Ian tells Frank that his competition game is great, his strategy game isn’t bad, but that his social game is s**t.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


12:40am Danielle, Joe, Dan, Shane, Frank, Jenn, and Ian are all sitting around the kitchen table talking. They all watch as Danielle and Joe are playing the hand slapping game. Britney is in the diary room. Ian comments and asks what could they want from her? Ian then tells everyone this is what it will look like next week. Ian starts talking about how knows he was cast as the nerd and that he has wanted to play this game since 2001 before a plane flew into a tower.. Frank stops Ian and tells him not to make light of 9/11. Jenn agrees with Frank. Frank starts to talk about 9/11 and tells them that it had a huge impact on his life but says that doesn’t want to go into it. Shane and Jenn head out to the backyard. Jenn tells Shane that she won’t be sent out by someone like Ian. Jenn tells Shane she has been uncomfortable with Ian all night by his behavior and words. Shane tells her they will get him out next week. Shane heads inside to go to bed. Joe tells Jenn and Frank that the kid will be gone next week. Joe says that he has eight days here left! Joe says that Ian keeps making it worse in there with all of his apologies. They are all angry with the comments Ian made. Jenn starts to cry. Joe tells her that they will fix it. Jenn says that she wants Ian gone. Ian then comes out and Jenn leaves. Joe tells Ian that Jenn is pissed at him.
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1am Frank tells Ian that he was in the 5th grade and Jenn was a grown woman living in New York when that happened. Ian says he was just using it as a historical reference. He says that he is just really drunk right now. Frank tells Ian to just tread carefully Bubba! Ian says that his biggest problem in this game is that he has zero clue what is appropriate. Joe says I just love this awkward f***ing house! Ian says that he feels sick to his stomach. Frank tells Ian that he could have gotten really far in this game if he would not have back stabbed him and Boogie. Ian tells Frank that he likes him a lot, you’re a great dude, you really are. Ian says that he is proud of how far he got and that he could go home now and be happy about it. Ian is drunk.
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Ian tells Frank that his competition game is great, his strategy game isn’t bad, but that his social game is s**t. Frank says don’t tell me my social game is s**t! Frank tells Ian that people like me. Frank raises his voice and tells Ian that he can go jump in a lake with that s**t! Ian says he that he might throw up and heads inside the house. Frank says that he can’t believe Ian just said that.. Joe and Frank are talking. Frank tells Joe that they have to get Dan, Shane and Danielle out. Frank tells Joe that he can get Jenn out for him. Joe says this is our moment. Frank says that Ian has to go, we have to get rid of him quick! Frank says that he is worried that Dan is going to think about taking Ian to the final two. Frank says f***ing Dan! Frank says that he wishes we could send two people home. Joe says we just need to get past these two f***ing weeks.
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1:40am Shane and Danielle are in the bathroom talking. Danielle tells Shane that she trusts him. Shane says that he hopes he at least has that. Shane says he feels like he should trust Frank because he has been straight with them. Danielle tells him that she will protect him. Shane says that if we have a chance I would feel much better if you back door Frank. Danielle asks Shane, you do know that I trust you right. Shane says he hopes. Danielle asks you hope or you know? Shane says he knows he can trust her and has known that since week four. Shane says that he doesn’t have that with Britney anymore. Shane tells Danielle that Joe gave me his word he’s keeping you, I’m keeping you, and Jenn is keeping you. Shane says that he wants it to be him, Danielle, Joe and Jenn as the final four. Danielle mentions how they need to play nice with Dan so that he will take out Frank. Danielle also says that she will back door Frank if she gets the opportunity. Danielle comments on how Britney said that she just wants to use the money to buy her husband a new truck without having to pay for it. Ian joins them in the bathroom. Shane asks Ian if they were making fun of him outside. Ian says they were. Shane says that they are mean people, stay in here with us. Ian says that they were asking him if it was Mardi Gras because he is wearing he bead necklace. Ian says that he brought it on himself..


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2:30am Frank, Dan, Joe and Shane are in the backyard shooting hoops. Ian is also out in the backyard on the lounger by himself. Ian and Shane play a game of pool. Shane and Ian then head to bed after their game.


3am Frank and Joe head inside and Frank says that little f***er! Frank and Dan head into the bathroom to talk. They talk about how Britney is going this week. Frank says that they were going to tell her tonight but that production.. BB cuts the feeds. Frank says that he has been selling Ian to the rest of the house guests so that even if him or Dan don’t win HOH, whoever does, will put up Ian. Dan tells Frank that Ian wants to put Frank up against Jenn if he wins HOH. Frank says that they just need to get past next week and that getting rid of Ian would buy them that week. Dan asks why does Shane wants me out? Frank says that Shane hears from everyone that Dan is a dangerous player. Frank tells Dan not to worry about Shane because the two of them can beat him at physical competitions. Frank says that the most important thing this week is to not let Ian win HOH or POV this week. Frank and Dan finish their conversation and head to bed.


3:30am Jenn and Joe are in the bathroom talking. Joe comments on how Ian is a dead man walking. They both agree that they can’t let Ian win HOH this week. Joe says that Ian is an a**h**e. Jenn agrees. Joe says that Ian has been hiding that side of himself and that he is the type of guy who will just dig himself a deeper hole. Jenn and Joe then head to bed.

8:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Hammock Boy

yea ian’s act is wearing thin, he was making me sick last nite……..

Ian's Small Balls

I’ve read a lot of comments about Ian having Aspergers. Does anyone think there is some truth to this?

Honestly, he does seem to be a little slow for someone his age eventhough he is supposedly a smart person.

I’m not sure if he has a mental delay or if he has nerve or mental problems. In any case, he is no where near normal.


I wouldn’t doubt that Ian has a mild case of either aspergers or autism. He doesn’t always catch on to social queues, self-injury of kicking himself in the face, his rocking back and forth is definitely a sign (along with repetitive behaviors of him swinging on the screeching hammock and swishing spit around in his mouth… maybe that’s why production doesn’t tell him to “stop that” since he can’t help it?) and also his ability to remember every detail of everything that has happened thus far in the house (and his intelligence altogether).

Ian's Small Balls

Samantha, all of that makes perfect sense.

I wonder if it will be revealed at any time. As much as I don’t like Ian, I do feel compassion for him.

It seems like a bad idea and a potentially long term traumatic ordeal to put him in the BB house. He is embarrassing himself and it will be hard for him to be taken seriously as a chemical engineer if a future employer watches this show on youtube in a few years.

It really is sad.

Debbie H

Aspergers is a form of autism. I work with special needs students at a high school, a couple of them have aspergers and they act just like Ian (rocking, toe walking, awkwardness in social situations). I said at the beginning I thought he had aspergers they are highly intelligent but have a lot of social issues.


