Elena – Jason you look ridiculous your whole face is swollen

9:00pm Cody, Kevin and Paul bathroom
Kevin says he’s hungry, he might just wait until Alex has to make hot dogs.
Kevin asks Paul if he would be allowed to make some hot dog. Paul doesn’t think Production will let him the hot supplies are for Alex’s punishment.

Xmas – you smell so nice..
Kevin – thank you

9:07pm Alex and Jason rolling around they’re “too Full”

JOsh comes up to them.. Looks at Alex “OH MY GOD YOU’RE BuZZEd… you’re buzzed”
Alex – I’m full as f*
Alex – i’m too full to be buzzed
Alex show him with her hand how much she drank
Josh – that’s a lot of beer
Alex – yeah but we ate a lot of food, I’m so full
Alex list off to josh all the things she ate in 1 hour: Fries, Salad, steak, Lobster, potato, 2 Beers, brownie, Ice Cream

9:24pm Alex, Jason, Kevin and JOsh on the Sky bridge. Alex calls Cody up to hang out with them.

Chit chat.. Cody mentions that the camera is never on him anymore.. (unless it’s in the morning because COdy wakes up 2 hours before everyone else)

Kevin, Josh and jason Sky Bridge..

Kevin – does Tiger (Alex)have a soft spot for Cody…
Jason whispers she’s just trying to freak out Elena..

9:34pm the left side of Jason’s face is swollen some people think it’s the lobster other’s think it’s the onion..

JOsh and Jason start wrestling..

Josh – No NO NO please Whistle.. I can’t breath… My nick .. My neck .. pleas Whistle My neck.. For real my Neck…
Elena – Jason you look ridiculous your whole face is swollen
Josh gets a bit scratched.

Elena – how do you eat cereal in the middle of the night then go back to sleep… (Matt)
Josh – when I was HOH i left the TV on sometimes… and he’s eating cereal..
Kevin – I thought he pisses I didn’t know he ate cereal

Josh and Jason back to wrestling..

Josh – he thinks I’m a bull

Josh gets his eye hurt.. Pulls out ketchup and Mustard threatens to spray Jason down… Josh wants him to say sorry for hurting his eye. Jason says if any of that touches him Josh is going down like a ton of bricks.
Jason – If that sh1t f*ing hit me I’m hurting you…
Jason – if that hits me.. I’m dotting your eyes..
JOsh – say you’re sorry and you won’t smell like mustered and ketchup all week
Kevin – He ain’t saying he’s sorry
Jason – if any of that shit hits this outfit I’m going to f* you up

Josh – Say it.. Say I’m sorry

Jason – it’s not happening.. you better think of it long and hard
Josh – you got a minute and a half..
Jason – you better apologize right now ..
Josh – look at my eye…

JOsh – I’m sorry that’s what you need to sorry
Jason – apology accepted you just went about the right way about it..

Kevin – JOsh josh give me that..
Kevn – Josh stop man…
Kevin – Chill.. Stop stop./. relax.. he’s a strong dude…

Josh – he almost killed me
Kevin – you’re antagonizing him..

10:11pmHOH Mark, Alex, Cody, Matt, Raven, Jason..

Mark says he’s drunk. “I’m spinning a little bit”

10:39pm Cody, Alex and Jason

Cody is trying to stay in the house and team up with them to take out Paul.
Cody says he took a shot nobody else is going to take a shot at Paul.

Cody – if you put me up can you help me to get the votes..

Alex says that Paul is slowly losing his grip. People in the house are getting paranoid at how strong Paul is.
Alex – right now he has the whole house untied..
Alex – this isn’t a traditional session people aren’t fighting to win.. there’s wanting to ride our coattails.. there’s only a few winners..
Alex – if we can get enough people out and get enough people to stay we could potentially get Paul out.. ( What the fuck )

Jason – we’ve talked about that even more.. I feel like that’s no sh1t .. like I feel like that he is going to be.. this week is going to be f*ing crucial if it’s a double evict…

Alex claims that she single handily imploded his alliance “They were strong and tight I infiltrated and destroyed it”
Jason – destroyed it …

Jason tells Cody it’s a risky deal what he’s proposing the house will sh1t the bed.

11:39pm HOH

Talking about Cody campaigning to Alex.

Paul talking about Cody around the house.
Paul – I thought it was Josh’s BLOB A$$ in the bed it was Cody..

