Day “How long are we going to play this game and not want to upset the house?”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
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6:35pm – 10:20pm The live feeds were blocked due to someone outside the studio yelling “Nicole & Cody are playing everyone!”

Lounge room. Cody and Dani.
Cody – we’re not on the same side in this house. Dani – you’re on the same side .. you’re just not on the same page. Cody – I don’t understand why she is so hell bent on David. Does she not realize.. Dani – because it is the same thing with us .. when you hear someone say your name. in our minds .. you’re gone! Its the exact same thing. So she is worried that he is going to win and he is going to come after her. She acted funny when she started lying to Tyler and I for two days. Cody – She is worried the he is going to tell David something. Dani – yeah. Cody – I kind of what to have a conversation with David to be like what did you say to Day!? And has she ever pressed you .. where did she get the all guys alliance. Dani – its not even worth it. Cody – right now she is skeptical of him. He (Kevin) said that he is a free agent and no one wants to pick him up. Dani – he told me how he really wants to get into something. He is looking for an alliance. Cody – but the problem is that if you do anything with Kevin and don’t include Day.. DONE! So it is almost like I want to help you so much and I wanted to have something.. but like the only way he can help is if he targets Ian, Christmas or Memphis? So its like how can he really help .. you know other than being a vote. He is not going to be good to us unless Day is gone. Dani – no they’re tight. Cody – If it came down to it he would vote how Day wanted and not how we wanted. Dani – agreed. Bay would be the better one to get out first. Cody – David is really like .. Dani – he is not going to just do whatever Day wants. Dani – I don’t agree with that. Cody – who is he going to follow? Dani – I agree but I don’t think he is a lost puppy just following her around. I think he is a lost puppy but I don’t think he will do whatever she wants. Cody – he has proven that whatever he heards from Tyler and I .. he is just going to bring it to Day and Bay. Dani – I don’t thing Day is going to try and win HOH either.

Bathroom. Day and Christmas.
Day – I don’t want Kaysar to go. You don’t want Kaysar to go. Bay doesn’t want Kaysar to go. Kevin doesn’t want Kaysar to go. Did him and David repair? Christmas – I don’t know. I think it depends on who is on the block. Who David would choose .. you know what I mean? Is that four or five? Day – that is four without David. Christmas – so that is five with David and Enzo would be the tie breaker. Day – what about Ian? Christmas – it depends on who is up there. And Kaysar is a wild card. Enzo would have to put a person up and say why and give the house a reason. Otherwise the house is going to be like .. well that’s just a pawn. Unless he puts a person up and he says why .. I don’t think he wants to divide the house. Day – that is so scary Christmas because how long are we going to play this game and not want to upset the house? That is terrifying because I don’t want to become collateral damage for not wanting to upset the house. That is not why I came here to play. Christmas – well is there anyway you could talk to Enzo tonight? I know that Kaysar has talked to Enzo and said I can be helpful to you. I am a bigger target. Let me help you. I don’t think Kaysar knows that Enzo has a good relationship with us other people. I don’t think he understands that there are people that will back him. Day – Yeah. We just need to nudge. Day – was trying to think about how to talk to him (Enzo) by not putting myself in danger and not jeopardizing names and three .. making sure its effective and it gets through. He is not just lost in the sauce. Christmas – he has never said any names to me. It could be an opportunity to extend an olive branch.. be like I am going out on a limb here and this is for long term game. Day – saving Kaysar .. I think he is great guy.. but game-wise.. Christmas – that buy is nuts! Day – but it is always one target in front of us. Day – my concern is me, you and Bay. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a season go the way this one is going .. 3 girls gone! Big Brother switches the feeds.

