“It’s too late to stabilize something with them [8pack]” – Bronte

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?


Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 10-16-43-646

10:18am Bronte and Natalie are the only ones up.
Bronte says she told Paul and Jozea about Natalie’s gut feeling Jozea is going home.
Natalie is worried that the whole house will know now.
Natalie says she’s so tired she got no sleep last night, her head is pounding.

10:26am bunch of girls are up mentioning how quiet it is with all the boys sleeping. There’s also construction sounds going on from the backyard.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 11-01-23-767

10:56am Bronte and Natalie
Bronte says if Jozea goes home it’s because Zakiyah and Da’Vonne aren’t on their side. Bronte says the other side of the house is going after the boys they are working with first after that they are the targets. They still need the boys are their side. She’s not sure if they can rebuild an alliance with elements from the other side. They seem really solid.
Bronte – it’s too late to stabilize something with them
Natalie suggests they see what happens after the eviction. They have to take care of themselves.

Natalie – 100% Jozea goes home because of Zakiyah, Da, James..
Natalie says the guys (Vic, Jozea, Paul) have alliances all over the place “They have an alliance with Frank .. with Tiffany.. Cmon”
Bronte – they’re screwing this up for sure
Natalie – they’re mouths are so big.. .I’m not going to be surprised if Jozea goes home
Natalie – they are loud they let everyone know their opinions
Bronte – we get associated with them
Natalie says they can still be with their guys but they have to distance themselves publicly.

Brionte says they need to stop trying to decide who tells the truth they have to assume everyone is lying.. Mentions that’s how Cody and Derrick played.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 11-14-08-765

11:13am Zakiyah talking to the cameras
Gives shout outs to her family.. Says today is eviction day “It’s going to get real”

12:16pm Feeds have been on fish for awhile.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 12-54-06-804

12:53pm Feeds come back the HOH Lockdown is over the houseguests are now free to walk throughout the house getting ready for the live show.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 13-02-36-590

1:02pm Chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 13-27-09-934

1:13pm Storage room Victor, Paul and Frank
Victor – Frank we gotta win HOH today
Paul – you’re (Frank) not a target we are
Frank says if his team win HOH he can get into their ear.
Frank – After that that shit with Tiffany last night I could put the target on her..
Frank – Tiffany and James is that what i’m thinking
Paul and Victor agree.
Paul points out that James has it out for Victor now
Frank that must feel intimidating

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 13-38-04-611

1:34pm Jozea and Paul Storage room
Paul tells them Frank really wants Tiffany out, “I can’t imagine him lying.. If he’s going to say that sh1t to us.. Why would you blatantly lie to our faces”
Paul adds that Frank can sway his team if any of them win HOH to keep them safe.
Jozea – he’s playing both side
Paul – Ohh 100%
Paul – James and Corey on the block.. Or if it’s James and Tiffany with Corey as the road block
Jozea – that stupid a$$ bridgette will be next.. Dumb a$$ f***s

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 13-45-32-074

1:41pm Corey and Nicole
Corey saying that Frank is covering all his basses with the other side. He thinks Frank might vote out Paulie so he can maintain good relations to the other side.
Nicole thinks Da’Vonne might do it too she doesn’t want all that blood on her hands, ‘She’s been lying to them for 2 weeks” (Lying to Jozea). She says Frank and Da’vonne voting the other way will force a tie.
Corey and Nicole is pissed, Corey says Frank is using his stuff to cover his tracks.

They start counting votes.
Corey – I love the guy but he’s using my stuff now (Frank)
Nicole – he’s playing hard.. And fast..
Corey is about to blow Frank up tell everyone he was the roadkill.. Corey is going to tell Frank if he votes out Paulie Corey going to target Frank.
Nicole – He’s a competition beast.. He’ll probably win the HOH
Nicole suggests he waits until after the HOH

Nicole – If Paulie goes home I will be so mad…
Corey – It could go either way..
Nicole is worried now that Paulie’s going home.
Corey – I need to talk to Frank..
Corey mentions how Frank screwed up Tiffany last night, Michelle thinks Frank is being selfish.
Nicole thinks Da’Vonne and Frank are in on something.
Nicole – “I can tell she’s up to something.. I trust Frank more than Da’Vonne”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 14-14-24-851

2:09pm Nicole, Frank and Michelle
Frank tells them they need to tell Jozea he sucks at makeup.
Frank’s going to tell the other side “No offense I know the game better than ya’ll”
He’ll explain to them he’s not going to vote off one of the houses strongest competitors that is also on his team.
James and Paulie join them and they start to scheme..
Bridgette joins them and they are silent.. Frank changes the topic to chit chat..

