Donny “theres a leader somewhere dictating all this.. Cody wouldn’t have put me up”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-21 15-18-03-759

3:28pm Backyard Hayden, Jocasta and Nicole
Talking about the prank a bit. Hayden says it would have been good if they had “did it”
Nicole explains as soon as Hayden woke up all they thought of doing was scaring him.
Jocasta asks Hayden what his 5 year goal is.
Hayden – “To be married, have kids, have a house, have a job and live in the country”:
Jocasta laughs “Sounds like Nicole’s goal and I didn’t even ask her.. that’s kinda weird”
Jocasta pretends that HAyden is Nicole and Nicole is Hayden. SHe Asks Nicole (Hayden) what haydens 5 year goal is.
Nicole impersonating Hayden “I want to be an actor I don’t want anything serious with a girl.. drink alot of beer.. Go to the Bar pick up girls.. nothing serious bounce around from place to place.. it will be fun”
Hayden laughs – Part of the 5 year goal is to just drink beer
Nicole – “I don’t want famly I don’t want kids I don’t want a life”
Jocasta asks Hayden (Nicole) what he thinks of the 5 year plan
Hayden (Nicole) says “It’s stupid and I don’t see the point of it.. I keep \forgetting how young he is.. he’s like a 9 year old boy”
More houseguests are waking up

BB16-2014-07-21 15-44-03-287

3:41pm HOH Cody and Derrick
Derrick says Hayden and him talked to Donny he’s all set he knows what the plan is. (Get Brittany out)
Donny told Derrick up the reason Cody put him up was because he wants Brittany gone. Derrick thinks they are good with Donny. Derrick warns that Brittany is going to stir the pot before she goes.
Derrick – Theres no chance in hell she is staying with Donny up there
Cody – I have to keep sh1tting excuse me (Cody heads into the bathroom.. i know TMI)
Derrick says Brittany in the house is bad for business. They can trust her but she’s going to turn on them first chance she gets. Cody says Brittany told him if she’s going out this week she’s going to be bitter. Derrick points out everyone is bitter when they leave.
Cody – Ohh man dude i’m pretty pissed if she would have won the POV.. “ Cody goes through how pissed he is at Caleb for not getting the POV so the Nominations would stay the same he grabbed the 5 thousand dollar prize and let Victoria get the veto.
Derrick says Brittany isn’t loyal to them she trusts them but she doesn’t want to finish in 5th place. Derrick suspect Brittany will ride with them but once someone is there to make a deal to get her father she’ll cut them this is why she’s got to go.

Cody – How do we work in working with Donny
Derrick – he thinks we all are working together.
Cody says he’s getting heated about Caleb because he “Dicked” him this week. He’s having trouble letting it go.
Derrick says when the time comes for them to cut Caleb he can be the one that tells Caleb he wanted him gone week 2. Derrick says if he gets the chance to take caleb out he’s going to take it.
Derrick brings up Victoria coming up to him and saying she’s surprised Caleb didn’t go up because if he did he would have gone home. Derrick thinks this is evidence that Victoria will vote Caleb out.
Cody says he told Victoria that last night she’s just parroting what he said.
Derrick – Do you realize how good of a position we’re in right now… we’re running the house me and you”
Cody says his brother would have been like “Why the f*** didn’t you put this kid (Caleb) on the block he F*** D1cked you” Cody had trouble last night trying to figure out who to put as the replacement nomination. .
Derrick says Cody was making a mistake putting Caleb up because Caleb will never put him up because Caleb is all about the alliance. Derrick stresses that putting Donny up was the only way to guarantee Brittany goes home and keep the alliance intact.
Derrick – “The only person that would take me out is Jocasta and she doesn’t have the votes to do it”
Derrick adds the house would have looked at Cody like he was Devin if he put Caleb up and kept Brittany. Brittany was his target all week then all of a sudden he picks a new target. Derrick thinks it was a bad move and glad Cody didn’t do it.
Cody and Derrick agree Brittany is thinking Derrick will vote to keep Brittany.
Derrick says Brittany will realize it wasn’t her game play it was her personality that doesn’t work in the game. Cody knows says Brittany already mentioned something like that he feels bad for her. (Something about not using her “Words”)
Derrick – She’s use to get her way because of how she looks.. I would rather take my chance with DOnny who said to you he wants to work with you already
Brittany rolls in. Brittnay to COdy “You are being called into the Diary room.. have to get questions out of you… “ Feeds cut