11:55pm HOH room. Alex, Matt, Raven, Paul, Christmas.
Elena joins them. Matt – are you excited with your trip to Colorado with him (Mark). Elena – no. When he asked me I asked wouldn’t you rather go with Josh? Elena then leaves the room to go to bed. Alex tells Paul that Cody thinks he is the devil. You have so many cool names. Paul – he said I was the devil? No way. Alex – yes. Kevin will not relinquish his hold on him. He needs to stay glued to Jason right now for whatever reason. Paul – why? Alex – I don’t know, he won’t let him go anywhere by himself. Paul – can you explain the devil thing? Alex – Jess tried to make a deal with the devil. Matt – dude he is obsessed with you. Paul – that was to get you (Alex) out. But you knew that. Alex – he said that Elena and Mark convinced Jess to do that. Paul – nope that was fully her idea. Alex – she said that you were the devil and there was no way she was ever going to keep it no matter what. Paul – so that’s what the deal with the devil was.

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Alex – when I have to deliver the hot dogs he will probably follow me to see where my head is at. Paul – deliver his hot dog first and then ours. If he is following you I’ll get up and follow you. Paul – so when you do put Cody up what are you going to say? Alex – no, I thought I would just do it. Paul – I am curious what his veto speech will be. Can I just follow you around all day so that he can’t talk to you? Christmas – that would be hilarious because I have to follow you. Alex – Jason called him out on his showmance. How that was a stupid thing to do.. you sunk your own ship because people didn’t like her. Cody said people liked her. Jason said he didn’t like her. Jason apparently told Jessica day one that they weren’t going to get along.

12:30am Bathroom. Mark and Elena.
Elena – I’m nervous for you (taking the havenot temptation and getting another 2 weeks as a havenot). Mark – don’t be, I’m winning Thursday (HOH) either way.

12:40am HOH room. Paul, Raven, Christmas and Alex.
Alex – what I don’t understand is what does Elena need to pay for after where she needs so much money. Christmas – it doesn’t matter, all it shows is that her word means sh*t, her loyalty means sh*t. Paul – did you not tell him, if we don’t get rid of him .. the house will? Alex – that’s what I told him. He said you need to draw lines and that we’re going to go out right after. Christmas – that’s pretty sh*tty.

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1:15am Kitchen. Paul – if Mark gets two more weeks I will literally laugh my d**k off. Raven – he went to go get the key? Paul – yeah. Raven – has he come out yet? Paul – I don’t know, not out of the closet. Raven – why would Mark go get the key. Paul – because he is a v@gina. If he gets two more weeks I will blow my load. He won’t be able to compete. Raven – he wants to be on survivor. Paul – he can’t last two days without eggs. If he gets the two weeks, I will f**king die. Raven – I love this game.

1:35am Havenot room.

1:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

2:10am – 2:40am Backyard. Kevin and Mark playing pool.

Matt doubling up on his game..

2:45am Matt and Raven head to bed.

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Judge Janie

D@mmit Josh! Once again he takes it too far. Sometimes he’s so funny to watch but sometimes he’s just too much to take. It’s all fun and games until Josh gets his eye hurt…again lol


But really though, what the hell is up with Christmas and Kevin… I swear just two weeks ago they were going on some “hot chocolate date” and she was worried about how that would look to his wife(rightfully so) and now they’re cuddled up at every opportunity. Why is that supposed to be okay?

Judgmental Judy

That married chick (Christine?) that fawned all over Cody in season 16 took a ton of grief when she came out of the house. It’s not a good look for either of them.

Min O'Pause

Cody just used Christine’s nose as a sun shade. Plain and simple.

Xmas is clueless

Xmas really does not have a clue. She thinks that America is loving her antics and this will translate to more Instagram followers and “free stuff” from presumably moronic sponsors/advertisers.

She also hopes that her Bad Ass Enterprises of products will take off.

Victim Schmictim

I liked Kevin and Christmas a lot in the beginning but as the season goes on the hgs’ true personalities always emerge. My good impression of those 2 is completely tits up at this point, for reasons in addition to the icky cuddling sessions. Kevin is proving himself to be absolutely feckless and Christmas is plain mean. Her condescending “honey boo boo kitty” comments to Mark made me want to slap her silly. They both seem to have finally let go of any realistic last shred of self awareness, which fits them in perfectly with the rest of this delusional cast.


Kevin would sketch me out if I had to live with him. I will say he can be charming and funny and experienced and all that. But he’s so funky to talk with. First off he’s always looking around. Then as he’s saying one thing he’ll instantly say something totally unrelated. He’s just always so nervous looking and he’d freak the hell out of me. And he’s had it so easy thus far. When the shit goes down in his direction he’s going to be a big old mess. I hope it doesn’t happen during a double. The voyeur in me wants to watch how he handles a full on week of eviction pressure.


Great comment. I actually had to look up what feckless means (“lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.”, in case anyone else was wondering). Your whole comment was spot on. Self awareness is really lacking with these people.


Does it not bother anyone in the house that Christmas does not have to do any comps. to stay in the house?CBS/Big Brother should have sent her home when she was injured. Every time she gets picked to do a comp. Production tells her she has not been cleared, therefor she remains innocent in the house.


