Big Brother Spoilers The Houses Worst Nightmare The Carrot Pack

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

4:05pm Cam 3-4 HOH Shane, Frank and Joe

Shane: “I don’t know what I will be doing.. but if I vote to keep Britney you won’t hold it against me”
Frank: “As long as she goes I don’t care”

Shane: “I am leaning towards keeping Danielle because BRitney has had a chance to play this game and Danielle hasn’t”

Frank: “For all of us it is better if BRitney goes.. it’s better to keep Dani because if she wins HOH it keeps you off the block”

Frank: “i want Ian out then dan out”
Shane: “I want Dan out first”
Frank: “I want Ian out because of the competitions I don’t think Dan is very dangerous”
Frank: “Ian is the most dangerous player in the game”
Joe: “I cannot stand Dan.. it’s not that he’s proven he’s a robot under the skin.. he’s not a human being inside this house”
JOe: “He’ll kill his first born child to win.. thats not dan outside of this house”
JOe: “I don’t care who goes home this week.. Ian told me to pop a squat and when we were negotiating he treated me like a fu**** 2 year old”

Frank really plays up that dan is so unlikable he’ll be easy for them to get out but Ian is tough because of the mental competitions.

Joe wants to sign a final 4 final 5 deal.
Joe says they are throwing away our key ally with Britney so we need some type of guarantee that we will get Dan and Ian out next. Joe wasnt to have a signed contract and have a man to man hand shank

Joe is worried about Jenn and Daniele. Frank tells him they can have a final 5 deal with Jenn and Danielle and once they get to that point they have to play for the comps to win.

Joe doesn’t want an agreement with what they are going to do specifically he just wants them to agree to work together and try the best they can to get the 3 of them forward in the game.

Joe has thought Deep about it a lot this is a game changer .. this is a turning point.

Frank says that Dan will nominate Jenn and Ian. Shane thinks it will be Frank and IAn. Frank say no that won’t happen. Dan saw something in Ian during the pandora’s box comp.

Joe: “What do you think?”
Shane: “I’m willing to move forward”
JOe: “How to do you want to move forward with this and Brit.. I already said I’m going with Shane”
Shane :”I’ll just have to tell her straight up tonight”

Shane and Joe agree to do it tonight.. Frank says the three of them will make it to the final 3 chairs.

Joe: ‘This will be the best season ever to have 2 of best competitors ever in the end”
Frank says when Britney goes out 4 to 1 Ian is going to feel really alone..

Shane goes to use the toilet.. Frank tells them when production came in to set up his computer they took a giant dump in the HOH bathroom.

Joe tells Frank if they do this they will control the house there is no on that can tought them.

Frank :”Next week looks pretty good for us regardless of who wins”
Joe is worried that Ian will get wind of their deal and cause drama.

They all shake on it and form the carrot pack.
Shane: “We just cannot let Dan or Ian win HOH”

Joe leaves.. Frank says that nobody will want to bring Joe to the final three. Frank says that they can roast Joe in competitions so they will cut him and the 2 of them will go for the end. Frank says it’s like Dan and Memphis takeing Jerry.

Shane: “This is the houses worst nightmare you and me together”
Shane leaves….
Frank start gloating about yet another alliance he is in…

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4:45pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Britney, Danielle and Dan

Ian: “I will fall on my sword for this alliance.. If it’s double eviction this Thursday I will go him if it means one of us original 5 make it to the end“ Ian says that Frank can offer nothing to Dan Frank cannot win the next 2 HOH’s. Ian doesn’t care what happens to him in this game anymore as long as someone from the quack pack makes it to the end. He doesn’t want Jenn to win she was a floater.

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4:50pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Britney and Shane

Shane tells Britney that they are still up in the air about what they will do.
Ian joins them: “What’s going on”
Shane: “Just trying to keep Britney safe this week”
Ian “same”
Ian says that Frank and Dan do not have a long term thing in the game.

5:11pm Cam 1-4 Joe and Shane

Joe is saying that he’s still trying to process all this.. Shane just talked to Britney.. I told her you are sleeping Joe: “This is the best thing for us.. you don’t get a 1 in 3 shot for 500 grand” Shane: “or a 1 in 3 shot at 50”

(LOL so looks like the carrot pack is legit. Sigh.. So if the votes stay the way they look right now Britney goes home 4-1 and we have a house full of alliances. Still too many players in the house. this season is all about house flips.. do you think it will flip again or is Britney done for)

5:50pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle

Danielle says that Britney told her she wants the final 3 to be all girls. Shane says that what he figured because she cannot win against him.

Danielle: “That doesn’t matter to me.. I want to sit beside someone that I care about”
Danielle: “It’s kinda hurting my feelings how Britney is acting towards me..”
Danielle heard that Shane was voting for BRitney to stay and she got so scared she whimpers tells Shane that he’s all she’s got in this game.

Shane claims he knew something was up with Britney today. Danielle thought that being on the block with Britney was going to be fun. Danielle: “She’s being so mean to me.. I’m on the block because I didn’t want Britney to go up.. I sent Janelle home because I thought she was going after Britney… I don’t want to go home.”

Danielle says that Britney has been telling her that she wanted someone else to take Shane out because she didn’t want the blood on her hands. Shane says that 3 weeks ago Britney told him taking her to the final 2 because she deserved it more that danielle.

Shane: “She’s playing a dangerous social game”

Danielle now starts to whimper about Ian going around saying
Danielle: “He needs to SHUT UP… He’s never been on the block i’ve been on the block 2 times”

Danielle: “You make a guys deal today”
Shane: “I made a 1 week deal with Frank because he kept me safe this week.. Frank wanted a final 3”
Danielle: “Did Joe make the deal to”
Shane: “I don’t know.. he may have.. I kind of think Frank wants to pull me and Joe in”
Shane tells Danielle that Joe and him are voting for her to stay… She’s save this week.
(Yup britney’s goose is cooked… :( )

6:18pm Cam 3-4 Ian, Shane and Joe

Ian: “Where’s your heads at boys”
Shane: “I dunno.. 50/50”
Joe: “I’m going to keep Danielle.. mainly danielle is stronger in competitions and Frank is going to be gunning for me if I don’t”
Ian: “I hate to break it to you Joe but Frank isn’t gunning for anyone for 2 weeks.”

