Jackie “I will promise you on my dead body you will stay! I will not get brainwashed! F**k That!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 00-54-49-203

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12:50am Second HOH room – Vanessa tells Julia to tell Jackie that she put her up and would understand if you put me up but if you don’t I could promise you safety till top 6 or top 7. Promise her top 7. Don’t tell her you’re a twin. That’s giving her information for no reason. Just know I am not coming for you. Vanessa says that Jackie want’s to backdoor Austin or Steve. You’re not the target but she will make you the target if you give her a reason. I would understand if you put me up and we would be even if you did. Just promise me I’m not you’re target. Julia tells Vanessa she wants her to tell Jackie about the twin thing. Vanessa says she (Liz) is going to think the same way as you do right? Julia says yes, Liz knows that showmances don’t last. Vanessa says especially if he (Austin) is throwing you under the bus. His words were to Jason that he had his (Austin) permission to target you if they kept Liz. Vanessa says Shelli, You, Liz and Clay are going to be good. Vanessa says that Jackie is the only one that doesn’t really know who you are. Plant the seed of doubt that you wouldn’t care if Austin was here. Vanessa laughs and says you can promise to not put her (Jackie) up and then your sister can. Julia leaves. Jackie comes in and tells Vanessa that Becky is on board with going up with Clay to throw it. Vanessa says you have my word that we will use the veto on you to take you off.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 01-04-11-562

1am Second HOH room – Jackie & Vanessa talk to Meg and Jason in the second HOH room. Vanessa says I assume everyone thinks that I was working with Austin and Liz. I have credible evidence that he betrayed me. I was 95% sure it was true until I got him in the room and asked him. I asked him straight to his face and he lied. Look how I did my last HOH .. if you lye to my face you’re done. Vanessa tells Meg and Jason that she loves both of them. James joins them. Vanessa gives them the speech again. I’ve been wanting to work with you guys. I was looking for a reason to work with you. Its very likely there are twins and that they’re with Austin. Austin is a better backdoor target than front door. Jackie said she wanted remain in power. Jackie says it doesn’t matter. Jason says it would look better if it wasn’t you (Vanessa) betraying him. Vanessa says and Jackie has a reason to put up the Liz.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 01-06-40-014

1:20am – 1:40am Vanessa says Jackie is happy to put up Liz. On my side we got Clay to volunteer to go up with Becky. Here is where we need one of you to go up with Liz. We are willing with Shelli & Clay to make a final 8 deal (Jackie, Vanessa, Meg, Jason, James, Clay, Shelli, Becky). Meg says Clay and Becky will win and so you need someone on your side (Jackie) to throw it. Jason says I came in saying I would never throw a comp. Jason says its different to know you’re staying up there till veto. Vanessa says its best for one of you to go up because there’s two of you to vote for the other. You have my word I will not vote against you. Jackie says and you’re coming off and then it’s Liz and Austin remaining. Jackie says if Austin wins and takes off Liz then we put up Steve. Vanessa says we can’t talk about it much and need to keep it a secret for it to work. Jason says well I’m afraid to sit next to Steve. Vanessa asks why would we keep Steve? Vanessa asks what do you think James? James says 2 out of the 3 of us have been on the block this week. Meg says James you’ve been throwing my name under the bus all day. Meg says here’s the thing if you volunteer to be the pawn and you go home.. Vanessa says you will not go home. James says if you want to draw froot loops thats fine. Vanessa says we can’t put up Becky & Clay if one of you doesn’t agree to throw it. Vanessa says with this we are forming a new form of loyalty. I am down and think we could go really far together. Jackie says and with double eviction coming up we need to stick together. Jackie says I will promise you on my dead body .. not my dead life .. I will promise you that you will stay! I will die for it! No one can brainwash me, I will not get brainwashed! F**k That!! Vanessa asks what is the reasoning for putting up Clay? Jason says you can say you’re putting up Clay because you haven’t seen him play and put up Jackie because you haven’t talked game with him. James says that he is willing to go up as the pawn to throw it. James says if any of us win next week can I just have a week off. They agree to it. Jason explains what Austin had told him the other night about the twins and how he was okay if the targeted Julia.


