Jace “I am putting everyone on blast! I don’t give a f**K any more! I’m going out guns blazing!”


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 00-46-02-861

12:50am – 1:30am Bedroom James is talking to Audrey. James says okay so we’ll let everyone one know who’s been working, who’s been conspiring. You’ve still got the next HOH. That’s more than what Jace has. He’s being humble about it. Audrey asks how am I not being humble? There were two people that were pathological in there. How do I defend myself against that? When they will always back each other up. I have nothing to lose by being honest now. I’ve had a really strong feeling about things and I tried to vocalize that. James says I know you had all these paranoid thoughts but why did you not just talk about it first. Audrey says then this big spectacle was made and I think they got what they wanted from it. A huge spectacle was made by two people. James asks are you just going to sit in bed and be defeated? Audrey says I don’t know what else I can do. Audrey says there’s been a person that consistently caused friction with people and now I’m in her crossfire. You basically fed into their agenda. James says the first time Jace came up to me I did feed into it. You were just a different person that we knew a day ago. Audrey says I didn’t come up with the conspiracy theory that they were wearing all black. James asks who did come up with it. Audrey says I don’t know I was sitting on the couch with all of them when it happened. Audrey says The only thing I can offer anyone is that I’m pissed because I’ve been set up. My only agenda is to right all of my wrongs. Jace is emotional and irrational. Audrey asks what Jace really the person that came up to you to backdoor Jason? James says yeah and I went along with it. James says I just wanted to tell you that you exploited your game more than you had to. I don’t know if you America’s player or the saboteur. James asks when you signed up for this did you say yes to would you lie, cheat and steal to win the money? Audrey says I said I would play with my best integrity! Audrey asks were you in the room when Day was implying Becky was making racial jokes. When she was making passive aggressive racial jokes? James says no this is the first time I’ve heard about racial jokes. What you just did, right there .. you shouldn’t have even done that. Audrey says I only have so many examples to try and show people that this person (Day) is full of sh*t. James says there is no way Becky is racist.. she plays basketball and dates black people. Clay and Shelli join them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 01-20-23-048

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 01-05-46-433

1am Backyard – Most of the house guests are sitting around chatting. Over by the pool Jace is talking to Austin. Jace says I am going to blow up on everyone! Everyone but the people I care about. Jace says I am putting everyone on blast! I don’t give a f**K any more! And I’m going to say I don’t want to be here with you pieces of sh*t! I’m pissed off, I’m really really REALLY PISSED OFF! I’ve been getting played this entire time! I am F**king done! I’m going out guns blazing! I’m throwing everybody under the bus… her, them, all of them. Every single one of them. Because they’ve all been a part of it. I don’t need a single vote from any of them. These pieces of sh*t! These are terrible, terrible people! Austin says why don’t you just chill for a bit and think about it from a strategy position. Jace says its done. These people are horrible, they’re wretched. They can just sit and lie from the very beginning. Day 1. Austin says but things flip all the time. Jace says I don’t want to sit in here with these horrible people. I hope America can see it. Austin says maybe just go to bed and think about it. Jace says all of these people are horrible except for you, Liz and Vanessa. Austin says Maybe just don’t single us out. Austin walks away and whispers he’s losing it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 01-16-07-544
1:10am – 1:40am Jace goes over to the others and asks them what is an alliance if everybody that is in that alliance is going to throw everybody else under the bus. Then it was never an alliance. None of you people are really together. You’re all talking sh*t behind each others back. No one has anyone elses back. YOu think you have friends in there .. no one has friends in here. You’re all talking sh*t about each other and it gets around. Every single one of you is talking sh*t about the other. This is the worst season of big brother in the history of big brother because not a single alliance that has been made is an actual alliance. Everybody is against each other. So why are you playing. Not one single person has made something solid in this house. Every single one of you has turned your back on each other and its sad. I’ve never seen a season that is this bad. Clay asks where are you going with this? Jace says I’m just letting you all know. Clay says well thanks for the information. Jeff says there is partial truth to that. I see what he is saying. Jason asks where is Day because she would have snatched his wig! Jason asks where did they find this bit*h!

