“I still firmly believe Spencer is going home I’ll be completely blindsided if he’s not”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


8:02pm BBQ Spencer and McCrae

McCrae brings up talking to Jessie where him and Amanda told her they were voting out Spencer. Jessie told him and Amanda congratulations for making it to final 8. After Jessie left they realized they never said congratulations back to her. MC hopes Jessie didn’t clue into that.

Spencer talks about his speech veto speech today he says he got it from Larry Flynt movie.

McCrae: “I just need to figure out how to finagle her cigarettes before she leaves.. I don’t know how i’m going to do that.. getting those cigarettes would be bada$$”

MC says the cigarettes that Jessie smokes are really expensive, Parliaments. MC says Parliaments have a recessed filter.

Spencer says when working at the gas station he would call Virginia slims v@gina slimes.
Andy joins them
Andy asks them if he m@sterb@ted in the HOH shower the feed cameras would catch him. Spencer and MC think people won’t see his hand/d!ck/Sp$rm but they would probably knows what he is up to by his motions.
Andy says he’s starting to go crazy again.

Spencer: “I’ve been wanting to b$at off bad”
Andy says he thinks about it every day multiple times.
Specner says he’s had “3 night Jizims” I never had one until you mentioned it
Andy: “Release the floodgates”

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:04pm HOH Aaryn and Jessie
Jessie says Elissa is dumb as a rock. Jessie: ‘She tries to use all these words to make her look ‘Prestigious’..”
Aaryn laughs mention how elissa talks with long pauses between thoughts.
Jessie: “I see her being one of those really dumb wives that doesn’t know what the f**** is going on”
Jessie: “Elissa is nice.. she’s not a vindictive she’s just dumb”
Aaryn wonders if they had stuck to their side week 2 if they would be in a better spot now. (Jessie was one of the people that flipped to vote Nick out)
Jessie says Helen flirts with Spencer and it’s getting on her nerves, “It’s so obvious.. they (Elissa/Helen) have all been overly happy today because they know they are in the final 8.. not one of them has said anything to me today. you know you’re safe… we have your back.. NOTHING”
Aaryn: “If you are going home then I’m in the not know and i’m going next”
JEssie thinks they are voting her out and Andy doesn’t know about, “It’;s so obvious they (Helen/Elissa/Amanda/MC) are in a final 4 alliance they are not even trying to hide it”
Aaryn: ‘I don’t even think they are”
Jessie: ‘I’ve been on the block 4 times f*** everyone.. you know the way Helen and Ellissa have been treating me.. f*** them to”
Jessie: “Now that I’m seeing their true colours Helen and Elissa I think I would rather duke it out with them and be with Amanda/McCrae“
Aaryn tells her to tell Andy.
Jessie is afraid to tell Andy that because he’s close to Elissa.

Jessie says Helen and Andy are so close if she really wanted Jessie off the block she would have been able to do it. Jessie: ‘I don’t think she gives a shit”
Aaryn agrees. Tells her she should go to Amanda and McCrae make a deal.

Jessie says she cannot stomach Amanda/McCrae or Elissa winning the 500K but she could stomach Helen winning because she’s played a good game.

Jessie: “I still firmly believe Spencer is going home I’ll be completely blindsided if he’s not”
Jessie says Elissa has never once came to her After nominations, Veto, Veto ceremony. Jessie thought they were close. Aaryn says this is why she was pissed at Jessie for voting to keep Elissa week two she knew this would happen, “If you do go home it’s clear they were just using you for a vote”
Aaryn: “I was not using you for a vote I was legitimately serious about working with you”


8:28pm Storage room Aaryn and Andy

Aaryn says Jessie is ranting about Helen and Elissa because they are treating her like scum.
Andy: ‘I still think she needs to go..”
Aaryn: ‘She thinks she’s going home because of the way Elissa and Helen are acting”
Andy: “I’ll need to talk to Elissa”
Aaryn: “she wants to work with Amanda and McCrae”
Andy: “So does Spencer and he’s not all over the place”


8:48pm Bedroom Andy and Jessie
Jessie is worried about Helen and Elissa moving forward after this week.
Jessie: “Helen literally hasn’t looked me in the eyes for two days”
Andy: “really”:
J: She’s spending all her time with Spencer”
mentions he told Helen he wanted her to sell to Spencer that he’s safe
Jessie says If Helen and ELissa are not going to have her back and there is a chance Amanda and McCrea will she would consider switching plans and targeting Helen and Elissa


