“If I win the Veto he’s going home.. use my f*king families name in your f*king mouth for strategy”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-08 20-08-30-398
BB16-- 2014-09-08 17-06-23-857
5:03pm Storage room Derrick and Caleb
Caleb is going over some of the things Frankie has told him.. Frankie has been stressing to Caleb how Caleb is a good guy. Derrick says he’s giving everyone complements because he’s hoping they take him to the end. Derrick says nobody is going to take Frankie to the end he’s won ’12’ comps, “Yeah Frankie i’m going to take you to the end so you can smoke me”
Derrick tells him if Caleb or Cody are in the end Derrick is voting for them to win over Frankie. Derrick warns that they can’t control Frankie winning all the competitions he’s going to get a bunch of votes. Derrick says for Frankie to get to the end he’ll need to have won all the vital competitions that is very tough to beat. Derrick knows Frankie sees Caleb is close to Cody and Him it’s apparent. “There’s a brotherhood there”
Caleb tells him about Frankie saying people will vote to give Derrick the money because he’s got a daughter and a wife. Derrick doesn’t think that is how people will vote, “This is big Brother not Ellen.. If I got three wins and he’s got 13 look who’s winning”
Derrick adds if Frankie makes it to the end he’s pretty much won the game himself with all his competition wins. On there way out Derrick thanks Caleb for telling him about what Frankie said. Derrick says it doesn’t bother him at all. (But I think he does)

BB16 2014-09-08 17-23-12-723

5:21pm They are eating dinner. Caleb brings up Frankie constant smacking and slurping while he eats. Frankie says he can eat proper at fine restaurants but most of the time he eats like a pig.

** Nobody has noticed the sign on the main TV it’s been up since 5 and most people have walked by it.

BB16 2014-09-08 17-36-47-905

5:35pm Victoria is the first to see that the live show starts in 48 hour
They all starts screaming.. Frankie – I was right I was right I was right
Frankie – that has been up for half an hour we never noticed.
They head out to the pool table to play a couple games. Everyone speculating what this means with the season. Caleb thinks Big Brother 16 ends on Sunday.


5:43pm Cody, Derrick and Caleb
Agreeing they are the final 3 they can pull the last few wins out and make it.
Derrick – we’re not f***g losers.. that guys is so nervous he’s using my f***g kid..
Derrick – If I win the Veto he’s going home.. on my word on my family.. as long as he’s not HOH..
Frankie comes back. they go back to talking about the Wednesday live show. Derick doesn’t think it’s a excitation. Frankie thinks they each get to play in a competition with their Big Brother Doppelganger. (This was a twist Idea of Frankie’s were production picks a past player that best mimics their game play and they compete in a competition against them. People actually give this theory credence)
Caleb starts suggesting that maybe in 48 hours they bring in all the celebrities they want to see.
Caleb says all he heard was screaming from Victoria when she found the message.
Derrick – I thought it was the mouse.
Derrick saying if all the buttons did was speed up the game then it’s good for them, Less campaigning and downtime. “They are like man this season is so bad just push the button lets put them out of their misery”
Derrick still going with the theory that there isn’t an eviction on Wednesday it’s still on Thursday. He’s in a minority with this opinion.

6:01pm Victoria comes back “The message isn’t there anymore.. I think Julie is going to pop up on the screen”

BB16 2014-09-08 18-18-11-119

6:09pm Pool Caleb, Cody and Derrick
Caleb – old Frankie boy paranoid hoping he gets to to play in that next HOH
Derrick says he wants to win the money so bad but if he doesn’t win it he wants Cody or Caleb to win it, “on everything, dead serious”
Cody and Caleb feel the same way.
Derrick – I’m dead f***g serious.. and for some reason I get nicked out he ain’t winning… Just for the comment he made to you he ain’t winning it.
Derrick – use my f***g families name in your f***g mouth for strategy..
Derrick says one of them is winning 1/2 a million and they are buying if they end.
They go back to speculation of the Wednesday show..
Cody suggests that maybe their season is not doing well so they want to end it early.


6:53pm Chit chat and speculation 

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waka waka

Maybe if they didn’t have all their moves set in stone two weeks before every eviction, they’d have more things to do.

Just sayin'

Agreed! Most players spend this time campaigning or trying to decide who to vote out. This season has been ridiculously boring because no one tries to stay once “the house” says they’re evicted. Pathetic.