BB16-2014-07-21 16-11-47-371

With a live feed subscription you can go back and rewatch all the events we highlight in this blog.
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BB16-2014-07-21 16-41-34-018

4:35pm Backyard Jocasta and Donny
They agree the house is going through the people just like Devin was saying in order.
Jocasta – That’s the largest Alliance that i’ve seen in the game
Donny says they probably don’t meet all together like a group of 8 they are a group of four with people on the side.
Jocasta says she doesn’t trust the “Girls” Christine and Nicole. Jocasta told Christine something about Frankie and she ran to Frankie and told him. Frankie came to her and brought it up.
Donny knows that they cannot trust anything with Christine suggest she never once say anything important. Jocasta starts to cry says she doesn’t want Donny to leave. he tells her not to worry he’s going to be fine, “lets ride this week out you know you are safe and I’m feeling good.. see look i’m smiling” (See image above)
Donny says theres a leader somewhere that is dictating all this “Cause I don’t think Cody would put me up”
Donny points out that that guys have Cody on 24 hour watch everytime you go up there Either Derrick/Frankie are right up beside you
Donny – when I win Head of Household I’ll say the first two people up here in the HOH are nominated. I need time to think.. I’ll have it thought of by then”
Jocasta – They are threatened by you and Brittany
Donny points out that as long as they survive this week you never know what will happen the big alliance may start turning on itself depends on who wins HOH.
Donny – Man can you imagine what they are saying about us.. they’re a big group they can’t talk about each other.
Donny – “There’s four people that haven’t been on the block yet.. Christine, Frankie, Cody and Derrick”
Donny – You have to think about who you would put up if yo won head of household”

BB16-2014-07-21 16-39-17-245

4:38pm Bathroom Nicole and Derrick
Nicole shaving Derrick back.. Talking about COdey wanting to put Caleb up. Derrick says he talked to Cody last this morning and

BB16-2014-07-21 17-06-52-625

5:06pm Storage room Christine and Nicole
Nicole asks if she knows what almost happened today. Christine says she did hear about it.. Cody changed it 5 minutes before
“I would have been furious.. Frankie saved us”

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Caleb has poopy pants and now so does Caleb


Social experiment

Meh is right .. I dunno why but this exactly how I feel .. Lol. This was the plan for this week the second Cody and Frankie won .. All this “drama” was unnecessary for us to end up where we knew it would Donny and all .. So thanks .. Meh is right


Cody is even more stupid then we all can think.
He keeps saying that he did not even wanna Brittany gone, and Derrick keeps reminding him why she needs to go. And Cody does not even realize Derrick is just manipulating him. Poor Cody, spends so much time working on his body and has nothing on his mind


What’d you expect from Cody? No brain, no pain!!


He’s part of the “Oz Alliance”
Cowardly Lion = Cody
Scarecrow = Zack
Tinman = Caleb
Wicked Witch of the East = Christine
Wizard of Oz = DerrICK
Flying monkey = Frankie
Munchkin = Nicole


That’s perfect, especially Frankie as the flying minion monkey. Hayden could be the scarecrow too.

Nikko - Commander of the Flying Monkeys

Pfffff! – We don’t like scrawny pink-headed weasel ratin Spider Monkeys in our camp!

Well Brittany

At least you didn’t have to shave Derrick’s back

I just threw up in my mouth...

