“Is it disrespectful If I ask Sam would you want to go home this week or next? Do you want to see your family”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.
Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line
(Thursday we are shown who goes on the field trip?)

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8:15 am Jackson delivers food for the girls

The girls are thrilled

The girls enjoy the food.

Nominations today Sam and Nick are going up its full-on cringe

9:27 am Kat, Holly, Sis, and Christie
Christie going on about how they have to get Nick and Sam on the block “No one stands a chance with you two in here” She thinks they are a duo and dangerous.
Holly complains that Sam is the first person to come to her to talk.
Holly – Sam, is still grasping at straws trying to get whatever he can get.. he’s like I’m not with them. I’m like OKay
Holly – is it disrespectful If I ask Sam would you want to go home this week or next. Do you want to see your family
Christie – no I actually think it’s really considerate (I’m screaming)
Holly wonders if she should reword it like everyone is coming for him so he’ll either go this week or next.
Christie says sam is “Super Cocky”
Christie – he’s so cocky he thinks he’s so untouchable everyone is on to it
Holly- his humor is getting annoying I actually love him but it’s getting tired because he’s desperate.
Christie – this is the first week everyone is on the same page

10:14 am Holly and Sam
Sam – Do you think me and Nick are looking pretty screwed on this one
Holly – it’ll depend on how Convo’s go today because the only people I talked to are Jess, you and Nick
Holly – What I’ve said to Jess, Yes I want to talk to people because I want to get a sense of where the house is at to make this less of a shitty situation than it has to be
Holly – I would rather do what makes the house happy (I would expect nothing less)
Holly says she’s getting inkling that it’ll be sam and Nick
Sam – alright
Holly – if the inkling is that there’s still .. veto
Holly – my own game is keeping peace in the house. That is my only options is to listen and me diplomatic about it

Sam – it would suck if the majority wants me and Nick out but I mean we’ve never had beef with you or Michie
Holly – I know
Sam – we’ve always been fine so if we’re close to you and we’re just going to be targets then next week or the week after that. WE’re already targets so get us out now if you can just get us out later.
Holly – I know
Holly – I don’t have a personal vendetta against either of you guys. Nick has dropped my name I know. to be fair he’s dropped a lot of names.

Holly – I do feel go about either of you with the veto and taking it into your own hands and by then a ton can change
Sam – Yeah
Holly – So I just know how this game works. You guys are both insanely strong competitors
Sam – YEAH
Holly – Like if it’s anything mental nick is boom in the bag, if it’s anything weird or physical BOOM
Sam – that’s true, are there any other names thrown out

Holly says she hasn’t talked to anybody. Holly goes on about how sure she is that the veto will be played because of the insane competitor’s nick and sam are “I’m thinking of potential backdoors if that becomes an option”
Sam – right (she’ll put up Nicole if Nick wins veto)
Sam – since I’m not a bottom feeder I can see that the other bottom feeders are going to throw out like me or Nick just based on the fact they know that’s the easy one. “It’s not me”. but they’re going to be gone next week so what difference does it make.
Holly – I know ..
sam – you know what I mean.. who do you want in your Corner
Holly – I know I want you guys in my corner and I’ve been in your corner
Sam – right

Sam asks her if the whole 2-week deal that Cliff made involved her. She says it doesn’t,
SAm – If I don’t go up and I play in the veto and win I’ll do what you want

10:37 am Holly goes over Nick and Sam’s pleas. Jack is in there with them.

10:57 am Holly and Nicole
Holly wants to be diplomatic she wants to maintain peace in the house
Holly – I want everybody to be happy I want to gauge where people’s head’s at and go with it
Nicole agrees “Everyone’s kinda on the same page and same level”

Nicole says she loves Holly “I don’t say that just to say it”
Nicole wants to be with straight shooters
Holly talks about two weeks ago when she was there for Nicole during her traumatic week on the block.

11:12 am Sis and Holly
Holly says she was pumping Nicole up with “you’re on our team bullshit” adds that Nicole is still whishy washy she would be her Backdoor option.
Sis – she can’t win much
Holly points out this is why she might want to keep Nicole.
Sis – an easy one with no blood on your hands would be kat
Sis – Kat trusts you

11:16 am Jack and Holly
Jack goes on about hos Sam and Nick painted the picture themselves they were “the only two people that voted against the house” (Screaming)

12:15 pm
Holly has talked to Almost everyone now. Nick and Sam are going up. If veto is played Nicole is the replacement.

