Jack “This wasn’t your one. You will win one though, even if I have to throw one to you.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – HOLLY
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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9:50pm When the live feeds return –
Bedroom. Jack and Sis. Jack – This wasn’t your one. You will win one though. Sis – you’re right. Jack – Even if I have to throw one to you. Sis and Jack head out of the bedroom. Jackson – wow! I am happy. Jack – I know you are. A “W” is a “W”.

Bathroom. Tommy – WOW! That was amazing! Jack – another week! Kat jumps in the other shower. Jess talks with Kat. Jess – hopefully she (Holly) feels good becaseu I woke up today with sore fign.

10:10pm Kat – maybe this will be a good opportunity for her to fill the Leadership ship. You killed it! Today was a f**king day. I don’t want to talk about it too but… Kat – he is so meant to me. So meat. Sis – why though!? Kat – I have no idea.

10:38pm Bathroom. Bathroom. Holly, Christie and Sis. Holly asks them if they want to sleep up in the HOH room with her. Christie – don’t you want to share it with Jackson? Holly – we can alternate.

11:12pm Jackson and Holly.
Jackson – you killed it out there! Holly – thank you. I really want to sleep with you up there obviously, obviously. Jackson – I want to wait until I get HOH and reward myself. Holly – why? I mean I want you to sleep up there at least part of the time but I felt it was better for game because I feel really left out sh*t you know?! Jackson – I agree. I am going to wait till I win HOH. Holly – I was thinking this is probably smarter because Sis and Christie have gotten super super close and we’re at the bottom of the six. Jackson – dude, I’m not sweating it. Holly – okay. Jackson – you’re going to get hit with people. Holly – I know, I’m a little nervous about it. Jackson – you went from playing a rookie game to being in the spot light. Holly – I know but I was really, really tempted to throw it. Jackson – you did not hang on that long to throw it to somebody. Holly – I know, I know but I was so tempted to throw it. Sis was upset because she really wanted me to throw it to her. Jackson – give her a nights rest to get over it. Holly – I don’t want her to get petty and let it fester. Jackson – you’re HOH!? I will deal with that.. I’ll talk to her. Holly – I am just trying to cover all our bases. Jackson – that’s ridiculous, you don’t encourage someone to throw it after they’ve been up there for 2 hours. No. She would be saying the same thing to Jack if he had won. She will get over it. Holly – at lease make sure to give her a bug hug and talk to her. We’re not in the real world. Jackson – I know. You did good. Sis joins them. Jackson – Sis you did a hell of a job. I hope you didn’t think anything I said was against you? I just didn’t want her to throw it. She’d been up there for two hours. Sis – I know, it just annoyed me but I am over it.

11:24pm Kitchen. Jackson, Jack, Holly, Sis and Tommy. Jackson – dude our body weight wasn’t meant for that comp. Jack agrees.

11:35pm Bedroom. Nick and Sam.
Nick – I guess once I fell it didn’t matter which one of them won. Jackson pulled me aside out out there and said I am going to do what I can to not get you up there this week. I know he probably doesn’t want to but they’re going to get pressured. Nick – my campaign is going to be short. I am glad that I told you guys before you won HOH that if I won I was never going to touch you. And jury is coming up and if you want to win the game who would you rather be in there to vote for you .. me or Jess? If you want Michie next week throw me up. Cuz I want him to be there. Just throw me up there next week. I don’t care .. but I do care .. it just gives us another week.

11:33pm Bedroom. Jack, Christie and Sis.
Christie – I am going to talk to Michie because I feel like he has the most control over Holly. Jack – okay, I will touch base with Michie. Christie – I don’t know what Michie is thinking with Sam and Nick. They both have to go up. I would never push someone or pressure someone but Holly came in here and she said she was thinking Nick and a pawn. That is not safe. He has been picked for every veto so far and if he (Sam) wins it and takes Nick off then neither of them go home. Its not worth it, they both have to go up. Jack – I will touch base with Michie. Christie – its too risky to leave Sam off the block. Jack – I’ll touch base with Michie tonight. Christie – coolio!

11:45pm Living room. Holly and Jackson.
Jackson – I am so happy to be out of that room. Holly – if Christie and Tommy have some punishment were they’re chained together then. If that’s the case then she won’t be able to sleep up in the HOH. Holly – I just think gamewise its smart. Jackson – I dont want to put a target on your back. What are you thinking? Holly – Nick and Sam. Jackson – do you want to talk about it, noms are tomorrow. I’ll come up later. Holly – they’re the only two that have come up to me to say they want to talk. Jackson – if I were HOH, I would put up Nick and Sam. But for you to put up Nick and Sam it is f**king bold. You put Nicole and Sam. Holly – what if Nicole ends up going though? Jackson – you put Nicole and Sam and if Nicole comes off you put Nick up there. You would be putting up two guys. Holly – I was originally thinking Nick and a pawn but if Sam gets picked and wins and pulls Nick off they both stay. We can talk about this later.

12:40am Holly – Who wants to see my HOH room?! They all head up to the HOH room. They all look at her photos and HOH basket. After everyone but Jess and Sam leave. Sam is listening to her HOH music.