Vanessa will put up: Clay & Becky (With the intention of them winning and dethroning Vanessa)
Jackie will put up: Liz (Julia) & James (With James throwing the Battle of the Block)
– Austin is the main target with Steve being the backup target.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 01-29-56-583

Meg says that she is glad to talk game now without having to talk about Audrey every day. Vanessa says we need a final 8 name. They agree to “Dark Moon” alliance. (Its something Audrey used to always say.) Jason says Audrey this is what you always wanted while you were here and not that you’re gone we’re going to do it. Meg tells Vanessa from the outside it looks like you are closer to Shelli than Clay. Meg tells James I am not letting you still be up there on Thursday .. we need win veto. Vanessa says the only thing that justifies what Austin said is that he is thinking with his wrong brain. Jason says he’s just trying to get a little nookie in jury.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 01-45-02-952

1:40am – 1:50am Cabana room – Shelli and Clay. Shelli says I think I bond more with Liz than Julia. The cameras switch to Julia talking to Jackie. Julia tells Jackie I know I put you up so I would understand if you did put me up. Jackie says I’m not sure what I will do because there are other options but if I do put you up .. you’re not the target. Julia says I respect it and I will not have any ill will. If you do then we would be even. I want you to know that you are not my target. Jackie asks how Julia feels about Steve. Julia says I think he is a genius and has been throwing competitions. Julia says if you don’t put my up I would guarantee you top 6. I am not working with Austin. You’re not my target at all. Julia leaves. James talks to Jackie and says that he will do it but thought it would be better if it was Meg. He says but I know she would freak out. James says It will be the funniest comp ever if I am going to throw it. I’ll be tripping over my boots. Jackie says that Julia said she would be okay if I put her up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 01-49-23-432

2am Second HOH room Austin talks to Vanessa. Vanessa says tells him she is not putting you up. She is putting up Liz. Her main target is Steve. I don’t know who she is going to put up as her pawn. I think she will probably put up whoever put her up which would be James. I am going to talk to Shelli and Clay and get one of them to volunteer to go up .. most likely Clay. Vanessa says I’m worried Jackie will backdoor me if I get dethroned. Vanessa says I would put up Becky as my target. Austin says they would win over Liz and James. Austin asks why wouldn’t she just put Steve straight up. Vanessa says because then if they win BOB ..then Liz and Steve come down. Austin says I’m scared Liz will go home. You don’t think the house would flip and get her out. Vanessa says she doesn’t think so. Vanessa says I think Jackie would much prefer to get out Steve. She would rather the twins come in and then they would be bigger targets than her. Austin says what if I went up for you and threw it. Or would that be too risky .. too obvious that I would be throwing if for you. Vanessa says she needs to talk to Clay and Shelli. She tells Austin to send them up. Austin tells Meg, James and Jason that he volunteered to go up if the plan is to get Steve out. If we can all just get on the same page.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 02-06-21-370
2:10am Cabana room – James, Jason, Clay, Becky, Meg, Shelli and Jackie talk about the alliance name “Dark Moon” for their final 8 deal. Austin joins them. He sends Clay and Shelli up to the HOH.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 02-13-14-433

2:15am – 2:30am Second HOH room – Vanessa talks to Shelli and Clay. Vanessa says I feel bad but not really because he (Austin) lied straight to my face. Becky and Jackie join them. Vanessa fills them in on her conversation with Austin. They laugh about how once Austin is gone Steve can sleep without ear plugs, there will be a lot more meat and protein. Jackie says that James volunteered to go up. They comment on how mad Meg got about not wanting to go up. Vanessa says I really think this is going to go fine.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 02-22-35-500

2:30am HOH room – Vanessa says the only person I haven’t talked to is Johnny Mac. Austin says he’s asleep. Vanessa asks is he playing this game or not?! Vanessa tells Austin that she is almost 100% positive that Becky is the other vote. I am going to put her up. Vanessa says and between Clay and SHelli I got him to volunteer. Austin says as much as I want to go up and be the hero to save her (Liz) it would be too obvious. Austin asks what if you get dethroned? Is he (Clay) going for it? Vanessa says yeah he’s going for it. Austin says that Julia is play chess with Steve. What is she doing?! I’ve told her to hang out with other people. She’s only making it worse for herself. The problem is people like Liz and not her (Julia). Austin says right now no lines are drawn. Vanessa asks I don’t get why Johnny Mac didn’t talk to me. Austin says I don’t think he is really playing the game. Him alone has done nothing for the show. He isn’t going to win HOH. Vanessa says he just throws comps. Austin asks so we can use the veto on her (Liz)? Vanessa says yes. Austin says so I can win it and use it on her. Austin says I won’t shave my head .. its a moral thing.. for wrestling.. its an integrity thing. Vanessa says I would do it. I will shave my head for half a million. You wouldn’t do it for Liz? Austin says don’t put that on me. Vanessa realizes she (Jackie) is putting up one of my closes Liz and I am putting up one of her closest Becky. She is going to hate me. Austin says the hero in me wants to go up throw this for her but I can’t.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 02-35-09-208

2:45am HOH room – Jackie, Becky and Jason are talking. They talk about how if Jackie needs to pick the havenots she should pick Austin and Liz. They haven’t done it since week 1 .. that’s where they fell in love.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 02-46-36-918

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another name

simon and dawg:
not sure if this question is asked and answered previously:
did Austin tell Jason it’s okay to target Julia once the twins come in, or did Jason make that part up?
I remember they had the conversation, but don’t recall that part.


