Frankie will be pissed if Veto is used “after this now another death in the house it’s too Much”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-25 19-28-32-763

7:27pm HOH Caleb and Zach
Caleb saying we’ll probably make it big in the music industry.
Celeb really really wants to do movies like the next big transformer movie or GI Joe, “I was supposed to be in the recording studio before I came but so much was going on”
(once again Zach is trapped in the HOH with Caleb.. Caleb proceeds to give Zach a ear beating for quite some time)

BB16-2014-07-25 19-36-13-938

7:35pm HOH Frankie and Christine
Frankie telling her it was the best way to keep her safe having her in the BOB playing against the two weakest players in the game. Christine hugs him “I love my Frankie”
(Feeds were cut for around 15 minutes)

BB16-2014-07-25 19-56-00-129

7:46pm Derrick in the Have nots (His grandfather died this morning)
looks like he was crying he walks out Frankie gives him a hug he says he needs to go into the Diary room. Nicole – Are you OK Derrick”

Everyone reading a bit of the letter looking very somber some crying.. Frankie reads the letter “Unbelievable .. he wasn’t married to his grandmother.. ”the other one
Frankie – Another BIg Brother first..  unbelievable this morning”

Frankie is going to ask if he can eat Derrick’s slop for the week because Derrick will be weak, cold tired and sad.
Derrick comes back from the Diary room says he appreciates their concern, “It is what it is.. part of life.. they recorded a message and it’s going to play it at the funeral.. Im worried about my dad he’s was close.. my dads a mess right now.. has such a big heart”

Frankie says if he wants to speak in private to the live feeders and TVGN his HOH room is open. Derrick says he did a whole thing in the Diary room for his family.

everyone silent…

8:10pm Frankie was he ill when you came into the house. Derrick says no he lived in a home with his wife assisted living. He was 86, “Lives 10 minutes from me.. he was veteran he fought in the war”

BB16-2014-07-25 20-19-13-809

8:32pm Everyone hugs Derrick he thanks them all for being there for him.
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BB16-2014-07-25 20-39-08-325

8:34pm Have nots Derrick and Frankie
Derrick says he’s not a very emotional person like Frankie. Derrick he got to do a personal message but he bawled the entire time so he’s going to go in and redo it. Frankie says he’s going to be Derrick’s rock because Derrick game him the HOH and let him see a picture of his Grandfather.
Frankie says he’s going to ask production if he can go on slop for Derrick.Derrick appreciates it but the slop really doesn’t bother him too much, “You don’t have to do that”

Nicole comes in says she wants to personally thank him for letting her emotions out, “You are one of the most kind hearted genuine people I have ever met I love you and adore you”

Derrick – “Thank you”
Nicole – I’m here for you anything I can do for you”
They huge, nicole says she really worried now because Cody says “It comes in sets of threes”
Victoria comes in asks if he needs time alone or if she can come in and talk. Derrick needs a half hour to collect his thoughts.
Victoria – “Love you”
Derrick _”Love you to”

BB16-2014-07-25 20-42-01-309

BB16-2014-07-25 20-50-42-265

8:50pm Frankie and Christine Kitchen (Feeds keep cutting and out)
Frankie hopes to win the Veto so he has all the power this week. Talking about Zach, Christine thinks he’s a saboteur. The following people are going to self destruct Zach, Caleb and Amber.Frankie brings up his super fans and students theory and how the students are getting picked off one by one. Christine says jokingly she hates Amber “I hate her so much” (because she said something that showed she doesn’t know anything about the game”
They think Jocasta watches the shows but doesn’t live and breath the game like Frankie and Christine do. Christine says Jocasta isn’t worth a hill of beans.
They comment on how annoying caleb is

BB16-2014-07-25 21-00-13-207

9:00pm Pool Frankie and Caleb
Frankie – “If someone uses the Veto I will be pissed after this now another death in the house it’s too Much” (Odd way to put it)
Caleb – that is why when you get houseguest choice pick wisely
Caleb says if anything happens to his family he’s going to leave the game. He’s not going to let anything keep him from his family. He prayed to god to put a wreath of protection around his family while he’s gone.
Frankie says thank god he won the HOH because Zach would be stomping around with ah power trip, “Everyone is so happy I won except for Victoria and JOcasta and even they are happy in a weird way”

BB16-2014-07-25 21-30-10-327

9:26pm Caleb and Jocasta
Caleb says Frankie, Nicole, Hayden and Christine told Zach that Amber was targeting him. Caleb told Amber that and all she told him “I’m good” He adds that Amber went to Derrick and Cody and said she’s not talking to anyone anymore.
Caleb went to Amber after and told her he’s trying to help her. She said she was good he should just go hang out with your boys. She blew Caleb off.
Jocasta – Where was I during this
Caleb says he’s not looking at Amber anymore.

