Big Brother 21 – Head of Household Slip n Slide Competition

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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The Head of Household competition is going to play out on the live feeds.

7:06 pm Appears that Nick, Christie and Jackson are in the lead.

7:12 pm Nick is getting tired

7:13 pm Christie, Nick, Jasckson and Holly in front

7:17 pm Christie and Jackson in the lead.

7:21 pm Jackson ahead. Holly moving in on thrid Chrsitie very close to Jackson.

7:26 pm Jackson broken ahead of the pack now upfront CHristie second

7:28 pm Jackson way in front now

7:33 pm
Jackson, Christie, Holly, Nick

7:38 pm Jackson, Holly, Christie, Nick, Nicole
(the week is safe)

7:43 pm Jackson way in the lead. He says he can touch the ball already.

7:47 pm
Christie says Jackson talked about winning this competition “Sounds like a manifestation if you ask me
Jackson – sounds like a man with a job to do I got no choice.

7:50 pm Jackson first place Holly Second, Jess last

Jackson wins it.

For some reason, Cliff is still going …

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Dalia Hobelman

Simon we are diehard fans I knew it would be endurance and you knew slip and slide! I honestly don’t care who wins at this point


Go Jackson!


Shocked at how well Nick is doing when I heard slip n slide thought michie would dominate it. Not a michie fan but he needs to win this and take down christie and tommy


Ditto. I’ve cheered for Jackson exactly two times this season: 1) to win safety so Christie couldn’t win it; 2) to win this HOH to put up Christie.

Sebastian HeartLee

jackson? jackson? am i hearing this right

Stephanie J

Hell yeah!! Jackson won!!!! Thank god!!!! Now put TT, NN and back door CC.


Yes! He’s talking about putting up christy and sis! Fingers crossed


christie and tommy should be the targets this week, but he may put up nick. strategically not that strong, but i’d definitely like nick out of the house too.


Considering this is Big Brother, the fates could conspire against the houseguests and the live feeders and make Christie & Jackson be the final 2 standing


Since there is zero chance that Jess could win………I’ll root for Jackson. Maybe get Crusty out then.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m so disgusted by this season I hope for a Christie/Nick finale.Seriously.They all suck.But at least Christie and now Nick are playing the game.

Denise C

Nicole or Hogg father for the win


Ssshhhh, don’t jinx it. The universe might think you mean Chomper Christie (I’m sorry that’s mean but the way she eats drives me crazy) plus I want her and Tommy split…she doesn’t want couples well you’re in a real world couple so she should STFU

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

He better nominate Christie and Tommy.


Oh Simon, I’ve never down voted you ever, except just now. Don’t say such horrendous things! ??


F**k. Michie’s going to win now. No chance of slowing down. I’m out for the week. Not AT ALL interested in this d**k’s HOH (Veto could go my way though) Especially since he’s gunning for one of my favs…and apparently all of y’alls targets.


I’m very disappointed in Sis’s performance in this…as a fellow soccer player, who could’ve played Division 1 if I was living in the right town, this is extremely embarassing. SMDH


This is a very hard comp (especially with the slippery surface)so not judging any of these houseguests


Sis is probably still trying to figure out the directions for how to play in the comp.

I second that

I think she was taking from the wrong pot and putting it in the pot at the starting point. LMAOOOO.


What does soccer have to do with running uphill on a trash bag covered in oil and dish soap?


The womens pro team was beat by male 15 yr and under team…nuff said, lol!


Jackson is the only person who even hinted at putting Christie up so I want him to win because I do not trust anyone else.


Anyone other than Michie, Holly, or Jess would be fine with me. I’m def for the group that wants Michie and Holly out first.
The 6 could still take over this HOH and do the opposite of what Michie wants. Let’s go!!!


Jackson because I want him to put up Christie and Tommy and I think he’s the only one who would actually do it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Three or four weeks ago I would have smacked myself for saying this but separating Jackson from Christie Sis and Jack was good for him. They brought out a bad side and perhaps he sees it. I’ve loved Nicole and since Jess’ HOH love her to. Great girls but dang if they don’t suck at BB. Cliff Holly Jackson I hope will steam roll those smug, lying conspiring Bit#*#s.

I second that

I agree with everything but the Cliff with J&H. He will come to J to kiss ass as that is his best quality But the problem is that Clifford the dog is in the sh** shooters. So he will lie again and say yes i will in a heartbeat . And you will be able to hear the knife sound from psycho. Lol.
Also. I used to be a fan of Nicole but she showed that she is not capable of making good decisions. So who the he**knows how this week will play out. Im sure Jackson will put Crusty and hopefully Tiny Tim or Chicken Sis with a backdoor option in play


All I want this week is to hear Julie Chen say, “By a vote of 6-0, Christie, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”

Stephanie J

If I were Jackson I would put up TT and NN as much as I can’t stand NN I would pull him off some how and back door CC!! That would seal her fate!! I love it!! Was so upset that Kat left and was very angry ?. But now I am in a way better mood!! Yay Jackson!!

