Jackson “If I’m going to be on the block on Thursday.. I’m BLOWING SH*T UP! BLOWING IT UP! KAPOW!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip

Choose three houseguests they compete while on a field trip. The winner gets safety for the week the loser gets nominated as the third nominee.

Doesn’t affect this week it affects the following week. 8 days of voting.
Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes

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8:35pm Bedroom. Tommy and Holly. Tommy – I want them to make up. Holly – I do too. I really do. Tommy – I am pissed at Jackson .. gamewise but.. I want them to make up badly. Holly – I am mad at his (Jackson) game.. well I am mad at his (Jack) game also. I am actually mad at the six. For A, not trusting me. B informing me. C respecting my HOH. I am actually trying really, really hard to not to be as mad as I think I should be. But I am taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Tommy – you do know I tried really hard to come talk to you… and I spoke my mind when I was upstairs .. and no one spoke up for me. I felt so alone. Holly – I mean the whole Kat thing. Why didn’t anyone just ask us if we knew each other?! Rather than trying to blindside her and go completely against me during my HOH. Tommy – it happened so quick! As soon as Jackson told me I told Jack and we went straight to work.. which I regret today. Holly – to stand there and listen in.. like I don’t even do that! Like you told the two people that I love the most ..like that was a dagger. Tommy – I know .. I f**ked up your situation. Holly – I know holding on to that will do me no good. I am still mad at Jackson.. I know where he was coming from though. Being mad is not going to get me anywhere ..so I am just sad. Tommy – I know you feel like I disrespected your HOH.. but if you put yourself in my shoes I knew something was up with Sam. I came up and heard the three (Holly, Jack and Jackson) of you .. it got weird. I was like what’s up .. someone tell me .. and no one did. You and Jack left .. me and Jackson had a one on one. I said I know something is happening. I’ve always had your back.. please include me. He didn’t include me. I found out from Sam. He was painting Christie to be the bad guy. I tried to get them to speak. The next morning he said don’t trust Tommy and Sis.

8:45pm HOH room. Cliff and Jess. Jess – I want Jack to feel as comfortable as possible so no one uses the veto. Cliff – do I think that he would not use it.. no but that would be hilarious if he didn’t. Cliff – how comfortable do you feel with Nick? I went down and saw Nick, Jack and Sis talking. Jess – I honestly don’t think Nick would do anything to mess up this opportunity. If anything pops up with his name on it he could easily be the next person on the block. Like I would have no second thoughts.. Kat joins them. Cliff – there is a part of me that thinks Nick will do what he can to get in with that group. And to improve his position in the pecking order and all that.. but I also do think that he understands that he is not going to rise up to far in that pecking order too much and he will screw his chances. Kat – I think Nick would vote to evict Jack because there was a time that only Michie and Holly were nice to him. Cliff – worse comes to worse I think he would vote with us. Kat – on a personal level I have so many reasons why to evict Michie but on a game level I don’t really. Jack on the other hand I have no reason to not evict him personally but every reason to vote to evict him on a game level. But because I have been so vocal about everything that is going on with Michie.. I am worried about how that will make me look. Cliff – but you’re here to play the game and I think people recognize that. Kat – but it would be absolutely stupid of me not to evict Jack. Dumbest move ever. Cliff – if we got Jack out this week and one of us one next week would you want Michie out next week? Kat – everything that I have against him is person.. but it has been so much that it affects the game. And I don’t think he would target me or any of y’all. Jess – on a game level ..the dude (Jackson) is a beast! Jack is the biggest threat in the game right now. Cliff – what do you think happens to Sis when Jack is gone? Does she become a free agent or does she work with.. Kat – Christie and Tommy for sure.

