS and Newsweek conducted an investigation of that very recording and said there is no evidence of Jackson using that word. So once again…this is what I mean by people perpetuating a false narrative of someone being racist without facts to justify. And in your quest to malign someone’s character…instead of focusing on true facts of possible misogyny or other things…you are doing a disservice by promoting something fake. I’m done commenting about this because we are not going to see eye to eye as we cannot even agree on which facts are facts.

John Doe

We are reading the same quote. Again for clarity: “That’s actually disgusting but hey that’s your boy ego mainiac, racist, jackson!” The white whale reference the baiters jumped on wasn’t used as evidence of racism, but that did not stop the baiters from bringing race into it. And you just made my point — why didn’t the baiters focus on how the comment didn’t mean he was an ego maniac? Because that is what baiters do! Baiters gonna bait.

I believe you are in denial about the video, but that’s to be expected. It doesn’t fit your narrative. I don’t care what anyone said, I know what I heard (maybe you louder speakers). I don’t allow fake news to establish my reality.

If you genuinely dislike character assignation, then you need to stand up for OP because that’s the only person’s character I see falsely under attack here. And you should be done because you view is disingenuous and does not hold water.

Melvin McKinney

The White Whale is ultimately a metaphor. A metaphor, like a symbol, has to do with an object representing an idea or a different, non-literal object. The White Whale is frequently used as a metaphor for an obsession, usually in the sense of a goal that you chase but are unlikely to attain.

BB Casting Call

Was Jack not also referenced as the white whale between Jackson and Cliff? Another example of eliminating your intended house guest, the obsession.

House Stark

If Christie is like this now imagine what she is going to by like by Thursday.


nah christy knows its over she’s given up no cryfest necessary.. sis is the one who should be scrambling getting as far away from christy as possible looking forward in the game and start making deals asap for next week and beyond

CJ Thomas

Driving the house guests & us the viewers like bat ?crazy! Lol might have to give myself a timeout moment this week on the feeds! Ha?


I can’t recall a season that I rooted for absolutely nobody. I wish Big Brother would have a season that only had past players that never had a chance to play (like David). That would be interesting to see what they would have brought to their season.

Creepy Nick

Well I was pulling for Kat.

After this week it will be 4 guys and 4 girls left. The girls need to get some of these stong males out if they want a better shot of winning some of these remaining Head of Household competitions down the stretch.


After these last two weeks, watching Tommy on live feeds, I finally can root for him. He is playing a great game – is good with most everyone. He really put Christy and Sis in check todayt with all the crap they were saying. Tommy is here for the long run and not running his mouth like Christy did.
Also, although I hate to say this, Nick is also good with most everyone. I don’t like the guy but he came back after his two biggest allies left. Too bad he’s such a creep.
And, Michie is also redeeming himself.
Watching them on feeds is very different than just seeing the epidoses.


I actually agree with you. Set aside whether you like or hate any of the 3 you mentioned…they are FINALLY playing the dang game!

I have no bird, I have no bush

Yeah, I’m not a fan of any of these people. Kat was my favorite. I flip-flop on Cliff, just like he does with his allegiance every week. Jessica and Nicole are kind, but I don’t think either of them stand a chance at winning. It’s disappointing. And I agree that there should be a season of houseguests who got robbed. I don’t like when Big Brother gets rid of players without an eviction. Let people play.


A season of first one voted out comeback players. Neat concept!




Counting down until Christie starts crying. 3, 2, …


You’ll need to count up because I’m pretty sure she started the moment she learned she lost the veto.


Nope…first time I think I’m calling you out…hahahaha. I do believe she started crying even b4 the veto comp. :p

Dakota Barb

Are you her sister? As in “I swear on my sisters life” sister????

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Dead sister’s ghost.

Someone call the cops! CRUSTY WAS ROBBED... lmao

LOL YOU again? You just keep popping up at random times…. lol

Last Season was Better

Christies a goner! Bye Bye!


Last season was fantastic!!! Just wanted Tyler to win but loved Kaycee too!


