“I’m going to put [Kevin’s] a$$ in check and if that means he’s going to come after me.. lets go old Man”

Cody did campaign hard in the morning to Alex, Jason, Kevin. He wanted Alex to put Raven up instead of him they vote Matt out then. Of course this isn’t happening.

Power of Veto Ceremony results. Matt used the Veto to save Jason. Alex nominates Cody to go up in her place.

Paul tells Christmas they got 7 more hours better enjoy it. (costumes)

Cody walks by Alex and Jason
Alex – he did gain 10 lbs.. this house really puts the pounds on
Jason – I think Mark’s bad too
Alex says Mark can suck it she’ll kick him in his Baby d1ck”
Jason – he doesn’t have a baby one
Alex – have you seen it.. he’s got a baby one

12:30pm Paul and Christmas going on that Everyone is happy that Cody is up except for Kevin.

Jason tells them they don’t have to worry about Kevin at all.

12:24pm Kevin and Jason
Jason saying that Christmas and Paul are telling people he’s not happy now that Cody is going up and going home.
Kevin – I’m voting Cody out. just like I voted Jessica, Dominique..
Jason – I said kevin genuinely doesn’t like somebody hurting
Kevin- Absolutely, I want Cody to go.. I’m voting against him

Kevin – now he’s out in the yard… I want to go out in the yard like I always do every day. Am I friends with him if I go to the yard?

Keivn I don’t like Cody..

12:20pm HOH Alex, Jason, Christmas and Paul
Jason relays what Kevin told him when he mentioned people are questioning his mood now that Cody is up.
Alex – he’s going to extremes because he’s doing something shady

Jason – what’s he doing though.. what could he possibly be doing
Paul – he’s not the only person that hasn’t been enthusiastic (about Cody leaving)
Jason – who gives a sh1t Cody has been up his b*tt like a razor blade, (HUH)

Paul is pissed because Kevin is “Humoring” conversations with Cody.
Paul explains that Cody “that mother f*er” is targeting Paul

Paul – I’m going to put his a$$ in check and if that means he’s going to come after me.. lets go old Man (So you all see the pattern yet?)
Jason – he loves you
Paul – I know he does but I need to put his F*ing a$$ in check
Alex – does he really love us or is he playing us
Alex – he thinks we’re a bunch of stupid kids
Jason – he’s playing his game ass backwards.. I’ll tell you this right now..
Paul – he’s told all of us it’s me and you to the end I’ll protect ya
Jason says Kevin never had that conversation with him
Paul calls horse shit says Kevin has had a final 2 conversation with everyone
Jason says not wit him

Alex claims that he did he said it was Kevin, Alex and Kevin till the end.. “that’s the same thing”

Kevin joins them.

They start talking about throwing a vote to Elena to rattle her.

Paul – As cool as a guy he is he’s playing this game really well.. He keeps chumming it up with enemies with the off chance he’ll win he’s not coming after him.
Paul says Kevin hasn’t really done anything for them other than be chummy and a friend.
Alex says Josh has done more than Kevin for their game.
Jason says Josh drives him f*ing nuts
Paul – Josh got f*ing Jessica outta this game
Paul says Josh has told him he will never go after Paul, Xmas, Kevin, jason and Alex.

Paul – we have serious threats.. If mark and Elena win who are they putting up? Not Kevin.. One of us..
Jason – if he wins HOH (they’re safe)
Paul – of course he won’t.. But do you think he’ll win HOH
Xmas doesn’t think Kevin will win HOH

Jason – why can’t we get Mark and Elena out..
Paul – this isn’t changing the tide.. No .. (meaning Mark elena still out first)
Alex – it means we stop talking to him because he’s dangerous.
Xmas – He’s gunning for Matt..
Paul – matt has done d1ck for Kevin

Paul says Kevin saying he’s missing his family is bullsh1t.
Paul tells them the same story he’s been using about how Kevin told him that some of his kids don’t even live at him anymore he only sees them once a year.. He doesn’t miss his family, “I’m a grown a$$ man” Paul says Kevin told him. Etc etc..
Alex – he’s lying to our f*ing face.. He;s in the DR making fun of us saying he’s playing us..
Alex about Kevin – Don’t buy into his bullshit..

Paul – I’m giving you my word If I win HOH next week I’m putting up those two sacks of sh1t up..
Paul says it would be Great if mark gets another week of Slop.