9pm Kitchen. Jackson and Holly. Holly – it is so good (his speech) that I kind of want you to do it… but I also don’t unless you are 100% leaving then f**king send it! Jackson – I’m doing it regardless. Holly – no! no. Jackson – if he wants me to stir the pot .. I am going to stir the pot! Holly – no. Jackson – they’re on cloud nine! Having the time of their life. Loving it! So I’m going to kick them off the mountain. This whole time I’ve been playing Christie’s game. Spoken up about stuff and gotten shot down. Wanted to make moves.. shot down. Wanted to take shots.. shot down. From day 1! Even with the first nominations.. Ovi wasn’t supposed to go.. But that’s what CHRISTIE wanted! Holly – I know! Jackson – no, I’m done! I’m done! Now she wants to make it personal .. MMMmmhhhmmmm. Holly – Christie and Tommy were up stairs for a long time and then she came down and said that she didn’t like what they were saying so she came down. I’m like great! Jackson – nice! Holly – I feel like I walked into big brother and just realized I’m on the set of mean girls. Jackson – that’s why I’m not playing anymore. That’s why if I’m going to be on the block on Thursday .. I am BLOWING SH*T UP! BLOWING IT UP! KAPOW!

9:55pm Kitchen. Jack, Nick, Sis and Christie. Jack – Man I hope you guys get to watch the POV tomorrow and watch me f**king alienate it.

10:05pm HOH room. Cliff, Jess, Kat, Nicole, Nick and Holly.
Cliff – I know its been a horrible couple days but congrats to all of us still being here.

10:10pm – 10:30pm Bathroom. Christie and Sis.
Christie – I am just in a bad mood because ..like I totally get why she put them up together.. but one has to be a target..so I understand why she put them both up. Don’t get me wrong I totally support that it has to be the two of them.. I see what she is pissed about with Jack trying to flip the votes. But he took responsibility for it, owned up to it. He was wrong. They shouldn’t have done that .. it was literally unnecessary. Jackson is like a whole other level! And the fact that she is putting them on the same page is like is getting me. And I know a lot of it has to do with my personal decisions about Jackson but I am f**king over it honestly. (I highly doubt that) Is Kat really going to keep Michie? Sis – no way! Christie – no way right. Sis – I think. Christie – Kat has to vote Jackson out. Jack needs to be humble the next couple days. Christie goes the the bedroom where Jack is and tells him that he needs to be really humble the next few days. She tells him Jess thinks he is condescending and he needs to be on her good side because she could have to break a tie vote. Christie leaves.

10:35pm HOH room. Kat and Jess.
Jess – I don’t think I made the wrong decision but I think it would just be horrid if Jack stayed. I really want him out. Kat – no I agree. Jess – I really want him out and I think that we can’t tell anyone. Kat – I was thinking that too. And this is what stinks .. it is a bad place to be.. there are so many things that I don’t like about Michie but all those things have already been out.. and everyone knows about it. He knows about it .. and maybe that will be the worst decision ever but.. Jack in the house is such a threat to my game. Jess – I think having Jack in the house is a threat to anyone’s game. Kat – exactly, so I have to get him out but I also don’t it used against me from Christie, Tommy, Sis. Jess – your vote is your vote. Kat – I know that .. but I am just worried.. I do want them to think that I am a vote for them because I don’t want them to start scrambling and flip Nick’s vote because right now it will be Nicole, Holly, Me, Cliff… and then Sis, Tommy, Christie .. the only vote we would have to worry about … so Nick … if Nick votes with them to keep Jack .. then you would have to stand up and cast your vote out.. which you don’t want to do …. Jess – and Nick has already said he will vote Jack out. Kat – so worst case scenario is you have to stand up and be the tie breaker. That would suck …but there is no way that Me, Holly, Nicole, or Cliff would flip. Kat – we need to make it seem like this entire plan to get Jackson out. Jess – the most I will say is that I will respect the houses decision.

11:05pm HOH room. Jess reading her HOH letter and crying. Nicole and Kat comfort her.

Camp Comeback room. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – the dangerous thing is that Christie has Jess wrapped around her finger and I don’t know when she established such a good relationship with her but she did. I think it was when Christie broke down crying the other day and Jess just happened to be there and Christie got all vulnerable and tugged at her heartstrings. If and when you do talk to her again .. don’t bash Christie.

11:40pm Kat and Holly. Kat – Jackson just needs to win that veto tomorrow. His game isn’t over. Holly – he said that if he wins the veto tomorrow he is going to keep noms the same. Kat – umm..okay.. Holly – to respect to people. He wants Jack going out the door standing next to him.. which is savage as f**k! It would be savage. Kat laughs. Holly – that would be the stupidest game move ever! You would have to get guarantees from everyone. Kat – I will swear on the bible to make that happen because that is epic! Holly – is Nicole on board. Kat – Nicole is on board with what ever Jess does. We would have Nicole, Me, You, Cliff, Nick. That would be the first time that happens in big brother history. Holly – he has to win it. It would also be epic if I won it and chose not to use it. Kat – I can’t tell if our game is reckless or amazing. Holly – its reckless but its working. We’re like idiots .. we might be idiots but we’re having a good time. Kat – I’m excited .. this is good tv!

