Jack “What I wanted to offer you is a deal of eviction immunities from multiple people that I trust.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jessica didn’t use the power of veto
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1pm Boat room. Jackson and Christie.
Christie – I just want you to know .. and I’m going to cry.. please don’t make fun of me! Jackson – I’m not going to make fun of you. The reason why I said that was because Sam told me that you cried to him 3 or 4 times.. Christie – that is so not true!! I never cried to Sam. Jackson – this is where it came from.. it wasn’t just me being a d*ck. Christie – I can only have my truth in this game. I never cried to Sam. I never had an emotional or personal relationship with Sam. With Sam it was purely game .. me trying to get a little information from him and stay loyal to the the six… while still maintaining a front to him gamewise. The things that I did say about you were based on an isolated incident between me and you outside the HOH room regarding a power. I was already feeling so much pressure form Nick and Sam at that moment. And I went up stairs and I was like at least I am with my people. I can feel safe and they have my back. I shouldn’t have based you raising your voice at me once as a stigma about you. I do love you. I will swear on my sister that I never once said I would put you up or backdoor you or come after you. In my dream world I would have wanted to go to the end with the six. And yeah I probably would have take the first shot at you. I have my girls, then I have Jack who says he would lay on a knife for me and then I have my Tommy. Jackson – I knew that. Christie – I don’t need a man in real life or in here I don’t like a male figure telling me what to do. It was an isolated thing.. and maybe Nick and Bella played on it a little to get me to go to their side. But I want you to know that I didn’t have intentions of turning on you prematurely.. ever! I hate the things that I said and how things escalated because of day 44. The things that I said weeks ago were being brought to light now in an attempt to break us up and it worked. And I thought we could have f**king demolished this game. I want you to know that if you get out of here and you are worried about your character, I will be the first one to stand up.

Jackson – I am because I heard things on day 44 and from other people .. and I’ve heard things with my own ears. Everyone lies in this game. We lied to Ovi. We’ve lied to Nick and Bella. But I’ve never lied to the six. That was where my loyalty was. I know what I am and I know what I’m not. I know what I’ve said and I know what I’ve not said. I know what I’ve done and I know what I haven’t done. It is terrifying to me that my name and my character is getting slandered because this is national television and especially things as if I am disrespectful to women. I got cranky when I was a havenot, won the veto to take myself off the block and then you were backing out using the power to take Jack off. I know that I am aggressive. I know that and I hate it. Everything I do is aggressive. I know I have a temper but I am never going to say anything $exu@l, demeaning or demoralizing to you or insult your character. Christie – I made a generalization about you and if I could take it back I would. Whether you stay or go I don’t want you thinking I think that way about you. Outside of here I will have your back and stand by you. I believed in us so f**king much! The only thing that I told Cliff was about you bring the rogue vote. Jackson – the way it was presented to me was that you were plotting against me, you were coming after me and that you told him that I was the rogue vote. So I was like biam .. it all must me true.

Christie – I love you Jackson. I am sorry. They both hug. Christie – You’re a good man and I will stand up for you outside this house. I respect you. Jackson – I am sorry for my wrongs. Christie – I do want you to know how sincerely sorry I am.

2:24pm HOH room. Jess and Nicole.
Nicole – I want to make sure I, we clarify because I don’t want people looking at this and thinking they are stupid. We’re aware that Michie is a threat and that Michie could very well take any or all of us out but right now Jack is a nucleus that a lot of people are attached to. With him they’re all (tight together). Jess – its such a fine line because I don’t want to throw Michie under the bus. People are literally saying good versus evil. Big Brother switches the feeds. Nicole – I was talking to Tommy the other day and I regret some of the things I said because I know he’s very strategic. Big Brother switches the feeds again.

Sis and Christie. Sis – after your talk with Jackson do you still want to win HOH? Christie – I kind of have to. I also have to trust in the universe. I have to see what kind of comp it is. If its something I can destroy that I am going to go for it. If I feel like its not my comp, I am not going to go balls to the wall and end up killing myself over it. I still feel like I need to secure my safety. I still would rather not have to get blood on my hands. See what happens.