Joe: “I want Dan on the block and I know you want Frank.. I’m going to have a talk with Britney and tell her my decision”
Shane: “Ya i’m thinking about voting for danielle to stay to”
Ian understands and thanks them for telling him early.

ian: ‘This is what irritated me with the whole thing.. it’s not Dan he did what he had to do.. my main issue is with Frank and Jenn.. she gets on this train about me betraying frank.. well just so you guys know in the arcade room everyone other than Ashley and Frank was clamouring for those 2 to go up”

she has zero accountability.. and she walks around like she’s innocent”

Ian: ‘Franks social game is piss poor.. if you are not on his side he treats you like shit.. Jenn’s social game was good but it is now piss poor”
Joe leaves…
Ian: “I am willing to move forward with Dan 100% .. from a moral standpoint what he did was reprehensible… I will vote for any faithful quackpacker until the end.. “
Shane tells ian he trust him more than dan.
Ian: “I honestly think Dan will try and get Frank out next week if he can”
Ian: “We get Frank out of here.. I’m going for Jenn.. “
Shane: “then Joe” (Ohh shit powerhouse you getting duped)

Ian: “I’m voting Brit to stay and nothing is changing that.. I will enjoy my last few days with her… and if I go to the Jury house I’ll hang out with her there”

Ian smirks.. “the sweet thing about all this is Frank cannot play in the next 2 HOH and he didn’t even get Dan out”
Ian points out that Frank’s entire HOH was a waste for him. All he ended up doing was take out someone that Ian was allied with and who may have been going after him
Shane: “that was just hearsay.. “

Shane: “I trust you unconditionally.. Ian“
They start chatting about the comp on Thursday they wonder if it will be endurance.

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214 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers The Houses Worst Nightmare The Carrot Pack

  1. I truly believe Brit is gone…the House will flip big time next week if Dan, Danielle, Ian or Jen win HOH…Ill take my damn chances with those 4 over Joe any day only worrying person is Shane and even still Danielle will play in his ear a bit…

    1. HOH, Pandora’s box. All Jenn did in this game is eat, drink, shit, shower, braid hair, and take punishment to win 1 veto.

        1. ?? that chick that just showed up sucks. She hasn’t been logical from the get go.. or is silently lost her mind already.
          Like I said, the house is divided and by choosing to placate those who are left.. she thinks it will get her farther.
          Everyone has said, it doesn’t change the stipend. Why stay there to help them? Take a stand Rocker Girl.. or cave in
          and be deemed a floater. Oh wait.. you are! ( did I just break my own rule?) nope.. it is what it is… : )

      1. HOH was a mental competition…as if anyone is beating Ian in those. Pandora’s box was essentially luck, the machine kept breaking and not everyone found as many quarters as Ian. Jenn won a veto, Ian won an HoH. Ian has a non existent social game, Jenn has a decent social game.

        1. I’m not so sure that Ian won the HOH. I think that Dani threw it, just like Ian was trying to do. She didn’t want that HOH.

    1. Technically Chill Town is still there. Seemed Frank was a solid recruit by the time Boogie left.

      Then there’s The Silent 6. That’s no more.

      The Quack Pack.. fallin apart, thank god.

      The Renegades has resurfaced.

      The Carrot Pack

      Dan/Frank/Danielle/Jenn….. unnamed? Dank +2?

      And Wil wanted to form an alliance with Frank on day 1. Something about curly hair and long hair?

      That’s all I got so far.

  2. LMAO @ the new Carrot Pack Alliance. by the end of the day, we will see Dan form an alliance with Shane and Joe call the Judas Priest Alliance.

    1. That’s funny! I was thinking the same thing actually. Wish Dan didnt betray his alliance (quack pack) but he had to do what he had to do. Shane and Joe will never trust him again. I just wish Brittany would stay. Danielle is so annoying!!

      1. DAN ONLY betrayed his alliance after they betrayed him. If they had not betrayed him after he got blamed for all the shit the others did, he would never of told the truth on them. He did it to save his butt and only told the truth. He did not lie and he did it with class. The others boo hoo every time it does not go their way and cry and whine or they treat the other house guest like shit, namely Frank, when they do not get their way. Dan deserves to win BB 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Dont know how avidly you watch the live feeds, if at all. But maya angelou has a famous statement, believe people when they tell you what they are. Dan refers to himself as a ninja assasin in this game. He kept trying to refocus danielle to control her reactions and emotions to people. Dan will play nice, play villain, exploit any genuine kindness in people. He enjoyed being forwarned with all the information ian gave him but make no mistake about believing he would fall on his 500,000 dollar sword for anyone, whether they were nice to him or betrayed him is inconsequential. Britney had a conversation with dan on the live feeds and told dans he was a very bad person in this game. His answer to her was, “I can say what ever I want to anyone, and it doesnt mean I have to do anything I said”. He will use what ever means necessary to get what he wants and britney of all people should have expected it. I dont know how anyone can be dooped by his tactics? When you know from watching him play he will do whatever is necessary to win, he should have been everyones number one target from day one.

      2. Given the fact that Frank cannot play in the next 2 HOH comps, Dan could have done exactly what he did, but as a way to lure Frank into feeling comfortable, and meantime secretly remain with the Quack Pack. They would have 2 chances to back door Frank before he’d be able to be HOH.

    2. Is there a true alliance anywhere in this house other than Dan and Danielle if it gets past this week? Everyday there is a new alliance. I think America needs to start voting people off.

    1. Ian’s veto can be used during the live show as long as he did not use it during the veto ceremony and does not tell anybody about it. They want the PB veto used during the live show!

  3. Joe and Shane are idiots. If they stick with Brit they have the numbers, plus Frank can’t play in the next 2 hoh’s. It just boggles my mind sometimes. I hope Ian wins this next hog, to shake things up then. Would love for Ian to knock out Frank.

    1. Is simple like that
      But Shane and Joe seams to be too lazy to think that

      next week would be Brit, Shane, Joe and Ian x Jen and Dan for HOH

    2. Brit just needs to tell Shane and Joe she wants to stay

      seams like she is giving it away.

      is there any producation manupulation?

      PLease Brit gotta stay..if not Im done with this season

      1. I guess you are going to have to stop watching lol i don’t see anyway for her to stay joe and frank already made a deal with frank and shane already told dani and although he could change his mind shane isn’t good with lying which is what started this whole and i don’t see him lying to dani. To be honest i never saw him noting taking dani always seemed more loyal to her then brit and with dan out of the picture (at least he thinks he is out) he will definetly take her

        1. Unless Britt starts telling the house Danis secrets…Like Shane im sure he would love to hear about Danis Nursing career… and how Trey is waiting back home for her …alll this is good for britt to stay over Danielle..

