Ian’s Nomination Speech “Frank, Nominations without you is like Halloween without candy”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

7:14pm Cam 3-4 hot tub Danielle, Britney and Ian

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Danielle asks her what was wrong today she didn’t want to take a picture with her. Britney says last night she was really down and depressed and she felt that Danielle was never really there for her.

Britney says all season she was there for Danielle. All those times when Danielle was crying Britney was there for her comforting her.
Danielle says she never knew Britney was mad she asked Shane and Shane said no.

Britney: “It’s OK Danielle I was just irritated.. I don’t care.. I was only mad at you for like 5 minutes.. I wasn’t mad at you at all today“
Danielle: “I didn’t know you were genuinely upset.. sometimes you get in a negative mood and I thought it was better just to leave you alone”
Danielle: “I’m sorry you felt like you were not there for me”
Britney: “Any word on who is going home”
Danielle: “I don’t even want to know”
Britney: “I just think it would be nice to know these last couple days”

Britney says that she is confident that Ian wants to work with Dan. Britney thinks that Frank will try and pull Ian in he’s acting like he hates Ian right now but in the end he needs Ian to increase his numbers. Britney warns her if they lose the number advantage to Frank they will easily lose what’s left of the game.
Danielle: “Ian is convinced that this weeks is endurance or they will do a double eviction”
Britney: “There is no way” Feeds cut..

Britney says that if it’s endurance it’s really good for them because either Ian, Britney or Danielle will win it. Britney: “I will make Ian throw the HOH to me”
Danielle: “Well.. that’s a mean thing so say.. You would force them all”
Britney: “HUH.. that was a mean thing to say?.. “
Britney points out that was a awkward response.. they talk like this together all the time.
Britney: “I don’t understand Danielle now that I am on the block you want to be mad at me and start something.. What is it you know that you are going to stay and you don’t want me to be by your side.. “
Danielle: “No no no I did not mean that… I just thought it was mean thing to say.. I’m sorry “
Britney: “Is it your plan to start a fight with me so it’s less awkward… when you say that is a mean thing to say.. that is so awkward.. “
Britney: “It’s just you and me out here.. I didn’t realize that I needed to watch what I say …”

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Danielle starts to whine about the house flipping on her and being against her
Britney has trouble understanding why she thinks the house is against her. Britney says that it’s a bit passive aggressive of Danielle to say that to her.. Britney thought they were close enough to say whatever they wanted to each other.
Britney tells her that she left her husband and her job to come on this show, she’s not happy she’s going home, she’s not happy she up on the block with the person she is closest to and she’s not happy that she cannot do anything about it because she will not campaign against Danielle. Danielle apologizes up and down for what she said, she doesn’t want them to fight.

Britney: “At least Dan has apologized to you he never apologized to me.. Ian doesn’t want you out but Dan wants me out Danielle.. I’m Dan’s target” Britney explains to danielle that Dan wanted 2 things this week A) he wanted to get off the block and B) he wanted to get Britney out. Britney says that Dan accomplished both those things with Franks HOH. Britney hates being on the block with Danielle she would rather it be anyone else.

Britney: “Look Dan wanted me on the block and once I go home he will rope you back in.. everyone in this game has the mentality as long as it’s not me that is how everyone feels.. I’m not going to blame people this is a game and you have to do what you have to do to survive.. but what Dan did to me was shiesty.. what he did to you was cruel.. he ran upstairs told Frank a bunch of verses out of the bible got himself off the block and used your emotions to seal the deal with Frank.. “

Britney: “what he did with me is different than what he did with you.. he told everyone that you were dead to him and now he wants to work with you.. he used me he used you and he used Frank.. Like Ian said we were all Duped by Dan Gheesling”
Danielle: “I don’t think he wants to deal with me anymore”
Britney: ‘He does
Britney: “Frank tells me in the kitchen this morning.. and that is why you have to go.. you think that makes me feel good”
Danielle: “Nobody wants you to go home”

Danielle now swears that she never knew Britney would go up she was as shocked as everyone in the house when Jenn used the POV to take Dan down.

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8:10pm Cam 3-4 Shane, Joe and Ian

Ian tells them if he wins HOH he’ll toss Jenn and Frank on the block. His speech will be as follows
“Frank nominations without you is like halloween without candy”
“Jenn you wanted Frank out so bad during the live show now you have a chance to campaign against him and get him out yourself”

Shane and Joe laugh, “Comedy Gold”.. Ian: “TV Gold”

Ian tells them he now has to think of Britney’s goodbye speech. Shane agrees..

Ian jumps on the hammock starts rocking it hard.. A new player comes into the backyard sits beside Joe stats talking about them having to do something exciting tonight. Joe mentions they have another day of laying around. ? suggests they play “Bags” tonight, Joe agrees asks her when. ? whats to work out first. Shane is also in the back yard playing around with some rubber balls..

8:34pm Cam 3-4 Dan HOH

8:40pm Cam 3-4 Frank and ?
? and Frank are both confident that they made the right move and it’s all going to pay off. Frank says this coming week they get the next one out. Frank telling her that Shane and Joe are 100% on board to getting Ian out next week then Dan.. Frank to her that once he can play HOH again he’ll throw it to her so he can play for the following one.
Jenn says that the “DR” did a medical check on her to make sure she’s OK, She’s thinking that the HOH on Thursday is physical. They reassure each other that they are still solid and they have their backs.