I know right? This has to be the dumbest Big Brother cast I’ve seen so far. They let the biggest comp beast and game player slide to the final 4 and NOW they are stressing about getting him out? Are they stupid? He should have been gone weeks ago. Everyone seen this coming and he is dominating comps like crazy. As much as I can’t stand Frankie, part of me hopes he wins it cause the other 3 boneheads are so stupid to have let him get this far. Way to go idiots.

Just goes to show how easily manipulated people are in this dumb down society we currently live in. Pad their ego and tell them what they want to hear and you can control anyone as Frankie has done.

There’s only two possible reasons for this outcome, either Big Brother is rigged or the Caleb, Derrick and Cody are stupid as hell for letting Frankie get this far.


I think there is another significant factor. That’s called the stipend! They get dropped into the house one goal many set for themselves is make the jury. You get max stipend. Once in the jury many then don’t refocus to F4 then F2. Those would be the folks already in the jury. They go way to willingly as goal 1 once achieved wasn’t replaced with a new goal.

Show me the money! Derrick is a mortal lock if he makes F2. Might end up like Neda F3 but getting rid of Frankie would make the 3 part final a reality. Presuming Caleb nor Frankie are willing to drop for Derrick in endurance. Derrick will need part 2 for 7 questions in part 3. Victoria may not go home Wednesday I’ll be beyond PO’d unless it’s Derrick leaving personally.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Yay for BB Australia! It’s already more interesting than BB US 16 after one episode.


Where can I watch BB AUS?!


type in BBAU 2014 you tube and go from there

Loathe Frankie

Simon and Dawg…Do I pay again for live feeds or is it automatic? From my account? I’m not sure. I only paid the $9.99..and am not sure how to go about signing up for the last few weeks? Take into account…that I shudder about doing this. But accept that I’m addicted……….keep HOPING that things will get better 🙂

Loathe Frankie

So…How do I know if I should pay again..or is it automatic? Not sure about this..because I think I signed up in the middle of last month.
Also…I am donating again right now..BECAUSE..anyone who can report on this drivel absolutely desrves it 🙂
So why then am I taking the feeds? Well..yeah..I’m a glutten for punishment. And..it will be SO WORTH it if Frtankis gets evicted..and booed. One can dream, right?


It’s been killing me all season that every Thursday, the person being evicted is dressed to leave and everyone else is dressed to compete …. can they not at least all dress the same so we have a little bit of the unknown … it’s bad enough all season has been the “house vote”, but at least give us something to hold on to …. they might as well have that person sitting there with their bag in their lap!!! I miss the days when the votes were split and you didn’t know until the last vote and nobody else did either … seriously, if this doesn’t change next year, I fear they may have a ratings dip!

Frankie's Flame

This season has been ‘expect the expected’! Worst season ever.
Kind of miss those vile btiches, Amanda and GM!


I recently started watching this season, can people specifically tell me what frankie has done to be so hated? I think hes gonna get booed like the girl last week lol

Who's on First

It’s called jealousy. Frankie has a famous sister and people wanna hate. It’s like Justin Bieber. Frankie lives in a world all these posters, including me, can’t even dream of. So they pick apart conversations and quotes made at 3 in the morning and turn him into a monster. Many people here think only “good” people can win BB. That’s the truth Ruth.


Here’s a tip, want people to take you seriously? Don’t admit that you’re a justin beiber fan! Frankie IS a hateful person who shows that every day on the live feeds.


half sister different daddy should have different last names wonder why they don’t hmm


@rsw – my brother & I have different fathers, but share the same last name. My birth father adopted my brother & my brother took my dad’s last name. It is possible for half-siblings to share the same name. I don’t know exactly how Frankie & Ariana share the same name, but it is possible.


Easy. Grande isn’t their last name. It’s their mother’s maiden name. Their grandfather that died was their mother’s dad. Her last name is Butera and his is Marchione.


How the hell is that a reason to hate someone!?


13 year old ariana fan alert! First of all, frankie is not famous and does not live in the same world as bieber(who is a douche btw). His sister may live in that world but he doesn’t to the extent she does. She only began to become famous 2 years ago so that means that this “world” he’s living in that you’re talking about has only been since he was 29. So I think it’s ridiculous to think he’s a huge part of the celeb world. And not everyone wants to be a part of that. It’s a shallow, hollow, pretentious existence for a lot of them and most people don’t want the drama of that . So don’t assume posters on here are jealous of frankie. That’s so incredibly ignorant. No one in their right mind would want to be frankie or act like him.

Linda in Tx

BRAVO, Anonymous, very well said. I agree with your comments 100%. Thank you for posting.