1:40am -2am HOH room. Jess and Holly. Jess – it happened because it was just your time. Its going to suck because obviously no one wants to be in that position but if you ever felt like someone was a threat. If you ever felt like someone was coming after you? Holly – I know. Jess – you’ll have time to think about that. Holly – now that I don’t have time. Jess – ti will probably be tomorrow. Holly – I want to talk to everyone that wants to talk. Sam stops listening to her HOH music and leaves the HOH. Holly to Jess – how are you feeling? Jess – I am afraid that you’re going to put me up. Holly – you’re not going up. Jess – good, I gave you a massage yesterday and I hoped that helped! Jess laughs and hugs Holly. Holly – I hope you wouldn’t think I would put you up. Jess – I would never assume that someone wouldn’t put me up. Eventually we’re going get to the point where everyone has to go up. Jess then makes her plea as to why she shouldn’t go up on the block. Jess – these hands will be at your disposal to give you massages so that you can win HOH’s for years to come. And I have always told you that I would always be honest with you and I will always be a vote for you. Holly – you make a compelling argument. Jess – I just don’t think I would ever be a threat to you. Holly – I am hoping it won’t be a crazy hard week. It just honestly sucks. Jess – this is the last week before jury. You’re going to save the people that best serve you to win this game. Like you and your gut will know who. That’s the only way people can play is to trust your own gut. I’m not looking to put you up. You’re not a target of mine. Jackson joins them.

2:34 am Tommy and Sis

SIs says she thinks they are good for a while. Tommy agrees.

SIS – I was thinking Jackson’s not going to do anything until we get to the six but then I was thinking what if he tries to do something before the six

Sis says that Jack told her that Jackson will never get him out.
Sis – reassurance there’s a final 2

Sis – Michie seems influential over Holly
Tommy – I know
Sis – Jackson is …
Tommy – he’s rubbing people the wrong way
Sis – really
Tommy – I’m like do I want to talk to Jack about it and let him know. See what he thinks about giving Jackson a heads up
Tommy says the way that Jackson talks to Kat “people don’t like it”
Sis – I bet Jack is one of those people
Tommy – if you look around the room when he talks to her people are just like …
Sis – ahh sh1t
Sis doesn’t want Jackson to bring Holly down
Tommy says kat and Christie came to him about all the things Jackson does, “Hiding the towels.. All that s1ht stupid sh1t”
Sis says Kat and Jess are close there’s no way that Kat isn’t telling Jess stuff.

Sis – her and Jess are like me and Christie, Granted I don’t tell Christie everything the majority, Whatever

Sis – I just feel good though especially going into the double eviction
Tommy – I do too

Jess joins them telling them Kat is sleeping in the have-nots tonight.

2:58 am Sis and Holly
Sis – I’m so happy for you holy f*
Holly – we literally thought about it should we shower
Sis – Jack was hinting he wants to shower too. in my head, I’m like if we do I’m sorry you have to do a lot of work.. We’re going to be so sore tomorrow

Holly – the majority of the entire house fell 2 hours before us
Sis – I’m happy we proved ourselves especially in front of the six-shooters
Holly – I’m really worried because next is a double eviction
Christie joins them. They start talking about Jack’s ex and the feeds flip.

We temporally flip back to the HOH conversation where Christie is talking about Bella having “F* you money” because she claimed she bought 1600 dollar boots. Feeds flip back to Jackson.

3:10 am Jackon in the kitchen .. eating, making coffee, farting being Jackson

3:20 am Sis, Christie, Holly
Sis says she’s worried about Nicole
Sis – hopefully we can get out Nick or sam
Christie says Nicole is not good at any competitions, “she sucks.. she’s first-round out”
Christie – why would she throw them… she has no allies. Jess doesn’t trust her 100% she would not care if she went home. Jess would feel safer with us girls than Nicole.

Sis – Jack was telling me that Nick today was talking to Jackson and telling him thing you said about Jaciosn week two. I don’t know jack didn’t tell me what you said. Apparently, it’s not sitting well with Jackson.
Christie says Sam and Nick were bullying her to not use her power (F* off with that bully sh1t)
Christie says she was attacking her to not use the power and Jackson attacking her to use the power.\
Holly fills in that she walked in on the tail end of the conversation between Nick and Jackson. Holly adds in that Jackson is going through personal issues and when he heard from Nick what Christie said about him it didn’t sit well.
Christie – I love Jackson I would never do that

Feeds flip back to Jackson chugging coffee
Christie says Nick thought he could turn Jackson and holly against her.

Holly brings up Kat always saying that Jackson disrespectful to women
Holly – I’m like can you please stop saying that the internet will take that and run with it. You really really need to stop saying things like that because what we say in here it carries weight when we generalizer a person like that it has repercussions on their entire life
CHrsitie – I feel like Kat overdramatizes everything
Sis says everything Nick says is a lie.

Holly heads downstairs for s second.
Tommy joins them CHrsite says to Tommy and Sis that she’s so happy THEY won HOH.

