“I have no respect for Nick and Bella’s game I don’t trust them but from a numbers standpoint this week I have to work with them”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson

Powers in the game

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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1:52 pm Tommy, jack, Jackson and Holly
Tommy – I just talked to Cliff He said looks like it’s going to be 2 of the six
Tommy goes over his conversation.
Jack – it’s going to be me and Jackson … yup
Jackson – we have to bring him into the alliance we have not a choice (OMFG this was the funniest thing I’ve heard all season )
Tommy – we have to bring him into the six
Jackson – I say we got up there right now all of us and Christie
Tommy – I don’t know .. it if feels aggressive he’s really smart and if it doesn’t feel good about it it’ll rub him the wrong way.

Tommy – this week isn’t about nominations I think it’s about the veto
Tommy says if they can get Nick or Bella on the block the ouse will vote with them to get them out

Tommy says he’ll “F*ing take them all down ”
Tommy – Let’s f*ing play alright go for it

jack – put me up on the block There’s a reason I place high in every single competition I’ll win this one and then I’ll win the next f*ing HOH
Tommy – and then you know what how is he going to look to America if he takes their side after he knows what went down
Jack – ohh by the way all the USA stuff and the American flag and the USA bandana you’re F*ING America’s player
Jack – he beat me straight up I’m sorry I didn’t come through
Tommy – If Christie uses her power we can escape this week

Jack – even if she doesn’t use her power and one of us pulls the other down .. we still make it out with a vote.
Tommy and Holly remind him that Cliff can still put one of their 6 up
Holly – we’re screwed
Tommy – she has to use her power
Holly – She has to
Tommy – then we still have the numbers

Holly says that Jackson is not fine with Jess because she’s all about “women in empowerment” and Jackson yelled at Kat in the Kitchen
Tommy – Nicole and Kat will vote with us
Holly – doesn’t matter if there’s two of us on the block
Tommy – one of us has to win Veto and she has to use her power

2:17 pm sis and Christie
Christie giving her a debrief
Christie – I don’t think he’s going to go with Michioes plan he didn’t mention it.
Christie – he bamboozled me I got no information from him

2:22 pm Cliff and Sam
Sam protects Christie
Sam – I love Nick but he does have loose lips
Sam tells him about gr8tful it was an 8 person alliance he found out because he was in a storage room with Jack and he mentioned it.

Sam – he said you know I’m just trying to do what’s best for gr8tful.. he said what’s best for this 8 person alliance
Sam laughs
Sam – I’m at the bottom of this gr8tful alliance I wasn’t even part of .. and Nick Bella never told me
Sam – this happened 2 weeks ago .. I’ve been holding onto this because there’s nothing else
Sam mentions the grateful circles and how they all say “I’m so grateful for being here”
Sam – we look so stupid we follow along
Cliff – I see this crack that formed yesterday. Nick and Bella I’ll side up with them hopefull people go after them and they go after people
Cliff suggests the two of them will fade away

Sam says if they can flip the house than Christie and Tommy will be the expendable ones at the bottom of their alliance.
They both agree jess is irritating.
Cliff – Every since I’ve won she’s been following me around I told her she’s not going up but further down the road it goes it goes
they agree for now they need the numbers

2:30 pm Cliff and Holly
Cliff – we’re good .. people that have been on the block before I’m not putting them up this week. that leaves limited targets.
Cliff – I don’t know how involved you were with Christie talking about Cliff is after this group of 8. I was never coming after anyone
Holly – I regret not coming to you I really do and I felt like yo kinda kept your distance a little more after that was said. I wondered if you really were.
Holly – I came into this game to be a straight shooter
She regrets not talking to Cliff adding she always thought they could work together

Cliff – I hate the way Nicole was treated on a personal level gameplay whatever
They talk about the 8 and the 9 that included Sam.
Cliff says he doesn’t talk sh1t about people and if Christie came back from listening to him and all she got was that he’s after is he’s aware of these easily identifiable groups
Cliff – you and Michie are not who I want to go home this week
Holly says voting against Cliff made her sick

Cliff says the vote was a “gut punch, any one person could have forced a tie and Nick would have kept me”
Cliff – it’s water under the bridge I don’t hold anything against Michie, Christie or Nick people play their game I get it
Cliff – you and Michie are not who I want to go home this week
Cliff says this week he can’t go against Nick and Bella because he needs the numbers but don’t mistake that for him being in any sort of tight alliance with them.
Cliff – I don’t respect the game they are playing

Cliff lets her know if there’s a backdoor opportunity he might take it “I got to figure out what to do to protect my numbers moving forward”
Cliff – the easy route would be Kat and Jess but that still puts me outside the majority I can’t do that
Cliff – I don’t plan on targeting you at all. if Michie is put up it would only be a Pawn
Cliff – I’ll be honest with you I am considering it. he is not my target

2:47 pm Agreeing her power should be used for when she is in danger
Christie tells him they were going to be up her a$$ to use the power.
Christie – I have to worry about my f*ing game.. it’s not happening ..