There better not be a Pandora’s box, a reset, or a secret veto or power. It is Christie’s time to go. Poor Kat tho, Jack and Christie to hang with in the jury house eek!

Sally B

Wait, what?!? I thought she was all “I’m ready to go. I don’t care. I’m not gonna campaign”…on & on, & NOW she’s already asking for another advantage (Pandora’s box).??!? Jeez. She’s a sympathy-seeking, lying, conniving, straight up professional manipulator. Houseguests: Don’t get sucked into her self-serving, lying vortex!



Just sayin

Is Christy still trusting the universe after it betrayed her?

I have no bird, I have no bush

Christie: I can’t believe the universe is having fun without me!


What is your fascination with Chrusty the clown?

Someone call the cops! CRUSTY WAS ROBBED... lmao



So happy with the outcome!!! Crusty is a cry baba and she needs a time out aka jury house!!!! The universe is on our side, the galaxy, the milky way,

Dalia Hobelman

Sis sit your spoiled bitch ass up in that room like a entitled baby lmao


Never cared for Sis, but after today, can’t stand her. Sulking all day and nasty.

Bitter SIS

I totally agree.. Its called being a Bitter Bitc*

Southern Girl

Now after Christie goes, Sis can win HOH and put up Holly/Jackson and send Jackhole right behind her. This entire cast suuucks. So bad. I’ve watched almost every season and never has there not been at least one person to pull for. There is no way the same person that chose last year’s cast chose this one. Unless last year was a total happy accident. Sorry but I look forward to BB every year and this one is beyond the biggest let down. I thought I’d be more excited about this veto but I literally can’t get behind a single one left to win the whole thing. The ones that aren’t crappy ppl are horrible BB players. Ugh


Season 19 is still the worst season ever

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Season 19 the worst by far. The first half of this season was painful and boring. Jackson has redeemed himself for my 2¢ – he heard the wake-up call loud and clear… So did Tommy. The girls … not so much.


That’s what I’ve been saying. This season still has a long way to go to be worse than 19. This one started out terrible…took over a month to get decent and is now getting better and better.


Totally agree. 19 was worse on so many levels. The one thing 19 had was a) Paul’s face when losing twice in a row b) the sweet candy of Sh1tmas/ Raven, Paul’s fae when Cody wins AFP.

NOw that Christie and Jack are gone (going) the game will hopefully open up some more. (something that would have happened earlier if it wasn’t for a twist)


I till say season 16 was the worst, the cast stunk. Season 19 IMO was bad too. It had so much interference with all the twist and course friendship was a problem as well. Why did we have to suffer Paul again???


I think the difference is 16 was just so incredibly boring where 19 was full of petty, mean-spirited, and ugly people. Granted a lot of those people are probably not as bad as they were on the show, they were horrible on the show.


They were petty in BB 19 for sure. BB 16 had the shomance stalker Caleb. Who now that I think about it also redeemed himself after stalking Amber then taking her on a “date”, and finally nominating her. So he and Jackson have the rebooting their image in common.


Yeah Season 19 of “Big Paul” sucked. The best part of the entire season was the look in his face losing again.
I think we r heading towards some game play once shes gone

I just love Tyler from BB20

It’s really hard after last season. Tyler is my favorite player, his alliance my favorite and his season is my favorite. After having such a great season it’s hard to deal with this. Especially since Kat was the only one I was pulling for and now she’s gone. I don’t get the love for Nicole and Cliff. They were underdogs at first but now they do the same things other HGs do.


Who wants to play Baywatch???……



Dakota Barb

Pick me, pick me!!!!

Club H.O.H

#BaywatchGate! Lol first Brussel sprouts now baywatch! Lol

Sis's Werewolf

“Pandora’s box”… F-OFF Crusty


Who thought michie would be my favorite!!!


Exactly -actually rooting for him. He is playing the game and not just sitting on the sidelines.

Dakota Barb

Hello CRYstie and AnaCRYsta, my name is KARMA and like you two, I AM A BITCH. Please enjoy the week I have prepared for you!!!