3:45 am Tommy, Christie, Sis and Tommy
Holly, I don’t know if I want Nick or Sam gone.. I honestly don’t know

Holly – he still gets money for his family and he’s always talking about making ti to Jury
Christie – you put them both up you leave it up to them.
Holly is wondering if she should put them both up or put up one and a pawn
Sis – it’s safer to put both of them up
Holy – one of them is going to stay I don’t want them to come after me
Tommy- it would me a lot to the house even the girls if they’re not a paw this week
Holly was going to suggest Kat as the pawn “It would make the house think we’re not working together”
They tell Holly Kat would be pissed to be a pawn.
Holly mentions using Cliff as a pawn
Christie – with Cliff we promised .. (You promised.. put Cliff up PLEASE. I want to be able to write that post tomorrow please )
Holly says if Sam or Nick win the veto Nicole would go up

Christie – you called a house meeting to stand with the house then you voted against the house
Christie goes on about being so mad at Nick for ambushing and bullying her.
Christie is going to go over the conversation she has in the bathroom with Nick where he ambushed her and he used what she said to run to Jackson and get him to turn on her.

4:00 am They start talking about how hard it will to beat jack and Jackson in the final . Christie says she would feel great sitting next to any of them in the HOH room.
Christie says that jack and Jackson have a final 2.
Christie- with us any one of us it will be a coin toss
Tommy- Nick and Bella where they went wrong they played too hard too soon

4:25 am Sis, Christie, and Holly
Talking about shower s$x.
Christie – the shower must get kinda inconvenient no
Christie – do you always turn the water on and actually take a shower or do you just use it an area now
Sis – we turn on the shower, Do whatever and then I shower after
Holly – same
(must help with the rashes)
Sis – even if we’re in the bed
Holly says the shower running helps with the sounds
Christie – the feeds aren’t going to show people having sex that’s just porn and that’s not even entertaining game
Sis – it’s CBS there’s no way
They talk about how MASSIVE Jackson is because he’s been eating none stop

4:36 am Christie and Sis kindly warn Holly whatever Nick and Sam tell her will be a lie.

4:42 am Looks like they are finally going to sleep. Tomorrow will be nominations where Holly is putting up Sam/Nick or Nick/pawn. Possible renoms/pawns I’ve heard discussed are Nicole/Cliff and Kat.

7:20 am Jackson is up making a fruit salad for the US army.

8:00 am Jackson makes Eggs and French Toast

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another name

I forgot the power was listed at the top and just saw CHRISTIE – PANIC. thought it was the first line of the current events
i shuddered. said oh what now. then thought still??? and then realized my error. Not that it won’t happen at least once before tomorrow.
I just thought her Universal magic bladder control problem had started the engine on the crazy train a little early.
my bad.
Since have nots ended a night early Jackson has shared part of a watermelon. eaten another. eaten a mini watermelon with a spoon and told others it was spoiled and had to be tossed. then meat. veg. cereal. peanuts. It’s been TWO hours. Crap. forgot the Pizzas (plural) I’m convinced he thought the entire mini replenishment they gave them was just for him, and he plans to eat it ALL before morning.
When Holly says she is offering Sis and Christie to share her hoh bed, and not to be mad…. who’s inner narrator said “HE MAD”
I admit. I have to raise my hand. But at least Holly won’t be burping deodorant smell.

another name

Kat and SIs: he scares me. he gets in those moods. It’s frightening. fish
Jack and Sis: he’s going to treat this like his hoh isn’t he? mmmhmmmm.
Jackson to Holly: what’s going on in your little head? oh if i were hoh it would be sam and nick, but that move is too bold for you. how about Sam and Nicole?
Jessica: My goal was to last through the commercial.
Jessica to Kat: when he starts yelling like that it’s so scary. fish
Holly: maybe i’ll just ask everyone for 2 names and will go with the majority.


? I’ve fallen for the “CHRISTIE – PANIC” more than once!

I thought Aquannabe Man was going to be the one I liked the least but full-of-himself Jacky (no pun intended) has easily earned that spot. I do believe not evicting Aquannabe Man while they had the shot was a mistake for everyone.


should be interesting to see how 6s treats cliff now that he’s back to his irrelevant old self perhaps he’ll realize what a poor choice he made when they all stop treating him like he’s one of the cool kidz


Wont be surprise to see him on the block
If not now, then next week when the power will be used / its jack hoh


bleck. i guess best case scenario is an attempt to get out kat that goes horribly awry and somehow sends jack or christie home?


Best case scenario is to hope for sam/nick hoh next week. This week nothing will change

Allies Mom

Sis did better than Jack and Jack is saying he will throw a win to her? The egos on these people. They are so unlikeable. The best part of this season is going to be seeing how shocked these losers are when they get voted out.


Oh come on . Usually jack is better.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They are both pigs.


They may have missed the boat on sending Aquannabe Man out the door.

BB Watcher

i hate jacks comment “even i i have to throw it” like wtf how degrading can he be?

The Corey's

What a nice guy, hes gonna throw her a hoh because of course she can’t win one without the help of a jugganot such as him self.


Which one of the 6 won the HOH…or was it Kat…who got it?