I second that

That is another good scenario. As long as Crusty is gone i am down with any way it can be done!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

My heart just skipped a beat. Say it again!

Kat's Alien Bitch

Newton’s first law: Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it.

Which means make sure you run at the start so you build up inertia and don’t get stuck on the top of the ramp.

I have been watching this for years and they never figure this out.

I am in mourning as are all earthbound aliens for Kat’s death.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Jess was running so fast it looked like she was standing still.


It’s a sad day when you have to hope Jackson wins, but it’s the only way to get rid of Christie. So done with Cliff


yeah, he makes bonehead deal after bonehead deal. what’s the plan from six, cliff? be outnumbered 4-2 with you and nicole needing to win comps? he could have at least brought jess in on the deal. it’s still bad numbers but so long as it’s his deal and nicole and jess are free to work with holly/jackson he still kinda holds onto the numbers.


He should have just said yeah sure sounds like a good deal…..wink wink. Then gone back and told HIS ALLIANCE. They had the numbers. They had a chance. But nooooo, him AND Nicole jumped ship. Bleh. Really disappointed.

An ornery mouse

They had “the numbers” to do what exactly? Because Cliff & Kat were on the block together….. only one could stay, how the game works.


What I meant was they had the numbers staying together moving forward to work against the other side of the house. Obviously one was going home and one was staying, but Cliff could have done what he could to save himself with some dignity, as opposed to dumping his own alliance and making deals with whoever “promises him safety “ . He would have made an excellent member of Foute.


cliff sold out jess to be on the bottom of a 6-person alliance with no numbers to get past 5th. he cuts the deal correctly he gets a “7-person” alliance which is really just 2 5-person alliances (jess and nicole he actively tells to only say they’re in the alliance as he and they only care about him not breaking his promises, they can do whatever they want) with him playing the swing vote throwing every comp. it’s the deal he should have made.

Cant stand dumb players

Dumb A$$ players. At one point it looked like Nicole was voting Cliff out but im sure Production called her into the DR to “give advice” aka tell her not to.

An ornery mouse

Cliff should’ve totally self-evicted so Kat could stay. How could he not give-up his own game for Kat once they were put on the block together….. what an asshole.


Nick does not look like he’s in very good shape … he may have started well but he’s got no stamina for a real endurance competition. Yes, he can dry hump a houseguest …. but then he needs a break.


Jackson needs to win.


I’m afraid Jackson will put up Nicole and cliff, bc holly will convince him to only take a shot at a six shooters member only if it’s done with a backdoor and that could go wrong and send cliff or Nicole home. I hope I’m wrong.

Ovi's tongue

Jackson is hellbent on getting Christie out. He won’t waste it on small fry.


he needs holly, jess, and nicole’s votes for a backdoor. cliff could go up as a pawn (if he’s dumb enough to think backdoor is how to go), but he’d probably be next to nick.


In what world would Jackson take the opinion of a woman into consideration?


Anyone else wish they’d do different comps? Lol. I guess I’m hoping Jackson wins and puts up tommy and Christie. Just so they can squirm all wk. at this point bb is becoming too predictable.


They can’t get rid of this one. This is a competition people love to watch the houseguests do


a lot of comps they can get rid of and i wouldn’t miss (looks like the spelling comp is thankfully gone), but this and otev are forever, and i love them.


I miss the have not comps the most. It made for way better tv when the hg you hated got it two wks in a row lol. I know this comp is a fan fav but it seemed easier this year with those big cups. Didn’t they have tiny little scoopers one season?


best was funnels. putting a hole in the bottom of the receptacle you have to plug is the way to go.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

When Christie is on the block she’ll take credit by saying she manifested it.


Jackson for sure is gonna win !


Now put Christie and Tommy on the block ! One comes down, put up Nick !!

Sally B

I like that idea…a LOT!


Jackson’s the new HOH !!


Jackson should let Holly win, since she is in second, then he can compete next week.


Jackson needs to get some more bullets on his resume though. Next week is probably back to random mental anyway.


Yayyyyy! Jackson!!!!!!
Now let’s see if he has amnesia or remembers what happened in the house the last few weeks

Summer Gowen

Cc and tommy gonna try be jackson best friends…. be interesting week ahead. I hope cc and tommy on block or nick and backdoor cc


If he wants his best shot at Christie he has to put her up with Tommy so there is no shot of one of them being off & playing POV to take the other off the block. But I won’t be surprised if Holly tries to talk him out of it & only to put up one of them with Nick instead. Fortunately, Jackson stood outside & heard what Christie or Sis said about house being 6 vs. 2 or 7 vs. 2.