10:50pm HOH room. Enzo and Kaysar.
Kaysar – look I understand your position and I know this is game.. at the end of the day .. You’re playing for yourself. I get why you’re making the decisions you are in this house. It is very apparent to me. I am not going to go out there and blow up your game. Enzo – alright. Kaysar – But at the end of the day… to me it seems like you obviously have something good. But I question whether or not it is THE THING. Especially after what happened today (Studio wall yeller). You have to be thinking about your game and the pecking order is and where Enzo lies. It would be foolish to think like .. you’re the only game in town. Enzo – I know bro. I don’t trust anyone this season. I don’t trust anyone!! Kaysar – you have to trust someone. That’s why I said you better win sh*t this season. Kaysar – I have no one.. I am a sitting duck. No one is going to bat for me I can guarantee you. That is why I was telling you I am a free agent and why I am down to work with you. I know there are people like Cody and Tyler that want me out of this house. Enzo – what can I do for you? What do you want me to do? Kaysar – you still have control .. you’re the HOH .. you have influence. Enzo – so who are you thinking I should put up then? or are you just?!?! Kaysar – I don’t know .. I don’t want to throw out names. Enzo – you know what I mean?! Kaysar – lets have a man to man conversation. I am a dead man walking right now. I am going to go home in a few days.

11pm Enzo – I am going to be honest with you .. you are the target that they want out. I am not bullsh*tting you! kaysar – it was obvious the moment you put me up next to Kevin. Enzo – you played three times .. you know. I am playing my game too by doing what I’m doing. I am open to listening to anything. Kaysar – I am a huge target. ..One I could be an ace in your pocket, Two I am a dead man walking.. Enzo – I have to put up a nominee tomorrow. Kaysar – you just give me a chance.. the only person that has pissed anyone of is David. I want to work with you dog. Are you on the same page with Dani, Tyler, Cody and Nicole? Are you in that sh*t!? Enzo – I keep them close to me because they’re f**king monsters in this game. Dani I think is playing the best game out of anyone. Kaysar – she is, she is crushing it. Enzo – Tyler is cold blooded. Cody – is a comp beast. So you have to keep them as friends, allies, anything. Kaysar – how are you going to stay safe when sh*t gets really wild!? When Cody and Tyler come to you saying take this motherf**ker out… so you’re doing their business. Enzo – you make good points but I am going after people too. Kaysar – without getting your hands dirty .. you put David up and I will try to secure the votes. If we don’t do something about it ..they’re going to be final 4 before you know it. You have to give me a second chance. I will never blow up your game. Enzo – let me talk to everyone..

11:25pm – 11:35pm HOH room. Bay, Day and Enzo.
Enzo – he is f**king trying hard. He is boys with Dave and .. he is like look I am a dead man walking. He is like the only way I could stay .. and this stays between us.. If you put Dave up. And I was like I have a good relationship with Dave. He is like I think I could get the votes and then down the road we could work together. I told him that I will listen to everyone. Enzo – between us I think Dani is running the whole house. Ian scares the sh*t out of me.

11:35pm – 11:50pm Day and Enzo.
Enzo – She is sprinkling everything.. why is she (Dani) is every room. You’re savvy you’ve played this game three times before. I’ve played this game before too. That is why I keep her close but I know what she is doing. She is in everyone’s sh*t and if she needs to drop a seed .. Day and Enzo .. that is what is going on YO! Day – there are a lot of people in this house that want her out.. The votes are locked! Day – this is me dumping it in your lap right now .. Cody makes me nervous. I don’t know what he is doing. He is everywhere. Cody is in a lot of pots. Enzo – look I don’t think he will come after me or you or Bay. He calls Tyler the Derrick of this season. Tyler and Bay join them.

12am HOH room. Enzo, Bay and Day.
Enzo – lets get rid of Kaysar. Bay – who are you going to put up? Enzo – between us .. I am probably going to put up Christmas because no one wants to go up.. She f**king volunteered. She was like you saved me with the thing (Safety Suite – plus one), I’ll do it. Bay – it makes sense since you saved her. Kaysar goes home, that is it. I am not going to tell Cody. Daay – do you really believe that the six that we have are really going to make it to the six? Enzo – we’re going to do damage but when you have someone like a Dani in it .. its going to get f**ked up. She throws little seeds out and goes into every room and makes sure its sprouting. Bay – two separate people came to me and said something she said.. and Kaysar was one of them. Tyler, Cody and Dani join them. Enzo tells them all that he is putting up Christmas because she volunteered. Enzo – vote f**king Kaysar out .. don’t f**k me up! Ian joins them.

