Vanessa “If you insinuating next week I might be someone to backdoor.. That is f**king betrayal!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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9:25am – 9:40am HOH bathroom –
Jackie says it really is project left column. Vanessa says so we have our deal to top 8. Vanessa tells Jackie we should have a deal to not put each other up or backdoor each other till top 8. Unless one of us gives permission similar to what went down here. Like I had a deal with Becky not to put her up and the only reason I would put her up now is because she agreed. Jackie says unless its to keep us safe. Vanessa says short of us that situation where we’re 1 million percent sure and have a whole room confirming. Jackie says no blind sides. Vanessa says deal. Jackie says because we really need to get through the double eviction together and get the twins out. So like no one f**k around here. Its that easy, like everyone wants to do it. Vanesssa says no he said, she said bullsh*t. Vanessa says if you ever hear anything about me come to me and I will do the same. Jackie says this whole thing trumps you being in an alliance with James and squashes me being in an alliance with them. I’m okay to backdoor Steve and we’re not including Johnny Mac in the deal. So none of that was true obviously. If it was true we would be protecting them and you would be as well. Vanessa says and Austin and I made a deal similar to the one you and I just made. Which if you go down next week and try to say things that are directly insinuating that I might be someone to backdoor .. That is f**king betrayal! Lets just get that out there! Right now! We’re saying we’re on the same side .. you see what I’m saying. Austin plays week to week and has no sense of long term loyalty. I am the exact opposite. I’m dying to have someone that I am f**king loyal to and I am ride or die. Jackie says you and I appreciate it now because we have no one in this game. I’m glad I laid low because now I can play. Vanessa says and the people we’re working with I trust! Becky is a straight shooter. Someone who looks out for everyone else. Look at this she is willing to go on the block for the betterment of the group. Look at Shelli she was willing to go back on Audrey. James .. look at how he handled it when he was f**ked. Jason and Meg.. I love them. I’ve just gotten to know them recently. Meg is extremely loyal and doesn’t talk sh*t. She knew what the truth was and wasn’t going to get bullied. Steve.. I don’t know if I can trust him. And don’t know where he stands. Austin.. I don’t know if I can trust him. Vanessa says the thing about Jeff was that he wanted everyone on his side. It made it hard to trust him. I actually really liked him. Jackie says I kind of want something to use to put Austin up as the backdoor. Vanessa says I will get you something I will find a reason for you. I can even get something from Liz. Jackie asks if they can trust Liz isn’t with Austin. Vanessa says after she hears what Austin said about Julia he won’t be.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 09-36-19-903

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I survived last seasons BB

Back to back evictions of Audrey and now potentially Austin would be like hitting the Big Brother Lottery. That mindless creep Austin needs to go !! Hope they stick to plan and POV is used to backdoor Judas the Jerk


I am laughing at Austin so hard today. Burned all bridges at once. 🙂

Not Dawg

I see an opportunity to Backdoor Vanessa and to put Austin and Liz against Shelli and Clay. That would buy Jackie like 2 weeks at least..


I want Austin nominated next to Liz so he can be evicted. His creepy a** needs to go. It would be epic if Jackie would backdoor venessa if she’s dethroned lol.


Ha! my thoughts exactly!

Wowie Mandel

Out with Austin , in with his girlfriend. She is a peach!


Not sure this is best deal for Jackie. Hoping that she will turn when necessary and not really be under Vanessa’s mist. Hope Austin goes this week.

is it just me

So it would be ok for Jackie to do it? But if Vanessa did it we would have everyone screaming bloody murder.

Huray for double standards.


I think you’re getting popularity and double standards confused. Its cool for anyone to back stab in this game. Its encouraged! However, Vanessa is some kind of nuts, and if Jackie has the balls to go after that side of the house (without their permission)… HATS OFF!! You go girly!

It wont take long until Vannesa’s BS starts to really reek, because it already smells like farts to Jackie!