Austin just wants Julia in jury so he can sexually harass her without any cameras


Vanessa is dirt bagging her own original alliance of Austin and the twins. What a scumbag move. If she had any balls at all, she woukd make a move to back door either Shelli or Clay, who are obviously playing to win this game. Vanessa thinks she has this thing on lock right now, but just wait until Austin becomes the replacement and blows up Vanessa’s game.


Both Shelli and Clay are in her alliance also so wouldn’t that mean the same thing as what you said about her going after Austin but Austin has done this to himself he lied to Vanessa which is what has caused all this and his feelings for liz is clouding his judgement in this game. He point blank told jason about the twins and told him to go after julia without saying a word to anyone in his alliance which is why they are targeting him because he is playing for himself and Liz and not anyone else


Austin leaked Julia’s name to Jason and suggested, not once but twice, that he wouldn’t mind if Jason or whoever went after Julia because he wants to keep Liz. Austin getting caught in a lie to Vanessa when she’s HOH is a fatal mistake.


I hate it! First of all, Vanessa is brainwashing them all once again. Second of all, Clay and Shelli are staying yet another week. And the biggest thing I don’t like is that JohnnyMac is not in that F8 deal.



Don’t worry … It’ll all change next week
That’s why this season is pretty good so far, because of the fluctuations

Pinocchio Obama

The way I see it is Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa, Liz will soon have Julia for an alliance that will be hard to unseat.

If the house is going to flip Jackie must win the Battle of the Block this week and recruit Meg, Jason, Becky, Steve and John or we are just going to see the Sixth Sense pick off everybody one by one all summer long. That would make for a very boring show.


I think that is what is going to happen. I honestly believe Allison Grodner wants Vanessa to. Win this season. The comps aren’t physical, Vanessa is very smart and she runs every HOH. BOB benefits her because her pawn throws it for her alliance every time.


Don’t worry, any alliance Vanessa forms is bogus. Who even makes a final 8 alliance? No such thing. The only final that matters is Final 2.

Power Trip

Haha Wow this is bad. So Vanessa straight up tells Jason and Meg that she now has lost loyalty to Ausin and Jason isn’t even going to piece together that its because of Austin telling him about the twins. Jason uninitially broke up that alliance and he doesn’t even know it. They could easily flip the house and start picking off Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, and twins. Now him and everyone else is going to let Vanessa pull them in an 8 person alliance in the 5th week? hahahaha Are they really going to buy this?


Im surprised no one has discussed this…Jackie totally tried to throw the HOH to James…she knew the correct answer to be “Veto” but did not buzz in. Instead, she kept telling James “Veto” is the correct answer before she realized he had already buzzed in with wrong answer..I dont think she wants to remain HOH now that she got it…


She didnt try to throw it. Jackie knew he buzzed immediately. She said veto when she realized that was the correct answer.


Did you not see that once somebody buzzed in their answer the other person couldn’t buzz in their answer. So since James buzzed in first Jackie couldn’t do anything and she saw that James answered hoh and she was telling him that he was wrong and that the correct answer was actually veto. It’s very illogical to say that she didn’t want to win, cause if she didn’t want to win why would she beat the two people before James? She would’ve purposely lost the first time she got called up.

Nice Attitide

Good explanation but do you have to be such a dick about it?


Look in the mirror. The pot calling the kettle black.


