Big Brother Spoilers “The whole house is on standby we’re all on pause” – Derrick

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-08 15-23-56-400

3:23pm Pool

BB16 2014-09-08 15-44-55-811

3:30pm Caleb and Frankie Pool Caleb can’t wait until they get out of here so they can party and he can be “real with them”. Explains he’s real with them now but can’t be more himself. Frankie feels the same way. Says he’s “constantly creating” content on social media, “I’m a lunatic”
They start talking about bringing Derrick to the end and how people may give him a vote because he’s married, has a kid and “Needs” the money. Frankie wonders how the jury will pick. Caleb will look at comp wins and loyalty. Caleb thinks Frankie will have a tough time winning because people may see his sister and see she’s a multi-millionaire. Caleb thinks they all have good reasons for winning the money.
Frankie says he would never accept money from his sister, “I’m going to work my a$$ off dfr my own money.. Mom and dad are fine.. no amount of money can cover for what my Mom has done for my sister”
Frankie says his sister would give him a job on her crew.
Caleb – hair and makeup
Frankie – No.. dancer or choreographer
Frankie says he’s happy to play the life as a struggling actor.. he would like to be famous.
Caleb – I’m sure ji’ll struggle numerous times.. but with the right people standing next to me i’ll be just fine… i might get out of here and go to Acting school and become a HUGE actor.. god what am i doing here I need some guidance.. I need some help.

BB16 2014-09-08 15-53-34-804

3:32pm FIREROOM Derrick and Cody
Derrick showing Cody the cut. He says the house is starting to get to people everyone is on edge
Cody says Caleb is on edge because of Frankie.
Derrick – If Frankie gets the opportunity he’ll take Caleb to the end.
Derrick says he got pissed at the Diary room they were asking if the other night when Victoria hopped on his bed if he was “Going in for a kiss”. Derrick asked them why they are asking him that got heated.
They start talking pet peeves Cody mentions Caleb being a one upper. Defines one uppers as people that don’t feel comfortable in themselves they always have to one up you. Derrick brings it back to the kiss question from the Dairy room.
Derrick – I’m ready to go bro.. I was wow I’m married with a f***g kid and you ask me that’
Cody – they can ask you one question that rattles in your head.
Derrick – that is what you are showing that is what you are asking me.
Cody thinks they pick and choose parts of the Diary rooms.
Derrick – it was weird I had no idea where they were going.
Derrick says Victoria looks at them all like her older brothers sure she looks at some of them as attractive but nothing else. Derrick says he’s worried if Cody wins HOH, puts up Caleb and Frankie and Frankie wins the Veto Derrick will go home. Cody doesn’t think Frankie will pick Derrick over Caleb. Derrick doesn’t think so he’s sure Frankie will cut him over Caleb. Frankie knows he won’t take anyone over Cody.
They agree they need to win the Veto coming up.
Derrick – it all comes down to that one Veto comp we win that we’re getting at least 50 thousand dollars.
Derrick – If I get nicked you better f***g win that Finale HOH and take yourself.
Derrick says he’s going to be fighting in the Jury house for Cody, “Caleb is a good dude but you deserve it more than him.. these people in the jury house are f*** mesmerized by him”
Cody says Caleb didn’t have much game for the first 1/2 of the season he hasn’t done as much as they have. Cody thinks he’ll tell everyone about the hitman because they have no idea about how they controlled the game.
Cody says Hayden is bitter because he trusted him and Cody backstabbed him. Nicole isn’t as bitter because she never trusted COdy fully, “That’s part of the game.. who the f*** cares..”
Derrick says if Cody gets to the final 2 with Caleb it’s going to be close but Derrick thinks he’ll get the win
Derrick says Frankie has money this is just a game to him he’s willing to take risks they are not. Derrick thinks Frankie shouldn’t have won that Veto because it’s really showing him as the biggest threat. Frankie’s pride got in the way.,
He could have made a big game move and taken Victoria down put me up .
If Derrick wins HOH he’s going to put up Frankie and Caleb, “The only one that can’t win the veto is Frankie”
Derrick says if Caleb wins the veto he’ll take out Frankie but Frankie will take out Derrick.
Lockdown called.

