“I’m just going to say screw it, shoot my shot and put Christie and Sis up”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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9:24 am Holly and Jackson
Jackson – here’s what I’m thinking I thought about it a lot last night.
Jackson – If I put up Christie and Sis that leaves both of them on the block and only one of them can come off with the veto. There’s a small number of people the odds of Christie and Sis playing are HIGH anyways
Jackson – If Christie is on the block and SIS wins the veto and she’s not on the block she can protect Christie. I got 2 of the 3 safe.
Jackson adds if Sis and Christie are up and one of them wins Veto Cliff goes up as the replacement nomination. Says that now Cliff and Nicole have to vote out one of the two so they are not going back on their deals.
Jackson – same with Nick he has to vote out one of them. And if one of them comes off well okay. Nick wins the veto fine I’ll put Nicole up there, If Tommy is gunning for it okay that’s fine.. I’ll put Cliff up there and I already have 3 votes to get Sis out.
Jackson – I want to make sure people’s votes are going in my direction I’m just going to say screw it shoot my shot and put Christie and Sis up

9:42 am Tommy joins Michie and Holly in the HOH
Tommy – This is great this is your second chance.
Tommy claims he doesn’t know how many people were really going to nominate them because from what he’s hearing everyone was throwing the competition.
Tommy says Nick and Christie were throwing the HOH competition (ohh tell Christie this)
Tommy – I’m happy to be as involved as you want me to be or as uninvolved as you want me to be (uninvolved please)
Michie – I need to do what’s best for my game
Michie – I need you to always know I trust you and I have your back next week and I told you during the comp I’m not putting you up I’m sticking with that.
Michie says he’s keeping his conversations one on one. He’s not going to talk about other people to Tommy, or Christie, etc
Tommy warns him he’s going to hear a lot today.
Tommy says they may hear that getting Kat out was about “you two” . “that was how I kinda had to put it, It was really about everybody she was working literally everybody but me”

Jackson asks Tommy who is Christie talking about when she says “The Liar”
Tommy doesn’t know (hehe)
Jackson again reassure Tommy he’s not going up but other than that he’s keeping his plans to himself. What he decides to do doesn’t include Tommy and doesn’t impact how Jackson feels towards him.

Tommy goes on how gr8tful he is that he’s not going on the block. “I just want to keep working together that’s it, I’m loyal to my people from day one”
Tommy leaves..

Holly says Tommy is trying to do damage control for Christie ans SIS
Jackson – yup it ain’t going to work
Holly – how he’s like I’m loyal to my people.. so where we the people weren’t loyal to us

10:02 am Tommy and Sis
Sis gets the costume removed today
Sis – I’m really scared he’s going to try and take a shot at Christie
Tommy – she did run her mouth a lot
Tommy – if he takes a shot at her it puts us into a bad position its part of the original team we can’t go against him we have to respect his nom but I also want to protect her
Tommy – If Jess is sitting on the block we have to vote to evict Jess according to the deal.

Tommy – if I were him I would ..
Sis – he should put up Nicole and Cliff
Tommy – that’s what I would do to then after veto If one of them wins it I would put up Christie in that case. If I was him. I would start off by rebuilding all the relationship that have broken
Sis – that’s not his game he doesn’t care about f*ing relationships
Tommy says he told him that everyone was throwing the comp they weren’t planning on putting him and holly up
Sis says she knows Nick has her back but he might be put in a situation where he throws them under the bus.

10:14 am Cliff and Jackson
Cliff talking about why he made the deal with Christie and Nick etc. He was on the block and had to save himself.
Cliff – Michie it wasn’t me it was every single person that said These are the targets to protect ourselves.(Holly/Michie)
Jackson says Cliff is like “The FDR of deals”
Cliff – it was brought to me, If you want to stay take the agreement

Cliff – I know I’ve gone back and forth mt back was against the wall I did what I had to do to survive
Cliff – I also turned down a 4-week safety from JAck to save you I hope that carries some weight
Jackson knew about that.