Well I guess all of them have never said anything while they were drunk!!
I known Ian isn’t the most well liked but he was drunk correct?
Jenn sat a loser!, she hasn’t done jack sh?..t this whole game,now she is miss tough cookie.


I agree with the Jenn thing. How can she comment on how Brittney is behaving towards being on the block when she herself threw a fit last week when she was in the same position.?!

The Blue Fish

Most of them do it. Ian threw a huge fit about Britney, but he did the same thing to Mike. They all lie, but are offended/insulted when they find out that someone lied to them. They vote someone out every week, but get mad if someone is going to vote them out. It is an odd mindset.

Dark Horse

? is even crazier than anyone in the house if she thinks for a second she deserves the money more than IAN!!!

LMAO at ? thinking a decorated piece of furniture will win this game!!

Dark Horse

Yea I think Ian was drunk…

Funny how Frank can say mean things…on who’s his target and all but when Ian does it its not right and he cannot believe it…

Those types of people I don’t care for…so with that…

Ian FTW…I hope he gets HOH to throw a money wrench in Frank’s game.


Ian has no competition game or social game, so who is he to be critical of Frank’s game play. I think Ian messed up his own game by over thinking
each move. 911 comments were not necessary. He was too young to understand the impact that it had on adults. Horrible event in our lives.
The scariest event that modern America has been through. Ian is not good socially.
Shane and Dani are, I don’t know. They say so much to every one in the house that you cannot figure who they are with. Shane is out for Shane and
Dani is out for Shane. Joe is with every one. Jenn is with? Dan is with Dan. Brit sure has been horrible since she went on the block. Didn’t think she would be like that since she was so critical of others who got a little mean when they were put on the block. What a season, lots of flipping. I want Frank to win. He s the underdog just like Rachel was. So glad she won. But I think Frank has a rough road ahead. He should have gotten rid of Shane a long time ago. When Shane ia HOH he always puts Frank up and he will again.

Trashy Entertainment

You may be right about Ian not having a social game, etc, but he did get one thing right, Frank has no social game. Frank alienates everyone in the house (with the exception of Jenn). It isn’t an accident that he keeps getting nominated. Sad thing is, he thinks people really like him because he can turn on the charm after he verbally trashes them. Don’t get me wrong, I think Frank is a good player, but he really keeps making these ridiculous decisions both strategically and socially. There is an old adagethat says “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, Frank really ought to try that instead of the pointless tantrums and theatrics.


Frank is the underdog. I will grant you that. And, he is like Rachel in many respects. I really disliked Rachel in season 12 – although she was entertaining. I LOVED Rachel in Season 13. THe problem I have with Frank is that I cannot forget or forgive some of the hateful things he said in the house that were directed toward women. I also can’t forgive that he didn’t call out Boogie on some of the things that he was saying. I also don’t like how he has addressed some of the female houseguests – he should have been put down for calling a woman sweet cheeks – REALLY? Sweet cheeks? That is demeaning and verges on harassment. For those reasons, I cannot hope for him to win. I do not want to reward someone like him.


So if Frank called a man “sweet cheeks” it would be all well and good ? You need a thicker skin.


I am speaking as a woman. It is inappropriate coming from a man to a woman that he does not have relationship/friendship with.


Speaking as a woman, what Danielle does to Shane is sexual harrasment.

Frank isn’t going around feeling anybody up or anything inappropriate. It’s a name that men probably call women where he is from. It’s not degrading to women at all. It’s a nickname for crying out loud.

You just need a reason to dislike Frank so you’re grasping at straws and holding on for dear life.

It’s not that big of a deal.


Too many things said too many times. Go back and watch the flashbacks. Both he and Boogie.

Ians virginity

What happened first, Frank getting mad and as you say “alienating” everyone at some point. Or multiple times since week 1 frank made and stuck to deals with people only to be put on the block. I think they are definitely related! You just have the cause and effect mixed up

Mr. Sensitive

Listen here pussycat, you need to stop being so hysterical.

Is it that time of the month?

VA Vet

Hey Gatoraid,

You must be a product of the current school systems. Just because Ian doesn’t have what you consider a good social game doesn’t mean that he is incapable of recognizing those who do.

There is a reason why Ian acts the way he does. Frank, on the other hand, has but one excuse and that is—-he’s an egotistical punk.


So Ian, who was on nobodies radar other than week 1 (which was do solely to his odd behavior) and was able to float through the house and be Benedict Arnold, but was finally been forced to play the game for the last 5 day…5 DAYS!!!, has an excuse to act like a belligerent, arrogant child?

But Frank, who has been lied to and targeted by everybody since day 1 and only voted for the first time 5 days ago (which means if he didn’t win HOH or veto, he’s been in constant jeopardy the entire season. By the way if he was a target for so many from day 1, that means he did nothing to deserve his status other than because others were afraid that he was too smart, too charming, or too athletic, so to pretend otherwise is disingenuous at best or just an outright lie)…is just an arrogant jerk, with no cause to act that way?

Do you even realize how absurd your thinking is here

VA Vet

What is absurd is that you missed my point completely. Which was—-Ian has a reason for not having good social skills. Frank has no excuse for his behavior.

Same age as Ian

I think to say he was too young is ridiculous. I was in 6th grade and remember being on lock down all day at school. It was terrifying and we then spent the next month talking about what happened. I still have a newspaper from the next day to remind me of it. I remember walking out of my room in the morning and seeing it on TV and thinking about it happening in my home town. To say someone was too young to grasp it is ridiculous.


I agree. I was in the 3rd and I’ll never forget it.

Early dismissal and my parents were late to pick me up ( they worked in that area ).

It was absolutely terrifying; thinking something happened to them.

The school put the radio on the speakers.
Seeing the video on the news when I finally got home.

No one should ever make light of that situation and just because one was not 18+ does not mean it did not impact them.

Oh No You Didn't

Just asking, how did he make light of 9/11. I took the comment as a timetable notation. Did I miss something? No need for mean answers, I really might have missed the tone.


I agree completely. Ian didn’t mean anything other than the time reference. He has a quick sense of humor and uses words
differently. They are being complete bullies with him. Frank is the biggest bully. They are all playing dangerous alliance games
right now and it will get worse.


I believe he said something to the effect of “… I’ve been watching since before that plane hit those towers.”

Being that I’m from NY, it’s an absolutely weird thing to hear & many people don’t speak about the situation let alone make light of it the way he did.

I don’t think that it had to be said at all.

He could of simply said “…since before 2001.” and we still would’ve got the gist of what he was saying.

I feel like many people that aren’t from the area dont actually know how much we were impacted. Adults and children alike. That’s just my view on the situation.