        2. I dont think Shane will take Dani.. she could beat him. I really thnk he will Take someone he can beat like Jenn or Joe.. but he has to kick out others who want to take the foaters too.. and im afraid thats where he will fail…

      2. Britney’s history because her best friend in the game from week 1 is too scared of Frank to fight for her, Ian will be left alone, and the rest of the house has already submitted to Frank. The two weeks he won’t have HOH and these braindead buffoons will waste it fighting each other. All of them just hoping to be the girl Frank asks to prom.

        CBS, Cast some people who could be actual competition for Frank when (not if – Production is in love with him) you bring him back in a year or two.

        1. what’s up with anonymous’s boner for Britney? me thinks i knoweth his “secret” identity and that it’s most likely her husband; fo sho’ — i mean, come ON, 2 or 3 or 30 comments in a row requesting no one in particular and yet EVERYONE specifically to ” save Britney ” ??? As If …. sorry all you britney luvahs out there in the land of “OH PLEase” but it seems to me that her husband must not want her to come home. Whatever; what’s that expression every bartender uses around 2:00AM? “You don’t have to go home people, but you can’t stay here” ? I’m really not trying to hate, but did anyone else watching the Showtime After Dark Big Brother thingy last night hear Britney talk about playing what’s her name in a school production of willy wonka and the chocolate factory? Yeah, that story didn’t sound sketchy at ALL…. soooo believable, right? Like, she couldn’t remember her characters last name, what she ate to make herself turn blue –no it WASn’t gum, big-fat-liar–not even how the story ends. For her to purposely throw something out there as random as being in a play whose story and characters are familiar to and loved by anyone today under 50 is lame and weird. She very matter-of-factly informed the world that she’s not JUST a newlywed but a seasoned actress to boot…all i’m screamin is, that it sounded shady, and so with that, i call Shullbit. But wait, I digress. My point of contention was simply this: until that smarmy bastard Dr. Will came along, most of the world was like, ” what’s big brother? ” and furthermore , ” do people under 80 still watch CBS?” After Will however, it seems like every new cast member’s agenda for watching the show, auditioning for the show, being on the show, loving/hating/obsessing over the show, winning/losing/BECOMING the show or just talking about it so incessantly, that the show itself has become the cast’s final member………EVERY person, has pursued BB for exactly the same reason; To be just like or even better than the likes of Will. Has there ever been a time anyone could remember there being someone on television to come even CLOSE in comparison to that grab-bag of personality we know as the evil, double-dealing Will? Never, except for the ones that have had their dialogue written expressly for THEM, and have been paid to speak it…they are called actors. And, in fairness, though he was still sort of cast in the role of playing a real person on TV, I don’t think any of us felt that way then; at least not at the time, anyway. Remember him back then? Mad clever and mean-boy funny, honest in his backhanded flattery to anyone stupid enough to believe “HE LIKES ME! He really likes me!” Appearing to be constantly on the verge of a pleasant sort of danger. It’s not like he was bad to the point of your mother warning you about him, but like, you never really got any sense of any part of the real Will. Remember Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho? think him but with prize money after the bloody rapes, murders, prostitutes and 3- martini -business -lunches in the city. ANYway, I’m waxing with like; nostalgia–y’know? All that is left are the reruns. That, and the independent thinkers and mental giants over at CBS , whose no less than CRIMINAL decision making ( i hate doosh-baggery, and so I therefore hate Michael Booger as well as boogers themselves.) Their lack of taste and inability at scouting talent? Even more disappointing. Frank should win. He at least, is loyal. He’s not ugly or stupid, nor does he reek of the the smell most of the others on the show are already familiar with, or soon will be as also-rans. In conclusion, because now I am beginning to ramble a’la uni-bomber, has anyone made note of how Will came, he conquered, he went to the bank to cash in his winnings, and, with a little bit of class and a whole lot of finality, he said Good night, Irene and HE……..FREAKIN’ ………. LEFT !!!! And he did all that, I suspect, just so we can miss him. I know I do.

    3. But as far as Shane knows they have the same numbers with Danielle too and they’re not saddled with Ian. So if Ian wins HOH, they assume Frank vs Dan and they have the numbers to get Dan. If Dan wins they assume Ian and Frank and they have the numbers to get Ian. So why not dump Britney, make nice with Frank and use the next two weeks to get Dan and Ian then when Frank comes off the bench, if he wins he can get Danielle/Jenn (so Joe thinks, but most likely it would be him leaving). Then Frank will want to take Jenn to final three and Shane will want Danielle…and all bets are off.

      With his deal with Dan and now this, Frank went from death row to the penthouse in 48 hours. The only peril is Ian winning HOH and putting up him and Jenn and he can’t win veto (I just don’t think anybody would save him…but they might throw veto). Any other way and he should be safe for the next 2 evictions. He really needs to get in Shane’s ear to inoculate him from Dan swooping back in. Thankfully he can count on Danielle whining how Dan broke her heart even though she went along with the deal. With Frank steering him, Shane should still see Dan as a giant snake, despite Danielle trying to protect him

  4. As soon as Danielle screws up and exposes she knew about Brittany going up and that she made a deal with Frank she is done for. Joe isn’t that stupid – he’s actually thinking there’s more to this story and it’ll only be a matter of time until Brittany figures it out too. I just noticed Frank and Danielle were talking alone in the backyard – she does that a few more times and suspicions will be crazy.

    I’m kind of surprised Brittany hasn’t pieced it together yet but it’s only a matter of time. I would love to see this backfire and Danielle goes home.

    1. problem is that Britney’s running out of time and it seems like the two morons are gonna side with Frank the HOH observer.

    1. I agree…I can’t stand Joe. I hope Brit and the others find Dani out and she gets the boot. Then would like to see Ian win HOH and put up Dan and Frank. I have to admit I think Ian is kinda cute and I hope he gets it together and wins this thing.

    2. they were talking about sex and m*********on around the hot tub last nite and joe just sat there in silence, he is a pig, his kids will be stuck with the trauma of having the dad who jerked off all the time on BB.

        1. A Romney supporter calling Obama a liar is rich.

          So which Romney do you like: The liberal that ran for the Senate against Kennedy, the moderate governor of Massachusetts, or the “severe conservative” running for president.

          If Mitt Romney were in BB, he would be Shane…

          1. And if Obama was in the house he would take out a trillion dollar mortgage and build a golf course with our money.

                1. Thanks Lloyd at first I thought a political debate would be fun but I soon realized that is would turn ugly and it did almost right away. I’m pretty up to speed in Canadian politics myself.