OMG, Right?!?!?!
That is soooo repulsing!!
Ugh,,,I’m traumatized.
I’m never going to get that nasty image out of my head.
That is a BB punishment that I don’t care what was on the line,
I could/would not do…


KnowNothing Nic and Ratine once again think their so smart because they aren’t playing the game. Then again I guess if you’re a superfan poser you’ll give your game to King Derprick for a chance at jury.

now now

Let’s all try NOT to commit mass suicide if/when Donny gets voted out. He will eventually be gone. He’s too nice. He is a threat, NO ONE would want him to be in a final 2, and he will be talking to the wrong person ie: Nicole Hayden, Victoria. It’d be good not make the comments section one huge bitchfest or therapy session. Lets all vote him Americas favorite so he gets 25K and he can trim more hedges w/ a nice Camry or Chevy …he may wanna try shaving the duck dynasty beard and give the HG a different look. Maybe they’ll see him in a different light. Adapt.


nice Chevy? bit of an oxymoron


I read or heard somewhere???
CBS had Donny grow his beard out for he show
I guess they wanted to jump on the duck dynasty thing
He will shave it off asap
maybe it does help keep the tenacles off him
in a house full of spinless jellyfish


I only saw a small portion of Jeff’s interview but I am certain there was a pic of Donny sans beard. BB will probably have a comp that if Donny shaves, he wins a huge prize. Hoping!!!!!

andy 2.0

please Donny win the HOH and put the four up who havent been on the block… they are the rats who deserve it most

Donny FTW!

Agree,……. Derrick, Caleb, Frankie and Zack all on the block the same time, this will make some great BB watching!

Donny FTW!

They keep poking the bear (Donny), somebody’s about to get wrath of the beard! Frankie is a rat!


Ahh, hindsight is a wonderful thing. You should of kept Devin , Donny, you were safe. Devin would of still been the target, {Devin was strong and smart, he told you everything, and all of you refused to believe him, can we say STUPID} and he could of given the rest of you some breathing room. Donny, I am afraid you are not safe. Derrick is going to send you home. Especially if Hayden opens his mouth.
BB your twist so far this season sucks!


You have to take into account the things Devin did to Donny that led him to be voted out by donny it wasn’t just the fact that the whole house wanted him out it was also the fact that Devin threw donny under the bus and betrayed him multiple times. If I were on BB and in an alliance with someone who would just continue to backstab me ofcourse I would vote them out.


Remember, some of those “Devin said” were actually said by the BS and attributed to Devin. Master mind Derrick told the BS they had to make Devin untrustworthy after he outed the BS. And he was successful. He obviously realized that he wouldn’t be able to “contain/control” Devin so….he actually agreed with Devin putting up Zach. (which was in Devin’s best interest as Zach was talking about backdooring him”)
Derrick agreed then flipped the house, gained control and hasn’t looked back….


I think it was a case of just because you are telling me there’s a big hole, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel you won’t push me in it. As much as Devin was on the right path he literally destroyed any confidence in trusting him because he was so wishy washy, overbearing, and public with it too and he started it before his on HOH. Too bad really because he’s more of an alpha male but with emotions like he had PMS.

smd nicole

brittany is such a hypocrite! was she not bashing all of the girls for flirting with cody to stay safe? she literally jumped into bed with her in a bikini and guess what girl u r wayyyyyy to late to actually start playing the game and ur a$s is GONE! and donny is really damn smart….

Not Real SMD Nicole

You’re ate up with Brittany. Professional help is available.

smd nicole

im so damn annoyed everyone is acting like she is such a good player! she is a disgrace to this game and a total bitch! she is acting like she deserves to be there because she has kids and she is a total gold digger! she said that she won’t date a guy unless he has a 7 figure salary! it baffles me why people like her! she is a total brat


Soo… she’s a gold digger. I have something for you to think about. Maybe her first marriage was a total disaster. IDK her or her husband/ex but do you? I tell my husband (who is in the military as an enlisted man) IF I was ever stupid enough to leave him, it would be for an officer. I would NEVER go for a lower ranking enlisted, now thats just stupid. But I won’t leave my husband because well I love him and he loves me. But the gold digger comments year after year really bug me. Are you married? Why did you marry your spouse? Isn’t saying I won’t marry a man if he doesn’t make 7 figures the same as saying you won’t marry a man who isn’t funny, attractive, a good cook, treats you right or wants kids. HOW is it your place to pass judgement on her future husband expectations. IDK you must be pretty amazing to be able to do something like that. Tell me again how long you have been married and what made you marry your spouse. Thought so.