I just love Tyler from BB20

Best comment I’ve heard in a while. Thank you.


NA NA NA NA, hey hey Goodbye ? crusty ?

Just sayin

I hope the door hits her in the a@@

Miss Conception

Christie,the universe is listening to you and is going to grant you a special power. Of all the planets,Uranus is the only one that can fill such a request. To accomplish this ,you must,with all of your might ,pull this power out of Uranus. If you cannot do this,then you must kiss Uranus goodbye!


Who cares. After Christie leaves y’all will find someone else to hate on. This cast is bullshit this year. Worse season of BB ever. Wish CBS would stop casting models with looks and no brains.


agree its true but its pretty much always like that which is why the game gets so boring when the jacks and christies get evicted i mean who really wants to watch jess nicole and cliff battle it out??? umm no thank you


unpopular opinion, but i actually kinda like this season. i agree there’s no one to root for, but the house dynamics are the most fluid since forever. usually it’s one side/person dominating with a bunch of morons shooting each other in the foot not realizing they need to work together against that other side to survive. this season the lines are much much fuzzier, and i’d actually be fine with anyone left in the house winning except for sis who i think is in the worst position to win anyway as i can’t come up with more than four votes (jack, tommy, nick, and christie would vote for her while everyone else likely votes for whoever’s sitting next to her. though it’s possible she could win back holly and jackson’s votes, i don’t feel those are votes she currently has).


Agree with a lot of your points…but I really don’t like Nick.


Hopefully this season will inspire a change in casting. They always try to force showmances and it backfired this year because there were no slow growing rating grabbing showmances, just a lot of gross casual banging. They also cast for certain stereotypical narratives, and try to force those stereotypical narratives in the diary room, but they had to take some kind of bias training this year because of that. They can’t use the same ole scrip anymore, so hopefully they’ll either change or get fired.


She’s the worst though. Such a hypocritical self absorbed bitch


Ding doing, the bi#ch is dead, the bi#ch, oh bi#ch, the lying bi#ch! Ding doing, the lying bi#ch Is dead! ? ? ?


(The ? were supposed to be music notes….don’t know why they came up that way…but we all know the song!)


there could be a flip a lets not get to excited

House Stark

If there is a Pandora’s Box (Allison’s Box) opened this week we will know that the fix is in.


Maybe that’s why Christie is barely crying….production will save her.

Ding Dong Crusty's Gone!!!!

People.. STOP THIS MADNESS. Haven’t you heard about what can happen if /when you speak things into existence?
This is the end of the rope for Crusty the Clown….. and it is going to happen.. End of Story!!

Save Christy

What a great idea. Let me email Allison and ask her for one.


LOL you were already blocked.. Good luck… You will need it! SECURITY!!!!!

Team Hichie Sux

I don’t know……,Holly is SOOOO jealous of Sis & it sounds like she’s planting seeds for Michie to flip and target Sis instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sis is gone on Thursday and not Christie.


I think it’s the other way around. Sis said if I wanted Jackson I could have Jackson, she’s already slept with Jack and she’s been with Nick (how far we don’t know), she’s a mean girl and a bit slutty. She’s not going, she has another week to hang all over the boys left.

I second that

Just a bit? I think she is more than a little bit ….


I hope Christie leaves. BUT…..still five days…lots of time for deal making.

Christie’s case will be that if she stays she will be the main target, shielding others. And she is more likely to win something versus Sis, so she can repay loyalty.

I still think (and hope) she will go, but I’ve seen all 21 seasons and have seen others pull it out.

I just love Tyler from BB20

My favorite female player was Vanessa. She had to fight every week. Her own alliance was targeting her but she misted them. Remember when Austin wouldn’t leave?