Kevin looks like a mannequin, it’s weird!!! Old man trying to look young, please pick up your balls they’re sagging all over the place Mr. Nasty!


Holy Crap the house is Zzzz Beyond BORING!! Seriously anyone finding any of this of any kind of entertainment value? Is production super jaded or what this season. It’s almost like production doesn’t even give a flying F anymore. You can feel the passion and excitement in past seasons of BBCAN, this BB19 season is like a serious morphine drip on a blind deaf and mute homeless person with no limbs.


Cody should talk to Matt and say, you know not using the veto on yourself is a bad move right? Should bring back people that’s done this thinking they’re were %100 safe and gone home. You don’t want to be that person do you? Matt has said he’s only seen one season what does he know? Just try to scare him, make him paranoid.


Unless Cody brings Matt a big bowl of cereal, he ain’t gone hear nothin Cody gotta say…


Cody says “what is your favorite cereal?” Matt says “frosted Dingleberries.” Cody says “if you use the veto on yourself, and I win HOH, you and Raven can have the HOH room and I will ask for 5 boxes of Frosted Dingleberries in my basket, Blowup Doll goes home and yoju can pick the noms.” Matt says “Wow! That sounds great! Let me run it past Paul. Really? 5 boxes? Whoa!!”


You can do what you want. But I don’t think they will give you 5 boxes.


That is a lot of Dingleberries!


So I’m confused did they already do the POV and Matt won?


Matt won POV, the ceremony hasn’t happened but will today. Paul and the sheeple have convinced Matt to use it, not on himself but rather likely Jason. Thus Alex can nom Cody as the replacement and backdoor him. The point some make here is that Matt would still be on the block if he used the POV on either of the other 2. Matt was the Temp loser nom. If he uses it on himself there would be no renom.

Ravens Taint

Somebody already asked this question but I did not see an answer. Can the Temp loser use the Veto on someone other than themselves?


The fact that he hasn’t brought that up to Matt yet shows that Cody has no idea what he is doing in this game.


Good grief I almost saw Alex’s vagina. Cute costume, but she’s has to be careful in those shorts.

Brandi W.

Zingbot: Raaaavvvveeeeeennnnnnn. The only thing faker than all of your injuries is….ELENA’S ENTIRE BODY! ZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!


Yes Whistlenut I don’t wear underwear either


I fuckin’ can’t deal with these people… I thought Alex & Jason was tryna flip this house, but her they go telling Paul. No way does Paul not win this season.


Alex is the dumbest player ever! So up Paul’s ass! Hope she loses!


Alex and Jason are stupid!


At this point, he’s the only one who deserves it. I like to see a show where the past guest, especialy thosed booed, updates us on what happened to them after the show.


Or film them watching/talking about the show that they were a part of.

Yo momma

Alex might be one of the stupidest big brother players ever.


LMAO. For those ( dawg and simon band wagoners) that liked that comment, as well as the person who wrote it. Go back and watch…..well…. any season..and you’ll find far worse players than Alex. Grow up and stop being at troll. Just because your precious JODY is doing shit all, try to at least respect the game.

Guy From Canada

Cody has his head in the game (finally) but has poor execution. Yes Cody is a bad player, but he has his head in the game, is trying, and isn’t a sheep, which to me makes it entertaining. Of course I will root for him now, when I wanted him out not too long ago. I don’t see the big group canabilizing themselves like some people hope, I see the Paul show being run and predictable. Someone posted a pecking order, and others have comments how Paul has set up his f9, f7, f5 and f3, Boring. If Cody takes out Paul, then the group has no leader, will still take out Cody and will canabilize itself in an entertaining way.


But she thinks she’s the smartest! ???


Alex is currently telling Paul her entire conversation with Cody…


Alex is a moron.


So stupid, I don’t get it. why in the hell do they keep telling Paul everything. I swear it’s like a mind sick cult. Boring !!!!1


They should just had Paul the money…… fools!


Paul really won last year, but was screwed over by production. The outrage was huge as a rigged season. So production brought him back and got a cast that didn’t mind him winning as long as they made it to jury. The cast first question was would you sacrifice 3 months of your life for Paul to win and if they said the correct answer they were selected to play. Cody lied tho to production, and had no intention of letting Paul win, however, Cody underestimated Paul’s ability of manipulate others, hence forth, Paul set his target on Cody for an early demise. So relax for another great rigged season for Paul and Josh to end the game. Cheers


Alex is telling Paul because they have an alliance.they both helped further each others game. Why would she run and tell Cody or Matt everything? …Which she doesn’t because they don’t have an alliance Right? Make sense? One plus one is two!


Why would Alex help Cody when he put her on the block? Cody let Jessica attack alex numerous time. He never drew that line between alex and Jessica so in return he caused this for himself.


