Kevin “These motherf**kers complain about how many Instagram followers they have. F**K OFF!”

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9pm Lounge room. Mark, Paul, Christmas, Alex, Raven, Matt, Elena.
Josh – I’m just going to win HOH, give an epic speech and put them back up. Paul – I am never f**king with Raven. Josh – f**k no. Raven – she just kept coming at me and all I’ve done is helped her. Josh – I will say Jessica is scary when she gets mad. She had veins coming out. They’re going to try and stir the pot, even if they don’t win. Paul talks about how now its a dud week after he worked so hard to make it happen.

Mark and Josh best buds…

9:10pm HOH room. Kevin and Jason.
Kevin tells Jason that his house was taken from him in 2008. He and his wife had saved for 25 years for it and it was taken from them. Josh – why? Kevin – my father went to prison and I was indited. They seized it from me. I had neighbors bidding on it. I went outside with a bat and called the police. Jason – that is horse sh*t. Kevin – my father went to prison and I had to get money to pay for his lawyers. Me and my kids had to leave the neighborhood they grew up in. They had to leave all their friends and move to a new town. Then we rented for 7 years until 2016. Then I bought my house where we live now. Otherwise I was paying $3,000 a month rent, just rent. No mortgage. You know what I started doing .. drinking. You start blaming yourself. My reason for being here is for my sanity. My daughter went to highschool and stayed in the ladies room for 2 months and I had no idea. When your daughters are crying and there isn’t anything you can do about it. I started drinking really heavily… like 3 times a week. After the life I lived and all the money I gave to people, I had nothing to fall back on… nothing. Try being 55 and having nothing to fall back on. You want to go rob a bank and then you don’t care if you go away. These motherf**kers complain about how many Instagram followers they have. F**K OFF! Jason – remember that when you wonder why you’re here. My wife told me this wasn’t up my ally but I wanted to do it because its the biggest stage I’ve been on. Kevin – these motherf**kers aren’t going to beat me at nothing and this is their game. I haven’t even seen it. My kids used to yell at me to watch the show. And I would be like no, I’m going to the bar. Its just about social skills and being a human being.

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9:20pm Havenot room. Jason and Alex.
Alex – talks about her fight with Mark this evening. He was scared. Why is everyone in this house such a v@gina? No, that’s an insult. Why are they such a b***h? Jason – I’ll tell you why I’m a v@gina. Alex – he (Mark) is probably going to want to talk to me. Anything I say Jessica said.. back me up because you were “there”. Jason – sure, that’s good. Alex – so now you think they’re back to no using it? Alex – no, because they f**k us all the time.

9:36pm Storage room. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica talks about the lady in the diary room – The only thing she could have done better was to come in there and give me a hug. I don’t know who that woman was but I’m a big fan. Super sweet. Its nice to have someone that was just so nice. Cody – yes. They head to the bedroom. Jessica – this is just crazy .. all of it. Jessica – here’s another fun fact. 5 people have won all the comps out of 17 people. Cody – you can do me a favor, don’t engage with anybody except me.

9:45pm Bedroom. Kevin, Mark, Jason.
Mark – that sh*t that happened to day was crazy. Jason – my a$$ was slammed so tight.

9:45pm HOH room. Matt and Raven.
Raven – I don’t think Jessica is going to be friends with me outside the house. Matt – its so sad. I really like Jessica. Raven – I like her as a person too. Matt
Raven – I think I won that screaming match. Momma didn’t raise no southern bell but Momma didn’t raise no b***h either.

11pm Bedroom. Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – we have a very good possibility of being split up right now. Cody – tell me how you want it to go down and I’ll make it happen. You want me to play for safety, I will and I’ll win it. Jessica – even if I have the HOH I would still compete for safety. I would still compete and getting comp wins under my belt, but yeah I still want to go home. Cody – I will keep getting safety and HOH and if I could torment these people for as long as I could. Elena joins them. She tells them that they handled it well today. Me and Mark do love you guys. I am not going to intentionally hurt your feelings.

11:05pm HOH room. Paul, Mark, Kevin, Josh, Matt, Raven, Jason.
Paul – its weird that she (Jessica) didn’t want to use it. There is something more to the hex that we don’t know. If that’s the way it was I would tell all y’all to lick my nuts. Seeing how there is no sh*t on my mattress and no one is licking my nuts… I am thinking there is something else we don’t know. Christmas – she said you don’t know what you’ve done. Jason – we don’t, enlighten us. Josh – it did say a curse for all of your. Paul – maybe they can’t compete in the safety comp. They didn’t in this one. Do we all agree that Jessica gets evicted first? Everyone says yes!

12:37am – 1:30am Bedroom. Christmas and Kevin.
Christmas – I am so excited for our hot chocolate date tomorrow. Kevin – our rendezvous at 9:30? Christmas – yeah. Listen, I don’t want to upset your wife. Kevin – why is she going to be there? Christmas – no. Kevin – why not? Christmas – I just always want to make sure we behave appropriately. Kevin – its fine, don’t worry about it. Christmas – you’re looking so good with your haircut. We’re going to have hot chocolate under the stars. Kevin – are you saying you can’t control yourself? Is that what you’re saying? Christmas – no. Kevin – I might not be able to control myself. Christmas – no I have some very good self discipline. Don’t look at me with that cute smile. Kevin – maybe we need a chaperone. Christmas – maybe we have one on standby. Kevin – we’ll have Elena on standby. Christmas – I like her a lot personally but game-wise she has been a little fish (flip floppy / playing both sides). Kevin – we haven’t done that.

12:25am – 1:40am HOH room. Josh, Mark and Paul.
Mark – anyone who puts their life on the line and gets shot at .. so when Jess was talking about it, she was right. This is not the right atmosphere for him. Paul – I totally resinate with the guy and I already thanked him for his service but at the same time we did not sign up to be put in danger by his attitude or passive aggressive demeanor, violence. Mark – I see a different side to him than you guys. I am not disagreeing with anyone going at him or messing with him. I just hate when I see someone being attacked. Josh – you’re not wrong for that. Mark talks about how Josh and other people don’t need to keep kicking them when they’re down. Josh – I completely agree with you. If anything I feel for her. I feel bad for her but I feel no sympathy for him. He has made my life a living hell in here. Paul – I thanked him for his service but he doesn’t try to get to know anyone. No one signed up for him to be rude, aggressive or a bully.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping.

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“No one signed up for him to be rude, aggressive or a bully.” That’s rich coming from the ultimate scuzzbag bully himself Paul. Boy I literally cannot wait for these delusional assholes
to come out of the house & find out what America really thinks of them.


The instigator playing the victim — a classic and nothing’s new there. This guy Paul is a true psychopath and a mirror for all of us how disgusting another human being could get. For that only, thanks CBS! After all the anti-bullying campaigns in the last couple of years, all the suicides of both kids and adults, and CBS is literally sitting back and will be airing what went down on the feeds the last 48 hours? For a fucking rating?

Well done Allyson.

I am worrying about those two’s safety and admire the class Cody showed since he came back. I don’t get his supposed bullying past that all these monkeys are screaming about? Was it for instance calling Josh a diaper wearing man child? Well HE IS!! As a veteran myself, if choice was given, I would’ve gladly gone for multiple deployments rather than being in this house with these pathetic losers.


It’s not class. He’s just disengaged from the group and couldn’t care less what they are doing. I think Cody realizes he doesn’t like these people and isn’t interested enough in the game to put the effort to play. This started early and hasn’t changed. He’s refused from early on to participate in the largest part of this game and that’s the social aspect because he’s not capable of being fake for any length of time. Which means Cody probably has a few close friends and has little to do with anyone else. It’s not bad but it’s terrible for Big Brother.


Cody thinks he is above everyone…he thought that on day one. You came in the house to play a game, so play it. Not hide up in a room by yourself/with jess because things didn’t go your way.


No, I don’t think Cody believes he’s above everyone else, he just wasn’t going to bow down to Paul and he made that clear at the very beginning when Paul made the decision who to give the friendship bracelets to and Cody just sat there and didn’t even try to appease Paul. I was wondering why they would cast someone like Cody but jeez isn’t it obvious now – casting knew there would be fireworks between Cody and Paul and they got what they wanted.

I get that this is a show and they deliberately cast people that will grate on each other’s nerves but Paul (and Josh) took it too far.


He told Megan he didn’t like her. Tell me how that is all about Paul!!! Cody didn’t like Paul because he himself said they are the only 2 alpha…he went into this game thinking he had it in the bag and bam in walks Paul.