I’m so tired of the ‘Cut him some slack’ comments coming from Ian fans.

Ian has been rude ever since he aligned himself with that DDBS. He got to thinking he was the leader and unstoppable and powerful.

If Frank did and said the same things that Ian did, everyone here would have a problem with it but because it’s coming from Ian, it’s okay.

Newsflash guys.

21 = adult.

He knows what he is doing and saying.

He is becoming extremely cocky.

He IS Ronnie 2.0


With so many alliances I’m a bit confused. Are Frank and Dan together or playing each other? Is Shane with the Carrot Pack or with Danielle? It seems like things keep switching not by the day but by the hour. Crazy house.


I think Dan is playing Frank until he can safely get rid of him. I think Frank is playing Dan and using him as a shield because he can’t play HOH. I think Shane may or may not be in the Carrot Top Alliance – but not so much with Joe. But, it can all change tomorrow.


It seems Production doesn’t want houseguests to tell someone they’re leaving coz then it looks like they lied to the person, tsk tsk tsk.
Anyways I’d like to see a season where you can tell someone, and where everyone plays for the VETO, and where they get to play HOH every week. The HOH is okay as it is but just one season for the first 4 weeks everyone plays.


Wow. Ian is just self-destructing, being a villain doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a d-bag. He might actually push Frank through to where he is at least guaranteed to be playing POV. This Dank alliance looks like it has enough legs to stick around for awhile.

C. J.

Does anyone remember who was in the dream Janelle had of the Final Four?

La La

I believe it was Frank, Dani, Shane and Joe

Shane is a dumbass

Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle


Shane, Danielle, Joe and Ashley….I believe. I guess that’s blown all to hell….lol

Suck It Ian

Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle.


Maybe Janelle “visions” are hazy… She said she saw Shane, Joe, Danielle and Ashley. But maybe the blonde flowing hair in the vision belonged to Frank, and not Ash – ha ha


Next week (Double eviction):Ian & Dan will be gone
Week after:Joe & Jenn will be gone.
Final 3:Shane,Danielle & Frank


Dani is always saying to Shane that she wants Frank gone next. But I hope Frank makes it to the end.


OMG cap’n Wedgie do you just copy and paste the same comment on every update??

britney is a barbie doll

Britt needs to expose Stuoid lame NURSE Danielles secrets today… and tell Shane shes delusional about every man. Trey…Hayden..


Pretty much everyone knows Dani is a nurse or suspects she is a nurse. Shane knows about Hayden – but that whole Hayden thing is something that Brit dreamed up in the bathtub one night. I don’t know if Shane knows about Trey or not – she has not talked about him for awhile – Brit advised her to let that go that he had probably moved on by now.


DR informed Danielle that Trey’s restraining order stipulated she can no longer talk about him.


Lmfao and what will that do?

It was dumb for Danielle to lie about it because being a nurse isn’t a big deal in terms of the BB game.

Britney outting Danielle on that lie will only make her look stupid and that she’s attempting to grasp at anything to save herself, even irrelevant things.


There is only 2 things that will save Britney at this point and I doubt either of them will happen
a) major involvement by production (won’t happen they are focused on Dan and Frank this year)
b) Dan and Danielle are found out (Won’t happen Dan is too good to slip up and Danielle already slipped up with Shane and he never clued in, Joe is too dumb to clue in and Ian is in the doghouse right now nobody will believe him)

I’m a big Britney fan but I highly doubt she will stay


It was pretty obvious when production decided that Ian would have to use his veto option first. They should at least give him more than one week to use it or lose it. If Jenn would have had to go first, we’d be looking at a completely different (and more fair) outcome. I’ll miss Britney, she’s the most entertaining thing about the feeds.


Would not make a difference who used the veto first, I’ll explain:

1. Jenn uses veto to save Dan
2. Frank nominates Ian
3. Ian uses the veto to save himself
4. Frank nominates Brit.

1. Ian doesnt use the veto
2. Jenn uses the veto to save Dan
3. Frank nominates Brit.

And Ian won that veto first anyway, makes sense hed use it first, you Ian fans are something else, hes a piece of shit, tried to play the villain but only with people to hide behind(Dan)


well IF ian still has the veto he willlsurvive another week anyways though

Nicky Brand

If Production wanted her to stay, they wouldn’t have screwed her over with the order of POV. They let it play out the way it would benefit Frank the most. I think Dan made a big move and put the spotlight on himself briefly, but Production is mainly just interested in Frank.

boogs chilling on the couch.

So everyone says they cant let Ian win HOH. You know what that means? Ian is going to win HOH. Just saying…

Nicky Brand

Good catch. I bet you’re right.


What people can’t speak of it?
He only referenced.
I think it’s much worse for people like Jenn and Frank to use it.against him.
Especially Jenn… She can’t be serious… Playing it up like that…. Now that’s messed

I’m torn about Ian though….
I want to like the kid but he puts his foot in his mouth to often.
He is completely self obsorbed and doesn’t seem interested in getting to know the other’s as much as he likes to put the attention on himself.

Trashy Entertainment

Jenn glommed on to the 9/11 reference because she has nothing else. She is that p!ss poor of a player that she has to pretend to be the victim. Let’s be honest what it really is about, Jenn hates Ian because he is going to vote against Jenn’s crush, Danielle. She uses Ian’s comment as an excuse to hate because she doesn’t want to say what really ticks her off.


I was watching the feeds when Ian was talking. It was the manner in which he referenced it. He was talking about how he’s wanted to be on BB for so long and started talking about watching BB2:

I was in 5th grade when I started watching this game, before I had any pubes (he says 2 other things that I don’t remember), and before “some planes flew into a tower.” For Jenn, someone who was an adult living in the city, she didn’t take lightly to that.

Ian should have just went to bed like Britney did…6 beers just blew the remainder of this kid’s game.


It was the manner in which he said it – kind of flippant. It isn’t a historical reference to those of us who lived through it as adults and many of us are still greatly affected by it when we remember. Being from that part of the country, it is quite possible that Jen knows of someone who was involved or impacted by the event. This was on top of his day-long bad behavior. Jenn did the grown up thing and removed herself from the situation. Ian tried to backtrack with explanations, but he didn’t really get what was wrong about what he said.


I don’t see a problem with what he said. Granted I was a kid when 9/11 happened too.


It is too soon for those of us who were adults to just view it as a historical event. That is how we view the attack on Pearl Harbor. But if you were to ask people who lived through it, they would see it differently. Those who are slightly older than me lived through the very real fear of nuclear was over missiles in Cuba – I was a very young child (I don’t remember it) – to me it was a moment in history – to my parents and grandparents, they remember the fear that they felt during those days. The same is true for 9/11 – especially if you were near Washington, PA or NYC or if you knew someone who was impacted. It is a sensitive subject for many and will remain so. I has had a permanent impact on how we live our lives.