Christie – let Cliff take the shot I really mean what I tell you, Sam
Christie – I want to play with players I don’t want to play with emotionalists
Sam asks her if she’s in any alliances without him
Christie – Alliances (what alliances )
Christie – in terms of who them
Sam – yeah
Christie – jack, Michie, Sis, holly me and Tommy. I would be stupid to think that is a real thing
Sam – there’s no alliance name to that
Christie – on what on the six
Sam – no on the 8
Christie – on the 8 yeah you already knew that gr8tful
Sam – no I didn’t
Christie – what do you mean
Sam – Jack slipped up and told me in the storage room
Christie says she feels secondary within the group of 6

Sam – I feel very clean I never backstabbed anyone.. I’ll pull some strings on stuff but it’s for my game, I’m not like burning anybody or creating havoc.
Cliff – that is why this whole unde9able is a big friggin joke to me
Christie – it is a joke

Sam – we can’t have Jack around if we can at least get out Jack
Christie – even the way he plays to the camera with his hair
Sam – he’s a smooth talker
Christie – at this game he’s too good

3:00 pm Jackson and Cliff
Cliff – you have to take some risks some times .. I don’t want you to go I’m going to work with y’all … I got a thin path I’m trying to negotiate
Cliff – You’re the man I have nothing but respect for you I think we can make it work

Jackson leaves ..

Cliff – woooooooo woooooooo oh my gosh

3:08 pm Nicole and Cliff
Cliff – a lota people suddenly want to be best friends with me
Nicole – everyone is downstairs comparting notes what you say what you didn’t say
Nicole – right now there’s the 6 the 3 and you. The six is trying to pull me in and Nick is trying to pull me in
Cliff says his emotional desire is not syncing up with his rational desire “We both got screwed over we got put on the block by the same person. You got drudge through the mud ”

Cliff – I have no respect for Nick and Bella’s game I don’t trust them but from a number standpoint this week I have to work with them as much as it kills me
Cliff wants to make it clear to her he’s not in an alliance with them.

Cliff – I have a bigger target than Bella and Nick
Nicole agrees

Cliff -it’s probably going to be jack he’s controlling a lot of that group he’s a hell of a competitor if I can get him out they might still go fort Bella before they come after me

Cliff says they have few numbers that is why they have to “sleep with Snakes” and be with Nick and Bella temporarily
Cliff – I know how distasteful that is for me
Cliff – we got nominations in half an hour and then we have Veto competition don’t think I’m still hooked in with them that if the situation works out that I wouldn’t be willing to flip over and go ahead and call it good ..

3:30 pm Cliff
Cliff – I love Big Brother but my hair is going to be all grey before the end of the week.. I like all these people and I don’t want to have to do this to anyone but I have to

Jess comes in

3:54 pm Jack and Tommy
(Freaking out)
Jack says that Jackson told Cliff that Ovi has the power”so Bella doesn’t have it”
Tommy – right
jack – so we’ll see if that helps. I feel like it also plays a key in it I feel like he had hinted there was something in the veto play for us he wanted to get Bella in a backdoor because he thinks she has a power

Tommy says it’s better for Cliff to put up one from each side it keeps in in the position he is in (bottom of all alliances just voted out)

4:49 pm Cliff nominates Jack and Jackson

4:48 pm Tommy, CHristie and jack
Tommy – Lash up with Nick and Bella put everything on the table and go against him next week (Cliff)
Jack – we need to wait a couple of hours
Tommy wanting to get back with Nick and Bella so they can take out Cliff
Christie – they’re aligned with him

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Just saw the noms …. I LOVE cliff!

the core

Yes yes and yes ….hahahaha .dreams come true


I am glad that Cliff nominated who he did but personally I would have nominated Christie and sis to try and keep jack out of the veto if at all possible.

This way the stronger players would hopefully not get picked to play.

Then hope one of the outsiders wins and basically nullifies Christie’s power for this veto.


Jack has the power to force a second draw. That doubles his shot at playing in the veto so why not toss him up there and with his buddy and one will stay on the block no matter what. Christie will freak out no matter what, especially if some people hint that she might be the replacement.


yes! was so worried cliff would put up christie/tommy instead. jackson and jack are the dangerous pair that needs to be split up (for now).


I’m having triggering flashbacks to Faysal’s HOH, where we thought Tyler or Brett we’re going home but it ended up being Scottie. If Bella ends up on the block after the veto and the stragglers don’t band together to vote to save her and save their own game, then they deserve to lose this season. I really hope Cliff is able to convince Kat and Jess that it’s absolutely crucial one of the six needs to go home this week.

Yo Believo

Hopefully these noms stay the same so that the Douche-Canoe Jack bites the dust. Seeing him get sent packing by CLIFF would be icing on the cake.

Fruit Loop Dingus

(pre jury!!!)