You sound so ignorant. No one likes frankie bc he’s a complete jerk. And don’t assume you know people on here, who they are and what they want to be . Most people don’t want to be part of that life. And you have no idea if some of the people on here are filthy rich or even famous in some way. Everyone is anonymous genius so you can’t make any judgements about anyone’s status or desires in life.


Are you related to Frankie? Because it has Nothing to do with Money or Jealousy, but more to do with how he portrays himself! He is All About Me and told the house guests who his sister was to stay in the game. It’s his Half Sister!!!!! He is foul mouthed and Rude and only cares about HIMSELF!!!!!!


As much as I hate Frankie, one thing that is being said keeps bothering me. A half – sister is still a sister. Just because they have different dads doesn’t make their familial relationship “fake” or any less. Sorry, but that whole argument has been irking me. But everything else he does absolutely sucks 🙂


This idiot is so self-absorbed he thinks it is the Frankie Show. He walks around on his tip toes and tries to hump, pet, & rub every guy in the house. He is constantly looking at the camera and pursing his little lips; he hogs all of the attention and acts like he is superior to everyone because his little sister sings. He says vile things to Victoria and others in the house. He chews like a pig, has no manners, no grace, no ethics uh what else?????


Frankie Grande is one the best players of all time on BB. I am counting his 9 wins specifically, as that has tied him with Janelle Pierzina from BB7 All Stars who has 5 HOH wins and 4 POV to her credit, a record that has never been beaten. You could say that Frankie is the top male winner when it comes to comps and certainly Janelle is the top female winner and one of the greatest players in BB history. As for Frankie’s social game, it is a toss up if he has earned respect from some or the ire of others. Other than Zach, there is nobody that would have lingering resentment towards him. I think we know that Zach will still vote for Frankie in the end if he gets to the final.


He is a mean girl, he is fake nice and talks a lot of crap. People started hating him after he betrayed his bff Zach and when he announced that Arriana Grande is his sister to save him from being voted out and he’s semi famous because of it, he talks of his life as a “celebrity” and promised to use his money to build schools in Africa which is a lie.

Loathe Frankie

Frank is Fake. A clingy, wannabe star. He has no talent..no social graces…no good looks. He’s over the top with his mannerisms. Just cringeworthy. Not to mention..disgusting hygiene habits. he’s not comfortable in his skin..and it just makes one tense watching and hearing him. Basically..a jealous little queen. I have a lot of gay friends…all loathe him. My friends are kind, generous..empathetic..very creative…everything that Frank is NOT!!
Yes..he’s good at competions. but that’s it. As a human..he is sadly lacking. He is in a word..an arse creeper.



I agree i hate frankie more then i hated arryn and amanda last season which is y its smart to take him to the end hes easily beatable because it will b a very bitter jury and no one will vote for him because of all the mean hateful things he said and donny or zach for AFP


The reason why people him…
He thinks he is better than everyone.
He is a pervert.
He said a lot of arrogant (ex.. telling Jocasta to kill herself).
He is a fame whore.
He is a bully.
That’s all I got.


youtube.com/watch?v=aJCbP8dNjwU&feature=youtu.be such a jerk and he was my fave at the start


Oh for heavens sake… It’s already out in mainstream media he’s the most hated HG go BB (and no it’s not because feeders are jealous of him….gimme a break). Goo to TheWire.com for a great article with video clips showing why he’s a pathetic creature


Another place to go is Tamara Tattles with an expose of Frankie’s attitude to others from his journal of his trip to Africa, a link to his ridiculing Mama Elsa’s (mother of Marisol on Real Housewives of Miami) bad plastic surgery, and an article on why he is despicable. There’s another hilarious one numbering Caleb’s lies and/or exaggerations.


Lol ummm bc he’s a nasty, self absorbed, pompous, misogynistic pig. He molests the other men in the house, acts like a 13 year old, and makes incredibly hateful and offensive comments. Not to mention he thinks he is gods gift to the world. Google Tamara tattles frankie J grande and read the article that pops up. Really showcases how bad he is.


OMG!!!! What a Ahole


As in Frankie I meant


Wow i knew he was a fucking dick but i never knew he could b that bad i honestly feel sorry for everyone who comes in contact with him wow i did’nt know anyone could b that vile


Christine got booed because she is a married woman who spent her time rubbing up on a cute young boy in appropriate ways … and she was hateful … and she was annoying … and she sucked up to the guys because I mean really, look what she has waiting for her at home … I doubt she has ever got any attention from a really cute guy before in her life and she fell right into their master plan …. she deserved it. Game play is one thing, loyalty to your spouse and acting appropriate is another.


I think Simon and Dawg should have a frequently asked questions column and the answer to “Why did they boo Christine?” would be yours. PERFECT!