The 911 comments have been overhyped to death.

Cruzin596 you are a thin-skinned ditz.
This is a reality TV site not a political forum.

The IAN comments were 100% innocent. This is clear to anyone with a brain.


Ian was making a totally innocent comment, and Frank and Jenn used it to blow Ian away.

Welcome to the social game Ian.

Game Over , nerd.


Frank was trying to talk Ian down from getting Ian in deeper with recless talk on the subject and Jenn was obviously affected because she lives in Ny and probably like most New Yorkers was somehow directly affected. I say nice save Frank!


I wasn’t in New York when on 9/11, and still when I hear anything about it my heart jumps, I get chills and I want to cry. Jenn was there. No one knows what she went through. New York is here home and people there are still suffering from the attacts. Don’t judge her for being upset.
Ian has Aspergers, sometimes people with Aspergers say hurtful things, not understanding they are hurtful, and not meaning to hurt anyone. I don’t think Ian understood what he said would be so hurtfull, I still don’t think he understands why it was.
As for Franks social game, not so good, but I don’t think Ian should talk about that.


*her home *effects Sorry about that


The Ian/Asperger’s thing. Has this been confirmed or just speculation based on behavior?


Re: 9/11. I live outside of DC. A friend of mine went down on flight 93. My neighbors husband just started working at the Pentagon. We still are scared by the events and have trouble discussing it with people who were less effected first hand. No one knows what Jenn suffered and should understand that it is different for everyone. Btw Pentagon friend came home safe that day. Just my 2 cents as I could hear in her voice it was touchy to bring up.


I am an adult and saw everything that happened on 9/11. I am on the west coast, so it wasn’t quite as scary as the east coast but, geez, it’s been 11 years. Yes, it was awful and yes, a lot of people were killed/hurt by it but, get a grip people. Just mentioning the date shouldn’t cause people to go into a meltdown unless they were actually there (in a building nearby, etc.) And, if they were and are still experiencing such anxiety that just the mention of it send them into panic attacks, they certainly need therapy. It seems that, unless you were in NYC at the time, you are considered an outsider and can’t possibly “understand” and deserve to be attacked because of your individual lack of proximity. It effected EVERYONE and I will certainly talk about it any time I want. Some seem to think they have the monopoly on feelings about it and can dictate to everyone else how they should feel/talk about it.


Screw a double eviction, BB just needs to evict Jenn and Joe immediately. Just grab ’em in the middle of the night and pull their boring butts outta there. Seriously, if the show came on and Jenn and Joe were gone I don’t even think many people would notice. Maybe we’d be watching tv at home and quietly think, “hmm something’s different, the show is slightly less annoying”. There are just too many freakin’ people in the house and it’s driving me nuts! If you take up space in the house then you gotta at least be entertaining… at least a little!


Joe is far from boring. He’s unintentionally hilarious.

Suck It Ian

Wow Ian is becoming to big for his britches lately. And who would have thought that powerhouse was so perseptive.

Fleur de Lis

Ian had it right…. Frank’s social game does suck. He belittles anyone attempting to go against him and then tries to make nice when he’s HOH. I can’t wait for everyone to backdoor Frank!

Boogie's Huge Forehead

That’s what I’m waiting for. Everybody’s calling Ian a douchebag, but the only genuine feminine hygiene product in the house is dressed as a vegetable. Ian’s just a socially inept BB fanboy who’s just happy to be there. Cut him some slack.


@FLEUR DE LIS, It will never Happen! Frank will keep winning every single comps. Keep hating Frank because he will win 2 PoV’s and play HoH in week 9. I bet your wrong in everything.


I thought you said you WEREN’T a Frank/Boogie fan. You lie. haha. The problem is, if anyone took you up on your bets, you would be in a world of hurt because you have been wrong most of the time. Actually, the opposite seems to happen so, keep up the good work!


@jjh, What are you talking about? I’m not a Frank Fan! I respect him as gameplay! He is fighting for the survival! How you feel if Shane will fight his survival against Frank’s allies? Tell me!


I’m a Frank fan. I know how it feels to fail- like when I failed out of RN school, failed to tell the truth about my throat cancer, and when I failed to get Shane’s dick.
Frank is not a failure. I am.


I understand what Frank is doing. Dan is also fighting for survival as is everyone in the house. I don’t have a favorite this year and really just want the jerks out. I dislike Frank for many, many things he has said and done. I don’t like that rocker chick who has done nothing but now is acting like some bada** player all of a sudden. I was down with the Quack Pack and still favor them, but I don’t really like Danielle. No one stands out as particularly spectacular or fan worthy this year. So far, Dan has done the best job.

I do respect Frank’s game play in competitions but the rest of his game is crap. Ian is right – he has no social game and that will kill him in the end. That & his giant ego. He’s going to be sadly disappointed when he finds out he ISN’T all that popular and isn’t really a fan favorite. He thinks his sh!t doesn’t stink but he also thinks BO is a turn-on, so I wouldn’t trust his nose or his instincts.


Some very good points.. Dan has done the best job socially and strategically.. As we’ve seen in the past that is all you need to win this game.

Has anyone ever won based solely on winning comps? With that said I think Frank’s strategy game is alright, his social game is garbage and his comp game is one of the best if seen.

Nicky Brand

Ian is right about Frank’s social game. In Frank’s defense (and I hate to defend Frank), part of he reason his social game sucks is that his comp game is so great that it makes him the biggest threat.

If I’m Dan, Danielle, Joe & Shane, my plan is to pretend to be hell bent on putting Ian out, nominate him next to Jenn, then hope Frank doesn’t play in the veto comp, or if he does that he doesn’t win it (5% chance of that). Then backdoor Frank. If Ian wins HOH, then do the same, but with Dan. Then Frank is gone. Unless BB introduces a special “Everybody is screwed but Frank power” and saves him (50-50).

Just gotta say Shane isn’t much of a man if he doesn’t save Britney, who has been his closest ally since Day 1. Ian is staying loyal to her, no matter he cost. They all call him a kid, but he is more of a man than Shane this week.


Shane is so agreeable to everyone in every conversation,
The sad part is that it’s not stradegy …. is it?


Brit wasn’t his ally from Day 1, she was his coach and she had a vested interest in seeing him do well – $100K. Once she entered the game, she was all for Brit. Dani is his closest ally and friend in the game – they made a deal early on in the game to go final 2…before the reset. Brit can offer nothing to Shane to advance his game. She has not really done anything to help or protect him. Her actions precipitated Willie’s meltdown, which ultimately led to Shane playing by himself. She has won no competitions – coaches (which would have offered him protection) or otherwise. It is the right choice for her to be evicted – she wouldn’t have won anyway.

