Adel calls Sabrina “A snitch A$$ snitch.. She’s like Rachelle She’s BUNK”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

10:00pm Cuddling

10:10pm HOH Rachelle and Sabrina

Sabrina tells her they have a little bit of a problem. Brings up Jon being worried he’s out of the loop.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 19-19-30-876

10:22pm Jon and Neda Hot Tub Room
Jon brings up talking to Sabrina and confronting her about not being in the loop. He says it was obvious that she knew he didn’t know.

Jon says he’s throwing Kenny and Andrew up if he wins HOH
Neda doesn’t think he should put up Kenny.. “You have to be smart though”
Jon – I’m so F*** livid right now “
Neda – “All the girls I ever trusts turned their backs on me”
Jon – “I don’t think I can trust Sarah”
Jon believes that Sarah, Kenny and Andrew are working together. Neda – “For sure”

Jon tells her Sarah keeps coming up to him saying she wants Andrew out and if it comes down to it she wants KEnny out.
They agree Sarah is trying to get info.
neda – “I F*** hate Andrew so much”
Jon – “I f*** hate every person in this house beside you every one”
Neda is positive Rachelle and Sabrina will put her up in a second.
Jon says it was week one him and kenny went up to Rachelle and they made a deal to not turn their backs on each other, ‘I guess that is out the window”
Neda – “Kenny has so much influence over Rachelle you have no idea”
Neda thinks unless SAbrina is up beside her she’s going home. Jon doesn’t think they have Sarah’s vote anymore.
Neda doesn’t thinks Sarah will vote out Kenny but she would Andrew.
Jno doesn’t think Sarah would vote out Andrew.
Arlie joins them, they start talking about Adel’s power. Arlie points out how big of a power it it.

10:30pm HOH Rachelle and SAbrina


10:40pm HOH Sabrina Rachelle and NEDA


10:47pm Have nots Adel, JON and Arlie

Adel ask them if he wins HOH who should he put up, He’s not going to put up Heather or Neda.
Adel says he wouldn’t waste his HOH on Rachelle, calls her “Bunk”
Jon “like horseradish Bunk”
Jon brings up Sabrina as a target.
Adel – “No she’s bunk to”
Adel tells them the next two strongest women in the house after IKA are Allison and Sarah, he hates to say it but one of them would have to go up.
Arlie would put up a guy and a girl, Allison and Kenny.
Jon – If veto is played we throw up Andrew have them fight for votes.
Adel tells them Sarah is deep with Kenny he doesn’t care what people tell him she is deep with him. Reminds them Kenny had a big part in Sarah putting that move on the girls. Adel declares Sarah voting out Paul was the biggest move in the game so far.
Jon – “who”
Adel – “Sar bear”

They agree they have to prevent Andrew from winning HOH this week.

Adel tells them he’s not going to waste his power on Rachelle or Sabrina they are both useless. Adel would have to use his power on Allison .
Adel calls Sabrina “a snitch A$$ snitch” and people are using her as a snitch.

Arlie explain to them they are so much on the same pages they need to avoid being seen in a group because they cannot have other people in the house suspecting there is something.

Adel leaves

Jon says if Andrew or Kenny wins HOH he’s going home.
Arlie – “We can’t let them win.. Deli can take you off with is a saving grace”
Arlie thinks that Sarah will probably go with them, he doesn’t think she wants to go to the end with Kenny and Andrew because there’s not way she could win.
They agree to tell Deli as little as possible.

10:56pm Adel and IKA
Adel telling her he’s tried everything he can

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 20-31-23-382

11:30pm Heather and Arlie Have Nots
Arlie Tells her they have to fight like hell in the competitions, “Lines have been drawn in the next two weeks everyone will see them”

Heather says Sarah is with the guys but Sabrina really isn’t close to anyone she’s just with Andrew. Heather thinks Andrew is playing Sabrina.

They agree Neda hasn’t formed any big alliances so they can bring her in. Arlie explains if they can get Neda they have 5.

Arlie – “Big Jon and Adel are in the line of fire.. you are not… I want to protect everyone”

Arlie says the “Boys” Rarely think long term so sooner or later they will come to HEather when they need her vote.
Heather doesn’t think Kenny cares for her. She thinks Andrew might come to her. Arlie points out that Kenny is a very smart player.

