“It’s 100% looking like Bridgette zero or 1 .. Everyone else sway one way”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 21-29-57-925

9:28pm Backyard Frank, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Frank says the person that talks to Tiffany the most Is Paulie, He’s confident Michelle will pick their group over Tiffany.
Frank brings up him and James talking to Bridgette earlier and Frank asked her who she’s voting for. James said “Now Don’t lie”
Bridgette squeaked out “Whatever the house votes”
Frank said “You’re supposed to say whatever I vote”
Zakiyah impersonates Bridgette “whoever the house votes
Frank laughs…
Zakiyah – I’ve been getting the stink face.. From Bronte
James and Bridgette join them.
(Bronte and Bridgette are suspicious but still think Jozea is staying. It’s Jozea that’s confident he’s staying)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 21-53-58-837

9:36pm Hot Tub JAmes and Da’Vonne
They agree the other side is going to try and take out Tiffany.
Da’Vonne – she’s a good target
James agrees they should keep Tiffany around for a bit and let the other side deal with her.
Jozea joins them.
Da’Vonne – you ready for Thursday
Jozea – hey
Da’Vonne – you don’t sound ready
Jozea just doesn’t like the feeling of being on the block.
Da’vonne and James can relate.
Da’Vonne wonders if they will bring a player back this season, asks if they’ll have to send paulie packing twice..
James leaves..
Jozea says he sees “Tiff” talking to Zakiyah a lot he thinks she’s trying to pull Zakiyah away.
Jozea – the house loves Bridgette and the house loves me
Jozea – it’s 100% looking like Bridgette zero or 1 .. maybe michelle votes her out and everyone else sway one way.
Jozea brings up Michelle coming up to him telling him it’s 4 against 7.
Jozea says Frank told him he’s got his vote.
Da’Vonne – easy week I like easy weeks..
Jozea wants an easy week, adds he would be heartbroken and cry if the house flips.
Joeza wants to play an “hanshake game” he’s a warrior he doesn’t want they’re to be any shenanigans tomorrow.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 21-55-23-834

Talking to Jozea will do this to you…

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 21-53-06-835

9:44pm They get Alcohol and play pg-13 never have I ever. At 10:10 Paul, Jozea, bronte and NAtalie head to the backyard where Bronte and NAtalie run.

10:11pm Paul and Jozea on the giant lounger, Bronte and Natalie running and AJmes/Bridgette in the hot tub
Wondering why everyone is saying james can “Endure” Jozea wonders how out of shape last season must have been for James to win the endurance. Paul points out james is short and has a belly. James and Bridgette talking about Meningitis. The vet’s side of the house calls james inside to play never have I ever.
10:26pm Victor comes back after being in the kitchen, laughs says he hopes they have a competition tomorrow because everyone in the kitchen is chugging wine and beers. Bronte says this is why she’s not drinking. Jozea doesn’t think they’ll get enough alcohol to be sick tomorrow. Bronte and Vic think it’s enough to give them a headache.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 22-31-15-701

10:16pm Kitchen the 8 pack
Teasing the players in the backyard for naming their alliance the revolution. Michelle wants them all to tell Jozea they’re glad he’s staying for the 4th of July.
10:32pm talking about bronies. They start to do a rap..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 22-26-03-033

10:52pm Victor has been training Natalie and Bronte. Bronte keeps mentioning how much fun everyone is having inside wants to join them. They work out hard.
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Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 23-13-13-067

11:13pm PAul, Bronte, Jozea and Bridgette
Paul says the rest of the house is all drunk inside. (Not including Natalie)
Paul mentions that Zakiyah is extra f*** up “Talking all gangster”
Bronte – well Bridgette we came in last place for the laundry.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 23-22-31-178

11:16pm Nicole and Tiffany in the HOH getting ready for bed. Tiffany says she really wants to win the HOH, “I’m not scared of anything”
Tiffany – I want to talk to you about something…
Michelle comes in, “James is the worst for slipping up… who knows what he’s saying to those girls.. we need to distance”
Tiffany leaves..
Michelle and Nicole talking about their “Buzz” going away.
Michelle is hiding under the covers.
Nicole gets mad at Michelle for hiding, “You’re super cute and you have a great personality”

Tiffany comes back says she’s looking forward to be a have not. she wants to lose weight, She’s thinking about eating slop even if she’s not on slop.
Nicole says Caleb did that her season and stayed in shape.

Tiffany thinks Paulie will win the HOH because it’ll be endurance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 23-49-41-651

11:48pm Hugs

For the Natalie fan club. (sign up in comments)

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Do u get like no tail in real life to be so obsessed with Natalie?

Yeah she’s cute girl. Not that bright. No chance in this game.

So a “Natalie Fan Club” is kinda creepy old lonely thirsty man club.


lol Simon 😉


Yeah….all these natalie gifs and pics, are really getting on my nerves…… soooo annoying, not gonna lie. I mean i get it, she’s a pretty girl and all, but must these cheesy gifs of her be included in every single post ffs, It’s kinda disturbing actually……not trying to be mean, just saying.