9:10pm MC and Amanda
MC has been reading the bible they discus a few ideas.
MC doesn’t understand why god has to always Come down to talk to the people isn’t he powerful enough to just send the message to earth
Amanda thinks it’s to give proof of his existence.
MC: “He gave Moses a burning bush”
Amanda: “that was metaphorical they were talking about Chlamydia”.
Andy joins them says Aaryn told him Elissa and Helen are treating JEssie really shitty and it’s making Jessie nervous
Andy brings up that Jessie now wants to work with you Amanda and McCrae, “this just shows how she flips flops”
Andy: “I don’t know if it was poopey trying to get her to stay but she’s got to go
Amanda: “There is nothing that will change my mind”
Amanda mentions that Spencer told her he thinks Aaryn is concocting something with Jessie.
Amanda: ‘I’m like NO.. ” they laugh

Andy says it’s done Jessie is going home but he wants the vote to be 6-0 so he’ll have to talk to Elissa and Helen. Amanda thinks it’s going to happen she says this is a really easy week.
Amanda: ‘I think they’re (Diary Room) are just making sh!t up”
Andy: “Of course when I get HOH everything gets boring.. they (Diary room) are stretching for things”
Amanda and Andy laugh at their Diary room sessions. They think production is really scrambling for footage. And are trying to incorporate their plans to Backdo*r Helen next into into this week so they have something to talk about.
Amanda: “Elissa has been brutal to Jessie today.. ”
Andy says Jessie thinks she’s staying she already planning one what she wants to do next week. Andy plans on talking to Helen and Elissa and tell them to stop being sh!tty to her.
Amanda :’They have the worst poker faces’
Andy: “Totally”


9:18pm Storage room
Andy says he wants Jessie to be blindsided this week. GM confirms she’s voting out Jessie.


9:30pm Aaryn and GM

Aaryn saying “they” want Jessie out because she has a deal with Aaryn and they know Spencer will probably come after them.

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I wonder if the HGs will take the hint that even Big Brother thinks they are really boring. They’ve really resorted to making stuff up just so that they can show us something on the TV show. How sad.

Mr Shane

Andy saying: ” of course I get HOH and everything gets boring” , is oh so hilarious, yes Andy, you are being the uber sheep , trying to convince us you are playing the game just because you won HOH and VETO…?! You nominated safely, the never used the veto , you could have shaken things up, you made it boring. As for the rest, i certainly do not wish that Amanda gets to the finals, but I wouldn’t mind if Helen gets b&$doored next week, it will teach her, she also thinks so highly of her game……can’t wait for this week to end.


I can’t wait to see Helen on the block and see how she acts. I’m so sick of hearing flip flop. Yes the people she thought had her back- Elissa went so far as to tell Jessie to go for prizes instead of POV because she was safe- are nowhere to be found. Of course she going to lash out and try see if the other side is interested. Andy is a joke, “this solidifies it for me”, like he was even considering keeping Jess. Big move Andy. You tried Jessie.


Is Jessie turning into a mean girl now? What’s the need to talk about Elissa in that manner when she didn’t do sh*t to her? If I was Elissa I wouldn’t go around her either since she’s the target, being around her would make Elissa look suspicious for no reason and people will want her out more than they all ready do. (She’s expendable to them ’cause she’s nothing like them) Jessie should go out guns blazing but not at Elissa, it should be at Andy, Helen and Amanda. SHE SHOULD RAT ANDY OUT TO HELEN!!!!!! Then the war will finally begin.

Say What

What you mean Elissa hasn’t said anything about Jessie? LOL! Elissa is the one that said Jessie has all this cellulite, the heavy kind. Helen when she engaged Elissa about the decision to send Jessie home this week, Elissa called Jessie a schemer and flip flopper. Now, if Jessie, didn’t flip doing week two, Elissa would of been gone. Mean Girls only wanted Jessie’s vote and had no use for her socially. When she went to Helen’s side. Helen made everyone pledge allegiance to her and didn’t need Jessie anymore. Jessie was back in no man’s land. Jessie kept looking for an alliance that never was there. Howard who could of tried rolling with Jessie, instead attempted to groom relationships with Gina, Kait and Aaryn. That may or may not have worked for Howard, we’ll never know. Because Candice wasn’t going to let that happen. At the same time Howard was trying to get closer to the Mean Girls, Candice was throwing them under the bus. So if Candice and Howard were an alliance, then they worked to achieve different goals. Hence, Jessie never had anywhere to fit in this game and it got up with her.