12:33 pm The only thing not sore is her mouth

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The six are cocky a-holes think they will control the game till the end ! Thinking they can dictate who and when people go home forever. I cannot wait until the tables turn and they totally lose control !!


They are going to control it until they are the last six. And I bet it won’t be the fight we all hope for, just an understanding that whoever wins the comps deserves it.

But I do hate when those 6 shitters call out people for being cocky when they are the cockiest.


No way. Christy and Tommy are gonna turn against Jackson soon.


I agree, and if one of the none six win hoh , they will turn on each other so fast it’ll make your head spin !!


ya it’s going to be a yawn-fest as they pick them all off one by one, won’t get interesting again until they have to start turning on each other. It’s stupid they aren’t realizing they won’t win against the stronger competitors and they should be jumping ship and aligning with the other side of the house to get out the 6. I had hoped Holly would band with Kat and the others (Nick, Sam, Nicole, Cliff) and make a big move and get one of the Jack-holes out but apparently not, another boring shitty week ahead having to listen to the 6 spew their bullshit….heavy sigh!

Mel Atonin

Should be called, Sick because I wanna puke that these two are the only hope.


sam is a complete idiots as are all of them really . oh u have a group of 8 and i am now number 9 . great i will do whatever you say until u put me up and vote me out in a week or so .


Sam is at least smart, him asking Holly if she was in on the Cliff two week deal is genius. He’s giving her an in on how she could explain away putting Cliff up. If the 6 were smart they’d gun for getting Cliff out, he’s won the most comps and he’s the one to put 2 of them on the block. I’d love to see him on the block wondering why the hell he was in that position, and realizing giving your word to garbage people doesn’t mean sh*t to them, because they are in fact garbage people. Maybe I’m just bitter, but his screw up bugs me sooooo much.


Key words…IF They Were Smart”

Franks fumes

It ruined Sam /Nick/ and nerd girls games…..


Some prophets. Anyone could have seen this coming but them. More like antiprophets. Hell nick was told what was happening by Nicole and did nothing!

So annoyed with dumb players

He must be kicking himself right about now. Can you say jacka$$

another name

Why not just cancel the prize money and offer the winner 500k social media followers, and a mr. turtle pool.
Surprised they didn’t just drop the homonym and call themselves pr0(that’s a zero)fit$.


I’m bored.


I’m annoyed


Sam’s the cocky one christie? Really? Sam? Are you sure about that CHRISTIE


You listened? Oh. I already stopped listening I just watch comps. For the short while on then turn it off read catch up here if curious


Simon and Dawg are the shield to the masses. Their noble sacrifices during these Kraken times have saved many lives or at least their sanity.

An ornery mouse

That’s what I love about this site…. your tagline should be “We watch these insufferable assholes so you don’t have to!”

It’s still annoying, but much easier to stomach certain actions/conversations via the written word on this site than it is to watch them firsthand. So, thank you.


Christie is full on delusional. I mean the nerve of her calling Sam cocky, wth


Unbelievable!!!’ My sentiments exactly !


Hoping Sam wins the VETO. If not Sam, then Nick, but I really hope it’s Sam. Then throw Jessica up as replacement. She seems pretty much just taking up space.



Why did JAckson not get a penalty for eating other food while on slop and why is BB allowing Jack’s continued racist comments after he has been warned repeatedly????


Normally for something like this the penalty is a vote when they are on the block. Jackson wasn’t and putting him on the block was either too harsh or irrelevant as he wouldn’t have gotten a vote anyway. Basically production shrugged its shoulders and said meh.

Jack is a different story, they’ve shielded his televised persona quite a bit but his actions, while distasteful, haven’t reached grotesque yet. It’s a pattern and CBS is willing to roll the dice hoping he’ll keep people paying attention without him alienating people and making them stop paying attention. Much like social media, any attention is seen as good for CBS. They don’t care if you’re hate-watching the show as long as you are watching.