Corey helps Paul out wit his hair.
2:42pm Everyone frantically getting ready for the live show.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 14-49-11-389

2:49pm PAulie and Frank
Frank can’t wait to see the vote
Paulie – It’s going to get HOT..
Paulie says he’s going to find out IF Bronte and Natalie are voting him out.
Paulie – You don’t get a threesome by not asking
Frank – Vic is so paranoid right now.. he just told me he’s in game mode..
Frank says Victor is a idiot.
Paulie – You gotta me more smooth than that

2:54pm Jozea and Victor in the storage room. Victor says Frank is voting out Paulie. He thinks they also have Michelle’s vote. HE’s worried they lost Natalie but they may have Tiffany.

3:01pm Paulie tells Natalie Jozea is not staying. tries to ger her to vote Jozea out. She tells him she knew about the vote for a while now. She made a mistake promising a vote to Jozea early on. She’s going to stick to her word but it doesn’t mean she’s with those guys.

3:09pm Natalie telling Bronte Jozea is getting voted out. Bronte still can’t see Da’Vonne and Zakiyah flipping on them. Natalie tells her they have to mentally prepare.
Natalie thinks the two of them are safe but they have to still win HOH

3:12pm Nicole and James talking about how their 8 pack is too big of an alliance. James is going to throw the HOH so they can get Victor out.

Feeds go to Jeff… they won’t come back until after the show airs on the east coast. Get your feeds cause tonight is going to be isnano

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No blindside 🙁


Gonna be blindside Paulie. If Frank’s new strategy is get out Vets & 8-pack he needs Joz vote.

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell

Well…a blindside for Jozea


So disappointed!

Jimmy 64

So Jozea said he’s going to cuss everybody out even Julie.
I hope Julie punches him right in the mouth or do some judo
or something on him . She looks like a tough woman.


Jozea is all talk no action. I’ll be shocked if he goes out with a major scene tonight. He might not shake hands or hug, but it’ll be smooth.


Yeah, give him a Judi chop.

Eric R

No blindside 🙁


do not fret Jozea is gone!

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell



My favorite comment I’ve read!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

FINALLY Natalie and Bronte are getting suspicious. Several days too late i’m afraid. They really need to distance themselves from the whole Paul and Jozea situation or else they are next.

Frank did NOT do good for his alliance clueing Natalie in, I am sure it will come back to haunt him.


I hope Tiffany wins RK and nominates frank….


None of them can keep their mouths shut. LMAO at the observer, Jozea, not observing how much time Da, James, Zak and Frank spent up in all week.

Frankly Disappointing

Thanks, no thanks for spoiling the blindside for Mr. Obnoxious. Now we hopes he comes back to haunt your a$$. Frank really thinks putting up Vets this early means Paul & Vic are gonna take him to F2 & get voted Winner by SpyGirls? Especially after be let’s Day & Zak take fall for his backstabbing. Blew his wad too early. And HG Ranking.

Team Edward

Stuff is bout to go down tonight. No am hoping for a long comp and some hot live feeds!!!!

Butters Mom

I hope franks decisions come back to bite him in his condescending ass.


I hope Frank’s own alliance figures out his scheming and they back door him. Sweet blindside


So what do you think, fireworks tonight or a sputtering sparkler?


A Sputtering Sparkler… LOL! Describes Jozea to a T!

Misty Beethoven

Jokers says Frank was showing Paul how to iron a shirt. Aw, see I told you they’d be besties in the jury house!
And btw, where’s Min?


Same question. Min makes me laugh or loud. Only seen one post early on


Day is sharp. She hopefully will see thru Frank. She is all about girl power. Let’s wait and see what she says about Frank after eviction. I think Frank going to Natalie was a terrible thing and hope Paulie wins HOH.


It almost looks like Fatal 5 should have been Nicole, Da, Zak, Michelle and Corey because Frank, Tiffany and James can’t keep their mouths shut.


