“I’m shunned… Exiled” “Welcome to the group that’s how everybody felt with you guys, Sorry”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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9:43 am
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
They talk about how many chips were in the POV player bag. There was 2 houseguest choice chips pulled.

9:55 pm Nick and Jack
Jack – even if I stay up there I’ll beat him in a vote
Nick – I know but I don’t want to chance it. Look what happened to Kat.

9:56 am Tommy thinks he might be the replacement nomination Becuase he was part of the drama the other day.

10:04 am Holly and Jack alone in the bathroom talking about Jackson’s night terrors. Holly says they are pretty bad last night he drenched 3 shirts from sweating so much in his sleep.

10:20 am Waiting for the Veto. You can overhear CHrsitie in the kitchen going on about all the chips in the POV player bag.


Jack finds someone left the jelly jar on the counter empty.

10:29 am Nicole, Jess and Holly
Jess brings up Michie and how he seemed in better sprites today
Holly going on about Jackson’s nightmares “It scared me. he ruined 3 shirts completely soaking wet”
Holly – He said If he wins he’s keeping it the same.
Holly – I’m glad he didn’t get houseguests choice because he didn’t know who to pick and he didn’t’ want to put me in that position

Holly says Tommy will take Jack off. Nick and Kat will keep it the same.
Jess will keep it the same.
Holly says she can ask Tommy not to use the veto but he still will.
Holly – they will use Christie’s power
Jess – Christie will tell me if not then she’ll be a really big target. She told me she would not.
Jess – I don’t see why she would promise me that and then I would be the first person she would like break a promise to (ZOMG .. the first person)
Jess – I will be very very blindsided by that
Jess – a lot of people think that Jackson is going to be out
Holly – Jack thinks he’s safe.. which is fine
Jess – I’m willing to have to break a tie.. I want people to figure it out.
They want noms to stay the same.
Jess – I don’t have any options (to put up)
Holly points out that last week she put a pawn up and Kat almost went home.
Holly says it feels like high school when she’s hanging out with the other group.
Holly – I’m shunned .. exiled


Jess – Welcome to the group (HAHAHAHAHA) that’s how everybody felt with you guys, Sorry (BOOM power slam from Jess)
Holly – Sorry.. I know I tried to make it not be like that.

10:49 am Tommy, Holly, Christie, and Sis
Sis going on about how sad she is for Jack because Jackson is mad at him.
Christie – let’s push our issues to the side and keep it game.
Sis – Michie hates him and will never trust him again (everyone hates him)
Holly – it’s taking time for him to come to peace.
She hopes that they spend the next few days repairing.

They talk about how Jess doesn’t want the nominations changed. Christie – Everyone has to do what’s best for them personally. That’s why I’m glad I’m not playing because it would be sticky
Tommy says he was worried about being a possible nominee so he’s glad he can play in the veto for himself./
Sis says JEss told her she’ll go up if Jack/Jackson win the veto.
Christie – she told me I was safe.
Sis – she told me it would be someone from the six so us 4

10:57 am Cliff, Jess and Nicole
Cliff says he overheard Sis, Holly, and Christie talking and Christie was saying you have to forgive and forget
Cliff – They’re trying to bring in Holly just in case something was to happen
Nicole- makes sense. I walked into the RV and saw Christie, Sis and Jack they were talking about the veto and how it’s going to work out.
Nicole – Tommy will take Jack down
Cliff – I’m sure he would
Nicole – what if Christie gives Tommy her power
Cliff – she could (too bad it’s not flushed out)
Jess – then we lose Jackson
Cliff – yup
Jess – if that’s how she wants to play it then she would be the biggest threat. that would make her the biggest threat
Nicole – I understand people have different targets but I don’t understand why Jack is so obsessed with you (Cliff)
Cliff – because I went after him
Nicole – he keeps saying it in front of me he wants to see if I’m going to react or defend you I refuse to do anything

Jess – I’m still trying to wrap my mind around his comment and I don’t know if he’s talked about both you guys but the only things he put out was CHrsitie and Jackson and he said those are the ones that had the fight Then he said I’m just going to say that I’m not the biggest target here and I feel like their people in this house that are playing both sides
Jess – People ..
Cliff – sure

Cliff – we just have to keep up that Jackson would go home. Christie has to say by 10:00 o’clock tomorrow morning whether or not she can use that power
Nicole points out if Tommy wins the veto Christie gives him the power and Tommy puts up Cliff
Cliff – theoretically Christie promise not to use the power against me. She may try to weasel out of it and say I gave it to Tommy he sued it against you
Nicole – that would be foolish though

11:20 am talking about cute single friends AKA Kat. Giggling about Brett and kat’s crush on him.