Christmas mentions how Kevin was getting made a few weeks ago about being a pawn.
Paul says out of the two Mark or Elena he really doesn’T give a f* which one goes.
Xmas – he’s a better competitor and he’s pretty f*ing smart
Alex points out that Elena is trying to regroup socially while Mark is more like “F* it”

12:59:53pm Paul about Mark “He’s a f*ing a$$hole”
Xmas about Elena “She’s more paranoid”

1:19pm Kevin and Mark
Kevin is pissed that he’s being accused for him talking to Cody. Kevin says Cody came to him and after that he told everyone. Kevin is sick of this shit he can’t win at the physical competitions so he needs to be social and hang out.

Mark tells him he’s got his back..
Kevin adds if you are going to say that he’s talking to Cody then have something to back it up.

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Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Adde Rall

Does Paul have that Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa look in his eyes?


Adde Rall Paul for the win!

Paul for the win

Paul’s game is genius, so get over it already


Yea your right Paul is like the New England Patroits but he’s playing against a house full of Pop Warner 10 year olds

Just Like The Patriots

Paul also has under-inflated balls.

Martha Stewart

Snoop says weed is good for Raven’s illnesses. I think she just needs a nicer hairstyle.


Paul got that gorilla glue on these people. If he wins HOH Marlena goin up, if one of Marlena wins HOH Paul going up… I see either way the target will probably get POV & the other is going… Let The Game Begin… FINALLY?


If Mark wins HOH , the game FINALLY begins.

It's Over

Nah hahaha that is funny omg
We can only wish at this point.


Agreed, Paul’s foul mouth and Alex seems to totally agree with everything that comes out of Paul’s nasty gutter mouth. This guy is really turning my gut, and everyone seems to agree with everything this bozo says. Can’t wait to see how he gets perceived on the outside of this boring ass show. I would love to see Mark get HOH, and see Paul and his little puppets scamper.


It’s one thing for Alex and Jason to ride Paul’s d!ck in front of him but they don’t even talk sh!t about him behind his back. That proves that they are his b!tches! After this game is over all of them will pretend they licked it for gameplay when the truth is they are followers. We don’t have a prayer with Mark putting Paul up. As soon as he wins HOH Paul will ejaculate his mist all over Mark’s face and have him put up Boyz and the Scammer. Pointless!!!!


There are a lot of things I would’ve liked to have seen happen. Unfortunately, none of that is going to come to pass. And sadly everyone on Paul’s team deserves to lose to him because they are brainless, spineless followers. I really think you could stop the game right now and they’d give it to him, why I do not know. What a giant box of losers.


Mark doesn’t have the balls. He’s all talk.

Losing interest in this season

Omg, I can’t stand that bearded dwarf. He is a slimy piece of shit. He is an evil cold hearted bully. Wow, i couldn’t stand him last year, but this year he is close to being the pink haired troll from few years ago.


These people are all disgusting. Paul is by far the most vile. I’ve stopped watching the feeds because there’s really no point. And I started watching BB Canada to get my BB fix! Because these people all stink. I can tell you who’s going home for the next 6 weeks because every HOH is a Paul HOH. Please Mark win and shake things up so I can watch again!


Where’s that big red reset button when you need it! I know it won’t happen but I would love to see all there faces if it did.


Omg Paul will definitely manipulate marks hoh too. Mark doesn’t have a strong enough personality to go against him.


The mustache muncher boyz2men is just an ignorant chump. Paul is like Warren Jeffs with his cult followers. It is beyond all comprehension that so many fools are doing exactly what Paul says. Jason is just as dumb as Josh. He is so far off with his perception of truth and the game. Dumb and dumber . All hope walks out the door with Cody.


I too just binged watched BB Canada Season 2 on youtube. It was great; the real way Big Brother should be played. They argue and scheme against each other but they’re still going to be friends on the outside. They’re not full of vile hatred comments like Paul. Paul set the stage for the entire attitude of the house! How crude of Alex saying Mark has a little dick, just so inappropriate and ridiculous! Paul has caused irreparable damage to his relationships with some of these ppl. His behavior and his orders to his minions to behave the same is unforgivable. I have stopped watching this season because of him.


I don’t like Paul either, and I can’t wait till someone kicks him out the door. But I am sorry, he is not worse then Frankie! Paul at least hasn’t told other house guests to rape another house guest. Frankie goes down as the worst in my book, even over Paul.