Nevermind…It just came up that it is Holly. Does anyone think she’ll target Snackson Jackson? It would be nice, but he’s gonna try to control her HOH. Kat sure seems PISSED at him and she is close to Holly, right?

I don’t think he should even be there in the house with all of the problems he’s been having. He just seems like a not nice person.

I wish Christie would go up on the block to flush out her power. Her being evicted would be great, too! She’s such an overbearing houseguest. Can’t wait for Tommy to be gone, too.

Holly will probably put up Nicole and Sam or maybe Cliff. I doubt if she considers Crusty’s promise to him for his safety means anything to her. She never said it, did she?


OMG we’re on teh same wavelength. just to see Christie on teh block will be a great fun week.

Bullies SUCK

She’s too busy thinking with her Va-J-J to remotely consider the guy that’s treating her like a common call girl.

What’s sad is that this season is settling into, yet another, weekly predictable season, unless someone outside of the Control group wins HOH. And then that person, Cliff, knuckles under like Foute last year. It’s amazing how they always think they are making a move by getting out someone other then the biggest threat when they have a real chance.

What’s more sad is that I keep watching year after year hoping for a season where the house flips back and forth on a weekly basis like it did about ten years ago. And, it never happens. Nowadays, the flippers flip on each other trying to please the powers that be (the pretty people having all of the sex) while those people in power laugh at their efforts.



Foutte didn’t buckle, they just really sucked.


Exactly!!! Every season I ask myself why am I watching this? I’ve stopped telling myself that I’m not going to watch the next season because I know I will. I’m disgusted with myself. ????


Snackson JAckson HAHAHAHA


The editing gods have been good to the jackals. Christie’s power should have been flushed out this week. Thanks for nothing Cliff!


Another sucky week ahead, I don’t care what anyone says I’m blaming Cliff. It blows my mind how bad he blew it


Yup – & it gets even worse as Jackson passed along what Nick told him regarding Christie saying she’d like to take a shot at taking out Jackson (back door) & how she goes on and on with how abusively he treats women (although he does). And damn it Cliff is protecting Christie WTF?????????????

WHY Cliff – either say “I don’t know” or yeah I heard something similar.

I initially didn’t like Cliff backing down from putting her, Sis, Holly or Tommy up but now he’s burying the underdogs too. Does he really think 2 weeks of him now re-aligning with J’s & Christie/Tommy will push him past all 4? Come on Cliff – I’m not a huge Nick fan but by doing this you’re also putting Sam & Nicole in jeopardy b/c Nick could come off block & then guess who leaves? BRUTAL

BUT if Jackson read the house he’d know it was the truth b/c Christie was pulling for Kat to win (thinking she had her set to backdoor Jackson) & then when it was Holly/Sis it was Christie encouraging Sis (he HAS to see this right?)

Man this punishment can’t come fast enough & I sure hope 1) hamsters learn fans voted & 1 might get evicted and 2) that person is one of J’s or my personal preference Christie (to flush the power) .

BB Casting Call

Do the casual fans who only watch the show have the same thoughts and feelings towards the cast as the feedsters? Will the casual fans vote the same way?

This twist could see bottom feeders like Jess or Kat on the field trip and only 1 of the 6S.


Totally agree. People might also get mixed up thinking this is a good thing and will blindly vote for their favorite. WE’ve seen this happen before with Elissa season 15. Casual fans are very dangerous in these fan votes. They’re like having Jessica being your surgeon. You just know they’re leaving that gauze in you before they sew you up.

I don’t watch enough of the CBS edit to know what type of image about the sh1tshooters they are sending.


True Simon,

But I think this year given how much outrage is on social media it will be different. I’ve witnessed it with NBA this year — much more interaction and influence. There are already a ton of tweets out there saying make sure to vote Jack, Christie, Jackson. And, in recent years we’ve seen the boards/social more accurate to America’s Favorite Player for example.

I doubt Kat is one b/c audience seems to like her silliness (that Mickie vote tonight helped). I could do without Jess/Tommy on my feeds as well, but if this is something like a nomination, eviction, can’t play in HOH or POV than I’d rather it be Jack-holes or Christie.

Too bad it wasn’t vote for three people you want to give special power to b/c that would be far easier (although I’d want it to land in Sam or Nicole’s hands over Nick’s). Why or why can’t we have nice things? lol


Simon the edits are not showing jackoff as he is the crusty edits paint her closer to her image and Jack is almost an afterthought. My opinion of course as I watch both as much as I can.


Gotcha! thanks for that. Interesting about Jack is an afterthought


I think his edits are more to keep his exposure limited as so much of the negative stuff out there is centered around him.


yeah, he’s definitely portrayed as a focal point of the alliance, but it’s interesting cuz for the most part they only show people talking about him rather than showing him, cuz when they do show him he has a tendency to come across as an arrogant jerk (probably because he is an arrogant jerk).


You see jack in discussions and diary room but most times unless comforting tommy or sitting back nodding and flipping his hair they have not focused on him as much as bitchie mitchie. ?


Simon, the message CBS send on the TV is Jack is a loveable dope, Jackson is hurt and needs sympathy, Christie and Tommy are “great” players, and Holly and Sis are….just there.


