“I’ll fill you in on the details later, when I break sh1t down for you you’re going to be shocked”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-46-10-133_jpg

10:44pm Austin and Jason HOH
Austin pushing Steve being the target this week. (Sigh)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-48-32-806_jpg

10:47pm Becky, jackie, Meg
Jackie saying she’s good with everyone
Meg gives her advice “Make deals be smart about it”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-57-24-927_jpg

10:48pm HOH Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa says she didn’t want to be HOH
Austin wanted to win HOH he was so close “I’m so angry”
Vanessa – we’re going to have to talk a lot.. I’m going to talk to you last..
Vanessa – A lot of people have a strong feeling about the twins
Julia comes in.
Vanessa says she has a solution she needs to work things out.. “I need to talk to Clay and Shelli first”
Vanessa – she thinks I’m totally fine with her keeping it (HOH) I’m 100% not fine with that
Vanessa – you guys gotta trust me I’m loyal…
Julia leaves
Austin says there’s a big movement everyone downstairs wants him out.
Austin says he talked to JAson. .
Vanessa asks if Jason knows Austin knows there’s twins.
Austin says Jason is the one that wants Julia gone right away.
Austin says he outed the twins Jason want them in. He told him the twins cannot confirm with him.
Vanessa – you are going to do damage to yourself if you open your mouth.. don’t lie to me every if you lie to me I’m going to be pissed..
Austin – I’m not
Vanessa – I hope you are telling you the truth
Austin – yes I am
James comes up “You mom is gorgeous.. she’s replaced Meg”
Vanessa – She’s a milf”
Austin asks if he should talk to Jackie or wait
Vanessa – the key is I’m hiding the fact we are working together

Austin leaves.
Vanessa – Austin just lied to me point blank to my face i’m, loyal but I’m not stupid.. why did austin lie to me.. why

(Vanessa’s strategy seems to be finding reasons people lie to her blowing that up then using that as a reason to get someone out.. Htye’ve been doing it a a lot this season.)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 23-09-16-230_jpg

11:08pm Becky and Jackie Have nots
Becky telling her to try and keep herself safe through double eviction.
Jackie says right now she doesn’t have any targets
jackie recommends if Austin is the target she cannot make it obvious.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 23-19-22-401_jpg

11:16pm Vanessa, Shelli and Clay
Vanessa – I’m stressed.. she want to put up Liz and Steve
Vanessa – she loves you guys she wants to work with you guys.. I had to let her think I’m OK with it.. It’s not good for us
Vanessa is unsure she wants to save any of them ..
Vanessa explains Austin lying to her face 100% “I don’t trust him.. he’s not working with me.. he has so much information with us”
Vanessa – he has the whole thing about Jeff
Shelli says he doesn’t have enough it was him that wanted Jeff out.
Vanessa proposes they come close to Jason, Meg, Jackie about the twins.. they turn on Austin and get him out. and keep the twins.
Jackie comes up .. Vanessa says she’s fine with Jackie having the power.
Clay asks who does she want out this week
Jackie – we’re thinking Austin and Liz

Jackie says she’s putting up Liz and a pawn, Liz is the target but if POV is played (She wants it to be ) Austin goes up.
Jackie leaves, Shelli – “I love her, Vanessa I love her.. she trusts us and now we can form something”

Vanessa wants them to work with Meg, James and Jason.
Shelli says it’s brand new now Audrey is gone.
Vanessa keeps going on and on about Austin lying
Shelli – it’s not about lying why did he tells JAson in the first place…
Vanessa says if Austin knows he’s going up everything is coming out.
Shelli and Clay want Austin out before the twins.

Vanessa says there’s a 30% chance steve throws the BOB for her there’s a zero % chance he would throw it for Jackie.
Vanessa says they should get JohnnyMac to throw it on the other side and she nominates one of James, Jason, meg.

Shelli suggest she put up Steve and Becky
Vanessa can’t because Jackie wanted to leave Steve as the backdoor plan.
Vanessa is recommended she puts up Clay/Shelli and Becky with JohnnyMac and Liz up on the other side. JohnnyMac throws the BOB.