Fankie made a terrible comment, but it does not even come close to how bad Paul is. He has relentlessly bullied someone for 2 monthes for daring to try to get him out the first week. No one is even allowed to talk to Cody at this point without getting Paul’s wrath. It is disgusting mean girl behavior. I could understand BB letting it go on for a week or two, but two monthes! Fuck Paul. He is a peice of shit. His “game” is one of power, control, and intimidation. I bet he will make a wonderful wife beating husband someday.


Don’t forget Frankie’s racist remarks too!

BB 19: Year Of The Sheep

It’s awesome to see former house guests twitter feeds such as Dan, Evel Dick, Janelle, Derrick and a few others all going off on this years cast. Fans of the show are not the only ones completely dumbfounded by this year, many of the best BB players in history are perplexed as to what is happening with the Big Bro brand.

This is the most self oblivious cast and I will look forward to seeing all their reactions to “rankings”. Yesterday some of the house guests where talking about how the public is perceiving them and wow are some of them in for a shock when they come out of that house. The only thing I look forward to is their exit interviews.

Doesn't matter

The the WORST season!! Can’t stand it!

Min O'Pause

Do ya suppose that it’s really Frankie under all that hair?


Paul is scum.


Alex is scum too.


And Josh.

Ravens Battery

You think Paul is getting a contact high from all the prescriptions Xmass is taking?


OMG houseguests, wake up! According to Paul, you cannot ever engage in any conversation with anyone he has targeted or you are the next target. Do they really not get that eventually they will be on Paul’s hit list? Oh, wait, of course not because everyone of these morons believe they are going to the end with Paul and of course they believe they will win against him.


turn it off until Thursday!


Better yet just turn it off!!!


“Paul calls horse shit says Kevin has had a final 2 conversation with everyone”
Actually Paul, you have a final 2 with everyone.

Polly Callowfury

Projection much?

Give Me a Break

It’s called BIG BROTHER a$$holes! Lying, backstabbing….all part of the game! Question, if Cody was in the same position as Paul right now, would he be getting hate , vitriol, and insults too? Or would y’all be saying how good he was at the game? ( served our country)


I think that ostracizing people who are already down and on the block is kinda crappy and unnecessary, unless you aren’t as good as you think you are. I can’t imagine people standing in line to be jerks. It doesn’t make sense. Paul is playing an ugly game. He’s asking people to ignore a human being for four days. That’s cruel.


IMO this is to make things easier for Paul. If everyone knows that whoever they (paul) ID(s) as the POS outsider is off limits to even speak to then Paul never has to worry about any conversation he doesn’t know about happening. And ‘gamer chick’ Alex is such a tagalong follower bully it’s not even funny anymore. This is so mean spirited I’m legitimately feeling sadder after reading updates and watching feeds when anything is happening that has anything to do with Paul is on. This is wayyyyy beyond game strategy- this is dangerous behavior which may almost be bordering on emotional terrorism. Wake up, Houseguests

Uh huh

But he will still get the hero’s edit. Watch.

Fierce at 50

Every time! He has not been made to look bad yet! So if you only watch the shows, you have no clue how awful he has been to the others in the house. Can’t wait until he realizes how much people really don’t like him.


They do it every single year. I always feel bad for the people on the block that are even close to being the targets.

Caren in Canada

Pretty sure Paul is doing that because if he is the only one talking to said isolated individual, then he has the best chance at receiving their vote on finale nigh! They will just say when everybody turned their back on me, Paul was the only one who would talk to me! Dirty BB player!

Judgmental Judy

My problem with Paul isn’t his strategy or playing the game; it’s that he’s an asshole for no good reason. And Alex is about as bad.


Wow Paul is so brave the way he is going in on Kevin while he is downstairs. Once Kevin is in the room subject change. But wait I thought you were a badass and that you were gonna put Kevin in check. ??? Still waiting.


He’ll put Kevin in check as soon as he convinces someone else to do it.


Right, I’m guessing Josh wasn’t in the room.

pauls vagina

I’m too big of a pu$$y to do anything my immature boy toy josh will do it


That little 5’1″ runt better keep that red helmet on if he ever quits being a fake tough guy….. and tries to really go for Kevin, or anyone in that house for that matter except for Josh (He damn sure isn’t going for Cody—he’s too scared sh1tless to try that). Fake tough guy. Couldn’t whip an egg. Pathetic. And there’s a whole houseful of complete morons following his “orders” that are likely buying this bulls**t.