Huh? What do James and Frank have to do with fatal 5? And Tiffany didn’t spill the beans, Frank did. Actually Natalie kept questioning Tiffany over and over about it, and Tiffany never once broke. You can thank stupid Frank for that.

frak has this all figured out

if vic/paul win hoh by nominations he’ll have convinced either vic and paul to put up james and tiffany, they drop tiffany, save james. If james wins hoh he goes after vic aan paul the following week. or, If one of his power puff girls, that’s right I said it, cause by then (2 weeks) they will be his to go after nicole and cory or zak and paulie, probably cory..whoever he wants. He’s the one to watch for me..i like day and james too. any combination of those 3 pairing up into 2 and taking it to the end is my ideal, that’s my brigade/chill town, and nicole as their britany, too funny. She is not in their league in my opinion .. My ideal for final 2 is frank winning (cause i think hes smart, social, and strong), and either james or day, in second, winning americas favorite too. but that’s me. what about you ? any thoughts about final two . Anyone?

frak has this all figured out

no, no thoughts just a thumbs down. thanks for coming out


I don’t think Frank will pull in Natalie and Bronte. They’ve mentioned they don’t trust him. I think one of the other girls will be able to pull them in now. Frank, James, and Da’Vonne will be seen by Bronte, Natalie, Paul and Victor are untrustworthy and blatant liars. The next few days will be interesting as to ends up where.

frak has this all figured out

bronte and her power puff girls are expendable. brote;s the first to go, or natalie i don’t think it matters he;ll keep brit for a while, if she’s still at final 3 he’ll take her to the end


Glad to see Nicole is catching on to Day and Frank. I hope they both go SOON!

Doran Martell

I hope they keep them around a while longer for the entertainment. I think Day will get taken out around the same point that she did last season. 3rd or 4th? I think. I also think tiffany would look so much better if she didn’t wear all those hats. She’s a pretty girl.

frak has this all figured out

as well, non of the 8 are going to put him up this week cause they’d have to take him out, and it’s too early to take him out, they need him for comps and, in two weeks he’ll have the power puff girls going after nicole, cory, zak, paulie, maybe using james as a pawn or if any of the 8 win that week they’ll just finish off the remaining vic and paul or one of the power puff girls… he’s got this game


Not after last night. He WOULD of had this game if he kept his stupid mouth shut. Now half the house doesn’t trust him. Not sure how he’ll come back from that other than winning all the comps.

Granted he was good at that before, but he’s older now. We’ll have to see if he can pull it off.

frak has this all figured out

how dare you, sir. frank is in his prime. he’s a contender. Any combination of frank, james, or day is a clear winner of this game anyone else wouldn’t do it for me. Im tired of andy’s and steve’s winning this game .. and, i don’t want to watch any kind of derek and cody game either. I want the chill town brigade, and any two of those three, teaming up now, and taking it to the end is the show i want to see


I’m going to resuscitate you and then shave off your eye brows.


Frank was a douchebag in BB14 and he’s a douchebag now in BB18.

These house guests couldn’t keep a secret if they were paid to do so. I’m sure it’s hard being in that house, going a little stir crazy, needing some “drama” for entertainment, but c’mon…..keep it together at least until after the vote. Everyone needs to keep their damn mouths shut!!!!!

CAPT Obvious

Wow!!! Unfortunately for Tiffany, it looks like her over exaggerated cryfest about Frank “disrespecting” her worked more on getting sympathy from you pantywaists on the outside of the house.
You tear-dabbing pansies can’t have it both ways. You complain because “it’s sooooo predictable” but then when someone throws a wrench into the smooth ride, you all drop your monocle into your wine spritzers.


Did I miss something why do they think Frank and davonne are gonna flip now


You mix people who don’t know the game with someone who plays hard too fast and you get a trainwreck you can take your eyes away from.

It's time

I find it hilarious Frank thinks he is going to win HOH.

About 5 people are thinking of putting him up if they are HOH. And if he doesnt go up by first nom I promise he goes up as RK nom.

You can always tell when Frank is lying. He gets that fake concerned ugly sad puppy dog look on his face. No one buys his crap anymore. Bye Frank.

Paul and Vic are his only allies now. Frank is Jozea next week.

frak has this all figured out

hey vanessa


Yeah tonight is going be interesting and the next few days….
I wanna see what jozea is really going to do when he is evicted …
Will the rest of the 8 pack be on to Frank and Day?
Who will become the next HOH ? I wanna see one of the newbies win this HOH because I wanna see what there going to do and utterly fail at getting the target out the house and accidentally sending one of there allies out the house would sound like a good week to me
Will the 8 pack turn on each other ?
Who will be the first vet to leave the bb house ?
Who will be the next person to leave after jozea ?