Caleb – For all those things I’ve done she’s never thanked me once for it;
Jocasta – Really

BB16-2014-07-25 21-37-27-681

9:36pm Derrick and Zach
Derrick mentions how strange it is he just threw the HOH comp to Frankie becuase his Grandfather dies and now he losses his. Derrick -“I’m a month in Theres no way I’m leaving”
Zach – I like to get blood on my hands I don’t care dude..
Derrick tells him to keep an eye on Donny because Derrick doesn’t talk to him. ZaCH – “Hopefully caleb or Amber don’t win the veto”
Zach – “Victoria is a f***g joke dude.. you’re about to go on the block if you don’t win and you are worried about getting makeup on your shirt”
Zach – We got to get Amber out before Caleb right
Derrick – I would think so depends on who wins the veto ..
Zach starts to leave – I want you in my ear every day .. I’m here for you if you need anything
Derrick – Thanks bro

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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Damn, I feel really bad for Derrick and Frankie


Even though I have no real favorite in this game, I do feel for Derrick and Frankie for losing the grandpa while there. That sucks so much!! I don’t remember any BB where two house quests lost family members in one game. I do have to say my hats off to those two for sticking out and for the support of their families. God bless their Families.
One side note: Victoria (whiner, crying all the time, immature), Nicole (whinny, annoying voice), and Christine (rat, can’t take her laugh it’s driving me nuts)

BB house is Cursed

Karma. They are two of the biggest sharks in the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I feed bad for their grandfathers but I think Frankie and Derrick are playing a mean game.


That statement doesn’t even make sense. Like “Sorry, guys. I can’t make any moves this week, as usual, because the house will be too emotional to vote out Caleb instead.” What a weird thing to throw out.


He’s just saying that to throw Caleb off, I still believe they fully intend to backdoor amber


He brought it up again to Zach. I still don’t get it.


I think he was just telling that to Caleb.


Wow that’s crazy….. What are the chances of that happening twice?


Caleb is right though, it does come in three’s and so far it has been two members of TA. I feel as though if something were to happen to a member of Donny’s family, Donny would self evict.

Detroit Girl

I thought the “Rule of Three” only applied to celebrities, not sure why Cody mentioned it. Not a fan of either guy, but they have my sympathy. Losing grandparents is tough. I wonder if Derrick’s family advised him to stay also.

I hate to say this

It seems a little fishy to me that all of a sudden Derrick gets this news. I hope no one would pull a Fairplay move just for sympathy, but it doesn’t seem beneath Derrick. #WILDCARD

Then don't say it

Hmmm. How the hell did he get a letter from home then? Production gave him a pen and paper so he could fool his fellow HGs?


I hate to say this

maybe someone from home that wants $500K and is willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES. #FRUITLOOPDINGUS #WILDCARD

Then don't say it

If that’s true, then Derrick wouldn’t have known anything about that “plan.” Fairplay was in the house lying about a death in the family. Maty Hoffmann was in the house lying about an incurable disease his wife didn’t have. That’s a huge difference.

Survivor Fan

*Fairplay was on the island


Nothing is beneath Derrick and his ‘boys in blue’ attitude. I’m thinking the same thing and if someone on his ‘side’ placed a call to give this news to CBS, especially if it was one his comrades they wouldn’t question it. Seems really timely and weird but you never know – grandfathers do die after all. Hope he’s not that much of a ‘pig’.


Since they told Frankie because most of the BB Fandom knew of his grandfather’s death because of his sister posting about it, a precedent has been made. If they told Frankie, it’s only fair to tell Derrick and any one else as well. I kind of think if Frankie wouldn’t be in the house, Derrick would not have been told.

