Jackson “I am ready to take some shots! I am going to right some wrongs. I want Christie gone!”

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8:20pm The live feeds from being blocked after the HOH endurance competition that Jackson won.

Bedroom. Tommy and Nick. Tommy – I don’t even know if its true or not ..but it doesn’t even matter. I didn’t know that at some point you were pushing me to go up even if it was as a pawn. Nick – when!? Tommy – when Jess was in power. Nick – that’s bullsh*t because I never had a say with Jess. Tommy – cool! That’s why .. I am not affected by this. I don’t care. Nick – I’ve admitted everything that I’ve done. I care! Tommy – but I hear information and I either let it affect our relationship or not .. and I would choose not to because its irrelevant. Nick – but come on bro! Jess was trying to put me up .. do you think I had any say with her? Tommy – yeah I hear you. Nick – I already did that once and I wouldn’t do it again. I f**king did that with Jack. The only people I was loyal to was you, Nicole and Sis. Even Kat called me out… 5 other people made a deal so why do I get the brunt of it. She thought that I was the one that made it up and that I got Nicole to vote her out. She made up her own mind. Nick – if I picked you (veto pick) would you try an win it for me? Tommy – I would need to think about. I don’t think it would be you (nominated). Nick – I told him that I wasn’t going to put him (Jackson) up. Tommy – for a split second I had a oh sh*t moment ..like did I do the right thing?! And that now I’m hearing that Cliff and Nicole wanted me out. But now I know for sure .. Kat being gone is an even playing field for everyone. Nick – I’m not even going to bullsh*t him.

Nicole is crying in the havenot room alone. Nicole – Maybe I am too sensitive! Maybe its just me. Maybe what I think is right and morally correct is not. Like I have such a complex right now. Dammit! I am not a quitter. I would never quit .. ever! I am so frickin pissed off. I know I should have just told them off in the storage room but I know .. but I am smart so I didn’t. And its not me. As much as I could have, its not me… and when I hold in all that anger and all that frustration, and sadness.. it all just comes out in crying all the time. I deserve better than that.

Kitchen. Tommy, Christie and Holly. Christie – she (Kat) went out with just enough savage.

8:36pm Boat room. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – I am so proud of you! Jackson – we’re safe! We’re safe! Holly – and uhhh second place! Jackson – oh what the f**k! You’re half my body size! What are you thinking? Holly – I don’t know. I am thinking I don’t want to think. I am thinking this is your HOH and I support whatever you do. Jackson – I am going to make some moves! I am ready to take some shots! I am going to right some wrongs. To the six .. we don’t HOH’s, we don’t win vetos.. we don’t have anyone. Holly – we don’t win anything. Jackson – there are three people in that room. Sounds to me like 2 noms and a replacement if one of them comes off. Holly – I will stand behind you. Jackson – I just need to make sure I have the votes. Holly – Nicole wants to work with people that she respects. You and I are people she respects. Jackson – I want Christie gone! Holly – yup! Jackson – and now its a matter of do I put her straight up or do I backdoor her. I don’t know because my pride says put her straight up and beat her in the veto. But she is going to play in the veto anyways. We have nine people. Holly – do you put her up .. I don’t even know.. and as the second target is it better to do Tommy or Sis. Jackson – Sis! I told Tommy I am not putting him up. I told Cliff I am not putting him up. And I told Nick I am not putting him up. Holly – talking to Nicole before this .. she was almost willing to change her vote and jump ship from that six. Jackson – Tommy, Christie and Sis that wanted to work together… That was 12 hours before I heard them talking all that sh*t! So in my mind.. that deal is off! They don’t win HOH’s, they don’t win vetos. I heard that with my own two ears. Holly – who would you put up then if you were going to backdoor Christie? Jackson – Jess and Sis. Jess because of her blow up .. but Jess is not my target. She is good with me .. tit for tat. I am going to tell Sis she is not my target but we have to keep the five… low key. Holly – I like that. I like that a lot. Cliff guaranteed them safety for a week .. is he going to vote them out?! Jackson – I told Cliff I wasn’t going to put him up but if he is not going to vote that way .. then his vote don’t count for me. Holly – Nick is with them 100%! Jackson – but if I put up Christie next to Sis .. they’re going to vote out Christie. Holly agrees. Jackson – that’s all I care about .. I don’t give a sh*t if they come after me. I want Christie gone!

Jackson – if I end up getting evicted because of this move, then I can live with that. I want to take her out! Holly – if Jess remains on the block .. that is one less vote. You know what I mean?! What if you put up Nick and Sis? Jackson – I told him I wouldn’t put him up. Holly – bullsh*t! I sat him down today and I said Nick you came to me, you said I was good and I find out you’re making deals. You said I was good but you’re in the 6 .. so that leaves 3.. that means I am not good. I am not good at all. He was like umm.. yeah. Holly – and I was like how are you saying you have my back when you don’t at all? I was planning on throwing this one. So you knew you were joining a team of six and all of them would put me up and you weren’t going to win so you didn’t have to get the blood on your hands.. but you knew I would go up. Yet you still felt the need to come talk to me and make sure I wouldn’t put you up. And he said yeah, I’ll own that. I said I was very disappointed in that. That was a weak move. Jackson – he was covering his bases. Holly – Nick is so back and forth. I don’t respect that. Whoever is going to sit next to her (Christie) you have to make sure it doesn’t take away from our votes. Jackson – it might have to be Christie and Sis. The wanted a war.. they hung me out to dry! The threw me under the bus. Campaigned against me. I loved the trash talk! Holly smiles. Jackson – we killed that.. first and second! Everything happens for a reason..

Holly – I just feel like such a b***h. Jackson – she wanted to go too. Holly – I wished I could do something. Jackson – you can’t blame yourself for that one. Holly – I just felt like I had my hands tied. Jackson – you did. We both did. Holly – I felt like a bad player. I wasn’t able to come up with something. Jackson – there was nothing. This house is run by bullies. Take this energy that you had with kat and focus it on this week. Holly – I hate that she didn’t even look at me. My goodbye message was funny though. I was like Kat we SUCK! I was like we’re pretty but the worst but we will be best friends after this. This house made me get to know you.. we only met a couple times (outside the house). I was literally like we SUCK! Kat did not trust Tommy at all .. she thinks he is a snake! And really did not trust him. I think he is powerful and manipulative. You want to trust him because of his character.. and he is an actor.. so she shows emotion. I feel like I can trust him. I feel like he is real with me. Of them I feel the best about Tommy. Sis is giving me weird side glances. She is weirding me out. Jackson – I am interested in hearing peoples pitches. “What are Michie and Holly going to do.. they don’t win anything”. Holly – I am so glad you heard that.