11:50pm HOH room. Kat like a boss in the HOH room. Kat – do I look like Jess? Nicole – yeah you do..

12:10 am Kat and Nicole
Playing around in the HOH pretending that Nicole is Melissa (Sam’s wife) and Kat is playing the interviewer.
Jessica comes up and says she’s feeling like “Abraham Lincon, I can’t tell a lie”
Nicole and Kat tell her she has nothing to be upset about one of the nominees banished her and the other one nominated her during their HOH.

Kat laughs says Holly told her that Michie is thinking of not using the veto if he wins it (because Jack’s the target)
Jessica says this would be the most epic HOH if both of her nominations stayed on the block even though they won the veto.

Nicole brings up that Jack is treating Cliff poorly now.
Kat -other than flipping the entire house vote Jack’s never done anything to me .. (She Laughs)
Kat – yesterday gives me PTSD. everyone was lying

Jessica pulls out some icecream bars for them all.. “Cheers to Jess”

They talk about next weeks HOH if they can get one of the 6 out this week that leaves 5 of them competing.
Nicole – we still have 4 .. 5 -4
Kat says they don’t this week is “Literally changing everything”
Kat – there’s no more six
Nicole – right what am I saying
Kat says Jessica’s HOH is changing the game “New lines will be drawn it will be us with Holly and Michie against Tommy, Christie, and Sis”
Kat – that’s what makes me so nervous.

Kat explains that yesterday she was saying to Christie etc that she wants Jackson out now this week when she votes Jack out they will be pissed at her saying she’s “playing both sides”
Jess points out that

Nicole – as soon as you made the noms Jack went to Tommy, We’ll be alright bud .. Jack is like Tommy’s Shield. Jacks is a nucleus he’s attached to Christie, he’s attached to Tommy, He’s attached to sis
Nicole – he used to be attached to Michie he has a relationship with Nick
Jessica – is he like the messiah he’s trying to die on the cross like Jesus
Jess – when JAck was put up the first time, Tommy cried so hard. I just didn’t understand that
Jess – what is going on. I really wish I had a better memory because he cried over here when I was talking to Sam
Kat wonder is Tommy can make himself cry.
Nicole is certain Tommy can, says he’s great at performing but not great at acting.
Nicole and Kat bring up a story of Tommy fake crying where Nicole almost broke into laughter because it was so obvious.
Jess – I hope Tommy doesn’t think I am gunning for him because now they feel threatened
Jess says Jack is sinking in his own bed of thorns

12:54 am HOH girls still chatting

They’re talking about Nick and whether or not they can trust him
Jess – he already knows quite a bit
Kat – what does he know
Jess – Jack’s the target
Kat – I don’t know if he (Nick) wants to get back with the six or if he wants to get back with the majority
Nicole – I do think a part of him is keeping his bases covered if Jack stays I’m your buddy I’m your friend I’m your pal. The other part of him I do believe is smart knows that jack is harder to beat moving forward
Nicole – it’s one of those things if we get Jack out great he’s gone it’s a big competitor gone and if I’m Nick I’m still in the game. If Jack doesn’t go ohh good I am friends with him. He’s riding the middle right now
Jessica is hoping she can trust Nick to not tell Jack anything, “I’m putting my eggs in his basket”
Nicole says she’s done that before and had all her eggs smashed “we’ll see”
They agree Nick sees the numbers and sees the groups in the house and he knows jack is going to be harder and harder to get out

1:45 am Nick, Sis, Tommy, Jack
Tommy says that Cliff walks really slow to play up his age, “then he f*ing wrangles four sheep. He plays up the family card at the end of every fight he says we’re a family”
Tommy – It comes out that he was at the root of every fight

Jack – his intell
Tommy says Christie and Jackson both told Cliff sh1t then he went back to the opposite told the information

Tommy – he’s a genius he’s the biggest threat in the house
JAck – that’s why I want to get him out this week

Tommy and Jack going on that Cliff is a “way bigger threat than Jackson”
Nick says they would need to square sh1t up with Jackson first before they do this.
Jack – me? F* that dude if I put Cliff up against him we are cool
Jack – I don’t even have to say anything.