BB16 2014-09-08 15-57-52-601

3:54pm Derrick gets a badge for his finger.. Looks at the giant band aid they gave him Tells Cody ‘I swear they are busty my balls”
Derrick says the Doctor will be there at 8

BB16 2014-09-08 16-24-19-572

4:23pm Derrick and Victoria
Victoria is saying there’s no point for her to campaign, “There isn’t anything I can do”
Derick – it not’ necessary us all working together.. I can’t win with them.
Derrick says the guys think he is working with them but he’s telling Victoria he’s not. “I didn’t come here to get out 4th place..”
Derrick says he wasn’t working with Christine.. Nicole thought he was and so did Christine but that was apparent last week when because of him she went home.
Derrick says there might be a twist coming
Derrick – Would I rather go to the end with you of course..
Derrick explains if he votes to keep Victoria Frankie will break the tie so Victoria would need to convince two people which won’t happen.
Derrick – the whole house is on standby we’re all on pause.
Derrick stresses that come thursday he might be on the block and Victoria is safe.
Victoria tells him about her nightmare about Derrick getting evicted Donny was in it. .
Derrick says Donny never liked him he had no issues with Donny.
Derrick – everything will make sense when we get out of here.. 1 more days.
Derrick says he would vote to keep Victoria if she really wants to but because she’s not adamant about it he’ll vote her out as to not threaten his game.
Derrick says Frankie isn’t taking him to the end but he thinks Caleb will. Derrick adds Caleb thinks he’s more liked in the jury but he really isn’t.
Derrick – If Frankie takes Caleb I’m voting for Caleb.. and so will Cody
Victoria – me to
Derrick – That three.. Caleb will crush him..
they don’t think Frankie has any chance to beat Caleb.
Caleb joins them
Caleb and Derrick trying to figure out why Donny didn’t like Derrick. Derrick thinks it’s because he’s a city boy and Donny doesn’t like fast talkers.
(It’s funny how worried Derrick is about Donny, he’s been saying repeatedly how much he liked Donny and how Donny had the problem with him. Derrick is lying to cover his tracks with fans. Christine getting booed weighs heavy on Derrick’s and Cody’s mind)



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I wish Victoria would put more into this game than she does her beauty routine.


If the competition was fashion and beauty I think we might just see a fight between Victoria and Frankie.

Jimmy 64

What fashion have you ever notice that all Victoria wears
is black.

Victoria is a comp beast!

Actually, she hasn’t had to do anything. In fact, if she would’ve won things, she wouldn’t still be there. I fear that future HG’s are going to try her tactics. She specializes in mirror.


Victoria didn’t invent the useless HG strategy. Many of HGs before her have used that tactic and have gone further than they should’ve,just like her.

2 cents

…and we have been on standby all season!

Spot On

One of the best remarks all season.


I don’t personally like any of the remaining players but I do think the 4 guys, particularly Derrick and Frankie, have been playing a solid game. It’s a lot better than last year’s crop of floaters that made the final 4. So what if they didn’t make any big moves. They methodically eliminated every threat to their alliance each week. That’s a solid strategy.

Sick of the Grandes

Isn’t it funny how Frankie said he’d never take money from his sister then said she could give him a job. Um…that’s basically the same thing (charity) because Frankie would NEVER get a job as a dancer/choreographer with any other singer. He doesn’t have the talent and/or resume.

Also, sounds like these Grande kids are everything we suspect them to be….arrogant, self-entitled douches….after reading multiple reports of Ariana’s “diva” behavior. Like walking out of some Australia gig after her demands list wasn’t fully met. ugh…


I doubt even his sister (much less her promoters) would want a small, 30-something man with a big grin dancing around on stage with her, leering and giggling and desperately trying to seize the limelight.


And he would probably choreograph it to where he was humping on all the male dancers on stage.


Yep, so many posters here letting emotions getting in the way of game play. Who said you had to be liked to win BB. Derrick and Frankie in the F2 would be the only season where the 2 best players made it to the end. Wake up u fruit loop dinguses.

Roisen Dubh

Who said who had to be liked to win BB? Ask that question to Dan and Jordan.

lemon balls

The definition of best player is left to different interpretations. Why don’t you put Victoria in that category ? She played the game. She was in the house and made it to final 5? How can you say that a complete liar and an obnoxious fool are any better than the others? Her game is just as good as theirs…they all floated there.. Nobody made a bold move. They are all spineless.. The ones that played the game are all in the jury house…to be put up week after week and survive a few of them deserves more credit than we take it for.


they would be idiots to take each other so that will never happen Frankie might be dumb enough


Why is DePrick so concerned with speaking to the cameras and worrying what America thinks of him? Our opinions don’t matter and America can only vote for AFP, which does not interest DePrick. Want to re-name this BB – Old Yeller Version then we could take the remaining hgs to the back pasture and put them and us out of misery.

