“If any of us turn our backs the first people to go are the couples. we have to stick with the 8”

Big Brother Spoilers
Jack wins the Head of Household.
Jack has nominated Jessica and Kemi
Power of Veto Players: Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella.
Sam won the veto & the Fiji trip.
Jack won the whackdooel power can opt for a POV player redraw.
Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target.

Power of Veto Ceremony results = Sam did not use the Veto nominations stay the same.

Noon feeds come back Sam did not use the Power of Veto

12:10 pm Jackson and Bella
Bella says she’s the common denominator between the Winnebago and Jack “and the Jess thing and the all-girls alliance”
Jackson – Jess is throwing your name out without throwing your name out
Jackson goes on about seeing what Kemi would say if she was going to flip sh1t and if it was going to get back to Bella
Jackson – you’re the last person I would put on the block because you are ion my alliance
Bella – she told me right before the veto. What would the purpose of that be .. to see if we decide to keep her ..

Jackson – I wanted to see what she would say,. I never once was there a discussion of you going on the block
Jackson adds he also wanted to see if Kemi would toss Bella under the bus, “she stuck to her guns and stayed true to you”
Jackson adds this is the first time in 20 days Kemi talked game.
Jackson – Jessica is 1 thousand percent trying to pin black widow on you. I don’t give a sh1t even if you did
Bella – you’ll go back and watch it and see my face
Jackson – I don’t blame you.. I get it I’m not upset about it
Bella says she sleeps with the girls in the RV she really didn’t have a choice.
Jackson – it’s smart move it keeps 3 people from coming after you.. people make alliances with multiple people to cover their own a$$
Jackson – I’m not coming after you I trust you

Jackson says he’s voting with gr8tful says that personally, he wants to keep Kemi personally wise because she shoots it straight. Game wise he wants to keep Jess.
Jackson says Jessica wants to “Come Clean” and say it was Bella that solid out the black widows
Bella asks about the 5 person alliance they have with Kat.
Jackson says he completely severed things with Kat.
Bells says there was an alliance with KAt called Stage5
Jackson explains what a stage 5 clinger is and how that was the joke with Kat.
Jackson says Kat is the most oblivious player to ever play big brother says she just might be the worst player ever.

12:23 am Kemi in the storage room
Kemi – I guess I’m going this week because my closest alliance members can’t keep her f*img mouth shut
Kemi – God damn b1tch keep your mouth shut. Oh my god
Kemi – remain calm.. what the f* would she even say to him
Kemi – she’s so f*ing stupid.. she’s so f*ing stupid like why what is wrong
Kemi – f*ing idiot. LIterally, you feel like you can trust like 1 person and maybe you can but you sure can’t trust her to keep her mouth shut. LIke for all of an hour. Like what is wrong with you. You’re f*ing up my game. What are you doing covering your tracks. Why are you going to run to someone I just had a conversation with about you and try to cover your tracks it’s too f*ing hot wait a fay
Kemi now he’s going to know that I ran and told you something which he was trying to do. I trusted you to keep your goddamn mouth shut for an hour but you can’t seem to do that and now I’m f*ed

Nicole joins her.
Kemi – Bella is someone I was close with since day one and I thought I could trust her but you can’t..
Nicole – she tells everybody everything
Kemi – she has a biog f*ing mouth
Nicole – even if it’s the two of you she’ll spin It so it’s only you
Nicole – we need to get on the same page with the whole black widow thing so if someone comes to me and you. we have the same story. That’s two
Kemi – I mean we already do have the same story. I walked in and Jess has been spearheading the whole women on power. she says things all the time
Nicole – she was spearheading women women women .. Bella was on her bed and Jess was on her bed and I was facing Bella. so if Jess was the one talking I would have been facing her when the whole black widow thing came up
Kemi – so Bella started it. the veto has already been played Bella is not up Jessica is
Nicole – Bella was talking Jess joined I was sitting there we were talking and then you came in ..
Kemi – I literally just told her I had a conversation with Jackson and now she’s in there trying to cover her tracks
Nicole – she’s probably like ohhh I just want to clarify about this and this
Kemi – that’s the thing you couldn’t wait a day

Kemi says she doesn’t even have it in her to act ok about this to Bella. Kemi is certain she’s the one leaving this week says at least there’s the camp comeback

12:37 pm Nicole and Kemi
Nicole – I feel like the sh1t is hitting the fans
Kemi – honesty I am going home this week..
Kemi plans on asking Jack straight up It’s going to come down to Jack I wish it didn’t
Kemi says the girls are going to vote based on what the guys say, “it’s going to be decided by Jack.. I have to have a conversation with Jack and another one with Michie”
Kemi – I can only tell her what I expect to get around.. I know this is Big Brother I thought we were playing the same game I didn’t know she was going around setting off bombs then covering them with paper mache.
Nicole – Sis was really pissed off a couple of days ago. Bella told me that Jess said she would put up Jack and me..
Nicole – I know Jess would never put Sis up
Kemi – really … you know why Bella did that right. THer’e a weird realtionshp8 between Jack, Nick, and Sis.. Bella is a little bit Jealous and so is Jack
Kemi – Jess told Sis that Bella was talking sh2t about her but in reality, it was that Nick should stop flirting with Sis because it will ruin his game. Bella is jealous because he talks to sis
Kemi – Jess went to tall sis that Bella was talking shit about her and it got to Bella and bella was furious
Nicole – I don’t’ know which of the two is lying about the other.
Nicole says this is a big concern because the “people in the RV” are getting lumped together as liars. Kemi reassures her that It’s just Bella and Jessica that are seen as liars.