1:45am In the bathroom. Jace is talking to Vanessa. Jace says I am going to go out of here with my head held high knowing that I maintained my morals. And these people cannot. Vanessa asks have you talked to anyone back there (Diary room). You can talk to someone you know. Jace asks like a psychologist? Yeah I talked to the producers and they’re not helping me. They want to keep me in here so it doesn’t look bad on their show. I would rather prefer to leave. Vanessa says but you made a commitment. I didn’t think any amount of money was worth being around people that I couldn’t trust. Jace says you probably shouldn’t be even talking to me. I’m already damned. Vanessa says you might come back. Jace asks why would I want to come back? These are horrible wretched people. You’re a good person, so is Liz and Austin. Austin joins them and says that 500K makes people do things they normally wouldn’t. Vanessa asks how old are you 24? Jace says 23. Vanessa says I’ll tell you about a learning experience for me. When I was 24 or 25 I was in the gambling world. In the gambling world you don’t always win. Before that point in my life you work really hard and you get an A. If you’re good at something you’re rewarded. In gambling you have to learn how to lose. I saw what it was like to not have things come so easily. Jace tells Austin and Vanessa I will leave with my head held high. I’ve said everything I needed to say.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 01-49-20-732

1:50am – 2am In the bedroom – Shelli is talking to Audrey about everything all over again. Shelli says they way they acted in that meeting was not an act that was raw true emotions. Audrey suggests asking each person individually to see if they’re lying. Shelli says I don’t think I know enough about the scandals to know what is real. Audrey says they’re making things up. Shelli says maybe you’ve done a little bit of that to. When you would get information you would come back and tell me how you manipulated the conversation. Audrey asks why would I tell you that though.. I didn’t trust you. Audrey asks have you said that to throw me under the bus? Shelli says no. Most of the things we’ve talked about I have no idea about. joins them. Clay joins them and asks if Shelli is going to stay in here. Shelli says this girl needs people here for her. She’s been alienated all day in this bed. I had to bring her a sandwich because she couldn’t come out and eat. That’s just not right!? Its cruel! This is a human being and its cruel! I get it I avoided her all day because its a game. Audrey says what I really like about you is that you investigate things. And that you see my integrity. Audrey says a lot of this stuff is a complete lie that people just farted out of their a$$. I took accountability for the things I did. Audrey tells Clay you’re giving energy to them instead of having my back. Clay says there have been multiple instances where you’ve lied and that’s what I’m not okay with. Audrey asks how are you going to feel when this plays over and you see that you’ve hurt someone that’s had your back. Clay says I’ve had your back 1000%. We invested so much into you and all this happened because of you .. you’ve risked our game. People wouldn’t even talk to us because of how close we were to you. I came up to you numerous times telling you I love you as a person and we’ll be friends outside this game.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 01-59-54-199

2:10am Up in the HOH room – Johnny Mac, Meg and James. Meg says I heard him (Jace) going off out there. And its not right! And that’s really what pissed me off! James says he heard Jace say this is the most horrible cast of big brother. Meg says he said there’s not a single good person here and that we’re all liars. He doesn’t want to be here one more day with all these horrible people and now he is down there with Jeff. Johnny asks did people go to bed in that room yet? Meg says no. Johnny says I just don’t want to get cornered. Meg says sorry it just really bothered me ..there was no need for him to say nasty things about people. James heads down to the bathroom and tells Jace it wasn’t cool what he said in the backyard. Jace says you need people in this game you can’t win it alone. James says I know that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 02-17-52-865

2:35am In the cabana room – Jeff tells Liz, Austin and Clay that Jace told him out of everyone in this house I’ve never heard anyone get thrown under the bus more than you. He said you better watch out for yourself .. anyone you’re aligned with .. you better just bail. Clay says f**k. Jeff says I feel bad for you (Austin). Jeff says I’m about to go up and see who’s in the HOH room. Clay tells him that Audrey is up there taking a shower. She asked for an escort. Liz asks did you escort her? Clay says no Shelli did. Austin asks you need an escort, this is big brother. Clay tells them about the talk he had with Audrey. Clay leaves.