Jackson – I told you last night I’m not putting you up if there was any chance of you going home
Jackson – for the first 1/2 of this game I feel like I’ve been playing someone else’s big brother
Jackson says he would like to work with Cliff/Nicole and potentially with Jess
Cliff – I will vote the way you want me to vote I will give you that guarantee. .with one caveat. If Nicole is up there I’ll tell you man to man I would have a hard time.
Jackson – that’s not happening trust me I want to work with you Nicole and jess moving forward.

Michie – I don’t believe in pussyfooting around when I have my eyes on someone in this game it’s only fair to take a shot I don’t know it I will never me HOH again I ‘ll be dammed if I sit back and take this thing lightly
Michie says he feels like his performance in mental comps is poor so he needs to make his move now there might not be another HOH he can win.
Cliff – Man to man I’ll look you in the eye and tell you
Michie – you’ll see in my nominations it’s not going to pull on your heart. I’m going to put you in a spot where you don’t need to break your deal. I don’t want you to be stuck in a rock and a hard place

10:31 pm Jackson and Nicole
Jackson tells her she’s not a target and neither is Cliff.
Jackson – if you see the block it will not be if there’s any chance you can go home I will not risk it
Jackson – if you are not on the block would I be able to count on your vote in the direction I like
Nicole – yes, I trust you
Jackson – I would like to work with Cliff and I would like to work with you
Jackson – To be completely honest I have my mind made up unless you lay the f*ing hammer down nothing you say will get you in trouble. I am a vault.

Nicole is shy to tell him something.
Jackson – you can trust me
Nicole – I had such a hard time yesterday the way I saw it was if Kat stays you guys are not out on a limb if I voted out Cliff I was going to have many many angry people but I already had my choice going into the week who I was closer to in this game and that’s why I wanted to keep Cliff.
Jackson says there are 6 votes this week he only needs 3 votes to make “things” happen. If Nicole or CLiff are on the block he will break the tie in their favour.
Jackson – things can go really well this week as long as we don’t’ wavier
Jackson – I love you girl
Nicole – I love you more
They hug jit out
Jackson – It broke my heart seeing you cry because you don’t deserve it.

Jackson tells her the only time Nicole or Cliff would go up is if the veto is played or there’s some twist. says if you go back on your word now that’s jury votes lost.

10:48 am Sis and Jackson
Sis – one .. congratulations that was sick
Sis – two .. whats my points… I’m nervous.
She asks him where his head is at
Jackson says he’s not telling anyone sh1t he’s doing what’s best for his game “Don’t’ take me not giving you any information thinking you are f*ed. You are walking out of here with as little info as everyone else”
Sis – I’ve always had your back I’ve always had Holly’s back. I’ve always been loyal beside what was said in camp comeback because I was upset.
Sis – I never say much about anybody. I just keep to myself
Jackson – I’ve talked to Tommy, Nicole and Cliff there’s a lot of options and there are also very few options going into this week. this makes it though especially with the dynamics in this house and where I stand right now. This week is going to draw lines in the sand whatever I want to or now Day 44 day 58 there’s 2 halves of the house.
Jackson says on a personal level he trusts her. tells her it’s not good for his game with her walking out the door.

11:04 am Christie and Jackson
Christie – I’m so surrendered to this game. I don’t believe anything anymore.

Jackson says if he didn’t win the HOH he would be on the block this week.
Christie agrees with him
Jackson says all that was left were Jess, Holly and him.
Christie retells last weeks event that caused last weeks drama.
Christie says it was brought to her they should keep Cliff. “all i heard me, Tommy and Sis were on his radar. IN my mind I’m not f*ing keeping Cliff”
Christie says the “deaL” was brought to her saying “you good”
Christie says she was brought into this pack and it became a group thing, “just so you know it was not an alliance there was no handshake no talk about a final 6” (LOL no talk of final 6)

Jackson tells her he doesn’t know what he’s doing. (lie)

11:40 am Jackson and Nick
Jackson not telling him anything other than he’s doing what’s best for him and that whatever said after the nominations should be game-related not personal
Jackson – you and I are good
Jackson says he’s got nothing to worry about at least until the veto. Michie also told him there’s no backdoor plan.