8:53pm Cam 1-2 Hammock Ian and Britney

Ian says that it looks like she doesn’t have the votes to stay.. the reason is that they think Danielle is stronger in competitions .
Ian promises her it will be avenged, Shane or Ian will win the next competition.
Britney: ‘I hate him.. I hate his laugh.. His voice”
Ian: “Frank is really a douche bag.. the thing that really kills me is Jenn was clamouring for us to take out Frank.. she has no accountability”
Both of them share in mutual disgust in Frank and Jenn.
Ian says that the only person Frank might win against is Jenn.. she has done shit (More importantly who is she?) Ian volunteered to be on Slop for the first part of the season what’s so great about what she’s doing. Britney says she would vote for Jenn over Frank but if Ian can make it to the end she will vote for him. Ian will try to get the quackpack back together. Ian: “I’ll get him.. I hope it’s a double this week he can go home talk to Julie in his carrot costume”
Britney: “Thanks for telling me”
They hug and Britney heads to talk to Danielle

9:06pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Danielle Arcade room
britney: “Ian told me that you are staying.. Good Luck”
Danielle breaks down and starts crying
Britney :”It’s ok.. it’s ok… you don’t need to feel like this”
Danielle: “I don’t want you to go I don’t want you to go”
Britney: “It’s fine I know you will win at HOH”
Danielle: ‘Britney no…. I’m sorry.. now I am alone”
Britney says she can put some safety pins on her clothes and hang out with Jenn. Britney tells her that Dan is powerful in this game if she wins HOH she needs to put Dan and Frank one of those 2 have to go next week our they will not be able to win.
Danielle: “what can I do Britney to make you feel better”
Britney: “The best thing you can is just help me survive these next 48 hours”
Danielle: “Want to play with the badminton.. or lets hid Ted and watch Frank look for it”
Danielle: “I want to light Ted on fire”
Britney: “This season it’s Danielle sweet girl alabama and Jenn i eat canned baby hearts

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144 thoughts on “Ian’s Nomination Speech “Frank, Nominations without you is like Halloween without candy”

  1. wow this convo between brit and danielle and britney is really weird, it seems like brit is doing exactly what she is accusing danielle of doing

    1. did that chick do ANYTHING, or win ANYTHING, other than hiding behind real players and drumming up paranoia….. Hopefully ian is right after her…..

      How much do these guys in jury get to see of whats going on? Or do they only get the player who was evicted’s version….

      God please help these fine people break ian’s heart….. Itll be “tv gold”

      I want ian to go out on an anonymous vote….. so i can pull a have-not room joe style rub and tug relishing his misery……

      Frank needs to kenny powers ian with the quickness. Your f******* out……… Bubba.

      1. Each evicted person brings a tape of what happened after the previous persons eviction and gets to explain what happened. So, Brit will explain to Ashley about how Ian was playing both sides of the house, etc. and how she ended up at the Jury House.

    2. Britney is truly showing her real true colors tonight… She is acting like the biggest spoiled brat. I use to like her but she literally never has done anything for two seasons except hide behind men and once she’s on the block she acts like a baby. Married and 25… Girl needs to grow up. I can’t wait to see Ian cry like a school boy getting picked on once Britney gets evicted!!

      Frank the Tank dropping THE HAMMER

  2. Britney is getting quack packed this year like she got brigaded on Big Brother 12. She hasn’t learned anything, she came in this season hiding behind men again just like she did on Big Brother 12. That’s good for her! I’m glad she’s leaving.

    1. While I agree and think Britney deserves to go, I’m not glad about it. She’s funny and cute and her diary room sessions are easily the most entertaining of the lot.

    1. You know it!

      Face-Picker Britney is not very good under pressure. And all of it because of Idiot Ian. Way to go yo.

    1. Brit is not going to pull a Dan. Because she doesn’t even realize that she is being played by both Dan and Dani. Brit is so confused right now. She wants to stay but if she takes any action to stay in the house, it would mean that Dani leaves. She doesn’t realize that Dani is fighting to stay in the house and put her out. Brit’s down fall was at the double evictions. First, Ian in his exuberance couldn’t just let Boogie walk out the door, he just had to tell Boogie who then told Frank of Ian’s betrayal Mistake number one. Secondly, Brit gave Ian really bad advice when he won HOH, She told Ian to nominate Frank for eviction. Ian had the right of it, back door Frank, don’t nominate him for eviction. Yes Frank could of still played for the POV, but Frank wouldn’t of known how much he was in jeopardy and there was a chance he wouldn’t have been chosen to play POV. Mistake number 2, game …set….match. Brit you messed up both Ian’s and your game.

    2. Dan’s situation was 100x worse than Britney’s and he survived. All she has to do is convince Shane to vote for her (Joe will vote with him). If she can’t do that, her and Shane should probably both leave and Dan deserves to win. She doesn’t even seem to be trying.

  3. Danielle is irritating. Trying to play the victim when she knows she’s safe and she hasn’t got a thing to worry about. At first I thought she was just playing up an act ever since that show Dan put on for the house, but know I think she’s just bent on making everything about her and trying to soak up everyone’s sympathy with her exaggerations and tall tales. It’s disgusting.

