IKA to Neda – “I think it’s wise to Team up with Paul and Adel and get those guys out”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-01-21-979

10:04pm Feeds come back

You can hear Adel in the Diary room, Adel – “I felt like crying when Kyle was evicted he was like a brother”.

Allison is mingling with the other house guests everyone engaging in random chit chat.

Of course sabrina and Andrew are cuddling away, like sister and brother.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-04-55-309

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-14-10-333

10:11pm Storage room IKA, Sabrina, Jon and Rachelle

IKA is saying that Adel heard she said Paul and Adel are going up. She feels bad for them.

IKA and Jon leave Paul joins Sabrina and Rachelle. They tell Paul his eviction speech helped what they thought of him. Sabrina says she only had a problem with Kyle because of what he said.

They agree Kyle had a good heard. Paul says kyle had to deal with abuse in his life he may have said some things but deep down he was a good guy. The girls agree.
Paul – “Andrew is a d!ck we all know he’s a d!ck lets face it” Paul adds that he doesn’t know how many more times he has to apology to Andrew he’s said it already. Paul is sick of being shunned by the house.

Paul – “I truly think I am starting the game over and with this new girl I’m not sure how she’ll swing”
Sabrina says she thinks Allison knows more than she leading on to.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-15-02-079

10:18pm IKA and Adel Bathroom
Adel says he heard Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle talking before Kyle did. IKA says she swears on her kids she will not tell anyone what he says.

Adel – “We’re not going to win this unless we take out you know who and you know who”
Adel adds that IKA is out of the “Crew” and now that she has HOH they are going to be all around her.
Adel says Paul and him have only one strategy left and that is to hope NEda and IKA realize that they are not in the alliance they think they are. Adel wants them to form some type of random alliance. IKA says she cannot trust Paul.
Adel- “we got one, two, three, four; me, Neda, IKA, you and Paul”
Adel adds that the new girl is going to join the boys because she is from Newfoundland like them.
Adel doesn’t know which girls the guys are going to take to the finals but he swears to god IKA and NEDA are done “1 billion percent.. you guys are shunned”

Adel – “I swear on the koran if I win POV I will save you… Sabrina is so smart and so tricky”

IKA points out that Sabrina is set up so good in this game. Adel agrees says everyone is noticing her sleeping with Andrew and being best friends with Sarah.

IKA – “I can’t trust her and Rachelle”

Adel says that Racehlle has no clue that “They” are using her (they = Sarah and Sabrina) “She has no chance in hell… she is out of it.. they put you on the block for a reason.. Paul is a chicken shit”

They can hear Sabrina coming, Adel – “Here comes meanie i’m out of here”

Adel tells her good luck if she does anything for him he swear on the koran he will be help her .

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-32-00-881

10:25pm Bathroom Sabrina, IKA and Neda

Gossiping and talking bad about Heather Sabrina leads the charge of course.
Sabrina is now claiming that she heard Adel calling them all sluts. The other girls didn’t hear it.

They agree to leave Allison out of the loop and wait to see where she goes. IKA – “Kenny said he spoken to her before.. ”
Sabrina this is scary Kenny knows all of newfoundland. ”

Sabrina – “you are going to pout Adel up right.,.. the house”
IKA wants to tell them something but wants Sabrin to promises she won’t tell Andrew, IKa decide to tell them later.

Sabrina again says that Adel is calling them Sluts asks her if Adel talked to her. Ika says no he doesn’t talk Game to her.

IKA says that Kyle talked to her earlier and said that IKA, NEda and Racehlle are the girl targets. IKA – ‘It’s easy for people to tell you to make a big move when it’s not their HOH”
Sabrina says maybe week 7 make a big move but not right now.
Ika agrees.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-50-40-880

10:48pm Bathroom NEDA and IKA

IKA wants to team up with Paul and Adel and take out the girls. Neda agrees she thinks that the boys wanted them to put up Paul and Adel just in case a girl wins.
NEDA – ‘Jon hates Andrew”
IKA says if they take out Kenny then Jon and Andrew will be rivals.
IKA says it’s such a dumb move to take out Paul and Adel this week.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-13 19-48-22-993

10:55pm They get Booze!

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Johhny (the European one!)

Random Thought Of The Day (brought to you by… umm… Pringles?)