Clay is fine with the plan if JohnnyMac is on the other side.
Now Vanessa is suggesting Austin and Becky
Clay is worried if it falls through and he’s up against Becky he’s going home.

Vanessa suggesting they let everyone have one vote for who they want up and if a person doesn’t vote it’s a vote against them
Shelli isn’t keen on this idea
Clay suggest him and jason nominated.

Vanessa suggesting Austin and Clay going up that way if something goes wrong Clay will never go home over Austin.

Shelli wants Becky and Clay vs Liz and JohnnyMAc in the BOB.
Vanessa says if for some reason Becky and Clay lose the BOB clay could go home.
Vanessa say the other plan they take out someone from the other side. She wonders if they can make JAckie think they are going to throw the competition and they don’t.
Shelli and Clay don’t think so it’s too dangerous.
Vanessa suggests she backdoors Jackie.
(She’s going through all possibilities)
Vanessa will not put up JohnnyMac she’ll put up James, Jason and Meg.
Vanessa – Austin isn’t stupid if he sees JohnnyMac up against Liz he’ll know what the plan it.
Clay going back to saying putting him and Austin up having them win the BOB.

[envira-gallery id=”123628″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 23-30-22-434_jpg

11:24pm Austin and Jackie
Doing a combination of flirting and chatting.. she’s not impressed.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 00-04-24-525_jpg

12:01AM HOH Jackie, Shelli, Clay and Vanessa
Jackie says AUstin is telling her there is a twin buck saying he cannot confirm it.
Jackie does not want to put Meg up
Shelli asks her who she is connected to more Meg or Becky
Jackie – yeah.. I dunno it’s tricky
Vanessa tells her if Meg goes up she will never go home against Liz.
Jackie – you have to guarantee those votes
Vanessa – we need 5 votes.
Clay says they have to get rid of Steve, Twins and Austin.
Jackie thinks it’s an amazing idea to put up Clay and Becky on Vanessa’s side
They have Jackie convinced to put up one of Meg, Jason, James against Liz.
Vanessa – it’s better AUstin goes and the twins stay.
Vanessa says she really wants to work with Jason, Meg and James.

(So looks like the plan is for Clay/Becky to go up on Vanessa’s side and Meg/LIz up on Jackie’s side)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 00-21-30-297_jpg

12:16AM Austin and Julia
Recommending she goes up to the HOH and makes a deal with Jackie. Austin recommends she plays the angle she can promise JAckie 2 weeks of safety and she “might” have 2 votes.
Austin – you have to do something or you’ll go up.. you might still go up even with that.

12:28am HOH Vanessa and Steve
She tells him there’s a plan in place and he’s not part of it. “.. I’ll fill you in on the details later this week there’s information you’ll need, I don’t want to give you any now .. Just know your loyalty is number one to me and my loyalty is number 1 to you”
Steve – Yes
Vanessa – You are not getting backdoored there’s none of that sit easy and let what happen happen
Vanessa – “ when I break sh1t down for you you’re going to be shocked ”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 00-32-14-667_jpg

12:29am Vanessa and Julia HOH
Vanessa saying the best she can do is make sure Austin isn’t up against Austin. “I don’t know who’s she’s putting up next to you”
Vanessa says she’s not the target she’s going up but to protect Julia she’s going to give her some information later.
Vanessa says she want to keep the HOH power, “I think she’s wants to backdoor Steve”
Vanessa – I love Austin he’s not thinking clearly right now.. he’s not thinking with the right head if anything it’s bad for you.
Vaenssa – He wants to make it to Jury with Liz at all costs.
Julia says she doesn’t think Liz likes him “We don’t talk about it I know she’s not attracted to him”
12:41am Vanessa tells her Jason pulled her into the bathroom and said Austin told him that Austin tried to make a deal to save Liz and he said he didn’t care if they targeted Julia. Julia was getting the feeling that Austin would want to get rid of her once her and LIz were both in the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 00-43-08-357_jpg

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We need the 6th sense alliance to disappear!