1:15am Lounge room. Kevin and Cody.
Kevin – it forced me to have conversations and stuff that I wouldn’t have normally had. Cody – and I am not going to beat around the bush with Kaysar.. I don’t even care who is going on the block next to him.. Enough things have happened where I will not beat around the bush .. you do not have my vote. The trust is broken. Kevin – the real nail in the coffin was the performance at the veto ..the drive was not there.. there are other people that were at risk like myself.. you have to sh*t your pants in my opinion .. break a leg .. you have to injure yourself. To me I respect actions. There really isn’t an effort to play the game. Cody – to be honest I just feel that with you. I didn’t feel that with Janelle or Kaysar.

1:45am HOH room. Christmas and Enzo.
Christmas – if you put me up .. I am starting to think that people might automatically associate us because when someone goes up as a pawn ..they are either disposable or they’re tight tight and trust each other completely. So that is a concern that we might be seen that way .. especially since the last two weeks .. like you saved me and now I am going up as a pawn for you. I don’t think either of the girls (Day or Bay) should go up so I am still willing to go up. I think David would still be a good option. He has caused a lot of turbulence in the house .. spinning Day and Tyler against each other. I think he would be a good option .. because he has already been on the block.. when he was on the block he kept his mouth shut, was really respectful. I told him I got you and I made sure he was calm. Even though he isn’t completely he stable he is going to win something soon. I just wanted to run that by you. Enzo – I just don’t trust David. I think Kaysar has a plan in play with him. He’s like David, David put David up. Christmas – Kaysar thinks he has me, Day and Bay and he doesn’t have us. I am certain I can have Nicole, Ian, Cody, Tyler and Dani. That is enough to have a split even if the house is confused. Enzo – I just feel safer with you up there because I know it is done. I know he is gone.

2:50am HOH room. Enzo and Tyler.
Enzo – Kaysar was like you peaked my interest when you said something about Dani. When you said that was all you wanted to know about… why? Because she is playing the whole house and I wanted to see if she was playing me. That’s what he said. I was like holy sh*t yo! We have to make a move. I don’t think this is the right week ..but YO! She is f**king all our games up. Tyler – I was telling Cody. I was listing to music and Nicole was right here.. Dani came in from talking to Day and Bay in the havenot room. She said they want to have a meeting to me and Nicole is right there. I was like who wants to have a meeting. Enzo – Dani doesn’t give a f**k.. she is f**king all our games up. Tyler – then she just leaves and Nicole is like I know about the slick six. Enzo – what the f**k!? Tyler – Dani leaves and I am trying to lie to Nicole. Enzo – why didn’t Dani let us know about that. Tyler – eventually I was like I am sorry Nicole .. I didn’t know you knew about this. Enzo – I asked Kaysar .. where the f**k did this come from? About Tyler and Cody.. where the f**k did it come from?! I was like was it you and he was like no. I was like where the f**k did it come from? He said f**king Dani! That’s what he said.. that’s it Bro! What the f**k Yo! My thing is this .. do we make the move now and keep Kaysar or do we get rid of Kaysar and go after her next week through Christmas or somebody because I could get Christmas to get rid of her. Tyler – after that happened with me I asked Bay if Dani adds fuel to the fire to get Cody and me out and she said no but I think she does to Day. Then I said she adds fuel to the fire to get Bay and Day out .. and after I said that Bay was fired up!

