“He’s public enemy number one.. hopefully, this distraction will be gone soon”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV  Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi Has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. WE’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony.

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

8:30 am Cliff up talking to the feeds.

9:52 am Houseguest up. lights on.

Jack talking about the order of Diary rooms (they were given early warning) , Christie, Jack, Sam, and Ovi. He wonders why Ovi was called. Christie says because he was nominated.
Jack says
Tommy joins them.
Christie – DR says my nipple last night.. it was Josh specifically
Tommy – Ohh I love him

They start talking about working out. Jackson says they will do some Bulgarian split squats.
jack – Booty work
Jackson – I’m thinking a quad extension with a plate or dumbbell I don’t know if that will work.. (it won’t)
Jackson – have the dumbbell between your feet.. or is that going to work your groin. (Jackson doesn’t need to work his crotch)

Jack – I think more groin because you are squeezing it.. for you to hold a 50 lb dumbbell between your feet
Jack – alright I have to go downstairs and put on a smiling face and say good morning to everybody

Jackson – Kemi came to give a hug she had a toothbrush in her hand and gave me a hug with the other. Sick, where’s Jack where I need him
Jack – she was in the storage this morning. she said good morning I just walked out.

9:53 am Nick and Sam
Nick starts off talking about Sis and Jack alone in the HOH room “how dumb could jack be”
Sam – they’re probably banging
Nick – no they are not, Sis is not that dumb
Sam – oh why is it dumb
Nick – Everyone in the RV is like Oh my god are Jack and Sis still alone. So even if you aren’t banging you might as well be because everyone thinks it that you are doing something
Nick – when Kemi told me she’s going to put up Jack and Kat ..
Nick trails on about telling sis this saying “I know you like Jack, everyone knows you like each other… she’s like no no I just like to cuddle.. if he’s got to go he’ll go”
Nick – I was shocked when she said that

Nick says he told Jack that Kemi is saying she’ll put Jack and Kat up
Nick – I want him a little paranoid because I want him out
Nick – Then Jacks’ pissed, He’s like F* it so mad and Kemi. he’s f*ing so angry bro
Nick – she (Kemi) says she doesn’t talk game with Holly, Sis, Jack, and Jackson so f* might as well get them going.
Nick goes on about how he was telling them to stir them up. “he’s going to alienate himself a little bit”
Nick told sis that he can’t spend too much time with Bella anymore because that’ will make them a target. He told her the same with Jack. She agreed but then she spends a heap of time in the HOH room with Jack.
Nick brings up Jackson and Holly coming down from the HOH saying Jack and Sis have been in there for 40 minutes “those dumb motherf*ers, how dumb can you be”
Nick goes on about the dangers of being seen alone.
Nick – Jack literally .. I wanted him to be a target .. literally ohh and Bella (off on another thread)

Bella told me that Christie was sitting with Bella, Jess and Kemi she was burying Jack
Sam – she was burying JAck when I was up in the HOH she was like F* him
Nick – she did it in front of Jess and Kemi Bashing JAck in front of them
Nick – Me and Christie are thinking the same thing.
they agree they don’t want to win the HOH.

Nick – the only person I don’t’ want to win it is Jack.. isn’t that weird.
Nick – I tried to get him riled up.. even Mickey and Holly were like what are they doing
Nick – everyone in the RV, Nicole, Jess, Kemi are like are they still up there together.
Nick goes on and on about Sis and Jack being up in the HOH room. Calls them “Winston and Brett” “she’s not going to play until he goes but that’s on her bro I’m not going to help her”
Nick – Jack’s always like we got the numbers. I think he forgets that if he puts two of us up that we don’t have the f*ing numbers one of us goes home and it’s going to be him. So that’s on him
Nick – I wanted to sleep in Bella’s room yesterday. Cliff snores so bad bro

10:06 am HOH conversation cam 3-4
Jack – it’s lion mane ..
Jack – you want to braid the whole thing. can we do one big French
Tommy – YEAH!!

Christie – I think it should be, A little ghetto, like three, like hood..
Jackson – Chris  Johnson

10:10 am Kemi and Bella
Bella – not that I don’t trust her she definitely use to trust JAck the four of us can make moves.
Bella – but the two of us will be the brains
Kemi – yeah
Kemi tells her what she said in her Diary room
Kemi – you know how they say follow the rich white man.. whenever there’s trouble follow the rich with man. in the movie they say
Kemi -whenever there’s trouble follow the rich with man.. I said that and you’ll see where the problem is well in Big brother follow the white man by the *** (she was giggling so I couldn’t hear) and you’ll see where the issues..