Wouldn’t put it pass Frank to vote Paulie out and try to blame it on Tiff. Da may do the same. Wish the 8 pack would have waited a couple more evictions before turning on themselves.


Not sure if it’s true, but I read Julie was no longer going to read the vote count. She did say there will be a “surprise” tonight, so it could be that.


I think the House guests not knowing the numbers will alter some strategies. You won’t be able to account for who voted for who and that will leave room for doubt and mistrust. As long as the audience hears the live vote count, I like the idea.

Over Extended

Anyone see her yet without the extensions? Who’s got the most, Day, Michelle, Natalie, Nicole, Zak, Tiff, Paul’s beard?

An ornery mouse

Atta boy, Simon! She’s even better at that than she is winking….. and she kicked ass at winking!


Is it wrong of me that I want the Producers to tell the house guests they can dress up if they want to (since some of them apparently asked) and then the HOH competition be a physical one? I want to laugh at those people. Don’t look nice for the cameras, dress relaxed so you have a better chance at winning the competition .

Holy snapcrackle&pop

Hahahahahahaha…..(tears leaking out)….ha Hahahahaha!




Natalie and Nicole remind me of Jordan and Rachel.

I like Frank reminds me of a Andy/Derrick. But I think he’s trying too hard too soon.

Overall I think a girl will win. And enjoying the Simon Natalie fan club. That girl is too cute.

An ornery mouse

I wonder if Jozea plans on wearing pants tonight? If he opts against it, I think that would put a lovely exclamation point on one of the most truly bonkers and clueless residencies the show has ever known.

P.S. Can’t wait to see the beautiful and kind Natalie on live TV tonight!


Gluish Messiah can wear whatever he wants.


Paulie is in the best position now, the vets are trusting him now and the rookies aren’t coming after him instead they are going to be going after the vets. James is in the worst position out the vets with Vic and Paul hating him. Frank is about to lose the rookies trust because he is playing to hard he only had to say he was giving Paulie a vote because he was on his team and he didn’t want it to be a blowout and his bases would have been cover. Day is in a ok spot because Tiff doesn’t hate her anymore instead she hates Frank who is too cocky now. Nicole can do damage control but because she won HOH she is a target. Zak is a follower and is sitting well because she is liked by the vets and the rookies aren’t worry about her. Michelle is in a ok spot but she is not liked much we by the rookies . Tiff is in a great spot if one if the girls win. As for everyone else they are just disposable. Natalie could go far buy her loyalty to Bronte is going to hurt her game


Zakiyah’s problem is that she and Da’Vonne are thought to be on Jozea’s side so when he goes home, the girls at least will know she’s lied.


Frank is trying to be Derrick but he’s not slick enough; he just screwed up, people already talking bout him playing both sides and Nicole finally gets that Da and Frank are not to be fully trusted and are up to no good… trying so hard to put all this heat on Tiffany… Da trying to throw out that Tiffany likes Audrey … wtf… lol and she’s gonna vote crazy potentially, thats all bullshit. She’s trying to save her own but if she decides to vote out Paulie ..

'Aint No Fury

If all these haters actually met Vanessa in person they would be all star struck and nervous to talk to her.

But here they are real tough little fan boys and girls talking shit. LoL.

Yes keyboard warrior we know you would talk smack to Vanessa’s face. Calm down little tike it’s ok we know. I think ya mom calling u upstairs to dinner. Catch ya later message board tough guy:-)


Goodbye Jozea or messiah whatever your name is lol…Frank is playing too hard too fast it’s too early for that he should keep his mouth shut stick with the vet team for now and then flip later when he doesn’t have the numbers, him acting sketchy now is just going to get him evicted….anyway I doubt if a vet will make it to the end unless these newbies keep playing stupid. I am all for getting annoying Paul out next or very annoying Bronte through not Victor(they barely show him)


i hope to god Jozea gets booted tonight

April in Paris

Oooo the twist! Noooooo! Battle back?!! No Joz go Glenn!!!


Frank is playing Derrick’s game!


Frank is playing Derrick’s game!