    1. No doubt, but it is all she has got, because she has no game. I would guarentee playing the victim is what she does in real life too

    2. Agreed – Dani has to be the center of attention at all times. She is going to have a hard time when she realizes how fans feel about her in the real world.

      1. I still like her. Her edit isn’t all that bad so I would guess a heavy amount of the non-feeders don’t hate her.

        1. Literally, I want to scream at my computer! Britney could sway Joe and Shane over without a doubt if she actually campagned a little more- i wish i could jump in and campaign for her. Ughhh, brit.

  4. Ian, you should’ve used the POV on Dan you dummy. Because you were a little pussy and got cold feet at the last minute, this is whee the situation is at. Britt shut up, you thought you could point your finger for your attack dogs all season and get to the end? You’re pathetic girl.

    1. I agree with the first part of your statement. This could have been all avoided if Ian “the self-proclaimed mastermind” of the quack pack had stood behind his alliance and used his pandoras box veto on Dan. But he didn’t. He told Dan he wasn’t going to use it. He knew Dan had dirt on him and what? He expects dan to lay down and die??? Thats not arrogance…it’s ignorance. Ian did not think it out very well. He assumed Dan was gone and got comfortable and he got caught. Welcome to BB14 my friend.

  5. I’m a little annoyed with Brit right now. She is super sensitive and it seems as though she wants to pick a fight with Dani. Dani is going there. She griped about Dani not being there for her – then when Dani spends time with her after dinner – trying to talk with her – Brit is being petulant.

  6. The outcome for Britney in BB 14 is so puzzling. She has been the most flawless in terms of game play. Even Dan had the outburst with Pandora Box. Most house guest I can point to a reason for them going home (Eg: Britney: Failed to discover Brigade even though DR hinted at it). But I don’t know what she did wrong in BB 14. I guess sometimes good isn’t good enough. That’s what makes Dan’s move so great. I mean Frank had no qualms with Britney. Britney even planted the seeds with Frank last week.

    1. Britney is going home because she made ONE HUGE mistake and that was trying to stab Dan in the back with her alliance and she expected that he would just lay down and die. If she had not done that to Dan, she would not be going home. BYE BYE you backstabbing witch Britney!!!

      1. Britney set up the alliance that kept Dan safe. He was the one hiding behind Britney. He was 100% on the Janelle eviction, and he was 100% on board with putting Frank and Boogie up. Finally, he has to take some heat and starts crying about how it’s not fair. Then he uses Dani and Jenn to get him off the block. he didn’t care if it ruined their game or not. Dan hid behind girls. Haha, so brave. i love it because all his fans think it was such a great move, but if it wasn’t for Dani risking her own game, there would be no plan. It was Dani’s move, not Dan’s.

        1. Britney and Dan both have done a good job of making it look like everyone made the decisions that were made. That shows the BB experience they have. Dan has taken alot of heat and didn’t bitch about until his alliance decided it was okay that he was on his way out. Anyone who has an ounce of fight in them would have tried anything to get off the block–Dan succeeded in epic manner. I really hope that spineless boys Shane and Joe (in no world are they men) flip or simply grow a pair and Brit gets to stay because there is no one more annoying than Danielle. Her whinny voice goes right through me.

        2. I agree, whole heartedly. It really bother’s me the game/life they are willing to sacrifice for money.
          And just for the record, I do not keep my enemies close.. I push them far away and don’t look back.
          It makes me so sad to see this game sometimes and see how little it takes to have someone turn
          on them. I don’t think I’d care who would win, if they did it with an ounce of loyalty, full steam ahead,
          glistening from trying my best at all the comps… (maybe it wouldn’t be good T. V. ) But, then again,
          I am putting myself in the position of those in the game and thinking.. if they only knew? Or maybe
          if I only knew what they were all saying about me… and in good conscience, I would never be friends
          with the people who were playing the game and being so cruel. And yes, I am obviously stink eyed
          and wishing this was playing out a lot differently. Plus, I couldn’t play the game without real licqour. lol
          Wine and Beer? I don’t drink those on the hottest days.. maybe I’d have to be desperate enough if “production”
          sold me out and didn’t want me there any more. I NEVER SAY THIS!!! But I’m seriously thinking about
          not watching this game after this year. I’ve been watching for 12 seasons. I love who I love.. I hate who I hate..
          and yet, I would never say the cruel things that comes out of the tips of fingers, I’ve seen here.
          These girls are not fat. These girls are for the most part kind, generous and very giving to all the other hg’s.
          The men however are far more cruel, sexist, demeaning.
          Girls see this from a different light. We want clean, not rude, (farting, nose picking, nail biting/clipping, man whores,
          abusive, tyrant and ride the tail coats of the girls)
          Every season, I see the men post how the girls ride the tailcoats of the guys. They forget who is backing them
          up, who is voting for them.. who is also winning competitions and taking care of them.
          Again… tired of the one sided view.. and let it be said, I scroll on past for the most part.. and ignore your
          idiot comments. But tonight, I’m pissed and fed up.
          The people that play this game has way more guts than I could ever have… they expose themselves to us.
          WE have fun at their expense. And for the most part it’s harmless. But once in a while, I stand back.. and say
          WTF people?
          Simon and Dawg are amazing to do this for us. And because I love them.. I am holding back.
          From one addict to another for BB14… NoDs.
          For the rest of the master manipulators… screw you.
          For those of us, who couldn’t do this for any amount of money. Thank You!
          Don’t ever sell your soul. An ex-fiddle player said… lol PS.. Catholic’s don’t read the bible.
          Now, I am gonna go get drunk in Ireland where it’s accepted to be humorous and pitiful and weeping for my Brit.

