“we can’t save Jace it’s impossible” -Vanessa

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 21-36-06-444

9:36pm Jace and Austin
Jace tells him about his campaigning with Steve. Stresses he told him everyone in the house calls him GEEK SQUAD MCGEE.
Austin says Clay and Shelli came up to him and Vanessa and said they really want to work with them and are willing to vote to keep JAce to prove loyalty.
Austin tested out Clay and found out he leaked it to Jeff. He talked to jeff and now they are working together. .

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 22-02-47-359

10:00pm Vanessa and Austin
Austin brings up Clay leaking what he told him.
Vanessa – we can’t save Jace it’s impossible
Austin agrees says to not even try
Vanessa says that Audrey told Jace about the Alliance
Vanessa says Becky and John were brought into the alliance to replace Audrey, “But they’re the low man on the totem pole”
Austin – they all want to take out Audrey next week
Austin – we can trust Jeff
Vanessa – I don’t feel good about it.. I don’t feel good about sh1t

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 22-08-39-111

10:10pm Austin and Jeff Hammock (Lotta use of the word dude)
Austin tells him he guarantees Sheli and Clay are going to throw HOH because they are working both sides of the house.
Jeff – Dude it’s too early to be playing like that
Austin – it’s dumb they don’t really know what they are doing .. Dude everyone is playing too fast
Jeff – Well dude I already told Liz.. you can ask her Dude I’ve been helping her
Austin – Dude I trust you 100% you’re a straight shooter
Talking about Clay and Sheli, how Sheli is the one getting weird about stuff. Jeff tells him he can pull James out of the big alliance and into theirs. Austin asks if they can get Meg out of the big alliance.
Jeff – DUDE me and meg are tight as f****
Austin says they leave Clay alone and play them and if they have to they’ll take them out.
They have each other’s word they won’t put them up
Austin – Dude I can’t quit you
Jeff – I can’t quit you Dude

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 22-39-13-072

10:25pm Clay, Austin and Jeff
Jeff telling Clay he’s all for jumping ship and calling a meeting of a new alliance but wait until after the HOH.
Jeff says they can get James he’s loyal.
Jeff – I’m pretty sure Audrey is back at it right now
Austin and Clay agree
They mention how Audrey was saying there was a Black Alliance with Becky, Clay, Sheli and Austin.
Jeff says they can get Jackie 100%
Jeff – what about Meg
Clay doesn’t know about Meg he thinks she’s a great person, “She loves JAson”
They tell Austin they might run their other alliance until it crumbles. Austin is worried that will put him in danger because once james he’s gone he’s a target.

Jeff says they need the three girls in the hot tub (Shelli, Meg, Jackie) “I trust Jackie with my Big Brother life”
Austin – what about Vanessa
Jeff – Vanessa is not a player dude she’s really not
Clay – I trust Sheli 100%, you trust Meg and Liz 100% and Austin trusts Vanessa 100%
Jeff trusts Meg more than liz. Clay thinks Liz will be better at competitions.
Clay suspects that JAson knows something is up he commented that Jeff’s been talking a lot with Austin and liz.

Clay says the next alliance they form is the last one. They are declaring war on the house, “I don’t want a bullsh1t alliance.. this is it”
Austin – lets do it
Clay – we got to wait till after HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 22-42-05-812

10:43pm Backyard Jason, Liz and Austin
Austin saying Audrey is up to it again spreading that there was a black alliance with Becky, Clay, Shelli and Austin.
Austin says Jace went hard on Steve campaigning said everyone “up there” was calling him names.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 22-46-29-815

10:43pm Jeff and Clay
Jeff asks him why are things coming to him from Austin when they were supposed to come from Clay.
Clay says Audrey was trying to form an alliance with Austin, VAnessa, shelli , Clay .
Clay has been thinking about bringing Jeff into an alliance with him Shelli, Austin and Vanessa.
Jeff says they need to start regulating what their people say because they been running around like sketch balls.
Jeff is pissed that he’s learning things from Austin instead of Clay. Clay promises him he has Jeff’s best intentions in mind.
Jeff – if yo make it to final 2 who do you take me or Shelli
Clay – Shelli won’t make it that far.. You
they Dude out saying they shook each others hands.
Megg comes in

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 23-04-36-910

11:03pm HAmmock room Meg, Jeff and Clay
Jeff saying they should float with the alliance they got. He really doesn’t see Jason and Day turning on them right now.
Jeff thinks they have a good thing going.
Clay says Vanessa is with Austin.
Meg is worried about the numbers they are losing Audrey next week.
Meg says she doesn’t trust Becky thinks she’s a lot smarter than letting on. Clay would rather keep JAckie over Becky.
Jeff leaves.