Jackie knew that after Audrey left, Austin & Liz were coming after her. Jackie had already been telling Jason, who also wanted Austin gone & was not buying his b.s., that he was their target if they won HOH. It was a do or die situation for the other side.
It looked great with Jason,James,& Jackie(outsiders) being one of the remaining potential HOH(increase the odds/#’s). The prob is that Van is great with puzzles, memory games etc. In her bio she talks about that being her strength. She will definitely need to go soon because if BB keeps having comps that are more mental,Van will walk away with that check in her hand. Jackie must stay HOH & get rid of Austin/another # for Van & crew. The good thing is that once you betray Van, she comes at you with vengeance.
Austin going to Jason with his “operation Jason” plan(save Liz, screw Julia) sealed his fate as a target. Hey Judas,let me return the knife back to its rightful owner.

another name

So the idea is Clay will go up and win the botb with Becky. Because he’s done so well in comps so far? This plan could go very wrong. Even with James (the guy with competitive little man syndrome) trying to throw it. still about a 10-20% chance it could go wrong. At best Clay’s been throwing comps. at worst he sucks.
I don’t dislike Becky, so I won’t cross my fingers, but is it wrong of me to laugh to myself at the thought of the plan going very wrong?
just for a few minutes?


I done with the otherside… No one seems realize that Shelli-Clay and Vanessa are the biggest targets!! Shelli and Clay are a COUPLE and shelli won 2 hoh!!! oh my gooood! this isn´t big brother anymore is more like “who want to be friend´s with shelli and clay?” how f**** g lame.

Team Edward

Steve threw the HOH comp too. He didnt even try to buzz in. So disappointing but if he leaves that’s on him now.

Vanessa Rules

“Everyone do as I say. I am extremely loyal as long you don’t lie and obey my every command. While allowing me to do that exact thing to everyone.” – Vanessa


You mean Vanessa might be trying to be more strategic, manipulative and a better liar than all the other competitors to win the game??? That’s crazy! *heavy sarcasm*


In the meantime her zits are getting bigger and bigger.


It’s crazy how much the polls change week to week.


It’s even more crazy that Dawg doesn’t get more votes. You get 3 votes, people. Why isn’t Dawg one of them?

Backseat driver

I voted for Dawg!!


Dawg is the come back kid, they’ll be eating his dust by the end of the season……


Remembering back to last year how bad the cast was to me. Half way through the game after voting for Dawg I couldn’t find 2 others to vote for.


How amazing would it be if Jackie’s people win and Vanessa remains HOH with Clay and Becky fighting hardcore in the veto! Heck maybe Shelli gets picked to play also!

Just don't get it??!!

Why all the hate on Shellie and Clay? Because they have a showmance? Because she is older then him? Big whoopie doo! So far the 2 people who should win BB are Shelly or Vanessa. Besides winning comps they are taking out big targets. Day- everyone loves her (that is one reason why sh lay has so much hate) Jeff- if he hadn’t blown up his own game he could have gone far Audrey- she might have been sacked but girl was dangerous in comps and spreading lies. Just a little too much to soon. I will agree that even though Clay is hot he either sucks at comps or he is throwing them. Hopefully the later. The other is just sad for a football player. I like what you all call the other side but really all they do is sit in bed and gossip. At least Shelly and Vanessa are suing the game and doing something. No floaters there. Just my opinion. Oh also I will include Johnny Mac in the doing something and could win. He won Veto and been best pawn ever! I’d be happy one of those three to win! Ty!


I believe, the hate for Clay/Shelli is mostly because they are recruits, knew nothing about the game before and now they make dumb moves which ultimately work our for them. Plus people believe that Shelli is fake in DRs.


I believe, the hate for Clay/Shelli is mostly because they are recruits, knew nothing about the game before and now they make dumb moves which ultimately work out for them. Plus people believe that Shelli is fake in DRs.

B-bad owl

The dislike of Shelli began with the first episode of the season. Seeing her and Clay gush all over each other, it was obvious that they desperately wanted to be the showmance of the season. And that they (her in particular) came in looking for that. (People will love me and my showmance). Then there was the fake DR cr@p. And her makeup(you are supposed to look as if you aren’t wearing makeup, not as if a crew of house painters went to work on you) became yet another small thing for people to rant about.
The reason for the animosity lately has been misplaced. It’s because people in that house are so desperate to drink the Shelli and Clay kool-aid, that they are willing to drown in a pool of it just to get a taste. Crown them prom king and queen and get it over with type of thing.
Shelli actually put a stop to the showmance thing pretty quickly when she realized that Clay is still pretty immature, and not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack. Clay doesn’t seem to realize, this much the same way the rest of the house doesn’t seem to understand that she has this game on lock down at this point. Even Vanessa can’t see that they have setup and are now implementing the plan to get out her biggest ally so that she has nowhere to go but them.
It isn’t Shelli’s FAULT that so many of the house guests are volunteering to be her sheep, it’s to her CREDIT.
As I said, the hatred of Shelli is misplaced. It should be aimed at the minions instead. But that won’t happen.