Feeds Gold

hollies constant sewering of sis to the last several weeks knowing sis was very loyal to her baffles me, its incredibly moronic and needlessly risky

did she not think it would get back to her?

i give credit to jess the last few days for letting sis know and reconfirming it after the denial, after hollie asked jess why she told sis(sis being nommed, rather than jess who put up michie and who is only targeting guys further confirmed it)

i like that on the block sis doesnt give a f-uck about brown nosing the hoh and his showmance and has just been blanking them, not wanting to partake in the fakeness of it all(especially after the imprudent needless blindside of a pawn by michie and the fake attempt by holly to claim she didnt know who noms would be, plus hollies sewering of her)…its a refreshing change from nominees so often being in submissive begging mode…being there for christie in her final days, sis in phlegmatic mode, and looking forward to the next hoh comp

Southern Girl

Totally agree. Holly is way jealous of Sis. She may be a brat but I’m glad she’s not being fake and kissing arse. Don’t care for any of them TBH but I wouldn’t mind seeing her win next and put up Holly/Jackson.

BB Casting Call

There is absolutely no deal that Christie can make. By Thursday, Tommy will be happy to vote her out, too.


C’mon…Sis was totally brown-nosing Michie. She talked all big and bad until she went and met with him. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do the same thing…but I certainly would expect people to be calling me a brown-noser.

Confused .... lmao

What show have you been watching again? Cause …. Previously on Big Brother……… Sis is bashing the HOH and well pretty much everyone in the house except for Slimy, Tiny Tim and Crusty the Clown. Especially Holly and Jackson… Also during her conversation with Jackson she was kissing his ass pretty much.. He reiterated what he told her at she was safe ….

Feeds Gold

im surprised christie lasted this long

christie haters you got your wish

however once she goes prepare for the feeds to become way more boring


What can be more boring than hearing Christie cry and repeat the same things over and over?


Like her saying like I love you guys. Like I have played an honest game. Like the universe provides. Like I can’t wait to go to jury. Like like like like. Yeah that will not be missed


Oh but that’s what keeps me glued to the screen. She’s sooo fun and exciting to watch! lol

BB Casting Call

It’s actually going to improve the house conversations because no longer will everyone be interrupted every five seconds.
Look at most posts from Simon, each paragraph looks like a huge conversation, but they are all Christy dialogue.


Christie does not provide any excitement or fun on the feeds. Your prediction that it would get boring when Jack left, proved false.


If any of them had a brain they would vote Sis out and keep Christy because she is the only one who has the balls to get Jackson out. The rest of them have their heads so far up his a$$.


No they don’t. Don’t mistaken everyone’s eagerness to work with him while he takes out a big target with having their heads up his butt. I assure you that once she’s gone…the target moves to Tommy, Nick, or Michie…unless any of those are in power or have an ally in power.


Almost everyone is super eager to work with the HoH each week. Most players get a bit brown-nosed especially leading up to the veto ceremony. After that they shift again based on the new HoH, that’s the game. I think most of them know the threats and will target them now that the numbers are more fluid. Before there was a core of votes that wasn’t moving and it made it very difficult to work around unless you towed the line.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

#ChristieEvictionParty has started on twitter ( and it’s only Saturday)…..Sis keeps talking to the camera, pleading for a power from America; STFU please… her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me; can’t wait until she’s gone too

Feeds Gold


in dr can you please discourage tommie/christie/sis from attempting to rekindle anything with the showmance

i want the tension to build to set up the next hoh week, with hopefully holly leaving with a nick hoh or michie/holly on the block with a sis hoh win

Franks fumes

Jackjaw was concerned about his image thus the “white” whale lol……he’s learning at least…….it feels good…..goodbye Crusty.


Pretty sure the white whale is a reference to Ahab’s obsession with getting Moby Dick.