WOW great work CBS! I guess the TV only’s get real shocks when the step into the internets.


yeah, the edits barely show sis or holly at all. you’d forget they’re in the house. they’re more invisible than jess.


My daughter is a ‘casual’. She just recently started watching the show in spite of years of me talking about it lol. I spoke to her the other day and filled her in on live feed stuff, the several boinking hook ups between different houseguests, the nasty comments toward Nemi and Ovi, the bullying of certain people, Jack’s ego, Jackson’s weird obsession with food and controlling behaviour, etc etc. She had no idea. Her perception of the game and the people playing it has been turned upside down. lol. Innocence lost.

BB Casting Call

I had an ex-gf that hat d when I would tell her about HGs during live feeds. She would get all upset at me for ruining her perception/tv image of certain characters.


the jacks are getting relatively positive edits so i think casual watchers don’t dislike them that much. they’ve been shown a little overbearing maybe (offhand condescension towards the female members of their alliance but nothing as egregious as some of the things they’ve actually said), but usually they’re portrayed as who the audience should be rooting for. both kat and christie are little crazy in the edits, but that too is a bit tempered. sam’s kinda annoying in the edits. cliff’s portrayed as a good guy in over his head. everyone else is more or less invisible.

if bb isn’t clearer about what this field trip entails i think jess is a shoo-in to be on it. hard to say who else. i think holly and sis are most likely to join as they’ve done nothing significant on the edits whatsoever. kat and christie are also possible though as getting “crazy” edits usually isn’t a good thing. i will be shocked if it’s not three women.


jackson finding out christie was targeting him could get interesting. we already saw what happened to bella for thinking it was “too soon” to target the alliance after all.

cliff sucks. christie’s deal was worthless. as long as nick and bella were in the house that was two weeks of safety right there. even if they pull themselves off the block sam was the likely replacement and worst case scenario he’s on the block with sam after nick/bella wins veto week 2 (with the other going home week one) and he’d still stay over sam. all cliff did was protect a power she’s never going to use on him. and does he honestly think he has a chance against any of them final 2 when the 6 will make up the majority of the jury? for his game the 6 need to go now.


What if Holly decided to make a big play?!

I know…=(


it would revitalize the fan base and tank kraken stocks. Champagne sales would see an uptick in Comox.


It’d be stupid to turn on her alliance so soon. None of the other side is targeting her — Jack, Jackson and Christie are the three who are the meat shields.

The biggest piece on the board on the other side is Sam. But Sam can be useful when the six starting shooting at each other. She might be wise to get rid of someone like Jessica, who can’t win any comps and is useless unless you’re carrying her to F2. Or Cliff, who wants to be in a side alliance with Jack, Jackson and Christie. Taking down the others’ side alliances is a key to success to having numbers when you really do decide to turn. Holly’s seems to be Kat.


the problem with big brother that people often underestimate is that you are so rarely in power that you gotta take your shots when you can. nick and bella didn’t make a move on their alliance because it was “too soon” and look where it landed bella a week later? i doubt she will, but holly really should seriously consider turning on the alliance now. however, it is far more likely she targets jess or cliff who are completely useless to her game or plays with her alliance and goes after nick/sam. (i think (hope?) nicole is safe).


Except that Holly’s on no one’s radar. If she targets her alliance, then five (or six, depending on if Christie’s power was in play) are coming for her. And ahe can’t play in the HOH comp.

If she goes for Cliff or Jess or Sam or Nicole or Nick, maybe she makes one enemy. Two at the most.

Her game is better off staying with the six, for now, and picking off any side alliances made by others in her alliance.

In BB13 when Dick and Dani went back in tbe house, Dick warned his daughter not to turn too soon — for Dom and Portia. She did — and survived for a few weeks. But it got her eventually.

She could have cultivated side alliances with the newbies while staying true to Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel — thus allowing the other vets to be targets of the other side.

Yet she listened to her heart — which was great for her personal life (she married Dom and they have a baby) — and lost $500K.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sis is whining to Kat that Holly wouldn’t give the HOH to her. And that Jackson was saying “NO”. Ok, can’t stand Jackson. But if you can’t win it on your own accord, shut the heck up. The only season I absolutely hated was 19. This isn’t as bad, but it has been a giant let down.


Here comes a week of fake edits by cbs to make it seem like the outcome isn’t obvious already!

Ovi's tongue

Jess up in the HOH room explaining how to play the game to Holly is just precious.


Jess is a freaking joke of jokes on the feeds … she’s just got herself started I’m seeing an entire season of her convincing people to do the wrong thing.


Well as she told Holly a couple days ago “she is a psychic empath” lmfao


“I gave you a massage yesterday, so hopefully that helps. And you have my hands at your disposal all week so you can continue winning HOH for years to come” hahahaha


Anyone with at least one brain cell should pick up on the fact that she is clueless, and when she says to do something your best bet is to do the exact opposite. I’m rooting for her to be nominated and get the boot. It’s the best case scenario since the 6 have the power. Seeing Cliff on the block would be freaking hilarious too, let him feel the misery that we all went through this past week.