That comment can not be for real.

Caleb has poopy pants

Yes, yes we know, Brittney is just awful, ect ect ect, why do you like Nicole?
Let’s talk about Nicole, why does she deserve to be in the house?


I am SOO disappointed in Nicole. I was REALLY rooting for this girl. She had the potential to be the next Jordan, but instead she is a high school outcast stuck in a 20 something year old body. Newsflash Christine and Nicole, no one had it easy in HS, HS sucks for EVERYONE, doesn’t mean we dislike those “girls” when we are grown ups too. Way to show the world your real age.

Dr. Footsie

Nicole has cankles.

julies's Glitter

Miss Piggy and Rat Girl will be the first ones in jury. Congrats!


I’m sorry but the girls this year suck. They’re pretty but thats about it. No one is compentent as a player. They all are bitchy and catty behind backs (except maybe Jocasta – but she’s a little crazy and terrible player). BB is going to have to really throw some twists in to keep some women in this house.

I hope BB would get a clue for next year… maybe do some testing, like 8th grade level, to get some smarter people in there, esp on women side. (give a 8th grade level geography test for example…lol)

The one line that sticks out as to how PATHETIC the women are this year is Christine saying “I HATE Jocasta but I can’t remember why”!!!! WTF is wrong with that chick??

smd,,,smd nicole

Awww, smd don’t get upset.
You know all of us just love “thumbs downing” you, just for the fun of it.
Now go put on your Germ-i-tard on, hold your sausage,
and watch Nicole complain about Brittney for no reason…


Saw Der-prickface shaving his whole body—must be getting ready for the BB pig roast with him being the main course!!!!

Ted Marie

Considering he is a cop–that was a good one!! Thanks for the chuckle.


Lol. Lol lol. Pig roast. I wish.

Donny FTW!

Remember put an apple in Derrick’s mouth, wouldn’t be a real pig roast without it!

Bey queen

Amber and either Donny or Jocasta need to win HOH this week to turn the power around…. Oh gawd they’re the only people that I can tolerate too :/


I hate all the so called bomb squad ugh! Except amber. I hate Christine the most and I hope Donny stays and wins hoh so he can put Derrick and Cody up cuz they think they are running the house.

Jimmy 64

Christine has turned into a little rat.


wtf is nostrils shaving for the douche bag with pink hair?


Cody has no heart to keep Donny. America loves Donny!!!

Guliana from New York

I wish Julie shake up the house on Thursday. Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie, Christine, and Nicole are lame as heck. BB is getting worse every year. They’re focusing too much on looks and not picking die hard bb fans.

Michael LB

Are there no attractive super fans out there, male or female? Based upon this year’s cast you’d have to assume not, which is why CBS had to recruit the hot ones who have never seen the show before.
Come on you good looking super fans, I know you’re out there! Try out for the show next year and show ’em what brains AND beauty can do!


Apparently Devin is now profit. Everything is happening just like he said it would…if people would stop trusting Derrick and Christine, and confiding in Frankie they might actually have a chance. Every season the biggest liars are the ones constantly accusing people of lying and not


If Donny is evicted we riot


Christine says that she would have been “furious” had Cody put up Caleb. Really? What would she have done? Started gossiping about him? That’s all she seems to do — bad-mouth people who aren’t in her “crowd.” She’s worse than my high school students. I’m looking forward to watching her deal with being on the block and being a have-not. Her “all-knowing, I’m-better-than-you” attitude just rubs me the wrong way. Sadly, Nicole isn’t far behind. I really wanted to like her at the start of the season, but now, I just can’t. The old adage is true — you become like the company you keep. So disappointing… Those referring to this as high school drama — you are right!