3:35am Enzo – for her (Dani) to disrespect us like that and tell NicoleF .. Now NicoleF knows all our game. That sh*ts got to stop bro! Tyler – backdoor her .. I don’t give a sh*t. Enzo – we already have people that are ready to bounce on her for next week. Next week is a double eviction .. boom we f**king make moves. I trust you and Cody. Tyler – Cody says we wait on backdooring her. Who knows what kind of sh*t she will make up. Enzo – so we get rid of Kaysar this week but we just know. I just don’t want to let this opportunity squander right now. Tyler – if you put her up she will spill everything out. Enzo – I think Kaysar will spill everything out.. about you, Cody.. I don’t trust nobody but you and Cody! I think this week we play safe and get rid of Kaysar. Tyler – I will backdoor her. All my my season I was backdooring people .. this sh*t is boring. I’ll say hey make a shocked face if you’re in an alliance with Dani in this house.. Dani get on the block! Enzo laughs. Tyler – that’s how it has to be done. Her mind has to be driving her nuts .. its not healthy. Maybe we feel it out tomorrow. Enzo – that means Nicole has to go too yo! There is so much work to be done yo! Get rid of Kaysar this week. That’s done. He is coming after you and Cody anyways. He said you, Cody, Dani and NicoleF are running this house. Its just too much bro.. its got to stop. Its hard for me to play nice because I just want to f**king do it yo! Lets just play nice and not let Dani know that we’re on to her.

3:40am All the house guests are in bed..

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Tom A

I personally do not like wall yellers when they talk about game. I think this season has been boring as all hell, and it is so utterly predictable, but wall yelling actual game talk is simply not fair to those playing the game. What I will say is this is an opportunity (as a viewer) to see this game hopefully spice up a little bit. I am still fully expecting Kaysar to leave, but if this leaves even a tiny fracture in the alliance, there will surely be room for that fracture to grow.


Why don’t like wall yellers? Big Brother is expect the unexpected; right? Please don’t tell me your a Franzel & Cody fan. Lol


Well maybe some shouldn’t have pre-gamed!


Exactly this! They pregamed the sh*t out of this season, making it completely unbearable. Bring on the wall yellers, bring on the airplanes with messages. Fans are fed up with this pregame BS, so we have to take control and spice things up, since production is totally fine with delivering turds week after week. Wall yellers for the win!


I agree man, takes away the paranoia because the fans know whats going on. If this was kaysar in control they would hate the wall yellers. They only like it cause they hate everybody under 40 years old.


I love the yellers. I just cant understand why more people are not listening to them!!!!! It does suck for the people who they are outing but what can you do.

The Beef

I might agree with you Tom A., IF this were a fair season, when everybody had a fair chance at the beginning of the game, but we all know this was not the case. Pre-season alliances have very much impacted how this season has gone, and put half the house at a very distinct disadvantage. A disadvantage that they will NEVER be able to overcome, simply by playing along just to get along.

Because of this, I have absolutely NO problem with a wall yeller giving some information to them that just might even things up a little bit. If the alliances had been made in the house, I think this would not be fair, but since they were made outside, and that is against the rules, a little rule bending to even things up shouldn’t be outside the boundaries either IMHO.


I hate to be the pessimist but every time it feels like the light bulb has lit up for one of these cast members something quickly turns it off. I’m going to have to see some receipts before I believe this Day talk is real.


Well she mentioned Cody and that was not a good idea. That is going to get back to him. No one loves Cody more than Enzo


Enzo just put the light out for Day during their HOH meeting today.


We’ll see which way the DR steers this. Will Dayvonne “wake up” and start playing or will she once again keep her mouth shut? It all depends on how much the DR tells her.

The Beef

I think Day is awake and very aware of what is going on. I’m not sure she has the ability to “rally the troops” to do much about it though. None of those available appear to want to be “rallied” much. They either think they have an “in” with the power side, or are too afraid to try and make a move, plus the numbers are very slim.

another name

Christmas again played dumb with Tyler about volunteering. Enzo again confirmed she volunteered. I still see this becoming a weird plot thread coming up. Tyler will do the most obvious Tyler thing, stop giving information to Christmas. But it’s his own fault. He watched her getting in with other groups, not come back with info., and didn’t re-strengthen their duo.