Can someone tell this Sisi chick if we the fans can grant her a power it would be Evicted asap. Ps that would include peice of shits like nick and Tommy and first being their leader Crusty the clown yucks

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

“Dear Sis, no you haven’t been good; your a sore loser, not always very nice, you’ve been shielded and protected and the HOH shower needs a good power wash. Be a big girl and act your age.Love, America” (via the back yard camera)


Watching BBAD. What is up with Jessica giving Christy so much info? She has people who want to work with her and she’s throwing them under the bus to Christy…who’s leaving. What is that going to accomplish? Why is she so loyal to Christy? Christy has never done anything for Jess in this game. I don’t get it. I had high hopes for Jess after her HOH but now she’s just playing recklessly. She trying to climb on to a sinking ship. Just dumb, dumb, dumb.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Me too, Ruby! And last night she was all over them trying to reveal secrets she’s stored up the last few weeks. First, her intuition is off! Second, listening to her pontificate for 20 minutes about “lit-er-ally noth-ing” (her voice drags out ev-er-y syll-a-ble) that’s one of the reasons I couldn’t watch any After Dark first half of season. I’m just now up to the scene with the three of them talking in the backyard – Christie talking and eating and clanking her dish all at the same time, Jess being Jess. Sis with her stinky attitude. I can’t take their conversations. I’m liking Jess less and less as she spends time with those two.


Yea…she sucks…I’m guessing it’s to shore up a jury vote

Just sayin

I feel like Jess may be playing both sides just in case she makes final 2 ( lol ), by feeding the jury before hand like Josh did. It worked for him!

Feeds Gold

jess to christie: “this season has been the frenemies season”

very well said

All-Stars season next please!

We need another All-Stars season! I hope next year! I miss real Big Brother and people who know how to play…

Did I seriously hear Nick, Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff all say they are not going after Michie or Holly! Nick said he’s going after Jess, What???
She is a non-factor at this point!


Agree for an All Star season but I don’t want to see any of these entitled , spoiled, narcissistic people on there though. The two best things about this season is I think the Zingbot is going to be amazing and the second is when it’s over!!!


Personally I’m not in favor of any type of “All Stars” season(s). It would instantly turn into who admired who teams, against those disliked and have to get out for what ever reasons. Besides, they had their chance at winning and fame.
Lets get players who have actually watched and are fans, rather then CBS recruiting players who have never seen the show. The worst move ever made by BB was the Paul fiasco with the bracelets and immunity thrown in. Seriously, after he came in, and the Christmas HOH win were everyone dropped so she could win HOH was the worse ever. We quit watching after that night and it was a week after season that we found out Paul didn’t win and Josh did. That was Karma.

Feeds Gold

sis goes to chat with michie, gets him out of bed, and they go in the have not room…

this was one of the more entertaining one on ones in a while

michie to sis: i apologize…i trust you…i want to work with you…i love you dearly(the biggest bs line of the season…this is hollies fakeness rubbing off on him, rather than him just being real and honest)

such needless bs michie you dont blindside nom people you trust, love and want to work with

michie to sis: hollie loves you
(hollie has sewered sis most of the season)

sis calling hollie out saying thats bs and that hollie was insincere faking not knowing she was going up, saying shes very upset with hollie also for other reasons(hollies sewering of her)

sis is laughing because michie is just spewing so much absolute bs that its comical, then michie also laughs alot(hes also a bit caught off guard that she is pretty fearless)

this is why i like sis…one of the only players left not intimidated by michie, even as he has both hoh and veto, and willing to have heated convos with him whilst she is on the block

the sis/michie relationship on better ground now but the fractured hollie/sis friendship is a whole different story, i think that relationship is toast…i really dont want those 2 girls to smooth things over as its one of the only potential real grudge showdowns left this season

i still think the showmance goes up if sis wins hoh


I can’t believe that we watch the same feeds and show. Sis is the opposite of fearless and sincere and a good player. Her, Christie, Tommy, and Nick have spewed the most filth and lies of anyone.

Club H.O.H

Man The conversation between Jackson and Anal was screeching in the have not room! My headphones couldn’t take it! Lol She acts like she has this game and is so entitled! At this point I don’t know who would go after Anal or vote her out. I also hate how she keeps throwing Nick under the bus (actually the whole house lol). I’ve said this since the beginning I really do see Nick and Nicole final 2. I said the same thing about Tyler and Paul the past 3 years too that they’d be final 2.