                  So with that said lets leave the political discussion off of OBB from here on it.

                  lets focus our energies on hating these players.

              1. Why are you defending the horrible president of the United States. All he does is come up with terrible ideas and take credit for things he does not do. He took credit for Osama Bin Laden, he may have given the order but the credit belongs to the Navy Seals. He states he is the reason for the car industry picking back up, when in reality it would of fixed itself. His health care plan is a joke and in my opinion unconstitutional, no matter what the ruling was in the court the government can not force people to obtain and pay for insurance. Also, he is allowing young illegal immigrants to stay in our country and become citizens just like that, most likely to gain votes to become re-elected. Take a look at our economy, we are in a recession. What has he done to help, nothing. Why re-elect someone who has failed the country? We need change if we want the country to be fixed. Obama is not capable of this at all. I do not even like Mitt Romney, but he is the better of two evils. The person I believe who would be best in Office is Ron Paul.

                1. “young illegal immigrants” I knew then there was no point of even arguing with you. Climb down off your pulpit and do some research….

                2. I agee. Just wanted to add that had george bush not kept guantanamo bay open. They never would have extracted the key information about the courier which led to the united states ascertaining osamas location. They broke one of his key associates. dont know how to spell the guys name. Keep up the good work people dont take the time to really understand what is going on. They listen to a speech and drink the kool aid, very frustrating.

  5. It’s Tuesday, and Frank has been HOH since last Thursday. Does Shane and Joe really think they would be the first to make an alliance with Frank? Why make a final 3 deal with someone that can’t play the next 2 HOH’s? If you’re Shane, why are you voting out Britney, someone who forgave you after you threw her under the bus, to keep Danielle, just because Britney played in season 12? I’m sorry BB, but casting these morons make you look just as moronic as them.

      1. Simon, I think he meant that BB14 is bigger than BB13, after
        all that’s what the math symbol means. And when you think
        about it, this season at this point has more house guests
        so BB14 is bigger at this point.

        JUST KIDDING! :\

        BB13 along with the season that Jun Song won were the two worst seasons!

  6. Oh boy, this house is flipping more than my clothes do in the dryer……. Looks like everyone wants to be sitting next to Joe in the end.

    1. No one wants to sit next to Joe in the end. His personal hygene attests to that. He has got to smell with all the crap he doesn’t wash off his hands, let alone the crap he has on his head for shoving it so far Shane’s a$$.

  7. I think Britney is done. Then again this seasons has flip flopped so many times, so many alliances, I’m sure before the end of the night there will be one created by what’s his name…. Jenn?

      1. It is not because Jenn is gay, it is that he is so manly. (Especailly when compared to Joe. Have you seen the boobs on her (Joe, short for Josephine)?

    1. You never know we all thought dan was going and he managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat but then again brittany isn’t dan

  8. Look, I want Shane or Frank to win because they are COMPETITORS, I don’t want Ian or Dan to win because they are snakes. I would love to see Brit go far too, I hate Danielle. I like Chef Joe and Jenn. So I basically don’t know what the hell I really want, can Dawg take Simon to the Final 2?

    1. You’re just like Shane. Competitions are everything in this game right? WRONG. This game is 95% mental and social. How did Dan win s10 and make it this far again in s14 without winning anything? Because he’s good with the strategic part of the game and can use his words to keep himself safe. The ONLY competitions that matter in this game are in the final 4 and final 3, when alliances are clear and there isn’t a lot you can do socially to keep yourself safe.

      1. 95% is overstating it quite a bit, you need to win some competitions to win the game. In BB10, Dan won a few competitions, 3 HOH (out of 11 total) and 2 POV. So a total of 21 events, he won 5. So he won almost 25% of the events in that season.

        Anyone know the least number of competitions won by someone who won BB?

        1. I’m pretty sure Dr. Wil won 0 competitions in BB2 and All-stars winning the game in BB2 and getting 4th place in All-stars.

    2. Your post is a contradiction. So you like Britney to go far but she’s done nothing. Danielle has won 2 comps. So on that statement alone you just contradicted yourself. This game is not about winning comps. If not Janelle would have BB multiple times. The greatest players won when they needed to or hardly at all. Dr. Will, Dan and Evel to name 3. But they won cos they need how to play house and the HGs against each other. That’s what this game is about.

      1. Its not a contradiction. I want Britney to go far because shes entertaining and fun to watch, didn’t say I want her to win, so how is it contradicting? And I also don’t care who won, the point is I, Me, Myself, not you guys, like competitors.

  9. I think it depends on who the last person is in Shane’s ear that’s convincing enough. Frank will have to play a social game to keep his sheep unwavering.

  10. Sigh………..These people are so stupid. Frank cannot compete in the next two HOH’s – he cannot nominate anyone. What a bunch of followers.

  11. I like Brittney but I dont think she has a prayer. I don’t like Frank but he has definitely played his heart out he would deserve the win if he got it. i just can’t believe they’re going to let him get that far, thats craziness He would be the 1st one I would want out of the house there is no beating this guy in comps he’s got the eye of the tiger or something

  12. each day goes by i get sick of ian more and more, he is so worried about bein known as a BB villain, he hasnt done anything to gain that tittle….

  13. Are they seriously calling themselves the Carrot Pack? Wow, it’s even worse than Quack Pack…lol

    These players are stupid, they need should of evicted the coaches as they played already and are taking away from their experiences.

    Joe is another Adam, Ian is trying to hard to make a name for himself and Jenn is just out there.

    I have to give it to Dan, he is a GENIUS!!! I feel bad for Britney bc I really like her. Not the best plI ayer but she is funny and has a good heart!

    And I am shocked at Danielle bc she turned her back on Britney but she is trully loyal and I like her now (she plays away to personal but she is a loyal.)

    Janelle, I love her but she choose the worst team. I was so happy when Ashley and Wil got the boot! And Mike Boogie got what he deserved!!!

    I am rooting for Danielle or Shane to win. (Frank is a great competitor but he is Mike’s Bitch, so no chilltown victory!!!)

    1. It will never happen. Dan is a totally a fool. As Catholic myself, he committed a sin and he should gone to confession. Bye Dan!
      Frank & Shane Final 2!