People thought that once Audrey left that things would be dull…Yes,Audrey brought the crazy & disturbing to this house, but now I feel real back stabbing/game play will go down. I knew that the Austin/Van alliance would blow up & believe that Van always knew Austin was a liability once he went hard core Liz obsessed.
I sincerely can’t wait for noms to be put out & even more excited & anticipating the ultimate payback betrayal to give Austin the boot! It will be priceless if this plays out right.

Lemon balls

Vanessa is playing everyone also .. Looking from the outside, she is running everyone and betraying them all at the same time. Her and Austin was a matter of time. She will prey on whoever is HOH or veto holder


I don’t get why everyone’s favorite person on here seems to be Johnny Mac…he is very awkward with a terrible social game and no real game plan. He reminds me of Donny from last year (another live feeder favorite) who also had a terrible social game. These people hang around because they are expendable and the other houseguests know they will be an easy out later in the game. I know this will get a bunch of downvotes because its going against everyone’s favorite, but does everyone seriously just like to choose the terrible game players as the favorites and bash on the ones playing a good game? The people in this forum hate on the manipulators of this game but those are the people that end up winning. Derrick, Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will, even Andy…the list goes on and on

So wait

how is J-Mac not pulling a Will? throwing challenges, absolutely no fear of the block, and absolutely no real concern about early game nominations.

I think its far too early to write off a guy who has admitted how much Big Brother he has watched to…oh right…just those watching the show…he has let the big players take themselves out and ruin their own games. it has worked so far…

Donny was overrated. I agree w/ that, and J-Mac’s problem may be that he will be very alone later in the game. but it seems his true alliance is with Becky and Steve…we will see how that plays out, I just don’t think he feels the need to play hard right now. if Becky is on the block and POV is played and John STILL throws it….OK, I will agree at that point…. notice his comments to Audrey? But I also loved Zach ATTACK and Chill Town, so…maybe I love loud DR sessions.


Derrick had the benefit of competing against airheads his season, while Dan and Andy (in addition to Ian to some extent) didn’t really make any big moves until the end of the game and just laid low for the first half of the season. We’re not that far into the season, and so far nobody’s game is perfect, but the target on his back is smaller then anyone else’s right now.


I hate when people make up excuses for Derrick dominating a game…Hard to argue that anyone else has dominated the game and been more influential than him besides maybe Dan and Will. No past or previous players can do what he did in that game


Derrick was just a good player on a season full of really bad ones. He was given the first big alliance that gave him the numbers by Frankie and Caleb. And the only other two players besides him, and maybe Nicole, who had an idea of what was going on in the house were put in Team America with him. And everyone likes to point to the BoB and how there were more nominations then ever, so him not being picked was impressive. But the BoB is just a crappy twist that forces the house to keep the same few pawns. We are seeing it again this season. So his lack of nomination doesn’t really mean much since the same people were on the block almost the whole season.

Derrick was a good player, but he wasn’t one of the greats. Good and lucky on a season of really bad players.


Dr. Will did it much better than anyone to date. He never won a competition. He outright threw them. He was narcissistic yet likeable. He was really never in danger of going home. And he managed to win the game when production still hadn’t thought up the power of veto. I think that came in Season 4. Personally I think that Season 2 and 3 are still the best seasons ever, it was more of a psychological game back then, and those are the seasons that gave us Mike and Boogie and Danielle and Jason. That’s 4 of the all time top ten players from those 2 seasons. Before production started inventing twists and powers. Derrick dominated and won, but I don’t know how well he would have done with smarter people and without BOB and Team America.

Twistin with the Twins

James nurturing his inner Audrey….too funny!


Jackie is growing on me.

Go Girl

(PS If Brit called Jackie a floater and said she finally saw her, WTF does she have to say about Becky? LMAO)

Tony B

Who’s Becky?

