Big Brother 21 Spoilers – Jackson wins the veto “Thanks Friends”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie picked), Holly (sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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After a bit over an hour the feeds come back revealing Jackson win


Christie – Tommy and Holly are playing Bay watch running and Smiling.. thanks, Friends..
Christie – I’m looking forward to going to jury

Sis tells Tommy it hurts her when he’s having fun. Tommy – that was insensitive. I’m sorry. Nick apologizes to Sis for not winning it for her. Tommy – whoops .. I’m an a$$hole!

Havenot room. Christie is crying. Christie – Like really Tommy.. you want to play baywatch!? I can’t! I really can’t! Cliff joins her and says he’s sorry. Christie – no its okay its not you. Like Tommy is supposed to be my friend and he is running around wanting to play baywatch. Its not you! Its not you! Cliff – he is in there crying. We were not reverent to the situation. It was a bunch of people releasing frustration. Christie – Its okay, its okay .. I know I am going home. Its just insensitive. Like Tommy is supposed to be my friend. Its not you. Its not you. Cliff – we all realize that we were not acting reverent to the situation. Christie – Its okay. I know I am going home. I don’t want anyone to know I am crying. Cliff – I know how it looks but campaign till the end. Cliff leaves. Christie keeps crying – Never in my life!! Honestly, I can’t wait to go to go to jury.

Tommy joins Christie to apologize. Christie – I am fine! I am fine! I am honestly fine! I am not sad that I am going home. Like I am a joke. Tommy – why are you a joke? Christie – Its okay, I’m not mad. Like you’re my friend! Tommy – I know, I f**Ked up. Sis – with Holly!? Tommy – I know, I’m sorry. Christie – with the person that is sending me home!? Lets play baywatch!? Like I am not even upset, I am so thankful I am going to jury because I am not going to campaign against Sis. I can’t wait to get out of this phone f**king house! Tommy – I know, I f**Ked up. I didn’t realize it at the time and after I felt horrible. But you’re right that was insensitive and stupid. I really am upset and that was me trying to show it. Christie – now I have to do this for a whole f**king week. Tommy – I am sorry. Christie – its okay.. its a game. I need to get myself together. I feel like a fool. I am the only person that came in here with a friend and I feel like I don’t have that. And its not your fault, you’re playing the game which is what you’re supposed to do. And the people that want me out are your closest allies. I can’t expect our games to match up. And its not like you made me cry.. Nicole joins them and apologizes. Nicole – that wasn’t the intent.. Christie – I’m not mad at you.

Kitchen. Christie and Jackson.
Christie – I just want you to know that I wasn’t crying because I lost, like you won that fair and square. You did so good. I don’t want you to think that I am a sore loser. Like you f**king deserved that. I was just feeling sensitive. And I don’t want you to think that I am mad that you you killed that game! Jackson – I want you to know this isn’t personal .. It is strictly game. You are just the biggest obstacle between me and winning this game. That is the only reason why you’re up. Christie – and I’m not even crying because I am going home or wow I am out… I am just crying because I am having a moment. Jackson and Christie hug it out.

3:53pm – 4:05pm Sis and Nick. Sis – And Jackson says that he is not playing personal but the only reason Christie is up there is because its personal. Nick – I thought she wasn’t going to go up based on past conversations I’ve had with him. Sis – he put her up because its all personal .. like its not her fault that he looks bad in front of America. Like its the other sh*t that he got himself into that makes him look bad. Nick – I don’t even want to know. Like don’t preach that you’re putting people up not based on personal when it is all clearly personal.

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Wow, Christie & Sis are on the block, so they expect that nobody has fun this week. Narcissist, much? But Jackson has POV and Christy is going home. Looks like the Universe has spoken.


Seriously, they were fine last week when it was Kat and Cliff and Nicole was torn but now it’s them. UGH I hope it’s unanimous that she’s out not even a pity vote

Just sayin

I want Sis to get a random vote, just so she will be unsettled in her position moving forward.

House Stark

Christie – I’m looking forward to going to jury.

No nearly as much as we are looking foward to seeing you go to jury.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Tommy realized a couple weeks ago that those two were tanking his game, and he decided to sociaLize and have conversations with the Bottom Feeders. He’s given them GOOD advice about how to handle themselves better, but “NO! Whaaaa! It’s all about US!” They member give a CRAP about anyone else having a bad day.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Christie should be happy that Tommy is having fun with other people, because it will give him a better chance to win this thing. Christie should come around eventually; that’s usually the last stop on the roller coaster of emotions. Tommy has been getting along with/loving everyone since day one. I think he can get Christy’s stink off of him and his friendship with her won’t hurt him. He will also have two votes in the jury house regardless of who leaves on Thursday, so he’s in a great position in that regard. As long as he keeps himself together and doesn’t appear to miss Christie too much, he should be golden.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Thanks! I read it on here. Jackson has said it a couple of times. I have no idea what it means. LOL!