2:27pm Jack, Tommy and Sis.
Jack – the big thing is that I have to get Kat not to tell Jackson. I thought this was really fool proof and the more I think about it .. there are gaps. Like different ways that Jackson can leverage it to work for him. But Nick dug it, the way I formulated it. he was shaving his bush while I did it. Tommy – no way. Why is he even doing that.. what’s the point!? Are you guys sha.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

3:10pm Jack and Cliff.
Jack – I think it is pretty safe to say that if she (Jess) votes a tie break she votes to keep Jackson. Cliff – I would guess that’s the case. Cliff – you know the last time we talked there was a couple weeks of safety and I needed it. I felt like I was a target otherwise. And I knew it was just a couple of weeks and then that was that and things were back to the way they were. If we worked together are we talking about me getting in with that group and in meetings and stuff like that? Jack – depends on what you want. I know you’re a man that makes deals and likes deals but I am in a position where I know you’re a powerful player and a very skilled player. If its something that you want.. I have built my way in this game with the integrity to a position to allow it to be what you want it to be. And to be within that you have played a trustworthy and honorable game and I would LOVE to work with you. When we talked about the 7 and the 8 I was always pushing for you to be a part of that. Cliff – my strategy has always been patience and looking for a place to land.. looking for people that I can support and vice versa. I bought those two weeks which was great but I am still looking for people I can fall back on. If Jackson goes .. I don’t know how Holly falls into this one way or another. Jack – what I am offering here.. I don’t want to jeopardize.. so what I wanted to offer you is a deal of eviction immunities from multiple people that I trust. And I will give you my word and I am a man of my word. I do know that Tommy and Sis would like to give three weeks evictions to you. I on top of that will offer 4 evictions. These are both in the understanding that you wouldn’t put us up. Or I offer an alternate of a shorter term .. 3 weeks but you can put me up as a shield. I plan on going up in the next couple weeks in order to defend people’s games. I want to be a shield and I want to earn trust. Cliff – if I flip on this I am going to piss off some people. At that point I am going to need to put you up so much as a shield, its going to be out in the open. If we are working together as a posed to being separate, I don’t see any need to put you up till we get to the point where no one else is left. If we do come out of this I would want us to go into meetings with Tommy and Sis. Cliff – I am not saying yes or no. I am waiting to see how some people fall. Jack – I am going to try and make a move to where this is more of a house move.

Jack heads to the bedroom and tells Nick, Tommy and Sis – I think Cliff is going to take the deal! I think he’s going to take the f**king deal! He might take the f**King deal but he won’t tell me at noon tomorrow.

3:44pm Boat room. Jackson and Tommy.
Tommy – I want to be on the right side of the vote. I am going to be putting some feelers out and I would be f**ked up if I didn’t do my best to stand by Jack. The writing is one the wall and he is going, I am in your corner. Moving forward I am in your corner and I want you to know that. I am not dating Jack. I don’t have a personal vendetta against you. There is no reason for me to not vote wit you if you’re staying. And I f**king love you. Jackson – I love you too. Tommy – I just want to be on the right side of the vote. Jackson – whatever you do, do its not going to change anything between you and I. Wherever you cast your vote I won’t hold it against you. I have no bird, I have no bush, I don’t hold it against you. They hug and leave the room.

3:50pm HOH room. Cliff, Nicole and Jess.
Cliff- he said that he (Jack) is going to talk to me again tomorrow. I don’t intend to ever tell him that I am not going to do the deal. Tommy and Sis join them and the conversation ends.

5:45pm Bedroom. Kat and Holly.
Holly – Jack even campaigned to me and asked me to vote for him. Kat – Cliff said that he (Jack) wanted to move forward with an alliance of him, Cliff, Christie, Tommy.. Holly – they want a new six and they’re replacing me and Jackson for Cliff and Nick. That’s what they’re trying to do. Kat – basically their targets are me, Nicole and Jess… or something. I don’t know, Nicole was really upset about it. But dude .. he is not going to be here. Holly – I want to stay close to them but I don’t want to be like we’re in an alliance. I would rather work with people I respect. If I do stay close with Sis, I do have to go back to pretending that I don’t like you. Kat – just talk sh*t about me behind my back. Holly – okay. I was doing that before.. but I also don’t like doing that. I don’t like pretending to be a mean girl. I might say some passive aggressive things. Kat – do it. They both agree that they would be surprised if Christie makes it through the double eviction.

