“I think I am f*ed after that conversation with Bella. It’s the nail in the coffin because of Bella”

Big Brother Spoilers
Jack wins the Head of Household.
Jack has nominated Jessica and Kemi
Power of Veto Players: Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella.
Sam won the veto & the Fiji trip.
Jack won the whackdooel power can opt for a POV player redraw.
Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target.

Power of Veto Ceremony results = Sam did not use the Veto nominations stay the same.

3:07 pm Jackson and Tommy
Talking about who would win the slip n slide now that Jackson’s ankle is messed and Jackson can’t play. They think it’s up to Sis to pull out the win. (They were told today will be the last day the backyard will be open.)

3:16 pm backyard random conversations..
Everyone thinks the HEad of Household will be endurance because the back yard will be closed after today.

Christie – Scottie reminded me of Johnny Mac a little bit. Johnny Mac’s one of my favs. I told you I was on face time with him? Yeah my friend Paul, You know the one I always talk about. He worked for Kasting for a couple of years (Kassting is the company that recruits all this “talent”)
feeds cut

Tommy says he was a finalist for BB over the top but they went with Jason. (WOW what a mistake that was)

3:30 pm Christie and Kemi
Kemi – I didn’t expect Sam to use it.
Kemi says she was approached with the Black Widows Alliance she doesn’t know who originated it.
Christie – everyone thinks Jess started ti
Christie brings up everyone saying that Kemi is shooting it straight and saying “maybe you’re not a threat”
Christie – that’s where I thought everyone was standing then this morning everyone was talking what teh f* is going on.

Christie says Bella freaked the f* out. She was really mad at Jackson because you told her that he was like after her because he’s pissed about the alliance thing..
he would put her up so she freaked the f* out and pulled him aside and then he apparently admitted saying all that
Kemi – he didn’t say that
Kemi – we didn’t even talk about Jackson winning HOH.. what the f*
Christie says yesterday Kemi had a good chance to stay but now she doesn’t know what happened with Bella.
Christie claims that the morning was say chaotic her and Sam was like “what the f* is going on”
Christie – Bella is fabricating or is Jackson being reckless

3:40 pm Christie and Tommy
Chrsite about Kemi – She seems like she was lying. she seems like she may have exaggerated a little of what was said..
Christie – I think it falls somewhere in the middle. For Jackson to admit he said then recant it I think they are both scheming a little and they both are a little bit lying so both really don’t want to address it.
Christie – I was like Call it all out and she was like… yeah …

4:00 pm Cliff and Ovi
Cliff says when they get closer to the time the camp come back to enter the game it might a good idea for Ovi to see who is in Power and spill some of the beans of the things he’s seen
Cliff – buys you some street cred
Ovi – going into week 4 I’m going to start talking to Sam a little more
Ovi says this week he’s kinda on pause.
Cliff – David is so bound and determined this is going to be a physical battle back and if it has anything to do with people in the house.. who got what and all. You have a leg up

Cliff – Kat told me she wasn’t sure if she wanted to win the HOH this coming up week or not. I had to suppress laughing.. Yeah go for it
Cliff – she did say if she got it she would put up Nick and Bella. Nick said he’s happy to use her as a pawn.
They think Kat and Jessica have the best chance to be nominated next week.
Cliff – unless someone unexp[ected wins HOH
Ovi is worried about Nicol he doesn’t want her to take any fire
Cliff – I know
Ovi – that’s my concern now.

Cliff says if Nicole says she’ll do better in the house with Kemi inside he’ll do what he can to push that. At this point, he’s not sure if it’ll change.
Ovi points out the week 3 whacknoodle has Kemi a player.

Ovi says Michie is out of the HOH if it’s physical wit his foot
Cliff – he’s out and Jack can’t compete.
They agree Tommy would be a pick if it’s endurance.
Cliff – I want you back in here that would be HUGE. I so don’t want David in here.
Ovi – the A plan I get back in here the B plan just in case whoever comes in get’s back in with you all
Cliff – that would be tough with David I mean.. if he comes in instead of you I would try to work with him but I don’t think the trust is there.
Ovi says David is calling “them” the league of Doom “don’t tell Jack.. but he wants to take it out from the inside out”
Ovi – he wants to make a collation. he thinks you’re good he thinks Sam would be a good person. He’s convinced Nick is part of the league of doom
Cliff – I told David I feel like I’m sorta at the bottom I hope you understand I’ll talk sh1t about you because I want to get off the bottom don’t take it personal

4:26 pm Bella and Tommy
They are getting stuff to make French fries.
Tommy – I heard you had a rough morning
Bella – a bit because I was stressed.. but I think we’re okay.
Bella – honestly with Kemi I love Kemi as a person we bond really well I’m like very honest with her at this point like like.. there are things I neglect to tell her
Bella – when she asks me how do you feel about me being on the block.. I’ll tell her well Jack doesn’t like you ..