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Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)

J e t s jets jets jets

It’s nice to know that Jess had a good education. It was Washington who (not really) said “I can’t tell a lie” not Lincoln.

Just sayin

Ever hear of “Honest Abe”?

Franks fumes

I hope that the next time Tommy does one of his happy time high kicks he plants one on his forehead…….the fakeness is really too much to bear. He’s really starting to wear on me…….and he’s way to comfortable.

Tommy Sucks

Agree 100%. He and Crusty should be on the block together.


You realise its a game and not real life right?
If jackson would of known how to be fake – he was golden now

The Beef

Or pulls a hamstring muscle.


How about pulling a hammy while planting his foot into his forehead? 2:for 1 and everyone is happy 🙂

Dalia Hobelman

I spit out my coffee you are saying what we are all thinking lmao

Franks fumes

Slimy Nick would most assuredly vote out Jackdouche cause then he would have full access to Sis’s werewolf……..and we all know what that means.

Dalia Hobelman

Did you see him on bbad he was digging in Nicole’s toes wtf lol

Sis's Werewolf

Sis’s werewolf hahaha


There! There wolf!— Igor ( pronounced eye-gore). 🙂


Jackjaw, you aint got nothin to blow up boy

The Beef

Oh but he’s an Alpha male, and he’s so confident, he’s going to win the veto and choose NOT to use it on himself.

If he does that, he will rise to the top of the dumbest member of the house totem pole.

Six Shooters are Firing Blanks

I’m fine with either Jack or Jackson going. They both suck.

I think I want Kat to win but I think Cliff really has a chance to take it all.


Too late Jackson. Sam already did that!

Goodbye Jack

Cliff….please leave Jess alone and stop telling her how to evict the Jackholes. You had your shot and “Jacked” it up.

Clara Oswin Oswald

Your right Cliff was strong during the noms but really wimped out after the veto.

Sis's Werewolf

Cliff really did shit the bed

Buzz Lightyear

Unpopular opinion:

Has anyone noticed that every major thing that happened in this season revolve around Michie?

Him winning the camp director and sending out Kemi, Cliff, David and Jessica started most of the pre-jury storyline. They all became outsiders along with Nicole and Ovi with the rest of the house voting them out. He even has most of the showmance plotline with holly/kat that it completely overshadows nick/bella and sis/jack. This whole blowout happened because of Jackson. Splitting the 6 and getting jack to doubt Christie wouldn’t have happened if Jackson never blew up the information he got from sam and nick. He even gave us Christie’s Jackson rant.

Say what you want about Jackson but he has been the main drive this season along with Christie and would seriously get kind of boring without him. You don’t have to like the guy and I’m sure he’s not going to win but he’s a more interesting player than half of this people. Don’t worry, when he gets out of the house he’s gonna know he’s unpopular so save your hate after he get evited.

Yeah, he’s a dbag. So What. In few mouths he will go back to being a regular guy that no one really cares about.

Star Wars Fan

Also, he was in the middle of the whole kemi/bella fight that cause Bella to become a target. The whole thing started because of something Michie told Bella that got ratted out to Kemi while bella ran to him with what kemi said.

Franks fumes

I only want him to stay as long as it takes to get rid of the other worst human being in the house ………Crusty.


Agreed . I really want holy to go.


This season is getting crazy quick lmao Maybe hold off on popping that Kraken. We may be in for one hell of a ride if this $H!+ keeps going South

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s why I want Jack gone and Jackson left because he’s CRA-zy (like bunny boiling crazy) & drives Christy nuts (nuts-er). It’s a 4 for 1 punch getting Aqua Boy out; Christy, Sis and Tommy can drink each others’ tears.


Yea…that’s been my whole thing this season. I don’t love Jackson. But I do love him in this house because so much does revolve around the disgusting way he is and the sometimes nice/exciting way he is


This is what I was hoping was coming….it just came and hit us in the face. Normally we have a slow build up to this…but this season…it was all whatever…and then BAM! Love itttttt! :p

Feeds Gold

if christie uses the power her renom is nicole to ensure jackson goes


Depends on who’s holding the veto though. She probably won’t be the one making the call so whoever wins the veto will have to be someone she trusts or she doesn’t use her power and lets Jess pick.