Jess n Cody are nasty

Cody and Mark always took it too far to.

Fruit Loop Dingus

What did they do???????? Name how they took things too far? Cody was cast because of his physical abilities & weak social game to cause conflict in the house period. I think Cody not giving a speech is great. Why waste your breath and beg people or give them more ammo to hate you. It is great for the entertainment aspect of the show and I am not a super fan and do not remember anyone who has used that tactic. Let’s be honest the speeches are pointless for real game play and are just for TV because in the past everybody already knows how they are going to vote before the show even airs.


Cody said you can give me one or I will beat you as in the game


You forgot Raven and Christmas.

Big Jacket

Ramona, ding ding ding. You nailed it. Paul is one of those guys that gangs up on people that oppose him. He is the true definition of a bully. I think he is a psycopath that thinks he is the only one right in the world.


He has said he have one friend in real life . He’s a terrible social player but don’t try to break down a man Cz he doesn’t want to entertain you. Not everyone is a clown Paul. Most of these houseguest suck at comps, heck Christmas is a cripple… that’s a big part of being too. Are they being antagonized?

Big Jacket

Anon, it turns out Xmas is a mental cripple ever more.


Something I keep thinking about is he loved the Marines and probably would go back to fight for our freedom if needed. Even the ones that have tried to demean his character and have gained up on his by starting those outrageous lies.

We saw Rachelle come back into the house when not one person liked her and win it all. I hope Cody does the same thing now


It’s the best! The boring players of big brother are the ones who form large groups and pick off the soloists week by week. Cody and Jess are on the perimeter and will go after the large group, and now as underdogs (which will gain them a larger cheering section). They have the mental and physical ability to win out all comps and begin picking off the peckers one by one. If Paul goes next, the rest will scatter in fear because the largest part of their shared brain will be gone. He is the head of the snake, cut that off and everything else just fades to dust.


I’m sorry but CBS should totally air this , not everyone has feeds and Paul should suffer the maximum consequences for his disgusting game play.


I agree. This has gone eay too far and is the handbook for bullying!

Jess n Cody are nasty

Mark and Cody started the bullying, and did it for weeks. Mark screamed at top of his lungs every day to Josh. Cody does really mean things to people that Jessica doesn’t always see, some of it she sees. but she does mean things to. They are the true bullies… Mark, Cody, and Jessica. They do disgusting things to other people.

You people just hate paul

does the handbook for bullying include throwing pickle juice and hot sauce in someones face?

does the handbook for bullying include calling someone a sexual predator and make them cry?

does the handbook for bullying include getting in someones face aggressively and saying “F**k you, F**k You, what are you going to do?”

does the handbook for bullying include telling them the reason they are on the block, is because “They just dont like them”?

does the handbook for bullying include hiding someones favorite thing to wear (cat ears) and blaming it on someone else, and the reason for it is because “They dont like them”

does the handbook for bullying include ripping candy from the hand of someone on the ground with one leg in a cast? AFTER getting in their face aggressively and yelling at them, and when told to get out of their face they refuse?

does the handbook for bullying include grabbing boobs and stickin fingers in butts?


I was with you until you said sticking fingers in butts was bullying, thats just foreplay.


This is far less toxic than the mob mentality that Paul has aroused, and Xmas and Raven have happily jumped on. Given that Xmas is a motivational speaker, she should know better. I can sort of forgive Josh b/c he’s extremely immature and probably has some sort of impairment. In any case, what happened before does not in any way justify or excuse Paul’s behavior. On top of that, Paul’s behavior is premeditated, whereas much if not all of the other incidents were impulsive or reactive. He intends to torture Cody and Jess for as long as possible, without any little voice telling him that enough is enough. He’s as bad as it gets.


you talk a lot, make a lot of assertions, but havent given one example! Yet i gave enough examples that would actually be considered a whole chapter in the handbook of bullying!

nice try tho!

the Finger

Finger up the butt was most action the gnome ever had with a woman

Jess n Cody are nasty

Cody and Mark and Jessica have had worse disgusting game play.


Awwww, Pauls mommy has created multiple identities to defend her sociopathic, anti-vet, bullying little bitch boy. Paul is a lowlife pos.


Here comes Cody’s mum ?


Please come up with something original to say, you simpleton.

You keep writing the same things over & over about Jessica, Mark & Cody being “disgusting”, why do you think you keep getting massive amounts of thumbs down?

Most people that have eyes, empathy & a rational thought in their brain DISAGREE with your overstated, mind numbing, opinion (and that ridiculous name of yours is just laughable, that’s the best you could do? lol).


Wow. Hate much? I agree that Paul could definitely behave better than he has but I also see that Cody and Jessica do not realize that this is a game. Backstabbing and lying and not telling people about your strategy is how it’s done in the BB house. Cody actually said “this is not a game, it’s real life” Pretty sure I’ve been watching a game all of these years.

mrs w

I agree, bullying is not okay. But that’s why I hope BB actually air this. These houseguests should have to accept any consequences that may be inflicted on them outside of BB for these actions. Don’t just sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen or that Cody and Jessica are over reacting. It’s one thing to go around and bang pots and pans to get under one’s skin like Evil Dick did, but to viciously attack someone verbally? And what’s worse is they planned it. It’s not like something happened to set them off, they sat down and decided it was a good idea to do this… shame on them!


“viciously attack someone verbally”

OMG Cody was called a meatball. He will need therapy for the rest of his life!!!

Cody vs Cody

Bwaaaa-haaaa-haaa! Good one!


Amen this is worst season ever.


more like the best season ever


I always been on the Paul side. And disliked Cody and Jessica. Seeing how the Paul side of the house has acted this week I’ve begun to want Cody Jessica kevin or Jason to win.


“The instigator playing the victim ”

describes Cody to a T


“victim noises” “victim noises”


Sounds like you are kind of a bully Carol…what’s the difference between you and calling people names and the houseguests doing it? Seems like you have the same mentality. If someone upsets you, attack, attack attack. You are no better than the people you claim to dislike. Kinda self righteous of you tbh.

Sir Loin of Beef

Sam you sound like a loser!


@Sirloin. Why? Because you have a different opinion than mine you attempt to bully me online? Okay tough guy, lol

Not choosing sides

I agree with you Sam. We haven’t seen the argument between Paul and Cody right after the nominations this week. We will see where this bullying started. If anyone has watched BB since the beginning, you will see how this behavior is pretty common. Its obvious that most ppl on this site didnt like Paul coming back, so you won’t like him no matter what he does. Jessica isn’t innocent, she got in Raven’s face b/c she thought they were talking about her. Much of this nonsense is a reaction to an initial action. Team Jody has been discovered, so they are facing the music. As immature as it may seem, BB should not interfere as this how things tend to go. Watch something else if you are soooo upset by the name calling and pot banging. Cody said plenty of nasty things to both Paul and Josh, mainly behind their backs. No different than Paul doing the same. This site did not highlight the fight that Jessica started with Raven, Jason Matt. I dont think America really cares for any of them at this point.


Jason admitted Raven was talking about Jessica and told her to stop. Raven then denied it and went off


i don’t think people have issue with paul coming back, they have issue with his 3 weeks of safety and that everyone seems to be playing his game instead of their own.


Um I have watch BB since Eddie won season one! And I can I challenge anybody to show me a season where the group mentality has ever been this severe! For a o called leader (Paul) o say to them, we are going to irritate them bug them harass them until they are broken is above and beyond anything I have seen in all my years of watching! And what terrifies me even more is the had production not called him in and told him no inciting violence chanced are someone very well could have been hurt! But if you can rove me wrong, and find an instance from the past at this level, I most certainly will apologize for my remarks! Cody did say things and may have come across as a bully but (a) he di it on his own and (b) he owned it huge difference!

Karen S

Amanda and Mccray. They were pretty awful too. And racist. But this is right up there with it.


I watched all of the fights and Jessica had the right to confront Raven. Raven claimed to like her and be on her side but then she was caught talking shit by Jessica in the mirror after the Veto. Instead of spreading gossip, Jess confronted her immediately to which Raven pretended to cry…something Paul told her to do….the bullying is just bullshit at this point..say what you want but no one deserves this type of treatment for a game

Smitten Kitten

“Jessica isn’t innocent, she got in Raven’s face b/c she thought they were talking about her. ”

They WERE talking about Jessica, we saw it!

Then Raven went off on Jessica in the kitchen because Alex brought up the fact that Jessica said that Raven hid Alex’s ears & dumped out her coke. Guess what?? Raven DID hide Alex’s ears and dump out her coke!