Arlie – “Me and you are in the best position in the game”
Arlie is amazed this week turned out this way, “It all started with a little idea and a couple people put it in place and now you are safe”

Arlie tells her if they win HOH they should put up Allison and either Kenny or Andrew.
Heather doesn’t want to put up Allison up. Arlie suggests maybe Sabrian would be the better pawn.
Adel joins them

(Video Coming)

12:15AM HOH room Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina is picking her nose through the entire conversation … it inspired this tweet.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 22-12-35-906

1:04am Diary room leak Sabrina
Sabrina is saying she’s having a sneeze attack in the have nots room, she think it’s from all the dust. She asks them for benadryl or something because she can’t sleep and is keeping everyone up.
Production tell her OK they get here something.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 22-18-48-507

1:10am Sabrina gets her Benadryl flosses her teeth and goes to bed. She counting things around the house and whispering to herself.

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Why are some of these people against putting Andrew and Kenny up together? That’s how you split up duos.


I am prayyying that either Adel, Jon, Arlie or Neda win HOH next week. That’s the only hope I have left for this season


Heather said she would backdoor Kenny or Andrew so she would be an ok person to win too. But I think she would throw it if Jon, Arlie or Adel were the only ones left against her. She really is in a good spot and winning now might put a target on her back.


attention Sarah: you gotta do something about those crazy eyebrows, and nobody gives a sh!t about your husbands birthday

attention Sabrina: shut the f up…you wanna be an actress? at auditions they should say to you, “get this sh!t off my lawn”

evict these 2 now…now…now god damn it, NOW!

Douche hater

Totally agree with you ..Sarah is so arrogant
We don’t give a shit about your husbands birthday
What a grade A douche bag she is . It doesn’t
Make her look sweet it makes her look like a
Ego maniac … Take some Ativan and calm
The fuck down . Lets make cake lol and we will
All say happy b day to him . Fuck this isn’t the
Sarah Show .


these 2 sabrina and sarah are 2 extremely annoying houseguests…could you imagine living with them with their constant moaning and brutal voices

no class, no decency, and as fake as f-ck

and they get golden edits

its like amanda and andy all over again

jason bday present

sarah giving kenny a hummer


I just want to say thank you to Simon and Dawg. The fact that you have to actually watch and summarize Sabrina’s conversations….you two should be sainted.



Juan Pablo :)

Hey Simon, Dawg.. Do you have the video of Jon catching drift of his place in the alliance? sorry i may have missed it, but i can’t find it. Thanks for keeping me up to date 🙂


Adel’s simple and how naive of him to believe in Arlie or Jon .
it makes me angry to see how they can take an advantage of someone’s honesty and bk stab them. It’s so painful to watch all these ppl what they do only for 100.000 !! Wow so disgusting


It’s a game, what wouldn’t you do for that kind of cash, I’d lie cheat & backstab my way through that effin house.


Well if I was in the game I would not listen to anybody’s crap and just make the decision . Very bold no matter whats the outcome


I would hardly call adel honest… He has lied about this power to everyone.. Unfortunately he is trying to build an alliance that next week will blow
Up because his “power” is useless. Don’t get me wrong you have to
Lie in this game but I think it will hurt him more than help him now.


adel’s power not useless, it just doesn’t do what he said it does (ika knows the truth, neda knows partial truth). his lie might have kept him off the block this week.

Here is how Adel’s power could guarantee andrew is backdoored next week: next week, if one of the “good guys” win (jon, neda, heather, arlie, adel), they can 100% guaranteed backdoor andrew. all they have to do is NOT put up andrew at first. andrew cannot play in the veto. IF andrew is randomly picked to play the veto, adel will use his power to switch places with andrew so that adel will play veto instead of andrew. after veto is played, they nominate andrew.

BOOM andrew is guaranteed to be backdoored. voting andrew out 4: jon, neda, heather, arlie, adel (minus 1 as hoh). votes to keep 4: slob, sarah, rachelle, kenny, allison (minus 1 as a nominee). tie breaker hoh would send andrew home.


I don’t get your post frankly. Every alliance of more than 2 people has a pecking order period. Second 2 weeks ago Adel was gone with Paul. Now he actually has people to potentially play the game with. 11 left and he’s rallying a group of 4 or 5 to compete potentially. Poor Adel has actually gone from next out to rarely talked about at least as next target. If the alternative is between no one and Jon/Arlie to work with what would you do genius? Shake my freaking head!


I really want to believe that an Adel, Arlie, Jon, and Neda alliance could happen. I’m worried that Arlie isn’t really in it, though. To be honest, he’s safer for longer if he stays with the 1st 5. They won’t come after him unless they catch wind of the sneaking around he’s doing, which Sara already knows about.