Big Sister

That is it exactly, Derrick sees #1 and #2 fading away and is mounting a campaign for AFP. Too little, too late!
Also, just saw online that Ariana walked out of a photo shoot in Sydney because she didn’t like the first photograph. She insists she be photographed showing her left side among other things. “Diva behavior” before she actually qualifies as a diva is how it was characterized.


I think he cares partly because he wants to be part of the “Big Brother Institution of Heavy Hitting Players” and be considered some great mastermind and manipulator. He’s some what of a Big Brother famewhore in a very different kind of way than someone who is more obvious about it. When he was given that TA challenge than that’s all the validation he really needed. I think he wants validation and respect and Donny was onto not only his play. But I think something in Derrick’s integrity rubbed him the wrong way. And Donny’s presence made him very uncomfortable because he certainly couldn’t pull the same stuff he could with the high school kids in there posing as 20-something adults. And I’m convinced Donny witnessed or observed some things about Derrick that he’s not really saying directly but that’s just a speculation.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Derrick, Derrick, Derrick…get over yourself. No use trying to spin things to rewrite history; no one is going to vote for you for AFP. I personally take offense when you frequently refer to your precious baby daughter as your “f’ing kid”. Yeah, she will feel special in a few years when she finds all of your words preserved forever on the internet.


Derrick feels he has to gain the respect of the ” audience ” watching what happened to Christine. I wonder if he realizes the audience saw everything. How he talked about different houseguests behind their back. I mean does he think we only see things where he smiles for the camera and says nice things.

I Think

That Derrick is talking about Donny to the HG so they might be able to sway Donny to vote for him if he makes it to the end.


That’s exactly what he does. He is the best player he is the only one who is concerned about the jury votes. And he will get all of them expect Christines vote.

Don't you know

Donny saw things that Derrick did off camera and also witnessed Derricks manipulation if the women in the house. That combined with Derrick isolating and attempting to discredit Donny’s integrity disgusted Donny. When you are someone like Donny, you hold your own regardless of others opinions of you. Donny refused to stoop to Derricks level and more importantly called Derrick out on his manipulation . Remember when Donny looked to the camera with disgust after Derrick tried to explain away his decision to screw Donny over? Derrick never forgot that and Derrick cannot handle anyone attempting to resist his manipulation. Derrick acts like a gang leader and views Donny as a disloyal member.


They are working themselves into a state of extreme panic, the “what ifs” have
been their downfall all along. Now they are at a crossroad wondering the what ifs
when they should have made a move and taken out the threats to their game. Playing
all buddy buddy will bite some in the butt and it all depends on who wins what, at what
point now. It’s a crap shoot and they set it up themselves. Tickles the hell out of me that
they have worked themselves into a corner & buddy buddy mess. Nichole said it earlier, put
your big boy pants on and make a decision and then live with it. You know the more you stir it,
the worse it “Stinks” and right now it reeks!


Oh come on Derek we see through your mist!

SA_Cards Fan

I guess the house guests don’t get how many people pay attention to the 24/7 feeds. If Christine and Cody were knocked out early then everyone would be wondering why Victoria is always trying to hang on Derrick. I highly doubt I’m the only one that see’s that. I get it in the beginning after Frankie let Victoria loose everyone ran from her and Derrick took her in like an injured fawn. But Victoria tries a lil too hard for someone that just see’s Derrick as a brother. I do NOT think Victoria is anything like Christine. I honestly, feel what Christine was doing was not just “game play”.
I miss Donny. Ohh, how I wish they taped the jury house and Christine’s reaction when she heard Donny was going to be on the Bold and the Beautiful. 🙂


I am a wife and NOT a Derrick fan, but I just can’t understand the people saying that Derrick has been inappropriate with Victoria. I watch the live feeds and I have never seen him do anything inappropriate. The ONLY thing I’ve ever seen that I thought he should have behaved different is Vic rubbing his leg and him not either moving away or telling her to stop. Other than that I’ve only ever seen them hug. I think Vic does have a bit of a crush on him but it seems like people (even production now from the sounds of it) are trying to make it into a Cody/Christine situation. If I were Derrick’s wife I would not be upset with his behavior towards her. I wouldn’t like Vic touching him or laying on the bed with him, but I don’t see what he’s done wrong in the situation. I just think even though we may not like these people, we don’t have to make things seem worse to justify “hating” certain BB players.