11:24 am Holly and Nicole
Holly beings her 4 hours makeup application.
Holly tells Nicole that Jack and Tommy can’t stand Cliff.

Holly says she was in with the six but it didn’t matter she had no say.
Holly says there’s a tiny minority in the house that is running the majority

Holly – There’s a couple of people that make the decisions and they are damn good with their social game. damn good
Holly – I don’t want the people running it from the beginning running it at the end
Nicole – I get it
Holly – and being so quick to exile somebody shows a lot. Somebody that you are best friends with.

Holly says all the people in her group turned and exiled her after 45 days, “Chop you’re dead to me”
Nicole – that’s messed up
Holly says Sis left the room because whatever Tommy and Christie told Jess made her uncomfortable.
Nicole – wow

11:25 am Christie, Jack, and Sis
Christie – Jess wants to make sure one of her original noms goes home and she doesn’t want to have to put another person up. If you win it we don’t want to go up (Sis and Christie)
Christie – I could go up to her and be like you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours you won’t have to get any more blood on your hands we won’t have to go up on the block I’ll use the power let us pick the replacement. You know what I mean?
Christie – BUT, not Cliff. I want Michie gone that’s my only thing
Christie – I can’t have Michie here he wants me out. I will gladly take out Cliff next week.
Christie – just throwing it out there just an option. I’m still going to base it on what energy is out there and who she’s saying she would put up

Jack brings up they get Cliff on the block. He goes, “Jess can’t win HOH and Nicole is the only one that is left from the other side”
Christie – then I have 5 new enemies.. that I’m not doing I’m sorry
jack – OKay okay
Christie claims if she trusted Michie she would take on the new enemies.

Christie about Cliff – “I f*ing despise him”

11:43 am Christie on the warpath about Cliff

They think Holly will go back to them once Jackson is gone.

12:07 pm Jack and Nick (Nick knows Jack is the target)
Jack says Cliff threw the last HOH so he could play in the double. Jack was going to but he had to go fo rit “because of the blow out”
Nick – yeah that sucks
Jack – it just shows how inexperienced Jess is with this game (LOL)
Nick – yeah it doesn’t make sense. unless she has Cliff than it’s four, Kat, Nicole, Cliff, Jess.. and I’m just floating around

Nick – people will look for anything to find if they want you gone. Ohh you didn’t clean the sink that’s my reason
Nick – I’ll do anything to protect you, sis, Tommy Cause I know you guys have my backs fully
Nick says from what he’s got the other side is voting out Jackson

Nick – I don’t see how they will have the votes.
Nick counts, Cliff, Kat, and Nick. “That’s only three”
Nick – unless Holly voted to keep Jackson that would be four – four
Nick says it would himself, Christie, Tommy, and Sis voting for jack
jack – I think Kat trying to vote me out would be a little silly because all I did was listen to Jackson what Jackson told me that’s why I had the idea

Nick says it doesn’t matter as long as they secure Holly to vote him out, “Which I think she would do, It doesn’t f*ing matter”
Nick – it’ll be 5 -3 if they did they’ll really paint targets on their backs
Nick – I can’t see kat or Nicole not voting him out based on what happened. the rogue vote and Kat and him had their own beef.

Nick says anyone up against Jackson is going to go regardless

12:39 pm Christie has received an audience with Jessica at the Candy Throne
Christie legit goes on about how passionate she is for GIRL POWER.
Christie says she would be bord if she had to hang out with the same 5 people all summer.
Christie says she’s scared if Michie stays.
Jessica says everyone is scared that is why she put up the two strongest guys.

Jessica comments that Jackson had a lot of concussions he doesn’t do well in memory competitions. If it’s a double the first competition for HOH is mental. Michie won’t do well
Jess – of course, I have to be on my period for this.