Derrick's Bacon Fragrance!

RIP to Derrick’s Grandpa.

And Christine you bleed BB? Ummm k sure you do

With these unfortunate deaths, babbling of Christine, Cody, Jocosta, Caleb, and Victoria this week is just hard to watch.

I hope Zach wins HoH next week and this AWFUL 2 HoH twist is done and Zach goes after a real target

#Wildcard #ZachAttack #RIPGrandpaD


It’s hard to call this twist awful, more is it just pointless.
I mean I guess it’s better than watching the BOB than a pointless H/HN Competition, but there have been alot worse when it comes to twists.

Fabio ( the real)

I feel sorry for Derrick`s family.

Fabio ( the real)

At least we know that next week Derrick is winning the HOH, and Cody/Frankie/Zack are safe. The survivors of this week btw Jocasta/Victoria/Amber will be on the block vs Christine/Nicole.

Christine's crazy eye

Are you sure you are the real Fabio? You spelled Christine’s name right…

Sad week in BB Land

I completely agree. I hope his family id surrounded by love and prayers at this time. I do find it amazing thought… many people were so nasty about Frankie’s Grandpa dying and his decision to stay but noone has said anything like that about Derrick. People can be so cruel about the BB HG’s, glad their treating Derrick kindly, wish they’d do the same for Frankie 🙁


Just last week I was talking about how much I dislike Derrick & Frankie. Now when they both lose family members, I feel so terrible & it puts things into perspective. I think sometimes it’s tough to remember it’s just a show. Hope they find some strength & pull through without family by their side.


I guess I’m a real jerk because I still can’t stand those bozos, those deaths are not affecting their game plan one bit, they’re still the scheming liars that I’ve seen since day one. I hope Christine goes home because she’s a piece of lying nasty scum, (just a piece), there’s more to go around.


Does anyone else get really mad when Caleb mentions or blames things on a girls period? It’s so ignorant and irrelevant!


Yes!! Talks more about Amber’s period than he does talking about the game. He knows more about her period than she does, it’s so creepy…..


R.I.P to Derrick’s Grandfather


Im tired of amber getting targeted when in fact it should be caleb! Smh. Amber i will b praying for you to win veto!


Btw frankie is too cowardly to put up caleb so instead hell put up a girl(amber) . Zack would have put up caleb but theres no hope for amber now that frankie is hoh


Frankie = Andy 2.0


Condolences to both Frankie amd Derrick and their families! Very sad! It just proves that there is life outside the BB house with people who they love and who love them! Regardless of personalities and game play losing a loved one is hard! Have to add kind of weird its 2 of 3 of the team america players!
Onto Caleb….ahhhh can they just muzzle him?! 🙂

Poor Derrick

I hope Derrick and Frankie are ok even tho they are controlling the house! Ppl wakeup! And seriously when does Christine not talk about the girls! I really hope she goes home and sees how stupid/catty she is! She’s the only one that talks shit about all the girls!!!!!


Saw a video online of caleb singing & trying to play the guitar I can guarantee he wont be making it big in the country music industry Delusional!!!!


Although Frankie’s grandpa died, I still hate Frankie and there’s nothing that will change that. Idgaf if his sister is Ariana and if people vote for him for America’s fav because of his sis then they’re really stupid! For real. He sucks! I feel bad for their granpas’ dying though

Team Rachel

Did you also hate Elissa last year?


but he also have tons of his fans, and his twitter followers was 56k even before big brother?

Roisen Dubh

Sucks about Derricks Pa Pa. Is it just me or is Christine and Victoria getting on your last freakin nerve as well? I wonder if Frankie will waste his HOH on Amber. Damn I hope Zach wins next week, that 12 hour teaser was off the chain son!


Sorry for your loss, Derrick.


Cody seriously, if two people just lost someone, why would you say that it “comes in threes”. That is the last thing people want to hear when they are stuck in a house away from their families and they are already so paranoid. Why are you even putting that into the universe? Positive energy and thinking dude!