5:57pm HOH room. Jess and Jackson.
Jackson – in the event of a tie.. Jess – you already know where my vote is going to go. Jackson – but also out of respect for you I just wanted to reaffirm where we are… I am not coming after you. I at no point wanted to come after you before. I also want you to know that the relationship we’ve build is genuine. I’ve always had your back. I genuinely care about you and Nicole. Jess – I love you as well. Jackson – nothing you’ve done this week will ever change that. If I do go tomorrow, well then its my time. I want you to do whatever is best for your game.

6:02pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitty cam.

8pm The live feeds return to the house guests in the kitchen.

8:04pm Bedroom. Cliff and Nick.
Cliff – I was thinking of telling them before hand so that there is no melt down tomorrow. Tell Kat and Jessie that they’ve got this little thing and I don’t care about it. I mean that was so many weeks back.. if they know ahead of time. Because the way Jack portrayed it to me.. he used the word blackmail. He said this is kind of a blackmail tactic if I have to force Kat to vote on our side. I would almost rather they know ahead of time so what the hell.. say what you want I don’t care. Nick – they’re going to to know it was you and then they’re going to target you. Cliff – what, you mean that I told them? Nick – yeah. I’ve asked Kat about it before and she said no to me. Honestly it wasn’t a bad move for Kat anyway .. if you were going what’s the difference? Cliff – And I don’t care if Kat was working with them. We were all playing different sides. Jack joins them. Jack – it comes down to this decision makes a rift but if I make it a majority thing, then other peoples games can still live. Cliff – whatever you want to do I get it either way. Nick – it would be us six… me you and them four versus the other side. Jack – f**k that’s a good team! Cliff – Well I’m not saying anything now but I will certainly be thinking about it tonight and they will be pissed but there is only so much you can do. Cliff leaves. Nick – I would tell Kat sooner than later in case he spills. Why did you tell him anyway. Jack – I didn’t know he was going to lock and load it. Nick – I told him not to say anything. I am sorry. I’m not trying to f**k you but you need his vote and if you blow up Kat’s game you blow up Kat’s game.

8:23pm Boat room. Nicole and Jack.
Jack – I am a big fan of you and your game. I know that we don’t speak a lot of game but I don’t remember you speaking a lot of game with Jackson. So we’re kind of in the same spot. Its not me campaigning against Jackson and me trying to bury him. Moving forward with my game I want to move forward with clear communication with the whole house. And I know going through this next week I would be a target and I would happily be a target and a shield moving forward. I want to rebuild trust with everyone. And you’re a great person. Nicole – thank you. Jack – I am loyal to a fault and I want to show just how loyal I can be.

8:44pm Boat room. Jack and Kat.
Kat – I feel like there is a great chance that you will stay. Like would you go after Jess because she did put you up. She is one the closest people. Neither one of you would take a shot me, well maybe Jackson. Would me, Jess and Nicole be on your radar? I do think you’ve been a big leader in the house but I don’t think you’ve been making all the decisions. I do think you have a good shot.

10:15pm Jack scares Sis.

10:17pm HOH room.
Cliff – I will tell y’all but you have to remain very calm. I think I might know what Jack might have as this bomb that he is setting to put off. Jess – really?! Cliff – I didn’t promise to not say anything. He had said because he is really hitting on Nick and I. And he has something that could drive a wedge and it has to do with the week that I got voted out of the house. Kat – oh I know what it is. Nicole – I know what it is. Cliff – he said that you were aware of the flip but that you did not flip and you still wanted to give information to them. That’s it, that you knew about the flip well ahead of time. But because you didn’t tell Jess in time it created a wedge between you two because you didn’t know about .. Jess – that was it? Cliff – it was said that it would be used as a blackmail tool. Kat – please no Jack .. no! She laughs. Cliff – he said he was telling me to build trust. Kat – I can’t wait for him to pull that out.

