Ashleigh – “Kevin, I’ve seen your w!ener 4 times today.. I haven’t seen Zach’s w!ener today”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

(there’s tons of game talk and scrambling going on.. )

7:30pm Bobby and Bruno watching Willow run. They tell her she’s the best looking girl in the house
Camera pans around at the memory wall.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 17-12-34-619

8:00pm HOH Kevin and Zach (this video is a good one to watch for Diaper strategy)
Kevin says the conversations he’s had with Bobb. Bruno makes him feel they are coming after them. Kevin cannot beleive if Bobby/Buno win HOH they won’t come after the Diaper alliance.
Zach brings up the conversation in the storage room where Bruno told him that Sarah is trying to turn the guys on each other.
Zach brings up that Sarah and Brittnee have nobody that is why they are trying to turn the guys on each other.
Zach isn’t sure if Bruno is BSing him or if he’s being like ‘let’s stick together
Zach says Bruno thinks Willow’s heart is with Sarah.
Kevin – Godfrey is by himself.. he’s a idiot .. I’m really tempted to leave the Noms the same
They agree Sarah will only team up with Godfrey is he wins power.
Zach – I know Sarah will attack us
Kevin she will?
Kevin – If I take a shot at Bobby Bruno.. I dunno
Zach – you thinking of taking a shot and pulling Sarah and Britnee in
Kevin – thinking that
Zach – that’s not going far.. cause we’re a four
Zach – if we open fire this week we put us four on a island
Zach says if Bobby and Bruno got power last week and picked off Sarah and Brittnee even if POV is played they control the numbers.

Kevin I wanted to let you know I’m leaning toward keeping the nominations the same… It’s a little bit selfish for Pili and Myself.
Kevin wants him to know he’s 100% diapers
Kevin – Brun really sells me the world
Zach – same..
Kevin says if Bobby/bruno leave they have to pull in Sarah hard, adds that he’s got a good relationship with Sarah but not Brittnee. “It’s faded these last couple weeks”
Zach – I got a decent relationship with Sarah.. errr B
kevin – with B
Zach – ya
(Zach slipped up there)
Kevin says if he decided to put up Bruno they need to pull in Willow and make sure she’s ready to make a big move.
Kevin – Who’s the pair in this house that no one is willing to touch.. We’re going to break them up
Kevin tells him with Bobby leaving Zach’s edge in physical comps goes way up.
Kevin doesn’t think Bobby will use his veto power points out that there is a HUGE divide between Sarah and Bobby that’s a reason for them to take out Bruno.
Kevin says they need 4 to win this week. They have three with the diapers so they need Willow.
Zach – let’s get ASh on Bobby tonight
Kevin – see where’s he’s thinkin
Zach – She if she can dig something out.. Bobby has never lied to Saheligh he’s so loyal.. he’s a puppy dog.. it’s almost made me laugh how loyal he stayed… and Bruno to that’s the crazy thing
Zach says he laughs at Bobby/Bruno how loyal they are to the chop shop.
Zach – they want Sarah out I know that
Ashleigh and Pili join them.
Zach says they need to pull Bobby to the side and dig into his head. See if there is any inkling of them veering from the Brittnee/Sarah plan. Suggest they bait him says “What are we doing with Kevin/Pili”
Zach says Bobby and Bruno are super loyal but they have to make sure.
Zach points out that Bruno did tell him he was thinking of convincing Kevin to put up Sarah.
Ashleigh says Bobby seems to be really keen on Sarah to.
Zach and Ashleigh both say Bobby/Bruno are not coming after them next week.
Ashleigh says she’s really dug into Bobby and she honestly feels they are not coming after them.
Kevin claims when he started this week his target was Godfrey but now after the last 24 hours he’s been thinking Bruno and Bobby (He’s told the camera before the HOH comp that he wanted Bobby out)
Kevin says if he makes the play to get Bobby out it’s them next week not Zach/Ashleigh
Ashleigh – I smell like hot tub I need to go in the shower.
Kevin says if Bobby/Bruno get Sarah out next week they are “really good” Adds that Zach is right.
Kevin – when Bruno socializes with me he repeats his loyalty to me.. I don’t speak that language.. give me something talk about strategy down the road. .
Zach – if both there games are that bad.. that’s an advantage to us.

8:55pm Sarah, Ashleigh and Pilar
Talking about hoping Bobby’s Veto is over.
Ashleigh – I’m like 80% sure this thing exists”
Sarah – It’s impossible to tell”

Sarah explaining what happened with the Jordan vote.
She points out she doesn’t trust Bruno or Bobby but she really highlights she distrusts Bobby, “I never trust someone that throws HOH’s.. he says shit like I only talk game on Tuesdays”
Sarah tells them she trusts Zach and Kevin a lot but she feels that Zach doesn’t trust her anymore because of the vote.

Kevin comes in. They talk about Jordan being in the jury for 10 days now. Pilar mentions how there’s no stress in the Jury house. Asks Kevin to put her up so she can go to Jury. laughs right after says she loves it in the house.