Kemi says the two Jessica and Bella keep throwing themselves under the bus.
Kemi – if I go home this week those two are on the block next week
Kemi says what Bella is doing is making no sense. she’s just dragging people down.
Nicole – I love her as a person but as the game goes on I’m like why did you do that
Kemi – I had no idea she was running around.. I am so close to her I see smoke but not the flames.
Kemi – no I feel like you are the only one I can trust.. I do trust Sam

1:05 am Bella and Kemi
Kemi – there’s no reason for Michie to test me
Bella- I think he is slowly trying to build something that is not with Jack.
Kemi- No, That is not the conversation that he had with me
Kemi bring sup that Jackson is telling her the conversation is between Kemi and Jackson and in less than 5 minutes she breaks that trust to Bella and Bella runs to him to verify it.
Kemi – I’m definitely getting out this week because now he’ knows there’s no way to trust me.. Now I 100 percent have to talk to JAck ..
Kemi – you verified what I told you in less than 5 seconds
Bella – what are you going to tell JAck
Kemi – whatever JAck wants is what the house is going to do

Kemi – what was the point of having the conversation with Jackson

Bella says Michie needs someone to take out Jack. Kemi says that can’t be her because now Michie knows he can’t trust her. Bella says she’s not goign to fight with Kemi what’s done is done.

1:18 pm Bella and Nick
Bella – Kemi walked in on me and Jack so I had to tell her.
Bella – I asked Jackson what you (Kemi) said to him. If she’s going to be mad at me that’s fine
Nick – is she mad
Bella – yeah.. I wanted to verify. It didn’t make sense I couldn’t see why Michie would do that.
Bella – what Michie said to me basically that the reason he did that was to see if she would come back to her and tell her
Bella – Michie said Jess is better for his game where he likes Kemi as a person because she has more integrity.

Bella says that the decision is already made this week for Kemi to go home. Michie maybe was trying to see if Kemi came back into the house via the camp comeback that she could be trusted.
Bella really wants Kemi to stay.
Nick – this is what I’m going to say to Jess.. he Jess I love your message I love what you support. You’re from Puerto Rico, My aunts from Puerto Rico. WE have that Connection I’m going to do whatever I can to keep you.
Nick – I’m going to GAs her up and hit her in the heartstrings so if next week she wins she won’t put us up. but not yet.. I’ll wait till Wednesday
Nick – you’re fine with Kemi
Bella – she only has me to trust, I’ve been honest with Kemi since day 1
Nick – I’ll never let something happen to you
Bella goes on about how loyal Kemi is. Nick knows he doesn’t want her to go but how are they going to pitch that to Jack.

Nick says Jackson told him “that HOH shower is game changing”
Nick – I gotcha..

1:22 pm Nick and Sam
Nick is talking about an alliance between Bella, Sam, Nick, Christie, Tommy.
Nick – it would be us vs Jackson, Jack, Holly and Sis
Nick says if he won the HOH he would put up Kat/Jess.
Nick wouldn’t take a shot at Jack until they get to 9

1:22 pm Jack and Kemi
Jack says he put the two of them because he heard they were targeting him, Compliments Kemi on being a rockstar and keeping her cool on the block.
Jack doesn’t know where the house’s head is at but there’s a lot of time, “we have 4 days of downtime”

Bella – If you were voting who would you vote out.
jack – I would vote with the house but it doesn’t seem clear.
Bella – Individual vote
jack – you are absolutely a threat in competitions
Jack – you still have camp comeback. that’s a benefit for you I’m not going to lie to your face and say Jess is a bigger target than you that’s bullshi1t
Bella says Jess talks to more people than Kemi
Jack – yeah but she also buries more people than you do she’ll throw names around and not realize the consequences .. I want to see her play a good game
Jack – I’m torn between the two
Jack says the camp comeback is an in house vote because they are still in the house and it’s more a social twist.
Kemi – if I were to win HOH next week I wouldn’t put you up

1:28 pm Christie and Sis
Talking about how stupid Jackson was to pull off what he did with Bella and Kemi.
Christie – no one knows why he said that.. even jack is confused.
Christie says Kemi is getting evicted this week so Jackson wasn’t trying to pull her in to see if he can trust her.
Sis – is Jackson dumb.. he’s blowing up the rest of ours.. (games)
Christie – it’s selfish and senseless..
Christie – he’ll say something stupid like ohh I was seeing if I can trust her.. and for what reason to be the man.. the bearer of the news to have the control he’s an egomaniac.
Sis – oh my god .. I’m like really pissed off..
Sis – it’s making me look f*ing suspect because I spend all my time with Jackson, JAck and Holly.. he’s blowing up all our games
Sis – He’s blowing up my game.