So yes, Jessie was a flipper Elissa, as she was trying to find a group that had her back. Something Elissa doesn’t have for Jessie. Yep Elissa, Jessie may have cellulite, but not everyone has access to plastic surgery like you. Not everyone has botox injections like you Elissa. If we are going to keep it real, Elissa had one to many plastic surgeries in her face and I prefer the natural look that Jessie has in her face.


Some food for thought!

1) This on going discussion about some folks telling other to shut up and not complain about the season. Well EVERYONE is entittled to their opinion. Who in effing chr*st gave you the Helen god complex to presume to tell others whether to participate in the OBB forum or anywhere else. These idiots don’t understand but I think I can sum most of it up as a season 1 alum.

Folks who love BB as I do are frustrated by a bad cast, from stall production that has infused race and bigotry into the show. We see the “golden edit” given to production favs Amanda and Helen. You’d think Helen was a saint and Amanda was the second coming of mother Teresa or vice versa. We come here for the accurate info supplied by Simon, Dawg and the BB feeders. I live in Canada and could not buy the feeds. God knows I tried! Second I think those boycotting CBS(I’m watching personally) come her hoping against hope there will be a reason to turn the tv back on. They just want good old BB back. Minus the bigotry and add some game play! If you don’t like a certain perspective here simple DO NOT read it! That is how forums work. Only a MORON isn’t aware within 2 sentences the tone of a contribution in a thread. I have to say on the pure dumba$$ scale those ranting about ranting are some of the most mindless idiots you come across on these threads anywhere on the net. Me I read it all for the sheer enjoyment of reminding myself how many true idiots there are out there!

2) This season has been disappointing for sure and perhaps the worst produced in BB history but it isn’t over. We have 7 gone and that leaves 7 til F2 plus I firmly believe someone is coming back or the reset will get used if Amanda is going to be evicted with no hope of returning. There is still plenty of potential drama that can happen. After the Helen/Amanda split the remaining question becomes can I beat X? When you aren’t focused on Amanda and Helen running the house but just 1 they will have to decide what is left for them in the game? The sooner on goes the better for BB the remainder of the season. Helen goes after Jessie and here is what could happen.

7 left they include Andy, Amanda and McCrae which should be obvious. If it’s not king rat Andy will get called out by Ellisa for turning on her and Helen. Opie has been golden til now but his colours will shine through at some point. Good social game no one should want to sit beside him F2. So Arryn thinks she is solidly F4 with McManda and watching Helen go reaffirms that. The thing is aside from the vile bigotry her feel for BB isn’t that bad AND she is comp competitive, plus I think she actually want to win the 500K. Tough for her as I think she gets a lot of F2 deals and 50K if she does nothing.

GM has been getting more and more intolerable for the other HG’s. No HOH she may go instead of Helen next week. Ellisa may not actually realize time is short for her or Helen. Helen will bargain Ellisa out the door to save herself in an instant. Hope that no one falls for it. So now what does Amanda do after Helen? I really believe the house is stacked in her favour if HOH isn’t Ellisa or Helen next week. I say Amanda beats everyone but Andy. She just has to keep being the ruthless bigoted bully she is. A little help from AG she is golden. Unlike Dan last season who I predicted losing F2 this house is way different. Personal hatred aside voting has been communial except for the Judd blindside, who does he blame, which they all voted for how can Amanda not get praise they all left her in the game!

So Opie just needs to sit F2. It’s clearer by the day he beats anyone. Unless Amanda’s ego says she beats him Opie has to go or you don’t get the dough. When is the question. Answer not til Helen and I don’t think Andy will see it coming. What he helped happen to Judd will happen to him. That leaves McCrae and you either buy Amanda F2 with MC or you don’t. I think production will tell her she can’t beat him and use Arryn to get him out. That needs to be before F4 and certainly F3.

If it’s really Amanda’s house then…

8th) HOH dependent…. Helen goes or GM because of her mouth. Amanda will pitch GM the target to Helen/Elissa if HOH. I really think Helen will be surprised there is no support to nominate McManda. Helen’s to much of a douchebag to put them both up. The only option if you are going after the couple. She will try to convince Ellisa to nom both relentlessly until the nomination ceremony if Ellisa is HOH

7th) Well depending on HOH previous this should be GM or Spencer if Helen left. If Helen survives next week only back to back HOH’s or a deal keeps her past F7. Played a terrible game and when she leaves BB may start for real!

6th) If it’s Helen and GM gone then it’s evaluation time. You need HOH and 2 votes to evict. McManda , Andy win it’s just who the pick to send to the jury. A likely Spencer exit here at the latest. Arryn and Ellisa I don’t see working together so it’s an easy vote out for Spence unless he is HOH.