9:20pm Bathroom. Cliff and Jackson.
Jackson – I heard it last night.. Sis and Christie .. they don’t win HOHs. And Sis was saying they don’t have me, they don’t have you, they don’t have you talking to Jess. They don’t have Cliff. They don’t have Tommy. They don’t have Nicole. They don’t have Nick. They don’t win HOHs, they don’t win vetos. They have nothing.. all they have is Kat. We have to disarm them somehow. Cliff – we can talk later. Jackson – we will. Cliff – let me say this .. if you need to put me up.. I get it. Jackson – hey Cliff ..I am going to tell you right now .. you ain’t my target. Cliff – I appreciate it. I am not going to ask for a consideration on me. Jackson – I will say that because of the series of events last night…I might have to put you up for a front… However… I am not going to do it if at any point I feel like you will go home. I give you my word on that. They shake hands. Cliff – I made a deal to keep me safe. It involved targeting y’all if I won today. Just please leave Nicole out of it. Jackson – I will. I am. Cliff – She’s gotten dragged through the mud and I feel so sorry for everything that she’s had to deal with. Jackson – I do not want you going home. Especially after what I saw you do out there. Cliff – thank you. I feel like I try to prove myself. If you do (put up me up), they will put me out before (one of them).

9:50pm The house guests are sitting around chatting about past events..

10pm – 10:15pm Boat room. Christie and Sis. Christie – Nick really does play this game with everyone. Sis – that is so weird .. I never heard that he was working with them. I didn’t know that. Christie – Kat told me. She was leaving at that point and said I’m not saying this to campaign. If Nick is in the final two.. I am voting for anyone but him.. because he is playing with everyone. He is the puppet master. He is controlling Nicole’s game. He is controlling Cliff’s game and he is playing Michie and Holly .. and pretending that he is not. And my thoughts (the universe) were always right about Nick. Sis – he’s not screwing you over then. Christie – who knows. I hate that he (Jackson) won. I literally wanted it so bad. Cliff did cut a deal and promise everyone safety except for him (jackson) and Holly. I definitely feel scared though. I wonder if Michie would do a backdoor. I feel like he would. Sis – he likes big moves, big things. The only thing I can see him doing is backdooring Nick. Tommy join them. Christie – I am nervous about going up. I just hope that Nick is a bigger target.

11:47pm – 12:30pm Jackson gets his HOH room.
All the house guests rush in to see his HOH basket, photos and HOH letter. There are watermelons all over the room and on his HOH bed. His music is eminem – curtain call.

Jackson’s HOH letter from his Dad…

12:50pm Tommy, Nick and Nicole. Nick – I wish I had gone more balls to the wall (in the HOH comp). Tommy – yeah, I thought you were throwing it. Nick – I didn’t eat today. And I was stressed about Kat being mad at me. Cliff joins them. Cliff – I did what I had to do to survive another week. Nick – no one blames you.

1am HOH room. Jackson, Holly and Jess.
Jess – she didn’t play the best game but I loved her to death. Jackson – same. Jess – however when I heard about the whole alliance thing .. deal that I was not a part of. Jackson – none of us were. Jess – I had a feeling that Nicole wasn’t down for that. She looked at me and was like what do we do? I said the only thing you can do is switch your vote. I am going to vote for her regardless. She was like do you think Holly and Michie are going to want to do that? And I was like I will talk to them. Because then we’re four and we keep her (Kat). And then I don’t know what happened .. she flipped. Jackson – I think she took whatever y’all said as a personal attack. I think that’s what sealed the deal for her. Jess – what was said? Jackson – she was told by someone in the storage room.. she interpreted it as she was going to be a disappointment to her family and that she was going to be letting down all the kids that she taught. And that she was playing Nicks game and not her own. Thats not like Kat to jab at someone’s personal life. I think Nicole took it personally and freaked out. I think that’s what sealed the deal for her. Jess – Kat played very emotionally the last couple days. When she heard about Cliff and all the deals he was making her heart was legit broken. Jess brings up how she told Sis she isn’t about the mean girl stuff like her laughing at Cliff running in the comp. Jess leaves.

Jackson to Holly – the problem I have is whether I am going to backdoor Christie or put her up straight. And the problem if I put her up straight who am I going to put up after that because now I have to put up someone else .. and if its Sis.. or Tommy. I can’t put Tommy up. Or Cliff and then Cliff would go home. If it’s Sis vs Nicole… then Nicole could go home. Because I don’t know where Cliff is going to vote. Cliffs vote I want to eliminate so I want him on the block. Nicole owes me two big ones. Nicole also wants to work with us. Holly – does Nicole still owe you two big ones though. Jackson – yes. yes she does. And I am going to cash them in this week because I want Christie gone. The problem is just how am I going to do it. I think Cliff needs to be seat one. Holly – if we want to move forward.. if we’re drawing that hard of a line in the sand .. and wanting to move forward with Jess and Nicole.. I would like to have Cliff there. Jackson – yes but because Cliff made that deal I don’t want him to be potentially swayed. Holly – before you put him up ..I think its best to lock down another day. Jackson – his deal was to put us up. I think I have every reason to put that man up.

2am Bedroom. Cliff, Jackson, Christie, Tommy, Jess, Nicole, Holly, and Nick are chatting about tonight’s HOH comp.

1:40 am Cliff and Jess
Cliff says he did what he had to do for one-week survival.
Jess – there was choice things I said yesterday in heat that like being upset I needed to catch myself and I had to apologize to a few people. that’s the game
Jess and Cliff hug “no hard feelings I love you”
Cliff – Sometimes I feel like an imperfect man playing an imperfect game
Jess -aren’t we all thought
Cliff – just trying to figure out how to respond until next week
Jess says that Kat was very sensitive she was under a lot of stress and little sleep.
Cliff – I’m just mentally exhausted I don’t think I could take another week like that. It hurts me too much (This is how us live feed watchers have felt since forever. ))
Cliff – they pulled too much outta me last week. what happens happens I will accept it and I will embrace it
Cliff – I don’t want to lose friends in this game it’s already hurt me too much

feeds flip to Tommy and Nick in the bedroom chatting

Nick brings up that him and Nicole might be going up
Tommy – I don’t think that will happen why would it be you? I wouldn’t if I was him
Tommy – we need strong men in this game otherwise we’ll get picked apart. we’ll be more exposed
Nick – I was one of 6 people that made a deal (NOT an alliance) to keep us safe this week
Nick – I wasn’t gunning for the HOH yeah it wasn’t protecting you guys it was also giving you a better chance to win.
Tommy – This deal was weird no one was gunning for it (HOH) except for Cliff and Nicole which is f*ed up (weird I say Holly and Jackson really gunning for it and so was christie)
Tommy – no one wanted to get the blood on their hands but also wanted to be safe. It was f*ed up
Tommy – I never realized until today you are throwing it, Chrisite throwing it, Sis is throwing it and I’m not playing that leaves CLiff and Nicole
Nick claims he was ready to win until he had a conversation with Holly and MIchie.
Tommy – I get why Sis wanted to through it but at the end of the week, she didn’t need to throw it. Sis was good with Holly and Jakcon but Sis was also f*ing up too she was saying too much