10:23 am Sis, Christie, Aquadouche, Tommy, Jackson
Talking about Nick telling Jack and Sis they shouldn’t be seen together so much.

10:26 am Christie and Tommy
Tommy and CHrsitie
Tommy – I’ve caught up with Nick
Christie – yeah he doesn’t like it. that’s good for us
Tommy – they are trying to get Jack out
Christie – I know, I want someone in my 8 that’s a bigger target than me
Christie – he’s public enemy number one and that’s fine with me
Christie – because honestly sis and him.. shes like I don’t even have feelings for him he’s just really fun to flirt with she like I don’t want to wreck my game for someone I potentially don’t see anything with, in the end.
Christie – I’m like well then don’t be too tied to him right now hopefully maybe I hate to say this but hopefully this distraction will be gone soon and she’s like I know I wish he was just gone so this wouldn’t be tough.

10:33 am jack and Jackson
They’re talking about Nick telling Sis about spending too much time with their “showmance” Jackson saying that nobody has said anything about Jack and Sis spending time together.
Jack – of course, the other side isn’t going to say anything they don’t talk to you
Jackson – it doesn’t matter if they say anything you know what I mean. Doesn’t matter he shouldn’t care. If he’s on our side and we have the votes
jack – yeah.. but he’s not
Jackon – that’s my point

Jackson – I’m just checking on you baby girl
Jack – I know, I’ll ba ain’t


11:18 am Everyone milling around outside getting ready. There’s a wackadoodle comp today but the backyard will be open. They were given warning who is going to be brought into the Diary room.

11:49 am Bella and Christie
Christie – Now that Sis and him (Jack) are a thing they are using my bed as a love den
Christie goes on complaining about the Jack and Sis cuddling in the head of household bed.

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I do not have live feeds what is Jack doing to piss everyone off?


He has a superiority complex that seems to be personally rubbing everyone the wrong way

Fruit Loop Dingus



The 3 adjectives he used to describe himself were; Honesty, integrity and character. The only one he’s living up to is the character, which is full of hatred and narcissism. He belittles, disrespect and demeans the houseguest behind their backs and make little snide remarks in their faces.


Love the aquadouche reference made me laugh ? Nick better watch it or he will find himself on the block.

double D

I thought Canada just shared the US holidays.


Sorry. We are actually an autonomous Nation with our own holidays. Imagine that.


Happy Canada Day eh!


New what?


I feel like I’m watching old Seinfield characters, a bunch of terrible people.


This cast is already making me miss the level headedness of level 6. So many people that don’t know how to zip their lips already!

Allies Mom

Is Christie as annoying on the feeds as a she comes across in the reports? People in the house seem to like her but she seems like she just rags on whoever isn’t around her at the moment and changes with the wind.

double D

You missed a showmance…Tommy/Jack. Tommy has his hands on him every chance he gets.


Hey Simon!

I just hit your tip jar. You and Dawg always do a great job! Thanks for everything.


Hi Simon. I’m late to the season, but catching up. I like to start off with a donation. I just read Granny’s post re: a tip jar and special site. Sorry for the inconvenience but could you explain or lead me in the right direction. Thanks!


Hey Simon, I just tried to hit the donate button and it’s not working. I got a message saying to try later….


Jack looks like Tarzan in that picture!!!! Top 3 for sure!!!

another name

That moment you realize asshat douchecanoe Jackson is the LESSER of two evils.
shudder. no. really. that’s. ugh.
the guy that hooks up with the girl for no reason other than geography, then later takes his buddy in to check out if the stain is sufficient to require laundry and is in the midst of secretly carrying on a cuddlemance with girl #1’s closest friend joins in at every opportunity with toxic rhetoric and drinks shared milk straight from the carton, speaks condescendingly about people he views as lesser (which is almost everyone), and is 50-50 to be the most catty in every given conversation…
and he’s community f**knuckle number 2?
so… casting scraped the side of a dumpster and said that’s a good cross section?


You forgot that he’s trying to let his clothes fall off too.

another name

meh. i took freshman science, so i already knew what a rat’s ass looked like.
i’d be more concerned if he was trying to make other people’s clothes fall off.