I never watched BB6 when it was airing in 2005 but I watched the episodes on archives a few years later. This really does feel like a Friendship vs. Sov 6 battle right now. This next HOH is the most important HOH in BB Canada 2. If Adel, Big Jon, Heather, or Neda wins, the tide could finally turn. If Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina, Sarah, or Allison win, it’s probably wrap city and the First 5 will dominate the rest of the game. Arlie won’t try and win it because of his connections to both sides. FTR, I’m Team Neda/Adel/Heather/Big Jon. Adel is the Canadian Kaysar of this season it seems.


So agree ! Next HoH is HUGE !


I think the next HOH needs to be Neda.

Jon, Arlie, Heather and maybe even Adel are overthinking it and saying they don’t want to put up Andrew and Kenny beside each other initially.

Like, this happens year after year after year. PUT THEM BOTH UP. At least one will still be on the block come eviction night.


i loved right after veto ceremony, Sabrina and Sarah both trying to fake cry and pretend they liked Ika and that they love her in the storage room

and Neda with those powerful eyes just glared at Sabrina, didnt say a word


If Jon were smart he would cut all ties to the F5 and align with Adel and Neda. I’m not too sure where Arlie’s loyalties stand (though he seems to be willing to work with them) and Heather can be convinced to join on as an extra vote if anything. It’s too bad Ika’s one foot out the door. Would have loved to see her in this alliance as well.


Jon is not with the F5.


There may be hope for IKA.

IKA needs to fight hard to stay. If Jon, Adel, Arlie, and Neda vote to keep IKA then that is 4 votes. Somehow they need to reel in Allison and make serious deals with her that they (Adel, Arlie, or Jon or Neda) will keep her safe next week (Adel swear on your Quran)!

They need to somehow expose or plant a rumor around the house that Sabrina, Andrew, and Sarah don’t care about Allison one bit and will put her up next week regardless of what they promised her. If they can get that vote, then IKA can stay, sending Heather home.

Power Shift: Adel, Arlie, Neda, Jon, and Ika vs. Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison in the middle somewhere between the two groups.

I don’t hate Heather, don’t find her too annoying anymore, I just think IKA deserves to stay over Heather, has proven herself, won at least 1 comp, and Heather is just in it to get her moment in the limelight.


The 1st 5 are coming after Allison or Jon next week. Arlie would be able to confirm that. If they really wanted to, they could bring Allison over to their side and save Ika. That would mean that Arlie would have to go against his team, and I doubt he’s ready to do that yet.


I agree. That is a great idea that could potentially work if she was smart about it. She could go crying to Sabrina saying that everyone else is too scared to give her a sympathy vote, and Sabrina, the only ballsy one, is the only hope she has left. She could then tell Sabrina that she doesn’t even have to tell anyone she was the sympathy vote; she could blame it on Allison, saying that Allison is Canada’s player. Sabrina would love that idea because it makes her Ika’s hero, gains Ika’s approval, paints Allison in a negative light and is manipulative. Then if Sab actually believes this crap Ika tells her, she is then hilariously blindsided by Ika, acutally casting the deciding vote to keep Ika in the game. Sab would have a meltdown. Chaos ensues and the race for HOH is on. Now that would be fun to watch.


I love this under dog alliance!!!

And I LOVE those digging for gold tweets, the fact that I received more than one in a day is killing me!!!! LOL


I love Adel. He has his eyes open in this game. I think that Kenny and Andrew need to be put up and throw Sabrina in the chair if a veto is played. I like Arlie too. Neda seems like the most normal of the girls. Really don’t care for Sabrina. Andrew just seems nasty – nose picking and being a man whore. Sarah and Kenny. I guess I feel neutral about. The other house guests are just there. Would like to see some unexpected evictions.


imagine if after a few seasons they raise the prize to 500,000… now that would be crazy


Adel and ika have such hilarious conversations. I think adel and neda are the only people I can cheer for., more so adel.


I wish production created a twist that made Adel’s “fake veto power” real.


That ‘s an awesome idea if happens.


She (sab) looks crazy on that picture where she is counting and talking to herself 🙂


I agree lol
please god forgive me


i wish anick and kayle were still in the house ans sabrina and sarah evicted. like seriosuly.


I really like that Adel, Neda, Jon, Arlie, Heather have formed a alliance….this is great (hopefully one of them will win HOH)

it will be 5 against 5 in the next hoh because Rachelle can’t play as out going hoh… they have a 50/50 chance of winning it and if they win they will have the number to vote out who ever they wish:):):)



Sabrina is by far the MOST DISGUSTING creature I have ever seen. This hippopotamus constantly picking her nose and flicking it everywhere GROSS!!
She and Andrew definitely go well together and should be given a task to pick each others nose non stop with Allison watching.