Nicky Brand

But that final 2 deal was before Dan got in the game as a player. Her loyalty is now with Dan, more than Shane. Even after he risked her to save himself.


I absolutely agree with you however, Shane has yet to see that.
I wholeheartedly believe that Shane still views Britney as a coach.

He actually said at one point “I can’t make a deal without Britney. She’s got me this far.”

No you big dumbass! YOU have gotten YOURSELF this far. He’s been winning competitions since day one, saving himself.

Britney has done nothing but hide behind him and make him take the blame for everything.

She has been playing for herself since she entered the game and this boy is too dumb to see it.

The only reason that she was sticking with him was because she could hide behind him & because she was the puppet master. He did whatever Britney told him to do.

I’m glad she’s leaving. Maybe now we can see Shane think on his own.


Frank stated a few days ago that he never intended to come into the house and win a bunch of comps but when he realized he was going to be targeted week after week, he had no choice but to adjust his strategy. The target on him was initially because he was Boogie’s boy and because of his backyard workouts, his comp run has come rather late in the game.

Before the reset, he won one HOH (and it was a mental comp). After the reset, he’s won five out of the nine comps he’s competed in. He’s literally been on the block every week he hasn’t been HOH. I don’t blame him for being a bit of a grump. He wasn’t that big of a jackoff before the reset but his attitude changed when he realized he was out the door if the coaches chose to actually stay coaches.

billy bob

has anybody else noticed that frank walks like a girl,frank the taint,and ian is doing an awsome job,never give little rain man beer,he drank 6 beers and was shit faced,someone should of gave him a joint to ease his mind,i know about being a little slow,and hes on big brother, amazing,good for him fullfilling a dream,


Say what you want about Ian but he’s entertaining …..the 9/11 comment wasn’t bad (for a rocker shes sensitive) he’s drunk he’s 21 =asshole (fact) and your stuck in a house with 10 people for months …your going to get tired of each other


Okay, couple things – Ian had been mouthy and cocky ALL day – getting on everyone’s nerves. The manner in which he reference 9/11 was wrong….drunk or not. He was 10 when it happened – Jenn was a grown woman. Jenn was not the only person to be taken aback by what Ian said. Think about where Jenn is from – it is highly likely she knows someone who was directly affected by the event. I can tell you that just living near an impact zone (the Pentagon in my case) has had a permanent affect. Jenn did the adult thing and removed herself. I am tired of people making excuses for Ian’s behavior. It was wrong and in poor taste and the HGs had every right to call him on it.


Part of remembering 9/11 is what you were doing then ….he realized he wanted to be on be brother a that time that’s all he was saying he just referenced it people need to stop being so sensitive of a simple reference People reference hitler and WW2 all the time (which was a lot worse )


People do reference those things – but they also occured over 60 years ago. Time heals wounds – 9/11 was 11 years ago.


True but he really did now wrong he just said 9/11 when has that become such a crime …..are you saying no one should reference it at all What’s the point of having a memory?


He said Something to the effect of “when those planes hit those towers” as if it was just a normal everyday thing. He did make light of the situation.
He didn’t even have to mention it. He could’ve just stated, I’ve been watching since before 2001. Why even bring up a sensitive subject.

That’s highly insensitive especially for someone that lived in the area at the time or even lost loved ones.

It’s sad that people have absolutely no compassion these days.

Hundreds died.

What do you not understand?


Many of us that live here in Manhattan/NYC, and watched 9/11 from our homes and offices, still do not like talking about it. Perhaps this is why Jenn is being sensitive to talk about it. People should be able to talk about it, reference it, but I think that is perhaps why she reacted the way she did. I had to fill many, many garbage bags with lots of Cantor Fitzgerald papers that blew into our apartment’s backyard–I still can’t watch any TV/movies about it. I don’t think Ian was out of line.


Final 2

The player formerly known as ??? and Powerhouse. It is going to be a close vote, and there will be a reincarnation of JennCity.


I love how comfortable Frank is feeling in the game now.Especailly since he can’t compete in the HOH competition.Hopefully,he keeps feeling like everyone in the house likes him(he’s delusional,their all waiting for the chance to back door him)when it’s time for the veto competition.Dan might even throw the veto to Ian or Danielle will win HOH.As long as production doesn’t try any of their shady crap and save Frank.There is no way that Frank won’t be back doored.I seriously doubt that Frank will try hard for the veto because he actually thinks that he’s safe and everyone likes him.I just hope that Frank will continue with his false sense of security,that he’s safe in the game.Lol.Although it seems like Shan&Joe hate Dan.When Britney leaves.Dan will use his misting abilities to get them on his side again.Which will be a piece of cake for Dan to do.I mean look how Dan played Frank,the guy that hated him with a passion.Dan got Frank to take him off the block.Go Dan!

VA Vet

I hate to be the one to give you (and others) a reality check, but…………Dan does not have any “misting abilities”.

He had one foot out the door so he had but one option. Get one of the veto’s used to get removed from possible eviction.

There was no point in trying to get Ian to use his veto because it would just put another member of the QP up for eviction.

THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE THE VETO USED ON HIM was through Frank because Jenn is Franks puppet. With Frank having only Jenn working with him, Dan’s only option was to make a deal with Frank and in order for Frank to trust Dan, Dan had to out Ian. Dan had nothing else to offer. Frank OTOH really had no other option but to accept Dans offer given that he can’t play in the next two HOH’s and the house would be divided against him 5 to 2 if he didn’t accept.

It wasn’t “misting” on Dans part, it was a “hail Mary” that served both Dans and Franks needs for the time being. And, with Dan comes Danielle (another dingleberry) so Franks odds changed from 5 to 2 against to 4 to 3 in favor. None of this is “misting, it’s common sense. Frank might not be the brightest person in the house but he knew enough to try and get the numbers in his favor even if both he and Dan know it could change after Thursday.


Totally on point! Two desperate players with nothing to lose saving each other for a chance to stay one more week. Just being in the house gives each one a better chance than what they had before. They both would have been idiots not to team up for at least a week. The genious plan would be if they actually teamed up to at least final 2 or 3. I’m not sure Dan can beat anyone in the house except a Coach in the end because they would be idiots for giving the money to someone who had a clear advantage by playing the game before. This reminds me of Boston Rob finally winning Survivor. It’s like repeating 12th grade three times and after seeing the same test over and over you already know all the answers.


IAN thinks he’s going to be a all-star cast call. He’s got about as a good a chance as Ronnie. OH wait., he’s one behind Ronnie. Both rats.