Raven is the absolute WORST and I can’t wait for that scammer to learn that she’s been exposed for the con artist she really is.


You’re a LOSER for insulting Carol because you DISAGREED with her comment!

Now, according to your own logic, because you DISAGREED with Carol’s comment, you’re also a BULLY!

Finally, you’re a LOSER for using the term “tough guy” to make yourself sound, well, like a tough guy! And, because you used the term, “tough guy” in a very threatening manner, in reference to my person, you’re also a BULLY!


And you’re no different than anyone on the show you’re on here crying about every day. You call someone a loser but what does it say about you when you’re on a message board (every single day) calling players on a tv reality game show every lame, crappy name you can think of? I see you. I see your comments.


Exactly. It’s hilarious that people on here scream about bullying while in the same paragraph call people they don’t even know every name in the book.

Sorry, you’re no different than them. Maybe that’s why it pisses you off so much.


commenting on a TV show is bullying now?


It’s called ONLINE BULLYING. Seriously.


Quit watching snowflake


Good comeback, How original.smh


Of course not. But commenting on their looks, calling them whores, thots, gnomes, and any other name people can think of is actually no different at all then the very behavior they pretend to condemn.


Hello!!! Good grief!
People on this discussion board are not in each other’s faces belittling them, making them personally feel alone & horrible about theirselves!! People on here can easily get away from it if things are upsetting, in the Big Brother house they can’t get away from it.
It also takes on a whole new level when it’s intentionally done to try to entice someone (Cody) to become physical so he would be kicked out.
Is that what game play has came down to in the Big Brother house? If so winning $500,000 would be a walk in the park….go say what ever you have to about whatever part of their personal life you want to so they touch you & then that person’s gone! Classy…good game play! Smh
That’s what’s appalling…Paul & his flying monkeys think that’s the only way they can beat Cody & Jessica!


Wth? You can’t sit and call people you don’t even know every name you can think of online or anywhere else, then call other people bullies. Lmao It is absolutely NO different. People have actually killed themselves for online bullying. Are you serious?




Everything is bullying in 2017. Everybody is offended by everything.
We need to build these people a safe space and fill it with lollipops just incase their feelings get hurt.


the word “bully” is like the word “racist”
it gets thrown around so much its lost its meaning


You need to stop bullying the people who overuse the word bully because I think that makes you racist…

The above comment was made with tongue firmly in cheek.


I don’t call anyone names and just discuss, not bully the HG. Please do not lump everyone into your words.


The only reason Paul believes that Cody is a rude, aggressive bully is because Cody tried to blindside him week 1 — and has stood up to him ever since. Paul is a delicate flower. When things don’t go his way, he accuses someone of being a bully. And he puts on a silky snake dress.

Alao, the reason he is so damned comcerned about jury is because the jury beat him last year. He can’t afford Cody and Jessica getting into the jury house and voting for someone else. Therefore, his plan to get Cody (or Jessica) to snap or self-evict or not use the hex.

I understand his frustration, but his means are despicable.

Who knows

Well, Paul did it to himself last year. He should have taken James. It’s funny because last year I liked Paul. I thought him and Victor worked well together and really tried hard to get to the end while others did not. Like so many other seasons (Vanessa poker player, Amanda and McCrae) Paul will have his day and will not win the game. I think that Matt, Mark, or Alex will.


Right on with the analysis. AND because the jury “beat him” last year is exactly the reason he should not be using these same tactics this year. He’s going to end up with a jury who are pissed with him again. He’s just not as likable as he thinks he is.

Not choosing sides

Actually, Cody gets aggressive with Paul after the nominations this week. They blocked the feeds when that all went down. They equally despise each other as they both like to be in control. Sorry, this is not a one sided situation.


I think we are going to find out that Paul told Jessica to either relax or lower her voice b/c she was agitated and Cody took offense to that and told him not to talk to her that way. They had a back and forth and Cody ended up walking out of the room as Paul lobbed his usual little man complex comments at him to taunt him and Cody reacted to it. It was a short exchange I’m sure and Paul blew it up and embellished it. Paul has been doing this to Cody all along, I can’t blame Cody for finally reacting.


Finally reacting? I’m not agreeing with the whole house on 1 ordeal but stop pretending Cody is some angel that hasn’t had his fair share of “bullying” type behavior. He’s threatened several of the hg with “if it doesn’t go his way” he will explode etc. He just did it to Jason last week, he’s gotten in Paul’s face, he treated Meagan like crap. Again, I don’t agree with everyone ganging up but Cody is a douchebag himself. Don’t get it twisted.


exactly how many times has Cody said he was going to make it very awkward and miserable for everyone


Go to YouTube and watch the fights! Paul harassed and followed Cody as he tried to remove himself from the situation. Then they preceded to attack Mark that did nothing and slam pots and pans in his face. Then continue to follow Cody and Jessica and then fight with Jess. Then they follow them outside and continue on their tirade. Cody kept his cool after initially telling Paul not to tell Jess what to do


have you never watched BB before?


Actually Cody didn’t say anything in the veto ceremony witch is what set everything off .that is a 2 year old throwing a fit sorry


Good for him. For once he didn’t say anything. Because it hasn’t been that way up until now.

watch the feeds please

No, what set it off was Jessica accusing Raven of being Sketchy, Thats what set it off. Even Paul didnt know what was happening

Murphy's Law

Cody was the FIRST houseguest to hurl a personal attack when he disgustingly told Megan at the nomination ceremony, “I just don’t like you!” He could have said that he didn’t like her game play or anything else, but he chose to be an arrogant, mean-spirited, cold-hearted player. Remember when Cody had the venomous gall to get in Jason’s face with gritted teeth & glaring crazy eyes to threaten him that there better not be a surprise on the vote against Josh! CODY is the despicable player–not Paul! Cody “wrapped himself in the American flag” with his military service and alpha male status, all the while thinking that he would lead his people to victory in the BB house. Yes, Paul brags a lot, plants seeds for self- preservation, and suffers from short-man-syndrome, but HE is playing the game!


So I agree…Cody and Jess did their share of bullying but not to the extent that Paul has orchestrated the bullying on them. For the first 5 weeks I was so against Jody for the comments they made about being better than others. And although those comments still leave a nasty taste in my mouth I do not like the fact of the house ganging up on them now and kicking them while they’re down. What kind of people grow a mob mentality and try to make someone snap? The only person left with enough integrity to win the game is Kevin. He may be playing both sides but he’s doing it with dignity

Matt's third shirt

This whole season reminds me of lord of the flies. I’m just waiting for Paul to start running around with a pigs head.


I’ve got the conch!

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Just because of the temptation theme and the way Paul has basically been pitting all of these people against each other I’ve gotten more of a Needful Things kind of vibe from the season.


YES!!! You got the perfect example


I honestly to give a F or feel bad in how Cody and Jess are being treated. I’ve witnessed way worse than this. does anyone remember the racist season with Aaryn and Amanda? what I want to see is Jess and Cody get out that F’N bed and play. Jess has the HEX, what she need to do is take the opportunity of having the HEX, and try and get people on board to what will happen when she uses it. all I hearing from Cody is “don’t engage with anybody except me”. on the feeds last night Cody and Jess contradicts themselves saying they won’t quit and a few minutes later Jess is asking to be evicted before Cody. Jess has lost golden opportunities to make deals with Elena, Matt and Xmas during this whole ordeal.

once again, viewers just can’t comprehend the game Paul is playing. there are two sides to Paul’s game. he can attach himself easily with any HG in the house and come off as a hero or villain. just look how Paul looked last season when he was teamed up with Paulie and how he looked when he teamed up with Victor. what Paul is doing now is a game play to get the house to make Cody and Jess their #1 targets after Paul HOH reign is over. Paul is reacting to Jess’s HEX. Paul knows that his HOH could rewind back on him because of the HEX, and there is a possibility that he can’t play for the next HOH. no matter how disgusting and horrible some of these actions look on the feeds, Paul created this whole mob mentality as a game play on his feet, while Cody and Jess continue the cuddling on the bed. even if Cody or Jess wins the next HOH and nominate Paul, he has votes in the house to keep him safe. clean or dirty….Paul can play the game.

The Truth

Trying to make someone snap isn’t game play. It’s personal.

You already knew that.


I think if he ends up on the block, his loyal flying monkeys will vote his butt out!