Feeds Gold

cliff is hilarious

good to see him having so much fun and joking around pranking the girls


I hate to say that this….I see you Nick!
He knows how Bella got out because he was in the middle and Christie has the nerve to try n twist things saying he n Holly threw the challenge?
Hate Christie if you must BUT her twisting stories to get people to believe her “perception” has worked thus far (uhhggg)
And yes she is on the block but she plotted n planned the “oh sis I manifest a win for me….I mean us…”
Now its “I am just upset SIS is up there”
Can we all see what she is doing?? Making Sis NOT want to campaign (looks good for Christie) then Sis wants to blow up on everyone (That would only help Christie) also shes telling Sis how unfair it is that Sis is being picked on (further upsetting Sis better for Christie) AND telling Sis shes playing a good game that’s why they want her out (Again a BOLD faced lie to Sis to upset her)
Now will these things make Sis or Christie look bad??? Certainly not Christie!
Christie is even trying to discredit the ONE person TRULY protecting Sis which is Nick!
Nick knew Christie had Tommy cause he was there when Tommy told Jack he had Christie’s back. So Nick told Jack I have Sis’ back. Great spot to be in Nick! Basically he’s like “I am protecting your bf’s girl Sis n u mad at me Christie??”
I SEE u too Christie! Dont let her do it y’all!
Dont let this chick flip this vote because Sis is too stupid to realize she is no ones target and Nick wants to drag her clueless butt to the end WHILE securing Jack’s vote by keeping her safe (and getting Christie’s if shes out cause of loyalty to Jack n sis)
Here’s hoping the house keeps its head on straight and go for their intended goal


Sis finally spoke to Jackson last night. This was inspired by both Tommy & Nick who told her she needed to do that. Jackson already said Sis is “acting” like the person who deserves to go, but Christie is the logical one who NEEDS to go.

Where Sis is messing up is by burying Nick (cue: Tommy probably telling him that, so he pulls Nick closer to him over Sis). BUT — as much as Tommy will push the papers on the desk the truth is he’s better served by Christie leaving b/c she can’t be controlled & he’s viewed as her right hand man. That means (especially if they kept her over Sis) he’d be in far greater risk as he would always be the person sitting beside her on the block. Lose one POV to Christie & he’s on his way out the door. And he knows that, which is why he has been working all these side deals since just prior to jury.

Think back the week prior to Jury he tried to pull a last minute oust of Kat over Sam, then the week Jack was leaving, although Tommy tried to keep Jack he also began distancing himself from Christie. Yes, he took her off the block last week BUT he has been working the trio angle of Sis/Nick for at least 3 weeks. Couple that with increased one on one’s with Nicole, Jess & Cliff & he’s working the side angle with J/H with Holly as his priority. Tommy is much more transparent than people in the house are seeing atm — his first blatant public action was trying to flip the vote for Kat to leave — and hmm who did he target on his HOH? Right. Just like his next target is Cliff.

My point is Tommy will run through the actions but in this case “thou doth protest too much” young man – b/c IMHO he wants Christie in jury working it for his votes.


Day 60 Observations:
Nominees on the block often emulate the 5 stages of grief: 1. Shock & Denial, 2. Anger, 3. Bargaining, 4. Depression & 5. Acceptance.
Witnessing how Christie/Sis have maneuvered through the last 24 hours Christie is already up to Stage 3 while Sis is stuck in Stage 2 and may never get past it.

The Jess rant:
As for Jess – man she is annoying. I skip most of her conversations b/c I simply can’t deal with listening to her drone on using “like” every third word or never fully reaching her point. That is unless she’s stabbing the few people who tried to work with her in the back. Yet, I’m perplexed by whether she’s brilliant or completely insipid and daft. On one hand her narrative all season has been to take out the men – an objective she’s still driving by trying to emphasis Nick & Michie as priority targets. And, while she’s been on the Christie train all season I wonder if that’s b/c she sees that as a way to safety (little does she know how frequently Christie & her group have discussed Jess as a nomination option) or b/c she just genuinely likes her. Knowing Christie is the next oust Jess is hard core up Christie’s ass implying her vote is available (and maybe it is) but it’s more likely this is a move for a jury vote.