1:38 pm Jackson and Jack
Jackson explaining why he went to Kemi earlier today (and started all this drama)

Jackson mentions that Bella came up to him and said that she heard Jackson would put her up if he won HOH. which I explained to bella.. let’s think about tit it’s day 20 me and you have been close since day one. We have a solid alliance of 8 why the f* would I on day 20

Jack – so you never said that to her
Jackson – no .. why the f* on day 20.. this is the first time I talked Game to Kemi ever, ever .. why if she’s very close to you (Bella) would sit there and say I’m putting you up. Why would I turn my back on gra8tful.. she’s (Kemi) has been running her mouth since day 1

Jack – so you never said anything like that
Jackson – no straight up
Jack says it’s going around .. “Bella said you confirmed it you were testing her trust you lied about staying”
Jackson – where’s Bella I just had a 45 minutes conversation about that.
Jackson – she told me she trusts you but is worried she can’t fully trust you (Bella)
Jack – what the F* Dude I’m doing everything
Jackson – there’s no way in hell Bella confirmed I said that no way

Jackson – If any of us turn our backs the first people to go are the couples they have the targets on their back we have to stick with the 8.
Jack says it’s coming out that you told Kmei to see if you could trust her.
Jack – people are silly you’re good

2:48 pm Suntanning time

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So the Eight consists of….
1) Jack
2) Jackson
3) Nick
4) Bella
5) Christie
6) Tommy
7) Holly
8) Sis

Is Jess and Kemi the biggest threat to the Eight… just on a game level Sam is more dangerous to the eight. If Sam and the others find out there is an eight… boom they will blow up.

another name

Sam thinks it’s the Nine. He believes at nine sam/nick/bella/christy/tommy will be against holly/sis/jackals.
Bella already told Jess and Kemi about the 8 (saying Jack walked up to people on day 2 and told them they are in the alliance of 8). during formation of the deceased widows. They were warned when Bella ratted to the girls before Bella ratted on the girls.

An ornery mouse

It seems like almost every year, one of the houseguests in the pre-interviews will claim to have a “photographic memory” (or, as my sometimes idiot father would say, a ‘photogenic memory’) only for it to unsurprisingly become evident later that this is far from the case. The great Danielle Murphree comes to mind as an example.

I only kinda skimmed the pre-interviews this year and remember someone making this claim….. but I can’t recall which houseguest. Can someone please tell me who said this, or did I dream it?


I believe it was Christie…

An ornery mouse

OK, thank you. Based on their personalities so far, I was thinking it was probably either Jess or Holly….. but Christie makes sense too.

another name

If it was Kat i’d ask myself how many filters she uses on her photographic memories.


Christie said it during the promos. Someone else also said it during a DR session. I think it was Cliff.

Houka Inumuta

I’m from the future and I’m here to tell you that Michie is the next person to go to camp bb next week. Your Welcome Big Brother fans.

Nicole also won BB21.


Are you serious?

another name

so… is sis upset because in all of the drama, her name didn’t come up?
is — is that what’s wrecking her -pause- ‘game’? her ‘game’ is going to be more wrecked if the hoh shower breaks again like last week.
Sis… chill with the ‘r’ word. house guests were so mad when the rumor was david used it. oh wait… that had less to do with word choice than who they said was making the word choice in order to keep them public enemy numero uno. carry on.

the entire headless chickens drama was… so ridiculous. nothing was going to come of it. Reality check: IF anyone outside the alliance in the house had any sense of situational awareness, they’d have noticed who ran to whom, where they ran to next, and who was flapping their wings. That would be the neon sign saying hmmm….. ALLIANCE? Nope. didn’t make a dent. sheesh. why not just line up at the door? more sarcasm? at least they’re all using the same door. oh. think that one was too far. not sure. i lose track of the lines between satire/sarcasm/facetious in my judgemental bitchery.

the nick jack talk about kid/boy. ugggghhhhhh. If someone directly asks that you refrain from using a word or a nickname because they don’t like it, there’s no need to make it more. it’s like they can’t stop themselves from expressing ignorance. There was actually no need for that convo at all.

david and kemi clique talk. lots and lots of unspoken subtext / hinting in just a couple sentences that some factions of twitter are going to latch on to and beat to death and practically fanfiction about…

and this is image fix week (said with a vacant nodding smile). Oi.

another name

btw. i’m not shaming her choice to have sex. Don’t care. i’m shaming her judgement regarding who she chose to have sex with.

J e t s jets jets jets

Excuse my ignorance but what is the “r” word.


Sis – He’s blowing up my game

Lol, when did she start the game? So far, I’ve only seen her play with Jack’s giant beanstalk


Jack’s her game and she’s blowing it…


Blowing it…….BIG time!

Just sayin'

You literally made me laugh out loud