2:40am In the bathroom – Jace tells Clay there was one time I said I thought the football jock was coming after the skater dude. And I want you to know that I didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t want you to take it out of context because I really do like you. You’re a really good dude. If for some reason they sequester me .. I am going rogue. I told the producers I don’t want to be here. Jace says its tough for me because I really do have very high morals. You’re a good kid and I would like to see you win. Jace says I am really worried about getting out of here and having a lot of hate. Jace says I had your back and never would have turned my back on you. Jace says my real dream is to preach equality through my music.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 02-38-56-686
In the bedroom – Jason says I feel bad for her but we didn’t make her do that. We were in the argument too. We could have confined ourselves to our beds too. I don’t know how to open up a conversation with her because I don’t trust her. I don’t have people in my life that I don’t trust and I don’t want to her to get out of here and see that I was fake. She says she doesn’t want to be ostracized because she is still talking game. James says in her mind she thinks she has done nothing wrong and says that she apologized to people. I don’t know who she apologized to .. not me, maybe Vanessa. Jason says she was queen in this house and could have just relaxed but she didn’t. In my real life I would have x’d her out days a go. I cannot pretend that everything she did is okay because none of us did her like that. She should be apologizing to the whole house. She did everyone of us dirty. If I just forgive her she thinks its okay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 02-50-19-308

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Jace is such a huge baby, yes I get being mad you are out of the game week one, but dude come on grow a pair, stop throwing tantrums, man up and go out like an adult!


I really dislike people like Jace. You can see that kind of attitude in his eyes even when he’s in a good mood. Very uncomfortable type of person to be around.


I have an idea for a twist. One week two of the people nominated from the previous week should become the HOHs


I would like to see a Twist where the person nominated acted like an adult.


How about next season the Have Not room has Jace’s “music” streaming 24 / 7.


This is probably the worst group of contestants inthe history of BB. Can we bring back the option where America picks who goes on the block and who gets eliminated?


America never picked who went on the block. That was season 1. Each houseguest nominated two people and whoever had the top two highest number of votes were nominated. It was a boring season, and it was about American favoritism. The guy with one leg won because of course, he got sympathy votes.


Ok then have the HOH nominate 1 person of their choice, and let America pick the 2nd person to nominate. Then let the house vote to decide who goes home. That way the HOH will have a say in the matter, and America will too.


BBCAN does this, canada votes up the nominations, canada votes out a nominee. they have also done the pubic voting, where they have to show their votes to the nominees, and other HGs. which is irrelevant when most BBs just do a house vote anyway.

the only thing that will make this BB interesting is a flip the vote, and not go with the house. and no, it is not too early to do this, HGs, at this point, lots of people in the house. 2 people among many who are not BB people, like Jeff, Jackie, and apparenlty Clay,. which is not surprising, whenever you see someone has a modeling page or info, like mr. vermont & danielle from Ian’s season, you know they were handpicked, not applicants.

the best thing i would say about BBCAN3 was that the cast was picked out of fans, superfans, etc, not modeling pages for their looks.


Audrey has completely lost her freaking mind! Now she’s implying Day said Becky’s a racist? And then crocodile tears begin NOT falling. Hahahahahaha. I can’t with her anymore. I just can’t. “I’ve had a really strong feeling about things.” You mean you’ve been getting hints from the “fairies” (DR)?

And the gif of all the HG scrambling after eavesdropping on James and Audrey is hilarious! Everyone in that house is so done with her. https://twitter.com/IAmTeamVegas/status/616166392061038592?autoplay=true

Jace seems to be sipping on whatever Kool-Aid Audrey got her hands on. From his not so academy award winning speech to Steve, to blowing up on the people sitting outside (not like any of them seemed to care). I noticed he decided to blow up when Day wasn’t around, because after what she did to Audrey I think he knows better. And no Jace, this is setting up to be one of the best seasons of BBUS.

Is James for real?

Did he really say Becky’s not a racist because she plays basketball? Haha haha haha too funny. Becky is not a racist. Her comments were taken out of context


No, a couple of them said she has dated black basketball players, so they don’t buy that she’s racist.


Yeah James is just… simple? I guess that’s a good word for that, but I couldn’t stop laughing when he said she’s not racist because she plays basketball and has dated Black guys.

Yeah I thought that Becky was making a comment about GinaMarie from season 15, but I may be wrong.


I don’t mind a person like Audrey in the house because you must have one or two people who lie and manipulate to no end. It always comes back to bite them in the ass, so no worry, she won’t win. But at least it makes for some BB excitement if we can point and go… wow, that person is nuts. It’s good BB drama.


She’s definitely good for the drama (and ratings), and I agree that I don’t think she stands a chance of winning anymore. But she’s gone to a whole other level of just nasty gameplay by trying to suggest Day was implying Becky was a racist. Playing dirty can be funny when people like Dr. Will do it, but Dr. Will never stooped to playing nasty like Amanda, Aaryn, GM, etc. I don’t mind lying, but Audrey takes it to the extreme. Jason tried to have a one on one with her and she tried to turn it around on him. She loves playing the victim when she’s the one isolating herself for sympathy.


that might have been the shortest revolution ever. didn’t even make it to a house meeting


Jace is a sore loser.