Chill this Town

I am still with Boogie on this one. I had no idea she was that big of a fan favorite. he said something like that in BB14.

and to be honest, if Jackie is a “floater” so was Britney. did I miss where Britney was this crazy competitor?


What’s up with Vanessa always finding “reasons” to nominate people, isn’t you are a threat, you are not on my side etc. enough reason already???.. Talk about overcomplicating things…


As conflicted as a feel about Vanessa, I really like the idea of her and Jackie forming a solid duo. They are popping up all over the house and I think she was being genuine when she said she didn’t have anyone she could completely trust to ride or die. We have Jmac/Becky, Clay/Shelli, Austin/Liz(for now), and Meg/Jason. Vanessa knows she needs a partner in this whose going to be loyal to the end and so does Jackie. I really hope this works out for them.


I don’t see any floaters in the game the stratagy of Johnny Mac, Becky and Steve is to lay low and then play when the dust settles there’s no reason to them to get all crazy this early on when the rest of them are at each other throats every other week. I’d play that way if I was in there.


Boring big house alliance, kumbayah and all that crap. Hope someone is lying. Hope Jackie and Vanessa don’t speak for everyone with this “we only go on the block if we and everyone else agrees. No blindsides” BS.

B-bad owl

Do you think Vanessa wants Steve as her real final 2? Her Victoria as it were?


Shelli and Clay have everyone snowed based on conversations:

Jacki to Becky, “I really like Shelli and Clay”
Becky “I like the way Shelli was when she was HOH, she was so kind and honest, unlike Vanessa”
Jason to Meg “I was surprised Shelli went straight to Vanessa and told her about the twin thing, thats not like her”
Meg, “Ya I was surprised by that too”
James “There all trustworthy”
Jmac to Becky “I trust Clay and Shelli”

They should do a montage on the show with all of these clips and show how these 2 have everyone wrapped.

Eric CA

As a Big Brother Fan after watching Jackie coaching Jeff and how she is treating this HoH and Vanessa all Season so far…. I am really craving them to work together as a set of power women. You do not have to be friends to work together and be successful in Big Brother. Look at Season 4 Allison and Jun…. two extremely disliked women that did not like each other. They formed an alliance and went to the end.

I think it would be amazing to see Jackie and Vanessa work together. They both have alliances but neither has a real final two team. I think it would be Big Brother Amazing and that is a Team Up I could truly root for as a fan. They could dislike each other all the way to the end and the fans would love it. On a personal level I think Vanessa likes Austin/ Steve/ Shelli/ Clay and Julia, but as a player they are not good for her. For Jackie she can’t win against Shelli/ Clay/ Johnny Mac/ Becky or Jason…. these together going to the end would be amazing and a sign people don’t have to be friends bro’s or sisters to win and go all the way. The best part of doing this with someone you are not emotionally attached to is you can do the big moves and it is just business and not personal, because look you are with someone you don’t care about emotionally. That is real game play not personal ones.


That Gif of James at the end if flippin’ hilarious, omg I laughed so hard !!


Johnnie Mac isn’t nominated? Is that allowed? I’m confused…what happens now? Is someone throwing it? I’m 90% sure this is some kind of dream…


I knew Vanessa was going to turn on Austin. They are both playing for themselves ever since the twin outing by Julia. That was the distraction that broke their alliance. Austin fell for Liz’s game and Vanessa saw the writing on the wall and got closer to Shelli. Vanessa was talking long term game, so why doesn’t she go for Clay and then work to set up a final 2 deal with Shelli? (I think Audrey saw the potential for this, and this is why she freaked out on Vanessa). It seems shortsighted to go for Austin this week.

Misty Beethoven

Bear with me, I’m on pain killers right now – is Vanessa misting Jackie or being truthful? Is Jackie buying into Vanessa’s plan? And is Austin the real target, with Steve the backup target? I tried catching up, but thru the Oxy haze, I realized I was reading the same thing over and over. Help a sister out. Thanks!