Both Derrick and Cody will get booed as well. People don’t like how the men have treated women


I will say that Frankie is playing the game well. However, he is the dirtiest/grossest houseguest that I can remember. You would not want to watch/hear him eat, no manners whatsoever. To top it off, his groping of other houseguests should have earned him the boot off the show by now.


Frankie is such a homorroid.


Thanks for the updates! What a great site Simon and Dawg.!
Maybe this has been mentioned here before but I found it odd when the house guests were talking the other day about their luggage and packing and they mentioned that only Frankies and Dereks luggage had been taken and not returned.All the rest of them had their bags still.
Weird and gives credence to the theory that they have been picked by production to be there until the end. Disturbing if there is that much behind the scenes control in all of this .
I do feel that out of the remaining players in the house they both played the best games though or perhaps it was edited to appear they did?


I think that the houseguests get their suitcases back when they are on the block on eviction night (so they can pack). Derrick and Frankie are the only ones who haven’t been in that situation.

Who's on First

Psychological tests needed! Holla!


thank god they finally figured out the day change is due to football season on Thursdays. they could have been more sensitive and assumed it was because Thursday is Sept 11 and maybe the day change is due to having it on Wednesday instead of the 11th, but seems that never came up as a possible reason.

Frankie The Skankie

First! He sucks btw


Victoria is such a dumbass. She was actually telling Derrick last show if she could have just balanced the seesaw better, she would have won POV.

She is f*cking delusion. They could have given her 24 f*cking hours and she would have never completed it. No joke. She is a complete utter putz.

she's got a lot of company

Who in this house is not delusional? Do you need to hear Caleb’s story about how he is going to be rushed at the airport for autographs (with people wearing #beastmode cowboy, of course!) for the hundredth time. It’s a tall order to get more delusional than that.
Cody doesn’t think he did anything ‘controversial’ in his relationship with Christine. Derrick thinks we love him talking to the camera and lying to us in his DRs. Frankie’s delusional about absolutely everything.
I agree with you that Veronica is a dim bulb and every time she goes on about how she almost won the comp I have a good laugh. The others have said the same thing at times though.
What I don’t like about her is remembering her ‘my sisters and I are like the Kardasians!’ and ‘I can wrap any man around finger’ comments from her intro. It’s interesting to see such an egomaniac get put in check. If she was in a good position I bet she’d be completely obnoxious (just like these boys).

Team Anyone

“If I would have just balanced the seeds better,” “If I would have just understood the question,” “If I would have just…” SHUT THE HELL UP Shmucktoria!!!!! OMG this girl will not need help when she gets out because she still won’t get it! She’ll look at the shows again and again, and again, and again, and never get it. Finally, in like, Day 89 she thinks of talking game to get rid of Cody instead of her. Very Good Smucktoria! Except for the fact that Derrick has taken Psycology 101 while you were shopping, and he is able to talk you off that ledge. Oh! And while talking you off that ledge, is able to get You, Schmukie, to convince the whole house to take him to F2. WOW. Derrick is borderline abusive. It’s like picking on a kid that is mentally challenged. That isn’t fair.

Frankie is a la Grande!

The guy is the best player in BB history, more HoH and POV than anyone else.

He is going to wipe up this year and there isn’t anything you haters can do about it.

I heard he is going to be offered a spot in a major movie.

And needless to say he is SUPER SUPER HOT!

Best body in the house.

Suffer for a couple more weeks people, I will be watching my future mate.


You’re an idiot.

Gays Against Frankie

Reveal yourself, spiteful troll!


If Skankie makes a movie, I won’t be seeing it.


Nobody would…unless you’re at the peep shows in Times Square

Butters Mom

Guaranteed box office flop.

Fakie Garbage

No hate here imbecile. Just cold, hard facts about your wretched, reprehensible piece of trash idol you worship. This game isn’t merely competition winning; it’s best game play but even that doesn’t matter. The jury decides and this jury is bitter. He isn’t going to win. Isn’t it past your bedtime? Run along now and leave the bb talk to the grown ups.


Crazy person alert ! Does this motion picture role you’re talking about possibly go by the name of ‘frankie does the big apple’? That’s about the only “movie” role I could imagine frankie being offered. Maybe Caleb can make his big screen debut with him. I’m sure frankie would love that.


You sound like you deserve each other! Good luck with that!


Another pervert! Can’t believe there are two in the world.

Another Anonymous

Derrick had no idea how true his quote was: “They are like man this season is so bad just push the button lets put them out of their misery.” Too bad that stupid button will prolong this disaster of a season another boring week.