10:25pm Bedroom. Jackson, Tommy and Jack.
Jackson – everything that we say into these mics go not only into the big one’s house but also to millions of Americans across the country. Good and bad, no reason to bring anything personal into the game. In 49 days we have lives after this. And I know that people are doing everything they can to stay. I am not a liar, I am not a snake, I am not evil. I have a life that I am trying to go back to after this.. I’ve got a job, family, friends, people, cousins, ex, people from college. Everything we say not only affects the person it said about but also the person that’s saying it. This is just a game. Sometimes things said in this house that can ruin peoples lives. Jack – I am really concerned what is running in your mind because it hasn’t even occurred to me to go on that level. Jackson – I’m not saying you. Win or lose were good. They all say I love you. Jackson leaves the room.

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Franks fumes

Crusty is such s bit@h she waits till she knows Jackdouche is toast to go and grovel to Blockhead in hopes he will buy her crap and not target her and little Tommy…..has there ever been a less self aware transparent liar on BB than Crusty……yeah I can think of a few (lol)

HollyBeth Allen

Vanessa is quaking.


Funny how she is planning to stick up for Jackson outside the house, because in her mind she is so well liked and respected.

The Corey's

Is it thursday yet

J e t s jets jets jets

I love you. No I love you. Really I do love everything about you. No you can’t love me more than I love you.

I think I just threw up on my phone.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Watching Nicole preach on after dark and loving it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Little Tommy Tune’s tell: ” I f’ing love you. 1000% yes.”

Christie’s tell: her lips are moving

J e t s jets jets jets

Why does Jess think it’s ok to either wear a short top like at the nomination ceremony or tie her T-shirt up like at the veto competition and show the rolls of her fat stomach. I’ve said this before on here. As a 320lb man with a pretty big stomach I feel I know what I’m talking about. She like myself is obese and for some reason thinks it’s ok to celebrate her obesity. We have a severe weight problem in this country. Telling yourself it’s ok to be fat is WRONG! We need to start changing the way we think in this country about obesity. The first thing we need to do is stop saying it’s ok to be fat. I have lost 30 lbs since thanksgiving and continue to go to special classes for weight control provided by the VA. The first step to changing the problem is to admit we have a problem and to do something about the problem and not go on TV and say hey I’m fat look at me I’m beautiful the way I am. See here is all my fat hanging out for you to see. Aren’t I beautiful. No you’re not. You’re fat. Now cover that up. Quit making bacon every day and be a role model and lose the weight.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And you think Jackson is a pig. Hmmm.

J e t s jets jets jets

Exactly my point. We say in our society that it’s ok to be obese as long as you’re happy. Well it’s not. I’m a 55 year old obese man who knows what it’s like to be obese I used to say it’s ok and that I don’t care what people think. Do you know how many times I’ve been called fatso or fatty and that was at work. Now I’m suffering from the long term problems that this has done to my body. IT IS NOT OK TO BE FAT AND NO MATTER HOW YOU WANT TO SPIN IT IT IS NOT OK TO CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE! We need to stop this thinking that it’s ok as long as you’re happy. We need to stop allowing parents to stuff their kids with junk food and unhealthy meals. I’m not talking about weather or not she’s beautiful or her skin is shiny. I’m talking about the fact that she is obese and that WE CANNOT be as a society celebrate it anymore.


I hear ya…but I don’t think Jess is saying it’s ok or good to be fat as much as she’s trying to help raise the self esteem in many younger girls…and boys. I agree that it’s not ok to be fat…but I do think she’s more trying to help these youngsters out of dark spaces and whatnot. I actually think society says the opposite…that you have to be skinny to get good dates or go to cool parties…etc…so I think having some Jess’ around as a counter for the esteem issues….is not a bad thing. It’s like…yes, be yourself, dress how you want….but at the same time…it is not ok to be fat…for soooooo many reasons beyond superficially….and here are some ways you can work on getting to a healthier lifestyle.