Cassandra Jackson

I feel bad for Ian. He is a kid who is learning alot about people in all places – Big Brother House. It is ridiculous that a person can’t mention 911 in conversation to these idiots! WTF is wrong w/Frank, Jenn, Joe. All of a sudden Ian is public enemy #1 while Brit is in the DR. I’m so sick of all these people following around the HOH like a sick puppy! Frank is one person who mind you listen to MIke Boogie until he was put out. Why isn’t he seeking out Shane for getting out Boogie or Ian for getting out Ashley. No he wants to get out Brit b/c she can compete against him. Dan is playing the game the same as he did the season he won. It could take him to final 2 but won’t give him a win. Danielle needs to wake up. Why she keeps letting Dan use her is beyond me.
WHY oh WHY is Joe still in the house? Jenn hasn’t done jack but win that one comp and she thinks she is a masiah! She isn’t shit!


Ian is not a kid – he is 21 – he is an adult. Granted, he is an extremely immature adult. But he is an adult. His flippant reference to 9/11 was insulting to the other HGs. I completely get why it hit Jenn like it did – she lived through it. It was her home town. I think perhaps it would have been less of an issue if it weren’t for the fact that he had been cocky and flippant all day and getting on everyone’s last nerve.


It happened 11 YEARS ago for cryin out loud–I have been a lifelong NY’er and yes it was a tragic day but it is a very distant memory and almost ancient history at this point. Their BS overreactions to Ian’s throwaway reference are typical of the gameplay in that house this year where everyone overblows every little comment just for their own selfish benefit–those people don’t give a sh*t about his 9/11 comment–they are just using it as an excuse to jump on someone that some don’t like and many want out.


I’m really shocked at some of these comments. I’ve lived in NY all my life and the way tht Ian referenced 9/11 as to make light of it was flat out wrong.

I guarantee you that if people close to you had been victim of that incident, your views would not be the same.

He said “…since before that plane hit those towers..”

1. Why make light of the situation?
2. Why even bring it up? He could have stated “…since before 2001.” and kept it at that.

It was just weird to hear and it shouldn’t have been brought up.

11 years may be nothing to you but it’s a lifetime for those that have lost friends and family members. JS.

Ian's Small Balls

The Holocaust was over 50 years ago and it is STILL wrong to speak about it in a flippant, arrogant and insensitive manner.

The same respect should be shown to this topic. 9/11 is a serious deal. It shouldn’t ever be used as a prop to a joke or taken lightly.

Ian doesn’t know how to communicate properly with people. He doesn’t seem to understand boundaries and flips around all over the place. He needs to shut the hell up.

If I were Jenn, I would sneak outside when everyone was asleep and break that damn hammock. That would drive Ian berserk yo!

Big Brother Addict Yo!

I miss Boogie!


When does ? have to burn her clothes?


She already did I believe. She had to burn the clothes she was wearing during the veto comp…not all of her clothes.


Enough with Ian’s boobies already! Someone tell him to put a shirt on!


Entertaining season. Worst BB Cast Ever. Ying and Yang not working too well at the moment production, people love the flips and dislike the people.

Drunk Ian

Best season every? Not a chance. Only people that ever win are Shane and frank. Everyone else is just hanging out and claiming how great their social game is. The girls this season are the weakest I’ve ever seen (comp and social). Only person with great social game is Dan cuz he can manipulate everyone. Having good social game doesn’t mean just sitting around and be liked, having good social game is meaning you can manipulate people. These people are morons. Cry danielle cry, Brit spoiled brat, Ian false sense of confidence, Jen joe the dynamic flipping duo. The girls are just riding the coat tails of the guys. Just proving again how men are more superior….

Sorry this was Drunk Ian talking: where’s my hammock

Boogie's Huge Forehead

I think the house will be a sadder and less interesting place without Britney. Her maudlin drunk pronouncements in the backyard on BigBAD last night were among the best moments of the season. I’m going to miss her like crazy.

Drunk Ian

Shane and Danielle could be the most annoying people on this shows besides Ian. That kid is like a 1980’s movie nerd. He can’t sit still, rocks constantly in any chair, mumbles to himself, has two beers and starts popping off at the mouth. Ian is your typical nerd, doing and saying all this stuff to fit in. All he had to do was sit back, shut up, be nerdy. But he feel in love with Britney and thinks he’s gonna be here knight in shining armor, but little does he know, he just f’ed himself in the A. At least he’ll have his two girls in jury all for himself.

Nicky Brand

They cast Ian this year because Anthony Michael Hall was too old.

Power of Veto Corleone

Shane is a total moron. His facial expressions are priceless.


BB14 pairs
Frank + Jennshitty
Dan + Danielle
Joe + (Shane + Danielle)
Ian + Britney

Joe is banking on SHane taking Frank out in the final 3 and going to final 2 with Joe
Best case for Joe = 50K Most likely case Joe is he goes home Frank wins 500K Shane wins 50K

Shane is hoping to take Danielle and Joe to final 3

Dan is hoping to take Danielle and Jenn to final 3 (I think dan’s true final 3 plan is unknown to me might be Jenn and Ian)

Jennshitty is hoping to hook up with Danielle (She will only win against JOe unless she wins a majority of comps from here on in)

frank will win against almost everyone but Dan in the final 2 he wants Jenn and joe in the final 3

Ian’s game is fucked with Britney gone.. (all his final plans are out the door.. I don’t think he everyone’s target like they are saying but I do think he’ll need to win some comps coming up to have a stab at the final bit of cash)

All in all Dan wants Frank gone Asap he’s the only one that has a chance to beat him in the final 2..

*There’s 3 evictions left and the final 3 but there are 8 players.. something is going to happen to get rid of some of these bodies.


The only pair I am confident about being loyal to each other is Dan and Danielle…she proved she is with him til the end this week with the coverup to her other close allies and he has always preferred to have 1 true ally that he can count on throughout the whole game no matter what. I think both will take the other to F2 for different reasons–Dan because he knows he will beat Danielle and Danielle because she is super loyal and has major feelings wrapped up in Dan moreso than even with Shane.

Nicky Brand

I agree with most of that, but I think less of Frank’s jury vote chances than you do. I think he can beat Jenn & Powerhouse, but that might be it. Britney, Dan, Ian & Danielle will never vote for him, and I doubt Joe or Shane will. Only Jenn & Ashley look like probable votes for Frank. He would lose 5-2 vs. Shane.


I disagree on that! Frank will take Shane in the Final 2! Beside, it doesn’t matter either 5-2 or 4-3. Doesn’t matter. Frank will take Shane in the Final 2!


, Sorry I will disrespect you that Frank will go to the Final 2 with Shane. Dan needs to go hard! Shane & Joe doesn’t like Dan and Frank & Jenn doesn’t like Ian. So, 4 agree to get rid of Ian & Dan. So, I’m sorry simon I disrespect you!