11:48 am Nick humps Tommy .. again

11:57 am Jackson getting ready to talk with Jessica

12:44 pm Holly and Jackson

Jackson – Christie and Sis
Jackson adds that Cliff gave him his word put it on his heart, “Nicole did the same thing”
Holly – what about Nick
Jackson – I’m going to talk to him after noms about details. I just needed Clif and Nicole the rest I’ll fill in after.

Holly – Holly, Jess, Nicole and Cliff if he stays off the block (To evict Christie)

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sis is dumb to put next to christie. put tommy up.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Better option than Cliff though…….. can’t believe he was even thinking abt that


Agreed. Sis will go versus Christie and what will that do? Nothing! Shes just another goat they can use as a number aka Sam, aka Kat aka Jack and knowing the house they will pick up another goat vote if sis leaves probably aka Nick or aka Cliff since he made the deal.


yeah, cliff and nicole become the swing votes with sis on the block and i think tommy and christie will be so far up their ass they’ll vote out sis.

how can jackson not see that he needs tommy and christie to campaign against each other and failing that at least acknowledge nick is a better person to take out than sis if everything falls apart.


Nope…Nicole, Jess, Holly for sure vote to evict Chrstie
Nick I believe votes to evict Christie, for no reason other than Sis is his cuddle buddy
Tommy….I’m not sure what he will do. On the one hand…Christie is his girl. On the other hand…he’s a wuss and I don’t
think will want to be “against the house.” Not to mention he’s been talking about how Christie has ran her mouth….
And he also voted to evict is boy Jack


i think sis might keep nick cuz they’re cuddle buddies, but not really feeling it the other way around.

An ornery mouse

Ageed, no way Sis goes against Christie…… especially with Jackson pushing to evict her. Christie is the closest thing to Public Enemy #1 the house has, plus she has won a couple of comps (unlike Sis).

Franks fumes

Nick is not voting out Sis or her werewolf….

BB Casting Call

Jackson will have the votes of Holly, Jess, and Nicole…maybe be able to get Cliff. All he needs is 3 votes and he splits the tie. Christie will go if she sits there on Thursday…Cliff will vote “with the house” for less blood on his hands to remove Christie.

Ultimately Tommy is waaaaaaay out in the lead to win this as no one is even thinking of taking a shot at him.


No way! Tommy is a much bigger threat to win this game if hes on the block he leaves, Christie stays. if Tommy wins veto again he’s not using it on Christie, that would piss off most people in the house and Tommy knows it, he knows its time to let her go, she is dragging down his game.


The problem with putting up SIs instead of Tommy is, Tommy has a better chance at winning veto then Sis. If tommy isn’t on the block and wins veto, then hes taking Christie off..if hes on the block and wins veto, he will take himself off leaving Christie there for the taking..Sis will never win anything…I don’t know why Jackson is so hellbent on honoring his word to Tommy about not putting in the block. he knows tommy is with Christie..Tommy will 100% go after Jackson next week


If Tommy plays in and wins veto he can’t really take Christie down without betraying Michie. The only people that could take her down are Nick and Christie, herself.


He gave Tommy and Nick his word he would not put them up. He wants to honor that. If Christy goes (please, please, please!), the power is broken in the house.


Tommy makes my head hurt.


Yeah tommy wanted kat out because tommy wants to play the social game she has going.

Rico Suave

I agree. That’s why Tommy wanted Kat gone so badly… she was playing his game and she was playing it as well or better than Tommy.


Yes PLEASE! Put up christy and sis. I can’t believe Jackson of all people could possibly save this season. But I’m all for whoever gets Christy out. Fingers crossed.