5th) They better get Opie soon! Arryn’s HOH win from 6 down is an Opie exit possibility. The rat has been trying to get close to Arryn and she may decide to protect Andy and go after McManda. This would be good TV. Production will mess up this plan somehow unless it’s MC to the jury. I think what will be interesting is the talk that will happen about Ellisa F3, thinking F2 option. If she still has won nothing and is not apparently liked by many HG’s she may stick around a lot longer. I’ m an optimist so I’ll say Opie(shocker) playing “America’s” player Judd for who get back in. Poetic justice and Judds back!

5th again.) I’ll say Arryn didn’t win previous HOH and has a chat with Judd. He will have talked to Helen, Jessie others in the jury. Arryn and Judd fight for Ellisa as are McManda.. Ellisa HOH either way but likely McManda and Arryn going. They’ll lie to her and send Judd back out the door.

4Th) Who can comp anything. Amanda’s strategy goes south. You need to win something from here down. With Andy gone and productions heavy hand by this point she’s the target. If Arryn is eligible it’s her HOH to lose. If not she is the probable POV winner. With the 3 part final almost always having endurance 1st makes endurance less likely F4 either comp. This tends to be right about face morph time. Mcrae may cut Amanda lose. If Arryn POV she may do what Amanda wants and vote out McCrae. I really hope MC stays but have my doubts. Second F4 eviction is Amanda goes here.

3rd) worst eviction every year IMO. Third part of the 3 part final will find Arryn and Ellisa or McCrae and Ellisa. if Amanda F3.

F2) Ellisa and Arryn/McCrae. Everything unfortunately is folks actually thinking. Especially keeping Ellisa F2. I’m thinking Arryn might steal the dough. My hope is MC but he’s in tough after Opie goes. Very good social game.


whew! talk about long winded!!


I don’t get it, what’s the use in blindsiding Jessie? This is such a horrible move! Weakest cast ever!


Because Andy wants to have made the biggest move of the season! Blindsiding Jessie! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! It’s sad, but true! That will have been the biggest move this whole season!! ZZzzzZZzzZzZZzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzZzzZZ wake me up when Big Brother starts I’ve been waiting forever.


I really don’t get what ya’ll like Jessie… she is not a great player. Yes, she stood up to Amanda, but that’s pretty much it. She hasn’t pieced anything out. She does flip flop! Honestly she was never their target until she had to be vocal about Amanda. She was in a good position. She should have kept iyt to herself. Maybe plant the seeds in Helen’s mind slowly. Strike once she won HOH. Really her game is not good at all. Helen and Amanda is playing a better game. BTW I’m not a Helen Amanda fan. I just don’t see how y’all like Jessie when she has made bad game moves!


Its not that we like Jessie for her gameplay, but rather we hate her the least. Also a large group of viewers find her attractive ;)
Everyone else in this dumb cast sucks.

helen is clueless

Are you serious?? She brought it up because she was trying to save Candice. And it would have worked if Helen wasn’t so fooled by Andy and she wasn’t so paralyzed by fear to pull the trigger. Helen considered putting up Amanda, she even asked Andy to put Mcranda up for eviction, now she’s fine with them staying. How is that any different? They ALL “flip flop”. I wasn’t a fan of Jessie’s early on but I am rooting for her now because she doing the exact opposite of what you suggest. She trying to make something happen before it’s too late, instead of sitting back ok you because it’s too soon.


Jessie seems to be piecing it together pretty well. She has mentioned quite a few times that the power couples were working together. And until next week she is right. She even told Andy they were working together. Now she doesn’t realize Andy is in the mix but then neither does his close friend Helen. Not sure how Helen is playing a good game. Yesterday she listed a pro of keeping Jessie is she is a vote against Amanda but she was willing to evict that vote because next week is one week TOO SOON and part of her reasoning is because Mcrae made a fake f3 with her and Andy. So yes Helen is clueless.


As most feeders know, prodickshun has a heavy hand in creating a “story line” How in the F do 7, 8, 9 weak, non factor
players get voted out first??? Because the DR TELLS the cast who to go after!!! How in the F have the top 4 or 5 remained
in the game so long?? ANAL-ize each eviction. Not one real player has been evicted. Every year the same BS direction from
CBS. Keep the “personalities” get rid of the non factors first. Every freaking year. Of course, you have very obliging cast members.
Where would cBS be if the first 6, 7 evicted were Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae etc??? The others never had a chance
from day one.
Thanks for ruining what I thought was the best reality show on TV.


Wonder who will be targeted after they vote out Jessie? Hope it is Helen.