Me too!


Jackson needs to win so if she does use her power….HE can put Christy up next to Jack


Clearly you haven’t been watching the last 24 hours. Why the f@ck would Christie give Jackson her power???


Clearly I have been watching the last 24 hrs. I said he NEEDS to win it so IF she uses it…he’ll b the one to re-nominate. And her power expires.


Most stupid comment ever . Christy will never trust jackson with her power


You obviously don’t read comments much


If Jackson wins she won’t use the power. The power gives the veto winner the chance to change the noms, not her. So she would give it to Jackson fpr fear he would put her up.


I am SO sick of Cliff. Really, you’re going to make stupid comments about Nick? Oh he just wants to get in good with them? This from the ass who couldn’t do what he said he was going to do when he was HOH? Who couldn’t give Sam a vote cuz he pulled you off the block? It’s apparent, Cliff left his balls at home with wifey. Glad Jess brought her own.


Good observation, Christie removed them during his HOH.


Cliff saying that about Nick was most def a bit of the pot calling the kettle black

Six Shooters Are The New Foute

Cliff complained that Jack lied and then he tells the girls to lie to Jack about who thier target is. Geez.

Ovi's tongue

Cliff did exactly what everyone is praising Jess for, weeks ago, with two powers against him and no 6-shooter blowup, and very little support. Once jackson won the veto it was over, He did what he could then did what he could to survive.

Club H.O.H

Meanwhile Kat looking like a boss! Lol

Clara Oswin Oswald

Kat is funny and has really grown on me.


She’s a GREAT BB character! glad she stayed this week.

Feeds Gold

for those who want christie out…

if you vote for jess, nicole, kat for field trip then one of them goes up as 3rd nom(pretty much as a pawn), making it much more likely christie goes home if she is one of the initial 2 noms or renom after veto…and it also takes away a likely vote for christie

and she is ineligible to get safety…if she doesnt win hoh and not picked for and win veto, then she goes up if the right person wins hoh

if one of the guys are the 3rd nom, its much less likely christie is evicted

be strategic with your vote for the good of the season or it might turn into another paul situation again


Sounds like a Christie thought to save her. Rather see (at present the “Jacks” are up, not sure how that will play out). I would rather see Tommy and Christie, then Holly. At least the odds are greater for Christie or Tommy going up. Then also with no power, Christie can always be nominated. Then a remaining “Jack” added. Christie would be weak without Tommy and fall apart. Tommy could survive without Christie. After this next eviction, hopefully one of the “Jacks” (don’t really care who). Then Christie next. This could save this season BB and make a great contest on the remaining players.
Think about it? The only player that has his head in the Twilight Zone is Nick. His loyalty, his playing so far has no reasoning. At least to me. I have to give credit to Jessica, except for not seeing through Christie.

Feeds Gold

definitely not…i want christie out next week…best way to ensure it is not to let her get safety from the 3 person comp, and to have a pawn as 3rd nom


I thought I read that the field trip doesn’t go with Jess’ HOH, I might be wrong but it’s next week which is why no double as of yet. But even so you have to stack it with which Jack stays unless one wins the veto and we manifest Jess being great/smart and putting Christie up. Kat gave you the numbers, none of their people can be up even with the 6 pissed at each other. The way she saw Tommie’s backgammon game and put it as BB game has me wondering if she isn’t dumb just wanted to feel accepted after banishment and put up ASAP. Just a thought and question about the field trip


g Love

My head is pounding, give it to me crayon style (pretend I’m Sis) lol. Just tell me exactly who to vote for. Pleo

Feeds Gold

really enjoying the late night boat room convo with jack, sis, nick and tommie…great bonding and chemistry between the 4(especially with no christie dominating the convo)


Save Jack! Evict Jackson! He is more dangerous with his harem than Jack will ever be.


Amazing how all it takes is for one HOH to get an alliance to self destruct,

Hohitis is setting in with Jess.

And kat….
Kat is the perfect BB ditzy HG bitches.