Nicf thinks Christmas is acting different toward her (she is). By tomorrow Christmas will scare her and make her uncomfortable. So Tyler, David, Da’vonne, Bayleigh and Christmas will make Nicf uncomfortable soon. I don’t think they do quintuple evictions, so Baby Tugsy might be out of luck there.

I still hate the word sassy. I just hate the word normally, and really hate how and why it’s used this season. But look, this time it was applied to Christmas Bay and Da’ by Kaysar? I’m guessing this is another colloquialism that Kaysar hasn’t gotten the hang of while trying to fit in with the Gen Z’ers. Silly Kaysar, they don’t call Christmas sassy… they call her crazy pitbull.
I’m still not enthused by Enzo saying Kaysar hasn’t talked to me in 4 weeks (it’s been 3). Did Enzo ever talk to Kaysar? No. Because by day 2 he went up to the HOH Cody and said yoyo that count dracula lookin dude yo f***in Kaysar. Yo i don’t like the look of him yo. Yo I don’t even yo wanna be in the same room with him. Now his aversion is the reason he is using? yeah, no.

When Enzo says Christmas volunteered though… what does that do to Bay and Da’s head. After Da just talked to Christmas about keeping Kaysar. The question of who is being nominated definitely came up, Christmas said nothing.

Christmas had a great seat at the table with everyone thinking she was a number for them. I’m sensing that position is going to TANK hard. She’s not a number if she volunteers and lies through omission about it.

Kaysar telling Christmas that the ‘once i earn your trust, i can do what i want’ backstab method used by everyone today is cheap, and he can’t play that way. He doesn’t know it, but that’s a guilt trip for Christmas’ game. When he finds out she volunteered? yeah, she’s going to get more of a guilt trip and all he’ll have to do is look at her. She wanted psych warfare to be used, I think she’ll get a taste of her own medicine.

another name

Last weeks wall yeller. Janelle says to Cody, look, they want me here.
he was duly warned.
This weeks wall yeller. Cody blames Janelle fans.
dude. you were warned a week ago.

My scenario when the feeds went down:
Cody kicks and screams his way to the diary room. Huge Not seen since Paulie tantrum on production.
Kevin: Nicole and Cody? That doesn’t make sense.
Nicf: who is this Coooooody perssson? I’ve never even met him since we got in this howwse. stop scaaariing me it maaakes me uncommmmfortable. ooooh my shoulder owwwie…. owwww.
David: wait… how do they even know on the outside about what goes on in the house?
Grodner releases the big brother ninjas with blowdarts dipped in anaesthetic, and psychologically programs them not to think about it… or they’ll shit their pants every time a bell rings.

Really, I can see it not being a Janelle fan. Not everyone likes Cody and Nicf on their own merits.
I can see it being someone pissed about the pregame bullshit that just doesn’t like that this season production was aware of it and did nothing (they at least tried in season 7 when pregaming became known).

Christmas is currently trying to un-volunteer.


It’s funny how as usual the one’s controlling the game are all white, just an observation!


Let it go please, enough of this stuff everywhere else, can we not bring it into this game.


As a black woman I can tell you, that this far the minorities in the house shouldn’t be on an all star season. I though D would be good, but she fell for the Cody, Tyler, Enzo glam like everyone else. David and Bayliegh shouldn’t be on this season period. Kevin either. If they really wanted an All Star, they should have brought back Danielle Reyes. She is not only for me, the best persons of color to have played the game, she is one of the best big brother players period.

another name

Dani Reyes dropped out. Cody talked about how he thought he’d be going to final four with her in week 2.


Agree, and maybe Marvin. And you’re right the problem is that David doesn’t belong there and since this is Da’Vonne’s third season without winning anything thus far she probably shouldn’t be there. Bayleigh i would give a chance. The problem here isn’t that the white people are running the house it’s the Competition Strong Pretty people. They would never have included Ian in this and if you remember Nicole wasn’t considered one of the pretty people in her season, Dani is the one bringing her along. Bayleigh should be in the pretty people category as she is most definitely the best looking person in that house.