Part of me thinks Production is playing with Derrick’s head by asking him about potentially kissing Victoria. They know he is like a caged animal when he cannot control every aspect of what is going on so they mess with him to increase the irritation.

I think they play these psychological games with all the HGs. I just think some of them are too dense to know when it’s happening.

It's all innocent

Does your husband have money? Is he over 30? Do you have kids? If so, Victoria would like to meet him for some innocent leg stroking and safe hugging. That OK with you?

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Seriousy, all of the stuff I am interested in is happening off-camera in the jury house. How did Zach handle his eviction? Are Hayden & Zach having a good old time together? Are Jocasta and Donny part of the group, or are they left to their own devices. Is Nicole having a relaxing time again? What does Zach think about the budding romance between Hayden and Nicole? Oh No….Christine just walked in the door! It’s good she got evicted, but now she is going to spoil the idyllic interlude the others were enjoying with each other. Will she tell them she got booed? Will she tell them she kept being asked about Cody? Does she feel like a fool for being so stupid as to let the guys use her? Are the others being kind to her or is she getting a taste of her own medicine? Ohhhh, I would so rather being watching the jury house.


I would love to see Jury House also!!
I do not see anyone being ostracized or left to their own devices…I see Jocasta and Donny being like the Mom & Dad of the group; Zach spending time with everybody and Hayden and Nicole liking each other. I don’t see arguments like last season’s JH although Zach is probably still exasperating . It’s not Leave it to Beaver up in there, but a better caliber of folks than what is left in the house, Victoria is the only one I am rooting for.
Any negativity surrounding Christine’s arrival, Christine brought with her. For me, seeing what her “alliance” has done for her and to know she was booed (has ANYONE ever been booed on BB?) is punishment enough.


I would love to see Jury House also!!
I do not see anyone being ostracized or left to their own devices…I see Jocasta and Donny being like the Mom & Dad of the group; Zach spending time with everybody and Hayden and Nicole liking each other. I don’t see arguments like last season’s JH although Zach is probably still exasperating . It’s not Leave it to Beaver up in there, but a better caliber of folks than what is left in the house, Victoria is the only one I am rooting for.
Any negativity surrounding Christine’s arrival, Christine brought with her. For me, seeing what her “alliance” has done for her and to know she was booed (has ANYONE ever been booed on BB?) is punishment enough.

Happy as a Tornado

Hair & makeup! Awesome dude, I’m still LMAO.
And this is after Caleb refuses to be a sparkle fairy at Halloween.
And after he tells Freakie to stop grabbing his junk cause people will think he’s fruity.
How is it possible that Freakie hasn’t self evicted yet from having to listen to Caleb?


OMG How much do I loooove the DR asking Sgt. Snout about his totally inappropriate relationship with Victoria. Derek and the Pee Sitter Cody are already super paranoid about the booo’ng and now the DR is asking these type of ?’s ha! I’m so glad they aren’t just sitting back this week gloating and they are actually sweating it out for a change.

You can see Cody is completely stressed out by the thought of the level of boo’s he is going to receive. Oh and Derick and the Propaganda Machine out in full force… DUDE SAVE IT we know you had no use for Donny and were a total d’bag about that TA mission so enough trying to pander to save face w/this sudden turnaround w/kind words regarding Donny and/or Zach.


Or maybe Derrick is actually just having a real conversation OUTSIDE of the game. He obviously likes Donny as a person, but in the game Donny was in his way of 500K, so he had to take him out. Team America or not


The only honest thing that comes out of Derricks mouth is his breath.

Hate if you must

How y’all forget Donny Thompson ain’t here to play for America he here for Donny Thompson game. Uhh hu hu hu.


hey guys, did Frankie and Derrick end up keeping the HGs up with the rat mission? hoping that they didn’t…..

Voting Idiots

I can’t believe that option won the vote. There is zero challenge in keeping this bunch awake all night. But keeping everyone from not eating for 24hours would have been an impossible task. Whoever voted for the rodent one just handed Frankie and Derrick an easy 5K. I couldn’t care less about Team America, but now that Donny is no longer benefiting I’m all about voting for the most impossible task so Frankie doesn’t get anymore money in his pocket. Seems TA voters weren’t thinking too clearly on this one.