What we are really hoping is when they pushed the button and started the countdown, the house will explode when it reaches 0 to end all of our suffering. I’ve been an avid watcher since the beginning yet this year…there are no words except, I’m done. Like others my only hope is too hear those glorious boos when each of them leave the house so maybe I’ll watch the eviction. Sadly, if next year starts off equally as bad, I’m not wasting my time CBS/BB. Phew. Done venting. Thanks for all your hard work Simon and Dawg. I will be making purchases through your Amazon link to help support.


LOL right? I was thinking, “Finally, some INSIGHT from ones of these clowns!”


It won’t extend the season a week. What will happen is they’ll play it over on Wednesday someone gets evicted as planned. No extension from pushing the button.

By the way I’m hoping production gets bit in the azz and Frankie gets evicted. Couldn’t roll out the button on Donny’s eviction week? Frankie from HOH to Jury please AG. Though then douche Victoria stays. This season sucks


Ahhh then theres this guy!


Well…I hope it happens…Live on Wed night…They have just announced that on Wednesday Obama will address congress…time has not been announced… whether or not if it will be prime time…but of course it probably will be

Butters Mom

I think BB not being shown due to the President speaking will be perfect. lol Ratings will go down.


I’m just amazed that nobody in that house thinks Derrick is going to win. I haven’t seen nobody making a single coment of even the possibility of not taking him to final 2, it’s always “We cant take Caleb”, “We can’t take Frankie”, “We can’t Cody”, how come nobody is questioning him??? ( and if they do, he just pull the most bogus “Jedi Trick” and it WORKS?????)

I seriously just don’t get it……… that many people can’t be that blind……………….I know they are, i’m just in denial………

Still hoping that the toaster makes an aliance with victoria’s hair extensions and flip the how game!!!!!!

Caleb's boob

So true. At this point the only 2 left to pull for are Derrick and Caleb.

Who's on First

Yup, it was said on the last update here. Final 2 of Frankie and Derrick would be the first season where the 2 best players made it to the end. After all these years of complaining about floaters, now we finally have players making it to the end. Assuming Vic is out soon. Now people complain cause they don’t meet their moral standards. Let thee of no sin cast the first stone.


Got a box of rocks here. Anybody want one?

Derrick is a loser

Nope it would be the typical ending. Frankie/Derrick a comp beast and a floater. Derrick is a floater and I am hoping this little plan he has with Victoria really backfires. It’s unnecessary and stupid. Which has been Derrick’s game. He says both options then when they pick one he goes into the DR and says I got them to evict Nicole. Frankie/Caleb/Cody wanted her out…but of course it was because he thought she was on to him. I swear viewers are far more dumb then the HGs ppl watch the live feeds and know most of the things that go on are not his ideas and then they are like he is amazing cause he said it in the DR. Pathetic. Derrick just again compared himself to Dan, are u kidding me idiot. If he had been a good player Frankie/Caleb would not be in that house, he knew about their F2. He knew they were comp beasts. He went with the house and took credit for it.

Say Wha???

Derrick is a floater? Did I read that right? Say what you will but hes been working everyone raw in this game & with such finesse, the HGs aren’t even threatened. Derrick should win.


The reason is because the only one that considers Derrick a mastermind is Derrick.
He tries to take credit for every eviction but who exactly has he evicted or saved?
I want to know who he managed to get rid of that his alliance didn’t want gone anyways?
I’ve even seen some Derrick-misted fools compare him to Dr Will and Dan??? Lol
I saw Dr Will manage to get Janelle to nominate her best friend and have him evicted.
I saw Dan manage to get Danielle to put up Shane and get him evicted.

Team Anyone

It’s because of Cody and Caleb’s EGO’s!!! I said it before, it will be the death of Caleb. Plus, in their eyes, Derrick is the new Victoria. Take Derrick to the end to beat him.

FRANKIE, like it or not, is onto Derrick. Has been for weeks now, but won’t “backstab” any of the boys. Finally, Frankie is planting seeds about Derrick winning in the end and did you hear Derrick?? “Talking about MY FAMILY for your game!” What a fool… Oh I get it Derrick, you can talk about Frankie’s sister being the reason he will win, but Frankie can’t mention you winning because you have a family??. I LOVE how Derrick twists that around! LOVE IT!! No one is allowed to talk game, but Derrick.


Knowing this Season there is the possibility that everything will go exactly the same.
All Houseguests can compete in the ReBoot HoH.
Frankie wins HoH
Frankie wins Veto.
The only thing that changes is Frankie may use the veto and take down Victoria and put up or Derrick or Caleb wins the Veto and saves Victoria and Frankie then puts up Derrick.