I also remember from season 15 with Aaryn and her disgusting racist comments and actions BB said they were only airing it because it was altering/effecting the game. When they did, the episodes had a viewer discretion advisory at the start. Maybe this is why they haven’t shown any of Jacks deplorable behavior. He should have been evicted a long time ago for his actions/comments. This shit has to stop. As much as this is one huge social experiment, BB should not condone nor reward this kind of behavior. Jackson should have also have been given some form of penalty (have not for another week, unable to vote, unable to compete in the HOH). This just casts more doubt into the credibility and fairness of the show.


I personally don’t have a problem with them leaving Jack in the game despite his comments. Big Brother is just a microcosm of society. I am an African American man and quite frankly his comments don’t bother me, I almost expect them. He is not saying it to the “minorities” faces but behind their back. This how the majority of racist operate. Quite frankly he is a nobody so who cares what he says. He will hear about it once he leaves the house. Just let them be and say what they please. Let them expose themselves. I wish Big Brother would never had warned them.


I like your head.

Franks fumes

Smart stuff my friend…..

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree; production screws with the “social experiment”. Let the slop chips fall where they may. It’s about a 7-way tie for me with who I can’t stand. The 6 1/2 Shooters, or whatever the heck they call themselves.


Well this is why they call it reality tv. This shit is real.

Franks fumes

What did Arayan say that Jack/Jackjaw haven’t said…….nothing exactly.

An ornery mouse

On RHAP the other night, they were talking about instead of penalty noms or penalty votes, punishing everyone if someone gets busted eating while a HN. If you break the rules, then everybody becomes a Have Not for a period of time.

Seeing as how this is a social game, I feel like this would be the ideal punishment….. and entertaining too.


Reminds me of boot camp!

An ornery mouse

Yep…. I was never in the military, but I certainly remember Private Pyle’s jelly donut in Full Metal Jacket. “They’re paying for it, you eat it!”


Double standard for the brat child. He is about the worst sport ever. Hates real women. Who are not jumping into bed for their turn on the merry go dick I’m sure the girls did the work for him. He’s butt lazy repulsive and a great match for Christie the voice of treason.

Stanley meet Gloria

Holly – “I just want everyone to be happy”. Sure Holly, Sam and Nick will be delighted to be on the block. They simply couldn’t be any happier, thanks to you.


Nicole should try to aggravate Jackson. Make fun of him, mess with the fruit, tell him his head and body don’t quite match. Call him out if he yells at people. Get in his face.

another name

NIcole? The woman that curls up in a ball in every pleasant conversation? She should poke the bear that yells and screams and throws tantrums? He’s schtumping the HOH enabler. Why should she do this? Do you dislike her?


Where are Paul and josh when you actually need them


I don’t see that happening. Nicole doesn’t have the personality to pull that off nor do I think it would be wise too. Jackson is going far in this game, Cliff made sure of that with his HOH reign last week.


I agree to a point. We don’t want Nicole to be the subject of this POS. While she seems to be so niece she also seems to be such a genuine player and i hope if she does get power she locks the stupid6 out of her hoh and gets down to business. If only Jess would stop kissing ass and get with the program.

The Original

Why is no no one talking about the Field Trip twist next Thursday???? We get to vote for 3 houseguests to be in jeopardy?? The Jacks and Tommy are my votes. Get the Fuck Out. I hate Tommy. He is a slightly toned down Frankie Grande (and thats saying something)


Does anyone know when voting starts?


I haven’t found where to vote yet




can someone post when we can vote and where once they find out, I soooo want to vote the Jack’s and either Christie or Tommy (haven’t decided which yet)!

another name

I see the value in what you are saying. If i could get past my dislike for Jackson, I would agree. I refuse to do so, so any vote that can punish, i feel compelled to vote to punish Jackson. Let’s call it my response to “constructive hazing.”

another name

I’m down. maybe each of the three selected will get to bring a friend. and all 6 will go.


I haven’t seen a place to vote… I am actually motivated to vote (I don’t normally except for AFP). These people have me that aggravated.