      2. Actually, it seems like she was put on the block because of her close association to Ian, not because she “backstabbed Dan.” If Ian hadn’t won the extra veto this week, he would be the one leaving, no doubt.

        1. You are right Candice. Frank said, if he could get to Ian he would – so he was doing the next best thing. He wants to totally isolate Ian. Ian is the reason that Dan was front and center…and Brit helped. She helped because she is the one who brought Ian in and she is the one because she stupidly went to talk to Mike and Frank when they were super heated and, whether intentionally or not, turned the attention to Dan for everything regarding their noms.

    2. Ultimately, Britney is leaving for the same reason she left in her season. She can’t see whats right in front of her. First, the Brigade. Now, Danielle and Dan. If she knew what was really going on, she would fight, but she’s clueless to it and she’s resigned to leave.

      It sucks, cos now we’re left with a bunch of boring dudes, Frank’s annoying loud ass and stupid girlyman walk, that fugly JennShitty and her non existent game which she thinks is flawless, AND last but not least, the beady eyed paste face with an assortmant of mental problems. Thanks BB!

    3. Puzzling? Lets just look at her F2 w/ Shane, a F3 w/ Girls, F5 w/ QP
      Failed to see the stronger connection Danielle had with Dan
      Hurt her connection with Shane when he took heat for Frank/Boogie being nominated
      Threw Dan under the bus to Frank rather than Ian

      Those all point to very big weaknesses in her Social Game which is her strongest aspect (yes she can do good at some Endurance/Skill comps but she is not a strong comp player). The big weakness is loaylty. Being weaker at comps she needed at least one person who she would support through thick and thin. Knowing how Dan plays she could have done that with him (still risky), but she could also have done that with Shane as he is slightly gullible and being his coach could have really worked it. Ian being a known “magic 8-Ball” was an easy person to take the fall and she passed on that and in turn hurt her relationship with Dan and Shane. In turn she should have tried harder to slowly drive some wedge between Dan and Danielle but instead she took a more passive approach (“lets be friends and girls stick together”). As for her girls alliance, she really only built up any relationship with Danielle. Jenn may be invisible but she is not blind and was probably able to pick up on that making the jump to Frank very easy decision.

      It’s not puzzling. Britney is very entertaining (but lets not forget hypocritical) and has an “ok” social game, which could have been “great” if she wasn’t so stupid when it comes to thinking stretegically. However she is kind of narrowminded and thinks lying and double crossing is the only strategic way for social gaming when fails to see how it can go side by side with a her envisioned cleaner game (by that I mean she hates the lying and “being mean”).

    4. Britney was playing a good game however……..last week after Frank won HOH she was constantly in Ian’s ear telling him to convince Frank NOT to nominate her! She was also constantly in Frank’s ear saying she didn’t care if he (Frank) put Dan on the block as long as she’s safe. There she is trying to make Dan & Danielle feel bad about her being nominated yet she was perfectly ok when Dan and Danielle got put there in the first place. What?? What a hypocrite! DO YOU HEAR THE WORDS COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!! It’s just so unbelievable how hypocritcal she can be and not see it!
      I like Ian but the power went to his head. Shane and Danielle are really good players however too gullible. Jen and Joe are just floaters who got lucky. The ones to beat will probably be Frank and Dan but with HUGE targets on their back who knows who will win BB14 ;)

  7. gonna miss brits faces…I wish she was doing drs the way she used to. I laughed all season. She is entertainment gold. Dan is good at this game…..better than Frank….and I never thought I would say that, but this move was way out of left field.

    Ians ego is going to get him killed in this game. he used to be playing with the big boys….now he thinks he is one of them. I will shit myself he he makes it another week…..then I will call him “Ian God of Nothing Much”.

    If only Shane could see that Danielle is lying to him and will give Dan her vote……

    I LOVE THIS FREAKIN SHOW! I think this should be

    1. Have to agree defiantly going to miss britt face without her nothing to look at others then that weird thing hanging off powerhouse’s face.

  8. Shane has just given up completely – sleeping all the time, no working out, not coming his hair, not moving around, or shaving……he has just turned to shit. BUT I THINK I KNOW WHY……Shane is subconsciously trying to make himself less attractive to Dani……anyone???? anyone????

  9. I still think the house will flip. Danielle just needs to slip once, and that’s all it will take for everything to come tumbling down on her. And maybe Ian or Britney will be able to convince Shane and Joe that they are complete idiots for going with Frank. (Seriously, what the hell are they thinking?)