The universe has spoken

House Stark

Well done Jackson!


Christie will come back from this… Just wait!


Puhleeese NOOOO…!!!!

I second that emotion.

Yes she will.. On Finale night where she and the rest of the jury crowns the winner..


Christie is very upset!! I am curious how this will effect Tommy’s game going forward.
Would be interesting if she blew Tommy’s game up….depending on how he treats her this week. She knows he’s in a new six.
Will she be the “loyal” person she says she is even if she goes to keep her mouth shut???

House Stark

It will be interesting to see what alliances spring up this week. One thing for sure is that they will change once the HOH is crowned. Plenty of floatation devices in the house this season.


Floaters get a life vest!

And there were not alliances! Im getting PTSD over this. There were only deals! ( says the alliance of six )


She needs to blow up his shiz and get him the bleep out!!!


I think she’ll go back and forth – b/c she needs his vote & needs him to help her campaign. BUT I can also see her telling the jury members & then a battle back happens with the returnee telling everyone in the house or if it’s Jack/Christie who return Kat yelling it out to the house on her way out the door.


Yesss !!!! Bye Crusty !!!


Don’t think Chrissy won’t get out of this. When she is done with this season she will rank among the top three women to ever play.

You may not like her but for heaven’s sake respect her flawless game play.

By the way, if you ask, the universe will work for you too. People just don’t ask…



Yea. That’s never going to happen. Already i can think of 10 better just off the top of my head. She’s ranked top 3 worst. She’s a hypocritical bitch.


What exactly has Christie done to earn top three billing? What moves has she made for any kind of a resume? I don’t think being a cry baby qualifies. Aside of winning first HOH in which she did nothing epic, she’s pretty much just been a mouth faucet. Top women make it to the end imho.

Roll Tide

Christie is not in the top three. Top three are Sam…Nicole….Cliff


Crusty also has advantage of being friends for over seven years with her ex girlfriend’s nephew Tommy who covered for her in playing her, sarcasm alert, ‘clean game’.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively



About time someone respected her game…


Does that mean Crusty is gamey? Like a boar tastes gamey?




Wow, you’re as delusional as she is.

House Stark

Ever heard of:

Danielle Reyes
Rachel Reilly
Britney Haynes
Daniele Danoto

J e t s jets jets jets

I’d put Haleigh in there too.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Credit where credit is due,Christie has dominated this season and is worthy of winning but she’s so horrible I’m glad she’s going.Now they need to get Tommy out or he’ll beat everyone.


She’s dominated because she is cra cra – not becuase sheis worthy of winning. Plus when she is in a room she speaks 95% of the time leaving no footage of anyone else speaking so editors are at a loss of what they can put on TV!

Save BB21

Who knew I would be happy Jackson is still in the house… I’m actually ready for all these meltdowns!!

Dalia Hobelman

Jackson your a fucking beast.periot


Did the beast do the non beauty in? (Ugly crier)


Wow, I knew she was going to be a wreck but she’s acting like a two year old. Sis is being ridiculous too. Such a sore loser. And you would think sis would be use to it because she hasn’t won crap this entire game. I had high hopes for her in the beginning. I think they’ll both be extremely embarrassed when they watch this back.

Sally B

People like those 2 are incapable of shame.

J e t s jets jets jets

Thank goodness for Simon and Dawg. They get to watch all the crying and whining and all I have to do is read about it. Thank you guys.


Boo Freaking Hoo. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. 🙂

Melvin McKinney

Where the good lord split ya!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It’s pretty disgusting how quickly they given up when they’ve had power all season. Makes them look like spoiled entitled brats. You’ve got a 100 lb little girl whose taken emotional punch after punch and she’s (Nicole) out gunned by athletes and super competitors, usually over the outside or on the block. A AARP card carrying member who’s injured, already been voted out, he knows the block well but ClIff is still fighting.

Cry me a river, you entitled petulant conspiring bit***s. They’ve talked more crap than anyone. That’s why America voted to send you on that field trip. It’s Big Brother, not Big Baby!

J e t s jets jets jets

Best post of the year! Bravo!


AMEN! That’s my universe speaking!

Sis's Werewolf


J e t s jets jets jets

I feel a battle back coming.