The next target is soo obvious, THE HOUSE want Spencer gone then GM, thenElissa , then Helen (LOL, she had the chance), Aaryn, Andy (Stoopid).

Hello -

If the world were coming to an end – no internet, phone, electricity out – Andy could move from one person to the next spreading the word and we’d probably be well informed. He mostly likely doesn’t have sleeves and pant legs to enable him to move faster from room to room (aerodynamics is a strategy for him).
What a slimy rat.

Paula Dean

I just want to thank Aaryn’s PR team for all their help! Charges dropped!

Mr Shane

Andy saying: ” of course I get HOH and everything gets boring” , is oh so hilarious, yes Andy, you are being the uber sheep , trying to convince us you are playing the game just because you won HOH and VETO…?! You nominated safely, the never used the veto , you could have shaken things up, you made it boring. As for the rest, i certainly do not wish that Amanda gets to the finals, but I wouldn’t mind if Helen gets b&$doored next week, it will teach her, she also thinks so highly of her game……can’t wait for this week to end.

Hello - (looking for feedback)

Does this season seem to be played more ‘personal’?
What do you think?
Who do you think is or isn’t playing personal?


Why the big lie to Jessie? I just don’t get it. This is just boring and stupid.


I really just want this week to be over.

Jessie after dark creepy edition

Lol Simon at that creepy Jessie photo I guess tonight you gave a new meaning to Jessie after dark


Lmfaoooooo. It’s honestly hilarious how much of a big move they all think they’re making when in fact, this is the hugest waste of an HoH. Andy’s going around trying to ensure a 6-0 vote as if this will be the blindside of the season. You can’t even be mad anymore. It’s come to the point where it’s just funny how delusional these people are.



Bb After dark

Bb after dark is boring once again tonight but at least they are not playing that ball game again “spin three times then throw” “do the sexy chicken then throw” “Now shoot then throw”


I have to agree that this has been the most boring season of big brother!! I am really hoping for a Pandora’s box to really switch up the votes and to save jessie! I would love to see her make her way to the top of the house and run things for a little. A little action would be nice in this game! Andy is completely boring and so predictable with his HOH and POV! COME ONNNNN! ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZ


Spencer: If a woman is uncomfortable watching you m@sturbate …Do you think:
(a) You need more time together,
(b) She’s a prude, or
(c) She should sit somewhere else on the bus?

Andy Shows up

Mc: If God didn’t want us to masturbate he would have made our arms shorter.

Andy: For some reason I always confuse the words “marinate” and “m@sturbate.” Maybe that’s why nobody likes my cooking.


Did anyone notice in GMs HOH blog that she put BBVX instead of BBXV? I just remembered that…oh well, good night…I just know I’m gonna miss something really big after I go to bed………riiiiiight………


What happened to all the Amanda fans who were saying that if Amanda was evicted, the live feeds would be boring and going on and on about how she was the saving grace for this show? How about not. Only thing she’s semi-good for is reading those scripted lines that production feeds her in the DR, and even then it comes across as corny. What a sad season.


*Raising my hand* – still here.

And I still think it would be boring if she goes.
I watch all the time.
When I watch Amanda on cam about 80 percent of the time she is
talking game. She is ALWAYS thinking game (which can be bad, big
part of the reason she can look pretty manic at times).
McCrae, Aryan and Andy usually do a lot of game talk too. And Andy
will make you laugh. These 4 in finals would be the most entertaining.
To me at least.

Flip to Helen, she is probably bragging about herself, or talking about
how much she loves *insert anyone* , but they have to go.
Flip to GM, she is ragging Candace.
Flip to Elissa, talking bad about GM & Aryan, moaning (literally) about how much
better she is than everyone in the house.
Flip to Spencer….immediately mute (he skeeves me out).

So, just sayin’, I still stand by wanting Amanda the hated one to stay =)


I forgot about Jessie.
LOL pretty much says it all , hmmm?

Sorry, she is just a non- factor.
When she speaks you can hear the desperation in her voice.
Deep down she knows she is not enough of a player to be here.
She is probably a very nice girl, but from her stories it sounds like
she lets people walk all over her in her real life, and I think she brought
that vibe into the house also.
Hopefully she will go home and make her life better.

Mark H

Well, I liked Amanda and Helen for the first three or so weeks…before it became apparent that they could run the entire season with absolutely no resistance from the weakest group of houseguests in the history of the show. What makes the show is the weekly battle for power and safety….and that has been absent most of this season with a pretty clear group of 5 or so seemingly untouchable week after week. I was actually encouraged when GM won HOH. She was neither in a strong alliance with Mcranda or Helissa and had every incentive to shake things up to give herself a chance. Instead, she went after a non-player over personal reasons, completely wasting her best opportunity to be relevant herself.