The thing is I don’t think he’s afraid of Cody. Cody isn’t a big guy and doesn’t have friends in the media, which is why Paul feels like he can bully him nonstop for weeks and there will be no real life consequences. He is way different to Mark and Josh who are twice Paul’s size. Paul is just a controlling asshole. I really do not believe it’s even game play at this point. This is what he is like. It is no wonder the only people who can stand him in real life are is parents, who probably just pay for another “tour” or t-shirt business to get him the hell away from them.

Cody has shown time and time again that he can keep his cool and ignore Paul, and so Paul just goes on and on and comes after him some more. Cody is showing that he may be kind of rude, but he has self discipline and some sense of how people should treat other people. Alex and Jason are pieces of shit for tattling on him, but I think they honestly believe they have no other choice in the matter. Paul has them that scared and intimidated. It is going to be a long rest of the summer with no one in the house actually talking to anyone else because they are being terrorized. Everyone is going to need a termendous amount of therapy after all of this.

Min O'Pause

Does Paul look like Charles Manson’s love child or is it me?

Brandi W.

Team Raven and Christmas for final 2, who’s with me!!


The final episode could be sponsored by the American Medical Association.


I dont like them especially Christmas

Raven is disgusting

Anyone on the side of that disgusting Raven must be related to her. Nice try mommy.

Min O'Pause

Ummmmm….no one.

pauls vagina

matts bowl of cereal and xmas scooter without xmas for final 2

Resist the Twist

12:20pm HOH Alex, Jason, Christmas and Paul
Jason relays what Kevin told him when he mentioned people are questioning his mood now that Cody is up.

This sentence basically sums up this entire season. Everybody run to Paul with any info they have immediately. After all their whole purpose is to be Paul’s Minions. That is until they get voted out

What a bunch of lame-azzes

Polly Callowfury

Don’t worry, they’ll all get theirs once the show’s over. You better believe there will be a Twitter mob to hound them all for being sheep the entire summer.


How freaking sad is your statement POLLY?


My gosh these people are seriously sick in the head! Cody got some money..better to be out of house than continue with a cast that will undoubtedly go down as the worst and most pathetic ever. Alex reminds me of gina marie. Hope rest except kevin and mark get booed

Cody's Love Handles

My assessment at the half way mark…
Jason-I think he’s maybe the most likeable at this point. Despite the fact that when he’s back into a corner he stumbles over his words.
Alex-Half the time I really don’t understand a word she says! She speaks so damn fast! I’m over the So Salty stuff like everyone else. This is Big Brother. Next to Paul, Alex in my eyes is the only other newbie actually playing the game.
Christmas-for someone who can’t play in anything, her social game is pretty strong. Everyone in the house, including viewers, I think are over her attitude. Plus, what’s she’s doing with Kevin is gross.
Cody-Cody just can’t socialize. He just doesn’t know how. I was rooting for the guy because he isolated himself, but he just doesn’t have the skills to dig himself out.
Josh-is a big baby. He’s immature, ignorant, and looking for all the trouble he gets.
Mark-racking up the wins, his social is deplorable.
Elena-I really thought Elena was one of the smart ones, and then the catty side came out. I agree with a lot of you..these folks being cast now are to fill specific roles and story lines. Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes. Someone tell her the Joker called and he wants his makeup.
Kevin-Kevi has literally made one move in the house, trying to get free agent Cody and it backfired. He has won nothing. I truly believe his down in the dumps was due to production tipping him off to how he was being portrayed with Christmas. That’s the only time he mentioned not hearing from his kids, and what they could be thinking of him. Over the Duck Lips in the mirror too.
Raven-Over it. She also, has not won anything. Her social game relies on running to Paul, and grab-assing with Matt
Matt-Cereal Killer. Useless until this week when he won the veto. He disgusts me when he makes out with Raven. They look like two seals slapping up against each other.
Paul-I hated Paul last season. He was a newbie who thought he knew what he was doing and he didn’t. He was Ramses, walking into every room and spilling the beans to the vets. He was a flip flopper. He’s also young, tied up in his ego and can’t see that he’s overexposed his game because he talks too damn much. That being said, he is running the house. He has done an extraordinary job maneuvering throughout the game.


Captain obvious says..


I love how the term “grab-ass” has taken off. Hilarious. And now it’s a verb…….”grab-assing”. Lmao

Wake Up!!