Tommy – it was a mess there was no reason to not be good with Holly and Jackson. They f*ed it up
Nick – who sis
Tommy – both of them (Sis and Christie) They wouldn’t stop running their mouths
Tommy – Holy was like I don’t know where this is … it came from Jess it was just stupid.
Tommy – if Jess goes up against anyone else Jess can go home because she wasn’t’ part of this deal. the only loophole in the deal is if there were two people put up within the 6 of us so you have to pick one to vote out
(LOL funny how the 6 is now a THING)
Tommy goes on about “still wanting to honour” their 6 person deal. IF it’s Jess and Cliff on the block he had to vote out Jess he gave Cliff his word this week.
Nick – right

Nick says he feels good beside anyone other than sis and Tommy but he doesn’t see them going up. HE thinks if he’s up next to Christie “you guys would have a tough decision”
Nick – what if he wants me out are you going against him?
Tommy – I don’t know. Don’t ask me questions like that. I’m going to do whatever I can to keep you safe this week especially you
Tommy – Christie has been running her mouth she did say so much sh1t . it’s kinda I don’t know I need to talk to him to see where his head is at (Jackson)

Jess comes in
Tommy – I love you

1:50 am Jackson and Holly Kitchen
Holly points out that the shepherd’s pie is back in the fridge with no cover
Jackson – we love with animals
Jackson saying that the people that use to clean are all goner, Kat, Jack, and David.
Jackson – those campaign cookies are still here. Do you see how many fruit flies are around

2:13 am Tommy and Nick
Tommy fantasizing about Jess and Cliff going up and Jess “going home”
Tommy says things change week to week he’s taking what Kat said with a grain of salt because that happened all last week.

Tommy says he heard from Kat “the house” wanted him out Kat dropped the names of “the house”
Nick – I could probably figure it out, Cliff, Jess, and Nicole
Tommy – she didn’t say Jess because she wanted to stay loyal
Nick – Nicole was going to put up Jackson and Christie
Tommy – I love Nicole I’m obsessed with her
Nick – I love Nicole. She got rocked today
Tommy doesn’t see things being that bad for Nicole today “she takes things hard I guess”
Nick – she’s hard on herself
Tommy – yeah

2:19 am Christie, Nicole, and Jess
Christie – I’m surrendering to this game. I’m sick of the fighting I’m sick of the whirlwind I’m sick of all of this. when I go I go. I’m not going to use my words so much I’m just going to enjoy the rest of this game and do my best
Christie – I’m surrendering. to it, I feel like I’m happy and I’m proud at the way I conducted myself and I don’t have any regret
Christie – if that’s all I got. that’s all I got.

2:20 am Feeds flip to Jackson and Holly having a threesome with a bowl of watermelon

Holly talking about telling kat she needs to make deals and she didn’t Cliff did.
Jackson – by putting Cliff up it doesn’t put him in a position where he breaks a deal
Holly says she did talk about if Cliff was a voter he would be put in a tough position “he made a deal with Christie I’m pretty sure that deal also means not voting her out”
Holly – having him on the block is the only thing. that deal is supposedly only good for one week

Holly – the thing though. Nicole made the same deal
Jackson – so
Holly – I think she’ll break it
Jackson – all I need is three and I will break the tie
Holly – even if you get out Christie it is scary because then you have Tommy, Sis, and Nick.
Holly – Nick I don’t know
Jackson – sis that’s fine, Tommy that’s fine
Holly – Nick and Cliff are tight and I think they have a deal
Jackson – that’s fine everyone has deals with everyone

3:02 am Jackson and Holly
Jackson – so I think I’ll tell Christie that I’m going for Cliff and the person I want to talk to first is Nicole and then Nick.
Jackson – I just need to know Nicole will vote in my favour with Jess to keep Cliff.
Jackson – if Christie comes off the block I’ll put Sis up. straight up
Holly – okay
Holly – Christie stays off the block again
Jackson – I’ll tell Tommy and Sis if they win and take Christie off I’ll put the other person up whoever is remaining
Jackson – one of them three is going home. If Sis wants to see Tommy go out the door than she can use the veto on Chrsitie Tommy will take her place. If Tommy wants to see Sis go then that’s fine Tommy if you want to see sis walk out the door then take Christie off. Sis will go up .
Jackson – Nick if you want to see Christie come off the block that’s fine Nicole will go up.
Jackson – I’m not going to sugar coat sh1t this is my HOH and I’m going to do…. I am tired of playing other people’s games.
Jackson – I’m tired of playing Christie’s Big Brother. I’m HOH this week dammit I’m going to make some moves I’m going to ruffle some feathers and make waves..
Jackson – I’m going to make the moves people have been too scared to do
Holly – every single person in this house is scared of Christie
Jackson will tell them straight yup he knows CHrsitie is coming for him “Best luck in the veto”

Jackson will tell Christie – “If you take yourself off Tommy will go up or Sis will go up ” (music to my ears)
Jackson – one of y’all three is going home this week
Holly reminds him of Jury votes.
Holly – they feel like they’ve bought Cliff
Jackson – that’s great Cliff can’t do sh1t while he’s on the block I’ve taken away that deal they’ve made. Putting Cliff on the block wipes out that deal

5:20 am zzzzzzzz

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Butters Mom

ugh… you cant fix stupid. jackson has had all of this week to sit and think about strategic moves while he was “laying low” and he comes up with Jess and the chicken?! wow!

The core

I wonder how many times Holly will say ( I know ) this week ????

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I know.


Drink every time!


Like literally I know

Roll Tide

It is going to be a “Kraken” week!

I second that emotion.

Like , like, like, I know.

G Love

Gonna be an interesting a$$ kissy kinda week! Anyone know where I can watch the Comp, we never ever get enough viewer time on this one and it’s always my fav!


Especially if Christie stays on the block. I’m going to prep the post for when Tommy and Christie offer Jackson a 6 person alliance. I’m sure it’ll happen.

It was a fun comp this time around. Christie and Nick were in the lead but Nick gassed hard whereas Jackson kept a strong pace that increased as time went on. Holly was way back but actually caught up to second before Jackson won. everyone but Jessica had respectable finishes.