Can these people get any more disgusting? I haven’t heard a single intelligent conversation since the show started. Can you imagine how that air in that house must smell. The don’t clean the food off their dishes, and then wonder why they have ants running around all over their kitchen. Helen and Elissa are the only ones I have ever seen do any cleaning. Their dirty clothes are allover the floor, and WHO would want to sleep in any bed vacated by the randy duo of Amanda and McRae. The producers will have to throw away all the furniture and fumigate the house.


The ants.
Every year this bothers me more.
Every year they show up around this time.
Seems like even if they try to keep shit clean, the ants show up.
Production obviously knows there is an issue, do they not know
how to google “exterminator”. At this point I really think they use the
ants as a plot point, just one more thing to make the HGs deal with.

(BTW, I have seen others do dishes, like Amanda, MC, Aryan.
Jessie cleaned the kitchen yesterday. So others do a bit.
GM, Andy, and Spencer, never seen them do a damn thing).


I have come to a conclusion…. This is really America…. We have nothing but racist people, sheeple, bullies, and people who cannot function without drugs. Can anyone tell me anything different? I know America is really upset that this is a boring season (this is thee worst season by far) but this is reality TV… Society just really sucks.


No, this is the group of Americans who want to be “reality stars”.
Please do not confuse them with ALL Americans!

Yes, there are people in the USA like this, and likely in every other country.
Assholes can be born and raised anywhere =D

BTW…wait till you see Simons next update.
Shit is blowin’ up on the feeds right now….
You will be shocked to hear who finally lost their cool ;)


best cast ever!!!!


Andy talking about Jessie, says she targets whoever is not being nice to her.
LOL, it is SO true!
She may be ballsy about saying who she wants to go after, and yep, she tries
to rally the troops. But as soon as a certain person stops coddling her THEY become her new target.

Sorry, but THAT is why she is leaving. She gots no game folks.

Mark H

She has as much game as anyone else in the house. I do give Helen, Amanda, Andy, and Aaryn credit…they’ve played well, especially Aaryn. Helen, Amanda, and Andy have survived mostly due to the fact there is just no resistance in the house, and that is what has so many fans of the show frustrated. GM should have gone after someone relevant, but instead proved her own irrelevance by targeting arguably the weakest player. The entire house to this point has played to advance Mcranda and Helissa. That won’t hold forever, but that everyone has been so compliant for weeks in getting rid of everyone but the two power couples is just bizarre.


I love arguments with Jessie and Helen. Damn.


Alternate titles for this season: The Amazing Racists
The Bigots/Losers


Helen is scrambling right now, she knows she was the reason Judd left and put the pressure on Aayrn to get him out. She has been talking Judd down all week and bad mouthing about Judd to justify her actions. I am getting sick of her. Now Jessie is blasting Helen and Helen is calling her out, what’s she do walk away, again. Her game is going to come back on her and can’t wait to others start talking in the jury house.

Mr Shane

Helen making Aaryn doing all her dirty work, telling everyone Judd was this masterfull machiavellian game player , lol , saying this was the biggest play yet…Amanda thinking she is not portrayed as a racist, because “she had sex with black guys” my gosh, and thinking Judd is the MVP, Andy thinking that GM maybe America’s favorite, and Aaryn and GM thinking Candice is the one who looked bad in the fight…..wow they are delusional, can’t wait when they all come crashing down to reality when they get out, I mean that will be the show right there AFTER big brother, not during, how pathetic is that…..

Mr Shane

Helen making Aaryn doing all her dirty work, telling everyone Judd was this masterfull machiavellian game player , lol , saying this was the biggest play yet…Amanda thinking she is not portrayed as a racist, because “she had sex with black guys” my gosh, and thinking Judd is the MVP, Andy thinking that GM maybe America’s favorite, and Aaryn and GM thinking Candice is the one who looked bad in the fight…..wow they are delusional, can’t wait when they all come crashing down to reality when they get out, I mean that will be the show right there AFTER big brother, not during, how pathetic is that…..!


Yeah Jessie, F**K them all!!! Sometimes I refresh the page just to see if something awful like a bomb has been dropped on the house, or a fire. Yes, I’m aware that’s horrible, but I loathe these people.