Why are they all playing this game in such a haze?
Alex actually had an opportunity to make a big move and she blew it (again).
Production needs to guiding some of these morons. Plant some seeds. Let them know that they are playing like sheep.


The problem is, production probably is dropping hints and those hints are to follow Paul or it’s too early for a shot at Paul. Production probably has been asking Alex anytime she mentions Paul as a target something like well he’s very popular do you really have the votes? What if there was another crazy “twist” and it backfires on you? Girl, just go out there and do what Paul tells you to.


Isn’t it funny that Jess Cody and Kevin were most liked by the viewers and now that Jodys out Paul is making everyone thing Kevin is shady even though Kevin leaving would only benefit Paul

Pants on fire

Why would Alex leave a group of 7 to align with 1 (Cody)? I genuinely think that Alex and Paul do have a real final 2 with each other. Alex knows that she is not low on Pauls pecking order like Cody tried to convince her of. They have had many convo’s where they say no one would ever expect us to work together like that. She would be putting herself in too much danger if she tried to change the game up at this point. Safety in #’s until the action needs to be taken. Nice try by Cody though…I will give him that even though I don’t like him. I have a feeling he is not done with still trying to drive a wedge though. Could get heated!!


Problem is when action is needed Paul makes sure you don’t have the numbers. Some one in that group of 7 needs to make a move or they will be picked off one by one….

Judgmental Judy

Actually for Big Brother “street cred” Cody’s ideas to her and Jason last night were good. She’s just so enamoured with Paul & believes of all his final 2 deals, theirs is real. He’d be a fool to take Alex to the end.

I don't mind Cody

Be is not going to take Alex, he will probably take Josh or Xmas because most people in the house don’t like them. While he has them doing a lot of his dirty work he is sitting pretty as far as jury management.

Bored with BB

Cody should have played the temptation comp to win. It was almost like the comp was made for him. Him and Jess spent most of their time in the same places that week.


he wouldn’t have won if he tried. Cody and Jess weren’t paying attention to the noise. The one Cody got right…the baby crying, they were in the Have Not room grabbing a**. He didn’t remember that even though he told jess he couldn’t finish after hearing the baby cry.

OJ Simpson

I hope Paul wins. No one else this season deserves it IMO. They all basically have given the $500K to Paul. Now it’s just up to him to finish stroung. Thanks CBS for giving away the BB prize 2 years in a row. Maybe next year we can get some newbies to actually play Big Brother.


I agree Paul and his group of minions they are all so damn dumb. Its going to look some funny when they watch the show and said omfg I got played so bad lol

Anti Paul Puppet

I am I the only tired of pulling for something to happen? Guess were going to see a season of watching ducks get picked off one by one. No power shifts or anything interesting. Sad.


Does anyone live near the BB house and own a good drone?
CBS is pretty fast when blow horns or when planes go by but a drone might be able to carry a message and slip in even if just for a moment.
Sad thing is the message could say “everyone but Cody has a final 2 deal with Paul” and they would attack Cody for playing for himself.
Ignorance is Bliss
Can’t wait until finally night when Paul and Josh are sitting together X-mas is scootering her *ss off stage and it shows the jury, still trying to justify to themselves why they couldn’t vote Paul out but it didn’t cost them their game, they are so STUPID that they still won’t get it when they sit down and watch this season.
Can’t get past the thinking of why they went on this show, the weekly stipend?, was it to be on TV, get followers/likes on your social media, be recognized at your local Wall Mart ect. it sure sounds better with the title Winner and $500,000 that comes with it, why put your toe in it when you can jump in for f*cks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nah, I’m pretty sure you’ll need to drone this yourself.
Everybody else has a life…

Raven is disgusting

I’ll pay for one that says ‘Raven is a fraud.


Cody is leaving let the game begin. I still don’t have a fave though which sucks


it wont begin, it will be elena, then mark, then kevin….blah blah boring


This season is a complete joke. The fact that these people could be this blind to Paul is absolutely mind blowing.

Caren in Canada

Oh Alex, you are all over Cody over something from week one, but yet you forget so quickly that Cody almost gave up his game week one to protect YOU! If yall can recall that was part of the reason his alliance left him as because she was on the block, he was HOH and although everybody wanted her out, he protected her! This is the most pathetic group ever, after Pauls actions the last two days, the writing is on the wall he has none of their backs! And Jason is worse than a freaking parrot repeating everything he hears, if he kept info to himself, it could give him the tools he needs to get to the end! (stupid fools)


Are you sure? Alex took herself off the block by winning the pov; then Cody started to back Pedal. You can’t save someone by putting them on the block, and his team turned against him because he put half of them up lol!