Tommy, Nick or Christie, will save Christie. Nicole, Cliff, maybe even Jess go up and Sis stays.


P.T. Barnum is often misquoted as saying, ‘There is a sucker born every minute’. Although the phrase is associated with no evidence existing he actually said it anyway. It seems Tommy is beginning to channel his best Barnum to canoodle his way into bed between Jackson, and Holly to already start the juggling act and keep all the plates spinning before they just in case his friends go up which why I stated that if Jackson puts Christie and Sis both would probably come down.
I want Christie gone. Tommy should really be the one to go home if anyone really expects to win besides him but he’s too protected.


Hope Jackson can pull it off.


i know christie sucks and you all hate her but tommy is the by far the biggest threat and should be jackson’s target.. that photo of the 3 of them in bed pretty much says it all

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Could not agree more

Dalia Hobelman

Im so excited I can spit!

Grumpy chat

It should be Christie/Tommy,but I’ll settle for Christie/sis.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Watch Tommy win veto and take Crusty off!

BB Casting Call

Stop manifesting that!


But won’t taking Christie off make Tommy finally be on a side? It will be betraying Michie. I think Tommy would try to throw it.


That’s what I think. As long as Tommy is not on the block….I think he’ll throw it. But Nick on the other hand is a concern…that’s why I think he’s better than Sis for going up. But then if he’s not on, and wins veto…I really do think he would save Sis over Christie for 2 reasons. One…he enjoys cuddling with Sis. Two…I know he wants to get Michie and Holly out…I don’t think he would be bold enough to try and deliberately go against the house since he doesn’t have a legit vested interest.


I think he’ll try to keep Christie though at this stage. She’s obviously seen as more of a target in the house and Tommy may be willing to expose how close they are to keep her as a shield and rely on comp wins down the line to power through.


I think Tommy will throw the veto. He doesn’t want to take Christie off the block again; it’s bad for his game.


Honestly it’s smarter to put up Sis and Christie because even though Tommy is a far bigger threat, he still isn’t the biggest threat TO JACKSON. If the ultimate goal is to get rid of Christie you need to put up someone that ensures Christie goes home.

The problem with putting up Tommy is Cliff, Nicole and Jess may flip and see Tommy as a far bigger threat by the end of the week if he is on the block against Christie. At that point if Christie somehow convinces Nick or Sis to evict Tommy, Jackson would be screwed. The likelihood of that is low, most likely Christie goes regardless but why make an additional enemy with Tommy. If the goal is to get rid of Christie this week Jackson should at least attempt to remain good with Tommy.

Only scenario in which you put up Tommy is if Christie wins veto at that point Jackson should aim for Tommy to go over Sis who would just be a waste of an HOH.

Initial nominees ——Sis and Christie with Crusty being the goal for eviction. If Crusty wins veto evict another big threat and backdoor Tommy. If Tommy wins veto and takes Crusty off backdoor Nick. If Sis wins veto play it safe put up Cliff and ensure the votes to evict Christie. Getting rid of Sis would be a monumental waste, aim to get rid of 1)Crusty 2)Tommy 3) Nick in that order. But having Sis as an initial nominee is still a good idea just as long as Jackson realizes she should be just a pawn and not a target over the other 3.


you put tommy up so he can’t use the veto on her. everyone else probably takes down tommy before christie or keeps noms the same.


They’ve talked bout taking out Tommy first because without him Christy will be a mess. You can’t have Tommy up if you want Christy out.


I still don’t think putting up Tommy as the initial nominee is smart, it just creates more bad blood and he isn’t the target. I do agree about Sis though because you are right you need to incentivize Tommy to throw the veto or not use it and I feel like the only way to do that would be to put up Nick and Christie instead and then take both Sis and Tommy in a room and tell them that he wants to “work” with them but Christie has to go. Tell both Tommy and Sis if either of them win and use the veto the other person is going up. This forces Tommy and Sis hand and they both will likely throw it.