Jessie and her head are just not fully in this right now. She has to go unfortunately. Blame herself for picking fights with extra strong and manipulative helen. for now she is gone. That way it’ll be a pity party, maybe some cuss outs and drama, then her being withdrawn from the rest. Its like watching roadkill not dead yet. Good luck jess with your emotional gameplay, poor timing and alliance, and being unemployed. Be grateful for jury. Hope you never come back in the house. A sweet girl. But she was sitting so so pretty. God. This isn’t right gameplay…..she needs to be wheeling and dealing instead of thinking she’s sitting pretty….b/c she isn’t…. Enter Andy.

Mark H

Nobody is sitting pretty except Mcranda, Helissa, and Andy, and it has been that way for weeks, but nobody is willing to do anything to change it. Hopefully one or more evicted houseguests get to return and are really able to shake things up, finally.


That troll Helen needs to shut her big fat mouth, She’s so self-righteous, I so hate her voice, Someone backdoor her arse.


It is taking every ounce of effort on my part to post this message. BORING!!!


So all day they’ve been talking about production giving them ‘topics’ to talk about to make it more interesting.
McCrae starts reading the bible and says, “I didn’t know there was a dictionary in the back of this m**her f**ker”.
I think they were ‘encouraged’ to keep the race topic alive and because they have no intellect of their own, this has been filling their day.
Gina Marie reached a new bottom tonight when she said Candice was probably a crack baby. Whoa – I don’t know how she thinks she can possibly spin this to be positive for her life.


I have watched Big Brother since season 1, and I must say, this cast is the worst bunch ever.

They believe they are well liked and its because they all are playing lol

Everyone is doing “What They Are Told” to do by Amanda, (who has never won anything, and by Helen, (who thinks she is the god of the house)

I am so sick of these spineless whimps, the last 4 HOH’s were all clone nominations, no one has any game and they are all little lambs being lead to slaughter, when they turn around it will be their turn.

Every person that went in to evict Judd, cried and said to Julie, I hate to do this, I really don’t wanna do this, I am really sad to do this, but everyone else wants it??

Everyone else?? Look spineless ones, 2 people wanted Judd evicted, Amanda because her paranoia thinking he was MVP , and the fact that she thinks it couldn’t possibly be that America hates her, lol And Helen, who of course is protecting Amanda., it’s never time to evict Amanda ya know.

If they all voted to keep Judd, what would Amanda and Helen do?? They would be out numbered , but no little lambs, you keep letting Helanda dictate all your moves and thoughts. They will let you think for yourself when its your time to get slaughtered.

Never in Big Brother history has the house guest become completely indifferent about a power showmance that has started from day 1, HELLO??? Is anyone home??? They are not even mentioning it, it is ridiculous. Yet they just had to break up Howard and Candice , lol They were such a threat lol

Amanda got everyone to believe that Howard, the guy who speaks in tongues, and needs a translator, was the biggest threat in the game lol This was all because she could not control Howard, he kinda had his own mind, and that won’t work for Amanda, she likes brain dead people that follow like little lambs to slaughter.

Anyhow, I am really disappointed at the cast this year, I think Big Brother should take a little more time in selecting their house guest from now on, that is if this season doesn’t do the show in.

They are collectively as about as smart a Tic Tac.

This is what I see:

Mccrae : Amanda’s Boy Toy , has free thought, but is letting his loins cost him $500,000

Andy: Ehhhh, a little troll that is loyal to all high power in the house, snitch, rat

Aaryn: Unfortunately, she hurt herself early with the racist remarks, she seems to be 1 of the very few that know the game and how to play, except she caved in when she had the chance, she could have struck and had enough votes to get one of the top 4 out, but she was too afraid because of her early antics turning the entire house on her. Pity

Spencer: Outsider, no chance of winning unless he gets some power like HOH or a special power. he is the 2nd seat on the block until everyone that Helanda wants out is gone. Then he gets the spot light on the block. He would make the BIG move, but he first has to win HOH to do so.

Jessie: Jessie Jessie, Jessie, you know the game, but ya have a hard time trying to see who the real enemy is, never give your secrets to a Rat, they will scratch your eyes out. Judd left the veto in your lap and you thanked him by evicting him, Guess since Aaryn took you off the block she will be your next victim huh?

Elissa: lol She is a dumber, more feminine version of Rachael , she doesn’t have her sisters drive or athletic abilities and she looks like the collagen in her lips will explode at any second. Her Minnie Mouse voice is like chalk on a blackboard. She hides behind the mask of a mother and christian, but she can’t hide her true character at all times, it seeps out here and there, like when she attacked Amanda senselessly about her birthday outfit for McCrae. Her claws were out and her nasty self showed through. Bottom line is she is a Nasty Mean Bimbo.