That is more than likely the biggest twist of all. The only thing that needs to happen is Victoria say that Nicole said that that the jury is very bitter and they want to vote for Derrick to win (Nicole did say that, both her and Hayden felt betrayed by Cody/ Christine and that she wanted Derrick to win.) Donny even said something to the same effect about Cody and Derrick. Also people do the freaking math you are all at the final 5 and one person has never been on the block… that should say something and it isn’t that he is NOT a threat… it says his social game is the best and you will loose to him.

Granted I don’t want Frankie to win… at this point I could care less who wins this Season… could be any of them I am apathetic, all I can say is Derrick is the least offensive choice.

I heard...

Victoria is used to old balls in her face.


Vic and Mike Boogie now have something in common…Zing


they need to recruit Victoria to Nancy Kerrigan Frankie want to hear him say why why why think dawg remembers that

What BB are u watching

Future mate….HOT…Best Body….Which BB are you watching, but Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder?


Don’t you mean “beer holder”. 😉


Yes you guys are sooooooooo boring. I wish we were watching the jury house. I bet it’s way more interesting! My thought is they should of just brought all the jury members back when that button was pressed and double evict to the end. That would shake things up!




Agree. Derrick is a douche.


I have the same wonderment that they don’t even consider Derrick a threat. Maybe they have been in the house too long and they have been brainwashed. Seems like he is an invisible man.

Beatrix Kiddo

I don’t know about all you other grouchy b*stards but this grouchy b*tch is actually excited for tomorrows show.:)


Thank you Caleb for mentioning Frankie’s loud, disgusting eating. All though you failed to mention Victoria’s! They are both so bad with eating. I couldn’t stand it if I were in the house. I’d have to leave the room.


Does DePrick not realise that his baby daughter will forever be known as “Fu**ing kid”?

Nana B

Yes, that is so disrespectful to his daughter.
I cringe every time I hear him say that.
He is a POS!!

Mean Girls, BB Edition

Thanks for mentioning how the family man has a habit of referring to his daughter, Tenley, as the “fu***** kid.” I’ve cringed each time he’s referred to her in that denigrating way; she’s his innocent child. When he becomes angry or upset ( like when discussing Frankie’s reference to his family and how the jury will regard his wife and daughter in securing jury votes), he verbally throws his loved ones under the bus, I hope it’s not habitual verbal abuse that they suffer back in RI; it’s probably just the pressure of the BB House.

Derr!ck n his mind-f@rk!ng tactics

This chap excels in that department .. V!ctoria is obviously in awe of what spills outta his mouth.

On a lighter note, I just bought a harness vest for my Chinese Crested pup =^.^= via amazon.com via this website.

*You can fuck off if you dont like me; remember its mind over matter. I dont mind and you dont matter.
~ Unknown quote*


BTW, anyone that is bored with BB16 should try BBAU. Season opener, part one, was tonight and it already has more twists than we have seen all season. The house is incredible with indoor sauna, a punishment fishbowl, great bedrooms and an atmosphere never seen on BB US.


I would love to watch BBAU again I lived there for a year. Unfortunately we can not watch show from Australia in the US… there is this annoying thing of being blocked. Now if you can recommend a way to get around this I would appreciate it very much…. I also miss the Footie Show and Australia Project Runway is a lot of fun too.

Teri B

I watch it on YouTube. Just do a search for Big Brother Australia 2014. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SHOW!!


Hi Eric
I just type in BBAU you tube and go from there. ENJOY

Not Clueless

I heard that the rewind will go as far back as Christine leaving the house, meaning Derrick will not have a chance at the HOH comp. The only other person who I want to win HOH on Thursday is Cody (due to Derrick not playing) and put up dumb-ass and freak show and Derrick wins POV-One can only wish that either Frankie or Caleb leave this week.

BBAD tonight

Watched the first 1/2 hour and the only thing remotely entertaining was the sound the hammock made as it rocked back and forth,

BTW – Considering how much pool these people play, THEY SUCK AT IT


Watching big brother after dark..Derek wants Victoria to do his dirty work to get Frankie out wonder if Frankie will fall for it.

Nana B

The great manipulator is working his magic on his little princess. He has been trying all along to get on the good side of all the jury members right before they were evicted and now he is trying to set the stage for Frankie to feel safe about taking him to F2 instead of Caleb.
Derrick is getting more satisfaction from this than if she had given him a blow job… he even told her if she could pull this off he would take her on a cruise. Wonder what his wife will think about that. He is really a piece of work…or should I say a POS.
Can’t wait to see the scramble Wednesday if she gets things going according to plan and then the game change happens.
I really don’t think she can play the part, but he sure is laying the script out for her.