If you don’t have the feeds I’m sure the comp is on youtube. If I find one I’ll post it in the OBB chat.

BB Casting Call

When it gets down to 5 people left, do you think they will all still try to form alliances of 6? Just a thought.


AHAHAH probably


Oh My God. He made promises that he wasn’t going to put up Tommy and Nick so he’s thinking of putting up JESS!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! He has to put up Tommy and Christie b/c if Tommy or Nick win the veto they’d take Christie off the block. He doesn’t have a choice. THINK BOY THINK!!!!!


Putting up Jess would be the absolute worst decision !!


I can’t believe he’s even considering anyone other than Tommy to go up with her. They’re even talking about votes… duh. Tommy is a guaranteed vote for Christy. Jackson, love him or hate him, I thought he was smarter than that. I was so happy when he won. But if he goes through with those noms he’s just giving Christy another way out of staying on the block. Good grief!! Please let him figure this out


I felt the same way. And I still feel (as annoying as Christie is) Tommy is the more important player to evict.

I think he’ll get the 3 guys to promise to respect his HOH, not use POV and vote out who he wants. That may not go as planned with Tommy but I could see Nick being fine with it.

He also needs to pull in Jess/Nicole & make a deal to work with them noting they’d like to work with Cliff but after this week they know moving forward when he’s in danger all bets are off.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Totally agree with this. Tommy is the most dangerous…..NOBODY beats little Timmy at F2. Jackson is nuts not to put up Crusty/ Tommy initially. If any of those 4 ( Crust/ Tommy/ Ick/ Sis) doesn’t go this week…… there is no more fkn hope left.


That was prior to him learning part of Cliff’s deal was to put them up. He’s leaning toward Sis/Christie (who seem to think they can get him to put up Cliff/Jess) but perhaps after a chat with Cliff, Nicole he’ll shift.


Thank god things have changed since that conversation. Looks like Cliff and Christie now with SIS/Tommy as renoms if veto gets played.


It should be Christie and Tommy with Nick/Sis as renoms, that way it’s a guarantee one of them goes home regardless what happens with veto.


My pessimism says the DR “hinted” that both Tommy and Christie on the block initially would be a problem.


Yea…like for me I def say Christie and Tommy/Nick…but Tommy didn’t put up Michie and Tommy tried to keep a good working relationship with Michie/Holly…so I can understand him not wanting to put up Tommy. I just wish someone could tell him that’s not best for his game.


I think Tommy was just trying to cover his a$$ and keep his hands clean. Remember he was worried about losing 2 jury votes, Jackson and Holly. If someone else put Jackson up, I think he would vote him out and use the voting with the house excuse.


Oh am I glad I came back to re-read the comments again and saw this little diddy!


Exactly! Why take the risk? It’s the perfect opportunity to guarantee that 1 of the 3 go. He knows they are the tight. Don’t miss the opportunity to break them up. Tell Tommy sorry, for his own game he needs Christy gone and because Tommy is 1 less vote for her to stay, he needs to be the pawn. They have all lied & plotted against Jackson, breaking their word (Cliff would never break his “word.” Cough, cough.) I don’t know why he told Tommy he wouldn’t put him up but who cares. He has every reason to backpedal. If he won’t put Tommy up, at least put Sis up with the same excuse.

Come on Jackson, protect the outsiders by getting the “cool” kids out. It can be a start towards redeeming yourself with BB fans!!


I can’t believe I’m saying this. WooHoo!!! Jackson won HOH!
How do you like that manifestation Christie?


Jackson needed to put Christie, and Tommy up together that’s why he should have won but he’s saying he promised Tommy not to put him up. So it might be a wasted HOH and Christie might end up, who knows not even nominated. Think Jackson why you need both up together. SMH


Putting Jess up would be a dumb move. I hope he doesn’t do that. He needs to put up 2 of the 4 (Christie, Tommy, Sis, Nick) that way at least one of them goes out.


Seriously Jackson ! Put Christie, and Tommy on the block !! Don’t be an idiot and put Cliff as a pawn !! He talked to Cliff in the bathroom and told him he might have to put him up as a pawn, but at any time he felt he might go home he wouldn’t do it, seriously wtf !!


Zingbot needs to expose the Christie Tommy relations outside the house.


That would be amaZing !!


Absolutely…cause these folks in there may think Christie/Tommy are dangerous….but I feel like without that knowledge, Tommy doesn’t look dangerous.


If only!


I feel sad for Nicole. She has such a good heart and this game is just stomping all over it. She is smart and if she can keep emotions in check she could be the one everyone wants to keep around for end game. She is learning how much she can trust others with important information (Jess) and get burned by a good deed.

Hang in there Nicole!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

No no no no no no no….I am done with Nicole.She may be the only likeable person in the house but she has demonstrated that she is genetically incapable of making a game move.She has done the least of everyone,including Sis,who at least did Jack if that counts.Now there’s still a lot of game to play but at this point Nicole’s game play is let Nick drag her as far as he can.

Just sayin'

I agree, maybe hearing what kat was saying in the storage room hurt nicole but kat was right. Nicole picking Christie and Tommy over jess and kat is pathetic. I’m over nicole.


I’m getting close to feeling that way as well. I want to be a fan but I’m having trouble based on her gameplay. For now still a fan because of the slim pickings.

Just sayin'

The only likeable living thing around the house is now that bird that shit on Christie’s head


I’m so disappointed with her vote.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

So was there a blow up they are referring to instigated by Jess? What happened?


Jess found out there was a 6 person alliance that didn’t include her. She lit everything on fire.


in the real world im certain nicole is uber sweet.. in the bb world she is weak with zero strategy of course shes getting stomped on.. if your gonna go on bb the 500k should be your sole purpose period

Roll Tide

Nick knows she has done nothing. If he goes to final 2 with her, he thinks he has won. Same with Sis, she has done nothing except sexing Jack and won 1 veto. Jess won 1 HOH, but she has a good social game. Best bets to win are 1.Nicole 2. Sis


nicole has a beautiful sole and is meek and mild which makes her not a good candidate for the game of BB. with all the other aggressive and strong personalities in the house she is swallowed up by the game. i am sure she is way outside her realm of comfort (more so than anyone else). she often gives herself pep talks to help alleviate her own stress and i am proud she is at least trying to gain her own footing.


I like Nicole but if she wants to survive she has got to lock up her Jiminy Cricket conscious in glass jar like Sam did her spiders and Put them in a closet. I wish she’d Remember she is there to win $500k and she’s not a monster if she lies by omission. She also needs to know whom to give information in the house that can keep secrets.


No one there is a keeper of secrets.

Rico Suave

Agreed!! No one person can keep there mouth shut this year. There are literally NO secrets in that house. People, please just can it, and TRY to save valuable info for/to yourself.