Isn’t it funny how whenever stuff happens on this show that’s like “perfect dramatic development”, I end up asking myself if it was somehow too good to be true?
I mean… The way the HOH comp went was like… perfect for BB.
Paul was out immediately, then quickly Adel is out, Neda, Heather, Rachelle, Jon are out.
It’s all the 4 “1st 5” guys up there, with only 1 “opponent” left: Ika.
And boom. With 1 question, all 4 are out and it’s the perfect drama outcome.
Why are all my “scripted show” sensors beeping again?!?
Objectively, this should make for an interesting week…
The other big thought: WOW! I’m pretty impressed with Canada! 😉 I was very much doubting anyone but Gary 2.0 had any shot to make it, but congrats to ALLISON for actually making it!!! Her explanation for entering late, “what, you guys already started???” seems a bit unbelievable, but I guess they’ll figure out quite easily that it’s BS.
I mean, she was in solitary confinement for 2 weeks more, and didn’t like… ask why it took so long? And wasn’t the starting date known long time in advance?
Same with her “recommendations that are based JUST ON FEMALE INTUITION”… They’ll quickly get that she knows what’s been going on… Could give Ika just the right push… Hmm… Very intriguing!
(I could totally picture Sabrina going berserk when Allison talks to Andrew… or Kenny… I mean… those are HER GUYs!!! Fear of loss seems pretty likely for Sabrina given the character traits she’s shown so far. Plus, she WAS in a very good spot before “that new chick” came in, so I don’t think she’ll be happy with any change!)

This is gonna be some goood TV: Sabrina campaigning to “not rock the boat” vs Ika and Neda who want to take the boys out!


I knew Scott (Gary 2.0) was NOT going to make it in the house. He’s the “wrong kind of gay.” He’s not like Gary at all. For the most part, people are still not comfortable with gay men like Scott. He sexualized everything and could get overly tactile and creepy. Where I live there’s a huge gay community and they call his personality type “ghetto gay.”

I am NOT hating or being a bigot. I don’t dislike Scott. I actually like him more than 99% of those in the house! I’m just explaining why he didn’t make it into the house and I’m 100% sure I’m not wrong.

Johhny (the European one!)

I totally agree with you. I just thought from the edit (and the sheer amount of air time Scott got, that BB really wanted him in.
But I’m VERY pleased that Allison made it, I can’t wait to see how she’ll operate 🙂


In the bathroom : Sabrina is such a liar she just said “Adel just called us all sluts”. I didn’t know you had super sonic hearing Sabrina…..she is so crazy, like psycho. And when no one believed her she was like “ok , i think I’m hallucinating” and “I’m not sure, maybe im wrong”


I could NOT be happier right now! I used to not like Ika and now I love her! She’s gathering the troops against Kenny and Andrew, targeting Kenny!

Sabrina brings out the absolute worst in me. She slags EVERYONE behind their backs and loves on them in person. That’s EXACTLY what she complains about everyone else doing! She and Sarah were in the pantry talking about Allison and being single. Sabrina asked Sarah, “What’s wrong with me? I’m single.” WHAT? She has a boyfriend! I lost count how many hypocritical faces she keeps talking out of.

ALL the girls are doing it. Loving and making promises to everyone and slagging them off behind their backs. These women are a PIECE OF WORK! It’s HYSTERICAL how they’re all falling all over Ika like she’s their best friend!

I can not WAIT for nominations! It’s time to put the fear of God in the godless Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina.


Jack, I co-sign 100%


Couldn’t say it better myself Jack.

Sabrina said she would kill Ika with kindness and whatnot.

I really hope Neda, Ika, Adel, and Allison get into an alliance.


Really hope Ika sticks it out with Adel, Paul, Neda and Jon (possibly). It would AMAZING if she nominated Kenny and Andrew too and if one of them win the veto put up Sabrina.


That’s the absolute perfect trio to put up for nominations except I say put up Andrew and Sabrina and then backdoor Kenny. Kenny will NEED to be backdoored.

julie chen

team neda & ika alllllll the wayyyyy


sabrina is starting to become so annoying, she thinks she is like the master of this season when all she does is talk shit about other houseguests. I hope she is gone soon!


I know right? She so annoying! The only girls I actually like this season are Neha and Ika


Some of the girls are already feeling threatened by Allison. Sabrina and Rachelle are really pissed. I hope Allison sees tonight what a douche Andrew is and hooks up with Neda and Jon! I think Sarah is feeling a bit threatened too. I hope Allison makes an effort to talk to all of them alone very soon before she commits to anything. Sabrina melt down could be this week.

Andrew and Kenny are DoucheBags

How classless is Kenny. That goodbye speech was absolutely atrocious. C’mon Allison get on Ika’s good side and nominate Andrew and Kenny’s asses or better yet do a backdoor!! Karma’s a bitch boys! Wish Canada could get a vote on who goes up!


I miss the BBUS chats. Andrew just joke proposed to Allison in front of Sabrina and she looked so damn uncomfortable. I needed to share this here after the fact. Hope you guys saw it.


In the storage room, Sarah and Sabrina were talking and Sarah mentioned how Allison and Kenny might have a showmance because he is more her type and Sabrina replied “What about me, am I ugly?”. She is easily the most despicable person in the house. The way she slanders Heather and Adel makes me so angry.