If I remember it correctly. They were stacking the starfish maybe. And Cody stopped even trying when it came down to Alex and himself. He just stopped and let his time run out. He let her win basically so she could take herself off.

Guy From Canada

He stood at the end and threw the comp……he put her up for his group then said f@ck his group he wanted Paul out. He put her (and his agenda) before others. If he knew Paul was slowly cutting down his own crew he would know how to talk to Alex, but alas he has no social game.

I wish they would get rid of second place and only have AFP. That way people would want to be first, play hard for AFP as well. I wonder if this would increase better game play?


If you remember he threw the veto to alex .. started the spirol


Not an Alex fan, but he didn’t throw it. When his stars fell and he saw how much Alex had built up…he gave up. Alex was not his target so rebuilding wasn’t going to happen in the amount of time remaining.. So it really didn’t matter. This season sucks. Every time I hope for some thing, it never happens!

When Jess had all that power going for her and she nominated josh and Ramses. Please!!!

Mark needs to win hoh on double eviction. Play from his heart and nominate Jason and Alex. Back for Paul!!! Not going to happen tho.



Jason is a parrot u see his colors…..

mrs w

God, these people are ignorant. They b*tch when Cody sits in his room alone, then they b*tch when he tries to put in some effort and be friendly with them.
Paul can talk to Cody as much as he wants, cuz it’s a game, but as soon as Kevin tries to be nice to him they b*tch about Kevin.
I feel like Jason is close to seeing that Paul is running the show and would potentially flip, but just before the lightbulb goes off Alex has to pipe up and turn it off again.
I hope they throw two random votes at Elena and plan for everyone else to vote out Cody, but really Jason, Mark & Kevin vote out Matt and it ends up being 2-2-3 with Matt going home. Man would that just make my week!


The question is, what will they have to talk about when Cody is gone? All they have done so far in the game is talk about Cody, obsess about Cody, accuse Cody of talking(?), bang pots and pans at Cody, talk more about Cody, watch Cody from the HOH room, talk more shit about Cody, dance around Cody, yell at Cody, talk about not talking to Cody, talk to Cody then spend the rest of the day recounting to everyone else what they said to Cody, and so on and so on. Even when Cody tries to just stay away from all the damn weirdos they find a way to turn that into two days worth of conversation about how Cody is staying away from them. Paul of course is the biggest Cody fan boy, but the rest of them aren’t much better.


I really wish Matt would become synonymous with Marcellas. Unfortunately, Everyone is just going to do what Paul wants though. Could someone, anyone remind these people that Paul only had 3 weeks of safety and it’s long gone. Although I fear production is pushing the it’s too early to target Paul yet crap.

Caren in Canada

It seems awfully suspicious tht Paul has predicted every comp (correctly on most) and called the double the night Jess was evicted! Production I not even trying to hide it anymore!

It's Over

Somebody please put Paul’s smug ass in check. Another boring week were everyone wants to just hang out while 1 person dictates their idea to everyone.


From now until Thursday this is going to be another boring week. Now that they all know Cody is gone, Paul has to make up another target to get all of the idiots to worry about so they do not start using their own mind and start realizing they should get rid of Paul now. Are they that dumb? YES THEY ARE


Now the question will be which side will Scooter Witch and Latin Loud Mouth join forces with when Cody leaves ??
Will they go with Kevin, or will they go with Paul ?
Alex will always stick by Paul like a fly on sh*t. Jason will follow her with his tongue hanging out.
If Kevin leaves during the Double this Week I will be shocked … but not surprised – He hasn’t done enough in this game to stand up to Paul like any of the others in this Game.
Like everyone in that House said ” They just wanted to make it to Jury ” – Well congrats, don’t let the door hit you on the way out to see Cody !!!!

Paul the Punk

Dig the Scooter Witch handle. I’m sick of that Lame Latino too. I hope she wears the ears when she gets evicted.

Martha Stewart

I like Alex. She’s a spinner with a nice cameltoe.

cameron get last laugh

cameron curse lives on!