Hopefully, some new twist will replace BOTB on Thursday and we will see Da’ win HoH.



Jace is certifiably insane. I am not even joking. From the 5 days of feeds we have seen, it is clear that he is a VERY insecure man who needs to grow up and who needs emotional help. He needs to act self righteous or act like a “bro” to cover up his insecurities. I was easily the one who wanted him to stay for drama reasons, but I can’t anymore. If he really sold off all of his shit to be on the show, he needs to handle that. All jokes aside, he needs to be on suicide watch after the season is done. He needs religion and therapy.

Audrey is almost just as bad.

EZ does it

Jace is one enormous asshole and a complete moron !!!!

Bunny Slipper

What high morals? Jace knows what morals are? Since when? Is it morality that leads you to verbally beat someone like Steve into the ground? What a cry baby! Hasn’t he ever seen this show, crybabies get kicked to the curb.


Jace is a little pathetic punk kid and after his little bully meeting with Steve he is dead to me. Weak little people assault those they know won’t retaliate. This is a game and Jace shows his true character outside the house when he wouldn’t stop with Steve who you could on his face obviously was scared by being verbally assaulted. It’s a game yes but when you see someone actually scared you apologize and back off.

Please don’t start the “this is worst cast season of Big Brother ever crap” Jace said this so now it’s your cue to jump that bandwagon and ruin the season for yourself? Gtfo then.

Vanessa- I like her but she needs to stop telling everyone “I’m really loyal” if you really are you don’t have to say it for yourself others will say it for you. She could win if she takes over and runs the right 3 or four people.

Steve- Hope this kid goes far. He is a little follow the leader for me but one of the ones to root for.

James- A wana be “cool kid” and will be gone in a few weeks. Lies too much thinking he is bettering his position in the house. Also is creepy as…it’s no wonder he doesn’t get much in the real world the way he approaches and creeps women. And the “I’m really clean person at home..I’m just dirty in here” Yeah right. U can totally tell his house is a disaster.

Jeff- Some of the same as James but with a ally in Jackie and only slightly smarter than James which isn’t saying much. Has zero chance to win the whole thing.

Becky- Too surface level only. There has to be more there. I want to like her but it’s hard because I feel there’s a possibility there isn’t much other than the big fake boobs.

Liz- She wants so bad just to find someone to ride to the end. Nice body…but is too clicky and is a follower not a leader.

Audrey- Could have been good at this game but she became obsessed with being center of the attention and still wants that so has no chance of winning.

Johnny- Like Steve he is easy to root for but also is following a little too much for my taste but maybe this is part of his master plan. I have high hopes for him and hope to get a grasp on whether he is a great player as well as likeable.

Austin- Almost lost me early on with “we are the cool kids and gona get kicked out for it” and “there is a lot of nerds in here” He could go far but needs to stop trying to be in everyones alliance so he thinks he is always safe. This will backfire when he gets several weeks in.

Meg- Trying to be everyone’s friend. Too fake perky and the “I know you all hate me and gona vote me out” while laughing crap has to stop. She thinks if she keeps everyone thinking she isn’t a threat she can win that way. Wrong.

Da’ vonne- I like her but she is too moody and needs to let certain things go and not wana confront every little thing. Manipulate people to do your fights for you.

Shelli- Acts 22 at 33. Seems to have half a brain but she can’t figure out if she wants to win or just look cute and have showmance with Clay. Pick one fast Shelli or you will be out soon wondering why you didn’t do more.

Clay- Generally a good kid. Raised right but isn’t all that smart and has no clue how to play this game. He is another one that could latch on to one person like his twin from last season did with Derrick. Clay could go far but zero chance of winning it all.

Jackie- Nice backside. Wow. I think she and Jeff are closer outside the house and decided to play it down because they knew they would be targets if everyone knew they were a couple. Jackie could slide far but I think once Jeff is gone more of her game will come out. She waiting to see how he does and then decide when she wants to strike. She has a brain but hasn’t had to use yet.


“Jason asks where is Day because she would have snatched his wig!”
This is why I love Jason.