The answer to the question is simple…….MONEY! Cody can go no farther than F2 and will lose thus 50k max. Paul F2 means Alex 50K max as Paul beats them all. As I have mentioned several time you have 10 people after Cody goes. 9 people hoping for 50k and Paul gets 500K easy at this point.
Who really thinks Paul is taking them F2? Remember last summer once Paul got F6 he became a comp threat. What do you think happens once they all play POV? Paul gets out Jason and Alex who could stop him. And both have a full dose of “the mist” at the moment. Funny Dan is a light weight compared to Paul at misting the HG’s. It’s both frustrating and fascinating IMHO!


Watched BB at all before this? You don’t tell everything! You keep some cards to yourself. What if “your ride or die” rides off with out you and leave you holding the bag? What if the info gets relayed to the wrong people in the wrong way? If you keep your mouth shut, you have more control over your strategy. You can narrow down leaks. You have cards to play later. *face palm!*

That’s why you don’t go run tell everything! Even to your alliance.


Well that’s why it’s best to play an honest game which she is proving to do. She’s doing what’s best for her not what’s best for your entertainment 😉


Actually yes I have seen BB and in fact, you should know that when rumours start its best to nip it in the bud before it grows!! Stop it in its track so it doesn’t come back to haunt you. Honest game so there’s no he said she said!


Exactly. Go watch everyone season that has some of the greats – they keep some information to themselves.

Paul has an alliance with everyone except for Cody, everyone. Alex telling Paul everything is only helping Paul, not herself.


Errrr, for Alex it might be one plus one is two, for Paul it’s him minus every houseguest in there, that’s the difference.

Is Paul playing a better game than Alex in that he’s playing everyone and has everyone wrapped around his finger, her included? Yes? Is Paul telling Alex every bit of information in the same way she is telling him every bit of information? No? Might that mean Paul is not solid with anyone, he just cares about himself making it to the end and playing them all to get there? Does Alex see this? No? Make sense yet?


Paul is using Alex to get him further in the game by using information she keeps readily handing him. One the other hand, Paul doesn’t tell Alex everything. Alex might thinks she’s in an alliance with Paul and he’s helping her, but Paul is only caring about himself and not her, but she’s too blind to see that.

There’s quite a difference. THAT’S why it’s dumb to keep telling him everything.


Come on Cody…You can do it! Your plan is brilliant and you are correct!! Paul will probably not bring Alex to the end…she has played too well in the game so far and would be too big of a threat to beat him, if they made final 2.

His plan is to have Matt use the Veto on Jason, as expected. But, instead of putting Cody up…put Raven up..(YESSSS). This takes 2 votes from Paul. Mark, Cody, Jason, Kevin vote for Matt. Rest of the house will probably vote for Elaina, most likely causing a tie. Alex is the tie breaker and she sends Matt home and is the first to draw a line in the sand and Cody helps get them to the end.

He told them, if they have a better idea to make it to the end, to go with that, but every scenario Cody has run, he sees Paul and one of his alliances stopping them.

Go Cody, Alex and Jason!! Please make it happen and don’t wuss out!!

Victim Schmictim

Alex and Jason will wuss out. It’s so much easier to go along with Paul (and lose) than actually play the game!

Guy From Canada

Um, is my math off but with 3 on the block aren’t only 7 voting? So 4 could control the vote.


Come on Cody…You can do it! Your plan is brilliant and you are correct!! Paul will probably not bring Alex to the end…she has played too well in the game so far and would be too big of a threat to beat him, if they made final 2.

His plan is to have Matt use the Veto on Jason, as expected. But, instead of putting Cody up…put Raven up..(YESSSS). This takes 2 votes from Paul. Mark, Cody, Jason, Kevin vote for Matt. Rest of the house will probably vote for Elaina, most likely causing a tie. Alex is the tie breaker and she sends Matt home and is the first to draw a line in the sand and Cody helps get them to the end.

He told them, if they have a better idea to make it to the end, to go with that, but every scenario Cody has run, he sees Paul and one of his alliances stopping them.

Go Cody, Alex and Jason!! Please make it happen and don’t wuss out!!

Gnashing My Teeth

Damn it…I had such high hopes for Alex in the beginning. The smallest tidbit of info and just goes running to Paul with it, as does most of the rest of the house. Does she REALLY think he’d take her to F2?! Listen to Cody, girl…he’s making sense. Flip the damn house and let Cody go after Paul since no one else is too terrified to.


Jason and Kevin are gross old men. They say and do some ick worthy things.


Yes they do.

This season is beyond help

At least they don’t wipe their jizz on a kitchen towel like Matt does. That guy is the the epitome of gross.


Once Cody leaves the game, there won’t be a reason for me to watch. I’m sure that at some point Paul will get evicted, but I don’t care who wins.