1:00 pm Tommy, Sis, jack, and kat
Tommy pours scorn on Cliff switches gears then starts saying that Jackson made stuff up.
Jack reinforces says that there were some truths but Jackson Elaborated
Kat says that Jackson is reactive
kat – Cliff is a smart player

1:12 pm Christie and the candy queen
Christie – now I’m mellowed out. Like my big personality is there but now I’m just a bit boring
Christie – I’m trying to not be as opinionated on things now that we’re getting down to less and less people .. being very opinionated is still not the best

Christie starts pouring scorn on Jackson and “the things he says about women”

Jess says each and every person here has said something except for Cliff and Tommy.
Jess – every guy has said something that would be offensive to any girl in here. they’ve called us b1tched… yelled like I don’t give a f* how you feel

1:24 pm VETO TIME!!!!!

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I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

Still would LOVE to see someone use the veto on Jackson and put Christie up against Jack. Let her squirm. I know she has the power, so just don’t tell anyone that’s what you’re doing. NO ONE! I think it would be funny to watch her crack. The women would vote for Jack to go though.


That would be a real hoot especially since Christi is working so hard for Jack to stay.


Cliff does deserve it, and him having to sit on the block because he sh*t the bed would be awesome, HOWEVER I’m more interested to see the house implode over a Jack/Jackson match up or a Jack/Christie match up (if I’m dreaming best case scenario)


But please tell me how she can “despise” Cliff. Cliff can not be your type of guy….not your cup of tea. But he’s done literally nothing that can make someone despise him. She’s sooooo crazy…I want her gone first…but realistically…Jack…then she can go

Sasuke Uchiha

It’s important that Jackson WINS the VETO today of all days because not only it seals the deal that Jack goes it’s also his mother’s birthday. If he can’t win the veto he should at least get one of the prizes as a gift to his mom.

Come on Jackson. Win the VETO for Mother Michie!!!!




HAHAHAHA too bad it’s a couple weeks past Rockstar’s daughter’s birthday. That would have been iconic! :p


is POV today?




You called it, I can’t believe I’m rooting for Jess, but here we are, lol

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I know right? WTH. Go Jess!


I say let’s manifest Nick wins the veto, Christie does her BS talk telling him she’ll give him her power (you’ll be good with us again blah blah blah) to take Jack down and put up Cliff. Nick does the smart thing, on the sly runs to Jess (let’s her know) she gets in her POWER smart mode. Yes But once she does that…. pull off Jackson and put her sorry a$$ up trying to run my HOH
BAM Jack and Christie are both up!

Sigh…….A girl can dream

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I would love this scenario.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s evil genius and I love it!


HAHAHAHA Manfisting snakes. I can’t get that image outta my head since that person posted that yesterday and I don’t like it lol


What time is veto?

Dalia Hobelman

Hope all goes well because it will be another waste of hoh Christine running someone else’s hoh as every week she has…


LMAO YOOOOOOOO “Holly begins her four hour makeup application.” I AM SCREAMING!

Clueless Cummings

That would be sweet Simon.


Is she getting ready for the live show Thursday?



I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

LOL Funniest comment today!

Backseat Driver

Good one Simon!


you know it


And yet…she still doesn’t look good. Her bones are all too angular

Jack Jackson

As long as the Queen got the Diamond Pov, the 2 Jacks will always be safe.


Depends on who’s holding the veto.

Allies Mom

Simon there is a way around this so you can get Amazon commissions again. Shoot me an email if you are interested.


I was about to do $25 (just getting back to work after 3 months due to surgery and money is tight) but a kiss from Dawg? I might have to do $40. Hmmm

g Love

Hold up, wait a minute……. I never got my kiss from Dawg!!! Or my moderately moderated commenting thang! 😉


I have been reading this blog for a few years now and only figured out how to post today……hahah. I would love nothing more than to see Crusty on the block to see her implode. God that would be gold. Although I almost equally love Jack going home. That one scene when he went off on Kemi for the shaker bottles scared my mind. Jackson may have aggression problems, but Jack seems more of a core bad person to me.