You hit the nail on the head. These two are very pathetic yet at some point I have to tip my hate off to Shelli. It won’t last long, Clay is too much of an imbecile and will ruin her game without even knowing it. This I look forward to.

another name

I wouldn’t presume to guess why other people dislike clay and shelli. I can say that I don’t like either of them.
I didn’t like clay ten seconds after he entered the house. gut reaction, however I tried to give him a chance and found that I didn’t like his pandering by the end of week one. I can get behind a liar in the game without a problem. I can get behind a strategically villainous player without a problem. I actually like a good villain. But, if they look into the camera and talk about how honest and virtuous they are while doing it I get disgusted. Play that with the houseguests as strategy, great; continuing that crap when you’re alone with a co-conspirator or in the d/r and yup, I can’t respect you and probably dislike you.
Similarly, Shelli plays the emotional victim to every situation. Shelli lies, shelli cries, shelli denies by ‘forgetting’ she lied in the first place. Again, if she dropped the act with her co-conspirators, and didn’t continue the act in d/r I wouldn’t take issue.
The d/r segments are pretty directed and usually a little scripted. fine. then the direction that the d/r ringleaders are taking these two by continuing the farce of honesty and integrity are helping to strengthen my dislike for the two. But when they are alone and commiserating or celebrating the deception as truth (like during their hoh private time talks) I draw a line.
I can love a good villain, but I’ll always dislike a sanctimonious hypocrite in the game.


Very well said… I was having difficulty articulating exactly why Clay and Shelli get under my skin so much. I believe that although Audrey was playing a dangerous game the way Clay treated her when he was engaging in the exact same behaviours was disgusting and unnecessary. She played the game….she didn’t well and got caught….there was no need for Clay and Shelli to demonize her as much as they did and at the same time act so sanctimonious and like they were being so good to her while they were constantly vilifying and backstabbing her to everyone who would listen.


so..if i get this straight the plan is this:

jackie puts up julia/liz and clay

vanessa put up jason and meg

liz and clay throw it so that meg and jason can come off

one of those 8 wins veto and they take one of liz/clay off to backdoor austin

am i right here?


That is not what I read! My understanding is Jackie is putting up James and Liz (with James throwing the BOB so Jackie remains in power) Vanessa is putting up Clay and Becky. If Austin doesn’t play in or win POV he is going on the block and sent packing. If he happens to win and saves his crush Liz as of now it sounded like Steve would be the backdoor choice. I think however that Vanessa who is in good with Steve as well will plan to get her group to actually take out James. That last one is just my take not what I read above.

Austin tells Julia “best case is Clay and Becky win BOB and you remain on the block POV gets used and they backdoor Steve.” What a fool. I would think he would think the best case would be for Julia to WIN BOB and be completely safe and that would also keep Vanessa as HOH which in theory would protect everyone else in his alliance. Why would he think that Jackie remaining HOH and Julia remaining on the block in any way be a “best case” I guess he is also not bright enough to see that the girls are stomping them and more then likely a woman will win this year. They are just too smart for these guys this season and these guys are not very bright or tight.


You’re 25% correct.


if im wrong on the plan telling me what it is might be helpful, just saying


We have you 🙂 I think Stooks only knows 25% of the plan.


also.. i thought clay and shelli liked johnny. why isnt he in on this?


ohhh an 8 person alliance, AGAIN. OMG


Ugh, this season has gone to shit. Don’t get me wrong, I think Austin’s a creep, but Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay are all so smug and sanctimonious it’s beyond nauseating. And the other side is full of idiots. You’ve seen Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay mobilize an 8-person alliance in a matter of hours after Austin let’s information slip and you don’t even begin to question that they’re together for one second? Even after Audrey told you they were in an alliance?!?!?!


I know it’s frustrating when we see how Shelli/Clay and Vanessa are but we have to remember the other houseguests are not privy to all that we see. They are not able to pay attention to everyone in the game and they don’t get the cliff notes and get to be the fly on the wall like us. They all know people are scheming and trying to get to the finals but who do you trust? No one knows what is alluded to in the DR…


Ever watch a horse race? The lead horse rarely wins-they run out of gas coming to the last turn. It’s usually the one that’s stayed back in the pack and then pours it on in the back stretch. Therefore I’ll stick my neck out and predict J-Mac for the win or perhaps Jackie.


I know everyone cant stand Austin now but it just seems so stupid to me that Vanessa would so blatantly betray him and get rid of her strongest ally. This could bite her in the ass big time.

Meathead on a stick

By strongest ally you mean the one that can lift the most right?