Roisen Dubh

This is Cody we’re talking about here. The guy who cried when someone wore his shirt. The same guy who had a chance to take down Caleb and said out loud that if he didn’t put him up, his peeps back home would call him a pussy, which he agreed, had the numbers, had the perfect reason(He won 5g’s and said screw the plan guys.)(Oh yeah Caleb would’ve been gone in a heartbeat) and what does he do? He puts up Donny and blames Caleb-(remember, this is the guy he had his sights on) and starts crying again. Now add to that he’s got crush on Zac Efron. This guy is a dim-witted rent boy and doesn’t even know it yet. This guy has more problems than the Sudan. All you can do with Cody is to pull a SMH and saying “God have mercy on your soul.)


Yes! There was NOOOO excuse as to why Cody sent Brittany home! She was probably the most loyal to him in the house, and Caleb literally wanted to kill him for hanging out with Amber. He is a coward… I hope that he does not make it to the finals… I will die.


Maybe I’m losing my mind, but I kind of want both Caleb and Amber to hang around for awhile. The joy I get, night after night, watching this ding dong talking non-stop about Amber, dreaming up false conversations and scenarios in his head, cornering people to get them to say how she doesn’t deserve him or this treatment, and how he’s gonna do this or say that is just SO MUCH fun to watch! As a social experiment addict, it just doesn’t get any better than this!


I really want to know what kind of past Caleb has had in his relationships, he is crazy! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that CBS contacts one of his ex girlfriends like they did for Brendon in BB12. She told America that Brendon was a cry baby that lived with her and her parents. It was hilarious! I can only imagine what Caleb’s ex has to say about him. I would pay money for that interview!


I too watch for that reason: to see what people are willing to do or say to eachother for money is astounding. I even find myself having really ugly thoughts about these people and it sort of makes me re-examine why it bothers me and what I can do to change that. Now having said that; there is nothing entertaining (to me) about the Caleb fixation – he’s not even interesting enough to be boring. Even Amber, although beautiful offers little in the way of sparkling conversation or even a sense of humor.
To each their own Suze. I do love reading your posts. You have a wicked sense of humor.

zach's lemons

Maybe the “third death” is of this show! Do you remember the Jenny Jones Show, and the subsequent demise of the afternoon “talk” show? This Caleb – Amber – Cody “storyline” needs to be reassess! Caleb obviously has some psychological “issues” – let’s be honest, we all have to some extent. Caleb also a veteran, and I have nothing but respect for any and all of the men and women that have put their life on the line and have sacrificed their lives so I that may enjoy the freedoms for which they fought! I think it is a TOTAL SHAME that the current president and his administration treat the 636,000+ of our veterans with nothing but disdain, and deny them with any and/or all of their benefits, financial and medical. With that said, when he finally leaves that house and starts to see CBS’ edits and starts to read posts and forums, it could have, god forbid, some consequences. I find it distasteful and irresponsible of CBS to placed on this man on this show, with this format, and cast a big light on his “issues,” for your and the viewing audience’s amusement! Its is insulting to him and all our veterans and totally irresponsible!!!!


Zach’s Lemons,
First, let me say that 90% of what I say on here is for pure entertainment value; I’d never in a million years hope for anything bad to happen to any of these people. I think that Caleb is just very immature; but I really think he’ll make someone a wonderful husband someday. Right now, he’s just a young buck, full of hormones, trying to find his way. (Albeit, the hormones he’s taking could be his problem). Also, there WILL be a line of girls looking for someone EXACTLY like him on the outside and she’ll be a lucky woman who marries him, in all honesty. However, I think a little self examination does everyone a good once in awhile and Caleb needs some, This fixation on his body, his singing career, etc., will all pass as soon as he grows up a little and finds true and selfless love, and I have no doubt that will happen. Good talk!

zach's lemons

Suze, thanks for your response. It was totally unexpected. If anything, I thought my comment would be “flamed.” I know this is all about entertainment and fun. God knows, we all need a decent break from our daily lives. I agree that Caleb, as well as a few others cast, have an inflated sense of self, are highly narcissistic, and are still maturing. We all have these traits, but at varying degrees. This is what attracts people to being cast on these shows, and draws us, the audience in. I just wanted to express my concern, as best as I could, that when this show ends, and Caleb sees the show in its entirety and various posts on websites like OBB, he’s in for a reality slap, and much needed ego deflation, that the image he has of himself, in his mind, doesn’t match the true image, what we’ve seen (As do all the house guests). Who knows how he is going to react. If negatively, CBS, as well as each and every of us viewers have to be willing to take some, if not all, responsibility. Only time will tell – but in the meantime, see this show as what it is – entertaining, over-the-top, unadulterated fun! Again, thank you so much Suze!