11:18pm Clay and Jeff
Jeff says the question mark is Austin for him Clay syas for him it’s James. Jeff says they need a solid group of 5.
Jeff – we need Meg
Clay absolutely
Clay – from this point on dude seriously if you want to talk to me come to me

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 23-17-05-099

11:22pm In the bathroom the house is all a buzz about Audrey spreading the rumour of the black alliance.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-30 23-42-02-720

11:42pm Shelli and Clay
Comparing notes. Clay says people cannot keep anything secret you give them a bit of information and they share it. Shelli points out that Vanessa was saying Austin was sticking up for Clay today. She asks him if there is a guys alliance, Clay tells her no. Shelli noticed Jeff and Austin talking a lot today.

She tells him he’s been making too many alliances in the house he’s making 3 or 4 it’s going to bite them in the end.
Jeff joins them. Asks them about what they thought of Liz.
Shelli says she’s flexible with her.
Jeff tells them Austin came to him and told him a couple things that upset him. (The above reason)
Shelli says they have to stick to an alliance, “An alliance is someone you really know is someone you can talk to”
She asks Jeff if he’s cool with Austin. Jeff says he is he’s trying to be.

Jeff – Austin is a big question mark.. I’m telling you man he threw Clay under the bus today.. we can use him to take out Day

Jeff says they need to get a group of 6 at the most. He’s close to Jackie but the only girl she’s close to is Becky. Clay likes Austin but he has loose lips “I can’t trust him”
Jeff would rather trust Liz because Austin was the first one to squeal on his friends.
They count 4 people Sheli, Clay, Jackie and Jeff
Clay wants Meg
Shelli wants Vanessa
Jeff – you guys think about it i’m going to break out here it’s sketchy as hell

They’re deciding they need to stick with a strong alliance. They want audrey gone this week and Day or Austin the following week .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 00-01-34-957

12:00am Steve and Audrey
Steve asks her if she wants to talk right now not game just “human being” Audrey wants to talk game and starts outting the 8 person alliance (Shelli, Jackie, Clay, Jeff, James, Meg, DAY, Audrey, Jason)
Steve – 9 person alliance
Audrey counts the alliance again ‘yes’
Audrey – Shelli was a last minute addition
Steve – what was my mistake was I too out there and different
Audrey nods
Steve – OK, Are people making fun of me
Audrey – yes they were.. like you walking around. .like before they would talk they would look under the couch to see if you were there.
Steve – so it’s 8 again.. we have one person from each side on the block.

Steve – at this point it’s a numbers game.. do you want to flip the vote
Audrey – I would love to
Steve – do you want to vote out JAckie
Audrey – I will

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-01 00-55-50-878

12:33am Bedroom James, Audrey and Jace (While Audrey and James argued the rest of the house is in the living room listening in)
Jace tells James “you’re not a good person you were playing me since day one”
Audrey – it was a game move I don’t think you’re a bad person if you put me up and played me
Jace leaves.
James and Audrey start to argue. James wants to know why she’s still spreading rumours. Audrey says all she’s done today was lay in bed.
james – you were in with the right people.. we had your back
Audrey – trying to kick me when i’m down
James is pissed that she told Jace about the plan to backdoor him.
James – What was the reasoning you coming up hauling me up at 5 in the morning
Audrey – I’m not saying it was rational; i’m not saying it was right it was an emotional impulse it’s happened.
audrey says she’s had a bad day “I’m not happy with how this day went”
Audrey – I don’t feel like i’m playing big brother I feel like I’m playing who framed roger rabbit
Audrey says there’s a pair in this house that took this as an opportunity to turn the house against her.
JAmes asks why she’s been laying down all day.
Audrey feels the house made it clear to her she was their number one target. James says it’s Big Brother you have to look beyond that, in Big Brother things change every 20/ 25 minutes
Audrey starts to cry says she’s not as superficial as she thought
James – I’m not trying to kick you when you’re down
Audrey says there’s two people in the house that were be pathological to her. those two will validate each other. She was onto them and was witnessing things she didn’t like just she acted too late.
James – are you going to sit back and be defeated the rest of the time you’re here
Audrey – what else can I do

Audrey says they are not thinking of things rational and separating reason from emotion. points out that they (DAY and Jason) act on impulse. Audrey adds that she pointed out her concerns with Day and Jason but never said I doubted James.
Audrey – I’m pissed because i’m being set up .. my only agenda is to write all the wrongs.
james – alright well.. i mean ,.. it is what it is.. honestly this is Big Brother I don’t know who’s telling the truth.