Derrick has Princess Clueless believing helping him deceive everyone into a F2 for him is a classy way for her to leave the house. And she has a BIG grin on her face knowing she is going to be booted out, but she is going to get satisfaction knowing she was no fool during the game. LOL. Is she even aware that there is money involved when someone wins BB? I am wondering if she comes from a very wealthy family because she does not seem to care about winning any money. If he plays his cards right, Derrick probably could convince Princess Clueless to pay for a cruise for him. She is smitten!!


Booooring season. They need to somehow change the “vote with the house” way of thinking for the next season. It makes things so friggin predictable.

Kathie from Canada

The four ‘clever’ guys have pretty well boxed themselves into a corner. Now things come down to sheer luck winning HoHs and POVs. Final two has almost become a crap shoot! Too many things can go wrong! Gotta say I love it!

just saying...

Frankie ain’t buying Derrick’s load of crap! He can see right through him.

Frankie's dancing blue shorts

Even the most “famous” past BB contestants aren’t really that well-known outside BB TV circles, including past winners. (I mean, mention “Jeff and Jordan” and most people go, “Who are they?”) So take solace in knowing that Frankie will quickly fade back into oblivion.

Pink haired turdlet

I agree, he will disappear and I predict his little sister will wind up in rehab in about one to two years never to be heard from again.


Okay, Honestly Victoria deserves to get boo’d at so hard. I hope the audience throws rotten tomatoes at her. She is the worst player in history. I can’t believe it. PLEASE EVERYONE SHAME HER SO BAD!!! Everyone who goes into that house should feel fire under there ass to play the game. I hope everyone can boo her so much and make an example of what future bb players will receive if they do not play the game.

I think bb production liked the boo’s. They showed the house guests reactions to christines boos on the last episode. They didnt sweep it under the rug like it never happened. So obviously they like it. I encourage it. And most of all towards stupid people like victoria.

Another Anonymous

Sad to say that I dislike the others so much that I am actually pulling for Victoria to win rather than one of the other scumbags. If any of the four guys wins they will be even more full of themselves than they are already. If Victoria wins she won’t try to capitalize on her win in any way. It will probably take her at least a couple of years to even realize that she won. Plus, it would just kill the four guys to know they lost to her.


Come on victoria win hoh and veto and take out frankie the jury would surely vote for u to win i think she might win against derrick shes a floater has not won shit and for that she might win god its sad i’m cheering for victoria anyone would win against frankie though no one would vote for him he does not even have zachs vote i pray to god victoria can somehow win the game that would b awesome


These names came to my mind why watching Big Brother after Dark.
Derrick-Undercover Devil Advocate.
Frankie-Narcissistic Pink Hair Demon.
Cody-Prettyboy Floyd with no balls.
Caleb-Wannabe jack of all trades.
Victor-Princess Toothfairy.

The Beard

I was discussing this with my wife?What fame has any other former hg experienced beyond the Big Brother walls?I can’t think of one person who went on to great success in the entertainment business after their appearance on the show.Don’t know why they think this show is gonna be their stepping stone to stardom!!!

Another Anonymous

You’re expecting these houseguests to actually be smart enough to think. To paraphrase Donny, “They put the dumb in dumbo.”


Wow at CAPTAIN LIES Derek getting his panties in a twist b/c Frankie DARED to bring up his family, Uhm….hey d’bag all you do is bring up your little orphan annie daughter you know the girl who the other houseguests keep talking food out of her mouth. I hate Frankie but the obnoxious level on Derick is through the roof. Meanwhile in the last hour he has again talked Victoria out of trying to save herself and instead she’s in a covert plan to get him to the final two. Then a minute later he’s totally trashing her w/the other dolts.

I wish we could watch the jury house instead of this den of degenerate egomaniacs.


Nice Derrick,you’re pissed cause Frankie is using your kid/familys name but what did you say about them? You refered to them as “f*****g”……nice douche bag

I'm voting for production

I feel like production actually tried to throw a comp Victoria’s way this week with the photo freak show challenge. I mean, girlfriend is a professional photographer, this comp was kinda in her wheelhouse, if she was going to put up a W. I feel bad Derrick is playing her so bad right now, but at some point girl, you have win one. The BOB comps are not the same thing because you are partnered up. I just wish she would have won one on her own.

