Kemi “F**k yes you’re [Jack] going up! I am gunning for that f**king HOH!”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV  Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement.

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

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2:17pm Bedroom. Kemi and Jess. Kemi – I know that I have thrown his (Jack) name out there not out there but that if I were to win HOH I would put up Jack. And I stand by that. I will own that. If I win, he is going up. Especially now that I know he is targeting me and wanted to backdoor me. That was so aggressive to someone that he was seemingly so close with. F**k yes you’re going up! I am gunning for that f**king HOH! Jess – I think that Ovi knew you had said his name and he told Jack. Kemi – yeah they have an alliance. I have to remember that they have an alliance.

Bedroom. Cliff and Ovi. Cliff – did you know you were going up? Ovi shakes his head no. I had told Christie that she could put me up before and she took that when she panicked. I should have never said that. Cliff – it builds some trust with her. Ovi – that’s what I hope. I will take one for the team. It feels good to know that I won’t be blindsided either way. And if you do tell me I won’t blow up your game. Ovi – maybe its the bed. Cliff – I think its cursed.

2:37pm Sam pours water on Analyse.

3pm – 3:40pm All the house guests are out in the backyard suntanning and chatting about random things.

3:47pm Backyard. Kat, Jess and Nicole. Kat – for some reason I am really worried where Nick, Bella and Sam are at. Jess – It wouldn’t even matter. Kat – really, but what if they flip? And also I just don’t trust Jack. Jess – I don’t think you have to worry about anything knowing that the majority of the girls.. Kat – right now its just a numbers thing.

4:08pm Kitchen crew chatting and eating. Meanwhile in the backyard Cliff, Tommy, Kat, Jess and Nicole chat about past seasons of Big Brother.

4:20pm – 4:35pm Bedroom. Nicole and Ovi. Nicole – I definitely want to keep you and that’s where I’m at right now. Ovi – I think I have the numbers. For a fact I have Cliff and if I have you. Tommy for a fact. Michie is going to vote for Kat. Give her a pity vote. I can tell you for a fact Nicole that there is no way in this world that I would target you. Nicole – well you have me. I would definitely try and talk to Jess and see where her head is at. Ovi – I am going to try and compete and try and win something .. and you know if I win something, I’ve got your back. If the house is against me, I don’t fault you for that. Nicole – I still couldn’t.

4:50pm – 4:56pm Backyard pool table. Sam and Nick. Nick – I was thinking .. there is pretty much 9 of us right? Sam -yeah. Nick – I am honestly open to Jack going. I was initially thinking Michie (Jackson) but now I thought because Jack has a better social game. If Jack goes, Sis (Analyse) will go to Christie. Michie will come to me. If Jack is there he’s got Sis and Michie in the bag. That’s like my you and Bella. This next one (HOH) and its me and Kemi .. toss it right to her. Sam – we should talk to her. We can get in Kemi’s ear and get her going. Nick – he thought I was flipping the vote. Sam – no one is bad for our game right now. Nick – that’s another reason why I don’t want to win next week. Sam – if you were to win, who would you put up? Nick – Kat for sure and I would have to put up Jess.. otherwise people would get suspicious.

5pm Holly and Kat. Kat – If I were to win HOH I already know what I would do. Holly – would you try and get Jack out? Kat – no, as of right now I think he’s on my side. I would try and go after Nick and Bella. Because I don’t trust either of them and Bella’s been giving me dirty looks all day.

5:10pm Backyard. Jess, Nick, Sam, Kemi, Nicole and Bella. Jess – I don’t want to say what I’m going to do prior. I don’t want to say I am going to vote for you. Sam – we’re not supposed to either. You’re supposed to say I’m leaning towards, I’m think of.. You’re f**ked! They all laugh. Nick – I don’t even know what I’m going to do with that. Its the first week, I will probably go with the house. Jess – How is everyone going to vote? We need to figure that out. Sam – I like them both. Nick – I love Kat, she not an athletic type, she’s not the brightest bulb .. what is she going to win. We could just keep using her as a pawn. Sam – on one hand we have Kat the pawn star. On the other hand… if she doesn’t go it will be another easy thing. Nick – I don’t even know who the f**k I would put up.

5:30pm Storage room. Jack and Tommy. Jack – to me I just don’t understand why she (Christie) was afraid to put up Kemi. Kemi has never had a problem with me. Tommy – she is dropping names a lot. Jack – I don’t understand what her prerogative was to put up Ovi. Tommy – he was one of the.. Jack – the five so we could have kept him in tow. She has to look out for her game. I don’t know why she dropped the Kemi idea. I can’t not support it though. Tommy – we have to. Big Brother calls Jack to the diary room. But tonight we are f**king getting a great nights sleep because we have to f**king kill it tomorrow. We have to… we have to f**king kill it! I don’t want anyone getting it. I want it to be us. Jack – you are the one I would tell if I got it. Tommy – I don’t know if I would tell anyone. Jack – that’s why I think Cliff has it ..because anyone else would have run their mouths by now.

