“They didn’t even break a sweat they just breathed heavily and were like I’m done” -Paul

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 19-10-43-377

7:11pm Backyard PAulie, Nicole and Zakiyah dancing.. Tiffanty joins them puts a beat to their routine. Paulie leaves the girls to master Zakiyah’s routine.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 19-13-48-374

7:11pm HOH Tiffany, Michelle and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne wants to keep Paul because he’s in her team.
They start talking about Jozea having a good heart. Tiffany says he’s narcissistic.

Tiffany thinks it’ll be easier to evict Bronte, “Jozea, Bronte, Vic, Paul even.. “
They talk about Da’Vonne going home second last season. Da’Vonne mentions how all her friends gave her a hard time when she got home because Big BRother was her show, “I’m the nerd when it comes to thAt show”. Da’Vonne adds not a day went by that she didn’t think of Big Brother, “that a year Michelle .. that’s a year it’s been on my mind a whole year”
Michelle was surprised Jackie made it as far as she did.
Michelle asks about liz
Da’Vonne says Liz didn’t do much the first 2 weeks Da was in the house but apparently she cooked up a storm later in the season.
Michelle – does that help… cooking
Da’Vonne – I guess got Jun to the end…
Michelle – I would cook more … I just want to be alone.. I think everyone is watching me judging..
Michelle says she feel uncomfortable in the pixel outfit
Da’Vonne understands says she would have cried if they told her to take the blanket off.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 19-16-05-377

7:13pm James and Frank
Talking about Tiffany being unstable.
Frank calls the other side of the house “The mean kids”
James says Even “Da” is thinking that Natalie is a good girl she just got caught up in the wrong group.
Frank says Paulie doesn’t like Natalie at all.(Hmmm..)
Bridgette joins them. Frank is explaining they might pull them in the DR when it’s time to remove the pixels.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 19-30-44-455

7:30pm Full performance…

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 20-14-50-944

7:45pm Backyard Michelle, Zakiyah and Nicole
Michelle is scared if the other side wins the HOH they’ll put her up. She’s such a fan of the show it would be horrible if she left before Jury.
Michelle is saying her, Da and APulie are the big fans of the show they deserve to make it to jury over Paul who wasn’t a fan.

Nicole joins them. Michelle saying she talked to Jozea today, the other sides plan is to take out the Vets.
Michelle – how are you guys so good at faking nice to them
Nicole – the only one I talk to is VIC, I don’t talk to Natalie, Bridgette, Bronte.. Paul is nice but then he says crap behind my back
Paulie – Our side is pretty close and their side is pretty close..
Paulie – eve if it’s a f****g crapshoot I don’t give a f***** they’re still BB road kill
They wonder what the HOH will be like and how will the Teams play into it.

Zakiyah joins them.. A plane flies overhead.
Michelle – They’re goes Jozea…

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 20-14-23-941

8:13pm Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah
Nicole says the girls are really split.
Michelle – how
Nicole – Like.. we don’t talk to them..
Michelle says Bronte dresses like a 10 year old. Michelle knew right from the beginning she wasn’t going to like that girl.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 20-24-00-889

They run a few laps around the backyard.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 20-37-41-893

8:35pm Bronte and Paul
Bronte is surprised that Nicole, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah had such a short run.
Paul – “They didn’t even break a sweat they just breathed heavily and were like I’m done”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-28 20-45-11-973

8:44pm HOH Zakiyah, Da’Vonne and Nicole
They’re pissed at Bronte staring at them while they were running. Sounds like Bronte said ‘
Do 50 more” after they were finished.

Da’Vonne – I guess they thought they were going to be the only fitness bettys in here. They mad about it

The other side made dinner tonight. There’s some worry the chicken isn’t cooked (Everyone else is downstairs eating it)
Zakiyah brings up Natalie’s quip “we’re eating healthy tonight” because apparently the vets side has been making food the last night and it was what I assume to be high calorie.
Da’Vonne calls Natalie ‘16 cookie NAtalie”
Zakiyah – girl you eat your healthy meal.. My mommy told me to eat any and everything
Da’Vonne – Mhhh hmmm
Zakiyah – Bridgette looking earid to me today to..
Zakiyah says Bridgette looks at her like she’s scared she’ll get spanked, ‘Girl you’re good not going anywhere this week.. Maybe next week.. AHHAHAHA”

Da’Vonne brings a plate of food up says it’s actually really good.
Da’Vopnne – When I turned around she smiled and I slammed the door shot a looked at her .. in her face slammed the door… Wench
Nciole – Oh she caught you staring
Da’Vonne – she’s a wench
Nicole says that was nice of them to prepare her a plate she’s going to go down and get it. Nicole leaves
Da’vonne – Little wench..
Zakiyah – Yeah
(Wench = Bronte)

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Natalie’s Fan corner..