Actually, I think Van is right. Honestly Austin could care less about this game. His main priority is to get to jury house with Liz. He actually thinks they will forge or solidify their “relationship”. He’s so obsessed with this idea that he wants them to take julia out so that she doesn’t get in the way of him and Liz. He talks about this all the time and van sees that. He’s also told her in the past that he would take “love” over a career and money. So she knows he’s bad for her game because he’s not playing the game of big brother. He’s only playing get Liz to jury house to do what he wants. Lol


BOB ruins the game, it sets up the mob mentality, large “alliances” and has made the backdoor a boring chickensh1t move. Why does everyone need a reason to put someone up? If you’re HOH you can put anyone you like on the block and don’t have to justify to anyone. This is turning into the 3rd season in a row where the house does everything “together” to keep a few dominant players happy. The BOB also encourages throwing the competition to get the right result. Geez! You want Austin gone? Put him up and put Liz up on the other side. And why is Steve such a scary threat to them? I was hoping for a better week, but this feels like a repeat from 2 weeks ago.


I agree Chloe. I said something in the same vein the other day. It does promote a mob mentality and dumbs the game down pace. I don’t find it entertaining see people agree to throw it either. And it really affects how they have to strategize and how they interact with each other. I think that’s why Vanessa seems all over the place. She’s trying to consider all the variable she can with the BOB being lost or won. Too much. It really ends up shielding people that otherwise people may have put up together straight on with the option to backdoor a third. These reality show producers on these shows across the board tend to ruin a lot of these show’s original mojo anyway with trying to get ratings. What makes BB partly interesting is the mix of players not stuff like The Coward on Block where some are throwing it or half assing it because that’s now a strategic option. Oh well. lol


Bye Austin!

fuck judas

lols austin fucked up. he talked shit about julia. he seriously think hes gonna come between identical twins .. chicks before dicks u dumb fuck. and like i said before NO PUSSY FOR U FAG


Inappropriate use of the “F” word!!!!!!!


when Austin goes home
the game will get good

is it just me

when jace goes the game will get good
when jeff goes the game will get good
when audrey goes the game will get good
when austin goes the game will get good

notice a pattern?
i cant wait till they all go then the game can really start to take off

BB16 Takeover Twist

When the season is over the game will get good.


Austin can’t go soon enough! It’s funny how he’s still giving out the orders, stating who needs to go next, etc., all the while HE’S the target! Not to mention that moron hasn’t done anything in this game but stalk around after Liz. Hopefully they follow through and get him out. Good riddance!!


It would be too obvious for Austin to go up against Liz and throw it? Like his constant talking and touching of her isn’t obvious? Lol, this guy is such a tool. I’m pissed I started off liking him, he’s a sham.


As someone who LOVES JohnnyMac, I am just not feeling his game right now. I know he wants to lay low and not play too hard too fast and, of course, he has usually won/thrown stuff when needed BUT: watching him on the feeds lately, he barely interacts socially. He always looks like, “Why am here with all these idiots?” You’d think he’d be smart enough to see through (or at least suspect) Clay/Shelli/Van, but he seems to think he’s with them. I think best case scenario for him is America’s Favorite but I just can’t see him winning unless he turns it up a notch soon and at least talks a little more game to get in with people. Who goes to sleep the night before nominations?!?


Someone who has been sleeping with one eye open most of the week. Poor guy’s probably exhausted.


This is an underrated aspect of why the game is so challenging. For someone like Johnny who is a highly intelligent and highly driven individual, they can easily start to withdraw or melt down from sheer boredom. I think that’s one reason why you see smart people make mistakes.

The house actually gives “dumb” people a strategic equalizer in that they are able to amuse themselves doing nothing except working out, doing their hair and talking about BS in circles for hours on end, without losing their minds.

is it just me

why isn’t johny mac talking to people?
because he is working on his chin strap game duhhh

i didn’t much care for Big Mac before but last couple of episodes have changed my mind. He is actually being funny however. Now that i say this im sure he will get voted out. Every time i like someone they get voted out lol

The one who i am starting to hate is Meg. She wears the hell out of that shirt but she is such an annoying brat. Its ok for her friends to go on the block but not for her? She is a case where a little less talking would do her some good.


Clay and Shelly are like fish out of water…no HOH room to escape to


It’s funny how Austin thought, by casting that vote for Audrey, he could spin it in a way to take out Steve. But in reality, Vanessa is flipping it to justify putting Becky up in a ploy to get Austin out. Sometimes over thinking things and making unnecessary moves. No Bueno.