Only scenario Tommy might not use it on christie is if him using it fucks both Nick( who would remain on the block) and Sis who would be the replacement. That’s two relationships he would burn in-order to save Christie who the entire house would be okay with leaving. He isn’t Jack, he isn’t going to sacrifice his game for Christie.

You’d have a pissed of Nick to deal with the following week but you can’t appease everyone. Ultimately who does he want to piss off more Nick or Sis.

*Edit:* Sis just said on the live feeds that if Christie is on the block that she would use the veto to save her and I honestly think in her twisted mind she might be thinking Christie is her #1 even over Tommy. So Jackson is probably making the right move by putting up Sis after all cause Tommy is a gamer and would actually consider not using Veto whereas Sis is emotional and is probably 100% using the Veto.


Exactly how I feel. I think for Jackson…keeping Tommy freed up is best for now…for the exact reason you said. He loves this game…this house…all of us…so I just don’t think he would want to upset it by saving Christie and forcing another of his allies up. Another reason for Tommy not using the veto….if he thinks about the Field Trip…he realizes that it won’t be pissing loads of people off, by throwing the veto.


Go Jackson go. I think I would put up Tommy and Christie instead of Sis. Also if either comes down he must put up Tommy. If Tommy wins veto I am going to be so mad he will take down Christie so fast again. I think it’s too big a risk to put up Nicole or Cliff even as replacement. I know BB will probably just talor this competition to Christie but still excited about it.

An ornery mouse

Sis loses her costume today. So Nick never got to ‘pluck the chicken’…… I really thought it was gonna happen.

Melvin McKinney

Lol michie telling crusty he can see right through her fakeness! Awesomeness


LOVE it!

Backseat Driver

I have renewed hope for this season of BB and it’s spelled J-A-C-K-S-O-N……

another name

Just me: I never trust anyone that says. “no matter what, this isn’t personal.”


The whole Christy/Tommy has been fishy from the beginning. They acted like they were surprised to see each other in the house, when in reality they see each other before they enter the house while at the “airport” . Non sense, CBS trying to cover their two favorites to win the season. This is the best week yet, hopefully crusty doesn’t win the veto and goes to jury ASAP!


Think it should be Christie and nick so Nick can’t take Christie off and if he takes himself off put up tommy or sis as a replacement

BB Casting Call

Nick would save Sis over Chrisite.

Keeping it REAL!

Go CHRISTIE or TOMMY for VETO WIN!!!! Tommy winning it and using it on Christie even better then there both safe!!!


For some reason I really want to be the grammar police….


There one major flaw in Jackson’s plan, and that is his asinine idea to put-up Cliff or Nicole if the veto is played. If you keep Cliff & Nicole safe, then they will vote with Holly to give you the 3 votes you need to evict your target (Christie, or if she’s off, then your 2nd choice). Don’t count on Jessica. Christie will talk her ear off and Jessica will end-up voting out Nicole or Cliff. Yes, Jackson, she really is that bad of a game player.

An ornery mouse

“There’s one major flaw in Jackson’s plan, and that is his asinine idea to put-up Cliff or Nicole if the veto is played.”

I think you’re spot on. By putting up Cliff or Nicole, you also increase the likelihood that they’ll take a shot at Jackson/Holly instead of the other side of the house if one of them wins HOH. There are 4 members currently on the Tommy/Christie side….. so if Jackson were to play correctly, no other faction should touch the block no matter what. He should be ‘trust building’ with them.


He needs to ask Cliff and Nicole where their head is at about being loyal to the 6…because that will make a big difference in his veto replacements. Even though I think he’s wrong about this…I do get about trying to protect them from having to break their pledge.


but if 2 of christie/tommie/sis/nick is on the block then they would have to vote to evict one anyways so their pledge really doesn’t matter


What did I miss…..I thought Nick loved Bella now he’s into Tommy and humping him in front of house guess. Nick is a true FLOATER


A disgusting floater!!!


Nick is a creepy floater! ewwww!


Nick is one of those dogs ready to hump anything that doesn’t move fast enough.