Kevin Souser

Christie thinks shes amazing at this game. Shes not. Karma is going to come around to her. Shes not nice shes nice to your face then says stuff behind your back

Clara Oswin Oswald

I’ve got to say that Nicole has really done a good job of erasing the target on her and blending into the background. Look for her to stick around to late in the game.

Clueless Cummings

I think Jack or Jackson getting voted out would be the best thing ever for Nick’s game. The survivor will need him now.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I don’t like either of the Jackholes, but it would be very satisfying to see Jack go just to rattle Crusty, esp if she can’t use her power….. Tommy is annoying AF! That fake little f**ker is auditioning for AFP like Frankie Grande was. Would love to see his fake little smile droop on finale night after hearing he didn’t even make the top 3, haha


Never mind, he will most likely win the game.

Roll Tide

Voting for Sam.

Clueless Cummings


I love how the first ranking grid has Jack and Sis first and second and now they are both dead last. LOL.


Come on everyone since Jack and Jackson are on the block everyone go vote like crazy for Analyse, Tommy and Holly to go on the field trip or Christie so we can get 3 six shooters on the block for Thursday!!! Do not vote for Jack or Jackson because that will give them a chance at safety!!!!


The voting goes until August 9th which is next FRIDAY noon EST so it won’t affect this week’s HOH. However, that’s not to say those other players should also be getting some votes b/c one of the J’s hopefully leave Thursday & we won’t know who wins HOH until Thursday which will remove them as an option.

Since the two Jack’s are WAY AHEAD in votes (based on polls) I already started putting extra votes on Tommy, Christie and will extend that to the other two 6S in the hopes one of the J’s leaves this week.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Seriously lmfao at those last 8 sentences


talking about tommy fake crying. nicole, “tommy is great at performing but not great at acting.” rofl, he may not be great at fake crying but he is doing a fantastic job of acting like a little weasel.

Clueless Cummings

He is a Frankie clone. Barf


I don’t know if you got this but I’m going to be honest, I love it!!!

“Jessica about Jack: You don’t say you do shit for the majority of the house & not tell me. What you’re telling me is that I do not matter. He wants a pissing contest? He’ll see who has the bigger dick.”

The Lantia is coming OUT !!!

another name

have they bothered with Have nots this week?


Well – who would’ve thought Jess could make an astute observation like Tommy plays backgammon really defensively so it makes sense he plays BB that way? Go figure. Just when I thought her only asset was providing camouflage in the house. Seems like Jess spending time with Nicole has really helped her hence the 2J’s on the block as well. If Jack wins POV let’s hope her alliance drive home to Jess how important it is to put up Tommy (rather Christie) and they vote him out. Taking out Sis at this point doesn’t hurt Jack/Christie as much as removing Tommy would.

I’m anxious to see the POV draw & hope Christie, Tommy or Sis aren’t selected (Nick I’m not sure of either but I think he might throw it if he played). I’d rather see Nicole, Kat, Cliff or Holly get picked b/c they’ll leave noms the same and even if Holly or Jackson won and he came down it wouldn’t matter who went up DPOV or not.

Christie’s comments do have me concerned (re: possibly using DPOV) & I have this bad gut feeling TPTB will find a way for her to win (i.e. hinky timed event) if she gets picked to play — sure hope not. At least then Jess would finally see through her BS.

Interesting side notes:
*sounds like Jack’s awe of Christie is wearing off given she went out of her way to protect herself with Jess and he’s feeling like he stepped out on a limb for her but she did nothing to protect him after the fact. If you read into what he said to Sis “I know what I have to do” it sounded like he was prepared to back door Christie

*I’m thrilled people are catching on to Tommy’s fakeness and he’s rising up the ranks of targets. I’m not a fan and prefer he leaves sooner than later. Love to see what he looks like when it’s “REAL” tears lol.

*Jack/Tommy gunning for Cliff and Nick keeping that news to himself. That’s probably b/c Cliff put up Bella w/o drawing out Christie’s DPOV which didn’t sit well with Nick. Funny to watch Cliff/Nick both trying to do the same thing — get in good with members of 6S while also painting a target on the other.

*Given how adamant Tommy was to take out Kat b/c of her potentially knowing Holly/Michie I wonder what he expects the house will do once they learn about him & Christie. Presumably their goal is to make F2 & not say anything until after jury votes. BUT— I would bet big $$ if one goes to jury the other will squeal.