We need her to kick Nick to the curb. He’s sooooo bad for her. But in her eyes…he’s the only one who cares for her. He’s a sleaze and we need her and Jess to work with Michie and Holly. That’s how you can get 2 of the 6 outta here. Then we’ll be down to 2 sides of the house and they can go at it.


Please put upTommy and Christie.I want to see them throw each under the bus all Week long.

Tom A

So I’m hearing that Kat berated Nicole a couple hours before the eviction? Simon, Dawg, you guys have any news or info on this or what it was about? If it’s true, and Nicole didn’t do anything, I’m very ‘disappointed’ in Kat.


Just read it — Kat told Nicole she would be a disappointment to her family and all her kids for not doing the right thing and playing Nick’s game. Holly & Michie discussed it saying Nicole was considering the flip but after Kat said that Nicole was in tears and that comment pretty much sealed Kat’s fate.

They aren’t holding it against Kat & although they are feeling bad they couldn’t save her Holly said Kat played very emotionally the last few days.

Ovi's tongue

I believe Kat addresses this issue in her post-eviction interview with Julie on the BB website. As usual Kat has difficulty articulating herself but she claims Nicole mistook what she said as an attack on her personally.


If that’s true I take back what I said about being disappointed in Nicole. Even though what Kat was saying may have been correct, bullying and berating her only friends is just as stupid as Cliff dumping on his own alliance. I would imagine it would have been hard for Nicole to vote to keep someone who just berated her for no reason.


BB21 & BB20 seem to be aligning with their comps and with no DE this week or next it begs the question if they’ll be a jury battle back once 4 players are evicted (so two more evictions). That would align with the timing of last season when Scottie battled back into the house.


Is it possible ?
Julie would of made a thing about kat has a chance

I don’t see why production will hide that twist


I could see CBS tossing a twist in whenever the grod wants.


I was thinking there wouldn’t be a battle back due to all the controversy around jack’s eviction. Maybe CBS wouldn’t want him back in the house.


with that said they might have a fan vote for who comes back That would ensure Kat’s return but leaving it up to a comp would risk Jack coming back.


They could do luck of the draw type comp making it anyone’s chance. Or one of those never suspect individual timed comps.

another name

maybe they’ll wait until final four and pull a gary.
Then they’ll need sis to pull a topaz.

Just me

6 weeks remain in the season, finale is September 25th, and 9 players left. I don’t see how we would have time for a battle back. There almost has to be a double eviction if I’m doing the math right.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Do all of America a favor and for the love of all that is holy, put up two of Christie, Tommy, Sis or Nick!!!! Otherwise what is the frickin’ point? We just wrapped up watching the recorded show on CBS and I had to see who won. NEVER thought I’d be thrilled for Jackson to win an HOH but poor Nicole Jessica and Cliff had NO chance of winning this comp.


I think he is right that he has to put Cliff up. The ‘man of his word’ will vote with the 6 if he is not on the block. I think he will be safe. Using the threat of putting Nicole, Tommy or Sis up if any of them use Veto should ensure Jackson gets his way which is Christie gone. Maybe….

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

If two of the 4 are on the block, Cliff HAS to vote one of them out. In Holly’s words…”Duh!” (Not saying that to anyone in particular! Just a funny thing Holly does that Jackson hates.)


Thank you holly for telling him not to do Jess. Don’t screw this up michie.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree but why in the h-e-double-hockey sticks put up Cliff???? Screw promises to Nick and Tommy, they are both snakes. Eliminate THEIR votes and keep 2 of the 4 on the bLock.


Holly is doing a good job of helping him craft his noms. I said this on the big brother breakdown a couple of weeks back once the gr8tful get broken up for good a few (SEMI) likable people will get teased out. Holly may be one of them.

I thought Nick could be another but NO F*ING way.

Summer Gowen

Nick is already making his pitch… I wish Jackson would listen to Holly and also would put him up

production rigged it

Nicole is such a waste of space she is the one that told Jess about the alliance and they could have saved Kat and yet she still decides to vote her out, what a moron i can’t wait until she’s gone. Jackson is dumb if he doesn’t put Tommy on the block with Christie because if Tommy wins the veto he would take her off and if he doesn’t put Christie up and tries to backdoor her instead somebody could win and not use the veto. So if he wants her gone put them on the block together because the only way she comes off is if she wins, because i think Sis or Nick would take Tommy off before her.


it was the correct play for nicole. she was either at the bottom of a 5-person alliance or the bottom of a 6-person alliance. voting out kat allows for a potential 4-person alliance where she’d have more equal footing plus she should not be the target of either side.

i agree that jackson needs to put tommy up next to christie to lessen the chance christie is saved by veto. he also needs to realize that sis or nick could potentially go home over christie if he leaves tommy in the house able to campaign for christie instead of for himself.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I wish Nicole had talked to Cliff first; she was always conflicted because Nick verbally steam rolled her into the 6. He never shuts up… Nick Christie and Kat (love her still) are manic when they “talk game”. It’s like a 3 page script of nonsense.

An ornery mouse

Umm, when Nicole told Jess, she also begged her not to mention it to anyone. What did Jess IMMEDIATELY do? Set off a nuclear war.

Summer Gowen

Im beginning to think that nick is bi… never seen 2 guys get so cuddly that are straight.. and the things he says about women are gross.

Guy From Canada

Kevin Martin in bbcan5 did this….claimed he was straight but I dunno…..


Kevin martin good F what a tool.


straight guy cuddling seems to be a more common thing nowadays and I’m all for it. If there ever is a BB 40 I bet the lines between straight and BI will be so blurred as to not exist.

My problem is the things Nick says are gross and unbecoming of someone that is supposedly a highly educated therapist.


MTV has a hookup show where everyone sleeps with everyone or can partner with anyone.


I cannot believe he’s a therapist. Mind blowing. He won’t have many clients left after this!

Danger Will Robinson

Dear Jackson,
Please don’t f**k this up. Put up Christie/Tommy!!!

Stephanie J

If jasckson was smart he would put up TT and NN and as much as I hate to say this and it’s killing me to I would take NN off the block and back door CC!! That away they are both in the block and CC or TT will be walking out the door!! Please Jackson back door CC!! Please!!


Backdoors at this stage are risky because only three people won’t play in this veto. Better to have your primary targets on the block at the start and know you are hurting them and there is no way they can both be safe. Problem is I don’t think Jackson really has an opinion of a second target.


Does anyone know what Sis/Christie are referring to about Nicole? Sis said to Christie: if that was true what was said about Nicole, that’s so f*cked up.