Give Me a Fu**ng Break

Then don’t watch…yeesh, who gives 2 f**ks… I’ll b watching and waiting, they’ll b turning on each other right and left! Kevin is already stirring the pot! Unlike you whiny old buzzards out there, I’m enjoying this season


LOL true every year its the same thing, people come and bitch about the show and how they wont watch it. Well then dont watch or post about it unless your an attention seeker. Yet these same complainers will still watch and be here next year complaining about the next show….geesh give it a break


One of the biggest things that I can’t stand about this group of HG is that they run and tell PAUL everything.

Victim Schmictim

I agree. It is so frustrating what a waste of space they are being in this game. It’s like watching a really dumb traffic accident happen in s-l-o-w–s-l-o-w–s-l-o-w–m-o–m-o–m-o…

Raven's "2nd" Heart

I think Cody may be one of the worst strategic players we’ve seen in while. Why does he keep showing his hand by mentioning Paul as a target? Did he not get the memo that this season is for all of the housemates to Paul in the game? He has a better chance of convincing Alex to put her self on the block before she would even consider getting rid of Paul.


I think he is doing it to kind of play off of what jess said in her speech the night she was evicted about Paul being the biggest target. Maybe the more he talks about Paul being a threat the better chance these HG’s will wake up and see that they need to get out Paul.

Min O'Pause

How awesome it would be if they followed Paul like mindless zombies until he thought he had the whole thing wrapped up for himself then WHAM BAM THANK YA MA’AM they took his ass out in a huge blindside. Priceless!


They have to get Paul’s permission first..once cody and mark gone…this season will suck..
Not sure if i will watch it since i tend to get on this site during shows which shows my interest..ill see how double goes but damn….just a bore…reunion will be awesome though! Perhaps if couch and chair and paul leaves may be interesting…its so sad to see people throw away a chance of playing and winning money because they worship the garden gnome…
Pathetic really


I’ll have 2 of what ^^^ is having

Stacy Dee

I am going to sue all you speaking out against my dying daughter. It is common in Arkansas for entire house to be on SSI. for all you haters out there, just because you don’t use the make a wish as your vacation club doesn’t mean you have to write nasty things about my dying daughter.


Alex is ugly inside and out.


if you are her mother you should be ashamed with how she is acting!! having sex with matt on camera is something you are proud of? the way she treated Jessica makes you proud? she is by far one of the worst players ever. she isn’t even playing the game. if she is dying she should not have put herself in this position let alone have a showmance for all the world to see! go ahead and sue!! you are as delusional as your daughter! It is common in Arkansas to be on ssi, why don’t you stop taking the governments money and get a job!


So in other words from many of you…Paul isn’t allowed to have alliances because he is vet of the game?


I think the problem with only bringing back one vet is bringing back one that had a huge fan base. Paul was a very likable, funny guy last season. He isn’t as carefree this time b/c he lost (which was ridiculous, Nicole sucked). He is obviously hell bent on winning, and is taking this very seriously. It’s just annoying to watch almost all of these players kiss his ass and make comments that they are only playing for jury (the new generation of players are lazy and obsessed with social media – accept Kevin, of course). Cody and Paul battling to the end would be fun to watch.


Best part is that Paul went from an American Fav (if that’s what you call him) to one of the most hated. LOL. He didn’t do himself any favors by coming back, he probably hurt his reputation more.

Save The Season!

SOMEONE NEEDS TO BULLHORN! As soon as the yard is available, it has to be done! Cody is right Alex is never going to the final with Paul. Time for Alex and Jason to find out about Paul and Raven’s pregame friendship. That would help her see that she has been getting lied to, and will be cut most likely before top 6. That’s the only hope Cody, Alex and Jason have. Please someone make this happen, I’d love to see the look on Paul’s face with that exposed.


This cast has to be one of the most pathetic in a long time.
I don’t understand……..Cody is lying about his brother, but Raven is telling the truth, she can drop dead any second now, do these cast members not realize that CBS would not put someone’s life in danger…they could not afford the bad publicity or lawsuit.
When did it become against the law to get Paul out………….why don’t they realize he should of been one of the first to go. Did they give out money for these people to protect him, or are they just that stupid???


Why is Alex so stupid. I mean really what is her damage. She can’t keep one thing to herself.


I feel sorry for Jason. he had his head stepped on by a bull and almost died.I think that’s why he was so bad at the bowling thing .I think he has an inner ear problem and probably neck problems that’s probably why he was so angry he has to wear that big heavy helmet on his head and now his face is swollen that sucks .


Oh the irony! Paul who chastised Mark for not defending Josh when Cody called him fat now thinking Cody looks like Josh’s “blob ass”. Silence when he does it though. Double standards…


I think the point of Paul saying all that nonsense about Mark not defending is simply about painting targets on anyone’s back but his own. I don’t think he cares one bit whether or not Mark said anything.