Chats with Jackson will be interesting. Will the 4-some throw Cliff/Jess/Kat UTB or will they turn on each other? I can see Sis turning on Christie but not Tommy & probably not Nick. I’m betting Christie will throw everyone but Tommy/Sis UTB.

Summer Gowen

Wonder also if nick will hang out hoh, and flip sides again

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I can’t stand that sleazeball…..I hope Jackson puts up Crusty & Timmy…… option of putting up Shower tool Sis if one of those 2 come down….time to play hardball now !


Let the ass kissing begin ….


Can we just skip the BS and do nominations tonight?


I can’t wait to see Christy cry, “this ain’t fair!!!” all week. 🙂 I can’t believe I actually was rooting for Jackson, but he is the one person who definitely will try to take her out.


What did I miss? Is Tommy truly aligned with Jackson now w or is he being a fake ally? Asking because of his “poetic justice” comment

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Tommys only game play is to say “I love you” “I’m obsessed with you” BS


So damn true!
Love U = Lies 2 u
Obsessed = I am voting u out next week


yea…or this week. He told Kat he was obsessed with her as he was instructing everyone that he wants her out


Put up Analyse and Christie. Tommy as replacement. Forces nick to vote for anal and tip scales back to the nerds.

Abraham Setrakian

~8:45ish, Jackson & Holly in the boat room. I am lovin’ what I’m hearin’. Jackson is hellbent on getting Christie out.


Only three people don’t play in the veto this week. If Tommy wins veto and takes Christie down you are left with getting Analyse or Nick out and that’s not a great play this late in the game. With both of them on the block to start the week one of them will definitely be on the block Thursday. Nick can be the replacement. I really hope they aren’t morons and try to backdoor Christie.

Sansa Stark

Christie and Cliff on the block…Tommy or Nick as a replacement. So glad the silly “power” of Christie’s is gone!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Oh Sansa,if that’s how your ruling the North it will be a brief reign.


I didn’t see if played out. But have been wondering in Jess ever made it back to the start after her first mug of beer…seemed to be stuck in the middle lol

I second that

Story of her life in Big Brother. How fitting. LMAOOOOO


Tommy will remove Christie from block every single time so if Jackson wants her out he HAS to put them both OTB


If Tommytunes and Crusty are bothon the block, I do not see Crusty winning Veto as she will wilt under the pressure. If Tommy wins he will take himself off. Like you said the best chance to boot Crusty is to put em bot up.


As much as I want to see her gone, the week is early, early to assume Christie is gone. Obviously there is veto, and then most of the alliances are very weak and ill-defined, so vote can go anywhere.

Unfortunately, the houseguests don’t nearly detest her like the viewers do. Lots of them will keep her (depending on the second nominee)

Best outcome is Christie up against Sis, then more likely take out the much stronger player.

Jackson, just put her up straight away. Not enough people left to gamble on a backdoor.


After the comp over:
Cliff shouts out: Kat, I am sorry. I did what I had to do to stay in this game.
Jackson went to start helping Cliff and was grabbing beer running down to go put in his barrel. Cliff tells him not to worry as he wants to do his own. Jackson pours beer out on floor as he was almost by his barrel. Cheers him on and says alright. Christie
says it will be another 5 hours before you finish and Cliff says he doesnt care
Cliff continues after Jackson wins HOH. Jackson tries to help. Cliff says he wants to do it on his own. He’s not stopping even if they turn the lights off.

Summer Gowen

If i coubted right, there will be no de this season


Is Jackson going to put Christie up? God, I hope so!


May I add?… Right after he says he loves him, also let him know that he’s not forming any alliances this week. 😉


That too!!!! Just a fun hoh where we can all hang out :p


got to make Sis make a choice now. Please Jackson don’t screw this up


HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for that laugh this AM. He loves Tommy and is obsessed wit him


Should be Zingbot this week which will no doubt lead to copious tears from you know who. Comps seem to be aligned to what they were last year which would mean the hide & go veto comp

Jackson’s smartest move is Tommy/Christie but he’s telling Holly it’ll be Christie/Sis (UGH if Tommy gets picked to play POV, wins & pulls her down it will RUIN the week. Hopefully, Tommy will see this as an opportunity to get Christie out to work his name in jury & get the target of her off his back. If Nick gets picked for POV I think he’d take down Sis or leave noms the same.

Early comments post HOH comp:
Nick asks Tommy if he can pick him to play POV if he’s on the block & would he gun for it. Tommy says – I would have to see. I cant give you an answer right now. Interesting! Just this week Tommy said he’d go F2 with Nick but that reply means I’ll have to see if Christie or Sis is on the block with you IMHO.