Well she,’s doing Nike Kohl’s ads and ads for JCPENNEY and you’re not.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

But she has a right to wear a swim suit like everyone else does; and a right to wear stylish clothes. I don’t think she’s hanging out of her clothing nearly as much as most female guests.


I think you may be projecting Your own personal feelings on this subject but I, for one think Jessica is beautiful. Her skin is perfect, face, hair, fashion….she may be bigger but she doesn’t seem flabby to me. And this week she’s Kicking Ass!! Yay!

Who are you kidding

J e t s jets jets jets is spot on. Just because Jess is comfortable in her own skin (or wins some challenges) doesn’t negate the fact that she is overweight and unhealthy. Why are people so offended by the facts (Jess is obese)? Why are we shaming people who voice the facts (that Jess is obese)? Find me a medical doctor would not tell Jess, ‘Your weight is fine, you do not need to lose any weight”. By defending Jessie’s obesity is enabling her to continue being obese.

J e t s jets jets jets

That is my point! Trying to dress like you’re sexy with your gut hanging out does not make you sexy. Be more conservative and acknowledge that you’re working on getting healthier should be her message. Not cooking bacon every morning would be a nice start.


It’s a tough subject. It must be so difficult to battle that problem. I know it’s hard to lose 5-10 lbs let alone 50+.
Someone (I think Holly) made a comment to Jess some time ago that she looked like she had lost some weight. Jess responded that she has to be careful and not lose too much because of her modeling career. She seems very comfortable with herself. That’s a good thing. We all have something that we need to work on:)


I agree. I was thinking, as a bigger female, I like her clothes, the style and the fit. They work for her.


Jess is comfortable in her own skin. She is beautiful. She is showing that women dont have to be a barbie as the media portrays. Women come in all shapes and sizes.

I was in the Air Force where we were constantly weighed. Theres way more to a woman than how she tips the scales!

Shine on Jess!

PS congrats on your 30# loss.


Wow! I actually think she carries it well & is very beautiful. And yes, obesity is a problem in America, but she also has a right to dress how she wants without people like you commenting in such a way. Be respectful, keep your mouth shut.


How do her rolls harm you, or anyone for that matter? It’s not her job to be a role model. And she doesn’t go around telling to be fat. Her existing isn’t promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, she is not an object. She is a person just living. She is comfortable in her own skin. And obviously doesn’t care what people think. Your problem with that is yours. Stop projecting your self hating bullshit.




I think her clothes are cute. Big girls should have the same clothing options as tiny ones. I also think your view of Jess’s weight is skewed by her being surrounded by women who are size 0 – 2. She is a size 18 and does not have fat rolls, if you saw her on the street most people would just see her as chubby.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

I much prefer the voluptuous Jess over boy body Anal

Who are you kidding

Are we looking at the same Jess – what do you mean no fat rolls…have you seen her gut, her back fat, And she’s not chubby, she’s obese.

Backseat Driver

What do YOU look like….?

J e t s jets jets jets

I’ve already stated that I’m an obese 325 lbs. I was 350 last thanksgiving. I have no problem admitting what I am and no problem admitting it’s NOT OKAY!


Jess can wear what she wants it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t think she is as confident as she tries to portray. Confident people don’t go around telling you how confident and sexy they are, they just are. Whenever I hear someone telling me how strong and independent they are, I always think, and sometimes say “are you trying to convince me, or yourself?”


whoops, I accidentally hit the flag on my own comment


It takes a bunch of flags before a comment goes dark. I think it’s set to 5

J e t s jets jets jets

Has everyone including us watching forgot what a misogynist pig Jackson is? Why all of a sudden is everyone giving him a pass? His comments to crispy crunchy tonight that “as if” he’s been disrespectful of women. I can’t believe that with her female empowerment she doesn’t have Jackson as her main target. Even Kat wants to keep him? What am I missing?