I have watched every season of Big Brother U.S. and I have been analyzing Ika’s situation ever since I knew she would be backdoored and I do say a possible play that would make her a master mind of this game:
Tell Sabrina that she knows no one is voting for her and just wants 1 sympathy vote from her
Tell Adel that with 1 sympathy vote from Sabrina, and with votes from Neda and Adel, she only needs 2 more
Convince Jon and Arlie that you will have better chances of winning HoH and securing their alliance over Heather.

All of this, in my opinion, is doable. It’s no funeral but I don’t expect any of these houseguests to be even as smart as Dan. Ika knows she screwed up her HoH, I would just love to see her start a battle in this house!


she might actually do better trying to get that “sympathy vote” from sarah i think


Ika needs to fight to stay in this house….

damn, If i was in the game, i wouldn’t get voted out…..

I would be a “Dan”

hear is what Ika should have done….. talked with neda, adel, jon, alrie into voting for her to stay but have a huge blow up with all the house accept with sarah and sabrina and than on wednesday have a melt down talking about how everyone hates you and it sucks knowing u are leaving with out even 1vote against heather of all people….than have alrie find out if they took the bate and one of them will give you a vote; and if so you than have all the votes to stay and heather goes…..

If that didn’t work lie lie lie claming that adel is going to take you off the block on thursday and he is going to put up andrew if everyone isn’t going to vote for you to stay, use the guilt card

if that didn’t work claim that adel can use his canada veto to evict who ever he likes if he doesn’t agree with the out come; that might would scare them into voting heather out….

if that didn’t work explain to allison that sabrina is coming after her hard core and if she can help you with getting votes to stay; u will never put her up on the block and she can vote for you to stay and u will lie and say that “sarah” voted for you to stay; like she did with voting for heather to stay last week; that way it puts a target on sarah’s back….

if that didn’t work use the mother card and tears to push sarah into getting people to vote for you to stay over heather….

if that didn’t work hide a bush of heather’s stuff in sabrina’s bed so that heather thinks sabrina stole from her and she has a huge blow up and sabrina pushes for heather to get voted out, because everyone listen’s to sabrina.


Interesting thoughts here. I do believe the “1 sympathy vote would have been a decent strategy”. It would only work if the people your targeting have a heart! Good luck getting Sabrina or Sarah to do anything. The interesting thing is the strategy that had a very small chance of working wasn’t employed. That was leveraging Adel’s power before the backdoor vote. In theory he could have gone to Rachelle and said I’m taking Ika off if you nom her and replacing her with your “best friend” Sabrina! That would have created an interesting dilemma for Brina. But again Adel swore on the Koran he wouldn’t use it. I actually think the real value in Adel’s power is using it as a bluff personally.

Ika is gone and there is no way to save her. As others have stated the outcasts need to win HOH. Second you need 2 of the 1/5(4) up on the block to start. Just putting up Allison as a pawn can screw things up on voting. No assurance the outcasts would vote as a block. You know Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina and Sarah will plus they have Rachel locked up. 1 would be up opposite Allison so 4 votes to evict Allison there already. That means all 4 outcasts who are not HOH must vote as a block to keep Allison. You’d been counting on Arlie to flip his game on a 4-4 coin flip. Heather has to be a dependable vote for the outcasts. Good luck on that Sabrina will work her over but good. Everyone one will remind her they saved her, ect ect. Anything other than 2 of the 1/4 on the block eviction night this thing goes no where! Add to it that there is still a double eviction possible Thursday and THAT would make communicating double tough I think everyone hopes here are going to be greatly disappointed.


omfg! I have been thinking this all day !

The only thing is Arlie prefers heather over Ika. But it would’ve have been a great idea, great minds think alike.


What would be awesome is when/if Ika is sent home, on her way out she says watch out for that booger-picking fake-ass cow cause she’s messing will all of your games. Or tell each one before she goes what Sowbrina has said about them. I don’t know, my really negative view of Ika has turned in the last few days via the late-night convos she has with Adel. Heather is not fighting even to stay in the house, rather floating in the house and getting tossed a life preserver over and over. She can’t win sh*t and I really don’t want to see her ‘dance’? anymore – it’s just wrong.


Are kidding me sarah is making a bday cake for her husband and asks kenny if he would like a taste….hahahaha…does she not care about her man at all!! I feel really bad for jason slap in his face!


How is offering cake to someone a ” slap in the face”? Should she eat the entire thing herself to prove her loyalty?

pretty trickster

yeah i dont really understand that either, am i missing something?