Caleb level creepy.


I’ve heard people are saying that Natalie only likes Canadian men.


ummm, interesting, aren’t you married Simon? tsk, tsk, tsk…..

Capt Obvious

There’s other blogs for you ugly insecure women to go get your daily BB18 info from.


Almost ready for Davonne to get gone! Her obsession with downing Tiff every chance she gets is beyond annoying. Way too early to be sabotaging her own team.


I just have this feeling that James’ Team will win HoH this Thursday and you just know Vic will want to be HoH. If that happens all bets are off and let the scrambling begin. It will all come down to the Roadkill and Veto.
Simon who do you think Vic would put up for nominations? – I say Tiffany and Frank.


Frank has been slaying me, but I’m worried in his quest to throw the girls off, he’s going to become too obvious. Him talking to Nat and Bronte in the kitchen about the votes and Natalie seems to be getting suspicious of him.


So da and zac talking about how sketchy Tiffany is for wearing sunglasses in the house at night and damn if zac doesn’t wear them herself.
I want da out next week. Blindside, backdoor….matters not. She hasn’t changed at all.
Nicole dumb as box of rocks if she takes Frank to final two. He will win.

Hand of the king

Ive been wondering why Vic is never on the feeds like I rarely ever see him.. Feel like the feeds gravitate towards frank, James, Paul, and Tiffany for some reason. Not complaining love frank and James!


Poor Jozea he will have a harsh reality check on Thursday, Mr “celebrity” makeup-artist who has one video online 30 mins long to do a brown eyeshadow with liner….go back home Jozea…I just wanted to slap him when he said he had no clue what Zing Bot was or what All-Star BB was…..


Love Natalie.

Babbling brooke

Victor doesn’t have to say much. He’s pretty to look at. Natalie is cool. I like her.


Hey James,Victor,Bronte,and Natalie aren’t they safe next
week too.?

Team Vets

No, their first “week” of safety is when Glen left. Nicole’s HOH is their second round of safety.


I dont remember a collection of newbies like Paul, Jozea, Bridgette, Bronte, Victor be more clueless about the game. I am no brain surgeon but if I was in that House seeing Zakiyah/Tiffany and Michelle always around Da/Nicole it would ring bells in my head that something is up…but none of them have any clue what will happen on Thursday….get rid of all of them and start with a new cast(only newbies worth of being on the show are Michelle, Tiffany and Paulie)


Natalie has warned Jozea, Vic, Paul more than several times about whether they have the Votes or not. It’s gone in one ear and out the other. They are convinced they are running the show. Jozea is the ringleader of La La land. But all 3 are clueless.


Well now Vic and Paul want to go punch James because he told Natalie that Vic asked Nicole out on a date (??!?), after Vic had to apologize to Natalie for being mean to her or some dumb crap and I can’t stop laughing because this is now officially high school, but also because Bronte just laid the smack down on Paul. “I don’t need you to keep me safe I need you to keep your mouth shut!” I’m dying.


Have we made it to high school yet? I didn’t think we made it past the elementary playground yet with some of these antics.

Eric wenb

I think Natalie is somewhat conceited and used to guys always hitting on her.She lacks substance and the ponytail twirling is getting irritating… SORRY FAN CLUB!


And her stupid cheer leader moves. Sorry honey, this is not high school.


Every pic of tiffany she has that shady, far off look in her eyes, and she seems to be mumbling to herself, thinking, scheming. Vanessa kind of laid low the first few weeks before the hysterics and the interrogations started full force last season. I hope tiffany wins HOH so we can get this transition over with. Once she finds some kind of leverage, the torture will begin. I wish the vote counts had been kept secret last year because van would have been gone the first time she hit the block. Of course tiffany doesn’t have the whiff of pseudo celebrity vibe that her sister dangled in front of last year’s HG’s eyes…all those promises of big parties and flying people to Vegas. I saw a video online and it showed one of vans DJ parties at her (rented) mansion. I never saw a more bored looking crowd. No dancing, nobody smiling. But I digress.


Hush hater.


I was hoping to see Zakiyah after Josie’s makeover – was it good or did it look like the circus came to town?

And for some reason Michelle is working on my last nerve – she’s in a tight race with Bronte to see who gets there first.

Oh and Natalie? Floater. Going to be a big floater. HUGE. One for the ages. Better start playing the game, baby girl.


I think Natalie’s lack of game play is because of who she’s stuck with now. She seems to have tried to open the newbies eyes but, my sweet baby Jesus, they have them super glued shut. If James, Frank, or Nicole were willing to bring her in I think she’d play a more active game.
Right now it’s just that she’s stuck to a bunch of dead weight and the 8 pack or a subset of it, isn’t looking to bring her on board yet. So she floats…


No updates after 11pm? what were the hgs doing?