Don’t let anything anybody says on here bother you. You have a right to an opinion as much as anyone. Our differences is what makes life interesting. I think you’re rather sweet!

Oh pleeeeze!!

What a pathetic attempt to inject POLITICS into a friggin TV show!! You’re delusional… and actually you’re insulting to vets with such stupid comments.

Caleb has been trying to become ‘famous’ way before he got on this show. There is nothing “wrong” with him. He’s a clueless puppy dog smitten by beauty of a woman. Big Deal!!! He’s probably never been in love. Maybe he’s never been rejected? He openly talks about wanted to be on Survivor and The Bachelor and be in movies and make a record. He’s no victim. Get a clue.

Like all many of these kids they really are just looking for fame and fortune. Him being a veteran has NOTHING to do with his behavior on the show. CBS didn’t know he’d go gaga for Amber.

And if you’re seriously concerned with politics and the country, posting them on a frivolous forum like this just shows that you were correct about ONE thing… you do have psychological issues. Good luck with that


Ki, thanks for the reply, and please don’t get me wrong; I’d NEVER wish ill among anyone in there. Please see my response to Zach’s Lemons below. Happy BB Viewing!


It would be harder to rip these people apart if confronted in an everyday backdrop. However, these people are now television personalities. Signed on for a chance at fly by night celebrity and 500k. I’m sorry for Derrick. But like I have stated before people pass everyday. My condolences. But he’s still a shady a**


I’m beginning to think the producers of this show hate women…or do not have respect for them in general. Why would they cast this bunch of weak, ignorant, vapid clueless group??? Just cuz they are cute?

I mean Derrick and Hayden were just talking and realizing that their show must be boring. And Derrick said “esp with the guys winning everything” Yes. They are correct. They were discussing some past seasons who had strong crafty women and were saying “can you imagine if we had someone like Amanda” etc. CBS, hello? Your houseguests and viewers are getting bored. Thank God for Zach. Hope he continues and doesn’t fall into derricks master plan

And really, why did they cast Victoria? Her ignorance of the game and obsession with make up (she was more concerned with how she looked then winning) is an insult to us the viewers and fans of BB and I would guess insulting to women in general.

How do ANY of these women realistically win this game? I don’t think ANY of them has a strategy!! They basically all are floaters.


Well said!


When well executed, floating is a great strategy. Look at Jun Song; perfected floating and is remembered as one of the best BB winners


My least favorite phrase: “in the best interests of the house.” Seriously, I cringe whenever I hear it, especially out of Frankie’s mouth.


you hate anything said from his mouth, anyway!!


I find it odd that Derrick’s friend Cody hasn’t been around him since hearing the news of Derrick’s grandfather passing. Where has he been all evening, certainly nothing on the feeds about him. Although, I haven’t read anything about Amber neither. They are probably off in a room stroking each others arms and hugging………ou know, doing what Cody does best. Great friend!!!


Condolences to Derrick and his family. As far as the game, hopefully he gets booted out real soon. Double eviction, Derrick the di##head cop and Frankie, both on the same night. That would be GREAT!!

Boxer Mom

Stick with the plans bros! Get out the “weaker” players first. They would be (IMO) :Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, (sorry folks), Hayden, Chrisine, and Nicole. Then let the BS battle it out. If any of the aforementioned should win the game, or be in the top 3 it would be a traversty. None of them have really contributed to the game in any way. I mean Donny knows what’s going on, and I would love to see him do something, but the odds are slim. I also don’t see the reasoning for getting out Caleb. He’s just all talk……and talk……and talk……. He’s really kinda sweet.


Excuse me, how would it be a greater travesty to see Hayden, Donny, Nicole, or even Christine win than Caleb? Dude has no idea what is going on in the house, is hated by everyone, and is only kept around because he’ll be an easy vote later


I don’t know which is more annoying, Caleb talking about how much he loves Amber, or Caleb talking about how much he is ignoring Amber. He literally finds any excuse to bring up Amber in any conversation. I’ve never seen a person who is so obsessed with a girl!