Suck It Ian

Sooo true, I would love to see Julie Chen say houseguests tonight there is no vote. Brittany, Danielle you are both evicted from the big brother house, you have two minutes to gather your belongings……

Zingbot Fan

Random Thoughts:

Should I feel bad because I know Jenn’s band sucks without even hearing her music?

Can production get Ian a rocking horse to ride?

Is anyone else having nightmares about a monkey spanking soul patch housequest?

I wish Dani was as hot as she thinks she is.

Britney you are looking marvelous in all of your swim wear. Speaking of monkey spanking…..

If Shane wins is 500K enough to purchase a set of balls?

Does anyone else see a future for Frank that includes laying on a couch talking to a man with a hand puppet?

Nicky Brand

I’ve heard it. Yes, it sucks.

Britney IS as hot as Dani thinks she is. Too bad she’s leaving.

If Shane borrowed two of Dan’s balls, they’d both have a pair.

I just hope the future for Frank doesn’t involve being on Big Brother again. One season devoted to the Production/Frank showmance was enough.


Okay…people need to stop hating on Britney already…she’s {unfortunately} leaving tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I know I might be alone with this but mehn! I was so hoping Britney and Dani would make out yesterday…especially when the latter had to help Britney get in a bathing suit…LOL


Does anyone think that there is still a chance that Brtney will find out about Danielle before the vote?


Jenn could have talked to Ian about his 9/11 comment and told him not to make light of the tragedy because she was there, it could have been a good learning moment for Ian and the rest of the houseguest to see realness in Jenn..But noooooooooooooo she has to cop an attitude. I hate to tell her but as time goes on people will forget little by little it is the way of the world.
I pray and hope that Ian wins HOH and will love to see these people have to suck up to Ian. Whatever he will do will be interesting. I would like to see this kid get his education paid for, he is the only one in my opinion that has a chance at doing something great with is life.
Danielle the many degreed nurse was sure getting Brit to drink up last night in a short space of time…Brit weighs about 85lbs a whole bottle of wine could give her poisoning. I hope she puked before she passed out. Everyone was telling Brit to drink up, drink up…a dangerous game.

Zingbot Fan

That would be funny watching them all pucker up to Ian. Warm up your soul patch Joe.


I agree!


I haven’t watch alot of BB14 live feeds this year, but I do read the comments here and they are very intertaining. I have a question…….

Jenn why is their so much negative comments and feelings towards her? She is very different from mainstream society, but what has she said or done to have made so many people feel so negative about her.

I’m just asking………


Nothing! She should not be hated but she is a Floater. I think becaus she is a Rocker Lesbian chick people expected her to be more entertaining but like they say never judge a book by its cover.


I agree.

Jenn is a floater but in terms of doing or saying anything wrong or whatever, she’s done nothing.

It’s crazy how people downplay her Veto win but then act like Ian jumped over hurdles and dodged lions and tigers and bears and shit to win the GPOV or even his HoH ( which he was trying to throw ).

She was no where to be found in the first half of the season but at least she can say she won something.

There’s no reason to love her but there’s really no reason to hate her either.

She’s okay to me.


I understand that people say certain things when they drink, but Ian has become a douche ever since he aligned himself with the DDBS & made the Quack Pack. He now thinks he’s damn near the best player to ever play this game and his ego is inflated to the highest extent.

Its sickening to watch.

He’s critiquing people as if he has this game in the bag.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I know, right?
I loved it when Frank told him that he and Boogie had his back and would have taken him all the way.
I am still anxiously awaiting Ian’s meltdown. Hopefully they get all his crying on camera.


With soon to be only one coach left in the game, I can’t help wonder what the game would have been like without the coaches, with the coaches still coaching, and if the coaches had been players from day one.

I really think production has gamed the past two seasons (especially this one) to favor the veteran, in many ways screwing up the potential of creating new veterans for future shows. You hamstring the newbies who are in awe or who want to play a game against the past or just not giving them an open house to develop their game.

Example number 1 for me is Frank. Frank was both saddled with and benefited from Boogie. Saddled because the house immediately deemed him Boogie to Boogie’s Dr. Will, with Janelle leading the pack, trying to avenge her All Star season. His social game never was allowed to develop because he was under siege by week 2. Of course he benefited by adding to his knowledge of the game by learning at the seat of one of the best players ever, but even those who didn’t see him necessarily as a threat wanted him gone to isolate Boogie so they could be his partner (Dan).

Had he not become house enemy no. 1, he could have afforded to hide his competition prowess. If you recall in those early weeks, there was some sentiment expressed that the house had over-valued Franks physical abilities because he was trying to lay back. But then Willie made a deal with him and went back on it. Then Shane made a deal with him and went back on it. So very early on Frank realized that if nobody but Boogie could be trusted and his only hope was to win competitions and actually become Dr. Will. The guy everybody fears and wants out, but gets kept around because he has the biggest target. But with the coaches having undue influence both before and after the reset, they still saw him as Boogies protection, just as they viewed their players as pawns and protection. Shane, in particular, was never allowed to play for himself until now.

As much as Janelle poisoned the house against Frank simply to screw Boogie who with Dr. Will, had played her like a fiddle in All Stars, she poisoned the fans against him too, as evidenced by Simon and many of the posters here.

You guys treat Frank like he didn’t try to make friends and alliances at every turn, only to be lied to and targeted. To say his social game sucks is to ignore the circumstances he faced in the house.


Spot on!


Ian’s sickness is a OCD ADD kind of sickness. He is very smart , the thing is he gets a thought and he dissects what it is and everything about it and that is why it seams like he is a weirdo he has to keep thinking. Like him and the hammock the rocking is a way to keep his body moving so his mind can think it out. And remember he is a kid.


ian’s “conditioon” (and Im someone with a neuro disorder, so dont even go there with “I dont know”) has been what he has used this entire time as his shield.

on the night of boogie’s eviction, he showed a VERY ugly side to him, I didnt think he needed to treat boogie like that, he shouldnt have said ANYTHING, to say “get to steppin” in such a rude way, when boogie had not done a THING to that kid in the game, is sort of like….wow….so you really want to be known for what you do in the BB house, at all costs. an argument can be made that he is one of the worst crunch time players ever, as he blows it big time. sending home ashley? REALLY ian?

but then he wins HOH, and acts even MORE stuck up, ian needs to go home, and Iwas pulling for him at one point. I agree w/ boogie, he could have played the middle for much much much longer, and boogie just thought he was this nice innocent kid, well he showed EVERYONE in the house that this is not the case.

you can do the dirty backdoor game, but DONT start taking credit for it unless thats your game. that is chilltown’s game, that is NOT the game that ian was playing. he seems to be confusing different play styles.

calling frank a bad social player is a bit laughable, hes never had much of a shot, but the fact that he goes thru all he did, wins HOH, goes on all these punishments, loses the next 2 hoh’s, to get dan out, then CHANGED HIS MIND when a good game move came to him. to ME, thats good social gameplay, its not his fault that his competition wins have a target on his back.