Thanks! I can finally say thank you for your work Lol. I read more your blog than watch now days. Specially veto episodes—usually skip those.

oh gawd I forgot she looked like that. Yes I would expect similar level of breakdown. More pity party and some crap about the universe.


What does one sacrifice to the BB gods at the Kracken shrine? Considering building one of my own but want to make sure I have what I need to make it won properly:)


awww remember your bros shrine for Brett and Winston?


I really hope all of Jackson’s DRs are with a certified therapist. And, I’m not being mean here, I’m saying this out of concern. The dude seems like he’s about to snap and I find it really hard to believe he could have passed medical/psych exams to be placed in this crazy house for months. With his constant caffeine consumption, jittery nature, night terrors, constant eating, quasi-paranoia, it’s clear that the guy has issues. For his mental health, I hope he goes soon. From a game standpoint, Jack and Christie need to go.

I feel like Jack is getting some positive editing as a gentle giant or something. I notice the feeds don’t focus on him much or rooms where he is located and don’t get me started on the aired shows. The shaker bottle/Kemi situation, pushing people out of the way to get inside, the jelly jar incident above, are kind of telling about a person’s character. These aren’t little, endearing quirks like needing the toilet paper to go over/under that normal people argue about when living together. There is a controlling and punitive way about him that irks me.

Christie is so much like Paul’s gameplay from 19 and we all know how that turned out. I can put up with her Vanessa-esque psyche but in the end, I don’t think her gameplay is a winning strategy so I’d rather see someone else in the final two.

I’m hoping anyone but Tommie or Jack wins Veto…keep them the same and let the 4 remaining 6 pick a side. It will be interesting which side Nick picks at that point – will he choose Jack and Jess breaks the tie or will he choose Jackson and bye bye Jack? I think this week we can finally get this season going.

My two cents…happy Saturday!


Agree with your comments!

I have an inkling that unfortunately Tommy will win. It’s the first time he is probably actually going to gun for something. He might pull Jack down and get Christie’s power and nominate Cliff. <<<.<

I know Cliff didn’t do the most ideal thing. But I forgave him. ;). I am torn on wether Nick is pretending to want to be in with the cool kids again or he is actually hoping to be with the cool kids again. Something tells me he sadly wants their validation.

Allies Mom

I think nick is with the outcasts. Otherwise he would have told Jack they were voting for him. Instead nick told him they were voting for Jackson.


I think so too but Nick’s loyalties can shift with the wind


That’s what’s scary. I was happy reading that…but then I remembered it’s Nick


Hopefully! ? Then again, I thought that when Cliff was HOH. I’ll believe it when it happens!

Remember the Paulie freak-out? He has been on several seasons of The Challenge on MTV. Still an arrogant aggressive punk.


Holly tells Tommy, Christie and Sis that Michie said had he got HG choice he wouldn’t even know who to pick. The group comment they don’t like how he has banished himself in the HN room.

The best part is Christie says a part of her wants to go up to him and tell him that despite all that happened between them, they are here for a reason and she cares about him but she’s prob the last person he wants to see. BUT the KICKER —– she is going to wait to see if he comes down to try to break the ice.

RIGHT Christie so in other words wait to see if he’s still on the block (with Jack) so you can continue to spread your personal slander against him BUT if he gets off the block then you’ll be fake – kiss his ass & pretend all is well. She’s so transparent.

And the other thing is she said earlier she could go to Jess & try to talk her into “letting her use her power so she could make the replacement & Jess wouldn’t have to get more blood on her hands”. Too much — this girl just can’t handle not being in control.

Thankfully, Nicole keeps drilling home to Jess how Kat almost went home so Jess will flip out if Christie says that & remind her she promised to not use the power & if she back tracks on that promise then everyone will know she can’t be trusted. As much as Christie has never given a crap about going back on her word before she’s had Jess as a key supporter of hers & I’m not sure she’d be willing to give that up & then move to the top of the target list (b/c you know each of Nicole/Kat and others are only holding back b/c of Jess being so adamant Christie is trustworthy and honest).

Feeds Gold

jess nicole kat cliff are scared of christie and thirsty to become christie minions

just like cliff and jess, if nicole/kat won an hoh it would instantly be “youre safe christie” for no reason…just because she is christie


I pictured Kat sharpening knives as she said to Tommy that she bears no ill will


I’m going CRAZY waiting to find out who won POV!!