Vanessa leave Johnny Mac alone I’ll put up John and tell him
to throw it . Shut up already. Vanessa it’s not your ass on the line
it’s John’s . So Jmac tell them to go to HELL!!!!!

Bye Bye Austin

Now the twins will drop Austin like yesterday’s newspaper. Julia is not happy!!!!!

austin sucks

is he retarded or for real. how can someone think that he can make a girl he met 4 weeks ago take his side over her identical twin sister. and how can he not tell she don’t like him. rejected hard. he better try to stick it inside of her while shes sleeping this week or he wont get another chance. it be so funny if he tried that and she said stop and he wouldnt and raped her a bit and then he be the first person in bb history to get arrested for rape and dragged out of the game by the poh lease(police for all u white folks)


Who ok’d this one ???


that went to 100-0 real quick.


Really uncomfortable with a viewer advocating rape just to get rid of Austin because they don’t like him. That’s like setting the house on fire because you burnt the toast. There is no entertainment value at all in that scenario. I can’t vote down enough…


well…. That escalated quickly.
It’d be funny if she got a little bit raped?
I’m picturing Austin standing in the middle of the house after when security is running at him. His arms spread wide and yelling “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED”
You know. Cuz we are just like the Romans wanting more and more disgusting entertainment…. Reality TV. Brings out the best in everyone.

What the hell?

First–There is no way to “rape her a bit” No mean no and stop means stop. It wouldn’t be “a little bit” it would actually be rape.
Second– Why and in what universe would that ever be funny and make for good TV?
Third– I’m disturbed that you would even comment implying that you WOULD want to watch that and focusing more on how the “poh lease” would arrest Austin then on how Liz would be traumatized. Shame on you.


I agree Austin needs to go but that rape comment was disturbing and just as creepy as Austin.


Vanessa stresses me out!


They need to take her off the aderall! Her crashes are making her paranoid


This is the week that will be the downfall of Austin, the blatant blaming of Steve being the vote is too obvious to be taken seriously. It’s making him look like another Audrey if anything. If Vanessa pulls the right strings and reveals Austin’s dumb plan, Austin will probably end up gone this week


Yeah Jackie, pull some trigger.
Shelli is so scared right now, she’s throwing people under the pus to protect the Sex’s sense.


Austin admitted to Vanessa that he told Jason about the twins and that he thinks they can’t confirm. Austin didn’t lie to Vanessa, I don’t know why she is saying that. Really, she just doesn’t like that Austin said all that to Jason without talking to her first. Either way, in Vanessa’s sick mind that’s a lie from Austin. I think he’s toast. Everyone wants him out now. Personally, I don’t mind at all. I’m tired of Austin and his desire to be in the best showmance in the history of showmances. I’m also sick of Vanessa though. It’s pretty pathetic the reasons she has for putting people up. I think she’s spread out too thin amongst the house. If Austin goes up, he’s gonna blow her game up. If she nominates people like Jason or Meg, she makes enemies on that side of the house. And once people in the house start turning on her, Clay and Shelli will abandon her as well. In conclusion, there’s definitely going to be some blow ups this week lol.


I thought Austin was pretty much lying about the real story. Wasn’t Austin the one that told Jason Julia’s name and said he wanted Julia gone but Liz to stay?


Oh Hell, please tell me we are not going to have another week of Vanessa being in charge ! I don’t trust her at all. She promised Jackie she would not have a problem with her remaining HOH, and she promised they will not back door each other. Then she tells Shelli & Clay she is not ok with Jackie remaining HOH, and what if she back doors Jackie, I understand it is a game, but I do not like Vanessa at all. I am glad she told Julia about Austin throwing her under the bus, and we see Julia is aware that Liz does not like Austin, and she’s not attracted to him. Julia also said she knew Austin would want her gone once Liz comes in the house, looks like Julia is more aware of things than Julia, I’m just hoping Jackie remains HOH and they boot Austin so he goes home and he is not a part of Jury. I would love to see him running around all week trying to make sure he stays in the house, but wait, if he is up next to Liz, he will give up and let Liz stay, oh hell, this week has the potential to be a very interesting week.
Jackie looks like she is finally playing the game, hope she remains HOH, I cannot deal with another week of paranoid ass Vanessa.