I really wanted to like James, but he has done nothing to shore up his place in the house. The one thing that you have to be clear about when you are HOH is that as soon as veto is over you have no power, and therefore you can be in danger next week. James should have tried to smooth things over with anyone that might be pissed about being put on the block, used as a pawn, etc. James hasn’t done much to placate Steve which is a mistake. He is in trouble if Audrey, Steve or Austin win HOH.

Week 2 HOH comp is usually a quiz, like majority rules or questions about who said what in their applications. Those are always crap shoots and anyone can win. That’s why it’s bad game to be scrambling to get numbers to evict Audrey next week. They haven’t thought about what happens if Audrey wins HOH. Audrey played way to fast and hard way too early. She reminds me of Sabrina BBCA2, it worked for Sabrina because she actually did have a strong core alliance and she did stay loyal to them while forming fake alliances with everyone else and reporting back to her core group. It blew up on her though (epic fun on the feeds) and the only reason she made it to the end is because they all knew she could not win. Audrey’s only hope is to win HOH. If that happens, then all of these multiple fake alliances in the house mean nothing and the cockroaches will scatter into new alliances. I don’t see anyone plotting a plan for what will happen if she does win HOH. Jace isn’t even gone yet and they are behaving as if Audrey going home next week is a done deal. I don’t like Audrey and hope she goes soon, but it would shake everything to the core if she becomes HOH.

Jace is an even bigger douche than Jayce BB5. Won’t miss him a bit. Even Austin sees that Jace has to go.

My early pick is Vanessa, she was awesome yesterday, she provoked the Day/Audrey scene and came out looking like the honest innocent victim. Love it! Also loving the potential for Day to go off and make fun TV.

Way off the radar award goes to Johnny Mac and Meg. Nobody is even thinking about targetting them and nobody sees them as threats.

Jackie and Jeff: I was prepared to hate them, but I don’t. Jeff played some great game early in the week, but now he is playing too hard and too fast, didn’t he see how that worked out for Audrey? Jackie will be on the block a lot because she is kind of irrelevant, but so far she has played smart. She took being the pawn with grace and composure and just let Jace sink himself while she avoided the spotlight.


And Audrey plays the race card. Now she’s really at the bottom if she’s gonna pull this kind of shit as a last resort.

And…what…Jace what? After all the crap he’s been spouting he says he’s taking the high road because he has morals? You should have thought about it several days ago you hypocritical meathead!


Good-bye Jace I am not sorry to see you go! But only if you could take Audrey with you! Drama Drama and it’s only week 1. All these people are playing too hard for week 1. Johnny Mac seems to be the smartest player saying nothing going under the radar. These people have a hard time keeping there months shut even though every 2 seconds someone is calling someone else out for saying something! I am starting to think they don’t understand the game even through they all claim to be super fans…this is Big Brother not Let’s be friends and hold hands!

Bunny Slipper

off subject, but every year the house gets dirtier. Didn’t they used to make them clean?


For a long time I think BB is too soft on the HG. They should be made to clean the house as punishment for causing fish and not cleaning up after themselves. In early seasons they had to work together to unlock the hot tub and earn toasters, irons, gym equipment. I wish they would bring that back. I also hate the have not thing. Bring back the group food comps, those were fun.


Austin is so annoying. They had a great group that could have worked all sides of the house with Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Austin but he had to try and bring Jeff in, which messed everything up. I understand that they need numbers but you don’t need all the numbers to be in an alliance together. Large alliances never work and they don’t need 7 people in an alliance. You just need to have a few people you trust and then be able to manipulate others to vote your way. Why don’t they understand this??? Also Austin is terrible at reading people. He claims to know he had Audrey figured out but he didn’t! The only reason he got into the loop was because of Vanessa’s observations. Jeff is just as bad but I hope Jeff sinks his own ship.

Shaking my head

I’m enjoying this year’s cast over the last few seasons. Like many HATE BotB. Makes people stupid. I work at a middle school and am trying hard to see the difference between some of these people and our students. Lots of drama and too many loose lips. Great for us, stupid for them.


Audrey started this whole blow-up ball rolling by starting an argument with Jace and telling him about the backdoor plan. Since then it’s been argument after argument. My guess is she did it to try to draw attention away from herself because too many people were catching on to her lies and munipulations. That blew up in her face yet she still doesn’t know when to calm down and let things blow over. Advice: once you find yourself in a hole of your own making, stop digging.