Also, Christie noted how excited the audience was to see Kat & Holly said you can tell that America is obsessed with her. (little shade throwing there Holly, lol).

So the ass kissing starts tonight – based on Tommy’s comments he’s going to push the men needing to stay in the house. Michie said to Holly there’s 3 people in that room – I thought he meant Tommy but then he tells Holly if he tried to backdoor her it would Sis/Jess on block (DUMB idea Jackson).

I think Nicole is safe no matter what b/c Holly said they almost had Nicole switching her vote so watch for J/H talking to Nicole this week about working with her moving forward. The problem is J/H don’t like Jess & vice versa so that might stop the possibility. And how can they trust Cliff or Nick now – knowing what they know? Although Michie says he can’t put up Nick b/c he promised him????

I wish they could see Tommy is the better eviction (the glue to the 4-some) but I also understand why he wants her gone (or Sis b/c he heard what Sis said last night about Holly & him).


The question is how will the DR look to spin it…Jackson may get prompted to not put them both up or to try a backdoor. I really hope he does the smart move and put Tommy and Christie up together.


True….but I also think FOR Jackson…keeping Tommy is better. Once again…for Jackson….Tommy is more rational and doesn’t seem as hellbent as Christie and Nick at taking Jackson out. Personally, I want Christie, Nick, Tommy, and Sis out…in that order. Then Cliff.

Sis's Werewolf

Cliff’s pathetic….

This guy had AFP in the bag but now that’s long gone after teaming up with Crusty and Timmy (going against his “angels”). He’s obviously gunning for AFP with his lame dancing and catch fraises. Now he’s going to give himself a stroke by trying to finish the even though the comp’s been done forever ago. Cliffamaniacs…. What a joke (like his HOH).

Praying zing-bot destroys him

Somebody shoot me already with this cast. Brutal


“before the wife.” uggg I know…he is slowly creeping up on my annoyance meter

An ornery mouse

Hell yes, Jackson is considering Christie/Sis on the live feeds. Unfortunately, he’s not gonna touch Tommy….. but this is the second best nomination pair in my eyes.

PLEASE don’t screw it up with some dumbass backdoor plan.


Jackson told Holly none of Nick, Cliff or Tommy are going OTB so looks like he’ll try to create some sort of male “understanding” this week. I’m guessing for that privilege he’ll make them promise to not use POV on whoever he puts OTB.

Keeping it REAL!

Like that wasn’t predictable that douche bag jackson wld win! Two weeks in a row Jackson is safe! I can never get on board for jackson or holly… everyone is so focused on all they care abt is getting Christie and Tommy out that you guys want douche canoe Jackson to win well u got what u wished for boring as all get out ego maniac, horrible attitude, treats women like crap, control freak, bottomless pit jack@ss!!!

I didnt care for christie with her poor attitude and talking too much but with all the hate from everyone for her and tommy constently on here, it has now turned me to routing for them both and I hope she wins the veto now to shut everyone up! Go Christie for the win!!!
Let the thumbs down begin… Never been somebody who goes with what the crowd goes for and never will…

I second that

OMG OBB Universe. Crusty’s sister speaks. She does exist right here.


Actually the crowd was very anti-Jackson up until now. Some people don’t judge people right off the bat and realize there are situations where people are shaped by their environment…have weak moments…and evolve. I’m not saying he for sure has…all I’m saying is that people CAN change.


I think the whole non alliance alliances that were alliances but like not like really did not work well because everyone knew about it!
I mean think of the quack pack, the brigade…hell now THAT (brigade) was an alliance where they had to tell Brit right b4 she was to be voted out! Where r the side alliances within the alliance like KC in level 6 but a final 2 deal?
You only blow up the game for a hail Mary not because you heard someone “talking about you!” Its Big Brother! Everyone is talking about u.
Does anyone know how to gather Intel and sit on it?
Kemi is out for talking about food (or really that she would target jack)
Sam is out because he did nothing with the info about the 8 person alliance until it was too late
Bella told on every potential alliance and her alliance got rid of her
Ovi ran his mouth about his power to the alliance b4 asking if there was one
Nicole told Bella and Jess about deals she made or would make
Jack told on his own alliance
Jackson told Jack about a solid three with Holly n Kat and he screwed that up for three people who could have had a decent shot.
As much as I can’t take Crispy, her and Tommy r the only ones who are making their alliance stick. (Crazy cause she runs her mouth the MOST about everyone)
Will Jackson do the dang thing?
Or will Thristy (Tommy/Christie) take it to the end???They need to be OTB together with Nick and or sis as back up depending on who wins veto. If not, I may be manifesting they both stay.




wtf does that mean? “week is safe” tf?


It means there’s a good chance…one of the bad guys is leaving this week.


Glad Jackson won.