      1. Dan TOLD THE TRUTH so since when is that a sin? Give me a break it is a game and DAN is a great catholic and a great human being. He stood behind all of those lying cheating threatening pieces of garbage and got blamed for everything and never said a word. He is a saint as I would of turned on those pieces of crap a long time ago. Frank is just a disgusting foul mouth piece of pond scum and Britney is just a poor sport as are most of these players except Dan!! Hope Dan goes all the way

  14. Frank in the DR:


    Hello, Boogie? This is so f’n awesome, son….Shane, Joe and I are now the Carrot Pack!! My next f’n alliance is the Unholy Matrimony with Dan, Danielle and Jenn. But WAIT, Boogers….Jenn and I have an alliance also, Studly and Dudly!! This will really blow your thin hair up in the air, son…Shane and I have an alliance to, the All That and a Protein Shake Alliance. Boog, I can’t miss now, bubba…I made sure that I have an alliance with just Joe and I also…the Stinky and Icky Hands Boyz.

    Boogs? Boogs????? Helllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo???? Hellloooooooooooooooo???

    (DR fades to black with the sound of dialtone)

    AG embraces Frank the Tank……..

  15. Ian ruined Britney’s game, hope she sees that! Her defending him and staying in an alliance with that little turd is the reason she is going to jury! Ian is next to go! He had a chance to make a power move last week and hopped around like the little squirrel that he is, not being able to make a decision, so he listened to Britney and Shane and took the easy way out by evicting Ashley! How friggin lame! He is a gutless, punk who has no clue how to play this game! I am sick of him thinking he is some big leader and threat when he is nothing but an indecisive little Asperger boy! And Frank is making the worst move of his game by keeping Judas Dan in the game. This is going to cost him the 1/2 million because Dan is going to cut him off at the knees first chance he gets and he is going to use other players to do the dirty work, like Jenn or Shane! He will never do it himself because he is a gutless punk too! Bye, Bye Frankie!

  16. There are so many non alliance alliances this year. You just can’t keep straight who is really working with who. I have never seen a season this confusing for the viewers. Add to that the fact that all but 2 players are so afraid to play the freaking game and think for themselves. Joe and Shane have the perfect opportunity to play for themselves and keep Britt and literally have the house numbers over Dan, Frank and Jenn. Have they forgotten Frank cannot play the next 2 HOH comps? Most of these players have zero game sense and all deserve to loose. Sorry after watching this nonsense for so long had to vent. With only 2 people actually playing the game it should be an easy win for 1 of them. No real skill needed. They are playing with idiots.

  17. I dunno what to say, these past 3 days have been so tumultuous that my head is spinning!!!!!! What was looking like a suck ass season has DELIVERED on entertainment value. I f’ing love the feeds, the only way to appreciate this show (and yes I subbed through the link on this page).

    I dunno how it will end, but it has been an awesome ride.

    I REALLY want Brit to stay, her bitchyness turns me on and she is great for laughs. Dani is tired, and needs to be put out to pasture. Still, I have accepted that Brit is going to Jury.

    Ian has been SUCH a surprise. I loved this kid, I rooted for this f’ing little tool, but his fruitlooping/stimming, his playing to the camera for air time, and general lame personality has made me HATE him. I hope he is OUT fucking next week and doesn’t make a dime selling the shit he has been hoarding on EBay.

    I honestly don’t have anyone I WANT to win at this point, previously I wanted Dan to win but as brilliant and well played a plan he executed I now loath him. Fuck it, I’ll root for Joe.

  18. I think the house will flip at least 2 or 3 more times before Thursday, hoping it flips in favour of Britney staying but at this point it doesn’t look too promising. As long as the carrot top doesn’t win doesn’t matter to me who wins this game. I also agree this season is way better than BB13

  19. I think that Brit will go home. I also think that if the chance presents itself to backdoor Frank or put him up as a replacement nom, Dan, Jenn, Shane, Joe and Dani will do it. I do not think the smart players will try to take out Frank head on – at least not next week. There is a slim chance that Frank will not play veto next week.

    1. I agree Britney is done for.. the conversations going around the house right now makes the situation look pretty dire. pretty much what needs to happen is Danielle and Dan need to get caught and I don’t see that happening (Unless DR has a hand in it)

    2. If Joe can just get back to the thought he had the other night about Dan just acting to throw the house off and that Dan is working with Frank….He said it, and when he gets kicked out and watches back, he is going to kick hisself in the A** for not making a bigger deal out of what he was thinking.

    3. @Cruzin596. I agree with your comment about Dan,Danielle,Shane,Joe&Ian(I don’t know about Jen.Maybe Danielle might be able to convince her to vote Frank out).I know right now it seems as though Shane&Joe hate Dan.But after Britney gets evicted,I think Dan will convince them to work with him again to get out Frank,while they still have a chance to do so.Dan will be able to do this by his misting abilities.Lol.We all saw how Frank hated Dan with a passion,yet Dan played Frank by getting him to take him off the block.The fact that Danielle is working with Dan.She will be able to convince Shane&Joe(Joe will do what Shane does)to forgive Dan and work as a team again.Of course all of this will have to happen after Britney is evicted.Frank won’t fight for the veto,because he thinks he’s safe with everyone in the game.But in reality he isn’t.Shane is so easily manipulated it isn’t funny.Once Britney goes home.Dan or Danielle will need to win HOH.They will back door Frank and they will convince Shane to evict him.

      1. @jw, I will not veto on that comment. Frank will keep on winning 2 PoV, which it will happen. Ian will be next to go and Dan will followed. Frank is the man & you know it. Chew on that bitches!

      2. @jw, besides Frank will handle 2 PoV’s and send Dan & Ian out of the door. Frank & Shane have a final 2 deal. Period!

  20. Shane is an idiot. I can see why Boogie was so mad at him last week. He is JERKING around Britney acting as if she has a chance? Or like he is 50/50 Just freaking tell her. This dude has no backbone whatsoever and it”s sad. It doesn’t benefit Shane at all keeping Dani she is just baggage this move will probably cost Shane in the long run.

  21. 2 more Days of whining from Britney on the way. Too bad they can’t put her slop for the last two days and make her wear the carrot suit while getting evicted.

  22. Say it ain’t so Joe! Don’t let Brittany go!!
    Shane and joe need to realize that britts been true to her alliance and so has Ian.
    KEEP Brittany or say by to the $$

    1. I don’t think it looks good for Brit, Ian, Joe, and Shane that they can’t figure out that Dan/Dani/Frank/ and Jenn are working together.