Next week I wanna see on the block.

Cody/Frankie vs Nicole/Christiane.

Is funny how in the DR Christiane makes fun of the guys for bringing her to their alliances. Like if she does not need them.
And we all know how the licks everybody`s h@@ls in the house..

I bet she does not have any female friend.


Hayden is just like Christiane. I HATE people like him, he keeps saying he hates and wanna stab Caleb in the face, but he does not do shit about it.

We won`t have any fights this season, nobody has any balls to do it.


I’m still on the fence with Hayden. And honestly, I can’t tell you why. I’m hoping he doesn’t turn on Donny by telling the “powers-that-be” about Donny’s plans for his HOH (I’m praying he gets one!). If he doesn’t, he may have some redeeming qualities. The next three days will tell…


Apparently Devin is now profit. Everything is happening just like he said it would…smug..if people would stop trusting Derrick and Christine, and confiding in Frankie they might actually have a chance. Every season the biggest liars are the ones constantly accusing people of lying and not being loyal. Everyone (except Caleb) is there for 500k…there is no trust. Rule #1 in BB trust no one!


Oh and every season…we wait through too many HOHs for people to get a clue. Donnie or Jocasta will not win. Amber or Christine’s fugly ass will. Their HOH will once again be ruled by Derrick and Frankie and we’ll be forced to Watch another week of high school drama unfold as Jocasta or Victoria is the target and we hAve to hear bout what horrible people they are.


Donny for America favorite houseguest!!!


Ugh christine, nicole, frankie and derrick. Can they be replaced by the first three evicted houst guest and brittney! Please!


Frankie and Christine are both little rats and need to go asap


And I thought Andy was a screwed up rat. Ratstine and Frankie the Pink Haired Rat make Andy look like Ian!!



Sorry AG but the BOB 4 nom thing isn’t very good. I was thinking of last season and what would be different. Second place wouldn’t have gotten the money but Andy likely still would have won. This format allows comp beast dominance and not nearly enough luck box comps to help the out siders I see this as being pretty hum drum……….. until the double which I’m hoping comes very soon.
Get back to BB basics. Then maybe folks will figure out the rats and whose running what. This BOB stuff is hurting that plus I think social has taken a back seat to comps. The BB brand is 6taking a real beating this summer!


Foolishness… Sometimes when you watch Big Brother you see the foolish moves flash before your eyes. You can see the certain moments that an alliance really screws itself up.

Cody should have followed his instincts and put up Caleb and had him evicted this week. Caleb is going to be in jury and beyond now. It is just how things play out. The Alliance is blinded by it’s own line of orders. Here is what I saw play out.
Everything before the PoV is inconsequential.

The PoV was one that usually save for later in the Season. It is the trade competition. It is meant to send a clear message of where peoples loyalties lie and where their greed is. It is something designed to expose a Zach like person because they take the Prize.
Caleb not taking the Veto shows clearly that he is not with them… very clear message to Cody.
Now the debate over who should be the replacement nominee. Cody’s gut told him Caleb, Zach told him Caleb. Cody sat out and watched Brittney do those kicks all night long. It showed she had heart and determination. In the meantime his alliance was scrambling about the house trying to pick a replacement. In the mean time a few messages where sent to the alliance and they where not listened to,
Here is one that was ignored because it involved Amber who they have already decided is not one of them. Amber had developed a clear relationship with Brittany and they started talking. Deals could have made with Brittany and Amber could help influence any nominations made. Of course the guys would be the targets, but, Derrick was safe from those conversations, Zach and Frankie may be in danger…. but her other targets was Nicole who is not even in their alliance and Victoria… so a Brittany Nomination may look like Zach/ Victoria. If the alliance was thinking If Zach was to throw the BoB Victoria would never win the PoV. So if PoV is unused they would have the numbers to evict Victoria and a Brittany HoH would just do what they wanted.
Caleb on the other hand has stated that his goal it to evict who he considers floater. By Caleb’s definition it is people who don’t win and sit around. That would be Nicole, Jocasta (Who he might not put up.), Victoria, Christine (He has stated he does not trust her he has caught her in lies.), Hayden and Zach. He has a dislike for Cody because of Amber. He has also stated that he has to stop talking to Frankie because he does not trust him. He has said all of those things to Alliance members. I think what Frankie and Christine believe is that Caleb will go after other Alliance members than them. Derrick knows he is off Caleb’s radar and not a target. They also believe if he Targets an Alliance member they can save them. In the case of Caleb I think that at the end of the week it would be two Alliance members on the block not who they think it will be. I think with Caleb it would be Derrick and Colby because that would lead to Cody’s eviction and if it is Derrick it cuts off a head. He is a simple guy. They should have listened to the messages he sent.