6:09pm – 6:35pm Sam lets the house guests in the backyard know that – its time for the dinner ceremony.. Everyone sits down for dinner. Jackson gives out a birthday shoutout to his Dad. They all sing happy birthday.

6:45pm Backyard. Cliff and Nicole. Cliff – I think that’s the direction to go that everyone would be fine with. Nicole – that’s what seems like the consensus has been.. I mean I would love to keep him (Ovi) but.. Cliff – I know, I would too but we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. Nick is determined to win HOH next week. He is really focused on it. I am waiting for these groups to fall out and then see where we land.

6:50pm HOH room. Christie and Jack. Christie – I was so back and forth over it. I was emotional for days over it. Jack – you were. Christie – I really was. And now my head is back in it! I’m not going to be stupid. Its still a number out. Jack – I can’t wait to see you play your game outside of HOH. That’s where you’ll flourish. Christie – I’m excited about it. I can’t wait to float under the radar though. I almost wish I could play in it being fresh off an HOH having just put up 3 people.

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So Ovi has a good power…..which he probably won’t get a chance to use


what did I miss can he not use now he on the block


He can’t use it if he is evicted. He wasn’t required to use it only at the 1st nomination


Why won’t he be able to use it? Do you think he just won’t go on the block in the next 6 weeks?
Could someone tell Nick the only one who ever looked good with that haircut was George Clooney.


So why can’t he use it though? He is a replacement nominee, so can’t he use it right now? I really hope he can because right now the only people I like are Ovi Tommy and maybe Boss Hogg


the reason he can’t use it is because he will most likely get evicted this week.

The Beef

I don’t believe there is any condition to Ovi’s power that would keep him from using it this week! I think he’s just trying to get the lay of the land to determine if he really needs to or not, before doing so. He’ll look like a fool if he gets evicted with that power still stuffed in his pocket, saving it for future use.


His power requires him to use it before elimination begins. He and Kat would both come off the block and two others would be put up. Then, voting would resume.


Unless he returns or Kat gets voted out. I can see Kat getting on people’s nerves in the next couple days.


I’d so rather have Ovi in the house over Kat


What’s a dinner ceremony?!


Ooooo hahaha thank you!


It’s funnily refreshing that it’s young people saying they have to go to bed early


Can Ovi use the power to save himself tonight ?


I believe the phrasing was that the power would be used after the initial nomination ceremony to replace the initial nominees. It’s a bit vague on if it can be used after the veto but I would think not. If it could the wording would be more explicit I would think.

The Beef

I was thinking he COULD use it this week, but if it was worded as you say it was (specifically the words “initial”) you may be right, and he may be up shat creek in a chicken wire canoe!


that is what i think


Does anyone else think Christie looks like Christmas from a few years ago?


There is no Christmas in the Big Brother house, it’s like Pre-wardrobe Narnia! I try to black out that season…


I don’t. Christmas had an awesome body but the worst personality one could imagine. Seriously she’s one of the worst people I have seen on the feeds. Christie has a below average body but a good personality. Christie is head and shoulders above chritsmas. .


Yikes! If Christie’s body is below average I was never even on the spectrum. I think she’s got a great figure.

*I had some pretty good bikini days in my time, but those days…..well, let’s just say I call my bathroom Jim instead of John. That way I can always say I go to the Jim every morning.

Sasuke Uchiha

I know the house is turning against these two and Jackson is most likely going to be out on July 10th. My question is why is people talking about both of them and just says they want jack out. I haven’t heard much about Jackson. I know the house feels builled by them and they don’t want to play jack’s game but I haven’t heard much about Jackson from them. I know he’s target number 2 but I just find it odd that everyone is mostly concerned with Jack and kind of ignoring Jackson.

Also, I heard from many people that Kat hates Bella because she’s close to Jackson but I haven’t seen anything about Bella and Jackson that even resembles closeness if anything Bella would vote him out in a heartbeat. Can someone explain to me if it’s kat’s paranoia or there’s something between them that I’m not seeing.


I honestly think Jack is just tooooo much of a meat shield in that duo…as soon as Jack is gone, Jackson will probably get just as much heat.


I don’t think Ovi can use it Wouldve has to earlier than the POV


Save Ovi Build the Shrine.

another name

why was sam telling cliff, nick and bella he had the power and christie was going to be surprised he had it earlier this weekend if ovi got the power? i am confused.


He may have meant the veto or he lied.

another name

when i initially thought he might mean veto, i talked myself out of it because christie knew he had the veto, why would she be surprised? lol.
again. so easily confused. so often.
oh look something shiny.