9:08pm Ashleigh and Zach
Ashleigh says if she was Kevin she would “totally” get rid of Bruno, “Godfrey is coming after us not Kevin/Pili right Now”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 17-55-27-585
9:12pm Sarah and Pilar
Sarah says Bruno is a black belt in Taekwondo
Pili is surprised “Interesting I did not know that”
Pili tells her theres no easy ways out anymore all the HOH’s will be big moves.
Sarah says Godfrey going home is a safe move and it’s a big move points out that Godfrey is all over the place.
pilar – he’s an easy target.
Sarah points out how he changes his targets asks Pili “What are you thinking”
Sarah asks her who she would feel more devastated if they left with Kevin or AShleigh .. “Game wise”

Sarah tells her Bobby is close to AShleigh says he loves Ashleigh.
Pilar says Kevin is her best friend in the game she doesn’t know where she would be without him.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 18-30-01-757

9:15pm Ashleigh and Bobby living room
Bobby makes it sound like he’s targeting Sarah next week and he’s still loyal to the chop.
Bobby – Gods gotta go he’s a crazy comp threat
Bobby brings up not knowing where Willow’s head is at says he see here talking to Sarah all the time.
Bobby – Originally I want to keep God but he really sketches me out now
Bobby says Willow is tight with Brittnee she’ll want Godfrey gone, “I really don’t see B talk to Sarah at all”
Kevin rolls by
Ashleigh – Kevin I’ve seen your weiner 4 times today.. I haven’t seen Zach’s weiner today
Bobby – ohh poor you .. Ashleigh had a bad day

9:35pm AShleigh and Kevin Bedroom

Whatever Bruno wants Bobby wants. Brings up that Bobby said if Kevin/Pili
Kevin – thanks for doing that Ash
I like having those conservation with bobby makes me feel like I have a grasp on things

tell him Bobby has never lied to her.. “Except for that whole Jordan thing” explains the entire house lied about that.
Ashleigh says next week she’s thinking about making a strike against Bobby/Bruno. recommends Kevin have a conversation with Bobby.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 18-44-29-311

9:43pm AShleigh and Sarah
Sarah pointing out that she asks PIlar who is she closer to kevin or AShleigh and she basically said Kevin.
Ashleigh says next week or the week after that she’ll be gunning for Bobby and Bruno

Sarah plays down how close she is to Willow. Says the extent of her game conversations with Willow is “Who don’t you trust”… “Godfrey”
AShleigh hints that Bobby and Bruno going up is fine with her. Zach is going to talk to Ashleigh get her to double check with Peels.

9:53pm Zach and Bruno

Bruno freaking out because he heard Godfrey say he’s not going on the block.



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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kevin is playn zach like a fiddle!


i have no clue where anyone stands right now… except for zach and ashleigh, cuz they’re so naive and arrogant, and blinded by loyalty even though no one is ever 100% loyal in the big brother house.. not even your own showmance.
i really hope the diapers turn against each other
it’ll probably be
kevin, pilar, sarah, brittnee, willow vs. zach, ashleigh, bobby/bruno
idk where godfrey would go


zach going down south!


OMG Ashleigh, get it into Zach’s skull that you’ve got to get rid of Bobby and Bruno!


Wow, Sarah is really working around the clock to cover her bases! Although her competition record has been abysmal, she’s been an incredibly active social player. I just hope her effort doesn’t go unnoticed in a final 2 situation.


zach is dumbasss he is going to blow up kevin game in the process.


Kevin please don’t let Zach sway you. You are smart, do what you think is best which would be putting up Bruno. Bruno who I think is awesome, but he might win if you don’t take this golden opportunity.

Kevin, I beg you, get away from the Diaper alliance. You have been my favorite from day 1, you are #1 in my fantasy draft, don’t make me regret this! It’s bad enough you did that mayo incident that will be engraved in my head for all of time.

Play the Diapers, get rid of Bruno, align with Sarah, kick out Bobby and Zach, and you my friend have an amazing chance to win this whole thing.


Ashleigh wants to rid of Bruno/Bobby, Kevin wants to rid of Bruno/Bobby, and by extension of those two, Pilar wants to do the same too. This is the 4th week that Zach has shot down any idea of splitting them up in the near future. They need to wake up to see how fishy this is.

It is really hard to read the other HGs, just like some of the commenters above said. It seems like the game is about to start.


How is Kevin playing zack?


Social is about who you enjoy spending time with and genuinely like. That’s not Sarah at al except B and Willow.
What Sarah is at her core is manipulative and that can get you a long way in the game. don’t confuse that with social. She’s about middle of the house in social skills and that’s not terrible don’t get me wrong.
Were she is in a great spot is the potential Wednesday double plus another guy from this HOH could have her in a 5 girl alliance potentially.
Unless something odd happens 3 guys go to the jury Wednesday. Such a bad season for reading HGs and strategy it’s beyond terrible.


Lol, in Big Brother US and BBCAN there is no such thing as social that you “enjoy spending time with and genuinely like”, people inside the house will agree and disagree about different things especially since they are casted for certain stereotypes. They also must bite their tongue because once they start a fight with someone in the house that person will have a target on their back.
Call it manipulative as you want but ‘manipulative’ players such as Will, Dan and Derrick has won because they have a good relationship with everyone in the house, they are able to talk strategy to everyone inside the house because of their social game.
People with bad social gameplay will be ignored even if what they are saying makes sense. Godfrey two weeks ago talked game with Kevin about Jordan’s vote and he got ridiculed because of his social relationship with Kevin, has it been anyone else whom he had a good “social” game then he would definitely not just brush it off. Last season when adel won the HOH, the smartest move for him would be putting up Jeda but he opted to put the gremlins because Sabrina and Rochelle didn’t have a good “social” relationship with him.

The Truth

In the Big Brother game being social includes being manipulative. Sarah has convinced enough people that she is willing to vote their way even if she doesn’t like being around them. She’s been able to float between groups, collecting information. People suspect her of being shady but never enough to warrant getting rid of her. Allowing her to slip closer and closer to the finale.


Haven’t been reading all the updates so can someone help me out?

So Kevin is pulling Brit off and putting up Bruno? (Or is that what he’s saying to Sarah only?)

Is he pulling bobby and putting God? Or pulling Brit and putting God?

If all those options are wrong, who’s being replaced? (Assuming that Kevin isn’t dumb enough to keep his nominations the same? )


Godfrey should have kept his mouth shut as Kevin instructed him instead of bragging about not going up.He reminds me of Paul from last year .