Homey Clause

Once they start turning on each other, let’s see how Christmas and Raven and Matt will take it when the rest of the house turns on them (MOB STYLE) and make them feel like losers and sh**! I wonder how well they will survive and be big and bad when the MOB comes after them?


That is what I’m waiting for! After Jody are out, they’ll Gang bang Mark (who, sadly, probably will break), then Elena. Then the real fun begins as they start to eat each other.


Raven and Matt have done nothing….can’t win anything…Raven has embarrassed herself trying to make Paul happy. They are on most people’s radar as being the couple who have done nothing….they may be hanging around for a while once people realize they could win if either of them is in final two. Of course that decision requires some strategy……..hard to say if that will happen.


Oh no , Paul put Vaseline on a door handle , and yelled at someone from across the backyard. Call the bully police.

OMG you people can’t handle this game show. BBUK and CBB UK are 100 ,times worse.

Go watch wheel of Fortune or joepardy

And stop spamming these fake thumbs ups


I have heard that booing is not allowed, if that’s true this is what I would like to see happen if things remain the same as the hg exit the house: Mark, Kevin, and Matt “light” applause (because as MEN and human beings, they should have said to everyone “STOP” this has gone to far). Paul, Raven, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Jason, “ABSOLUTE SILENCE” for their mob mentality. Remember, Cody’s biggest crime was playing the game his own way. For Jess and Cody, VIGOROUS APPLAUSE and a STANDING OVATION, for their restraint and their attempt at playing Big Brother not “I just want to get to the jury”.


How you forget Cody and Jess the first 2 weeks. If everyone else don’t deserve applause then neither do they. They are just as nasty when things don’t go their way.


Matt tried to stop it and Christmas turned on him.
Mark said its done don’t continue to beat them when they’re down. But what can he do? He knows that they’ll turn on him if he pushes too hard. And he came close to breaking last time.

I think if jessica or cody win HOH then they might get the votes to evict paul. Jody, mark, elena and kevin with hoh jody as tie breaker. That’s assuming the Temptation safty or the pov isn’t won by paul. With a little luck Paul would be the looser and then Raven and ? can go up and it becomes anyones game to loose. But it would still be a toss up depending on how the pov ceremony went.


Is Paul just stupid? What he said about Cody is exactly what he is himself. I took the day off from this just to get some quiet time. I come back last night and was like wow! It got worse! This house is a mob mentality. I’m Proud of Jess and Cody keeping it together. I don’t think I could.


keeping it together? did you miss the yelling bitch fest Jessica started before “they kept it together”

Jess started it then they ran away!

Halting Jess Rise, Paul And His Minions Cry

on the reddit page of bigbrother check out the list of bb allumni commenting how disgusted they are with the bullying, there is a large list there, players from season 6 up until bb ott, and bb canada

ive never seen a house so obsessed with trying to prevent a pair both reaching jury, the hatred is insane, they care way more about that than actually trying to win…if production were smart they should make it a 10 person jury like bb can 3, this would create even more drama in the jury and the house, also would keep cody and jess together so it wont be the jury house torturing just 1 all alone(have a jury vote twist with 10 jurors but only 9 votes, a juror unable to cast a jury vote with either a quick finale night comp or fan vote like how jordan parhar couldnt vote in bb can 3 with the final 3 deciding that, and i really hope they consider this), and would then set up well for a double eviction the following thursday to send first 2 jurors to jury

i can see this kind of thing escalating for the likes of paul and josh in their real lives, and i dont think they have considered how bad they look and that its just a game, and it wouldnt surprise me if someone takes a swing at them in the street or at a bar, im not saying i want that to happen, but i could see it possibly happening, such is their level of scumbag behavior…2 things people really dont like, trying to question someones service for their country, and group think bullying against 1 or 2…i am praying cody and jess dont walk as it would ruin the season(best way to prevent them walking is to have a jury of 10, then they can be there for each other)

production will show this at length on the thursday ep as it was post veto, and as there wont be a vote or eviction they will have more time to show it than they normally would so absolutely no excuse for cbs not to show extended sequences of these scumbags treatment of cody and jess

im living for cody and jess right now and ive never wanted an hoh result to be in somebodys favor more, its brilliant to see cody and jess stand up for themselves and also showing class…i have major respect for that

i will be voting jess for americas favorite

Team Jody

I cant wait for the Thursday episode so America can see these scumbag bullies in action, especially looking forward to the DRs, and the live speeches of Cody and Jess. Praying the hoh is a physical/athletic one with a win for Cody or Jess.

Team Jody

Cody “Im excited for you to use the hex now, these people are so desperate for jury”

Jess “Its $8000, get a job”


Slay, queen Jess


Paul – Are you worried Jess & Cody are getting more air time than you? Is this what all the hate is about? As someone old enough to be your grandmother, I hope you’ll take my advice. Stop it. Stop it right NOW!

Impractical Joker

They have no friggin clue what the temtation does that Jess is holding I love it

I went on youtube there are tons of videos showing how bad josh,alex.paul raven are acting not too many of Jess or cody.

When these folks get out of the house I would not be surprised this BB19 cast may have its first suicide attempt


Goodness I certainly hope not. I don’t want anyone hurt, but they need and will have consequences for their actions, perhaps losing a job or just being such a douchebag for the world to see and seeing what past house guests here and abroad think of them is hilarious. I don’t, by any means condone Josh’s behavior, but this house also knows he is not the brightest and they are using him to do their dirty work which is also a form of bullying even though it turns Josh into a bully himself. I keep thinking forgive Josh for he is not smart enough to know what he is doing, but then again. I could take the back and forth and attacking over game moves, but when you cross that line and attack a war veteran and purposefully try to get him to snap…that crosses a red line for sure and luckily both Paul and Josh have mommies to run to with whom they live to cuddle them some more and keep them from facing their harsh reality. Christmas, Raven and Alex are truly in for a shock! I am not calling bookstores on Christmas, I think the market will take care of her and Paul and not purchase their products or support them. I cannot see how Christmas can get any motivation speaking gigs after showing herself so vile and Paul, well he will be relegated to momma’s basement.


No one should lose a job over playing a game. Unless of course they’re someone like Aaryn.


or attacking a veteran who fought in two wars..if it was just screaming about inside stuff, I would say to all to grow up, but this went over the line


Then maybe Cody shouldn’t have said straight up to Megan, “I don’t like you”. Kudos to Cody for fighting for our country, but that does not give him the right to think he is Alpha and better than everyone else. As a military guy, he of all people should have respected everyone and be a stand up man. Not think he is big and bad. Sorry, but not sorry.


I do t understand why you can’t say to a person, who you put on the block,
Look the only reads you are here, is I don’t like you. Why is that bad. He didn’t jum on her the way josh did.


Yeah right! Give me a break. If Paul said that it would 100% be called bullying. He treated Meagan like total sh.t. He was a complete ass to her.


Because it was first week, he didn’t know her and chose not to get to know her. He was an a** and now he his getting what he started.


So now you can’t even say that you don’t like someone???? Please tell me exactly where it says that you have to like everyone you meet in life. Grow up and put some big girl panties on and deal with it.


First week you don’t know these people but you choose to say you don’t like her without getting to know her. He came in saying he was the Alpha, well I guess the Alpha needs his big girl panties on. I at least can say no one in the house is right, every single one of them are wrong, but don’t defend Cody and Jess if you can’t see their faults as well. Jessica has said her fair share of nasty stuff too.


So he is supposed to be the only adult? He didn’t like Megan from her personality which I didn’t like how she was treated AT ALL and he has every right not to like someone genius, but he didn’t berate her military career, don’t think anyone knew that about her or her sexual abuse. Josh was much worse to Megan and that is why she left. THAT is the problem, at least for me anyway. Bullying, attacking, blah blah.,..happens every year. What I hated and do hate is attacking a man’s military career. Doesn’t make Cody my favorite by any means, my hub (a military man) and I sat and watched how Cody treated Megan and Josh and said “what an ass” which he was, but the entire house trying to go after his military career because they are intimidated is what is bad.