Like, really Alex

Like, can Alex have like a conversation without, like saying like, like every other word? I mean, like, it’s rather annoying like, to hear her speak and like I just want to like turn off the TV. Like, find some like other words. Like.


You would love Jackie from bbcan 5 lol


I have to admit, Paul is playing the game. He’s been playing since day one. Cody not so much. It would be pretty f**ked up if they (powers) intentionally f**ked up his game by rigging it for Cody. Cody had his chances. He blew them.
Cody’s way of socializing comes off as weird and stunted, unnatural.
He’s a buzz kill and houseguests don’t trust him.

Anti Paul Puppet

You’re right. Obviously Paul has been playing the best game since week one. Give him the money. In fact we really should be done already no reason for anyone else to even try. Sheesh. Boring!


production is helping Paul. “Dolphins in the Jacuzzi”, thats code for production feeding him.


BB/CBS would never take a high medical risk player such as Raven if it were true about her fragile & complicated condition/prognosis. End of story.


I find it funny that Paul has all this info on Comps before they even happen this Season before hand. He mentioned it tonight again. That’s the 3rd time he’s done it. So he’s still getting help this Season obviously.
Too little to late for Cody at this point – You need to put Pride aside and go to the Master if you want to stay in the game. Meaning he should have went to Paul and said Look I know you are running the show, I could take out Alex and Kevin for you so you don’t have to do it. Paul might have really considered his suggestion and kept him over Matt or Jason !!! – Or even Elena.

Give Me a Break

Bravo for your great comment ! I always enjoy insightful strategy driven comments over the constant whining and complaining about how horrible this season is ! Although that attempt by Cody would have been smarter imo , I think the distrust and disgust is pretty much cemented between Cody & Paul at this point…..There were SO many things that could have been done by Jody but they had another agenda unfortunately and it didn’t involve game strategy!

Shit Show

Paul is not going to keep Cody. Cody took a shot at Paul the first week. Remember Paul has never been voted out of the house. Paul has taken it personally and has attacked Cody to that point. Cody has to make a big game move in order to help save his ego. Cody said it best the he and Paul were the two Alphas in the house. Paul would have made Cody think he was keeping him and still voted him out. The only game move Cody had left is appeal to Alex but he does not truly understand that Alex believes what Paul is telling her. The only thing Cody can do now is blow up Paul’s game for the rest of the week and establish doubt in everyone and point out how Paul is manipulating everyone. Cody needs to use the adage that he has been on the outside looking in so he has a clearer picture.
Otherwise Paul has the best game going and the only entertaining thing left is watching everyone kiss Paul’s ass.

Shut up Raven

Raven is dying? ? Had no idea she was even sick! ?? everyone dies some time.. yet it’s not mentioned hundreds of times per day. I think it’s one thing to bring awareness to something I honestly never heard about before this show and another thing to exploit it for sympathy. Play the game like everyone else or just go home.. big brother is not a charity.. besides am sure she will be cashing in with her go fund me

Uncle Teddy

I die a little bit each time I have to look at or listen to Raven, so I can empathize

Guster Muffinman

Julie will ask Alex on Thursday if she regrets nominating Cody now that she was the second out in the double eviction, and Alex will say, “I’m happy, it’s what Paul wanted.”


It’s interesting how people always go for the underdog. I wonder if it was the other way around (Cody kept going/winning like he did in the beginning) if people would be rooting for him. I bet if it was the other way around and Cody was in Paul’s position, Cody would be a lot worse. Sure, Cody and Jessica(and Josh) bullied a girl (Megan) straight out of the house! Remember Cody’s “I just don’t like you that much” comment. Who says that to a girl? Cody has a huge ego, it’s just that he is the underdog right now. It would be interesting to see everyone’s feelings about him if the tables were turned…Everyone liked Paul last season when he was constantly on the block (underdog).


So you think that because Cody said “I don’t like you very much” to Megan is Cody bulling Megan straight out of the house? WOW!!! That’s funny…… If anything they were a$$holes to Megan but they did NOT bully her…..And lets not forget Alex in the get mad at Megan gang…..And Alex was supposed to be Megan’s friend……


Cody telling someone “I don’t like you” isn’t bullying. If it’s anything, it’s rude. I think people go a tad overboard with the bully label.


Obviously, there was far more said and done to Megan other than that comment. That’s just the point where I personally decided I didn’t really like Cody as a person. However, I agree that the word “bully” is overused here. Maybe I should have put it in quotations, because that is the language being used against other house guests on here. I only intended to point out with my last comment that, like Paul, Cody/Jess are no Americas Sweethearts.


Jessica & Cody were the only two actually willing to make big game moves.


How? By lying in bed all day? Jessica had a chance. She didn’t make a big move. She got Ramses out!


I agree, 100%!!

Bullies Rule

Some people go overboard on the bully label ??
This board is overrun with oyster brains using the label on a daily basis..