TA votes had to be rigged… I don’t believe for a second that all voted for the rat thing. I voted for the food thing as I knew it would be impossible and don’t want Der and Fakie to get any more $$’s…

Perfect time for people to show up and heckle over the wall

All they would need to do is keep booing and these paranoid losers will meltdown completely.


Derrick has really sacked Victoria out. The girl just a loss cause to the game, but for the hell of it I hope she Win.

Go Broncos!

What’s up with Derrick being a crybaby about a little cut on his finger?


I think it’s an excuse to keep going to the DR without being obvious.

Kathie from Canada

It was laughable that Derrick’s big concern is how dirty the house is and he is worried about a staph infection. He’s been living there all summer. Why didn’t he pitch in and get others cleaning up! Problem averted. But he better be careful what he wishes for. What would happen if the doctor decides he can’t participate in competitions for the next few days? Screwed and tattooed!! What a cry baby!!!!!


I really believe Caleb still sleeps in a racing car bed, has stars painted on his ceiling, and sleeps in a pajamas with footies.


Derrick’s undoing may be his inability to keep his mouth shut when protesting his innocence. He has to keep droning on and on about how he isn’t working with anyone and I wonder how he thinks that people won’t talk in the jury house. Zach and Christine will confirm what Donny already knew and when Victoria gets there she will realize how he lied over and over.
He is better off not saying anything if he wants to win the $500k as his constant diatribes are bound to piss everyone off when the truth comes out.

Willy Shakespeare

He (Derrick) doth protest too much.

For anyone still wondering who will win AFP...

Julie said in an interview on inside tv about Donny
CHEN: He has by far the highest likeability rating we’ve ever had on this show! And it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I dare you to find one person out there who doesn’t like him. He is awesome. The real deal.

For anyone still wondering who will win AFP...

The article is called ‘Big Brother’ host Julie Chen says ‘Christine’s husband has every right to be upset


I see derrick sill trying to make Donny look bad but ask a fan its not working cause Donny is a real good caring
person in we ask fans know it derrick is just making himself look bad real bad by talk about Donny who I think should win America favorite every day derrick stay Donny this Donny that

Another Anonymous

Let’s see – this whole season has been incredibly boring, the people left in the house are delusional awful human beings and there is no excitement left for the season except to see them get booed when they leave.

Since America wants to see these people get booed which will freak out the house guests even more and since America hasn’t gotten one thing in BB we wanted this year I’m betting no one else gets booed. The audience will be told not to boo. So, that one tiny measure of satisfaction where America gets to see it start to dawn on these morons the horrifying thought that America doesn’t like them will be denied.

This. Season. BLOWS.


I think derrick should go before Frankie cause it be nomore control in we ask fans want him out

calebs sanity

Caleb is nuts thinking he is going to be a big star after this show. This guys delusion is like no other… anyways just hoping anyone but frankie wins hoh/pov after the reset. is that too much to ask for?


Not as much as Frankie thinking he is going to be famous.


I guess he thinks he’ll be the first BB HG to make it big. Even though there’s a well documented trail littered with former HGs who have been nothing more than shills for BB after the show.


If you want a better big brother type experience you all should check out Utopia on Fox. It is very entertaining so far.


….says the guy that works at FOX


BB beat Utopia in the ratings. Utopia was not nearly as good as I expected and the casting is pretty bad. Fighting and more trashy bad behavior. . They win nothing in the end which takes the fun and drama out of it. If we want someone out we have to wait a whole month to evict them. I wanted to like Utopia but the people are a turn off . I already want to vote off 3/4 of them.


But it was still a hundred times more entertaining than this suckfest of a season on BB.


Agreed. It was everything I was hoping it wouldn’t be. Creepy Host/Narrator who looks like he’s in some witness protection approved disguise. Amped up stereotypes of all sorts and more manufactured drama than those ‘real housewives’ shows. I didn’t make it past 10 mins before I deleted the first episode.


Simon: I’ve tried and tried to use your US amazon link and it briefly flashes and then goes into a loop/ will not populate. Need to order some products for my “dawg” and trying to do it through your site… Sigh…


So they are just now starting to realize that they kept the stronger players till the end and now paranoia has set in. They picked off weaker players one by one. No big moves. Played it safe all season. Deprives ignored Nicole’s warning; Caleb ignored his brothers’ warning. Dumbest final 5 ever.