    1. I wish it would flip, and Danielle left. But apparently Powerhouse is afraid to go against Frank (even though he can’t play in the next two HOH comps), and Shane is choosing someone who probably wouldn’t choose him over Dan. Have Shane and Joe not considered the possibility that Frank, Dan, and Jenn may have cut a deal ALREADY? Jenn went from being dead set against using the veto, to pulling Dan off, and Shane KNOWS Jenn considers Dan to be dangerous because she tried to get him backdoored when he was HOH.. Don’t they see something off about that? Britney sees it. She called Dan out on it. Why can’t they see the obvious?

  10. Ian win HOH? Not going to happen.

    Why does this moron think that everything he says or does is “gold”???

    He’s just an ugly, skinny, socially impaired dork who will probably go back home and marry a pimple faced walmart cashier.

    He should start planning his own goodbye speech yo.

  11. Wake up Brit!!!!! Danielle is throwing you under the damn bus, fight!!!!!!! Time for a testosterone beat down!!!! Ugh!

  12. Good point he should have used his veto on Dan. And they would all be together now. Once again Britt rushed to quick to beta major player out she
    Was glad Dan was on his way out. Her and Dani did not want to take a chance of being put up. Well gurus what you got put up Britt.
    And Dani is Part of it.

    1. Totally agree about Danielle she is nothing but a “PITA” (pain in the ass)…attention seeking and annoying!!! She has done nothing but ride Dan’s shirt tail and think she was instrumental in the Janelle demise when that was all Boogie…she needs to GO!!!

  13. Ian says he can understand franks move. ” an eye for an eye. a tooth for a tooth .. a blonde for a blonde.. ROFLMAO

  14. wow Danielle, you can choose to say nothing instead of keep lying!! i don’t think britney lied this much when they put up Janelle.

  15. oh my god i’m gonna fu**ing puke danielle whining and crying to britney i don’t want you to go and she’s the reason britney is going because jenn asked her if this is what she wanted and she said yes 2 faced fake bitch.

    1. I’m sorry – she should have said – no Jenn, don’t use the veto. Go ahead and evict one of my closest allies and my coach who has helped me get to this point. Yes, let’s evict Dan who can continue to by an ally and help me over Brit who, while she is a friend, has done nothing in this game and can offer me no protection. I mean, after all, it’s not like we are playing for half a million dollars, right?

      Danielle did not mastermind this. Danielle did not make the alliance. She found out after the fact and went along. Brit helped herself out the door with her closeness to Ian and the paranoia she exuded running around the house making deals with everyone. She also sent a clear message to Dani about how easy it was for her to write off a member of their alliance. Dani may feel bad about her friend leaving – but it is the right game move and Brit will get it once she leaves.

  16. I think Dani’s betrayal of Britney is going to be worst then Ian’s betrayal of Boogie. Ian and Boogie were never friends, Ian respected Boogie, but Boogie never reciprocated any respect towards Ian. Boogie thought Ian was a kid lost in the wilderness that he could manipulate. Britney thought she developed something real with Dani. She is going to be devastated when she finds out that Dani played her. What makes this game so much fun is the strategy, backstabbing and lying; however, betrayal via friendship…that hurts. However, maybe Brit shouldn’t play in Big Brother again after this season. Brit can’t win any competitions to directly influence the game. Shane did her bidding. Brit has a great personality but she is physically and emotionally a weak player.

  17. Ian stole that from Hardy, Season 2.

    “Will, nominations without you is like Christmas without the presents.”

    Sound familiar?

  18. BB will be letting a great chance for some big drama go if Britney, Joe, or Shane don’t find out that Danielle has known everything and is working them all. It would shift eveyone’s new alliances and turn the whole game around. This is getting so boring. If they let this slips by, than why watch? We all knew that Shane and Joe would go to Carrot Man and make a deal, blah, blah, blah. Predictable as heck! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am bored!

  19. Ohh thank goodness BBAD is starting off with a bang – loved Brit telling Dannielle that she’ll have to talk about Spencers & Hot Topic – not to mention her advice on putting safety pins on her clothes! Too funny!! Oh yes – canned baby hearts anyone!

  20. I don’t know if you allow links in the comments, so I will just reference where to go. Wil put up a YouTube video under his username “thewilshow” called “Big Brother 14: The Trilogy, Part 1”. HILARIOUS impressions of Frank and Joe. Seriously, everyone should go watch!

          1. Highly recommended! Wil put a lot of time, effort (and makeup) into it – REALLY funny! He pokes a ton of fun at the Chenbot!!!!! When Wil and Britney teamed up to do that “Joe Skit” outside a while ago, that had to be THE funniest thing I have ever seen on BB!

        1. samantha, Thank you. That was super hilarious. Wil managed to capture them all extremely well. A “must see.”

  21. Britney giving Danielle a “harmless” bit of advice (during a joint cry-fest) on how to best relate, after Thursday, to the only other BB chick left, ? – “Maybe you should start drawing on your skin or something?” Then she gives Danielle those “big eyes” of hers, for extra effect! Man, that’s gotta be the 100th time that Brit has cracked me up this season. A born comedienne! SNL – hire her! She’s mean at times, but it always comes out as harmless, and said mainly just to be funny. Her spoiled brat-ness/gameplay? a D-; Her humor? an A+!!!!!!! Please AG, give us some Jury House cutaways, so we can watch her try to co-exist with just Ashley, for a solid week. This could be Brit’s biggest challenge yet!