BB Casting Call

Image she was cast last season and a part of FOUTTTE (SOUTTTE)?


I mean these hamsters annoy me at the best of times but Cliff protecting Christie over the truth Nick told him (she talks behind J-Hole’s back, told them she wanted to backdoor J-hole 2 weeks ago & says he treats women poorly). Cliff KNOWS these things to be true but buries Nick to save Christie. Bullshit!

That’s great Cliff stay safe for 2 weeks with the person whose told EVERYONE in the house she has their back & put the target on the two or three other people who would fight for you & protect you. He seems to think the target will just be Nick but NEWS FLASH if Nick wins POV then Sam goes home UGH I can’t.

Only hope is Holly doesn’t put Sam up right away – he wins POV takes down Nick & Christie believes he’ll work with her so uses her DPOV & he puts her up instead.

AND – for those wondering Nicole just stated out loud they were told in the rules you couldn’t wrap the wires around you like Jackson had his the entire competition.

Seriously—- I just can’t. Between that and having the shade (Jess) for Beth the lamp is equally annoying to listen to. Jess refused to leave the room forcing Sam to leave so she could talk to Holly first. Jess KNOWS Sam is a target & needs to speak to her — correction Jess is — well if Holly/Sis are the lamp & chair then Jess is the shade & the cushion. UGH

On the repulsive side of things: J-Hole told Holly they can have sex b/c live feeds cut away during it.

On best thing of night: Kat asked Jess if they heard audience laugh when she (Kat) voted & Jess said yeah – why did they lol. Kat tells how she voted for Mickie (Jackson) & intends to every week until he’s ousted. Kat is seriously the most entertaining – just wish she’d stop sharing soooooooooo much with Holly/J-Hole.


cliff’s a clown. I hope he’s on the block and gets evicted


But he made a deal and they gave their word…and in Big Brother your word is as good as Bernie Madoff’s financial advice!


Exactly my hope! I was such a fan of Cliff… Now he just needs a dose of reality. Consequences…. idiotic game play.


Simon unfortunately I expect initial noms are Sam and Nick. Unless holly gets pissed at the bullying of who to put up by crusty and jerkoff Holly would be best to nominate Sam and Jess, and hope six shooters get picked for pov then take Jess down and put Nick up. Because Jess wont win anything.


you’re right. I guess if Nicole wins Veto uses it on Sam. The renom would be Kat or Cliff.

another name

Maybe the field trip will be to a mental health facility or an sti clinic. that would have the potential to ruin more than a few games.
(rule 9 of the appication must be in good physical and mental health).


So the talk about scr$ewing in the shower has already started. I swear they’re going to have to shut that building down from all the rashes that are going to spread..


I think Nick and Sam are going up. Holly and Sis are already talking ill of them. If Sam goes it’s going to be a long August.


I agree Simon… Was just talking to someone else that this season has a bunch of boring, average , ho hum , people in it.. Anyone else notice that even their Diary Room comments are boring. Its a snooze fest.


It was obvious . But i wonder if they see that sam is the bigger threat


Deep inside I was trying to make myself believe that Holly will see them all turning on Jackson.


I hope if they both go up, that Nick goes. He wrecked his season for Bella. So they can go off into the sunset and cry about it. Sam is the best in DR. But honestly big hog Cliff is so stupid his are a little entertaining. I still like Kat. I hope she stays around for a while.


I really think they told 2/3 of this house that they were going on love island.Is anyone enjoying this stupidity? I don’t see a point in watching the village idiots from areas all around the country gathered here and placed in this house. i might check in to see an update weekly , but i just can’t look at or hear this pure nonsense any longer.


Sigh……… I’m going to go now and kick rocks:(


Hope Sam stays. He seems so genuine. The jackholes are just horrible! Where do they find these people. Just really disgusting stuff this year. No we don’t want to hear about the shower sex or the how when. Good lord. Could you really have sex with someone who pees on himself and then the ground? He’d have to be bleached . He’s the most disgusting. Hope he gets the field trip home. Anyone know where granny is? I miss her insights.


Are we still on bump watch? As much action the shower is getting…


I think we have two late cycles with Christie/Sis ? but this is all common in the high-stress bb house. Plus Christie might be like 10 years late from how she’s acting. I don’t think Jackson can actually reproduce there’s more coffee in than blood in this system


All this s$x in teh Big Brother house is reminding me of BB13 with Rachel and Brandon. There was this day when Rachel was going on about how the sheets were stiff as a board from all the dried on *** . ( I can’t find the post but I swear it happened)


when jack and tommy come out out the hoh shower room together then something exciting will finally happen on this trainwreck of delusion!


Tommy did mention at one point he’d be good with a showmance.

Roll Tide

That is a good thing! No little self absorbed jerks!

Tired bbfan

Listening to jess talk game makes me lose brain cells I cannot believe no one wants to put her up as a pawn. She really gonna be coast her way to the end at this rate holly (I mean jackson) are going with the possible nominees this week.



Ovi's tongue

Given Bella’s “F-you” money, does anybody think Nick might just be a fortune hunter?