I’m assuming Jess told them that Nicole outed the 6 & Holly also mentioned Nicole almost flipped combined with Nicole saying it wasn’t right how “he” spoke to her (Nick?). That combined with Cliff asking Michie not to go after Nicole b/c she got drug through the mud makes me think Nick (or Tommy) said something to her.

Anyway – if anyone knows can you pass it along please.


If it’s those two talking they may not even know what they are referring to.


jackson really needs to come around on putting tommy next to christie. if those two aren’t forced to campaign against each other, tommy will cut all sorts of deals to keep her.


Nicole is like Weekend at Bernie’s, she has to be dragged thru this game


aaaaaaand of course the vote to evict kat was unanimous (clueless jess aside) cbs please stop selling us the fake flip drama every week it cannot save this pathetic season


WOW! It only took a minute for Tommy, Christie and Sis to start talking crap about Nick.


It has to be Tommy and Christie up at the end of the week.

Danger Will Robinson

Watching AD now and it is so hilarious watching Christie, Tommy, Nick and Eddie Munstress kissing Jackson’s ass. Acting(key word) like they are so interested in the guy now. He should go back into isolation and shun them all until nominations.

Ovi's tongue

Notice how Cliff finished the competition even after Jackson won HOH. He’s not taking any chances, he did it to hopefully earn Jackson’s respect and admiration thereby reducing his chances of sitting on the block.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think he’s done a good job at studying each of the house guests; he’s not ugly or hateful like some have been but he gets what each of them value. Talk about fighting for your life every week. (Sorry, it’s hard for me not to hope for the old guy; he’s my peer.)


I think in a way, he was attoning for making the deals and Kat getting so upset. I believe he does legit like all the “angels”, but he also has to play his game


Cliff would vote to evict jess?
I don’t think so… But Jackson can’t take that risk


That comment was about putting up jess
That he shouldn’t put jess on the block even though cliff nicole and holly will save her .
But i guess i will always get thumbs down

Ovi's tongue

Jess is soo desperate to be involved she draws out a 30 second conversation into a 30 minute navel-gazing orgy of introspection and indecision. She makes Hamlet look like Gordon Gekko.

Keeping it REAL!

Ya jackson put up jess/cliff its brillant just like all your ideas and deals to not put up tommy, nick or cliff up.

You will be going out very soon and I can’t wait for that!!! I will have my popcorn ready after this snooze fest of an hoh with mr dumb @ss running the show…


I don’t get it. Jackson is going to right some wrongs. He wants Christie out by putting up Cliff in seat one then maybe Jess so he could have the potential to backdoor Christie. Yes that’s the perfect plan. (Sarcasm intended)


Nicole is the Lebowski of this season…everything that can possibly go wrong with her game, does. I feel for her lol

Ovi's tongue

Everybody pees on her rug.


Running her mouth to the wrong people at the wrong times has caused most of her issues

Keeping it REAL!

Too funny (lmbo) that everyone puts there faith in this numb nuts!!!

Keeping it REAL!

Luv it! Yes put cliff up… lol

Addicted to BB

This game is crazy. Last week I would have said that I hope Jackson never wins HOH and goes home soon. This week I’m pulling for him to win HOH. With that being said, i can’t imagine how crazy it would be to actually be in the house.

Let’s hope after he talks to Cliff and Nichole, he realizes he has to put up Tommy and Christie.


I think Tommy’s “I love you” to everyone has everybody fooled. He’s an actor. Why do they all forget that? I wonder how they will react when they get out of the BB house and found out apparently that not do Christie and Tommy know each other from her dating his aunt but didn’t he say they were childhood friends then didn’t see one another for a long time until he found out she was dating his aunt?

I know he said on the show, they were childhood friends and that reminded me reading or hearing that.


I agree put up Tommy and Christi. He doesn’t owe them anything. Tommy would use the veto on Christi as he just did. Even if he swears he wouldn’t, he definitely would. If he puts up Cliff and Christi and then Christi comes off Cliff would go because they will have the numbers. Cliff would more likely vote with Jackson if he left him off the block. Jacksons ego will get the best of him. He already said Cliff made the agreement that he would put up Jackson and Holly so he doesn’t owe him anything. However he is going to keep to the agreement of not nominating Nick and Tommy. They were the ones (mostly Nick) of telling Cliff who to nominate if he won HOH.

Another thing, what has Sis won?? She has no room to talk about Holly and Jackson not winning anything. Holly won an HOH that Sis was begging for her to throw to her. Sis is also hurt that Holly talked about her behind her back. She has said plenty behind Holly’s back. These people are hypocrites.


If he puts up Cliff/Christie (not my choice) & she wins HOH then he’ll put up Sis, Nick or Tommy. that will leave 3 votes from whoever he doesn’t put up.

Jackson believes he’ll have Jess, Nicole & Holly which would give him the tie. My concern is even though Jess is NOT in an alliance & NEEDS to work with them if Christie is sitting beside Nick or Cliff I’m not sure she votes her out. Now if it was Tommy that wouldn’t upset me (even Nick for that matter), but I hope Nicole or Cliff can convince them it’s best to put up 2 (Christie & any one of the other 3 really) is how he’ll guarantee she goes if she’s on the block. I wonder if Cliff will warn them about Jess/Christie & how she has Jess snowed.


Little concerning the initial talk is to put up Cliff & Christie. Thankfully Holly suggested Jackson talk to Cliff before deciding since they may need him if they plan to align with Nicole & Jess to take out the other side.

Cliff kind of put himself in this position by making deals with everyone. If there was ever a time for Cliff to sing it is now. He needs to give him the full 411 about how Tommy learned he (Cliff) had planned to put up two of C/T/S so that forced the “agreement” and promise he would go after H/M. Moreover, he needs to tell them this deal occurred EARLY in the week & that he was never the intended target so if they say otherwise they are lying. If he has tidbits he can offer up now would be the time to do so. Like telling about how Christie began discussing targeting H/M during his HOH & Tommy has been on the same page the entire time. He also should drive home how tight Tommy/Christie are & that the only reason Tommy wouldn’t formalize the deal until after HOH so he could cover his ass in case H/M won.

Cliff has to navigate this carefully—- if he explains to H/M that if 2 of them are on the block it forces the other 2 to make a choice if they play in POV & accomplishes two things, it guarantees one of them go home assuming that’s what M/H want & it shows the pecking order to the house & to the 4-some:
*ALL of them would save Tommy over any of the others.
* Tom would save Christie first then Sis & possibly Nick vs anyone but those 2
* C would also save Sis second & may not save Nick
* Nick would save Sis second & unsure if he would save Christie

I think that will be a key selling point to Jackson, especially if Cliff can make M feel comfortable he’ll vote how he wants. Then he should fess up & say we formed CAs b/c he knew C/T/S were tight, that Nick would float & he was never fully sure until this last week if the 5 would naturally gravitate back together until Tommy made it clear H/M were the priority targets.