Love the comment of how they are now backed into a corner with the safe game play ….. one of them is so going to regret playing it safe ………….. now I so hope that they keep Victoria. So does Derek keep Victoria or Cody? I thinks it’s Victoria. It will either be Frankie and Celeb in the final or Derek and Cody. Or if Cody makes it he will take Derek. Frankie and Cody don’t have a chance of winning this thing. So hope they give Victoria the money if she makes it to the end!! Sweet victory for the crappy, easy way out and predictible season.

Looking forward to Wednesday!!!


Thank God this season is almost over!! Only dreadful possibilities as an ending to the most boring season in BB history!! I’d revel in the irony of Victoria winning or even pus in boots cody over those still left in the house! I haven’t watched an episode since Donny left and only get my updates from this site. Thank you so much for sparing my sanity and helping me avoid a bullet to the head!

Rachel's Nasty Hair Extensions

I hope Derrick wins for the sake of a winner who actually played the game. If production rigs it in Frankie’s favor I will puke in my toaster, let it cook, wait until it’s done, and then eat it.

I’m serious.


Bon Appetit……..I’m serious.



In my opinion

Derrick isn’t even close to the gameplay of Dan. He just got lucky with the most vile, idiotic, ungrateful, undeserving cast that this show has ever seen.


Funny: Now they’re all convinced pressing the button resulted in shortening the season, that it will end this sunday, when in fact they’ll learn on wednesday that this entire week has to be replayed, there will be no eviction at all. And no live show on thursday.
They’re going to be depressed on wednesday.

Retired Teacher

There will be NO eviction on Wednesday? I didn’t gather that, but I probably didn’t read the rule about the golden button well enough. Crap! Let’s FF this stupid season, not prolong the agony for what few people are still watching by doing a reset. I thought the reset would serve similar to a double eviction, only the first eviction would not take place, but there WOULD be a quick, fast-played HOH, nomination, veto, and eviction?! NO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Egaddddd!


I agree this year is another wasted year. I think that production likes any attention including negative attention. It might be time to do something that will really get their attention. Simply quit watching not only big brother but all cbs shows. I am a big ncis los Angeles fan but I am willing to quit watching. If every big brother fan does this that will get their attention and let them know we will not keep watching when they produce lame season.


Victoria’s parents should knock
on the bb door and say come on honey we are to take you home now.


Anyone know where I can watch Big Brother Australia here in Canada???

Really want to check it out… Hoping it will be better than this mess.

Donny is Beast Mode Janitor

Lysta; you can watch BBAU by going to Youtube and type in Big Brother Australia 2014. The launch night video (part one) is up and videos will be uploaded for the next day to view. Great new house, new surprises so it’s gonna be a great series!

start over

This people are boring AF. I miss Zach!


Best Quote of the Season: “Happy as a tornado in a trailer park.” Calebism 101 —
Where the heck does he come up with this stuff?

Retired Teacher

Production cues them a lot – they even talked about it one time, how much they enjoyed the writing they come up with for them to say as lines.

Retired Teacher

Remember they discussed how they enjoyed the funny comments that were written for them to say during DR sessions? Just some BB writers, probably not Caleb’s words….


Derrick, none of your boys or yourself ever saw Donny as anything more than a person to go on the block. He saw through the fake TA crap, and knew about the alliance and what was going on. He saw through your game and you didn’t like it. Can’t change my opinion of any of you. Nice try.


IMO, Caleb has confirmed he is playing a character, and he is tired of it, and just wants to be himself. I am wondering how much the DR influences the way they act in the house???

Roisen Dubh

You gotta love it. No way he’s a lug nut. He’s pretty much final 3 and he just pushed Derrick’s buttons by ratting out Frankie about the vote for me because I have a wife and kid thing. A Fist Full Of Dollars baby.

Roisen Dubh

Donny and Hayden are gonna have so much pull in that jury. Christine going out the way she did didn’t help Derrick at all. He just needs to pull the I got you before you got me rundown. That’s his only chance at 500k.Caleb’s in the best spot right now. Frankie is his meatshield and taking Vic to the end will destroy Derrick’s chances. Should’ve kept Amber and Britt and saved them for jury.

Bowel Movement Cowboy

IF BMC wins 500k or 50k, he owes Amber half. Had she relented and they became a couple, he would have been gone 4 weeks ago.