As much as I don’t want Jackson to win anything I would kind of love it if he and Kat got to final 2 and Kat won.


I would rather Final 3 with Kat and Holly and he wins nothing then. He doesn’t deserve the runner up pay out…


That whole Jackson Holly conversation about him sleeping in HOH with her, was just disturbing on so many levels. He still has to control everything. Would be nice for a change, for Holly to think for herself…but its a “if only she had a brain” circumstance.


Holly says kat needs to stop talking about how mean jackson is…please. A) everyone is saying it not just her, b) you’re just jealous that you’re getting sloppy seconds and he is still giving her attention even if he is an asshat while doing it, and C) if you don’t want him to look bad maybe tell him to stop doing shit that makes him look bad!!! He attacks and harasses her and she is just supposed to shut up?! Girl bye.


https://twitter.com/EvelDick/status/1154647347839811584 CBS really needs to get Jackson out of there


Wow. Just wow. You have to wonder about the casting process, this guy is far from norm.

Ugh.. this season...

Okay so, I don’t like Jackson, I think he’s a douche, however, it’s very unfair to call him “far from norm” because he has some mental health issues to work out. Everyone has something wrong with them and you’d probably be surprised how many people you know that have been in his same position: depressed, anxious, borderline suicidal, etc. People that you probably had no clue were going through these types of things. It’s also unfair to think that anyone that has had mental health issues in their past couldn’t be on a show like this. If that was the case, if everyone was honest, there wouldn’t be enough people to even do the show.
It has to be hard to be on this show and have every single thing you say watched. He mentions that he’s been dealing with some shit and suddenly the world sees him as a monster because he’s forming real relationships in the house and being honest about what he’s got going on at home.
Like I said, not a Jackson fan at all, I just don’t think it’s fair for him to be criticized for anything to do with his mental health outside of the BB house.


Google agreement papers to get on the show. It explicitly states must be physically and mentally sound and pass tests AND bring physician verification. Makes me think he cheated on those things. I have panic disorder and know I would have been slapping people the first day…so would NOT even apply

another name

It is fair to call into question how someone with such a plethora of issues could be cast.
Whether it’s his week one comments about health issues he hid. (direct violation of application rules)
Whether it’s his week one and two comments about health issues they were aware of.
Whether it’s his depression self harm comments.
Whether it’s his anger issues.
Whether it’s his dependency issues.
Whether it’s his food and body image issues.
Any one of those factors in an individual SHOULD give a casting agent pause, and need for evaluation. The fact that Jackson is exhibiting ALL of those factors, should have caused deep thought in the casting department about whether or not is was safe and fair for him and safe and fair for others to put him into a pressure cooker environment. Other people in the house should not be expressing fear because of his issues bubbling up. When other people are expressing fear of his outbursts, should sympathy and understanding for his issues outweigh sympathy and understanding for their fear?

Ugh.. this season...

I get it. But chances are, he only talks about this stuff to friends and family, not to his doctor. My husband has major depressive disorder and severe anxiety. Do I think his PCP would sign off on this show if he wanted to go? Yes, I do. Do I think this show would be the worst thing to ever happen to him? Absolutely. I also know that zero people that my husband works with have any clue about his mental health problems.
All I’m saying is that everyone has issues. Guaranteed that every single person that is in the BB house right probably lied about something on their application.
Living in a fish bowl would bring out the worst in anyone and exacerbate any underlying problems that they have.


One or two issues can be dealt with but it’s the sheer number Jackson seems to be exhibiting that’s troublesome. We had Megan leave for mental health reason, Audrey should have been pulled sooner, there were a few others who got squirrelly in the BB house. It’s not sunshine and roses in there and it’s easy for well adjusted people to go nuts. Bayleigh last year lost her mind at points and I think she is normally pretty sane but that house is crazy town.




So it’s alright for Christie to go on and on about what a “bully” Nick is, but God forbid Kat talks about what a bully Jackson (the real bully) is? Alright, then.


They’re talking about next week being a double eviction … is there any truth to this? I would like to do a fast-forward on this season and then draw out the week where Christie is on the block.


What a disappointment this season has been. I have to admit I have stopped watching the show, but am still coming on here for the updates.


Same. The show is pointless and I can’t stand most of these HGs. It’s bad enough to read about how stupid they are … watching is worse.

Big Brother Fanatic

Uggg, Jack….your such a douche….SIS, why girl why….

Eric Haislar

” The feeds aren’t going to show people having sex that’s just porn and that’s not even entertaining game”

HAHAHA I can’t wait till they get out of the house.


It’s like she’s never seen the internet…

Roll Tide

Surprise Holly and Sis, enjoy your fame for a looong time.


There are 2 things that are frustrating to me …..First, Cliff saying that he rolled over this week for his long term game. Two weeks is NOT long term unless your long term game is just getting you to Jury. Ugh….I kind of hope that Cliff goes up so he can see what a big mistake he made.