Audrey – did you make the discussion yourself to go and say I was in your ear
James – I was trying to do damage control

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Steve should have said to Jace I may go out second but
your going first Butthead!!!!!


Jeff/Austin/Clay is such an overdone trope in the BB game. As Jason predicted a group of guys always tries to form up and steamroll through the game. What’s worse is that they usually have girls like Shelli, Jackie, etc help them get to the end. Hopefully the plan backfires, and those three go out sooner rather than later (which already seems to be happening. Is Clay more loyal to Jeff or Austin? Austin to Clay or Jeff? Jeff to Clay or Austin?). I’m into pairings that most people don’t expect, like Da’Vonne and JohnnyMac. I saw those two talking game on BBAD, and got pretty excited.

If those three (Clay/Austin/Jeff) are serious, then Vanessa is going to be at the bottom of that totem pole (did she miss season 12 where Britney foolishly went to the final 4 with three guys?). I’m still trying to decide if Vanessa is really on this “I’m so loyal” shenanigans. I don’t buy it. She seems like she’s trying to position herself in-between Clay/Shelli and Austin, with a secret deal with Audrey on the side. Who’s she’s really loyal to is becoming a mystery.

I don’t think I can take much more of the word dude. How old areJeff and Austin? I’m 21, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard that many “dude’s” in the 3 years I’ve been at college. Hopefully that alliance crashes and burns. “I can’t quit you dude?” WTF You two hated each other, in fact I don’t think Austin likes Jeff personally considering the way he talks about women. And both still talk about the other to different people.

I wonder if we’ll have a double eviction before jury begins. If Liz can make it to week 5, then an extra (17th HG, Julia) will enter the game, so I wonder if there will be 3 DE or just two with one being pre-jury.

Steve please stay away from Audrey. She was the first person calling you creepy. Her game is ashes, people might as well let her hang around, and take her out around the time Aaryn or Amanda left.


Jeff is an idiot, setting himself up to be the next Audrey.
Loving Day for calling Austin a weenie XD


Jeff is an idiot, setting himself up to be the new Audrey.
Loving Day for calling Austin a weenie XD


I hope Steve doesn’t fall into that name calling bull crappie Jace/Audrey is saying. Jace and Austin were calling him and everybody else the “nerd herd” way before anything. I’m really hoping for a Day, Steve, Jason, and JohnnyMac alliance. I feel like that could work really well. I hope Jason and Day when HoHs too because they aren’t scared of ANYBODY! I LOVE IT. This season looks like it will be great.


These idiots don’t even trust themselves!!!! Every conversation includes some “I trust you 100%”s. If I have to keep telling you I trust you, you probably shouldn’t believe me because the minute you leave, I’m telling someone else you are “sketchy”. Its like they don’t understand the politics of BB!


My head hurts from how many things are happening in just week 1. This is a very promising start…everyone seems to be switching their alliance every 5 minutes.


Audrey is going to take a lot of the blame for the next couple weeks or however long production can keep her, but honestly Jeff is just as bad. both of them talk way too much even when they aren’t trying to spread a rumor.

it just seems like there isn’t a really good plan, they are all just abandoning ship left and right and this is when we already have the 2 people set on the block. just too many people in the house, I almost wish they just rocked the boat and went with a double eviction right out the gate.


This season is already so much more entertaining than last season!


Jeff is a tool. Clay has no clue how to play Big Brother. Austin is a lot smarter than people think & I hope he goes far. He’s by far the most trustworthy out of those 3.

another name

so far I’ve been comparing what is going on in updates and feed to what is being aired in episodes. episodes have two small alliances (three girl alliance, shelltown) with a four person backdoor jace plot. unless a lot of DeLorean Flux Capacitor moments happen on the episode tonight, most of the people making alliances on both sides of the line will be a non-entity to episode viewers. hoh and nominees are expected to get a lot of d/r time; beyond those people, a lot of reaction focus in d/r has been given to da’vonne, meg and Audrey. Since the production storyline has a lot to do with determining how the predetermined twists will be implemented, I get the feeling that something Audrey beneficial will occur in the next week.
Sure, a great deal is happening on feeds (more than in most week ones), but the almost separate entity that is the edited episodes is really downplaying or denying the existence of most of the shenanigans with free golden edits. unless the edit gets less restrictive tonight, i’m getting the feeling that this will be one of the seasons where episode only viewers won’t understand why feeders dislike certain houseguests.

The Hammer

Day is a loud mouth beeotch and I can’t wait for her to go home. That is all.

The Hammer

Go Jeff, Austin, and Clay!! I’m already sick of listening to the dainty flower feminists on this site whine and cry, I want to hear them suffer as those three MEN steamroll the rest of the house!!