Loathe Frankie

Frank’s sister may be very talented. Good for her. BUT..she’s not playing in Big Brother..so she has no bearing in this game. Except, of course..Frank thinking he’s adding to her sales. I’m from Africa…and trust me on this…he’s a waste of time. if oprah couldn’t make it work..Frank isn’t going to either. But..he thinks it’s a good * thing to hang his hat on. Frank..they dance incredibly..sing as well..to them you’re a freaking joke.

Perhaps Frank can underatand this better. In any language…Fa van cuolo.

Alex C.

The “Beast mode Caleb” is definitely lured to go against Frankie by a somehow treacherous Derrick.That’s fine.What sucks is Derrick’s cheap way of persuasion.It seems to be working on bugger Caleb, but it certainly wouldn’t have worked on a guy like Donny for instance.

poor Caleb

Uffa. Caleb..SO desperate for fame. Derrick SO desperate to win. Frank SO desperate for Fame, Glory..and thinking that puts him on a par with his Famous Sister. Delusional to the nth degree.
Cody..well..it’s a step above being a Chippendale’s dancer. Victoria..it’s just a very long photo shoot.

In the long run..considering who’s left..Caleb or Victoria for the win. I loathed Christine..but felt awful for her. The booing was devastating. HOWEVER….the remaining house guests are SO freaking nervous about their reception..that I have to laugh FAKE MUCH?

Teri B

I see Production has been in Victoria’s ear……they always talk them into campaigning don’t they? Sucks


I’m not a fan of Caleb’s, I think he’s really backward in his views, he’s a bigot, who likes to kill animals in his free time, and he’s a pathological liar, but I have to admit this kid makes me laugh out loud. This goofball is funny.


It was hilarious watching Caleb push The Humping Pervert away when he tried to hug him. He called him a sl-t and then start hollering about how Frankie likes him, and Cody and Zach – bouncing from house to house – it does not work for him. Then Caleb starts on about it is like a rat trying to get into 4 different holes. He was throwing his arm around and said – it’s your hole – the other three aren’t – stay in your hole. That was the funniest and BEST advice given to The Humping Pervert all summer… LOL

big donny fan

Derrick is undercover as a humble family man trying to feed his kid.


He’s a nice family man that refers to his child as “fuc7ing kid “. Derricks a disgraceful man who only cares about money.


I can’t take another minute of this girl on live feeds – her voice, her walk, her weird accent, her juvenile personality and her stupidity in general.
She deserves nothing from this show – I still wonder about that ‘thing that production talked to her about’. Zach said she did something that ‘you never ever do on Big Brother’.
She has tarnished this season in so many ways and just an aside – before she is made up and has all the extra hair in she looks pretty hideous.


If humans from the beginning of time where all like Victoria. Slow, stupid, delusional…and many other things. We would still be living in caves. She is one of most useless humans I have ever seen.


And this is why I want her to win.
The cherry on top of the worst season ever … Congratulations! … Victoria???

Linda in Tx

. . . as for Frankie Grande and his behavior, shouldn’t CBS be monitoring what is broadcast via their network. Why hasn’t the FCC been involved. Yes BB is a game, but Frankie’s conduct and possible a few other HG’s, including a member of a Police Department and based on the comments which have been described their behavior within this site violate civic and federal laws. It is wrong for CBS not to take corrective measures regardless of the effects it might cause this game in progress, the effects it might have on the producers or advertisers. The conduct of the HG’s shouldn’t be dismissed.

Stupid twist

The twist will ensure that Frankie plays in the next hoh, becomes hoh again being the comp beast he is, and nominates victoria again.
So get ready to endure the same week again!!!

another name

so I didn’t watch most of Sunday’s episode. i noticed that there was a change in Frankie’s diary room persona. it felt to me like production was telling him to tone it down with the flamboyancy. no longer was his diary confessional like the deluded ravings of a secret lovechild from a john wayne gacy-esque circus clown and a dime a dance crack whore. no, now he was being more soft spoken, less gestural, less preening and grimace / smiling like a crazy-eyed pez head. production: it’s too late in the final couple of weeks to make him less offensive, he’s already suggested gang raping a fellow cast member, and made offensive comments about another house guest’s brothers disability. give it up.
as far as people wondering why no one has told Frankie to stop groping them as much as you might expect: look at how worried each of them are about being liked by the viewers. note the private life backlash that hit the previous season cast members after the racist and homophobic catastrophe. it wouldn’t surprise me if they are afraid to say stop doing that for fear that they will be viewed in a negative light by the public. just my own opinion.


PEZ HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best monikers yet. Love it.