Princess Cody

CODY get over yourself!!! Cannot wait till this guy gets outside and gets booed.
This punk always mouthes off about nothing like a prissy bitch. So sick of him saying how much hes done for the game LOL you mean how much DERRICK has done. Caleb and Frankie have MORE WINS THAN YOU and they WERENT LUCKY, unlike your Haileys Comet wins which were so pitiful. Why do you have to pick on Caleb so much for anyways, you’re the INSECURE ONE. If this rodent prick gets to the final 2 it will repulse me.


Be careful. Cody’s gonna call you out on what you just said. Lol


if derrick do the same thing on alstar I will stay he close to dan but until then he not even close at all
dan did it an a alstar season with people with a brain in know what he doing

Princess Cody

Btw CODY can’t wait for you to see the playbacks of a good chunk of these comps and see you were in the same category as Victoria in most of them LOL


The only part of Derelict that is NOT lazy is his mouth!


Totally agree! Derrick is an extremely lazy guy. Hardly lifts a finger to do anything in the bb house. He also admits not spending much time with his “fking kid” – instead watching tv, bb live feeds and playing video games when home from work. He has a lot of pride and arrogance in him. I guess it comes with the ease he has to lie.


Caleb tells Derrick that Frankie said if Derrick is in the F2, everyone will vote for him because he has a family & needs the money. Derrick is FLIPPING out that someone has thrown his name out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Implosion imminent from Mr. Cool Calm & Collected !!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting all season for this!
He’s trying to mist Caleb & Cody into getting Frankie out now. Bet he has regrets now for not getting Frankie out when he had the chance. Don’t want either Derrick or Frankie in the F2 !

“What goes around…comes around” And here’s hoping it’s coming around for both of them.

waka waka

Frankie needs to lose so he can learn some humility. God knows, if he wins this season, he’ll want an even bigger role in Big Brother, you know maybe in production, perhaps even julie chen’s hosting job.
Im not ready to let this happen, so somebody’s gotta start making some start moves.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Horrible thought: Frankie becomes the new face of Big Brother, replacing Jeff Schroeder, and we have to see his fake, grimacing mug in every episode for years to come.


It’s been a big build up all week for this reset button and it’s gonna be a big let down, you can see what’s gonna happen there gonna do the hoh comp again and Frankie’s gonna win it again, that’s why it’s called a reset.


I don’t think Frankie will win HOH during the reset. He will, however, win POV making him safe this week and eligible to play for the next HOH. There really is a rat in the house and it’s name is Production.


I’ll be surprised if that didn’t happen. Especially if the HOH or POV is endurance. Derrick or Cody won’t last. It will come down to Caleb and Frankie. Bottom line, I don’t see Frankie leaving.


I’m watching BB14 and wow such a better season. This season is such a let down no one in this house is likeable like Brittany or as smart as Dan.

Please let Victoria win HoH or Cody and get Frankie out.

Last thought I really want to punch Derrick for using his child as leverage to swing votes he seemed to have no problem with getting Devin or Brittany out earlier.

I just hate thats it’s gonna be a year until BB17!


boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo derrick sill talking about Donny


“Frankie says his sister would give him a job on her crew.
Caleb – hair and makeup”


The Truth

Somewhere there is a job for Caleb on a sitcom.

The things that come out of his mouth.LOL

Just wondering...

Can anyone on here make positive comments or do you have to hate on the people left in the house to comment? So you may not be happy with who is left in the house, but you know what? These people left in the house are the ones who were able to get out everyone else (except Victoria…she just votes with the house) and so let’s try to enjoy the next couple of weeks of what is left of this season of BB and hope that next season has a little more drama?!?! Lol

Who's on First

It’s an American right to playa hate.


It’s not the house guests fault the show is so boring it’s big brothers, you can clearly see there dying of boredom, give them something to do for Christ sake.


They’ve been boring since day one.


Simon or Dawg? How many competitions has Victoria won? Im pretty sure it’s as many as Cody so people need to give her more respect!!!

Curious Georgette

Has anybody else noticed that Caleb’s pecs look kinda saggy and weird compared to when he first arrived? That is, on the rare occasions he even shows them anymore. Almost like someone drained out the silicone. Maybe it’s the slop diet.


Simon please answer my question. How many comps has victoria won? Im sure its as many as Cody