Yup, me too. Plus it will probably be True or False with questions like
True or False, Tommy’s aunt said this…
True or False, Tommy’s aunt said that…


LMFAO – thanks to you I just sprayed coffee all over my laptop lol

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Please no!I’ll sacrifice all of Christies sisters that are still alive to the universe to prevent a battle back.


They already showed Jack video feed from the house, so he can’t be involved in a battle back.
No chance a battle back is happening.


Christie got robbed….
Enough said.

House Stark

Do you mean in the brains department?


Are they hiding the tissues?! That’s horrible…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

(One of Christie’s sisters is sTill alive??????)

Someone call the cops! CRUSTY WAS ROBBED... lmao

Funny cause she was getting FED when the “universe aka production” was feeding her info regarding the competitions and what people were saying… but they stopped .. so She was robbed? LOL Crusty got robbed because she didn’t win the HOH or POV to keep herself safe. And she has no control over how it is going. It must be hard to have to do shit for yourself…
More like the other players were being robbed because they didn’t get the same info…. Remember that comp where she knew where to find the cards?


The Universe is wise. Thank you.

Watch from a distance

I’m still baffled. How an Sis say Michie and Holly have no one, they might not have a lot of people on the house but there are a few that still play with them, they are still there after all. And what baffles me more is the comment made by sis after that that they don’t win Hoh’s or Veto’s. Pretty sure Holly won an HOH and Jackson has won a veto. What has sis won? I can tell you, NOTHING!!! The delusion she has!!

Stanley meet Gloria

All BB fans will universally take Christie’s eviction as a personal victory.

I’m Holly, but not Jason’s or Michie’s

The last 3 HOHs have won veto, too. That’s how you keep your noms the same or backdoor someone! Any bets that Christie WILL campaign against Sis? They all say they won’t, but they do.


Cristy won’t have to campaign against Sis. Sis will probably do that for her – she misses Jack’s schlong.


Funny how bitter the bullies are now…………they weren’t crying last week when they were effing Kat over, were they? lolol

House Stark

After this week my dream on the block is Nick and Tommy. They can cuddle it out.

Melvin McKinney

I agree lord stark.. Make it so.. Manifest it..


Hopefully Jackson gets the boot next week.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Honestly, although Jackson is doing such great work this week, I still can’t stand him. He’s as much of a baby and as bossy as Christie. He just doesn’t cry. He sits there with his arms folded, holding his breath like a 3-year-old.
But the worst sin of all: Jackson is singlehandedly causing the price of watermelon to increase. I have to buy them on the black market now.


So happy with the outcome!!! Crusty is a cry baby and she needs a time out -aka- jury house!!!! The planets, the Milky Way, the galaxies and beyond the universe have spoken, out you crazy spoiled brat!




My goodness! How dare these people have fun now that Christie and SIs are staying on the block and one of them is going home! They are all monsters! Monsters I say! Everyone should just lay around crying and lamenting the cruelness of the universe until Thursday night! These horrible human beings should commensurate with Christie as all she’s done is play an honest, kind, and something kind of game.

Are we counting the number of times Christie cries and who’s the referee if one cry ended and a separate cry starts is the continuation of the previous cry? Who’s got the over/under?



I think if everyone put their fingers and toes, we couldn’t count that high and then you need to add another +1 ( plus 1).=

Sally B

Omg, here we go. Christi will throw herself a wailing, sobbing pity party, start the “I just want to go home” b.s., get some poor weak a$$hats to feel sorry for her….on & on, ad nauseam & manipulate those fools into keeping her. Dear God, pleeze let me be wrong!!


Christie says right in front of Sis:
“I am the only person that came in here with a friend and I feel like I don’t have that.”
Uhhh, has Christie actually told Sis about her & Tommy being pre-BB friends, or did she just make that comment right in front of Sis and Sis didn’t pick up on it???


Although the slotted spoon can catch the occasional potato, it is still a spoon. The spoon aka Sis, probably thought Crusty meant Crusty has a friend that came to wherever they are, or it’s the universe. Who knows? Other than hang from a vine and to put it politely, sleep with Jack, cook some scary eggs, cry and be entitled while also being angry, I guess the information didn’t register.


Great analogy, I concur…. she’s a moron.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Can we get confirmation that Sis was definitely in the room at the time?


Wasn’t it Tommy in the room when Crusty said this?

Donna Wachtler

America hates the bawling she does! Christie grow up it’s a game not your life. Why is sis not wailing that is what is so annoying. You think us viewer want to watch that? I like bb but to spend an hour listening to someone wail like a sick sea lion is a waste of my time.