Irrelevant – Is the BBTakeover totally dead?


I hope so


I wonder if they had something more significant planned for last week but with the shenanigans called it off. Maybe something like a retro rewind and production decided to let last week play out like normal. The last 2 takeovers have been very weak and anticlimactic. It wouldn’t be so bad but BB makes it seem like these are going to be crazy, wild, or huge twists and it turns out some guys are going to do a little jig all week.

Maybe they’ll have a real twist this week.

Audrey on broadway

Some one needS to get Austin out because I can’t handle hearing the name judas for the 100 th TIME


Meg is really annoying. Does she even know she is playing Big Brother? Sometimes in Big Brother you get nominated. Every week she is so scared to go on the block. She thinks she has the reputation of being the pawn when really she has the reputation of being the person who is too scared to go on the block. Eventually no one will want to work with her.

Audrey's Wiener

I wonder why they didn’t reveal the twins the Audrey.

Audrey's Wiener

To Audrey not the Audrey. DUH!

verrry interesting

Hhmmmm…….perhaps there is a plan for her to go back in the house? Otherwise why not tell her?


Because Audrey had a really big mouth. They weren’t going to trust her with their biggest plan.

What if....

Imagine the scenario of the whole Becky/Clay and Liz/Meg going through, and for some odd reason Becky and Clay remain on the block. Austin wins Power of Veto somehow, and though Vanessa and everyone tries to convince Austin to use it, he decides to not and Clay goes home. xD


Austin has “the best chances” to go this week even though…Clay is volunteering (what?) to go up. I don’t see JohnnyMac in good spot either as he’s been running the block almost every week. If he doesn’t get out of this predicament ASAP, he may go home sooner then later

the coreys

If austin goes this week and van next week then we can have a great 6 weeks left.

Power Trip

Here we go. Jackie is going to let Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay run this HoH. As soon as she heard Austin’s name she’s completely sold and thinks there is no alliance. She’s going to put up Meg or someone that she needs on her side which will upset them. So not only will Jackie get sucked into thinking Vanessa, Clay, Shelli are good to work with from here on out, she’s also going to rub people wrong that really would have her back.


I think part of the psychological tests they give to contestants has to involve something about how susceptible they are to joining a cult. Otherwise what else explains how easily some of them follow orders to their own detriment?

Jackie has an opportunity to take out/severely weaken the curent power structure yet ‘she’s playing the let’s see who we can put up as a pawn game?’ Blind faith in Vanessa/Shelli/Clay who dictates every week who goes home while avoiding being targeted.


What the heck did I miss?
Why are Jackie n Vanessa thinking that they made it to jury?


I’m 100% sick of constantly hearing percentages. (Like now with “I’m 30% sure Steve…”). Ugh.


If Vanessa goes up to jmac and tells him to throw it. IMac has to grab the largest frying pan and just hit her upside the head 1 time POP POP. (Obv not serious guys hitting woman is not good) 2 Austin be like that kid in middle school who can’t be friends with these girls cause he be falling in love with them all. Austin can’t read body language and on top of that I feel bad for my boo Liz cause she look uncomfortable as shit. Jmac also need to take a frying pan and slap that stupid hat off austin….then hit him upside the head….


Hilarious, love how this is written too, but would a frying pan really go “POP POP”? More like a CONK CONK or a TWONG TWONG, I’d say.


Liz has put herself in the position of flirting with Austin. She even said to Julia in the DR room that she was “whoreing” herself out so Austin will keep protecting her.


Wow what a disappointment… I thought Jackie wasn’t gonna let herself get played. I hope the creeper gets booted. But I really wanted to see Jackie use this HOH to her advantage. But it’s Vanessa/Shelli/Clay talking about who Jackie should put up??? WTH.. When Jackie told Vanessa she didn’t want her deal I really thought she would stir shit up if she got HOH. Such a let down.




Vanessa is too all over the place, just based on her comments and paranoia. Austin didn’t tell Jason about the twins, he is the one with Day, that figured it out to begin with… When are the other houseguest going to figure the obvious out about Vanessa? Then she suggest to backdown JACKIE? Vanessa is not playing with a full deck.