*While I understand Tray08’s comments about the J’s adding “drama” I’m keen for Jack to go b/c the only way this season gets some spice is if that trio is broken up plus I don’t personally see Jack adding true value. There is the potential if Christie left instead of Jack the two men would make amends but maybe not since Jackson is butt hurt over what Jack did.

*As per above, some may enjoy the J’s “drama” & fake Tommy, BS Christie but IMHO they are the worst at personal attacks whether in or out of power. It’s refreshing to see a bit of light entertainment in the HOH room with Kat & Nicole being silly. I’m sick of the “this week we pile on personal attacks to xx player” game play of Christie & fake Tommy in particular.

Question: If Tommy plays in POV – wins & removes Jack – can Nicole/Kat/Cliff get Jess to see how important it is to put up Christie as replacement and take her out now? B/c again, taking out Sis isn’t a BIG win and keeping all of Jack/Christie/Tommy in the game is worst case scenario from this week.


i think if tommy plays in POV wins and removes jack, i believe christie will use her PDOV so tommy can choose the replacement




Yeah she’s saying this morning if she “gets wind” of Jack being in danger she’ll “ask Jess” if it’s okay to use the power to put up Nicole which is the ONE THING Jess won’t like b/c it’s 1) a female and 2) if not her closest ally then her second closest. As a side note I wonder if Christie will exit the week with Jess feeling so positive about her b/c we all know she can’t stand not being in control so after POV you just know Christie will start forcing her will on Jess. Fortunately, Jess has Nicole/Kat and Cliff to keep her thinking straight.

To your point, Jack already asked her to used it to take down Michie and put up Cliff and she absolutely refuses to do that saying she’d have so many people against her if she did.

Thankfully, she’s not playing in the POV (Tommy is however) so here’s hoping one of Kat, Jess or Michie wins POV. I’d say Nick but I’m just not sure what he would do. Hopefully he’d keep things the same and just say he can’t pick one over the other or better yet he throws it as long as neither Jack or Tommy look like they’ll win.

Clueless Cummings

How much longer does Christie’s power last?


Always amazes me that past BBs, the one that is goody 2 shoe like Tommy, plays both sides. Also hasn’t anyone in the groups noticed how often Tommy and Christie are together and always agree when they’re in a discussion?
Personally I’ve disliked Tommy after the 2nd show. If had to pick someone going on block as a replacement, it would be Tommy and If Christie hasn’t used her power in case one of the Jacks wins veto and Christie doesn’t use it, and Tommy is up and she uses it, The house will maybe start putting 2 and 2 together. Or if Christie does use it, she better be afraid in a double eviction.
Nick is of the the same caliber as Tommy. Does he even know he’s in BB and is there to win 1/2 million? So many pathetic players this year. Maybe instead of recruiting players, start accepting applications from those that love the game.

The Beef

I kinda agree with cincin in that Christie may want to protect Sis and Holly, so knowing that Tommy is safe due to winning and only girls remain from the six, she may activate and have Tommy put up Cliff. But knowing Jess and how she is loathe to put a female on the block anyway, I wouldn’t put it past Jess to work a deal with Christie, ala Cliff, and agree to put up Nick or Cliff herself! She is just that dead set against putting up a female – she’s been saying that the whole game.

It would suck because their side would lose a vote, and whoever she puts up would most likely end up going to jury, unless Jack is so pissed at Michie he decides to get rid of him, which I doubt.


Viewers? Be surprised how may aren’t watching this years Broadcasted, heavily edited version. Twitter and Facebook has added to this years fiasco, an more re aware what is going on and how CBS is manipulating this season. I was surprised.

another name

Jess, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick and Tommy. hmm.
Jess Jack Jackson will gun for it.
if Nick is smart he throws. If Kat is smart she throws (both are playing playing the middle game this week).
Tommy should gun for it, but Tommy won’t.
No have nots this week so far. All i’m going to say on that is it’s by design on the part of production. There’s a story line component.
It’s part of the redemption story arc. Nothing to see here. Just production helping a house guest with a play dead strategy.
The veto comp appears to be that katapult veto with prize and punishment involved.
The back yard has a space mural theme. so… space camp katapult?