I know, right? Jack is so conceited when he criticizes Jess’ nominees as she’s “inexperienced”. On what planet would keeping either Jackson or Jack benefit her game? She nominated two strong players who went after her, one half of two couples and further fractured a crack in the power alliance. I think she’s made the best game move so far – now if she can just follow through the way Cliff should have!



Feeds Gold

i think jack will win veto

christie uses her power to ensure tommie doesnt go up

jack puts up nicole

then its a battle to see who is evicted


“Christie has received an audience with Jessica at the Candy Throne”
Well played, sir.
Well played.

Christie reminds me of some of the lawyers I have litigated against who actually believe their own bullshit.


I’m just thinking through some of the reasoning behind Jess believing so strongly in Christie & what I was forgetting is Christie telling Jess REPEATEDLY how her “Dream 5” included herself, Tommy, Nicole, Cliff & Kat, there’s been variations of that 5 & Christie also supporting Jess’ desires for an all girl alliance but none of the scenarios ever included either Jack. So that’s why Christie isn’t able to respond when Jess says “one of them has to go” b/c Christie was the first to plant that seed with Jess. She’s also b*tched about both J’s to Jess and how they act & her not being into that type of behavior all while pushing the “female empowerment” narrative with Jess.

If Christie were to go back on using the power to save Jack or push to use the DPOV I’d imagine Jess would become agitated & I wouldn’t be surprised if she called her out publicly & let the J’s know what Christie said & she’d really be screwed b/c it’s not the same as Sam, Michie or Nick saying it — but the biggest supporter she’s had in the game on the other side of the house.

So, for as much as Christie is telling Jack, Sis, Tommy “she’ll base it on how she feels” post POV & how she’ll present it to Jess “let me be the one to decide who is the replacement” so you don’t get more blood on your hands. The truth is I don’t think Christie can afford to do either. I wonder if Christie knows the only reason Nicole/Kat remain somewhat good with her is b/c of Jess. If she turns around now & pushes to take over Jess’ HOH she’ll blow that option up. Not just for going back on her word, but more importantly the big thing with Jess has been being left out of the decisions and having no power in the house so if Christie tries to manhandle Jess it could get ugly – real fast.


I agree…I don’t think Christie will find Jess as amenable to an idiotic DPOV deal as Cliff and if she uses it against Jess/majority wishes, Christie will find herself next out

another name

One day early in the game, Jess overheard Sis or Holly (i honestly don’t remember which one but something in my brain is saying Sis) putting Jess down and being pretty catty. Christie said to whichever it was that they were being unfair. Jess has had a soft spot for Christie ever since because she heard Christie stick up for her without knowing Jessica was within ear shot.

Feeds Gold

jess wants to be a christie follower…but that may change if christie uses her power

Feeds Gold

i think it will be hide the veto…jack wins
bowlarina…tommie wins
the ball going back and forth…jack wins


Tommy is doing well. Decides to do a high leg kick to celebrate. Jack is unfortunately standing too close and suffers a debilitating groin injury. Tommy,is so distraught, he starts sobbing uncontrollably and can’t continue on. Jess wins while Kat, Nick, and Jackson are all laughing too hard to compete


I’m going to go with what was said earlier i.e. the catapult game which is far less about physical ability & more about being calm. Since both Jack’s will be stressed that generally means a tendency to overcompensate (read: fire long). Based on “the Jess shrine” I’m hoping Simon is right (b/c the fans DESERVE one week of something going right). If it is the catapult it could be Nick’s comp to win b/c he already performed well in that arrow game (how he won his HOH) or Kat pulling one out of nowhere.

The catapult would also mean a reward/punishment game which also seems likely given no have not’s have been named this week yet. The key can be dependent on order of play since going later in the round allows you to know what number you need to advance. Obviously being the last one standing if it is prize/punishment is the key but would Tommy or Nick take a prize so they don’t have to make the call & put themselves in the unenviable position of telling Jack(son) they don’t want to use the POV. At least we know each of Jess/Kat would forego a prize to take the POV so that’s a positive.