In order to salvage this season for myself, I’m forced to change my perspective and 1. Accept that Paul will win, and 2. After a boring two weeks during which Cody, Elena and Mark leave, I’ll then get total satisfaction watching the sheep turn on each other and see who Paul really wants as F3 & F2.


You might be tired of the Paul show ect… but in the end its not Pauls fault its just that the house is full of brainless players so blame your favourite player not Paul :).


I agree that game wise, Paul is on top…..if these people can’t think for themselves and continue to do whatever Paul says then they deserve whatever they get at the hand of Paul. What I don’t like is the lengths he will go to to make others feel like shi%…..Some of his tactics are too much, IMO!

Paul's mom: "Even I think my son is a little pussy"

Does anyone notice that Mr. “Clothing designer” dresses like a trailer park trash gnome that he is? Even on eviction night when everyone dresses to the nines. This dude claiming he has this amazing “brand” and a “world wide clothing designer” out here lookin’ like a damn fool. He embarrasses himself and his family every time he opens his mouth or anyone looks at his dumb ass.

The lying constantly about his “life” is just the tip of the iceberg with this loser.


I hate how he wears his shorts…one leg up to show off his tattoo.


I agree! I can’t stand Paul this season but was a fan last season. watching BB this season is totally frustrsting! I’ve watched BB from the beginning and this group of pathetic losers are the worst HG in BB history! these losers are basically handing the $500K over to the puppet master – Paul and they are too stupid & blind to see it! they are playing Paul’s game not their own. Cody & Jessica from the beginnig refused to play Paul’s game & as a result they have been targets and bullied all season. shame on CBS for allowing the bullying going in this game!


Bye Cody….I would have liked him to stay just because he’s the only one willing to go against Paul(Mark might be willing too but his days are numbered)….Also 95 percent sure Mark will follow him right out that door for double eviction unless he or Elena win. I do like Paul but the way he is controlling these people is sooooo crazy I just want something interesting to happen best case Mark wins throws Josh and Paul on the block!! I am sure Paul would win veto but still!


Alex … great opportunity to backdoor & blindside the puppet master Paul


She needs permission to do so, she cannot think for herself


LOL!! Paul will never give Alex permission to take him out of the game……


Matt doubling up on his game…..



Did they bring in bigger bowls? Is he double spooning? Or has he finally just starting to pour milk into the boxes and drinking them down?


He’s still there?


watching BB this season is totally frustrsting! I’ve watched BB from the beginning and this group of pathetic losers are the worst HG in BB history! these losers are basically handing the $500K over to the puppet master – Paul and they are too stupid & blind to see it! they are playing Paul’s game not their own. Cody & Jessica from the beginnig refused to play Paul’s game & as a result they have been targets and bullied all season. shame on you CBS for allowing the bullying going in this game!

Double eviction

I hope Mark wins the HOH on double eviction night and puts up Paul and Alex and then Mark or Elana wins the Veto and keep noms the same . Paul will go bye bye. Alex has Kevin, Jason, Elana and maybe Maven to boot that little man syndrome out. I know its wishful thinking but I am praying for it because this season is boring with everyone kissing Paul’s ass. It’s like they had 16 people there that have NEVER seen the show or even watched last year and saw how dirty he was to even his close allies

Close only counts with grenades

Whoever goes on the block next to him will just sacrifice themselves for Paul’s game.


Matt taking a bowl of cereal to Andrew.

Dr Will

Been on this site for years but have never posted. I don’t read every conversation, but is there any chance Matt could veto himself, than him and Raven form with Cody & Mark (With Elena going home)? Are Matt and Raven so far out of this game that they wouldn’t even ponder it? If they did form, and flip the house whilst it seems they are on the bottom, is it likely any of Kevin/Alex/Jason would re-align?

Christmas is turning into a male Josh, at first the kid brought entertainment value but now its just like listening to a child run around for 1 hour on my TV screen. Its really cringe.

Fair play to Paul. Honestly, the guy comes off bad and has happened to flip his fan base, including myself. But honestly what has that little fucker done wrong? Hes playing his game and hes playing it hard and its working for him thus far cause the cast is on glue. Its like hes trying to be the Boston Rob of Big Brother with his band of minions. Sadly there is no comparison.

Hoping Kevin comes out running the show like the mafia boss he is. Seems pretty content with letting the idiots go at it though. Hard to manipulate from his position.