Not Lovin' This Season

I agree and Danielle has always been one of my favorites. (If you haven’t already, check out her podcast on youtube.) Instead of Bay and David I wish they would have brought back Candice and Howard from BB15. Maybe they’re not All Stars, but I would love to see how they’d play in a house that’s not full of racists.


Just stop it.


I agree. BUT to the extent that from the start they (“white people”) are gamers and looking for that angle to start alliances…from day 1. And the others want to sit back and “ lay low” and make alliances in their heads and go with the flow. Then Everyone is up in arms saying why did they pick us off? Get off your asses and play. Dont be afraid to play the game and build good relationships and start scheming just like them. So dont knock em down for playing. Everyone should have been doing it (playing)from the beginning.


imagine if ( at the beginning) janelle, Kayser, Bay,Day, Kevin,Keisha,David all got together and formed a team. Even if it was for a few weeks. They would have been ahead of the game. But instead Bay,Day,Kevin,David all wanted to stay uncommitted and look where that got them. Come on people. Play the game then you can say something.


Even if they had formed a team, they didn’t win and still haven’t so it wouldn’t have been a factor.

All Stars???

I only know of 1 player talking about voting based on skin color. That was Day saying she would not vote for David because he is Black.

another name

not quite true. Ian refused to vote out Kevin week one because of skin colour. He didn’t want to vote out a poc.

another name

Tyler and Cody are sparring. Neither wants to go to the end with the other.
It’s a complete sparring match. Tyler is pushing to divide Dani from the group.
He’s downplaying Bayleigh i think. Anyone that thinks Tyler wants to go to final 2 in a jury with all of Cody’s friends on jury: raise your hand. put that hand down.
Tyler is definitely playing cozy to Cody. He’s doing the lull Foutte into complacency tone on Cody. We’ve seen this mirror talking process before.

Kaysar is pushing the evils of the four (cody/tyler/dani/nicf) to Enzo again. Enzo is feeding Kaysar a lot of Dani facts. A lot more than he should. Kaysar pushes that Enzo is their disposable fifth wheel. It’s just an odd conversation. It feels odd. like a tack on conversation that is feeling weird.

Cody says if it wasn’t for the flat 40k money, he’d have walked over the wall screamer. (gut instinct more screamers. do iiiiiit).
Somehow Cody knows Christmas no longer wants to volunteer. This confuses me because I don’t actually remember seeing Christmas say this to Cody. So… where did this information come from? Searching my memory… I don’t remember that happening? DId she reveal to Dani that revealed to Cody while feeds were on Christmas and Kaysar’s guilt trip.

Enzo says to cam he won’t be making a move on Dani this week. Then brings in Tyler to Dani bash some more. They are afraid of what Dani will say if she’s on the block. Enzo wants to take her out in a double Enzo believes will happen next week. So she has no chance to rat. Tyler is still suggesting that Dani be renom. They are planning the next few weeks of evictions: dani, nicf, then da’vonne. Tyler is pumping Enzo now about Christmas and why they aren’t in an alliance (he’s searching for why Christmas is lying).

So if Christmas is no longer wanting to pawn, and David is not an option to Enzo… who is pawn?
Enzo is afraid of the blood. hmm. that episode edit looks even more foolish now.

another name

Enzo’s final comment in bed once lights are out are about Dani seeding info to Ian. Now seeding info to Tyler that plants doubts in Tyler’s head. But he can’t go after her, someone else Bay/Day/Tyler or maybe Xmas has to because it will upset Nicf.
Total sideye. So yet another houseguest is afraid of ruffling Nicf’s feathers? What is this??? No really. Why is everyone so averse to Nicf having a hurt feeling? I’m calling bullcrap cus i’m smelling Grod.


Now I actually want Dani to win next week just to upset the big 3 – never thought I would think that.

another name

Nope. Still thinking if you’re going to do all of Nicf’s dirtywork so that she can maintain her image, you deserve to go down in flames.