Dalia Hobelman

Tommy needs to shut up he was up begging Cliff than playing victim he’s a shitty mess lmao he needs to go a d Christie


Again as said Tommy the Rat!
not a zing.


Jack’s face…. I just want to say ” aaawww that wasn’t the plan huh…. douche” and Junk Punch him! I hope he goes this week. He’s not even a game player looking at numbers just an a$$. Same with Jackson, we don’t need Kat (fighting about telling her on the Cliff vote) and Jess… it’s not who you screw it’s numbers too. Gggrrr


Go Cliff! I am so happy he nominated those two!!! Now please let Jack be the one out that front door this Thursday!


Great job Cliff!!


I imagine my point of view will not be popular…but I want to see Jackson (Michie) go first out of the six. He’s the most disgusting talking about his record conquests in the bb house by “boinking” two women in first two weeks of show & his quick temper with the women. Holly shows her jealousy re Kat but what did she expect…she looks pathetic most of time. Jack going could be great game move but he’s not at the most disgusting to me. Nick & Bella make me ill and I’ve never seen a therapist so bad at listening & talking non stop. I wish Sam wasn’t so close to either of them because he’s one of my picks for winner. Did anyone see Nick’s interrogation to Sis about her sex with Jack? And she was equally disgusting telling him all the details of size, pain, etc…live feeds idiots! Cliff’s rise from the ashes was epic & glad to hear he’s not buying everything Nick & Bella are spewing. I actually like Christie & think she’s playing pretty good game…eccentric yes but definitely not disgusting.

J e t s jets jets jets

Sam being close to Nick is perfect. He can keep them in line with cliff and not go back to the dark side.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t dislike your reasoning at all. The reasons I want Jack out over Jackson are 1) he’s SO aggressive. His posturing with hands on hips, in someone’s face. 2) He never shuts up and HAS to have his way EVERY single time. 3) the only person he is coupled up with is himself. He’s happily in love with himself and his stupid hair. He makes my skin crawl 4) Jackson of more of a compiuter and had to have a partner. Don’t get me wrong – if he Ends the veto and Jackson goes first, I still consider it a win. They are delusional to think the majority of the house wouldn’t take the shot at either of them.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Can anyone clarify where (if anywhere) Kat’s allegiance really lies?The 3some with Jackson/Holly,the 6shiters mole,or with the outsiders?


Kat went back and told Jackson & Holly things Cliff said to her. She is the worst. She’s still flirting with Jackson and is desperate for his attention.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Did she tell them everything or was she selective with the info?


She’s a fame whore. It’s all about camera time and who’ll get her the most attention in her mind. That’s it.


I haven’t left a comment on this site in years but I feel I have to- Go Cliff!!! Finally a brave house guest- He will have my utmost respect if he doesn’t back peddle and if he follows through with his plan- stay the course!


And everyone was like “not Cliff” for comeback..haha..a true B.B. player


Yes! At least someone in the house has the guts to see and do something about the big threats! This is what the fans have been waiting for for years! Let the games begin!


He should have put up sis and holly and backdoored Jack…backdoors are made for people like Jack


thats what tommy said


BEST DAY OF BB this season!!! (maybe ever lol) Hallelujah!

You go Boss Hogg – now go win that POV & become a BB legend. If Cliff pulls this off I don’t care what he does the rest of the summer – he’ll get my Fan Favorite Vote –

He gets blindsided, wins battle back, wins HOH,

NOW if he wins POV & take out one of the Jackholes. THAT would be on par with the most epic BB week by a player ever.

Jack is Christie's Bitch

So the Jackholes are nominated, dumb move Cliffy. You’re not thinking clearly…
I get people hate the 2 Jacks but Jackson has a bum foot, doesn’t study his days and can’t win a damn thing. As for Jack, well he isn’t running screw all, Christie is. Jack is Christie’s bitch! Christie & Tommy are the most powerful duo in the house. Christie runs Unde9able, Gr8tful, The Six Shooters & she has Sam & the girls wrapped up. She has a power, wins comps & is willing to throw her alliances under the bus. Should’ve put Christie/Tommy or Christie/Jack up. Even if she wins the veto or uses the power and takes herself off, Cliff would probably still have the numbers to get Tommy or (especially) Jack outta here. Also watching Christie have a Nuclear sized meltdown while she is on the block would be super entertaining.
Plus the guys targeting one another does nothing but benefit the girls.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They’ll go after Christie soon enough. That power needs to expire first.

Jan Nan

I love it !!! This is gonna be an awesome Big Brother week !


I had my doubts about Cliff but he made a huge move without bragging about making a huge move… that is some one playing with their head in the game and not being influenced but all the smack talk.


When is the POV?


Haven’t seen noms yet but the way cliff talking about using Bella and nick is smart. Why put them up? Leave them as a big target and break up the six shooters.
Hopefully people/cliff realize Christine is a snake.