Are you really that stupid she has a HUGE crush on kenny follows him around strokes his beard scratches his back then makes a cake for her husband and offers it to her undercover showmance…did u not hear kenny say to her if u werent married id totally do you and sarah said I AGREE and hugged you are as blind as the people in the house!


Ya your brain the crush she has on kenny and jon is totally ovious nitwit


Say what you want about Kenny and Sabrina playing the game well but honestly they are so vile. There is a way to lie and play the game and have others do your dirty work without being so vile! It will bite them in the ass big time. Hope Jon or Arlie wins next week and puts either Kenny or Andrew up with Sabrina. That would be the best play. Ika deserves to go she hasn’t done sh*t to save herself.


Sabrina and Andrew deserve each other.

Allison could do better.

I’m pretty sure Allison doesn’t like Sabrina.

I hope neda and Allison start talking game together


It looks like Arlie’s plan is to be in a 5 person alliance with both sides of the house after Thursdays eviction. He’s taking in info, but not really giving anything away to either side. All he has to do is wait until one team comes out ahead and choose the alliance that works better for him. It might work.


I’m not sure why ppl want Arlie to win so bad… Nothing would change… He wouldn’t put up Kenny or Andrew… Not even Sabrina or Sarah for that matter… He’s part of the first 5 alliance.


You are correct. He’s just playing Adel IMO. There is something about him not sure what but I don’t like him or his game


I’m afraid that Adel keeping his real power a secret from Jon & Arlie may prove fatal to him and the people he’s working with.
Best case scenario he will HOH next week and doesn’t have to use it that week, keeping it still in play, but secret.
Considerably worse would be, when his alliance member wins HOH and asks for him to use it, but he can’t At best he comes out of it with only some trust lost.
So many moves could be made next week based on the lie and if the those moves are made by their group, they can easly backfire.
Since Ika told Neda about the real power, hopefully she will let Jon know what it really does and they can be more prepared.

Relax ppl!

I think people are being very harsh towards sabrina…..ITS A F*****GAME people! When someone is motivated, they will do what they need to do!!! The others are just floating behind her! She is pulling the strings and busting her ass, talking game 24/7! ….. She can be a little more refined, YES! But in terms of “playing the GAME” I really think she’s doing the best she know how, pulling out all the stops.


Sabrina is everything fans hate in the game… A useless competitor and a crazy shit talker. Eventually it will catch up with her.


Have u been reading and watching the videos on this site… I’m a Huge fan of big brother, and Sabrina’s game play leave a really bad taste in ur mouth. She is not being strategic, but extremely emotional n she crazy .. So I’m sorry to say this to you but flabina aight got no game, just hot air. N a lot of unnecessary lying( I can’t stand her).


I like Arlie, but he is not thinking about the final. If he ever makes that far, what will he say to the jury members (these houseguest seem to me like they would be bitter) what big move did he do, keeping Ika would be a big move n worth of respect. But this idiot is taking the two strongest guys ( mind u they have each other backs) n two horrible women .. Who will get the money over him. An alliance can take u so far, n they will acuse him of floating all the way. 5 five person alliance is to dangerous for him. I like Arlie as a person but not as a game player..


Don’t be expecting Arlie to betray his first five alliance. Arlie is in the best spot in the house. He can pretty much sit back and relax and watch everyone attack one another.


Maybe, but I see their options of trading Arlie in for Rachelle. Win/win. Rachelle will win some comps at least. They could consider that if they drop Arlie. ???

How Many Mental Disorders

So far, I am at 4 and the jury’s out on the 5th – I count 5 people in the first 5 alliance that brilliantly mimic human emotion when the need arises, have great influence over others in the house (inexplicably), and have coincidentally entered the house at the same time – 1st.
There is always at the very least 1 in every single season, in every single Big Brother, across every single country; a sociopathic personality.
This is one Season where such a weird phenomenon seems to have occurred with so many in one alliance.
Of course, I’m not finished my thesis and studies 🙂 but it doesn’t take a genius to see what is happening and the influence it has in this particular Big Brother.
Really fascinating on a sociological level and frustrating as heck to see people unable or unwilling to challenge it. With numbers increased (this being 5 in one alliance), the potential for powerful influence is more solidified. Unless or until twists in the game and mental or physical competitions that can’t be overcome by sheer magnetism of such people turn the tides.
What do I know, eh?


IKA’s plea to Kenny (abridged version): “I’m a fierce competior. I won’t come after you. I will come after you alliance member Andrew though. I will also sell out my alliance member Jon to you, as he’s also going after Andrew. Oh, and, btw, Adel is completely loyal to me, so we have at least strong threats against your alliance, if you keep me. Good deal, right?”


at least 3 strong*