Second, when the girls, mostly Holly and Nichole, (that I’ve heard) say that they would Never let people treat them like Jackson /Bella treat them in the “real world”. Come on Ladies, don’t let people treat you like this period!!! Holly needs to stand up for herself and if there is a little bid of truth to her saying she wouldn’t tolerate being treated like Jackson treats her in the “real world” the please tell him to go pound sand in the Big Brother world. He is just awful. I don’t know, at this point, who I despise more, Jack or Jackson.

I was trying to explain last nights episode to my husband, who doesn’t watch Big Brother, and he asked me who I liked most. My response to him was that it’s not who I like most, it who I dislike least……. At this point that would be Nick / Kat / Sam.


Jess isn’t even out of bed and this is what she’s saying

Jessica – My forearms hurt, My ankles hurt my back hurts. the inside of my legs are sore. Tommy – how do you know this already from lying down Jessica – I’m a 240 lbs woman I can feel things


Wow she’s heavier then I am, and younger, and I still go out and mow my yard etc. Plus she wasn’t on the swinging roped for more than say 3 minutes

another name

To be honest, when i was 240 lbs, I could feel things.
Of course I would have liked to have thought that even at 240 lbs i’d have lasted through the commercial.

Red in Blue

Shoot! I’m 82, 230 lbs, artificial joints, don’t exercise and could have beat half of these idiots.


I think it’s sad these people can’t keep in their pants for 3 months. I may be old school(I’m 36) but come on how to look like a sl*t and jerk on national t.v. Please have some self worth people. If I was in the house and liked someone I would wait till I’m out of the house to sleep with them. I use the term like for a reason also this love stuff is ridculous. Also in any Big Brother House has a guy hooked up with 2 girls? Holly/Kat are sad in my eyes why would you ever sleep with the same guy especially someone as gross as Jackson, you girls may be into hair/makeup and looks but you sure don’t have any self-esteem. I also agree with others on here while I don’t really like anyone in the house Sis could do a lot better than Jack. These houseguests need to get their heads in the game, so many people apply for this show and to not play the game and worry about other things is disrespectful.


Also, they don’t even have feelings for one another, I guess Nick and Bella did. It’s to pass time and all casual not using protection. They are there for a game and they lay in bed talking about sex which I guess could be their game play.


That’s why it needs to go back to old school (besides the ratings sucking the past 3 years), more diversity in age etc


So with America’s vote are we supposed to vote for the people we don’t like. It sounded a bit misleading as Julie said it could hurt someone’s game but typically when the HG get to leave the house isn’t it a reward not punishment? TIA.


That’s the way I heard it. Vote for 3 losers in the hope that one of the three losers gets hurt.

another name

When Jackson and Cliff are talking about Nick’s claims regarding Christie I wonder for a second why Cliff is deflecting for Christie. What i believe is happening there: Cliff is still under the impression that Jackson leads the group with Jack. He is still under the impression that Christie could turn on them and join with his underdogs. His underdog faction is more with Jess, Nicole and Kat. Nick he still views as untrustworthy. He would want Sam over Nick to Stay. He might want the six to crack, but he doesn’t want any of the cracks to lead back to him.
Holly. Her entire protection of Jackson is an irritant to me. People shouldn’t say something about Jackson’s behavior because it could get out into the world? How about maybe he shouldn’t exhibit the behavior. In just one night four women expressed fear (and not for their game) when he gets in one of his moods. Each time there was fish cuts. What i note is this: you don’t see Jackson stepping up and getting into the face of another man. It’s always a woman that he feels entitled to go at. There has yet to be a situation where Jackson is getting a warning for screaming at a guy. Just one more thing that is going to be swept under the rug.
What else do i notice: just like in the situations where the mob mentality starts to flare, the adults in the room stay silent, or get along to get along and join in. The same can be said when the house sees or hears him go on one of his tirades.
Somebody switch the house to decaf.
So. Would Holly take out Kat (her secret final 2) in order to please Jackson? Gee. Considering the way he speaks to her (even the congenial conversations in transcript would read like how to stepford your wife), and how she swallows her pride and says yes dear, I can’t say no. Her ‘in real life i wouldn’t accept this’ but ‘in the game’ argument is making me cringe. You either show people how you are willing to be treated, or you take any treatment they give you. Holly takes any treatment given to her. As much as Sis is a pillowcase, Holly is a doormat. She might eliminate Kat for Jackson (or to get Kat’s d/r and air time), but something tells me that the rest of the group would say she’s needed for a number this week.
Why is Jackson up and making breakfast for the three girls in hoh? it’s the big brother21 version of flowers and ‘it will never happen again.’
his next conversation is about Kat grinding his gears. To Jack. yup. needed for the number has been said. Why does Kat grind his gears? Because of that whole she makes him get angry argument he expressed last week. Note that. It will happen again. Other people force him to get angry. It’s their fault. Self control isn’t a thing.


I see what you’re saying about Cliff, but he can still use Nick if he stays so why not just feign ignorance and say “Oh, I never heard that” or “I don’t know” why feed into it so Nick’s target grows and Christie’s diminishes? Especially when eventually it comes out b/c this house can’t keep any secrets.


We will see what happens with the veto, but when Nick and Sam fell off the endurance comp, this season just got really, really boring—very quickly.