So this is where we are. This is the F’ed up week. This is the point that you can say they made the big mistake…. enjoy.


They should have hired Christiane as the ” Saboteur”, for this season.


I think Derrick is pushing Britney out the door because he cant have her! How many times does he comment on her looks! I think its more personnal than game play! He played Donny saying he didnt know Cody would put him up! Lmao and donny isnt buying it! Lets hope anyway! Eventually people will catch on to Derrick or at least lets hope otherwise he deserves to win for pure mind control!


Simon, Dawg,
what do YOU think about Cody’s decision?
Who would you have put up between Donny and Caleb given the situation?

Cody wanted to put Caleb up, but that would have put him in a tough spot with some alliance members. He didn’t want to put Donny up, even if Donny is safe.
I’d have loved to see Cody put Caleb up, but I think putting Donny up was the better strategic move for him, esp. since he has the whole [“bomb squad”, then “detonators”, then “3 amigos” then “hitmen”] plan. I just hope they get Caleb out before Jury. No more exposition for his constant self-praise please…
Cody is genuinely miserable for doing the strategic thing instead of the ‘right’ thing. I feel for him.


Somewhat ironic choice of words, Simon, especially since they really don’t clean the house much at all. 🙂


Is this going to happen every year where they vote someone out and then regret what they did.I mean this is exactly what happened last year where Howard said to the house that they could not trust the Mcranda clan but yet he was voted out by unanimous decision. Every thing Howard predicted from that point went on to be true and they got voted off one by one. Devin warned them (Brittany,Donny,Jocasta,Victoria…) about a 8 person alliance but they did not listen. Now they are going to get picked off one by one.


can you picture if donny stays in win hoh with jocasts men what will the other people do then i tell you they want amber and claeb up but if i was donny and jocasts i will make a deal with cleab and amber in tell them that their group want them out in they telling us yall should be the target in by the way amber when i was talking to jocasts in told her something you ran up in told nicole why did you do that i didnt say your name in you can thank derrick and nicole for telling me i want to stay this the people yall trying to save want yall out they was just telling me and jocasts now we can turn this around if you team up with us in stop telling them everything cause they could use it agisnt you dont trust them look if we win me you or caleb we stay safe they going to target all when we going first or do all want us to take out part of that group so we ciould have a chance


if anyone else is confused: “in” here stands for “and”.


Please, Please, Please… for gods sake, use some punctuation… trying to read your posts gives me a headache


I like Hayden, Donny, Britt, & even Amber now. Zach is entertaining. Sometimes I like Cody, but other times I can’t stand the dude because derrick & frankie control him. I’ll like caleb if he ever decides to go after the detanators. Can’t wait until christine goes home… I think nicole will be a lot more likable & maybe she’ll start playing this game. Used to like derrick until he became part of team america & started being a D-bag!! Can’t wait for frankie to feel the heat on the block!! And Jocasta & Victoria are just there lol


funny how everyone has opinions on who sucks at this this game who is good player etc…
oh my fav who deserves it…
So far Brittany is not a good a player bc she is the target. If Donny goes he sucks bc he got evicted before jury.
Of Nicole and Christine continue to stay off the block they are great players…
Just an observation the players that make it the furthest are the best and the ones who get evicted are the worst.
Personalities and personal habbits mean NOTHING! It is not a popularity contest for the feeders…
It is a competition to see who can stay in the house and then be voted the winner.