I’m ONLY answering this question because SABRINA asked. Yes. She’s ugly to me. Inside AND out. Personally, I find her to be the least attractive person in the house. But, I can only answer according to my own personal tastes. Then again, that’s all anyone can do.

Johhny (the European one!)

Yup, saw it too! 😀
a) Andrew: big strategic mistake, shows that he’s not very smart and/or perceptive to do that in front of Sabrina.
b) Andrew: already too drunk
c) Sabrina imploding internally
d) all of the above.
I vote for d.

Johhny (the European one!)

what the F?
Allison comes out of the toilet and goes to wash her hands.
Sabrina: “you don’t need to wash your hands. that’s fine”
(Allison: “I’m a nurse, I need to!”)

Johhny (the European one!)

You’re very welcome! 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH for all the work you guys are doing! +++++
“you don’t have to wash your hands” after going to the toilet just struck me as the kind of thing I’d never even think of saying. Ever!


OH wow. Good pickup! This is just too much.

I feel like Allison won’t take any BS from Sabrina. 😀

and yess thank you guys!! I stopped going to other sites. This one hands down has got it going ON


Sabrina reminds me of Amanda from BB15 but not as smart


Why is Ika and neda conversation private?


Watching the Live Feeds right now, I had a question pop into my head. Please don’t tear into me for asking this because I’m asking sincerely.

What is it with people in their early 20’s having a HUGE obsession with alcohol and getting drunk? This happens on Big Brother in Canada, America, England, and Australia. Obsession isn’t even a strong enough word. I don’t get it.


i am not going to put to much hope in IKA because she wants to be apart of the it crowd … … she is leaning towards making a big move but it wont happen this happen everytime we watch big brother .. the house guest always believe its too early just ask HELLEN from big brother 15 …….. if ika nominates kenny or andrew i will be team ika until she is evicted …..

Douche hater

Get Kenny out … Then Sarah and let Sabrina
Squirm as well as Andrew lol . Take down the
High School Bully’s . I’m rooting for team underdogs
Go Adel and Neda 🙂


Sabrina and Allison are in the bedroom and Sabrina just said to her, “Don’t trust Heather. She pretends to love me and then b*tches about me behind my back!”

Ring…. ring…. Hello? Kettle? Hi! This is the Pot! You’re black!


I reaally hope Sabrina is out sooner than later! She makes it difficult to even watch. But for this week noms it should be Kenny n Andrew. Hopefully Andrew will be gone.


Sabrina is on cloud 9 while high on LSD after a small drunk peck with Kenny (who happens to like the cawk xD). I can’t wait to watch this trainwreck she has already moved from liking Kenny to Andrew and back to Kenny in a few days. At this rate, she will fall in love with the producers and then by day 68, she will makeout with all the pots and pans and finally the vegetables and fruits.


The coven of witches strikes almost immediately. I hope their efforts to poison Alison against Heather will turn her off those vile women. Thank god Allison is in the house. I restarted re-watching but my stomach is turning every time they come on screen.


Anyone who doesn’t think Big Brother is scripted is a bloody tool. I was thinking of developing a film with a friend who is a pro film maker (not famous but does well for himself) and he pointed out to me a good deal of the money I put into the project is recoverable through the manitoba and canada tax credit. Problem is to get the tax credit you have a SCRIPTED TV SHOW, and reality tv shows are specifically NOT FUNDED. Then I see the same tax credit at the end of the big brother show. It is a scripted show it is not reality tv, but it sure is fun to watch nonetheless. Heck they even run the actra credit at the end of the show, most of the contestants are just no name part time e list actors.

Can someone explain to me why Allison is so liked, I thought the gay was sure to win of the 3 seceret hgs but I never voted, I just don’t see why people like her so much ps i’m not hating I just honestly don’t see it. Thanks.

That being said Andrew isn’t smart but he does have Kenny who is razor sharp. Had Andrew been on his own he’d have kyle to contend with who definetly could give any hg a run for their money in a physical competition.


years ago, when EARTH FINAL CONFLICT gave Paramount’s Trek universe & franchise a friendly challenge,
they received state funds because they had 80% to 90% of the cast + support system + production jobs being
done by Canadians, and several compelling Sci-Fi scripts surrounded by pure pulp fiction. I liked EFC. if BB*C
is scripted, maybe its the format and not every line of dialogue. Did they get a rider clause that had them under
a less stringent template out of Ottawa? I wonder!!! Or are they a fluke or is 95% of reality TV equally scripted?


Wow. First time I’ve given this many thumbs ups


After watching all the feeds… I really want

Neda, Ika, Adel, and someone else in an Alliance.

Finally, they are talking to Paul and Adel (even though Paul can get annoying).

Imagine Ika and Adel for final 2…..


if ika…
puts andrew and kenny up and one gets vetoed, and she puts sabrina in their place.
we should vote to give ika the 25 grand for canada favorite player