  23. Why is Dan a snake?? He was thrown under the bus and before Frank even tried for the last HoH Britney cornered him in the store room asking for safety. Dan realized the Quack Pack did not have his back so he flipped the house to stay in the game and protect Dani. Ian need to take responsibility for throwing Frank and Booger under the bus, he didn’t so Dan did out play him. He only stabbed the quack pack after they stabbed him first and he was openly honest when they all talked to hi, except about saving Dani, which is just great game play!!! BB14 is 100% better than last year…

    1. I agree dan isn’t a snake was he suppose to just take it and walk out of the house? the moment frank won brit and shane were making deals behind his back the only reason dani was on the block is she refused to turn on dan. The whole time the knew that dan didn’t do anything but the decided to protect ian i don’t blame him from trying to save himself.

  24. I want powerhouse to be aggressive and get Shane on board with him and Ian!! Vote out Danielle, win HOH and go to work! TPH4L YO!

  25. DR will not have a hand in anything that’s nefarious and unscrupulous! If Britney isn’t evicted this Thursday, I will not watch anymore BB :- [

  26. Britney is safe this week, Shane and Joe will flip again because Britney campaigns so much better, plus as of right now Joe and Shane arent totally decided…

  27. Best for BB is to keep Britney and vote out Dani. Joe and especially Shane can be easily persuaded, so Britney has a chance of staying. But what I don’t get is why Britney is down. For her to have any chance, after the monumental move Dan pulled off, is surprising.

  28. Big mistake to tell Brit tonight
    They should tell her right before eviction. If she knows she is going ahe will work harder

  29. Is production always this involved in determining the outcome of the show? When you watch Showtime or the live feeds you really see how many things are influenced by AG. I can see how this makes for good television but it really lowers my respect for the game. Has it always been like this?

    1. Yes, production has always been heavily involved in manipulating the game. Just look at the season Jeff and Jordan were on…They usually come up with some twist that helps whoever they want to stay.

  30. I agree this is the season of flippers lol i have no idea who is really with who and who is playing who the only allience i think is real is dan and danielle besides that i think they are all making deals all over the place and whatever lands the workd with. The only one i don’t want to see in the end is joe the guy has won nothing (and unlike dan he isn’t doing it on purpose) he floats from one side to the other and when he said earlier about all danielle does is sleep really he has won 0 and danielle won an hoh and pov so how is it he is ahead. It looks like dan and franks plan is working they have saved danielle and brit is out and now they are all going for ian. The hoh pretty sure joe and jen won’t win, that leaves dan, danielle , shane and ian they all will go after ian and ian will go after the frank, joe and jen

  31. the problem I have with this BB 14 season, besides Frank and Dan, everyone left just keeps talking and talking and giving up very vital information about conversations they had with other house guests. you figure they at least should wait a day or two and start using info as leverage, these idiots wait mins after a conversation to snitch out people. as much as people give frank hell for his social game, he’s not bad when it comes to holding information. same with Dan, Dan holds on to most his stuff, and uses it when he feels it’s the right time. Dan will actually tell someone he’s working with some information just to let build trust. Ian, Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney = instant oatmeal of snitches.

  32. Please let the house flip again and send that Whiney ass home!! She makes everything about her no matter what and plays on everyone’s sympathy. Annoying as hell! Powerhouse 2 save Brit please!!!! I like Dan but he has already won 500k. Someone else deserves it! TPH4L

  33. Bye Brit, I hope she goes. I am so sick of her looking on at one view, calling Frank a liar when they screwed him twice. She lines herself with liar Ian….no thank you. Please don’t save her.

  34. Just a quick point to all the Britney fans:

    The only thing her, Shane, Joe, or Ian will be able to “decide” is that Dan planned the explosion on Danielle…and that will change nothing. As long as Danielle doesn’t tell them about the deal (why would she?), none of them will think she was an accomplice. Her reaction was genuine. Nobody doubts that. It doesn’t matter if she can’t figure out why Dan did it. They know she’s dumb and emotional and reads into things that aren’t there and don’t pay much attention to her anyway. What Shane and Joe will think is that they just need to make sure Dan doesn’t try to fix things with Danielle. That is where there focus will be. Britney is already a corpse.

    As it is they already suspect Dan orchestrated the blow up then went and made a deal with Frank…and Shane and Joe still went and made a deal with Frank.

    The best part is that despite what they said, Shane and Joe aren’t going to tell Britney until Thursday. Britney will suspect she’s screwed, but since they won’t cop to it, she won’t get the chance to really campaign. It’s so beautiful that the stupidity and cowardice she relied on is going to bite her in the ass.

  35. I’m seriously pissed. Shane was more loyal to JoJo than Britney, is it cos she’s married and doesn’t give him the dreamy swoon like Danielle and JoJo? What a pompous ass. And I knew I shouldn’t of got my hopes up with Joe. Fucker’s been wanting to “draw the line” all summer, but can’t freaking do it. Flippity doo da!

    I’m gonna have a hard time watching feeds when Brit goes. It’s going to be a house chocked full of ugly and stupid. I will be rooting for Ian to win the whole Kit and Caboodle! And voting Brit America’s Fave.

  36. Ian still going around with his dumb self acting like his HOH meant anything. Ian you wasted your HOH on Ashley…YOU FAILED TO GET FRANK OUT. not only that Frank won the HOH after that. YOU FAILED AGAIN IAN.

  37. Ian’s wasted from the power high. This kid is seriously delusional. Guess what kid, after thursday, you’ve got 3 weeks tops in that house and I’m giving you an extra week because a wasted HOH will happen going after Frank AGAIN.

  38. The reason Shane and Danielle are down pat with Frank is because Brits game backfired. She Shane that she deserves the money more than Dani does. She then tells Dani that she hopes someone puts Shane on the block so she doesn’t have to bloody her hands on him. Typical Brit game. So the two of them switched sides and don’t want to play nice with Brit anymore because they know she’ll stab them anytime she can.

  39. Danielle is complaining that Brit is mean to her? I can’t believe the nerve of this girl. I swear she is the most delusional house guest BB has ever had. She gives new meaning to the word crazy. Hope BB understands that she is going to have a meltdown at some point before this game is over.

    1. i agree 100% she is the most delusional player in history, she is the one that is stabbing britney in the back and she’s complaining about britney being mean to her, this girl needs help ASAP!!

  40. I’m losing interest with big brother, my favorites keeps on leaving Janelle, Wil Boogie, Ashley and now Britney. Stupid! Production step up and save Britney

  41. I truly believe that Ian will be given another opportunity to use his pandora POV during the live eviction as anything can happen.