I don’t know if it’s more annoying hearing him talk about Amber all the time or talk about himself. One way or the other, he is definitely delusional. Kind of sad, especially now that he’s taken to carrying around the sock monkey.


big brother its a game they playing in we all have opinoins about each player but when it comes to family we all fill there pain i want to say to frankie and derrick im very sorry for your lost


I feel like a bitch that I don’t feel sorry for Derrick’s lost.
Does this show really have that much influence on me that I dislike his so much that I can’t even feel sorry for him? I’m a horrible person!!! I have to keep on telling myself that this is just a game, or I will really start hating these people that I don’t even really know. I’m sure that they are somewhat different outside of the house.


Yesterday I was rooting for Amber, but I can’t anymore… She is still working with Nicole & the rat because she’s in denial. She really thinks they love her and would never turn on her!! I really hope Frankie ends up backdooring her. SHE GOTS TO GO. Hopefully Cody & the rat follow Amber out the door!!!


I know I just can’t with Amber. I’ve tried. I hate to see them get there way and get her out but he’s so clueless. And I even get that maybe she isn’t around people who are backstabbing etc but I’m sure she went to high school and has lived some at 27. She’s just in denial and she’s delusional. She is lacking some social intelligence and awareness in general. She’s nice but there have been some things she’s done herself with thinking she was getting footing in the game and it didn’t work. One was putting Joey’s name out there about the girl alliance. They may have found out eventually but she made it easy for them Maybe she did it to cover herself but she’s really not that much further as far as position and doesn’t have any real allies. And it’s not all because she’s pretty etc etc. Some of it is her own fault by insisting on working with some but not others.


Does anyone know why Caleb was carrying that weird stuffed thing? Its bothering me.


If you are talking about the sock monkey. We were wondering the same thing here and just figured it’s more of his of his Bizarro Throwback World BS and maybe he just likes it??At first, I thought it was a comfort from home when he won HOH because that was the only thing that would be sense. But somebody said it came out of Cody’s HOH basket(Lol). Which for me made me even more curious why he was carrying it around and even had it in the bed with him the other day.


Derrick said that if anything happened to his family he would leave the show. I assume he means wife and child and that his grandfather is not really considered family as he is apparently not leaving.


Condolences to Derrick and family. Now be brave and fight to backdoor Caleb. His ego gets bigger by the day.

House hold mother

It’s true, the girls are being put up on the block pretty reg. Even if they win a chance to take a stand against Derrick and Franky,they hand their power over one of the guys. Franky is so good at playing roles of both male (take charge) guy and female ( warm and fuzzy) that he’s totally running things according to his needs . If Zach continues to foolishly show his cards , he will throw Zach under the bus ,and get the praise and comforting from the house guest for being brave and strong .

House hold mother

I wonder what is required to be a contestant. The girls in the house seem less informed and far less worldly than guys. Even Donny whom at first seemed as tho he was less than ready to take on the depth of this game is holding his own based on his good hearted Honest playing; However he better start finding the dark side if he plans on getting any further. Donny, please quit comforting those that are putting you in the line of fire. Donnie listen to your BB house mother, your brothers and sisters are bulling you it s time to show them you are the eldest and truly everyone big brbother. Son its time Zach needs his concerta or stay off red dyes. He s clearly A.D.H.D. Jocasta has had some tough times and her appreciation for gifts and challenges won is too emotional and can the viewers away from the very thing that saved her life.. fire.

House hold mother

Sorry I wasn’t ready to send the last comments yet. I was saying that Jocasta shows too much pain in her accepting gifts. I understand I’m a mom and that is the one thing I focus on 24 – 7. I’m hardly thought of and often forgotten. Seems that when I show emotions it is deemed as weakness. Stay strong you have a job or you wouldn’t of gotten this far. Franky, come from talented blood. Danger Will Robinson their is a captain on board that is acting like he s second in command. Kids please quit letting the house kitty in , unless you plan to scoop poop. Caleb looks like a real beast and America is a safer place because he gave more to uncle Sam than time, my husband is an x Marine he s awesome strong man and loved father he became all of this and more because he served. Jocasta can possibly help Caleb find the love he really needs.