All men desire Raven

Sometime in Raven’s pre bblife she met Paul and insinuated that he wanted to hook up with but she shut him down. Now she tells Paul’s flunkies that Cody came onto her, she shut him down and he makes her uncomfortable by staring at her boobs.
My recall was that Cody was infatuated with Jess from the start while feeling bad for Raven’s diseases. If she was so uncomfortable, why then sit with Cody in her bathing at the hot tube after everyone bailed and continue telling the sad story of her life.
Anyone aware of any truth to her claim?


Raven is actually friends with Victor. That’s how Paul knows her. I read they only met once and it was because of Victor when they were doing meet and greets.

Raven has 2 heart, 3 kidneys, 4 lungs and 1 brutal face

Congratulations house – you scumbagged Cody.
As if that looks good on your resume’ – 10 against 2 – then 10 against 1
– and it took half the summer and the entire house to accomplish this.
NOT ONE OF THEM deserves any money.
Ramses for AFP!!


Paul was a poor “vet” to bring back. He didn’t even win his season. This is why you can’t have 1 vet & the rest newbies. Makes for a truly boring season. Hope CBS never does this again. All newbies or all vets would be ok.

Paul is targeting Kevin because Kevin tried to bring Cody into the mix. Paul’s nemesis. He also sees that Kevin is more likely to question Paul’s motives in his moves. Paul wants his sheep. He is not playing as good a game as the newbies are just playing dead. Alex is just NUTS. Way over the top with her hatred of people. She won’t last long with Paul. He doesn’t want to sit next to any competition at the end. And I’m afraid Paul will be at the end. Look for Josh or Xmas to be sitting next to him. This win was handed to him. He didn’t earn it IMHO.
For all you Paul fans out there claiming Paul is playing such a great game…..when you go out to eat & the waiter serves the dinner you ordered….claiming you shot the cow, dressed it & cooked it just doesn’t fly with me. If I was on the jury, it would be deja vu with last season & Paul would end up at second place. (my dream)

Min O'Pause

BB needs to go back to Arnold’s original formula. Houseguests of different backgrounds and ages and forget recruiting these self absorbed social media “moguls” who are misguided about their importance in the grand scheme of life. I thought the first few seasons were quite interesting and more in line with the social experiment that is Big Brother.

Watcher On The Wall

I’m hoping that Zingbot might throw a few jabs at the house guests for being sheep, and maybe after that they will snap out of it. It’s unlikely, but hey a girl can dream right?


These sheep are so content to ride on Paul’s coat tails. Sad but he almost deserves to win.


The sad part is how proud they would be for Zingbot to acknowledge their worship of Paulhole.


Why does Paul keep going on and on about Cody? To take the heat off of him. He sees Cody gone after Thursday so he needs a new place for everyone to look. Where? Kevin. He’s not a smart BB player. His minions are just seriously that stupid. So who will he target after Kevin? Well he has Mark. He already babbles on about him.


If I was Cody i would start to make it perfectly clear to everyone that he’d be voting for Paul if Paul makes final 2. Might rattle some cages .

Paul's Soooo Grooovy

Most of these meatballs want Paul to win the game! Meatballs believe making it jury is their win.


Do they not realize if Paul throws someone under the bus to you , that he is then throwing you under the bus to someone else. These “players” continue to baffle me.


With the exception of Cody and maybe Mark, they should just put them all in paratrooper suits and tether them to Paul.

Club H.O.H

Too funny! When I called CBS to cancel my feeds they said a lot of people have been canceling due to disrespecting a Marine. Too funny even the CBS operators spilling the tea. BBCAN casting needs to start.


Disrespecting a marine ?? Now that’s funny. Dude is an idiot.
CBS could care less that you canceled your subscription. They’re
printing money on BB. It’s an ATM for them.


He’s the only one that put Paul up the biggest target in the house. It he’s dumb what’s that make the others?


I would pay double to have jury house feeds and watch Cody stare into space for a week versus watch these houseguests that are left. Eff all of them!

Club H.O.H

Lol Me too.


The gang bullying and plain meanness towards Cody are very difficult to watch. I respect any person who selflessly serves this country. I do not believe in war, but I appreciate the readiness to defend and serve. My brother served 25 years in the U.S.Airforce and I would be very sad to see his sacrifice disrespected.


“Paul – Josh got f*ing Jessica outta this game”
Josh did not get Jess out of the game. She put her self on the block. It’s taking this hole house to get Cody out, throwing comps, using vetos on other people. These people are idiots. Cody is one person. You should be looking at the groups (every group Paul is attached to).