Disagree…..she is playing to win, not make friends like the others.


Austin told Jason more about the twins such as Julia’s name. The reason being Austin is wanting to isolate Liz by removing Julia. Austin is trying to trap Liz in the Jury house without Julia, thinking Liz will be all over him and he’ll be able to seal the deal and make her scream.

He doesn’t realize she’d be screaming in terror though…


Sorry but I disagree with you all. Vanessa is playing a great game. This is Big Brother….lie, cheat, steal to win. You are only loyal to yourself and you do what has to be done to win. People need to remember you are there to play a game. The fact that she can control the game weather she is HOH or not makes her a great player…..very much like Derrick last year…..just a little more vocal. #teamvanessa #ladymaverick


FYI. Vanessa’s ex husband, Chad Brown, was also a champion poker player. Unfortunately he lost his battle against several years ago against cancer. That adds another layer to Vanessa. I could have my info wrong but that’s what I learned when I looked her up.

free folk

Enjoyed all the possibilities in the game talks last night,nice to see people playing off and playing into each other. Except Clay and Austin,they are idiots.


I’m so glad Jackie and Vanessa are HOH!!! I am so happy Austin is the backdoor target. (I can’t believe he lied to Vanessa about leaking Julia’s name to Jason!) I hope the twins get saved. I want to see them come in together. And I am so happy Clay is getting nominated!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

is it just me

Vanessa reminds me of Sosa from the movie Scarface. “I only tell you once. Dont fuck me, Tony. Don’t you ever try to fuck me”

Crazy as she may be she is handling her shit like a boss. And you know what they say. Its the crazy ones that have the good pills.

I can’t help but get a sense that Jackie has a good chance to go home this week if she is not very careful.


Jackie needs to stay HOH because Van is a master mind & needs to have the power taken from her so the others have a shot to gain control of the numbers. Austin must go! Once he is gone it will allow the option for the twins to come in & no longer feel the need to be obligated to him & have creeper around to play Mr.Protector.
Some people on here were saying that Liz & Austin really like each other but never for one sec bought that crap. Liz was using her flirt/sexuality to have Austin protect her till her sister can come in the house. If I were Julia,I would take advantage of having Austin being put on the block, especially after hearing he didn’t care if I was evicted so Austin could have a go at my sister. Austin needs to go down in flames!
Rather see both twins in the house than Austin keep fondling Liz, continue to be a brag about himself & play the stupid Judas character & target Steve (saying he is America’s player). Wanted to punch him when he gave Julie his lil speech/vote about Judas voting to evict JMac. This D-Bag must go & want him on the block & for Jackie to make it happen. Jeff would be proud lol!


What??? Everyone has a fair chance at HOH. You cannot blame Vanessa for winning.

Misty Beethoven

If Vanessa retains the HOH, we are in for another week of Adderall induced motormouthing. I think my head will explode trying to follow her over-extended rationalizatons of who, how, why, where,and when. I find her smart, but tiresome. And Jackie needs to be clued in that Vanessa will feed her false info in order to get her target out, whether she’s HOH or not. And for the love of God, don’t put Johnny Mac up again – enough is enough.


Vanessa is exhausting but at least she’s playing like she wants to win $500k. Can’t say that for most of the other HGs.

I was hoping someone other than Vanessa/Clay/Shelli won HOH. I really want to see a power struggle,not another lop-sided victory.


Vanessa is annoying but smart. I like watching her work like Britney said last night, but I DO NOT want her to win. Not that this game is about who needs the money the most but I would rather see someone like Jason who lives in his parents basement win then someone who lives in a palatial mansion and drives a Lamborghini. I want someone to win that the $500K would change their lives


Who jokes about rape? Idiot


Is it just me or is Austin doing his so called gymnastics annoying? I haven’t seen him do anything but a forward roll or handstand. Show me a round off , back handspring , back tuck and then I’ll buy his “I’m a gymnast story”. But who am I to talk, I can barely do a cartwheel.


Could someone please explain to me how the Have Nots are decided each week?