IMHO Cliff needs to get H/M seeing how dangerous Tommy is but show if he’s beside Christie OTB – SHE will be the one to go (which is what M wants) plus then T has to save himself & not her.


I think that’s the most important thing. Cliff really needs to explain how Tommy and Nick are JUST as dangerous as Christie…because Michie has no clue. Tommy has been decent to him and Nick has been acting decent, but really just gassing him. So if nobody can explain this to him…then It will for sure be Cliff and Christie.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

What is wrong with these people?As long as Christie is on the block on Thursday she goes no matter who she sits next to,there is no 4th vote to keep her.


The problem always becomes who would take Christie off the block if they won veto? Sis and Tommy and Nick? Of those three who has the best chance of winning a veto? Tommy or Nick? But what happens if you plan a backdoor and the veto winner won’t take down your pawns?


Yes jacskon you can trust cliff cause he can be swayed… So you put him on the block!?
What about the people that can sway him- tommy nick and sis.. you trust them to vote?
If they convice jess to vote out cliff , which is possible cause she has no game, you wasted your hoh
Good luck

Kat's Alien Bitch

The over/under on the number of times Christie cries in the next week is 1,104.

BB Casting Call

I’ll take the over.

Sis's Werewolf

“Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump


It’s insane not to put up Christie and Sis (since he refuses to put up Tommy). I almost feel bad for Holly having to stroke the ego of such an idiot.
Can someone tell me what happened to Nicole in the storage room?


Yes, but I don’t think Holly is that bright either……

Dalia Hobelman

Wasn’t Holly just saying it’s his hoh and she will stand by now it sounds like she wants him to put up Cliff and Nick here we go again with Christine off block smh


Cliff and Christie are going to be nominated. Christie is the target. If veto is played either Sis or Tommy or Nicole will go up depending on how it all goes down.

Bullies SUCK

Those nominations would just be stupid. The New Six will leverage their way to voting out Cliff, if he is still on the block. EVERYONE wants to be loved by Christine, even though they hate her. Nicole and Jess will “regretfully vote to evict our ‘Dad’, Cliff .” UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nicole told Jessica about the six person alliance that didn’t include Jessica, telling her she knew she could trust her. Wrong! The only people who have kept a secret is Tommy and Christie, who knew each other coming into the game. And that may blow up depending on how one of them is evicted.


Jackson needs to put Christie and Nick on the block. That way, when Nick guns for the veto, he’ll be using on himself and not Christie. Jackson would only then need to worry about Christie or Tommy winning the veto.

Duplicate post from previous thread (meant to put this here, not there)


personally, I want to see Tommy and Christie up for the tears and the I love yous but nick going up makes sense. Something tells me it’ll be Zing BOt and Christie will win it.


I thought Tommy & Christie at first as well, but the more I thought about it, Nick works better. He’ll be down right crazy working toward a veto win. If he wins, he comes down – put Tommy up in his place. I think it would be a beautiful sight to see. I’m so sick of Tommy’s “I LOVE YOU” BS. Come on man….just….STOP. Every time he does his conspiring bs, then the person walks in….”I love you” I want to punch the tv. I’m not even a violent person!


Yea I want Christie up for sure…and I keep going back and forth about Tommy or Nick.


Sounds like Jackson is going with Christie and Sis for noms


Just found that out….yippee! I would rather Nick or Tommy…but I don’t care. I just want 2 of those 4 gone…SOON! :p

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I think the HOH key has a power. It turns the holder’s brain to mush! I have never understood putting up a potential vote for your target to go home. There are 4 (Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Nick) on the other side. It should be an easy decision. Put up Christie and one of the other 3. Tommy would be best. If one of the nominees wins veto, put up one of the other two. If one of the other two wins and takes down one, put up the 4th person. Simple.


But this would require actually using a brain. LOL


Oh please…Christie was not throwing it. Neither was Nick. He was hustling…until his poor stamina kicked in. It’s just a perfect cover for losing.


Holly and Jackson had the stamina Nick and Christie didn’t




I’ve learned a long time ago, poor losers make excuses. Good loser stay quiet and accept defeat to a better person.

another name

I’m not sure what wrongs Jackson wants to right. Oh, is he still going on about maligned character? Oh. Like he wasn’t trashy before someone said it out loud. eye roll. The three warnings from d/r… invisible.
He’s gone from Christie up with Jess or Sis, to Christie up with Cliff. He plans to tell her that if she wins veto Tommy goes up. He plans to tell Nicole she owes him twice and he’s collecting. What, when he cast a hinky vote that screwed her game, or taking credit for her save so that he could use her to take out Nick with clean hands? Yup. She owes him all right. She owes him a slap upside the head. When Holly says she told Nicole that she was never targeting Nicole… well in order to target someone you have to give them value. Holly doesn’t actually value Nicole in the game, so I guess that’s true. She considered her a sacrificial lamb, not a target.
When Jackson starts talking about bullies, it’s like Holly talking about mean girls. They both need to just stop. It’s stupid.
I imagine they’ll bring back have nots this week, now that there is no fear that Jackson can be one. Shaddup. We were all thinking it.
Logistically, Christie leads nothing. She’s the greasy wheel, not the handlebars. I want the greasy wheel evicted, but what does it actually do to the game? Not the feeds, because they’ll get exponentially quieter. The game. She’s actually bottom of the totem, not the leader. He’s picking off the one that each of her allies consider the good sacrifice. Even Tommy when he’s being honest. He’d have clean hands and get the d/r cry time, and a guaranteed vote in the end.
Tommy, Nick, Christie and Sis are absolutely stupid to think that Christie is not the target. I think they actually know. They’d have to be absolute morons not to know. How can any of them think that Cliff or Jess would be Jackson’s target? They’ve got to know. Their just projecting stupidity to think otherwise.
Heavy allergy night and day. I hope in my non-drowsy allergy meds (non drowsy but iq drops in half) haze i’m making sense.


Thanks for doing such a good job keeping us updated with the feeds. I was finally able to contribute today by ordering something from tour site, hope it helps.


The entitlement this season is so annoying (that and the BB ignorance).

Christie(talking to Sis) includes this gem: I just feel like it would be stupid to put one of us up. We would have the votes to stay.
READ: she thinks Cliff/Nicole & prob even Jess will just vote how she wants b/c she’s ALLOWING THEM TO STAY THIS LONG. It reminded me of earlier in the season when Jack told Nicole to enjoy her last few days in the house.

Then Christie says: I hope Tommy can talk some sense into him to guide him in the right direction. Cliff and Jess.