  22. It’s so funny right now watching Brit on the feeds talking slick about Frank when both Dan and Dani are sitting there and are in on her demise. She is going to feel like a fool when she goes back to watch this.

  23. Ugh! BBAD is so annoying, Britney making bitter jokes about Frank to DAN AND DANIELLE. Britney is the one who’s embarrassing, she can’t even tell who sold her out.

  24. Brit is so bitter on the feeds right. She is trash talking Frank to Dan and Danielle not knowing that they are very ones working with Framk

  25. <<<—- I'm always amazed by those who know how to hurt people the worst.. of things I could never comprehend and how people love it in the BB house and out. It's just a game.. When people in real life come up with these left field illustrations of how they think they've been wronged to save their own ass, bitters my insides and wonders how demented they look on the side of good. I guess it depends on your perspective.
    I am going to really miss Britney unless, Danielle and Dan blow their cover and she somehow can expose them.
    Please oh Please… BB Gods! Save Brit.

  26. The hell with Shane, Ian, Joe, Dan and Frank…We are about to lose a member of “The Girls of the SEC”, Wake-up people…this bad, really bad…Roll Tide

  27. You may think Brit is pretty, but every time she opens her mouth she’s just plain ugly. I would never have anything to do with a girl like her.

    I still can’t figure out why she was even considered to be a coach this season!

    1. No other notable female players I guess. Rachel, Jordan, and Dani were on last season so that ruled all of them out. Doubt they would have done 3 guy / 1 girl.

  28. Danielle didn’t betray Britney–she stayed loyal to her 1 true ally Dan and helped save his ass. BYE BYE BITCHNEY! Frank will be joining ya soon.

  29. Has anyone decoded the apparent Braille writing on the dining room wall? Forgive me if this was considered earlier and I missed it.

  30. Is there a “World Coffee-Drinking Contest?” You know, like the 4th Of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest? I swear, Britney would win it! She must consume 20 jumbo glass mugs of it per day, 7 days a week! And now she’s just asked production for a “drown her sorrows, bottle of white wine” chaser! She eats nothing, but I swear, the girl drinks twice her body weight in liquid every single day!!!!

  31. If Brit walks out the door today, I have no one left in the house that I don’t like. A couple (Jenn and Joe) that I don’t care much for, but no one that I really truly dislike.

  32. I really hope if Britney ever gets back to Big Brother somebody tells her that if your path to victory is purely social that you have to pit people against each other not attach yourself to a large group. You need to have a very strategic and calm mind (if you want to win then you can’t be afraid to lose), not overreacting to every perceived threat…especially not to those threats to your extensive alliance. Not only was it in her interest to keep Boogie/Frank vs Dan/Shane trying to position herself as both sides final 3, but she should have been pitting carefully pitting Shane against Dan and Ian against Joe, etc, etc. You can’t just make friends with people and hope they’ll carry you. You have to use those friendships to actually influence their thinking.

    And if your game is social you can’t make enemies or more specifically you can’t write people off as enemies. You need to bring them in. And for the love of God, don’t make your favorite an immature, socially inadequate, possibly autistic, physical weakling.

    Oh and this is the big one, if you talk a tremendous amount of shit about everybody, eventually the person to whom your reeling off one-liners will realize you’re doing the same thing about them when they leave the room. They might not be smart to recognize it consciously, but subconsciously they still pick up on it. Exhibit A is Danielle. She’s far too narcissistic to really figure Britney out, but notice her constant remarks on Britney’s negativity. That was Danielle’s subconscious saying Britney talks way too much shit. And if you can’t help but talk shit, only do it with one person…the one person you think can and will help you to the end. This year that person would have been Shane.

    So when you find your next Shane, learn how to work somebody. Don’t rush up to his HOH and just tell him what to do like he’s your husband who forgot to take out the trash, instead gently walk him through it and guide him to make his own decision, the one you want. This way he starts to learn the game, sees you as a person he can talk with openly and honestly, and won’t ultimately blame you when it all blows up. You have to make him your partner. If you work him and build him up, rather than being paranoid and bossing him around, and teach him the fine points of the game (namely how to serve your interests), then when your ass is on the line, he will know how to fight for you and do so unconditionally and not walk away from you at the earliest convenience.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see Britney getting a third bite at the apple…

    1. Idk, if they end up doing another All-Stars in the next few summers, there might be a couple of three-peat contestants, since there have not been many memorable ones in general. If these people never came back a second time, I’d say that they would be prime candidates for all-stars: Evel Dick, Rachel, Jeff, and Britney. But yeah, I don’t think those people would be back for a third time. Maybe Jeff, but people wouldn’t like it.

    2. I think I see the genius of the game she is playing, even if you don’t. I think she secretly knows that Shane is pretending to be a moron and the two of them have a final 2 deal. Dan thinks he is the genius–but they are laughing at him in their minds every night. Britney will be saved; Danielle will be gone (and her play of Danielle is a far greater masterpiece than Dan’s amateur bullshit–whenever anyone says “it’s only a game”, it’s not a game). Ian already reveres her–she will continue to play him. Jenn will be lost and join the Britney, Shane, Ian alliance–Frank and Dan are toast. Dan’s “big move”, so revered by all the posters here, is going to send him to the jury next week. Way to earn that stipend, buddy! Got 24 hours in solitary and a bunch of slop. Some “great player”. Watch the poetry in motion and tell me I’m wrong.