Kat's Alien Bitch

“If you can’t be with the one you love then love the one your with”
Of course this assumes that Nick is capable of anything other then love of self.


Just glad Nick doesn’t live in my neighborhood, town, nor state. He needs serious help.


Especially hearing he sees kids from 7 to 14 yrs old mostly. Jeeze!

Jon Bon Ovi

Again, this is where Christie and Tommy have unfair advantage. Had everyone been made aware of their relationship the 2 of them would be on the block. No brainer. Now instead…here we go Tommy wins veto and takes her off. I hope i’m wrong.


“Sis – I never say much about anybody. I just keep to myself”
Not enough Febreeze in the world for all the b.s. that comes out of her mouth!

There won’t be enough Kleenex either once the downpour of crocodile tears start flowing from Christie. Gawd – what a sight that will be!

Bullies SUCK

OK! You want either Sis or Christine out. DO NOT WASTE A RENOM ON CLIFF OR NICOLE. Why in the blue hell is he worried about protecting Cliff and Nicole from having to vote against Tommy, Christine, Nick, and Sis?? Why, why, why???? I thought Jackson was at least smarter than that. “I’m gunning for….” You’re gunning for nothing! Go big or go home. If he renoms Cliff or Nicole….he will go home next regardless.


I’M glad he’s putting up Christie and Sis…smart. That way, if Christie (God forbid) wins veto, he can threaten to put Tommy up if she uses it. Of course, she’ll use it. She’ll stab anyone to save her own ass. But, at least Tommy will be gone, her butt-licking sidekick! I can’t wait until they are BOTH gone!

Dalia Hobelman

Hes so vile in the night feeds


I still crack up at the watermelon


I can’t wait to see what actually happened in the storage room with Nicole, Kat, and Jess

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Just when you think BB casting couldn’t get any worse…I’m actually missing Swaggie and The Screamer.


Christie already pulling out the waterworks and trying to appeal to Jess. I just worry because Jess is so compassionate and caring, I really hope she doesn’t start to buy what Christie is selling.


Sadly, I think Jess will cave to Christie’s manipulations in under a minute. This is why Jackson absolutely should not put Cliff or Nicole on the block because he cannot count on Jess’s vote.


I see your point…but at the same time, with Cliff or Nicole otb….I feel like Jess for sure would kick Christie out. My fear is her voting to save Christie if she’s against any of Sis, Tommy, or Nick.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

If Jess is so compassionate, why is she still dragging Nicole who was just being honest with her? I like Kat, but she and Jess were s little harsh with
Nicole, imo


I agree…their delivery was wrong…even though the message was right. They were just desperate to keep the 3 girls together. Doesn’t make it right…just sayin


Yes! I agree

An ornery mouse

No kidding….. and if Jess could’ve kept her BIG MOUTH shut instead of instantaneously exploding the house, there’s a high likelihood Nicole would’ve saved Kat.

I think Nicole took a look a Jess and Kat’s over-the-top, accusatory craziness Wed. night and said to herself “I probably need to stick with Cliff.” Jess needs to look in the mirror before pointing the finger at Nicole.


If Cliff ends up as the replacement, I hope Jackson remembers that Jess said she’d never evict a girl if a guy was on the block.


CBS needs to stop the unsolicited humping.


I think he likes it, he gets all flushed! He can say stop but he likes it so he lets him do it!

Miss Conception

I wonder how Kat and Jack are doing(as opposed to what, Kat and Jack are doing) in the jury house? Someone needs to drop that statement in front of Sis.If she thinks about it and not too much,I think that she will put herself on the block.Come on guys,stir that pot!


HA…so far only Sis has mentioned anything about that. I wish someone else would too :p

Dalia Hobelman

Dam what time is nomination?!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Why does production not give a “ STOP THAT “ to Nick when he impulsively and vigorously humps Tommy? If those two make it to jury together, I bet it gets “ real”


Tommy did say he’s open to a showmance…