Again, knowing what they now know WHY would J/H want to put up NONE of the four who created this master plan to take them out?

Umm – so the ppl who just created this new 6 w/o them and wanted Cliff/Nicole to win to do their dirty work think they should go up b/c it’s dumb & they have votes.

Wasn’t Christie the one last week who told Kat nothing she could say would sway her b/c she couldn’t trust the trio? So why wouldn’t Jackson/Holly who now know their on an island not target a quartet?

A few Kat thoughts:
* Finally found what happened between Nicole/Kat – a couple hours before live show while Nicole was waffling on the vote feeling bad & leaning towards flipping Kat said she (Nicole) would be a disappointment to her family and all her kids for not doing the right thing and she was playing Nick’s game. (hence why Kat dragged Nick in her speech).

Part of that falls on Jess b/c if she had a LOGICAL conversation with Nicole instead of blowing her up to the house it had a better shot of working. Plus she worked Kat up blaming Nicole & questioning her loyalty – right- this after Nic risked her entire game b/c she felt bad Jess was left out of the loop & not protected. It was like both Kat/Jess were mad but couldn’t take out their anger elsewhere for fear of consequences so they took it out on Nicole. The hamsters really do treat Nicole like a punching bag.

*The other thing I was wondering (re: Kat only saying goodbye to Jess) was if Kat being a fan of the show knows there is likely a battle back so she wants to plant her disdain toward Holly/Jackson b/c if she wins/returns the house may now think they really don’t know each other – or that there is a fracture.

Living 4 Parentheses

Agreed about the Battle Back. I believe, too, Kat was protecting Holly by ignoring her. They BOTH encouraged each other repeatedly to badmouth the other to HGs and to protect their OWN game. This would include voting with the house when there was no hope left.


Ugggg just listening to Christie buttering Jess up makes me throw up all over the place….
“We can go horseback riding in front of the Hollywood sign before we leave.”

An ornery mouse

Jackson now saying he slept on it and has decided on Christie/Sis for the block. Oh, please please please don’t fart around and back out. If he’s not gonna touch Tommy, then this is the next best option in my eyes.


Holdin my breath until noms hahaha. I’m still hoping for Tommy/Nick instead of Sis…but I’ll take it!

An ornery mouse

I hear ya….. Tommy/Nick would be pretty sweet too. Tommy/Christie would be the Holy Grail in my eyes, but I don’t think he’s gonna touch Tommy period.

Guess Jackson’s ankle held up pretty well after all, you had me a bit worried earlier.

another name

Something just struck me as Jackson is explaining to Holly why he’s back to Christie and Sis as noms.
Holly says having their names dropped for 2 weeks wasn’t okay when they were trying to repair things.
No, really, at what point did they try to repair anything? Any talks Holly had weren’t for reparation, they were subterfuge to lull the others into a sense of complacency.
Even yesterday when Holly was in crisis fix mode, she was shifting blame in her talks with Tommy on to Sis and Christie.
Jackson made it clear from the jump he wouldn’t work with them while Christie is in the game.
That’s NOT what that was. Like… by any definition. That wasn’t even negotiation. That was see things my way or I’m going to sulk and tell everyone i’m a pariah.

Oh good. Tommy has joined them in HOH. eyeroll. This should be another barrell of i love you so freakin much bullcrap. Okay, i’m muting him. I can’t today.


Michie never cared about repairing…but Holly did. Initially after the blowup….and I mean in the immediate 24-36 hours after the split…Holly did want to repair things and get the 6 back together. It didn’t last long as they kept hearing things. Also…I believe it was Jack or Christie’s way or the highway when it came to the 6. I am not defending how he treated Kat or when he snapped at Holly…but Michie really would say how he thought things should go…but it was always Jack and Christie who got their way….and Michie would do what he could for the alliance. Now…would he pout to Holly about how things should have gone the way he wanted…sure. Once again…I’m only specifically talking about the workings in their alliance…not other issues.

another name

Holly trying to mend with the six directly after the incident was cover. She said as much to Jackson. She was trying to stay good with them superficially so she wouldn’t be targeted, but shared his opinion that they would not join back up with them while Christie existed. At the same time as she was talking to the six, she was meeting up with Kat and telling her that Jackson might go home if she can’t push Jess to want Jack gone instead. She was then going to Jess and co. and saying she was alone on an island with Jackson in his private sulking suite.
When Christie and Jack were getting their way over Jackson, we always gloss over a few things. The first ‘betrayal’ was not putting up Kemi as renom in week one because of d/r conversations with Christie about appearance of bias. The rest of the time that Jackson was being over ruled, who was in Christie and Jack’s ear? Those two were figureheads for Tommy. In essence, Jackson wasn’t getting his way because Tommy was whispering in the ears of each of his final two’s.
I’m keeping my personality animus out of this comment, and strictly looking at the facts of what was actually occurring.
The move to get rid of Ovi, over jackson’s objection, was because Ovi made the overture to Jack and Jackson, not Christie. Why would she want a person making deals with others and not her to stay?
The move to make a deal with Cliff was Jackson’s idea. The push not to use her power from Christie came after he said once you give it to me you’re out of it and i nominate who i want (paraphrasing exact words, but using the correct tone). In that conversation, if he’d finessed instead of belittling (he wasn’t being disrespectful, he was being diminutive) things might have gone his way. if he’d said ‘we’ instead of ”I in those conversations, i think he would have gotten further. She’s egocentric. It’s written all over her. So is he. It was inevitable they would clash. I only mention this as social game, not judgement. When it came to social game at the beginning, he was way off base in how he spoke to his allies. He kept trying to put the I in team. In a team of egomaniacs. Bad social read that was going to rub somebody the wrong way. Lets keep in mind: Jackson was the one in week one and two that was forming a secret alliance outside of his group of 8. His loyalty to the 8 was NEVER absolute. He wanted to pull in his side deal so that he would have numbers when the group broke up. That’s why he was pushing for Cliff and Kat to be close but not made official members, over ruling them being brought in officially at every turn. They were HIS side deal, and he didn’t want the side deals to get close to the rest of the group. He wanted them close but separate so that it wouldn’t look unusual when he was seen with them having secret conversations. As far as game goes, that was smart, as far as loyalty goes we can’t kid ourselves. He constructed a parachute long before the plane even left the ground.


Yayyy….looks like Michie slept on it and says he’s just gonna take his shot…what does he have to lose…they were all coming for him anyway..
Christie and Sis. I just hope it stays that way…or can put Nick up in place of Sis. Apparently him and Tommy promised each other last week…before the Field Trip, not to put each other up.
Today is going to be SUCH a glorious day seeing Christie put on the block!!!!!!!!! :p