  33. What could have been an “up in the air” eviction episode Thursday is turning into a predictable eviction. The next two days will be SO boring if it continues on like this. As someone mentioned before Brit is HILARIOUS proven fact but she couldn’t win the comps and she is very WEAK emotionally. She has essentially just thrown in the towel with 2 full days to go. Say what you want about Boogie but he fought to his very last breath in the BB house and that was admirable. This season will get very boring very quick if Ian doesn’t win HOH this Thursday.

    1. How do you figure?

      Here are just a few questions that will be answered:

      Is Dan or Shane going to go after Frank?

      Is Frank with Dan or Shane?

      Does Dan decide to go to Ian with a deal?

      Will Danielle betray Dan for Shane?

      Does Dan have another shake-up planned?

      Where will The Powerhouse masturbate next?

      Can The Powerhouse master the recipe for pork chops braised with a urine reduction?

      1. 1. Dan and Shane will both go after Frank, assuming Dan outlasts Frank–hardly a certainty.

        2. Frank’s with whomever dupes him at any given moment.

        3. Dan will be gone–or Frank will be gone–and Ian won’t need to make a deal.

        4. Danielle will be gone Thursday.

        5. Dan will try an throw in with Britney, Shane, Ian, Joe and perhaps Janelle again and they will take him, lie to him and make sure he is gone with the wind, with Frank right on his heels.

        6. Dan has no ability to shake up the house because Danielle will be gone and everyone else is on to his BS and Frank’s already committed to getting him out, so what kind of war can he wage with Jenn? Both he and Jenn will be gone in hurried succession.

        7. Don’t know when Joe will choke the chicken again, but perhaps they could refrain from making us see it.

        1. #5 should say “and” instead of “an” and Jenn instead of Janelle. Too tired from typing all afternoon and evening. Sorry.

          1. In the film “The Paperboy” (coming soon to an arthouse near you) Nicole Kidman gives Zac Efron a urine “production” on himself–perhaps that’s a start. I can’t imagine there isn’t some recipe, acknowledged in some time, somewhere, that didn’t call for a urine reduction sauce. We can only hope it will be copied or plagiarized in the Slop Recipe Cookbook.

          2. If I see one more hug between the doomed-for-hell faux-Christian Dan (because of his hyprocrisy and false swearing, not his embrace of a lesbian) and Jenn I’ll scream. Britney played this perfectly–just dial back on the gas a bit, go to bed and check ’em tomorrow, but I think she’s golden.

      2. Is Dan or Shane going to go after Frank? That’s the million dollar question that hinges on Danielle not acting openly on Dan’s behalf. If she doesn’t reveal then Dan stays target 1 and if she does tell him about the deal, then his reaction could be positive/negative in which case they could revert to the status quo. Dan on the other hand is smart enough to be thinking about the end game. He wants Frank and Danielle at the end, believing both will take him to the final and both will lose. He will play on Danielle’s loyalty and Frank’s ego (wanting to beat the best).

        Is Frank with Dan or Shane? I think Frank has wanted to be partners with Shane from jump street, but as the man with no friends he will go with whatever keeps him the most secure. And at the end of the day Dan is smart…Shane is not. Frank wants Ian out, but after that he will go with power.

        Does Dan decide to go to Ian with a deal? I think with Ian having no poker face and being lost without Britney, Dan will act like they’re still together but will set up Ian as his fall guy.

        Will Danielle betray Dan for Shane? Yes, I think she will, but of course she will cry and act like she is being victimized and not Shane.

        Does Dan have another shake-up planned? I don’t think he does. I think his deal with Frank is legit no matter what he says to Danielle (he won’t tell her he’s screwing Shane until the minute before it happens). He knows Frank can be his workhorse and the best finals partner given the make-up of the jury. His other options for victory are Jenn and Joe, who he’d have to carry to the end. Everybody else he loses to. Frank is his best bet. But if his back is against the wall, he will come up with something…but I don’t think it will work.

        Where will The Powerhouse masturbate next? I’m thinking on Shane’s back. I just can’t get past when he told Britney and Danielle he was planning to come into the house and pretend he was gay. I’m the least homophobic person around…but it would never cross my mind to pretend I was Gay unless I had some tendencies. You couple Shane’s closeted status with the Joe’s man crush and if not for the camera’s, we’d have already seen some Brokeback Mountain action.

        Can The Powerhouse master the recipe for pork chops braised with a urine reduction? Urine is one of those spices that compliments every meal. urine gumbo, urine pot pie, urine casserole. But urine reduction braised pork chops…that’s a bridge too far.

        1. I don’t think so. Frank will keep fighting until less breath. That why Frank will survive until the end! Like it or not!

  34. Okay. I’m am seriously getting pissed off at Brittney not having seen any movie EVER. Like..you see popular movies by accident. Walk through a room that has the tv on and what not. Was this witch on the phone 24/7/365??? My Lord.