Ian's Small Balls

Yeah, I totally agree with you.

Ian seems to still be in kid mode. He doesn’t know his own identity yet and he has social disability problems. That doesn’t give him a free pass to be mean. I used to want him to win, but I hope he “gets to steppin” asap.

Ian will NEVER be known as a great BB player but rather the weird obnoxious man child who got on everyone’s nerves from the beginning.

Please BB, don’t bring this dumb kid back as a coach or all-stars or any other repeat player themed game. We don’t want to see him yo!


Maan the hate Britney is getting. Not sure why. Everyone has done the same thing and they are treated as amazing players in BB history.
She is easy on the eyes, funny, and cute as ever. This house will bring the worst out of people but I hope Production helps Brit. But unfortunately it seems to me they want Frank to at least get to top 3 as well as Shane. She could save herself if she let Shane know Danielle knew about Dan’s intentions and that she played everyone the Sympathy card. She can tell Ian he stands no chance unless she’s there because of the votes. And Joe the same thing she said Shane and I think he would swing his vote. Basically let them know Danielle played everyone and Dan and people will I think vote her out instead of Britney.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

not sure why? Have you been watching the feeds? What a spoiled brat. She almost has the attitude of “how dare they put me on the block”.


But I think everyone has had similar attitudes and sometimes even worse attitudes.
That’s why I think that hate is very unwarranted.

Frank and Boogie have been 100x worse. Especially the pair.

I think the hate is a bit too much. That’s why I am still not sure what is it with people here that hate her
when there are others in this house that have acted worse or the same for that matter.

But I enjoy her on the show – she was better this season but it feels like her team gave her up similar to the Brigade
which was really sad to watch. Hoped she would get some help from DR and really swing votes but I hope to be pleasantly surprised!


Boogie got what he deserved. First he was crying that he WASN’T nominated because he was INSULTED that they wouldn’t choose a great player like him to be a threat. Then, he blows the HOH for $10K and has the NERVE to be jerk to everyone else because HE got played. You can’t have it both ways, Boogie.

The problem is that Frank has the same attitude. To say he was nice when he was on the block is laughable. He was horrible. I just can’t take a game such as this when they have stacked the deck so much in one person’s favor. There was NO reason they couldn’t have gone through with the evictions on the night of the reset. The only reason they didn’t do it was to save Frank. The reset had nothing to do with the evictions.

Why can’t they just let the game play out naturally? So what if Frank is gone week 2? It might have been interesting to see Boogie scrambling for cover but AG has an agenda. Why don’t they just write the checks to whoever they want on Day 1? It’s no fun to try to figure out what is going to happen when the game is fixed so badly and it can be upended at anytime, regardless of how the game is played. I long for the days before AG took over and made it all about who SHE likes.


ian needs to be put in check

congrats ian, you ratted out boogie for ASKING YOU who you would put up if you win HOH

at the time it was the entire house against those two. so in other words, you didnt take down mike boogie solo, you didnt do it all on your own. you wanted frank gone, the house wanted frank gone, and then frank wins pov, and boogie goes.

this kid is convinced hes an “all star”(which he is ONLY because of his quirks, and STUPID big bang theory edit), when really hes just a situation of circumstance.

its not a coincidence, that mike boogie’s “team”, is ALL still in the game, ALL looking like potential final 4 candidates.

he got his floater to float, and did coach her up to do so, to continue what she was doing
he got ian to be less annoying week 1, he helped that kid, it was there
he turned frank into a big brother superstar, who not only can compete, but knows the comps, knows the game(except not to open a pandora’s for money, although that was prob boogie’s advice too)

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Wow…painful to watch last night.

Ian finds his inner douchebag and secures himself a spot in the jury.
Britney behaves like a spoiled brat princess. First time on the block and she trashes Frank for a solid 10 minutes.
Frank has spent more time on the block than off and he has never had a pity party like that before.

All you Britney lovers must be really proud.


Frank is a classic bully. He can dish it out but can’t take it. Unfortunately for him, Ian is right. He does not have a social game and he is basically an a**hole who feels he can act any way he wants but other people must bow down before his greatness. He is so arrogant thinking that everyone likes him. He will be surprised when he gets out that he was no where near America’s Favorite player, even though he keeps talking about how he will win it. He is delusional about himself.

That tattooed person is also delusional. All of a sudden, she thinks she has game. She has nothing and is just a pawn, has no game or personality yet she criticizes everyone else.


Coming from Ian who ruined his social game in a matter of 6 hours? I think not.
He has no place to tell anyone anything.


I don’t care who said it, it is true. I don’t care about Ian but, just because his game play is crappy doesn’t mean he can’t see or judge other people’s game play. Actually, it is much easier to see from the outside. Plus, Ian can see the reactions Frank gets and hears all the stuff about Frank from other players, so he does know how well his social game is going over. No one else is going to tell it to Frank because his lousy social game is good for them.


I kinda feel like ppl need to get off Ian’s dick about the 9/11reference he made. And its not like I’m an Ian super-fan or something trying to take up for him, it just not that serious. He clearly meant no harm.
I think ppl need to cut Brit some slack as well. Hell, she IS on the block after all and everybody else gets to show out and act a fool on the block (l.e. Boogie and Frank..oh, let’s not forget Jenny from the block). Brit and the quack pack definitely helped Dan in this game when he has been throwing comps all fuckin summer basically. It wasn’t that they were necessarily “OK” with him leaving this week before his hail Mary he pulled, but what were they suppose to do, the HOH (Frank) wanted Dan gone and made it no secret and their team didn’t win the veto. There was nothing to be done. But oh well, I’m gonna miss Britt though. I dnt really care about anybody else in the house for real..so I probably won’t be che king as much for the feed updates. Ill just check out the cbs edited version. Still rooting for Shane and Ian, even though I didn’t appreciate Shane throwing Brit to the wolves last week and not having her back cuz she always had his back and his best interest at heart in every move she made. And I think there is something more he can do to help Brit out, but at this point he’s probably just playing for himself. *shrugs*
Oh, and Jenn needs a fucking reality check. Will someone fly a banner over the backyard saying “Jenn, u are NOT important..please know that!!” ? Starting out I really had no opinion of Jenn but here lately she has been working my nerves. I hope Jenn, Frank, or Dan are one of the next to leave.


I woud like to nominate Dan for the “Most Well-Behaved Houseguest When Nominated for Eviction.” No outbursts, no tantrums, no threats…