    He will be told he can use it any time before the first vote is cast, He will be first to vote and decide not to cast one, declaring it first “live” to America, then to the other contestants, bringing the second voter in the hallway back out with him. He will use it to save Britney, says “Quack, Quack”, and force Frank to put up either Joe or Shane, hopefully Joe to save the entire QP but may put up Shane to break up Danielle/Shane/Britney.

    Either way after that Frank is toast unless he forms a new alliance with Dan and Ian where they each can carry one other person outside of the group without it affecting the relationship of the group, Ian with Brit, Dan with Dani (or Shane if both are up and Shane survives), and Frank gets choice of Jenn or Shane/Joe.

    The other way I see Ian’s POV coming in that night is for Julie to ask Ian if he had anything he’d like to say to the nominees prior to voting, he takes out the ball, throws it to Brit and says its yours if you want me to use it, otherwise throw it back.

    1. that would be awesome and make for some great tv, plus his pov was a waste since they made him go first before jenn even though they called it the second pov the whole time, which made everybody think at first that he would be going after jenn, just another little nudge to help frank out in my opinion because obviously he hasn’t had enough of it in this game.

      1. Would it have made a difference though if he had gone second? Coz someone here posted that Frank had it all planned out in the event that Ian went second and was going to do this: Jenn would go first, pull Dan off the block, then Frank would put Ian up. Ian would then use the veto on himeself, making Frank put up Britney.
        So she’d have been on the block either way.

        If Ian had used the veto and saved Brit, then he’d be safe along with Brit and that would ruin Frank and Dan’s plan. But he didn’t use it.
        Therefore he wasn’t cheated, he could have used it but he didn’t.

        1. It is incredibly stupid that Ian had to use his veto first. As a ‘second’ veto, it should go second. And it should be used on the live eviction night, as are all other powers! Ridiculous.

          1. ‘Second’ Veto used on Veto night, makes perfect sense to me. Plus I think people are reading too much into the meaning of ‘second’ veto. It was second in that it wasn’t the usual original weekly Veto, hence the name ‘second’ veto, not diamond veto, not coup d’etait veto, just a second veto, another veto.

    2. If they did that I’d be pissed big time. I know it’s a game but he already was given the chance to use it and he didn’t. That would be so fucked up if it happened Frank would pull a Chima LOL, knowing his temper when he gets screwed…………….

      1. I have not seen the actual veto ceremony, so I don’t know how it was phrased or took place and required that he had to use it then and only then. I keep hearing conflicting things about whether he can still use it next week.(or even Thursday if its another FF). If its still in play, anything goes in my opinion. I also believe that Frank should have put him up anyways as I thought a pov winner was only safe from renomination when they used it to take someone down not just by possessing it because of the fact that if he went second, he was to be first going up in place of Dan. I also think it makes for great TV in either of the ways I presented it happening… Brit by then may even think she has the votes (Shane, Joe, Ian) and throw the ball back to him and say keep it for yourself and remind the others Ian isn’t going anywhere next week, might win HOH and Frank isn’t in the next 2 HOH comps and if she doesn’t get their votes, Ian will first go after them before Frank.

        1. Yes I agree about the great TV, there’d be major fireworks but man, I would bust my tv LOL. I want Ian to lose Britney so bad. And as things stand now I’m rooting for Frank to win Big Brother.

      2. OMFingG! Can we say F**k on this sight? F********************, how I long to gift poor, little crazy Daniell with a lifetime of a high grade lithium/thorazine perscription and send her on a vacation to the wonderful land of ” dont worry, you’ll be outta this place before you know it-of COURSE it’s not a hospital, silly, it’s a DAY SPA, you lucky, lucky girl!

    3. Its a nice thought but ians veto is dead just like his game.If he was to have gone second he would have had to use it on himself as frank would have put him up.If he was able til hold it til thursday still he would of had to save himself.

  42. Watching the carrot last night on BBAD made me think of him as an outcast fruit of the loom guys. I think it was the actual carrot hat that did it. :)

    Can’t wait to see what happens between now & Thu night.

  43. Larry if that happened they’s lose television viewers faster than a dog sheds hair. That would be way wrong to do because he was given a chance already. It was 2 vetos not 2 tries on one veto.

  44. say what u want about ian….but he has the best social game…he knows whats goi on…..he is the only one that is getting it…frank cant play for 2 weeks..he knows brittany is a better ally than danielle….danielle told 3 lies to shane in that convo…first off…she got janelle out because boogie and dan told her to….not because she thought janelle was goin after britney….janelle wasnt even gon after britney…thats why britney cried because she knew janie wasnt goin after her….and then she lied about the dan thing….she told dan she trusts him and u know she does…danielle is the type of girl u can punch in the face and twenty minutes later u will be sleeping with her again….

  45. Simon,

    The Democrats, who have a huge advantage with voters who cast multiple votes and deceased voters, have started voting already. The Republicans have to wait until election day in November to cast their ballots.

    @jayelle Answer this. Has anyone besides Obama ever made you wonder what comes after a trillion?

    1. This is a BB forum I’m sure there are many forums on the internet that are dedicated to politics. There’s no reason to start a political debate go to the Huffington Post or something.

  46. joe and shane should each get a trophy for being two of the dumbest players in the history of BB, if they kept brit it would be 4 against 2 in the next hoh because frank can’t play, it will probably be endurance so her or ian would probably win which would guarantee frank or dan went home, then they would have an excellent chance to get rid of the other one next week and then take out jenn which shouldn’t be too hard and then BAM final 4, but nooooooo they’re so stupid that they can’t figure out dan made a deal with frank to keep him and danielle both safe, well actually joe did mention that he thought that dan made that up about danielle to save both of them and he’s still gonna keep her what a fu**ing moron, plus he said if he didn’t keep danielle then frank would be gunning for him and ian had to tell him that frank wouldn’t be coming for anyone for 2 weeks, between the two of them him and shane if brains were gunpowder they wouldn’t have enough combined to blow their nose, COMPLETE MORONS!!, also what the hell was frank talking about saying to shane i think that keeping danielle was better because that meant she wouldn’t you on the block, britney wouldn’t put him on the block either, oh well when frank stabs them in the back they will be getting what they deserve for like i said before being two of the dumbest players in the history of BB.

    1. please look a few comments below, for little sister season 69…my comment was in response to yours, rigged production.

  47. Crazy Danielle is so happy that Brit is leaving so she can be the only girlie girl in the house. Oh how I wish they get a Pandoras box and Janie could come back, even just for a night to torture her and make her feel fat again.