But that will protect nicole f… I still hope the guys win next week. Mephis pls!! Not cody or ian cos they are both gaga over nicole f.


All the “friendship” segment with Dani and NicF on last night’s show needed was some rainbows and unicorns.

another name

All it actually needed was to be burned with fire.

Kraken my skull

How about a vomiting emoji?


Getting tired of this all star crap. Instead let’s have a lunatic season inviting all the past looney houseguests of the past. Starting with Devin and Kaitlyn LOL …. please add to the list of psychos




That would be fun, talk about must-see TV.



This sucks

So let me get this strait…

Kaysar, despite being completely alone, despite being a non threat competition wise, and despite still being everyone’s target because of his association with Janelle… is still the most important person to get out according to Enzo.

The same Enzo who talked shit about Kaysar’s appearance week one and then also never tried to talk with him seemingly based on that.

The same Enzo who wears sunglasses indoors.

Man f*** these people. These are not the All Stars we wanted.


Thank you wall yeller!! Cody is an ass this year. He’s trying to hard to be Derrick and doing a terrible job. He’s too arrogant and talking way to much. Seems like the alliance is cracking so hopefully things will start getting interesting.


What did the wall yeller say?

Golden Gate Granny

REALLY??? It’s literally the very 1st sentence of this particular blog. Oy.


LOL! Yea, i didn’t see that line. I started at the paragraph. Not sure why or how but it happens sometimes. The world could use a little more patience. People aren’t perfect and make mistakes. Chill.


I liked Cody in his season and he was kind (especially towards Donny). But he is acting like an asshole (just like his brother, Paulie). I do not think he has the mentality to dominate the house like Derrick, Dan, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, and Danielle Reyes has done in the past. As for the alliance between Ratcole and Dani, I really think Dani is aware of Ratcole’s devious machinations towards the other females in the house because that rat want to be the only female left; and continue to hide behind a “meat shield” to protect her! I think a fire will light up Dani’s ass and start to win competitions and start getting rid of stronger players (Tyler, Cody, Enzo, Christmas, Memphis,and Ratcole)! C’mon, Dani, join up Bayleigh, DaVonne, Kevin, Ian and lead them to take over the house! Just be careful of David…he’s not as dumb as some of the HGs think he is!!


Really? David has made some stupid mistakes


Hold up… Kevin whose read on everything about the house has been wrong and who has done nothing but whine all season is criticizing Kaysar’s gameplay? This cast truly has lost it.


He won a Veto, that’s something


I was hoping Enzo would think for himself but I was wrong. He’s all Mr Tuff guy talk then the next breath..”Let’s play it safe and get rid of Kaysar”. Fool! Cody has Enzo by the balls. Enzo is going to back himself into a corner. All of them are little puppets.


He will feel so STUPID when he realizes that they are playing him. Instead of teying to be a younger man with the talks and overall annoying way about him. He should pay more attention to whats going on. It must bethe sunglasses. Everyti e i see hom i think of that 80’s song “ I wear my sunglasses at night. So i can….keep track of visions in my eyes….yoyoyoyoyoyoyo”.

Kraken my skull

He does call himself ‘meow’ meow’ after all…what a pussy…lol,,unfortunately the house rules is breaking or has broke the show…what we need is a shot of whiskey not warm milk….the only thing that will shake up this house is an actual earthquake at this point…sigh


I always has a theory about “Wall Yellers” and “Airplane banners”… it is production. Follow me on this… the BB House is a Studio in a studio lot. People in the outside world have no freaking clue what studio has been turned in the BB House. There is heavy security on the BB lot… so how does a random person know what studio BB is in? and how did they get on the lot?

Notice this always happen whens things are getting dull and they need a shift in the game. Production dropping seeds in the confessional isn’t working… these people have been in the house before… so they did a wall yeller.

The Meow Meow deep down is a puss puss. He is not going to pull the trigger and put up Dani. He is tooooo scared, even though replacing Kevin with Dani or Nic F is the nest moves for his game.. those two are known for their disloyalty and bouncing checks.