  35. Why does shane like to be Stalked.. is he playing us.. does he really have the hots for an unstable chic…I mean real unstable… cuz i dont get why he cant vote Danielle out…honestly why would he care if he loses her frienship ….hes way bettr off..

  36. Is Dan or Shane going to go after Frank?: Only if they have the opportunity to backdoor him

    Is Frank with Dan or Shane?: Whoever wins HOH

    Does Dan decide to go to Ian with a deal? 50/50

    Will Danielle betray Dan for Shane?: She has shown she will betray Britney for Dan. She will ultimately do the same to Shane “unknowingly” of course

    Does Dan have another shake-up planned?: He’s the second best player to ever play the game of course he does.

    Where will The Powerhouse masturbate next?: On Ian’s hammock

    Can The Powerhouse master the recipe for pork chops braised with a urine reduction?: Yes

    See I answered all these questions which mean the rest of the season will be predictable!

  37. I think Danielle is doing a great job this week! No one has any idea that she knows whats going on. I really like her in this game despite all her crying and her being crazy and crap lol.

  38. Can someone please bitch slap Ian for me lol. This is what I hate about todays society, tards can get away with shiz and there’s no consequences (it allows weeds to grow and fester, better to beat them down). I wish I lived like a 1000 years ago yo, lol

  39. for the people last week getting on Frank and Boogie the way they were acting and talking about the other people in the house. just look at Britney and Ian talking smack about everyone tonight. I’m not mad that Britney and Ian are acting like sore-losers, just want to point out that everyone acts this way when it doesn’t goes their way.

  40. You know what I don’t get: Why doesn’t CBS give them an extra hour for the finale so we can get a review and hear the HG’s react to betrayals and meltdowns etc? That would be good TV and the payoff for the whole season. I mean it’s not like Julie Chen ISN’T banging the boss. C’mon CBS, you’re blowing it son…

  41. Why does Shane care so much about keeping danielle over Britt … his headache will be gone if he gets rid of stalker…

  42. Why should Shane care about an unstable average looking women…when after the show hes gonna have 100s of girls trying to hook up with him..

  43. It’s official. I am done watching this worthless cast. This season is nothing but a bunch of floaters working under “BS alliances” -. I mean – 6 or 7 alliances – with only 8 people in the house??? C’mon. Everyone is floating this year. Boring.

    – Frank is the biggest floater of All Time. He has a final two deal with everyone in the house – excluding Ian. He flip flops, everyday w/o boogie.
    – Dan’s game sucks this year. Selling Ian out, is all he has done this entire season – and that took zero skills.
    – Brittney – is a complete moron this season. It’s obvious she rode Renegades coat tails during her last season.
    – Shane – he has zero BB game skills. I don’t think he understands how the game works anymore. Seriously. Or he may just be really dumb.
    – Danielle is nothing more than Dan’s shield at this point. Also, is she putting Crisco on her face daily?? How in the hell is she getting so “clammy”, white & fat?
    – Ian is starting to get annoying. He made the best move all season, with boogie, followed by the worst move – by not back dooring Frank during the live show.
    – Jenn and Joe – each claim the prize of the Most Boring Player in BB History – and they just happen to play in the same season. Great.

    Good bye – shitty cast.

  44. And there you. The second things don’t go in her favor, Britney throws a tantrum. She’s a little brat. Thank goodness she has that hot little bod if not her husband might shoot himself. And let’s be honest…Boogie – former winner, Dan – former winner, Janelle – Comp beast, Britney – erm…so Dick, Danielle, Brenchel, Jeff, Jordan, Hayden all said No…so ur in. I think Britney’s semi-scripted, multiple take coached DR sessions are funny and she’s nice to look at but she is a horrible game player. A glorified floater. All she does is bitch, moan and mope. Bye bye Brit. Go do some yoga with Ash.

  45. Does anyone know if any season of Big Brother has had a reunion episode with a season’s cast where the cast has seen their season and they answer questions and discuss about it? I would love to see a show like that. Heck if MTV does it with Jersey shore and the real world why not right? lol

  46. This episode of BBAD is retarded. I hate Dani. I hate Jenn. Shane is a dummy. Joe is a floater. Frank, Ian, and Dan are good in my book After Brit leaves this season is going to the shitter

  47. Ian, your scumbag tool. You know you can’t get rid of Frank. He will Fuck you up of winning the PoV twice. So, better think twice & still he will kick your ass!

  48. I don’t get these people these are the same people that lied to frank. Boogie and janelle. Then they complained about how janelle, boogie and frank acted while on the block and ian and britney are acting oblivious to there behaviour being the same. Ian didn’t have a problem screwing boogie, but once it’s done to brit he is acting like a douche.. Danielle is right about one thing people’s attitude is “as long as it’s not me”. But ian being a fan of this show he should know your going to feel the heat yourself at one point and you will act out. So don’t complain when others act out when they’re feeling it as well.

    1. I agree with everything you said! Especially with Ian! He’s such a hypocrite with what Frank did to brit. Did he forget he was the one who rated frank/boogie to Brit

  49. Frank is the man, I hope this move buys him another week. Ian’s undeserved sense of accomplishment is making me want to punch my TV. He thinks he’s Will Kirby, you know, minus EVERYTHING. The only big move the kid has made in the game is scum bagging Boogie so he could play with the cool kids upstairs.

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