my typing is terrible…
sorry for the typos
thanks for the thumbs…


It would be interesting to see an actual secret vote. That is… the nominated HG could campaign for votes, try to persuade people to vote for them and give reasons. The other HGs couldn’t say how they planned to vote, they couldn’t make promises/cut deals. Just go in and give their secret vote to evict. Not sure if that would work for an entire season, but at least for a twist for one week.


Is it me or is this house obsessed with making it to jury. I’m not a BB “historian” but it seems like they talk about jury more than past seasons have.


I don’t get all the bashing on Christine and Nicole. They’re playing a GAME. It’s not always the competitions that say you are the best player. Enzo won one competition and got to the Final 3 becasue he was in one of the greatest alliances ever created. Dan threw comps left and right in both his seasons and only needed to win comps when he had to. Social is a big part of this game too. Lying, cheating….IT’S BIG BROTHER!!


Is anyone else having trouble getting this site to load. Cause sometimes it’s not even letting me connect to this site and i have to keep refreshing.


Jocasta and Donny both have a natural ability of seeing the truth in people.


Cody is so scared to have blood on his hands. He knew when he made his last minute decision that Donny wouldn’t go off on him as Caleb bcuz Caleb as we all know can be a loose canon like Zach. Donny tried to tell him in so many words about drawing the line in the sand and you will know who’s really riding with you. He should have the attitude of either way I can be put up. So my goal would be to win BOTB and POV. Retrospectively, only you can really save yourself from eviction. Cody truly believes all the ppl in the alliance are trustworthy. But yet he has caught Frankie throwing him under the bus. Telling Zach to be respectful to women and complaining that about him and Frankie sleeping in his HOH. Also a light bulb should have registered when Julie ask Zach about the ppl n there and he said he doesn’t like none of them..He really meant that. At this point I really haven’t seen a twist so far that would turn the house upside down. Having America select physical threat really defeated the purpose of us voting to have it done. Wow BB amp up this season as if it was going to be different and I”m still waiting for that to fruition..


How is Frankie able to get his pink hair dye? I thought that was a privilege you only get when you’re HOH?
Other than that – poor Donny – just trying to be a good guy and play that way. It might work.
Why does Jocasta only speak in tongues when money is on the line?
Can’t wait to see the rat face bitch with the beak go up on the block.

Julie's Glitter

simon, BTW, The name of Nicole and Derrick’s alliance is Bottom feeders not Feed Watchers.


Guys shut the f*ck up , Donny is so useless he is a bigot like his fav spencer


They really need some twists to make the season interesting. They need to do something. The double HOH/BOB thing changed things somewhat but the houseguests quickly figured out a way around it and I don’t think it has caused the changes the producers wanted. Please give us a hidden veto that is always in play (like Survivor) or more comps that involve selfish moves. They need to rattle this house in a major way. Just having someone else in charge won’t make things interesting, it might cause a bit of drama for a few days but they will all fall back into their same old boring positions afterwards anyway.


Nicole doesnt know what DOT is and Victoria doesnt know what a police impound is. Brittany is in bed with Cody who put her up on the block. Cody not putting up Caleb even though Caleb screwed him over. At least some of them are catching on to Frankie and Derrick so there are a few live brain cells between the dead brain cells in the house. And Zack, please stop sleeping and pay attention!! Its 500k and once again some jerk might win it. Hayden, you suck too.


Hey y’all here is Donny without the long beard!
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I was just wondering who everyone is rooting for at this point in time? I’ve been rooting for Donny since day one. I just feel bad that he is basically alone in the house with no true alliance. Donny just seems like such a better person than half of these people and it would be amazing if he makes it to the end pretty much all on his own. I hope Donny wins America’s Choice this year, if anything.