I’m confused how cody telling someone he dont like them is bullying someone.or putting someone on the block is bullying someone .yes Cody has one of the worst social games I think ever on big brother but I have not seen anything that justifies what happened last night.Paul lied to people said jess and Cody said stuff that was not said to to get all his puppy’s to follow him in the bullying .raven came out and said jess just thought I was talking about her so she was upset I told her I was not I was talking about veto then Paul tells her to cry so the house will get made Jason was there so when Alex says something Jason told her Paul is the one that told her to cry but that and they all lied to Matt about what happened Paul said I’m going to walk bully them until they self because Cody didn’t talk during the veto ceremony . Apparently Jason made a harsh speech towards Cody during the ceremony and after that is was like a bunch of toddlers who didn’t get their way and it was Paul who keep aging it on when people would stop .I now have respect for cody because I would have not shut up like he did jess said please keep calm and he did threw it all

Murphy's Law

WHY does Cody’s veteran status have ANYTHING to do with game strategies in BB19? This is a game. period. For Christ’s sake, this is not a SURVIVOR version of USA vs Korea in mortal combat!! I can’t remember a season on this wonderful site where SO many commenters were driven by their patriotism on a friggen reality show!! I mean, comments about crying, suffering, wailing, sniffling , and calling CBS phone numbers about interfering because of bullying! GOOD GRIEF!! Cody is an ex-Marine….he can take care of himself! Jessica had a chance to put someone BIG on the block–she blew it!! Dang—I miss the strategy-loving commenters from previous years.


What they say/do inside that house reflects on the company that employs them. Employers have every right to dismiss anyone for something like that.


Please let it be Josh!


You are wishing for someone else to commit suicide?!?! And I thought these Houseguests were awful…


Josh works in his family’s business. Doubt they fire him.


That’s because they cut the feeds when it’s Jess or Cody doing it!


These people are sick. I do not understand this ganging up n thinking that people are gonna be OK with this. Not only are they bullies but these bunch of morons want to justify what they were doing. I just hope Paul and Alex are on the block next week and one of them gets to go home before jury. Raven is an evil witch n her sickness is really a dark soul that is eating her up from the inside. Paul Josh Xmas and Alex all despicable humans. The others have no backbone, just standing there like this is normal behavior? WTH


Why is Alex questioning Jessica about the Cat ears? Is she just trying to out Jess as a rat that told Alex Raven hid her cat ears? You mean when Jess had no one else in the game that was loyal to her she ratted out Raven who turned her back on Jess? And Alex is now friendly with Raven attacking Jess because she was honest…wtf.


I agree! And Elena (and probably mark too) Knows raven hid the ears so has to know what a liar and pathological victim raven is . Raven is crying how unfairly she is being treated by jess and Elena knows she is lying.


I am ok with it. Don’t act like you know what someone else is ok with.


you’re ok with someone being petty and hiding your stuff rather than someone who was honest and told you who did it? *slurps koolaid* *barks*…you’re right!


Jessica has pissed off Alex, Xmas, and Raven and started the beef with them. NOT the other way around. She even started with the yelling at them yesterday. Stop twisting reality!


Just got caught up on events. 1)People’s bad behavior gets exacerbated while in the house 2)Cody isn’t affected by what they are doing because he is Dexter and I am sure he got worse hazing while in the military 3)Alex and Jessica would be getting along better if Jessica hadn’t targeted her for the WRONG reason. 4) If calling CBS to try and get rid of Aryn & her crew didn’t work neither will calling it over bullying. They couldn’t try physical warfare so they tried psychological instead partially using Josh as their “Zach-style” wind up toy

Sir Loin of Beef

So Robert, in essence, you’re saying, “don’t bother!”

Well geez, I wish Hillary took your advice! JK


“Raven – I think I won that screaming match. Momma didn’t raise no southern bell but Momma didn’t raise no b***h either.”

Momma raised a creepy, cowardly, attention-seeking, fake-as-fuck worthless piece of shit so God damned pathetic that people are no longer capably of giving you sympathy for whatever set of diseases you do actually have.

Sir Loin of Beef

To quote Craven’s: “HAHAHA – Snort – HAHA – Snort – HA!”


Excuse me insidious… I mean invidious! Speak for yourself. I actually work as a nurse and I have sympathy for Raven. Just like every ill or sick person they deserve a chance at life and to be happy. I don’t know her and I don’t know you, but what you just called her is totally unacceptable. Beyond game playing up in here. Take it and put it where the sun don’t shine. 🙂 A lot of people need to grow up in here. These houseguest are paid to be on the show and tough it out, they’re all adults and I’m sure they don’t care what all of America thinks, because all of America is watching and reading the feeds right?! Have a nice day.

Lina Love

Raven’s mother shopped around for a doctor, and I have to wonder if she really has disease, or it’s just a way for her mother to scam money. Raven is always eating like crazy and I never seen or heard she threw up. Google the makers of these fillerbrators and they explain the function of this implant. They say people between the ages of 18 and up with diabetes 1 or 2 get the implant because of dietary issues. Plus makers say not to do any bending etc with the implant in. It’s run by battery and when the battery needs to be changed the doctor has to replace it. It’s not a dying disease like Raven depicts it as. Now she has an inverted spine, was almost abducted, abused sexually as a child. Her brother now needs the fillerbrator. I call BS on the whole family. I blame the mother who most likely orchestrated this whole scam.


Ravens disease is not hereditary, yet numerous family members have it in their family. There is a syndrome called munchausin by proxy. (not sure of spelling). So I wonder if it is something the mother is doing in the home to cause the symptoms. And that is why when Raven is away from her mother she doesn’t exhibit only of the symptoms.


I had the exact same thought


What’s an inverted spine?

Eye roll

Please stop commenting against a disease if you are not an expert. STOP googling. I have a rare disease and I look perfectly healthy. So stop !


It wasn’t a Google observation, it was a nurses observation. And I’m not diagnosing her. If she were my patient and she went from vomiting 10+ times a day to not at all when she leaves her home it would make me wonder what has changed.


I am in love with Kevin’s story, He is the real deal .I hope he gets to win this season .Team Kevin ,

Don't be too sure

Don’t be too sure ~ Kevin’s a game player if ever I saw one…bet he’s lying! lol


I know his dad really did go to prison, but I have not read about him losing his house etc.


Right, they may have lost their house but I bet his reason wasn’t totally factual.


I would guess his father helped purchase his home, so when he was arrested for drug trafficking the house was seized.


CBS really needs to reign them in. The fact that production saw what was happening and allowed it is indefensible. Paul stated his plan to go after Cody and use mental warfare (on a combat vet nonetheless) and it should have been stopped in the planning stage. I have never seen a cast gang up on 2 people so much and get so personal. Paul cannot stand that Cody and Jess don’t drink his Kool Aid and won’t just lie down and hand him $500,000. If production is allowing this because it makes for good feeds, then they are worse than Paul (which is probably the case). I think they should start handing out penalties for such abhorrent behavior.

Cody's Victim Noises

Jody started the personal attacks saying josh was a sexual predator….
If Merica is going to paint them as the victims the true BB fans will not buy it. They have been disgusting in their actions from day 1. DR told jess to play the victim for sympathy and you fools are eating it up.


Actually raven started that, then told the house about it and Cody was putting josh bc he felt bad for the girls.


Josh was labeled a sex predator because raven said he peeped on her in the shower. Raven told Cody and Cody was man enough to confront him about it.
Also are you forgetting joshes desperate attempts to get poor Jillian into his bed and into a showmance.
Josh is a bit of a pervert/wants sex

I don’t think calling out josh for that, is bullying!


It was Raven who started it when she said that Josh looked over the shower door to see her naked. She did it all for attention. Get your facts straight.


Saying someone peeped at them in a shower, and calling someone a sexual predator is VASTLY 2 different things. You all are mentally challenged!

This season is fucked

Lmfao momma didn’t raise no southern bell is 100% correct. However, she did raise a scamming trailer trash bitch. Why are these HGs so delusional to gnomebeards plans? Clearly doesn’t look good for them in the game, and it definitely won’t look good outside of it either. Repercussions , people!


Jessica and Cody need to remind them that once they’re gone Paul is going to have the house attackiing one of them. Then they will see how it feels.


So Kevin’s a criminal? They have a criminal in there? But they let the veteran who fought for our country be abused by low life criminals and armenian a**holes? Wow new low BB, new low.


That jarhead Cody is no better than anybody else in the house

These guys are crazy!

Raven wonders if jess wants to be friends out of the house? Hahah Alex says Marks scared but has to have cowboy lie and vouch for her hahahah And Paul and Josh agree with Mark but as soon as Mark leaves Paul’s dogs come running up to justify their actions to each other and says that Mark is just a Puss* for feeling bad…. like really. If I were cowboy, Kev, Mark, or Elayna. I would distance myself and fast! Screw the game at this point Reputations might just be at stake if this continues..