This might also explain her constant Nicole bashing of the past 24 to 36 hours. Perhaps Jess’ goal now that Kat is gone is to take Nicole to F2 so by trashing her to everyone she may see that as a way to gain jury votes over Nicole. If not, then Jess is no better than the other mean girls. Jess recent Nicole rants to Tommy, Christie, Sis (or all of them) in the past day or two have included:
*Nicole was the one to share the F6 deal
* Jess thinks Nicole fakes being bullied and fakes having emotional breakdowns as strategy
* She is weak & lets Nick play her game
* Says she can’t trust Nicole & that she is doing a lot of things that have really messed with her head

And only now b/c she told “the world” these things is she worried it will get back to Nicole but claims she only said something b/c she needs to vent to someone. Of course the illogical side of this is Nicole was trying to do what Jess proclaimed was most important (being kept in the loop). It’s hilarious to me that the others sit there knowing THEY were the ones who wanted Nicole in & Jess out but somehow aren’t receiving any angst from Jess. Where is Jess’ fury in the fact not one of them cared to keep her in the loop or include her in the group? Again, it’s illogical that the people who do try to work with her are the ones she goes off on. While Jess ran & told Holly about the F6 — MINUTES after Nicole told her (knowing it would go to Kat) she had the audacity to tell Kat if she/Nicole followed her to jury it was ALL Kat’s fault for outing Cliff’s Angels. Then again this entire house seem to only recognize indiscretions made against them and don’t take ownership for their own slights against others. That’s with the exception of Nicole & Cliff & more recently Michie (who aren’t exactly angels either) who at least own their sh*t.

As for Jess’ concerns her Nicole bashing will eventually get repeated at some point — IT WILL when one of the trio tells Nicole or repeats it to Nick who’ll be all too happy to bury Jess since they are each others priority targets. If/when it does come out there’s a good chance it will fracture Nicole/jess’ friendship b/c even with all the nastiness of this season IMHO that’s about as evil as anyone has been toward an ally, saying she is faking being bullied/emotionally breaking down (though some could argue the Bella/Kemi incident but it wasn’t as base or personal as what Jess is saying) & particularly b/c Nicole jeopardized her own game in order to open discussion about keeping Kat & doing what was best for all of them. Hilarious, when you consider she’s telling Christie this who only cries or yells in order to drone out others. Jess has empathy for Christie over “the Baywatch incident” but none for Nicole – WTF? Worse – not only did Jess have no empathy for Nicole that Kat told Nic her parents & students would be embarrassed by her game play/wrong decision, but she’s using it as fodder to suggest Nicole is playing the situation up for sympathy & making up that she’s upset. It’s disgusting, unconscionable & unfathomable.

Jess only lucked out that her sympathy vote for Kat didn’t matter – if it had she wouldn’t have made it! And, can you imagine if Kat, Nicole or Cliff (her supposedly allies) had told Jess her husband and family would be embarrassed by her game play & obvious negative male bias how she would respond? And add Holly & Michie to her list of targets as she’s buried Holly/Jackson repeatedly after they offered her safety. That’s the irony of Jess, other than Nick the only people who DON’T want to work with her & have no investment in her protection are the ones she treats the best (Christie/Sis/Tommy). Ultimately, I’ve lost all respect for Jess b/c her strategy isn’t done subtly its delivered with a machete like precision & is heartless/thoughtless.

Other hamster musings:

Tommy has begun planting Christie staying seeds to gauge interest. He suggested it to Nicole & told Jackson/Holly/Cliff how Christie is dealing with this so much better than Sis. In truth, Cliff would likely rather keep Christie over Sis too b/c they have a better bond. BUT both Cliff/Nicole will vote Christie out to honor the new 4-some as will Nick & Holly so at this stage it’s a moot point. On that note, Nicole/Cliff have smartly figured out the new 4-some deal may not have legs past this week & even if it does they’ve learned from experience to not tell Jess/Nick or anyone else b/c of what happened last week.