I thought it was a really stupid idea when he said it. Now it’s hilarious it will work against him while he’s on the block. His obsession with Liz is creepy, and I’m over it!


Those that say Nessa is betraying Austin..yes she is and because he has been going around doing stupid shit and only thinking of himself and not her. She had his back totally till he betrayed her and it’s not just the Jason thing.

Vanessa had to cut Austin loose. Like I said in another thread..Austin was so worried about controlling Liz’ affections for him that he didn’t even want Julia in the house because he would be jealous Lizia would spend time together. Also he feared Julia would make Liz realize he is a loser.

Joke on you Austin.. Liz has thought you were a creepy loser all along. And now you lost the best player in this game as a ally cuz you feared your obsession would leave you..She was never with you.

Austins only chance at life is to go and spill all I said above to Vanessa and be totally honest with her and Nessa would respect that and save your ass. But you are too much a fool to see anything but Liz’ tits and that WWE contract you will never get.


Bye bye Austin! Karma is a BIATCH!


I don’t like Austin, but I cannot stand Vanessa. This is one lying, cold hearted bitch!!! She states that Austin is financially set? How about you with your net worth of 4 million bucks lady. He lied to you? You lied to him in the beginning and made him think Liz wanted a relationship with him, and then cultivated that relationship even though Liz didn’t want one. You have not been truthful to anyone in that house, constantly defending yourself by throwing the conversations around and saying that the other person said it. What a piece of work. This is going to turn around and bite her right in the ass, and she will go out before Clay/Shelli.


Well she has been on the block twice as a pawn already. She does have a great body. (all real and they are spectacular!) and the skirt and boots last night borderline 11 as Joe Pesci says


I hope Austin goes home & the twins give him a good bye message saying: Sorry Austin nobody breaks up the twins,not even Judas. (Liz): P.S. I voted to keep Jeff & plan to hang out with him after I leave the BB house-guess your dreams are becoming a reality!


Johnny Mac isnt talking to the HOHs because everytime he does they ask him to throw BOB. This time he leaves them alone and he’s off the block for the first time. Good job Johnny,


So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t mess with Van’s game, if you do you are gone. Jeff tried to blame Van for trying to start an alliance with him = gone. Audrey outed Van to Clay and Shelli = gone. Austin thought he could play the game with just Liz and himself = gone. Van is running the show. Love her or hate her she has the most game in the house.


Austin see ya later. His biggest mistake was telling Jason he doesn’t care about Julia going further wtf idiot you need numbers to stay in the game and that’s another vote! He is so crushing on Liz he can’t see the game Vanessa I’m not a huge fan of her but she can play this game pretty well she uses things against people.


I thought Vanessa was smart, but why would she ever join this 8 person alliance? Shell loses Austin whos her ally and she joins a group where she would be last on the totem poll. Can someone explain her logic for me?


I think its actually smart if she dosnt get caught. Austin is a ticking time bomb. Losing him is a blessing, She’s playing both sides i think she’s more loyal to Shelly/clay Liz/Julia, But is trying to stay safe and not get backdoored this week knowing she looks like a huge threat. She dosn’t want blood on her hands again. And now she can find out who the other side of the house is targeting and fill her side in. She maybe at the bottom of the with the alliance but i dont think they’ll target her if they think she’s a number for them,


What is Austin’s deal with Steve? He is such a bully! Can’t stand him and so glad his lies are coming back to bite him. That’s right, keep digging your grave Austin! Hope his dirty beard, tatooed a$$ leaves this week. Ugh!


His beef with Steve is he liked Liz or not even liked her but made a comment that she was pretty….Austin only has Liz on his mind!

Chill this Town

OK, I know for a fact that production looks at comments on these sites, well not for a fact but…go with it…

this is officially the time to bring in the challenge from BB7(All Stars) when Chicken George took every punishment one can think of. I REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY want all of this to blow up with Austin on the block or Liz on the block, end result? I want to see Austin have to make the decision. Save yourself(or liz) and shave your head…or don’t….

because he definitely just gave production and EVERYONE great reason to want to see how he would handle that type of competition if he doesn’t feel safe. he just has to ask himself…WWJD. (what would judas do…)


Why did he not visit the HOHs.? Because each time does they ask him to throw a competition.


its funny how the house sees J-Mac. “he just throws comps”…uhhhh….HE DID IT FOR YOU MORONS IN POWER!!!!! unbelievable!

brings nothing to the show? HA! I think his strategy is incredibly interesting. his DR sessions are great and he is actually playing the game to the point where they think he isn’t… I still have J-Mac and Jackie in the final 5. and those questioning why would he sleep…because every other time he has been awake he gets approached. Its actually really smart with this group to let them outthink themselves.