I agree – the Jackson transformation into choir boy is unbelievable. I think we can thank Holly for her ability to keep him calm and put cold water on his worst instincts. I think Jack deserves to stay over Jackson. Too bad the Holly/Kat connection didn’t get legs. We will know tomorrow night.


Game wise , jack is working very closely with sis, tommy, Christy, even nick now.. he can and will control the house if he stayed, and will go after kat , cliff, Nicole, jess.. even before holy.
Jackson will go after tommy, Christy and sis
And they will go after him ..
And kat trust jackson, especially because her bond with holly.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s a game.The players should vote each other out for game reasons not personal.It’s productions responsibility to remove contestants for ill behavior but they clearly don’t give a @#$%.


I think everyone understands that Jackson is a pig. No one really disputes it so there is little reason to keep bringing it up. People aren’t giving him a pass but rather, we’ve all agreed so there isn’t a need to argue about it. As for those in the house, they see he’s likely to remain and has a chance to win HoH so people are couching their words as to not make themselves a priority target.

Jack's Tears

That’s big brother. Sometimes, you keep someone who is a terrible person as it helps you more in the game. A good number of players right now are up Jack’s behind, while Jackson doesn’t have very many numbers. Jack is the larger threat and it makes more sense, for game, if he’s evicted.


Do you think it has anything to do with his mother’s lawsuit? Maybe CBS talked to him. There have been many conversations yesterday that he steered in that direction to talk about “his character”. It’s all a cover up for him being a pig and cbs not wanting to get a used.

J e t s jets jets jets

What is his mother’s lawsuit about?


Thank you….I am commenting for the first time with the sole purpose of responding to this.

Jackson has been lecturing people from his self-righteous pedestal throughout the past few days about his life out side the house (as if they all don’t have one??), about his ‘character’ being ‘slandered,’ etc. No Jackson, you did that to yourself with your behavior. He is such an entitled, self-righteous pri-ck, and everyone apologizing to him (including Christie), just elevates his high horse and secures his martyrdom in his own mind. Plus — the fact that BB has been protecting him, I’m guessing due to his mental health issues — feeds cut or flip anytime he or holly want ‘alone time,’ or anyone dare say anything negative about him. I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist in the game, but I’m starting to believe that due to his undisclosed (but self-admitted) prescription (and non-prescription) drug problems and eating disorder, BB had to bring in a psychiatrist for him to talk to, as well as prob. put him back on some Xanax to help regulate his moods again for the safety of everyone in the house….because he has seemed calmer since his slop melt down. I hate to see this d- canoe get to the end, but it looks like that’s where we’re headed. And he’s got Holly on board, who also gave a mini-lecture on women’s empowerment to him yesterday, as if she’s a paragon of virtue for strong women (after the way he treated her when she didn’t give into what HE wanted). Jackson is young, yes, but he is also an entitled, male chauvinistic, narcissistic pig….how’s that for slander Jackson? It is so hard to watch him condescendingly lecture people in the game with his moral platitudes that he believes only apply toward him, but not to him.

(did everyone forget the way he hoards food, steals food, pees on the floor and tries to blame David, pours mouthwash out — and tries to blame others for stuff….it’s as if the slate was wiped clean for him)


Lol I do not believe this is your first time commenting ever. I don’t even believe it’s your first time commenting today.

I second that emotion

I agree.. but for this week as the target is Jack … they are looking a little past it.. But hopefully next week all bets are off.. but I hope Crusty the Clown leaves first.. or .. it may be fun to watch Jackson leave next week.. then watch Crusty squirm as her and Tiny Tim try to get friends to make a crusty alliance…. I saw in a post that she said she feels insignificant… I was thinking, hmmmm not nice to feel and know that you are on the outside is it? The only difference is that they are not being nasty about it.. they are just leaving her to herself…… And another thing… I truly hope that Nicole doesn’t believe the shit jack is spewing to her. Wasn’t it HIM that slammed that door in her face and they all laughed? While I am not one for holding grudges THAT is something I wouldn’t forget too easily…… just sayin..


No I think it was Jackson that did that…

J e t s jets jets jets

I would love to see crispy crunchy and jacksh!t on the block together.