GinaMarie: Wow, what a character, she is in your face, loud, obnoxious, but at least she is real. She lacks in education, but makes up with personality. A true New Yorker, Unfortunately, she has no idea what she is doing. I think this was just a game for her, she doesn’t even think about the money, I can’t even believe she hasn’t popped someone yet lol. Good Luck GinaMarie, you are gonna need it.

Helen: In The Beginning I liked her, then her true colors came out, she is a sneak, and a backstabber, good characteristics for a Big Brother Player, however, she has a God Complex now, she thinks she is “The Power” and unfortunately, these little lambs are doing nothing to chance her belief of that.

Amanda: Thinks the world loves her, but in truth, America voted her MVP Nominee 2 times in a row, and with good reason, she is a Bully, plain and simple, if you don’t do it her way, she will tell everyone lies and get you evicted, in any other season , this would be excelent game play, but in this season we had a lot of people capable of being Bullied, since thye are all scared little lambs. She has never won anything, yet everyone fears her?? Even Helen. Why you say? Because the little lambs have giving her a 2 person vote to work with since day one. Not her fault, just ashame is all.

My last hope was Judd, I thought he would make a move but apparently Amanda thought he was MVP and even though Helen had figured out it was America, Amanda refused to believe that America hates her so it had to be Judd, and she told everyone, get rid of Judd, then Helen makes it look like her plan and play.

I hope Pandora’s Box brings Judd back and he kicks their collective arses and wins the game.

All Aliances this year are a joke, Judds alliance all voted him out, with Alliances like this you need no enemies.

I hope they get rid of Helen and Amanda next, if just 1 person would grow a set, this season might have been saved, but they have all been neutered.

Till Next Time, Yawnnnnnnnnnnn


Thumbs UP 1000x over, “Yawningbbad”! Last nights BBAD was so unbearable to watch I actually had to turn it off for fear I was going to vomit! The worst bunch of ugly, vicious, self-righteous, sanctimonius, lying, backstabbing, pathetic excuses for human beings I have ever had the misfortune to see in action! Thank heaven for Simon & Dawg for this site so I no longer have to watch this travesty that USED to be Big Brother, but can still keep up with all the action (or lack thereof!) that’s going on in the House. One last thing: I firmly believe Production and AG were solely responsible for J U DD being evicted and they OWE it to him to BRING HIM BACK! He was my favorite from day ONE and if he is not given the chance to come back to settle the score (I believe), at the very least, he DESERVES to win America’s Favorite! OK, stepping off my soapbox now!


It looks like only thing that can save this season is a the greatest finale show ever. Confrontations, truths and humiliation for the last 6 HGs. All those college education, book smart dummies forgot how damaging groupthink can be, SOC 101. I hope that CBS allows the live audience to express their true feelings about these HGs. They need to hear boos not cheering, and words like disgusting, demeaning and shouts of liar. Just venting a little.


Amanda’s metaphorical interpretation of the biblical burning bush – just shows how in the gutter her mind is (at all times), I’m not particularly religious, but that interpretation would NEVER have entered my mind in a million years! My guess is she thinks it’s really funny & clever, but it’s just further evidence of the guttersnipe she is.


It’s a cast full of ass kissers and brown nosers! What should we do? Let’s ask Amanda, no let’s ask Helen. Give me a break. Can no one think for themselves? Vote with the house? The entire house is in alliance with each other, so what is the point?


I understand it’s a game and you have to work together but yet save your own A$$ but this is crazy. I think Aaryn is a racist, I think Helen is very conniving, I think Gm needs to calm down and quit calling names because she is not perfect, Spencer has turned people against him by who he is buddies with, Andy has laid low and been friends with everyone and I think winning HOH was a bad move because now he has to get his hands dirty, Jessie started out as one of my favs but she has changed throughout the show(starting to act like GM with namecalling), Personally I thought in the beginning that Amanda was crazy for dating McCrae but now I have changed to I think McCrae is crazy for dating Amanda( she is very mouthy and catty too), I think it is fixed and Alissa will win it because of who she is related to. I personally love BB but I can’t wait for next season and I hope it is better than this one.


Im gonna miss seeing Jessie walking around


So, McCrae wants to scam Jessie’s cigarettes and then vote her out? Disgusting, why not try that with Amanda?

As for Raggedy Andy the Rat, WHY does it have to be 6-0, in addition to blindsiding her after lying the past week?

As for Helen, the two-faced, PLEASE show Jessie finally getting her licks in; she deserves it!!