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Why does Paulie hate Natalie??


Day’s true bitchy colors coming out more and more. Using Frank, Nicole as a go-between to cause a rift between James, Tiffany and the rest of the 8. Zak has no game, but is following her lead with the bitchiness.


DaVonne talking to herself says “I just need to let people come to me. Cuz they will cuz people love to talk”

No DaVonne only you are going around spreading paranoia and lies about people. YOU fear Tiffany and if you think your cheating and lying is going to get her out. Bye DaVonne!


God do i hope james wins this season. Everyone seems to doubt him even though he is so god damn loyal. And davonne needs to calm down. Week 1 amd this is becoming too much.


This whole setup is like BB14 all over again. Only the cast seems like a bunch of degenerates like BB15.


jozea is too dumb for this world, let alone this game.


I am watching BBAD and it showed Jozea (Josea? Jozsea? whatevs) talking to Da by the pool, and I thought oh, that’s sweet, she’s being nice and he’s almost making sense. Then I realized the Ambien was kicking in.


I seriously cannot wait until the cam zooms and pans into Joeza’s face when he gets evicted on Thursday. I want that visual to be forever cemented in the form of a gif. lol


Natalie was doing just fine with her winking. Im diggin it.

Bitch Ass Da'Vonne

Davonne is playing way too hard way too early and is just being an annoying bitch in all reality she was in a good position and she is just blowing hers and others games up. What a waste to bring her back. Knew it was a bad idea to bring a week two evictee back.


Racist. You just don’t like her because she’s black


Omg get real. No one cares about the color of her skin smh. People are just pointing out the fact that she’s ruining her game with all this nonsense.

It’s WEEK 1, why would you do what she’s doing? She’ll be out soon, and it will have nothing to do with her skin color and everything to do with her stupid gameplay.


Hopefully the sarcasm is strong with this one.


B1tch A$$ Davonne is just code for watch out fo Davonne or she’ll steal your stuff. You’re racist. Careful, your hood’s starting to show.


Y’know, I do not really see this Tiffany is crazy thing as much as I hear people talking about it.
It’s a shame her sister’s persona is overtaking her ability to play the game because I think she actually has a fair grasp on how to play the game socially and strategically.
Her inability to get people to oversee the Vanessa traits in her is going to be her eventual downfall.

The dynamic in the house is really going to shift once Jozea leaves the house. Everyone is on peace patrol but when the blindside hits, the scramble is going to be fast and fierce. There will be a lot of tense emotions (particularly from Paul, I’m expecting/hoping).
I think this game is shaping up to be an interesting one.


Getting tired of Davonne constantly bringing up Tiff as unstable and worried about her coming undone to BOTH sides of the house. Every time I watch she is bringing Tiff up to someone. In the last 2 days Day seems to be planting a lot of seeds about Tiff maybe throwing a wild vote out there… I can almost see Day voting against her side of the house and then blaming on Tiff. She is obsessed with bringing Tiff down.


Yeah Day’Vonne freaks out but I’m glad they see past Bronte. SHE is a mean bitch when the girls were exercising and she was calling Nicole stupid. Then she started laughing like a hyena when they left, like come on Shelley Duvall you’re not perfect. Little wench LOL

G 1

I’ve been watching BBAD and have to say I’m pretty disappointed in Bronte’s “mean girl” side and her judgemental catty comments in regards to the other girls. When she had her fake high pitched over the top laugh about the girls once they went inside it made me cringe at how crappy her real personality is. She is a 180 from the baby talk–fun loving–girly girl she tries to portray. Just my two cents–thanks for listening.


Here day goes again …. really now she is aubrey 2.0 always stiring the pot piting the 8 pac against each other already and its second eviction well at least jozea is going home so she’s good for NOW .

April in Paris

I was so upset when I saw MommaDayV returned. Then she seemed to control it and saved her smirking comments for the DR. But she’s falling back to her two-faced “I love Jesus but everyone else is stupid so I have to be in charge blah blah blah


I’m surprised no one is commenting on Bronte’s ethnic slurs towards James. Isn’t this the 2nd time?