These people are sick. I do not understand this ganging up n thinking that people are gonna be OK with this. Not only are they bullies but these bunch of morons want to justify what they were doing. I just hope Paul and Alex are on the block next week and one of them gets to go home before jury

Mark's Post Cycle Therapy

Lmao @ the Kevin picture with duck face

Aunt Cece

Mocking Cody’s service crossed the line. Not a single one of those self-absorbed idiots have done a single selfless act in their lives. I didn’t like Paul last year with his stupid phony “friendship” and this year he has shown who he really is and it’s ugly. His hatred of Cody is not proportional and the mob mentality of the other guests is pathetic. Why are they all okay with Paul winning the entire thing?
Jessica has impressed me more than I thought she would. She has a real grasp on the dynamics of the house and should have followed her instincts earlier.
Raven has gone from “I should win because I’m going to die” (whatever) to “I’m the biggest baddest bitch in the house”. She is conniving, nasty and it’s ugly.
I’m completely rooting for Cody and Jessica, I have been since Cody came back into the house.

Aunt Cece

WTH is Kevin doing? After hearing what his wife had to put up with when life went bad for them, I am flabbergasted he would be flirting with Christmas like that. NOT cool.


I don’t think that is a serious as you are taking it.

Aunt Cece

If I were his wife I would not like it.


Kevin seems like the type to marry a woman who’ll give him some rope to work with but if he goes too far strangle him with it. It’s possible his wife gave some boundaries for game play but to do what was needed to get that money.


Yes this exactly, I don’t see Kevin’s behaviour at all as crossing the line. There’s no harm in a little flirt or in cuddling, hugging or kisses on the cheek. If it goes to other stuff then yes crossing the line. Realistically if they’ve been together that long, I very much doubt they have trust issues like that. She gave him the rules of what she was okay with and as long as she’s fine with it it’s not our job to cause a big deal about a bit of flirting.

Aunt Cece

Nope, there is no such thing as harmless flirting. If my husband “kisses or cuddles” anyone he’d better be prepared for the consequences of that. I am the only woman he kisses, cuddles and flirts with. Period.


This is unbelievable. I didn’t care too much for Jessica and Cody in the beginning but now I’m rooting for 100%.

It’s crazy that the house turned into this.

P.s Raven is trash


That can’t have actually happened. Raven says to Paul nobody needs to hear about sob stories?
Okay miss twice terminal eight surgeries died on the operating table twice almost died falling down the stairs knee is still ruined from that comp first week was almost kidnapped and was in an abusive relationship…. oy gevalt. Jeepers, it’s a good thing she’s not into sob stories.

Jess Addict

And don’t forget the latest claim — sexually abused as a child. I by no means want to make light of anyone who may have went through this, but given Raven’s credibility, her claims must be taken with a grain of salt.


Lmfao momma didn’t raise no southern bell is 100% correct. However, she did raise a scamming trailer trash bitch. Why are these HGs so delusional to gnomebeards plans? Clearly doesn’t look good for them in the game, and it definitely won’t look good outside of it either. Repercussions , people!

Big Brother Production

It is pretty comical that Paul still tries to play the good guy in this situation. He is literally the person that has instigated everything, and he’s STILL playing dumb like he didn’t do anything wrong. What’s even more comical are that these sheep are buying everything he’s selling. Next thing you know, he’s gonna be talking on finale night about how he did nothing wrong in this game and that it was all friendship the entire time. What a douchebag joke.


I’m ashamed to say I actually rooted for Paul last season probably mostly b/c of Victor (who deserved to win) not lovestruck Nicole. I thought Cody was so out of line in the beginning when he was nasty to Meghan but since he came back I’m so TEAM JESS & CODY!!! Oh and Christmas is a nasty bitch on after dark last night she completely harassed Mark over HER SLOP! It was ridiculous and Elena is so being played WAKE UP and stop buying what Paul is selling she never should have pulled away from Mark. (which she really hasn’t anyway).

And Alex’s comments about Cody’s military service were despicable. I hope someone tosses those cat ears over the fence. One last thing Josh you are so pathetic thinking your “playing the game” when your Paul’s Bitch #1! Finally STFU Matt & Raven two floaters who act like Jess & Cody are the devil.

I Spy

Kevin looks like he’s holding down a boner in the picture where he’s flirting with Christmas.


Perhaps he’s saran wrapping his p@nis?


I am in shock at what transpired in the house yesterday. This far exceeds the house attacking Amanda in Season 9. This is not even on an Evel Dick level….this was some Stanford Prison Experiment level mentality going on.
The mere fact Paul TOLD the houseguests:”I am playing a psychological game and you are all my dogs, now bark” and Raven actually barked says it all.
I am a Cody and Jessica fan. I do not know if the man has PTSD or not, and don’t care. He is holding his own in that house. Yes, he got evicted, and he won his way back into the house. Paul on the other hand has had every advantage in the game: a built in alliance, 3 weeks of safety and now the temptation competition is to help him get further in the game.
For his gameplay/strategy to be to get a houseguest to either self-evict or get tossed out….he does not have much gameplay or strategy. His 2 HOHs were thrown to him ; I strongly question his first VETO win and Cody was just 1 point behind Paul and Kevin in the last one. And Cody did not stay up all night studying for it.
For Mark, Jason, Elena, and Kevin to sit back and let this play out because it keeps the target off their back….are you kidding me? And Alex using this as an excuse to jump on Mark about her cat ears and telling to Jason to back up her lies? I am losing more and more respect for these people.

I already know Jody’s days in the house are numbered….I just want them to win HOH this week. The one who doesn’t, compete in the temptation comp (hopefully win it). Toss Alex and Christmas on the block and whichever one comes down, replace with Paul.

Whaaaaa,,,I am being bullied

Whaaa i hear victim noises… go watch what toolbgs jess & Cody were when they had power. They were disgusting and vile.

Anti Paul Puppets

I don’t think Cody has ever asked anyone to feel sorry for him.


He’s been victimized for the most logical (maybe too ambitious) strategy of getting out a vet for fair game play in the house …but he’s not making victim noises. And if I rem correctly he asked Josh not to speak to him but he kept following them around whining. Cody is not a bully he’s just not a fan of unnecessary engagements.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

That strategy seems to suck.


Nothing will surpass season 9 with Chelsea and Joshuah calling out Amanda imo…. the noose comment from Joshua to Amanda is one of the most despicable things you can ever say.


Hey robin, notice that both of Paul’s veto wins were comps that the houseguests did watch. Seems very fishy


*Didn’t watch my bad

Big Jim

I hate everyone in the house except Cody Jessica and Kevin


I think Mark has some redeeming qualities, he seems like a very sincere person honestly. It is hard to know what most think esp Kevin until you hear him in the DR. He is a sly one for sure. I hope Jessica or Kevin win. I like Cody and think what happened to him is absolutely BS attacking a vets military service and honor is over the line, but Jessica has really played the game the best and for being a tiny thing she is a spitfire and wont go down without a fight…love her for that.


For real he may not be the best bb player
But I give it to him with all the childish ignorance Cody still hasn’t snapped! That bully behavior should not be allowed its disgusting!!!


I think production has been letting them know what a bad look yesterday was. So now some of them are back peddling.

At the time it happened I think only Mark really thought it was as a’f up as it was.

I have yet to find anyone I can cheer for.


I think Jason and Kevin avoided it as well. I don’t have the feeds but it seemed like it.


Paul is a scum bag.


I never liked Paul but now I am at the point of literally hating him. I want him, josh, alex and raven OUT and then whoever wins I’ll be okay with it. Nothing would bring me more satisfaction than jess or cody winning hoh, both going to jury and ruin the others’ plans. Of all the rigs cbs has done, I actually wouldn’t mind them doing one for jess and cody right now.

Pia Perez

CBS sucks! I stopped watching!!Its suppose to be an even playing field. Paul has already played to get 3 weeks safety is ridiculous. BB 19 sucks


BB has sucked since BB12 honestly, they need to drop Allison Grodner and bring Arnold Shapiro back to be producer, he knew how to run this show.


I think Production has let the HG that yesterday was not a good look. So we are treated to some trying to justify themselves after the fact. The only one in real time that was bothered was Mark.

Still can’t find someone to root for.


It’s hilarious listening to all them. Such distortion. They believe their own BS . OMG Christmas Raven and Alex are nasty girls! So full of deception. Alex whining about cat ears and Cody took her cup lol give me a break

What happened to this place?