Possible outcomes. Jack wins: Christie could activate power. Jack either puts up Cliff or axes Christie with her own power (30% odds he axes Christie).
Jess wins… no change.
Jackson wins: Jack and Tommy are on the block.
Nick wins: Christie could be tricked to activate power. Nick would 100% put up Christie with her own power. He’s been itching to get back at her for not jumping ship when he asked her to during Jack’s HOH, leading to what he thought was his mastermind edit being ruined by a blindside during his own HOH.
Tommy wins: Christie activates power. Tommy noms Cliff or Kat. OR Tommy tries to play middle thinking Jack is safe.
Kat wins: no change most likely. That will make everyone think Jackson is leaving, she’ll say she was scared of who the replacement would be.


Oh wow – you really think Nick would do that? That would be epic. Would he replace Michie or Jack? Presumably he’d have to take down Jack if he wanted Christie to leave b/c he knows the underdogs want to take out Jack ahead of Michie but would he take down Michie to garner favor with him instead? Hmmmm

As for Jack putting up Christie that wouldn’t surprise me b/c he would know putting up Cliff still wouldn’t guarantee his exit if Christie wouldn’t vote that way & they’d have potentially Nicole/Christie/Kat & Nick voting out Michie & Jess breaking the tie (plus Tommy says he won’t work with Michie again so if he voted out Cliff instead it would blow up his game too).

I guess you don’t buy Michie electing not to use the POV if he wins huh 😉

I think Tommy might throw it thinking he’s safe and not want to be in that position prior to DE & putting a bigger target on his back. Personally, I’d love to see Kat win – keep it the same & we still get the blindside on Thursday b/c that 4-some will presume that means Jackson is leaving. Ditto with Jess. If one of the two J’s has to win I’d rather it be Jackson so Christie is hamstrung by not being able to use her power —- or she tries to make up with him & he pretends only to put her ass on the block & send her out instead.

another name

I’m not buying the whole Jackson’s defeated and relegated to the have not room stuff, willing to stay on the block scenario. No. The fact that they aren’t having have nots so that he gets the sad tinkly piano redemption story arc is annoying to me. He’s on the block and looking pathetic as an attempt to make him look weak so he doesn’t get as many field trip votes. I may be harsh on Jackson and on production enabling him, but if the storyline i’ve been predicting since week two comes to pass (and it’s half way there now) I won’t be disturbed that i’ve been pointing out every enabling moment.
I’m thinking Nick with any sort of power… his long game strategy of playing middle goes out the door. Any time he’s been near power he gets cocky. NIck would take down Jack, thinking the underdogs can be convinced to do things how he wants, and get rid of Christie. We have to remember, Nick in strategy has always thought that everyone would share his own incentives, and doesn’t understand when they don’t.
Tommy, at the moment is afraid he’ll be the renom. Incentive not to throw.
Kat… i still think she throws. Unless there’s a cash prize. or luxury and she lucks into a veto she doesn’t want.
I’m envisioning Jackson with a have not pass prize. Jack in a stupid costume. Kat with veto or a cash prize. Tommy with veto or a stupid costume. Nick with veto or a cash prize. Jessica with a trip.
The incentive comps usually push people to go for the money. Given there is a picture out of the back yard, with murals and what look like stairs going up to a device with circles on the ground… i’m thinking catapult .


Your spitballs seem spot on. God I want Tommy and Jack on the block together sooooo bad. I think Tommy will be torn between his love/lust for Jack…as to whether he should play his heart out or throw it. I feel like Nick will for sure lay low and not want to win. But Kat…she may want to win bad to make a statement to keep noms the same…to help her out game-wise and to help Michie because he says he wants to stay on. But if Michie wins it…I think he fo sho takes himself off. Holly will make it crystal to him that he’s too big of a threat to be sittin there on eviction night.

another name

any nominee that wins veto and stays on the block is an idiot that should be evicted.




Seems the only way Christie’s power comes into play is if Tommy wins so it should be interesting…


Or Jack?

another name

After Jack suggested she win veto and take Jackson off the block before the veto players were picked? I think Christie will have a doublethink, triplethink, or run around the house clucking like a chicken while she ponders.


Def runnin around clucking


You can’t spell Analyse without Anal.


Wise words.

Dalia Hobelman

It’s funny how the four get mad and go crazy when they are on block but everyone else is supposed to shut up and just go on and be happy lol..