Jeez, Cody!! Can you really be that thick-headed? I never thought I would say this, but Paul made a good point regarding the Temptation Challenge:
Why In the world, if you were trying to lose, didn’t you simply head for the HOH room for every round of the game?
Having said that, my other question is: How on earth did you get to round 10 of the game without realizing that Matt was working as hard as you to LOSE?? Round after round and you were still hoping that Matt would ACCIDENTALLY do what you did and score a correct answer?
This was yet another example of how Cody poses absolutely no threat to anyone but Paul. Cody doesn’t THINK THINGS THROUGH. Jessica would have coached him into getting it right, but given their history, he might STILL have thought the “Have-Not Room” was his best bet. He THOUGHT he had a fool-proof plan, but couldn’t remember being in the have-not room? Cody, Cody, Cody!! The HOH room just never even crossed your mind?
I think Cody knew he had not retained enough information to try to win, so throwing the comp was his best shot. And he couldn’t even get THAT right because it was a “mental” comp.

Impractical Joker

did anyone watch the actual CBS show sunday night?
I stopped watching them and afterdark on pop.
I only check out this site now

thanks simon

cant wait for BB20 next summer


With the exception of Cody and Mark, they should all be in paratrooper suits and tethered to Paul.


Did Kevin really get DISCIPLINED by Alex?? Did the rest of them bow their heads in reverence as she HELD COURT and put them all on notice that NO ONE IS ALLOWED to talk to Cody? WOW!!! A room full of GROWN-UPS have been brought to their knees by an “entitled” child!! She wasn’t asking them; she was BARKING ORDERS. Alex is feeling so much power that she doesn’t bother to address her crew with even the pretense of professional courtesy. Even Paul takes the time to gently persuade. Not Alex. She DICTATES.
And that is why Paul has been so successful in this game. Anyone who goes conspicuously power-mad is resented and rebelled against. Alex would not have gotten away with her behavior if her HOH had come earlier in the game. She clearly cannot handle a little taste of power with grace and dignity. AND, she is fueled by her alliance with Paul and feels bullet-proof.
Paul is smooth and they haven’t witnessed his wrath. Why is that?? Well, it is primarily because they have all proven to be such willing drinkers of the Kool-Aid, that Paul hasn’t had to reveal that facet of his personality. They haven’t seen, or don’t remember from last season what happens when Paul DOESN’T get his way.
HELL hath no fury like Paul scorned!

New to live feeds

Is this season really different then the past seasons? I ask because I’ve been watching bb for a while but never have subscribed to the live feeds until now. Just wondering if it’s always been this frustrating or if this season really stands out.

Thumbs up if this season is particularly bad or thumbs down if it’s usual


I can’t for the life of me figure out why ALL of the houseguests aren’t planning to take Cody to F2…knowing that no one on the jury would vote for him to win. Stupid people just can’t figure this game out…smh.


Paul is the only one who sees the benefit in keeping Cody. But he has so poisoned the weaker minds that, as INCREDIBLE as it sounds, they are still nursing grudges against Cody from WEEK 1!! Further, Paul has convinced them, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Cody is some HUGE threat to their safety. It no longer matters what is true and what is mere propaganda. There is no “collective” will to flip the house against Paul.


Soooo, if the double eviction is this week, is this when Matt will see the folly in saving Jason? Matt will either be evicted, a la Marcellus, OR Elena and Cody will be gone and he will become shark bait. If the sharks put on their thinking caps, they can break up two showmances in one try: save Cody for another day and evict both Elena and Matt (thank you, fool, but your services are no longer required; at least you proved your ” loyalty”). That can only happen, though, if Paul agrees to it OR, if Alex is ready to make a REAL power move. Raven and Mark would be left to their own devices. And Cody could live to spread the word about the false messiah. Alex SAYS she wants to be the “Showmance Killer,” but Paul could not care less about what Alex wants. Not sure if Alex is feeling powerful enough to stand on her own… no more Paul “friendship,” etc….


Okay, sooo, from this point on, anyone who gets evicted will know that it was courtesy of Paul, no matter who wins HOH. And, in the final analysis, due to a combination of the effects of brainwashing, and respect for his game, they will tend to want him to win the 500K. No one has played a better game, THUS FAR.

Yoohoo, yoohoo!! Alex, Josh, Kevin, Jason, Christmas, Mark, Raven, Matt (maybe), Elena (maybe), do any of you REALLY see yourselves sitting next to Paul and getting even one jury vote?? If so, you’re delusional.

Now, then, what to do, what to do… Hmmm…WAKE UP!!!!!! There is ONLY ONE WAY to derail the train that is headed your way. You MUST send PAUL to jury! And I don’t mean in a few weeks!! I mean as soon as he loses a comp. All of you need to band together with the same enthusiasm as when Paul persuaded you to get rid of Jody. You’ve been trained by the master. You know how to do this. Specifically, he must become everyone’s target, from one week to the next. It won’t work if anyone decides to stick with him. Alex, boo, boo kitty, honey, Paul won’t want anyone next to him who has even the slightest chance of garnering votes that could have been his. All of you! USE WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED at the heels of the MASTER!!!! Jody was never YOUR problem. It was Paul’s. It’s not too late; You have a common enemy. Deal with him.