    1. Agreed. Stupid -people-watching, though UNlike whale watching and tennis, is never boring, y’ know? What , with degree and propensity of stupidity? I think my point needs no subtlety. In tennis there is only a small, unassuming little green ball…and the number of whales one probably gets to actually witness in one outing? Also slight. HOWever…stupid people? There just never seems to be a shortage, right? Oh Big Brother, you big crazy bastard. You’ll be the end of civilization as we know it. NOW, Bachelor Pad…..THERES a show! just kidding.

  48. will kirby is the greatest player in BB history, hands down. unfortunately he has retired from reality tv and has 2 kids and a demanding wife to tend to. Would love to see him get back in the house in the modern day

    1. Hell yeah think of dr will boogie and frank all rolling together in an all stars season.Maybe a season of great alliances.Against maybe dan danielle and memphis the brigade and the season sixers maybe.Funny thing is only chilltown would stay loyal

  49. YUCKKK I do not want Danielle to win,,,she doesnt even seem interested in this game she just wants a man to like her… she is weird…remember she wanted all along tto be on a dating game…she doesnt even say that she needs money…I would rather Frank and Shane at the end They really need the money and have said it too.

  50. I don’t know what I find more amusing:

    Seeing Britney transform from little miss talk shit about Frank, arrogantly thinking she was untouchable, to little miss childish, whiny, defeated Britney…

    Or watching her fans do the same transformation in the comments.


  51. In the words of Captainwedgie “Frank win this he smart he will pull out again”. “Frank not go jury he win this”

    In my own words I will say that I find Brit really entertaining this year. I really don’t know if I have a favorite.

    I do know that I do not want Joe, Jenn or Frank to win

    Dan’s game play this week was well planned. Although it was cruel, I have to give him props for getting off the block.

    What scares me the most is worthless, disgusting Joe may cruise to the end. He won’t beat anyone in F2 but I dont think he deserves 50k.

    America’s favorite houseguest will be a crapshoot this year. Had Ian not turned so cocky, he would probably have a shot at it.

  52. Reading through these comments…..I just laugh so hard! So glad no one is complaining about BB being the worst season ever as the comments in the past have been. We can’t keep up with all the deals and alliances. You know they can’t. Wow, for Frank to have been on everyone’s hit list for so long now appears to be wanted by everyone for an alliance. Just mind blowing! Joe just likes to draw lines. He is so funny. Watch Jenn (?) win!

  53. Wow Ian is soo full of himself now it’s pretty funny! Chill Bro! You keep saying what frank did was messed but you did the exact same thing to Boogie last week so don’t act like you’re a saint. I hate Dan but Dan played Frank just like he did you Ian. Don’t you forget Dan covered your butt until he had no choice to rat you out. Like Shane said, if Frank somehow survives the next two weeks just right him a check! I’m just boggled at how no one is not trying to get rid of Dan! I find it funny the more he does his sneaky moves, the more he clutches and reads that Bible! Dan will have a long confession session at church when he comes home lol

  54. Id say this week is pretty much done im waitin on next week now so the drama can pop off once again.I wish frank would follow ian around and torture him like russell did ronnie

  55. Hey Simon, didn’t powerhouse say he was telepathic? Quick everyone send powerhouse a telepathic message to save Brit and form an alliance with BSI! Call it the Mind Fucks! TPH4L

      1. Simon: I am very sorry that you were duped by the Powerhouse. It’s hurts to have one of your hero’s fail. You will recover and someday you will find your true hero. Until then, thanks for working past your heartbreak to bring us this great website.

  56. Brit was just saying that Dani didn’t even ask her if she was okay yesterday blah blah blah just a bunch of a girly stuff I think they’re are fine now typical girls. I blew it out of proportion my bad

  57. love watching you this season britney!!! love her little antics when she’s mad and frustrated ! i was so excited to watch her this season, but someone else needs to go to the end, a newbie.

  58. I know I’m tired of listening to Britney guzzle coffee and b!tch and complain. My 12 year old has a better attitude than that. And WTH- She has a baby tantrum because she was put up and now they’re not allowed to tell her they aren’t voting to keep her? Let her pull a Chima, the sooner the better.

  59. Brit is being hilarious again on bbad…..Im sure gonna miss that…..It’s a shame she’s leaving and we are stuck watching nurse dani whine about a simple rash…..just frikkin take some benadryl and put some hydrocortisone on it and shut up already. Seriously, and as for frank…..Im gonna be like, LOOK…..STFU!

  60. So let me get this straight, everyone has a final 2,3 or 4 deal with everyone in the house except Ian and Brit?? Good luck with that one HGs… this point it’s laughable….

    1. the only people that BB casted this season that know how to play are Dan, Boogie, Ian, and Janelle. The rest are making decisions on literally the worst reasons possible.

      1. Agreed wholeheartedly! CBS needs to pick some smarter players next season. You need some intelligence to lead a war.

  61. Ian has a head that is bigger than his body. Ian is nothing more, & THE ROCK MEANS nothing more than just a huge barrel of human wastes. Cannot wait til he finally gets sent packing.

  62. “Joe wasnt to have a signed contract and have a man to man hand shank”

    A hand shank from Joe. Yep, sounds about right. ;)

  63. For ian to call anyone a floater is insane. This season there is not one player who has a full game. Some have competition skills, some have social and most of them float. This season had more of the floaters mentality of sit back talk and let others get dirty. Especially the coaches boogie slept, dan just told danielle what to do, britney hid behind shane, and janelle just kissed as to who ever was hoh. Then the newbies with the exception of frank, danielle, shane no one else comp wise did anything. Then social ian and jenn. BB really needs to get next season people who are all around competitors not just bits and pieces of traits that will get them in the game.

  64. DID EVERYONE EXCEPT WATCH DAN GEESLING PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE OR WHAT? The saying goes fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.You stupid imbecilsAnd if you forgot its on video for it to replay again and again, so maybe one day the lesson can penitrate your pea sized brain britney. You lived the deception, the renegades gutted you. Why when mike and frank offered you a deal did you not say to yourself, the question isnt whether dan is going f_ck me over? Its when is he going to f_ck me over? Britney should have said to herself I can go out any which way except by getting gutted by dan’s sword once again. Have a little self respect. YOU ALLOWED YOURSELF TO GET PLAYED BY THE SAME EXACT PERSON, YES YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO PLAY THIS GAME.I like you as a person but do yourself a favor and GET TO STEPPIN!!!

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