I am cancelling my feeds because I seriously hate bully’s, and I hate people who follow them. This season truly is the worst ever. Production really needs to add a twist..save Cody like they did Jeff way back, and turn this back in to a decent show. What happened to the days where there were “alliances”, instead of one a** hole and his minions? There is no on in this house with the intelligence to start an alliance, except for Cody and Mark, and one of them is going home.


Outside of Cody, Dominique, And Jessica this has to be the dumbest cast of characters I’ve seen since the show first aired. Not even production can help them with battle backs, and all the other stuff they do to spur competitiveness. Everyone is so willing to follow and let someone else do their thinking. It’s I guess it’s such a microcosm of America today in groupthink tribalism. Paul should have been voted out the minute his protection was over he was by far the biggest threat in these nitwits are protecting him. Good Lord.


Cody, Jessica and Dominique were just as dumb. Cody and Jess should have socialized, even if you don’t like these people you fake it. They through their game away hiding in the room. by themselves. Dom going crazy put the target on her back when she was on the block. Every one in that house is giving it to Paul.


No, they weren’t. They made plenty mistakes, but they had sense enough to realize a veteran of the game was the biggest target. The others haven’t figured that out and we are in week what?


Dom never went crazy stupid, those were Pauls words, she just outed him and tried to let people see what he was doing , Paul said it was a lie and that she was crazy and the others thought what she was saying about Paul wasnt true so she must really be going crazy ,She was just truthful and fighting for her game !






Paul someone needs to put your A$$ in check and send you packing !! Kevin, Jason , Mark , Elaine and Cody need to team up and get the rest of the house out !!! Wake up people


Could this be more boring? How about a twist that shows all Paul’s minions Paul calling everyone in the house a bunch of idiots when he is alone. That should stir things up. No one in this house deserves $500,000 . . . no one!!!!


Stories from the weeks to come……. Cody evicted 11.
10 left) HOH makes no difference. Paul has 6 strong. 2 Up he still has 4 votes versus 3 votes if the couples did join. a Mark win means thinning out 1 of the sheep. Looks like Kev
9) Sheeple(Paul) in power. after Elaine, Mark. Will hold off on Maven until Marlaine gone.
8) 10 and 9 mean nothing as does 8. Paul’s crew of Xmas, Josh Alex and Jason are completely stupid. All votes for Paul. this likely the second Marlaine eviction.
Interesting point here……Matt could already be gone instead of Kevin depending on how HOH’s have fallen. Well we must see how Paul deals with “Raven and Paul know each other pre show’. If he has any plan to carry her F2 he needs to have put shade on his own crew. Basically this is 7 left at the latest.
6) If Kevin hasn’t gone this is his spot. Also where Paul starts winning challenges to control the game.
5) Ideal world Paul and the 4 sheeple. Paul goes after Jason or Alex. F4 the other goes.
3) Xmas or Josh 50K…..Paul 500K

As for the above if I’m really off base let me know. Other than the Raven wild card how else would Paul play F5 down in particular. I cannot come up with a scenario.

Ms V

This is the worst BB …Paul is a old ugly ass bully.And he have the dumb dumb crew behind him .The show need to change the name to the THE BIG PAUL SHOW! CODY IS MY MAN!


Paul the Puppeteer and Matt is Conky, wait he no Trailer Park Boy, i meant Matt is Corky, a dumb f*** and the other Puppets are followers. Paul dammit, much dislike here.
Geez Cody, only if.
Right now, i vote for Jason and then Alex to win , unless Cody survives!
I’m a loser too
I always back the ones who do not win
go ahead BB followers, s*** on me.


Big Surprise Paul is going after another house guest…Kevin! He slowly gets these people all jacked up about nothing and plants a target on someone….Kevin doesn’t even participate in all the crazyness guess Paul thinks he needs to plant the seed early so they will vote Kevin out after Cody, Mark and Elena. How long before he reveals that Kevin won the $25,000! Unbelievable that these sheep fall for it every time. I really hope Mark wins that second HOH competition this week but even then they will probably all vote out Josh if it’s Josh and Paul up their. They are all so wrapped around his finger!


This may not make sense now, but Paul is playing emotional by getting Cody out now instead of breaking up 2 other couples. Doesn’t he remember last year?


So. Who do you think will turn on Paul first? My prediction is Jason. I think Mark already has (kind of) but he’s too big of a softie to go through with it, even if he did win HoH.