I hate how James sees throwing a comp as some sort of entertainment. dude, its supposed to be strategy and not obvious. sigh. to think he shares a name with the great Rhine…

Team Edward

My question is: how long before everyone realizes Shelli and Vanessa have rotated HOH’s? Wouldn’t tht send up alarms tht they should be targets?


Shelli’s played a good low keyed social game. She’s friendly with Meg, Becky, and now Jason. Even though she has put up Johnnie Mac each time she was HoH, she did it through Clay and it’s deflected her responsibility. She’s played it well and drove it home that other people in the house were making her do the deed. How long will it last is the question. If Clay goes up and somehow stays, it might be an interesting eviction.


Even thought im not an Austin fan id love to see him end on the block with Liz and the “otherside” flips the votes on Liz. That way you take out 2 people from the strong side and once Austin loses Liz and finds out his side was the one gunning to get him out he’ll turn on them…and steve becomes his best buddy lolz,

Butters Mom

It just shows us all how stupid Austin really is. Liz and Julia came into this game together… TWIN SISTERS and why on earth would he think that Liz would be ok with him making sure Julia got taken out of the game so she could be with him at the jury house? Delusional! He is so disgusting on every level.

Come on ppl

Van is by far the best gplayer in this game with shilli a close second, and if you can’t see that your the idiots, really who’s playing a better game

another name

some thoughts i’m having:
8 person alliance: because Austin, Liz, Steve and John are just so dangerous?
so vanessa clay and shelli told the house there was no big alliance last week. it was formed by Audrey but was never real. after that shelli tells Jackie to get close to vanessa because she and clay trust her. in fact, shelli says the same to other people. then days later vanessa says ‘I was working with Austin and Liz but i’m done’, added to the shelli and clay up in the hoh with vanessa situation… how are people so dumb? so van clay and shelli are obviously a team and van was with Austin and liz but isn’t now: but there was no big alliance? sometimes you can’t fix stupid.
Don’t care about Austin. don’t need to hear the 59th retelling of ‘he lied to my face’ from vanessa. she’s telegraphed she was going to cut him out since she formed the 3way with shelli and clay. She’s lied and conspired against her alliance members enough times that her eyes should be satellites floating around her head by now. that’s her strategy, so cool. doesn’t mean the continuous justification sound bite loop is required.
Becky on the block. wonder if she’ll have her first d/r comment aired in 8 episodes, or if they’ll just continue having a who’s becky embargo. Maybe they should put steve up, he’s only had one d/r moment in 8 episodes. are they the bb equivalent of bbcan3 willow and pilar? I thought meg was the pilar, but maybe i’m wrong.
If you are putting your best candidates to steamroll and win a botb out there, and you still require someone on the other side to throw it, you’re doing it wrong.
Finally: Meg. summercamp Meg. In week one I had hopes for her. By week three I was losing hope. By week five i’m thinking her best hope is to be dragged to the end as a runner up albatross. maybe someone can make her a macaroni necklace. Her biggest game contribution has been as Jason’s second choice hag/fruitfly. She’s been as game relevant as the blow up giraffe. so frustrating.


And on another note.

“Johnnys DR sessions are great”

The overdone voice and yelling is annoying at best. And the fact he basically doesn’t talk in the actualgame house or play the game other than to agree with others plans and be a number for them..

No I don’t find him “great” at all but if some of you do…wonderful glad you are enjoying Vanessa’ season:-)

#Nessa owns


Vanessa was right about one thing,, if she had not won, Jackie would of put her up. Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa think they are in control of the game not so, the others are laying back, {I think they are waiting to get rid of BOB} hoping that when things clear, they are still standing, a risky move. I do believe when single HOH comes in Shelli and Clay will be the first on the block, if they don’t win.
Vanessa has underestimated the twins, and she will be going down, in fact I don’t think the others realize how dangerous it is going to be, having the twins in the house.

Just me

I just had to laugh at how horrible Jackie’s statement sounded. ” I will promise you on my dead body .. not my dead life .. I will promise you that you will stay! I will die for it! No one can brainwash me, I will not get brainwashed!” she stated while being brainwashed…oh the irony! (laughing hysterically)

another name

i’m guessing she thinks the metal clips of her extensions will act like a tinfoil hat to foil the evil brainwashing transmissions.