Sis & Christie apparently have early onset Alzheimer’s since they say catty, cruel things & within minutes forget they said them. The hypocrisy of trying to pretend Holly/Michie weren’t the targets or how dare they put them OTB is hilarious. Sure they can toss out I was still tied to the 6 but that’s why Tommy was so mad b/c he knew they all purposely lost HOH (and said that they would) b/c they wanted Cliff/Nicole or Jess to take them out so they wouldn’t get blood on their hands.

To that end, Nick is in a real dilemma b/c after this week he will have attachments with three duos – only distant from Jess.
Likewise, Tommy is good with mostly everyone in the house but perhaps not quite as solid as he thinks. Holly/Jackson want to work with him but know he’s smart & needs to go sooner than later. Likewise, Nick telling Nicole I’ll understand if you need to put up Tommy/Sis may be his way of getting out Tommy w/o blood directly on his hands.

If there is a DE any time soon it’s likely the key targets would be Tommy, Nick & Jackson (which may also be why the trio is all playing this cat & mouse dance at least until DE occurs).

Both Christie/Sis are stating they won’t campaign against each other but Sis finally acquiesced & spoke to Jackson (throwing Nick UTB btw as the master of the plan which Jackson already knew) while Christie stated she needed a night of sleep & would reassess. I cant see her just throwing in the towel — we’ll see (but Cliff has given J/H the heads up they are going to pitch getting the 5 back in the hopes both ladies stay).


Christie is doing the same old thing. Twisting a story and making Sis feel some kinda way so she goes off n does something dumb and then Sis will go. Its how Christie played all along. Love her or hate her, Christie’s twist a story and perception shifting game has worked! They fall for it everytime!!! Worked on Jess, Sam, Kat, Jack, cliff, Tommy who took her off the block and now Sis who is not even the target who may become one ….Michie even warned her about how shes acting!
Shes so blinded by Christie’s words she feels backstabbed, hurt and betrayed by Jackson even though they talked crap about him last week. Another goat Christie can sway Sis and she has and it’s been working. Hopefully she will see backing Christie is bad for her game but I dont have much faith in Sis’ common sense or lack thereof and Michie and Nick are sick of trying to convince her she is safe.
Jess is basically irrelevant unless she wins. When she has no power she is protected by no clear alliance even though Nicole tried to help her out by telling her about the 6. Crazy part of the Jess story is, she is the only one thus far that made a big move and stuck to it! Jess is the ish when she has power but when she doesn’t she gets caught up in the Christie story twisting and perception swaying.
Count Jess out unless she gets power again


What I find most hilarious about Jess’ love for Christie is the plan for the next few days is for Christie/Sis to try to convince Jackson to use the POV on one of them & put up JESS. LMFAO. Christie must believe she might be able to sway Jackson as her allowing Jess to constantly bad mouth Nicole is meant to be used as a reason to swing Nicole’s vote if Jess lands on the block.

Here’s hoping they do make the pitch & then Jackson either tells Jess or announces it in his POV speech.


Agreed. Too bad Jess is not smart enough to asked who influenced putting her up previously cause they were all on board. lol. And as u pointed out, Sis n Christie trying again to get Jess on the block. Truly hilarious! Nicole never target Jess n shes mad at her?? Yeah too much Christie Kool Aid Jess has been getting drunk on


I liked Jess for a minute, but am back to disliking her again.

J e t s jets jets jets

“Insipid and daft”. What great words to describe Jess. I’ve been preaching the Jess is not a good person for weeks. Welcome aboard. I’m glad you changed your mind after how much you were enjoying her starting last weeks blowup and realize how much of a betrayal it was to Nicole.


Yeah I was on no sleep & read the initial part incorrectly & sure didn’t think she was going to take it as far as she did


Take that to your grave…lol
Or until Sis watches the feeds and finds out you’re both liars. Jackson and Holly are such jokes.


Seeing Tommy. Nick or Sis again on the block next week would be a good cake with my tea. I honestly also do think that jackson sending crusty to the jury house has earned him a spot for the final 2 because he was the only one from the ungr8fuls who actually took a shoot at his own group.