I will say though, we complain a lot about production meddling, yet here they are, going to meddle… they have to know how unpopular sh*tshooters are and they have to know it will more than likely be 3 of them….

Just like they had to know (even if they didn’t rig it) that Paul would win those weeks of safety because he was already established and had a fan base.

Tommy Sucks

Your comment is spot on! I wish I could stuff a sock or something in Tommy’s mouth when he sits down to vote. I hated Freakie!

another name

Not going to happen, but Imagine the fun feeds:

Sam and Nick go up on the block.
Kat wins veto.
Kat and Christie have been egging on the Jackson the bully threat. All of the women but Holly agree.
Kat uses the veto.
Christie uses her power. Kat puts Jackson on the block.

The remaining women form an alliance called Karma, that lasts until eviction day. They have five votes if two men are on the block. The men in that scenario have four (but Tommy is up their butts, and Cliff thinks they are all his angels). The alliance only lasts as long as eviction day. Both Sam and Nick remain in the house, Jackson goes pre jury. think of how much food and drink they’ll be able to have in jury without the fridge inspector.


Jackson would be x-lackson…may get hired to promote product….thank gawd that didn’t happen on ropes.


Ha ha, Jackson going pre jury for food and drink should be enough insentive for everybody to get him out!

g Love

Manifesting this??????


We can only hope for a miracle. Lol


It’s embarrassing how much the “nerds” kiss up to the “cool kids.” $500k ain’t worth it and the nerds don’t even have a shot at it anymore. All they had was brains which they didn’t use (thanks cliff). Way to throw your dignity out the window losers!


Every year we hope for the underdogs to get a clue and band together and take out the real losers. But they continue to work think they are better off siding with the majority and it is annoying.


“12:33 pm The only thing not sore is her mouth”


That’s probably not referring to Analyse then.

Another name

Hopefully the twist will put one of their games in jeopardy. Please let us vote three house guests we dislike. Jackson, Jack, and Christie. We can get rid of one of them.


Why is Holly throwing Kat’s name around? I thought Holly and Kat had a final 2 deal. If the s.s. alliance lasts til they’re the only ones left, this season will be intolerable! Sam and Kat are the best of this season. I had hopes for Nicole, but she’s been a let down too.

another name

I’m starting to think Holly is THAT girl. The one that is in with the girls until she gets a man.
Allowing Christie and Sis to share the hoh bed notwithstanding.
She was quite jealous of the number of d/r calls Kat was getting.
She doesn’t like that Kat says things about Jackson.
She’s down with Jackson saying things about Kat.
Now that she says she’s off the market, still hasn’t gotten her period, and is complaining of feeling sick… oh dear god no. tell me putting the square peg in the round hole hasn’t produced… ick. shudder. suggested names: rubik. or cubert.


It’s because holly is jealous. Dumb people. They would see a good opportunity if it hit them in the head.


Hey Siri, set an alarm to wake me up if Sam wins the next HOH.

Jan Nan

My jaw dropped when I read Christy is calling Sam cocky. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I’m so tired of these unbearable people. I want to see Christy sweat and taken down a few pegs. Can we please have a Sam or Nicole HOH , if they survive.

Dalia Hobelman

Think I’ll just read what’s going on and not watch cause these people are dumb I’m ready to stop watching same shit every summer

Tired bbfan

The audacity of any of the six shooters calling sam cocky they can nicely gtfoh. Sad thing is I see a total steamroll all because of Cliff’s decision to save his own a** . Anyways Sam for veto .


Yeah I think this is the first official season where I am done. Ive watched since season 1 and never missed an episode. These people are brutal. Unaware. Self involved. Narcissistic. Stupid. So very stupid….

Petersburg Foosball

That describes most people in the entertainment industry.

Franks fumes

I agree this is worst than Derricks season.


I think this season is so hard to watch because we actually had a good season last year and were spoiled. Bring back last season!

Roisin Dubh

Just started watching again after a couple of years. That Frankie Grande season really screwed with my head. All I gotta say is as always, these HG’s are just butt stupid. Should’ve cut Jack when they had the chance. Bella made Hella sense. Sometimes you have to put the butthurt on the back burner and take care of business. Cliff should’ve stuck his neck out.


My God, Jess sucks too…