1 comment only posted in the middle of the night. And now at 8.30 am est there are 86 up. With no other comments. Simon and Dowg the Paul bashing is getting out of control. The name calling is out of hand, sorry.


they have to sleep sometimes…all these comments have to be checked and then posted was a build up of comments from overnight…have patience ..i see multiple duplicate comments because of people having no patience and thinking their comment was ignored…again these guys have to get some rest too
They do great work for us ..Simon,Dawg…and its much appreciated especially from Canada where we dont get the feeds.

Aunt Cece

Are you actually suggesting that anti-Paul comments should be censored?


Wonder which anti-(fill in the Houseguest) statements are for gameplay, which are for personal reasons, and which are by trolls(there have been plenty of those in past seasons on this blog)


We try to sleep when the house sleeps. When we’re sleeping nobody is around to approve comments.


Did anyone hear the bb fan yell from the yard?! “”America loves Jess! Paul is a bully!”


No. No one could hear what they said because cbs cut it off too fast. You’re just assuming what was said. Some people think they heard “Alex”, some people are saying they heard “Jody”. No one is agreeing on what was said because no one could hear it.


I Could hear it clear in my feeds- “America loves jess, Paul is a bully”


That’s what I heard


is that what was said? Thanks!
i couldnt hear it..much appreciated! 🙂


Yes. Its on Youtube. Jess and Cody heard the sound but couldnt make out what was said. Too bad they didnt hear what was said as that would give them incredible confidence.


No need to worry, production filled them in. They called in Cody, then he came running out and told Jessica to go talk to them.


Yes… Jessica and Cody heard it. I believe Alex was outside when it happened… not sure who else was, though.

From the looks of it, I don’t think JODY knew exactly what was said. I believe they caught the first sentence but didn’t understand the 2nd one. Or maybe they did and played it smart by not acknowledging it verbally… both of them had a tiny smirk and their wheels were definitely turning… the backyard lockdown happened immediately after.

Jess Addict

I am curious as to why this doesn’t happen more often. I am sure they are far away from public access, but if I could stand on public grounds and project with a mega phone, what stops me from doing something like this? Also,since Jody was threatening to leave, production could be lying to Jody to encourage them to stay.


They need to come back and do it again so there is no doubt in the house about their despicable behavior. I find myself rooting for Jody after yesterday’s harassment.


OK I cannot take Josh anymore! He bothered me from Day 1 but right now I think he thinks he’s “playing the game.” His “mental warfare” is childish and unnecessary! He can’t see it now but it’s painful to watch how much he’s being manipulated into what he thinks is contributing to the team!


As with all social experiments, you don’t know what the monkeys are going to do. This was an all new low for the show, that I am sure even BB never imagined. Now that they have seen it, they put a lid on it. Remember how many litigations there were against talk shows or radio shows, by the family members from those that killed someone? Yeah… same thing. I am a big Paul fan, but what he is doing is not cool! I don’t like Cody or Jessica, but it has gone beyond justifiable to do this to them. But, then again, this is exactly what was done to Megan, and she was alone. So, she had to leave for her own sanity. And in that instance, it was Jessica, Alex, and Josh against Megan. Go figure.

Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment (Movie 2015)
The Stanford prison experiment was ostensibly a psychological study of human responses to captivity and its behavioral effects on both authorities and inmates in prison. It was conducted in 1971 by a team of researchers led by Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University. Undergraduate volunteers played the roles of both guards and prisoners living in a mock prison in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. Within one day things got out of hand, and the “guards” used unmonitored brute force on many of the inmates. The experiment was cancelled after 6 days instead of the planned 14.


Yes, Jessica is not sweetheart. She is now getting a taste of her own medicine.


My what short memories we have…anyone calling Jody victims should go back and watch feeds the first few weeks. I will never forget what arrogant pr*cks they were sitting up in their ivory tower taking personal attacks to a new low. Cody lost me forever when he said he will make sure America knows when he gets to the outside world that Josh is a sexual predator. They are scum of the earth and….YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW….
Anyone calling people bullies probably don’t know what that phrase means.


On another note – now is the time for Jason or Kevin to win HOH and try to kick Paul out – they will have Jess, Cody, either Jason or Kevin (3 votes) and I think could bring Mark on board, hopefully Elena. Forget Alex – kick her to the curb unless Kevin and Jason can talk some sense into that stubborn head of hers. Put Raven and Paul up and hope one of the “HOH” side wins POV.

Whaaaaa,,,I am being bullied

So, I guess we can all be bored watching feeds now…you call all move to snowflake village where you can get coddled and babied…


Paul is the one that started “Little Man Syndrome ” and “Small Dick Complex” referring to Cody…now of course Josh is spewing that out too
.*** Paul? Have you looked in the mirror? or is the mirror too high up for you? Wow that’s just plain laughable!

***Josh? BB would have been a great forum for you to “Come out of the closet”… instead nobody respects anything you say to the cameras…just a joke to us now and always been a joke to the other HG’s!!

It would be so worth the watch to see Paul go home Pre-Jury or even be 1st in the Jury House!

***KEVIN..nailed it…talking to Wingnut dude…saying that Paul has Napoleon Complex!!!***
(that is the most accurate statement I heard in the house thus far!!!)


Wow, is this the big brother house where the goal is to lie, backstab & deceive to win money? Jess and Cody are the biggest babies ever, and all of you people complaining about bullying should go watch Sesame Street so your feelings don’t get hurt.
Drama is why I tune in, and drama is what i have been getting. Now we can all watch paint dry because you are writing letters to CBS about bullying. Whaaaa. Whaaaaa!!!


Jess and Cody are babies? Really? They were getting brutally attacked and bullied, and they never cracked. They say there and took it all. The rest of the house had to stoop to the lowest or lowest to try and get a reaction out of them and just kept getting more mad when Jess and Cody didn’t respond. I don’t care who you like in the house, that was way beyond the normal BB play. Paul is just mad he can’t get Cody out and his hoh means nothing.

HOH Rules

Jess & Cody are not very good at this game. They may win a few competitions, but have no idea what do do when they have power. Too busy being in love to play the game. I watch big brother for the social, strategic aspect between house guests and they have no clue who is aligned with who because they isolate themselves.


Jessica did well while Cody was gone. He is an anchor weighing her down in this game. She may be too far down to get back up. Cody would have done better on Survivor where his physical skills could be better used as an asset for the group so he wouldn’t need to rely on his social game entirely.


Jess and Cody started this week 1. They are no better. They started the behavior and now everyone here has forgotten that. Is it right for everyone to act stupid, no but Jess and Cody are to blame for Josh acting the way he did last week and now the whole house. I do not feel sorry for any one of these people. You get what you dish!!!


I think Jess and Cody learned their behavior was awful and were trying to be better. That is the difference

Bully Complainers

You can say that fans of the show are babies all you want, it is more about the contradicting messages from CBS. As a media outlet, they do stories all the time about anti-bullying, showing news segments and reports about the effects of bullying but then on a CBS show we have bullying. This is what is confusing, the contradicting messages that CBS portrays.

It is 2017 and the message of anti-bullying is out there, so fans of the show would love some consistency if the very network of CBS is promoting anti-bullying, then why does their Big Brother show condone bullying as what went on yesterday in the house. CBS loves ratings and using bullying for ratings would be the ultimate insult to viewers.


Cbs doesn’t care one bit. This type of behavior happens almost every single year. They never stop it and they’re not going to because it brings in ratings and gets people fired up to watch the show.

Not True

Actually Big Brother has and did step in as both Paul/Josh were called to the DR and told if anything escalades that they would be kicked out of the house also. After this happened the gang mentality group started to play victim and started to whine and complain about Jess/Cody.

CBS also better care because the viewing public has the power to turn off the show.


You do realize that majority of the people only watch the 3 nights and not the live feeds. So, the majority will never know what went on unless production shows it, which they won’t. So everyone going nuts and calling need to realize if you don’t like it, then stop watching the feeds. The last 24hrs reading these comments have actually been comical. I recognize several names that were all about Josh’s behavior last week and thought it was real funny. Well, where were all these bullying comments then?


Literally there are comments every single year that people are “calling the show” due to bullying. They have never once stopped it. And how do you know what production told them? Because what I heard on the feeds is they told them not to “bait” them into hitting and getting kicked off the show because it would screw the show up.


Cody & Jess started this mess when they had power. They are arrogant jerks that don’t know how to play the game. Jess should have shut her mouth about the hex, and Paul would have tried to back doorr one of them, but she emotionally spewed it in front of the whole house. Bad players now claiming they are vicitims when they are pretty disgusting with their comments as well. Jess: “I am so glad Alex is getting fat”. CodY: “I will make sure American knows what a bad person josh is on the outside…sexual predator”
Sit upstairs and have sex the whole week they are in power instead of playing the game. Have no clue what is really going on in the house.
Save the season and get them out now.