All I know is while Simon puts Jess winning into the universe I’m equally sending out blocks to Tommy/Jack since they are really the only 2 we don’t want to win POV. (fingers crossed)

another name

given he has no boundaries i think his rubbing is untrustworthy to most of the houseguests as well.

Ovi's tongue

Nick is an equal opportunity rubber.

g Love

That’s what she said!!! Lol sorry, had to!


Go Jess Go!!!


Omg this is the greatest thing I have ever seen!! Very Canadian of you Simon!


Just … amazing. I can’t!!!


12:18 AM
Jess says she is like Abraham Lincoln because she can’t tell a lie. Kat thinks that may have been George Washington. No, she says, Lincoln didn’t lie when he cut down his father’s cherry tree.

These are the people I am voluntarily choosing to watch.


Kinda like “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??”

Feeds Gold

if the likes of jess nicole kat are the final 3 it would be the weakest and most boring final 3 combination alltime

im over the novelty of kat after she was a basket case for 3 weeks…her fake side…always playing for air time, trying way too hard to be a josh – whacky antics, pretending to be ditsy…then her real side…very mean spirited when she b!tches with hollie…has an unfair advantage of a 3 person pre game alliance…very lucky to survive the vote last week…nominated twice, she will continue to be a pawn type player

nicole is the most boring person this season…extremely lucky to survive an eviction, didnt appreciate those who saved her

jess was the furniture, clueless in the game for 44 days, won an hoh, afterwards will go back to being a pawn/follower/dragged to final 2 type player as nobody would vote for her


What has Cliff done that’s made him such a savage & the biggest threat in the house? Is it because when he was HOH he put up Jackson and Jack? That HOH shouldn’t have even counted since he wussed out on it! ? So … apparently I’ve missed something somewhere!? What exactly has Cliff done that makes him such a beast?

Feeds Gold

during the vote flip it was discovered he is playing all sides after making the deal with christie


Cliff was evicted and won his way back in and then won HoH and managed to nominate both Jack and Jackson, then Jackson won the veto and Cliff tucked his tail, his testes re-ascended, and he did what Christie told him to do.


This could be the shortest or longest veto ever and it’s going to feel soooo freakin long only because we all want it like we are in the game. I want either same or like I said Nick gets it Christie doesn’t STFU gets him to use it with her power but Jess knows gets him to take Jackass Jackson off and puts her sorry A$$ up…. and at that point I’ll be happy and either can go. Personal I want all 3 gone but best case right now Christie and Jack on the block with her own power Bwwwwhhhahahahaha

SD Bird

Jack cannot comprehend that Jess finds his attitude condescending when not informing her about the flip . . . and begrudgingly, barely understands when Christy took offense to being kept out of the loop for the same event. His decision on a ‘need to know’ basis = Arrogance. Situational awareness would have made him a much better player and more liked by all.

Feeds Gold

jess is just p!ssed as she has had no idea whats been going on this season

jack was very calm and measured during their one on one, if he chooses not to inform her of a flip, i dont regard that as condescending or arrogant…why is it his duty to inform her of anything?

another name

he should have just said “crusty, you go around freaking out half cocked when you aren’t in danger… you’d spontaneously combust if i’d told you.” and he should have said to Jessica “you are close with Holly and Jackson, even though they’re just using you, and i couldn’t risk you’d tell them until i was sure the flip would happen.” If either of the two is the pillar of virtue they keep espousing themselves to be… they’d have to begrudgingly accept the truth of what he said. but nooooo. He couldn’t just be honest.

SD Bird

That is my point. He didn’t HAVE to tell them. But the aftermath could have been better played. It’s not ALL about you, Jack. At least pretend to validate other player’s feelings – it goes a long way, esp. with a swing voter down the road.
Last year Tyler tried extra hard to deliver bad news/explanations so people found it hard to stay mad.

On a another note – it irks me so much when the 6 become annoyed that everyone else is also trying to play the game.


This meme on Twitter is AWESOME lol

I’m not sure but I think the faces in the trees are supposed to be Sis & Holly LMFAO



Yeah, the trees are the girls hence the crabs LOL, saw that too


They talk about Girl Power, Woman Empowerment, but all they do is whine and complain about how mean the men are, boo hoo!