Most of these people have watched the past season these players have been on… Dani (backstabbed her on father by saying “It’s him not me.” every week. Then is the one who turned on the Vet alliance. Nic F BB word is worthless, she should have NO credit. Stick with the ones you know were loyal. You know Cody will dump you when it is convenient and take his #1 and a floater (If you are NOT Cody’s #1, you should know you are disposable.) we even know who Cody’s floater is this Season… it’s Kevin. I am not 100% sure who his #1 is but I think it is Memphis because Memphis conversations get cut short and Memphis is the only name that does not come out of Cody’s mouth.

Enzo put up Dani.

Not Your Usual Bear

Conspiracy theories.

Info leaks. These lots have huge production staff.


Cody’s #1 is NicF because he knows he can beat her in comps at the end and the jury won’t vote for a previous winner.


Recently watched a You Tube vid that zeroed in on the BB house from above. (you could see the backyard) and showed access places a wall yeller could use. The studio they use is on the edge of the CBS complex. Go Wall Yellers, stir this messy soup up!


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Tyler, Cody and Dani join them. Translated=The snakes just slithered in. God Enzo is an idiot!
Get Tyler and Cody out! Stop putting off your “big move” and get to steppin!

another name

Inner thoughts about where the story is going
as of last night’s conversations.

btw. ian awake on hammock this morning. he doesn’t like his alliance and thinks he made a mistake joining with Dani Nicf and Cody. Gee wall yeller’s remorse? Because he was already told he was being used once.

bb22 WEEK 5.jpg

Damn Derrick is the worst.


Is it true that Memphis knows Cody outside the house? Apparently Memphis has had business dealings with Cody’s dad. Not sure if that’s true or just rumor.

another name

not sure about memphis and cody past their friendships with dan and derrick.
however. memphis’ ex was dani’s wedding planner. dani is nicf’s best friend and nicf is considered a member of cody’s family.


Did anyone hear the wall yellers or make any reference to what they said?

another name

nicole and cody are playing you. twice.


Sorry, I should’ve clarified. I mean did any of the other contestants hear the wall yellers?

another name

tyler, ian, memphis, bayleigh, christmas, kaysar and cody all heard it quite clearly.


Omg!!!!!! Epic game play. Definitely one for the books!!!!!!!


Kaysar is a decent human being. I do not like the way he is being treated by the others, so I am thinking better for you to be out of that toxic atmosphere. Back home with family and friends .No one besides k and J deserve anything. Better not to be stuck in jury with these losers.

BB SmallStars

PREACH IT Ribbet. Was so annoyed at how stupid this season is and how disrespectful they’re being towards Kaysar.At this point, why subject yourself to that and just get the heck out. Don’t waste any more brain cells with these “players”. This new style of play has ruined BB. Kaysar is wasting his time with this pack mentality style of play. Leave while you can and good riddance. They don’t deserve you or Janelle.


Enzo is all talk big mouth he is a sissy when it comes down won’t make big boy moves tired of everyone playing safe that’s not how big brother works!!


If Dani goes, I’m done. First Jeanele and now if Dani goes, I’m done. Bay and Day are playing a stupid game, just gave Cody’s name to enzo, stupid, that will get them

BB SmallStars

Everyone is afraid to make a big move “too soon” or afraid to “upset the house”. Just stop. Play the darn game already! Getting rid of Kaysar Is not going to be this big ticket item on their resume. Obvious, safe, and dull. Enzo is wasting his hoh playing it too safe. Shake things up by putting a Dani or Nicole as replacement and he could probably get the votes to get D or N out. It would be the perfect time since people are chattering about Dani and being onto what she’s doing. Just do something…ANYTHING… different!! Just mindless zombies. Bay and Day, think they’re smart but are just so disappointing and out of their league.

Jerry Lee Lipsitz

Enzo better watch out. Whether he knows it or not the house is systematically getting rid of the “old people” and he is old, yo.


LOL, what do you expect from Bayonne, NJ?