Bell a- She told me what Jackson was telling her earlier in the day which … I think he, like did that because he thought he was doing something smart but it just caused more drama like, I don’t’ think it was necessary.
Bella says that Kemi is super loyal to her because she ran and told Bella right away, “I had to ask Jackson about it because it was a weird conversation”
Bella – I don’t get caught in lies.. I tell you what just happened. She was mad at me for a little bit. I think she’ll get over it if I can help her I will but at this point, I can’t
Bella – I have to do whats’ best for my game and at this point like and I understand she has to do what’s best for her game so if she has to campaign I get that she has to talk to these people and stir shit up all the power to you ..

Bella – I love Kemi, I wish her the best.

4:46 pm Kemi and Nicole
Kemi – Sis looks so cute .. Sis always looks cute.
Kemi – I think I am f* after that conversation with Bella. I talked to Christie. Like it was up in the air but now it’s the nail in the coffin because of Bella. I don’t know what her reasoning would have been.
Kemi says Michie thinks they are both sketchy now.
Kemi brings up the conversation she had with Bella over at the pool table “oh now this is good for you Michie was testing to see how loyal you (Kemi) you were to me (Bella). Now he trusts you because he sees how loyal you are to me (Bella) blah blah blah.. it doesn’t make any sense.”
Kemi – why would he care who is loyal to you
Nicole – he’s not going to say you’re loyal to Bella now I like you

Nicole – she (Bella) was talking to me.. I have your back and I have Kemi’s back. It’s me, you and Kemi we’ll be fine. I’m looking out for your game I’m looking out for Kemi’s game.
Kemi – no you’re not. Especially when I told her about the Jackson conversation I specifically said DO NOT SAY anything to him because he’s going to flip out and she was like I know he will, I know he will. LIterally, the first thing she said to him I want to have a conversation with you about what you said to Kemi
Kemi- Lirearlly how stupid can you be…
Kemi – she was like Me jack and Jackson made a final 3 day one

Kemi – it blows my mind how stupid is actually is I can’t fathom what good will come out of that conversation.
KEmi – he was talking about Sam being dangerous .. all this stuff … Thank god I didn’t say all that to her
Nicole says Bella is lighting all these fires and people are getting caught up in it
Kemi – you can’t be aligned with everyone and lying to everyone.. that’s why Jackson doesn’t trust her he told me straight up. She going here saying this and that .

Kemi says that Jackson doesn’t think the story coming out of the RV that Kemi is targeting Jack/JAckson “he basically is saying Bella told Jack that”
Nicole says Bella is relay everything back to other people.
Kemi – what was her reasoning to do that?
Nicole – to gain people’s trust, I (Bella) have Nicole and Kemi’s trust at the time Jess’. She has Nick and Sam’s trust, let me go tell Jack and Jackson, Holly and Sis this and gain their trust
Kemi – at that point you’re burning one bridge to get to the other instead of keeping the one bridge
Nicole – right now she’s burning both
Kemi wonders if Sam seeing the writing on the wall “He’s tight with Nick and Bella”

5:15 pm Holly and Kat
Kat says she would hate “them all” to think she’s doing something without “all their best interests in mind”
Holly – building relationships with other people and getting information I think it’s good
Holly says she should go talk to Jack and Say “Look here’s what is going on Nicole told me ”
Kat – oh that’s the other one I’m trying to get information from.. she’s difficult
Holly – yeah I figured.
Kat – it’ll be easier once Kemi leaves because she’ll probably latch onto me
Holly – yup exactly
Kat – a lot of people they’re strategy is to get the floaters out
Holly says she would love the top three to be the two of them and Jackson

Kat – if it is a fan vote to get the evicted back in just think about what we know about what is happening in the real world.
kat – what happened as far as a headline chance of that person coming back very very very high
Holly – yeah
Kat going on about being in a showmance means there’s a huge target on her back and she doesn’t want that
Holly – I don’t think there is there’s so many f*ing showmances in here

Kat – I just don’t want to be.. makes me feel awkward
Kat – the chances of Kemi coming back are highest if what we know about the outside is true
Holly – what do we know about the outside world
Kat – about what happened with ..
Holly – yeah yeah
Kat – don’t say that to him
Feeds flip.

5:30 pm hanging out

6:25 pm Sis and Christie

Jack – two advantages to having large hands. You can hold a lot of drinks on a single hand and the other one is none of your business.

6:38 pm Jack and CHrsitie
Christie says she’s PMS’ing
Jack – say the word and I’ll drop everything in this world
“love you”
“love you”

6:42 pm Ovi and Jackson
Ovi says the David will never forget that Jackson banished David

Jackson says he could go against the house majority week 1 and not voted out Ovi.
Ovi – I understand
Jackson – I would so much rather have you here than Kat and you will see for yourself ..
Ovi – you have a heart of gold and you’re going to shot it straight. Was there someone in our group that wasn’t completely for me being here.
Jackson – a lot of people thought you had a secret p[ower.. luckily you got evicted so nobody thinks you have it