I believe it was jacksh!t was that slammed the door into Nicole’s face. I may be wrong though.


I’m pretty sure it was Jack, the work of art creator, who did that. He does not give 2 shi#s about anyone who he does not consider to be on his level AT ALL. He literally would never talk to, let alone glance at a girl like Nicole.


They already had the conversation about “I want to be next to Jackson at finals because no one would vote for him to win” so they are keeping him as the goat. Also, he lost the six and has literally no power, unlike Jack who is a natural leader and still has a little faithful pack.


At this point I don’t care who goes home. I am glad it will be one of them. The only lean toward Jack is because he is better at the mental comps and if they do the double evicition, that will be the first comp.

Franks fumes

Last night Kat was relaying the story of the Jim Jones mass suicide cult to the houseguests….the kool aid drinking part and best of all that it all took place in Waco lol……nobody noticed.


That was hilarious…but the Jones thing was before my time and I just learned this year that it was in Africa. I thought it was in Georgia or Florida or Texas. She got Jim Jones and the Branch Davidians’ locations mixed up


There’s a great podcast on Jim Jones it’s called martyr made


Great, thanks Simon I can’t wait to listen to it.


I’m gonna check it out too…thanks Simon

J e t s jets jets jets

It was in Guyana in South America.


I don’t know why I thought Guyana was in Africa…thanks for the clarification :p Oh wait…..yea I do…because for some reason I was either told it was Ghana or I was told Guyana and just heard Ghana in my own mind

J e t s jets jets jets

Why would someone give me a thumbs down for stating an absolute fact?


Because even though there are mostly decent peeps around here…there are still a few tools around lol


I’m an older individual who remembers when this cult tragedy happened. The massacre was actually in Jonestown, Guyana, which is in South America.


Jim Jones did not take place in Waco. That was a different cult, the Branch Davidians. (Oh wait, was that the point of your post? Did Kat say it was in Waco or are you saying that?, I hate text communication .)


I am not a fan of either of the Jack’s. They both disrespect women in the house and have bad tempers. But this giving a pass to Michie for all of his bad behavior is making me throw- up in my mouth. Grovel all you want for forgiveness but your personality sucks. One thing is clear, once one Jack is gone the House will be better off! – Well, Sis will still be lost ’cause she has no clue what’s going on in this game.


Are you kidding me right now !! Nick is preparing for Jack to leave, getting all trimmed up for Sis !! What a disgusting sicko !!

I second that emotion

OMG… I can see a potential lawsuit for CBS.. …. Maybe they should keep Jack this week.. At least it would keep Nick away from Sis…… On a serious note.. While I think Sis acts as dumb as a doorknob, I am sure she is fully capable of kicking dumb ass Nick where it hurts.. After all.. wasn’t she a soccer player? Kick his a$$ Sis…..


It’s one thing to have high hopes…but doin it in front of Jack hahaha He really is one nasty dude


Where in the heck is Granny?? I’ve always enjoyed reading her comments throughout the past seasons!!

Can you feel the love

Join the discussion…

Just me

Granny is out this season. Simon mentioned it a week or so ago. Not sure why she’s out, but I certainly miss her commentary.



BB Crusty Crab Shack

Watch Crusty the Clown or little Tommy Rocket win next HOH…… if Tommy wins, I fully expect Nick to be up his a$$ ( literally)

I’m Holly but not Jason’s orMichie’s

I just want to see Christie gone so I can stop seeing her picture on these posts!??

Russell Dunbar

Whom at CBS forced Chrustie to form alliances with all of these evil men; they’re the worst.

Ovi's tongue

If anything should have tipped off Jack that he is leaving is Nick shaving his pubes while Jack is trying to talk to him. Nick is grooming himself for when Jack is gone and he can finally give Sis the manhood experience she’s been missing with Jack. The creepy factor with Nick is pervasive.


The field trip is going to be aired on Sunday, so how will that work? The HOH is always right after the eviction; do you think maybe they will film the field trip before the HOH? Right after the HOH, but before nominations? It will have to be before noms because the people selected for the field trip will probably effect the noms.