I’ve been enjoying this site for years. Thanks for everything you guys do!
It’s about time for a donation. 😀 You guys deserve it! I know it must be difficult watching the feeds this season.
Here’s to hoping the season gets better, and here’s to Simon and Dawg! (Slams a shot of Kraken).

On a side note. I buy tons of stuff on Amazon. I thought i saw somewhere here in the threads some time ago that I could do something so that you guys could benefit for those purchases? Is that true? If so, I’d be happy to do that. I just need to know how.

Cheers! Here’s to a Jessica Veto win. 😀


Thank you for the donation Eric! We appreciate it!
And yes, we used to provide links for amazon but unfortunately they removed us from the program after years due to us having links for people to donate. Stupid I know especially since we’ve been doing it for years. 🙁

Ovi's tongue



OMG Jess again! Wow 😮 So happy that Christy’s power doesn’t matter anymore :p


Okay. Has Jess’ body been possessed by a better, competent, and dangerous Big brother player? Is she channeling Janelle?
Girl goes clutch this week. Bye, bye Jack!

Ovi's tongue

I think they traded off prizes, punishments. I think Nick got 5k.


Wohoo! Jess won POV! She is definitely moving up my rankings.

The mental gymnastics in Jack’s head are hilarious. Last week everyone agreed, Jess was so weak that Nick should pick her as houseguest choice but when she wins the POV, she has now revealed she’s a “major threat in this game”. Then two minutes later, there was no skill involved in the competition according to him. LOL.

Tommie and Sis are so convinced Jack is safe. Can the house keep the true target a secret until Thursday?

Dalia Hobelman

Happy Jessica is telling Chris the real deal lol


Christie’s continued obsession with Cliff is hard to understand. You are probably safe from him for awhile.

BB giving out this multi week power (that Christie has) ruins the game a bit.


All HAIL the Jess shrine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So assuming everything is all mission’s go – let’s stop voting for Jack and start putting more votes on Tommy (& your next 6S choice)

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Jess won the veto!! We will have on less Jack after this week!!


Geez, Jackson doesn’t seem very stable. You might have seen even Dick’s video post on Twitter from a few weeks ago with Jackson talking about depression and suicide prior to BB (was actually sad to watch). He lost it a week ago when Holly made a harmless body comment. Now with night terrors. He probably doesn’t belong in this game right now. I’m sure CBS is keeping a close eye on him.

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Man – Cliff is really pushing his “we need to keep Kat in check to vote out Jack (and also Nick).” He’s soooooooooooo obvious about his own personal desires for Jack to go b/c he knows he’s Jack main target.

For as much as Kat has played the middle ground and been more of a 6S ally the reality is:

1) Holly REALLY is her ride or die (and vice versa)
2) YES- Jackson was a total creep to her (it’s a clean site so I’ll leave it at that) but the reality is it was Jack who tried to flip the vote to take her out so she’ll take him out first. And, I won’t be surprised if Kat won an HOH if she back doored Jackson on her own (deep down you know that’s what she wants).
3) Keeping Michie is better for her game b/c he’ll keep her much longer than Jack will

As for Nick if he knows it’s going to be Nicole, Cliff, Kat, Holly voting out Jack it behooves him to also vote with them & tell Sis/Tommy/Christie afterwards he got a heads up last minute & Jess was going to take out Jack obviously based on where the votes fell so he couldn’t jeopardize looking like he wasn’t with the house.

AND knowing how Nick plays the middle ground, once he knows it’s confirmed Michie is staying he’ll be working the Jackson/Holly pair hardcore to make sure they feel he’s somehow involved in ensuring Jackson stays so he’s safe with them. (read: Nick is a bit of a kiss ass & deep down he wants to take out Christie so he can have Tommy/Sis to work with anyway IMHO).


Simon, I’m confused about what Nick said. You mentioned that Nick knows Jack is true target but then it seems he told Jack that Cliff, Nicole and Kat were voting him out? Was that a mistype or did Nick spill the tea to Jack that he is the target and not Jackson? Thx, love your BB21 updates…

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Nightsweats and nightmares are common side effects of some antiviral medications. Not always mental illness related.