Jackson calls Kat an airhead that doesn’t know red or purple

6:52 pm Christie, Tommy, Sis and Holly
Talking showmances. Christie started up conversations about does Jack really like Sis. Sis is worried how it’s being portrayed.
Sis says her connection with Jack has ruined her game.
Christie – if the both of you go up who’s going home not you.
Sis – I feel like he does certain things with me to get you jealous
Christine – I don’t feel that way to him.
Sis starts to cry …
Sis – I’m so conservative about my body.
Sis – I think everyone basses.
Christie interrupts – because you are so beautiful
Sis – the way I look.. it’s really embarrassing for me makes me respect my body less I respect myself less..
Tommy says Bella won’t put Sis yup because Nick is crazy about SIs and he’ll talk Bella out of it.
Sis whimpers about Bella gets mad when she talks to Nick.
Christie says if she was straight in some dream world she would have a romatic connection but she knows they’ll be friends after the show.
Sis – I don’t know how they are f*ing twisting this (boneing jack and bragging to everyone how big he is)

Sis – I don’t want something out of this
Christie – yeah but it’s still fun
Sis – no, it is fun heheheheehe
Sis says she’s not sleeping with Jack anymore when he’s down from HOH.

7:10 pm – 7:32pm Nicole and Ovi
Nicole – I need to be more social. I talk to you and you’re gone, I talk to Kemi she’s almost gone I talk to Jess she’s almost gone
Nicole says it’s hard for her to talk to Sam alone because Bella is always close by and she gets mad
Ovi says Nick is getting on people’s radar.
Ovi – Cliff and I were talking about it we need to make sure Nicole’s name isn’t out there
Nicole – I appreciate it
Ovi – Cliff has done pretty well to integrate himself with up there.
Ovi – If Cliff wins HOH he won’t take a big shot.

Ovi – he’s thinking about how to stack it to make it easy for me
Nicole asks him who he would want to be up against.
Ovi says the word in the ouse is they want Kemi and Jessica
Nicole says she trusts Jess and Kemi but she’s losing a person. on the flip side, someone coming back in will most likely be someone she trusts.

Nicole – that RV room is imploding itself. I want to pack my bags and leaves.. Sleep in camp comeback
Ovi says he’s trying to set himself up if it’s a house vote. Says if Kat is evited she’ll have an easy chance to get voted back.

Ovi – I love Jess but I think she can get pushed over.
Ovi says he’s worried Jess would put Cliff and Nicole up
Nicole – oh my god
Ovi – she’s not going to pick Kat
Nicole – if she goes home Kemi I know would go balls to the walls
Ovi – this is the double edge sword.. I have to compete against them..
Ovi says they have no idea what the battle back will be like.

Ovi – would you put Bella up
Nicole – I don’t know .. if I am up there and the only person left is Kemi I would let Kemi have it.
Ovi – who do you think Kemi will shoot at
Nicole – the other side.. Jack ..
Ovi mentions that Kemi competes in week 3 whacktivity

Nicole – whats your trust level with Jack
Ovi – he thinks I benefit his game a net positive for him.. Michie net positive for him, Sis and Holly..
Ovi – I liked Sis in the beginning but she has avoided me like the plague. Holly won’t talk game to me
Nicole – I don’t like people being an outsider
Ovi says Sis and him are very similar in the fact they are both big personalities back home but here they get talked over.
Ovi thinks Sis is smart.
Ovi – the big difference is Sis is gorgeous and has boobs I don’t have boobs.. none of the guys are sexually attracted to me so she can use that as her advantage.

Ovi brings up pulling Sam in. Nicole says be careful incase He tyells Nick then bella finds out.

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Oh my, they are making fries! They better not lie about them.


I swear some of them are bonobos in people suits…

g Love

I did!


Holly and Kat want to go to the end with Jackson …like are thet sister wives!?

another name

Assessment / Opinion
What was Jackson’s motive in his convo with Kemi?
He knows the vote is Kemi will be evicted. The 6 voted it unanimously. two days ago. the 8 voted it unanimously. last night.
So what was he after? MY belief is Jackson was trying to get dirt on Bella.
He knows Kat and Holly want Bella gone. He now knows Jess will kiss his ass.
Jackson likes adoration.
He’s possibly trying to find a way to jump Bella in the boot line in order to stack the jury with people that will kiss his ass?
Even if Bella isn’t booted early… everyone will look at her showmance before his as primary target.
He’s been concerned about that.
That’s what i got out of it.
Did he expect Kemi to tell Bella? God no. He thought he had Kemi over a barrell and begging.
Jackson likes lording over people while they are in jeopardy. In his Eddie Haskell way.
It makes him feel like the alphasuperior big man.
He was not setting a loyalty trap. he was trying to be cute and got caught.
Cue the alliance acting like med pass is late in Scooterville.

Question: Why is Kat discussing with one of the other women what they know about the public’s opinions of what is going on in the house? OH. Right. Image Fix week. They almost got a couple sentences in before the feed cut that time.
Observation: Jessica says are there any alliances or is everyone a f___ing floater?
Seriously? Queen of reading the house dynamic still I see.

Tom A

Sis- “I’m so conservative with my body”


another name

oh. no. bella and nick think there is a camera blindspot between the bathroom and the kitchen.
This is going to become like JC’s changing corner at some point isn’t it?