Thank you for actually seeing the truth. Jessica screwed her game when she actually had a great power to blind side the house. Now everyone is upset. Please, this board wanted drama for weeks, well now you got it and don’t like it.


Christmas set up “hot chocolate date” with Kevin for airtime!
She knows Kevin would be liked by us..she is jealous of the showmances…she hasnt been getting any attention lately…and she knows that BB will probably make it into a special segment in the show!
They will be looking at the stars while she be talking about herself and trying to manipulate the viewers into making her an American Sweethart…lol TOO LATE XMAS!!
we dont think of you that way..,she should have stayed at home to heal and take her painkillers and possibly returned for BB20 (but i would rather her not)


Christmas looks totally gorked out on pain meds. Her face is drawn , droopy eyes and dry cotton mouth. My son had reconstructive foot and ankle surgery EVERY bone broken , reset with pins and screws. He didn’t act near as pathetic and beg for pain meds like she has. It’s time to ween her off them. She’s spiraling.

Anti Paul Puppets

1.) Love OBB! Thanks Simon and Dawg! You do great!

2.) I don’t have feeds but was obsessively following the blog yesterday and was really excited for BBAD. Then, I was completely let down! Man all those HG’s were playing victim about how mean Cody and Jess were? What the heck? Guess these HG really pay attention to what time it is in the house.

3.) Simon /Dawg – What of last nights fiasco do you think Production will show Wednesday night? Will it be even close to what actually occurred?


Since it leads into Power of Vero ceremony, I say they show 5-10 minutes of it. After all they showed the Mark/Josh fiasco


I Productions edit will be pretty important on Wednesday.. We’ll see of they show Paul as a Hero or a Villain.


Paul now trying to play the victim is laughable! Too late you have shown America just what a pathetic little man you are, and Raven is such a scummy example of a human being with her gutter mouth and sob stories please SHUT UP! CHristmas is just so high she is just beyond ridiculous. Josh just has serious mental issues and the other little gutter mouth Alex just needs to sit down and shut up! NONE OF YOU ARE VICTIMS! YOU ARE ALL RABID DOGS WITH A MOB MENTALITY! DO not worry though because your KARMA is waiting for you on the outside of the house and it is going to be EPIC to watch these failures go down in flames especially the lead rabid dog, PAUL!!


Maybe YOU shouldn’t have been laughing when Josh was acting crazy last week. But now you are on the band wagon that this is bullying. I can see you would be a follower in the house.




Why is it an issue that Cody and Jessica have grown so close? or for this matter the other 2 showmances or whatever they are now.
people want to see showmances pretty well only to see if they have sex or not on the feeds…
***those who complain about seeing Cody and Jessica having sex are probably the ones watching it the most!!! even probably REWATCHING***
JUST SAYING….time and time again we hear from HouseGuests after leaving the house
….they all say how it is so different in there…like how a day is like a week..,a week is like a month etc…so after these 30 some days…its like they have been together for 6 or MORE months…what is wrong with that? ? ?
so they have sex..thats part of a relationship…they definitely are really into eachother…be it love or doesn’t matter
in the real world…some people have sex on the first date….some on the 7th date…some wait longer just doesnt matter!
who are we to judge…when especially are watching lol


***those who complain about seeing Cody and Jessica having sex are probably the ones watching it the most!!! even probably REWATCHING***

That made me laugh out loud at work!!! Thanks for the laugh and getting me stared at.

Proud to be an american

What amazes me is Tiny man gnome and his groupie followers (Cody told Jess dont refer to them as troops when she did last night because they are not troops) think in some twisted way they can crack a Marine Sniper who has been trained by the US military to not crack in the event of being taken hostage lol I dont pretend to know how the military does things but im almost 100 percent positive the rigorous training he received by the military is the reason he handled yesterday with stoic class!! I respect and appreciate his as well as all men and women of the military ssrvice to my country!


This whole ordeal is bitter sweet. Bitter because no one deserves to be treated that way and sweet because paul has finally shown the little fans he had left what a disgusting person he really is. The thing is, unlike his minions mainly josh and raven , Paul is smart and at some point at night he must have realized how bad this looked….he knows he’s fucked on the outside. Watch him try to undo this, become Mr nice guy because “the last he wants if for this to turn personal cz it’s just a game” …too late bro

Cult Of Paulinality

Matt, for the love of Pete…Please put on a different shirt! I just can’t take it anymore.


i think when you watch the feeds you have an entirely different perspective on the show than when you just watch the show as it airs. (i only see the show, i don’t have feeds). i see many complaints on here about the house and what is happening inside of it, and calling CBS to voice concerns/complaints, but i would think that how the show does with a television viewing audience/its ratings is more important to CBS/BB than how the feeds are received. the way in which the show is edited makes Paul and his group look really good so i think people w/out feeds are still very pro-Paul.


Paul talking about Cody! ” No one signed up for him to be rude, aggressive or a bully”. Really Paul?????? You have caused all the misery in this house by bullying and making the dumb dumb on the house afraid if they don’t do what you tell them to do-thus bullying for you. UNNACCEPTABLE CBS>Just watch Julie walk around with that phony smile and telling people how great a gamer Paul is.Th TV fans eat it up, but don’t know what FAKE NEWS that is-just like in real life. FAKE NEWS CBS! Fake News!!! We watch the feeds and know what;s really happening inside of that house.


There was a guy who said over a megaphone something like “America loves Jess! Paul is a bully!”
Cody seemed to hear it perfectly. I just wish that person would’ve said the line more than once.


The way these people are acting, is the way the world is. Parents have raised these people to disrespect one another. It’s sad, because it looks like you all here haven’t seen it and just now are upset. When we live in a world that everyone once to speak their mind and not open their ears and learn something in life. All these people enter this house because they think it will get them noticed and they can then change their Facebook Status as a Public Figure. It’s disgusting when we live in a world that kids think the Kardashians are all that. Sad Sad World we live in. Each generation gets dumber and dumber.


I am so disappointed in CBS and production this year. When are they going to allow a new set of players the luxury to play without a vet on hand. I think production thought Paul should have won last year so they brought him back and set him up with everything he needed to take control. I would rather have had Victor.

If they were going to give someone three weeks of protection I think America should have had the chance to get to know the players and make that decision ourselves. Maybe they should have start with Temptation 2, instead of deciding Paul was the only player who would deserve it.

Although, I don’t like Cody’s behavior, it really upsets me when Paul can take a private conversation and used it to lie to the other houseguest about what was said. Its not just the conversation with Cody but with Jess, Mark and Elena. Not to mention anyone else who has an original thought of their own.

Finally, I can not believe how much bullying and intimidating production has allowed this year. Josh should have been put in check from the beginning. And Paul should not be allowed to provoke someone just because he afraid he wont win again this year. I mean really Vaseline in Cody’s coffee? Pull your pants out of the crack of your but and stop taking everything so personally Paul. You are not the only one in that house who hoped they would have a chance to win this year. Personally, I think you are the worse Vet they could have brought back.

All I can say is you may not like Cody or Jess but who can play under such stressful circumstances without blowing up once in a while. Have someone in your face all day saying horrendous things to you and lying behind your back all day and I think sooner or later it would make anyone blow.

Skips mom

Can someone make a short video montage of Christmas’s words (miss motivational and kindness) week one to her wretched vile bullying words yesterday? Also Did anyone see the way she scolded and yelled Mark for eating slop? Embarrassing. Wow we see the real Christmas and she is cancelled.


She was the biggest surprise for me. What she says she stands for and what she actually does in the house are different. I knew of her before Big Brother. Unless she wins or does something to slay a super villain on the show I think she’s hurt her brand with being on BB>


Simon, if you never of her to be this way before its possible the pain pills she is taking are the reason for her recent behavior. It’s a fact that opiod’s can cause nastiness and aggression.


I just rewatched the feeds from yesterday. Clearly Christmas showed her true self. She is one mean nasty girl. I listened to what she was whispering to Josh. She also is so off base about what is true about Cody and Jessica and what isn’t. She will not own up to her behavior because she doesn’t think what she and everyone else did was wrong . She made that clear in the conversation. That shows you her true character. She’s right there with Raven being a phony. She will live with the consequences. No integrity.


“her wretched vile bullying words yesterday?”

how bout you give an example, instead of making an assertion with those fancy buzzwords